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Unfortunately, even at a time like this, when the American people are dealing with a pandemic the likes of which we’ve never seen, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are constantly trying to divide the nation and mislead the public with outrageous and absurd statements. So, I must briefly respond: The president has led…MORE


The Democrat Party-press and the Democrat Party, as well as Washington/NY-based GOP insiders, have spent the last 4 years demonizing Donald Trump. It has been an unprecedented campaign of character assassination, the likes of which no living American has ever seen against a sitting president. They’ve concocted scandals and narratives involving the Russians, Ukrainians, his…MORE

It can no longer be said that the Democrat Party is not Marxist

It can no longer be said that the Democrat Party is not Marxist, the only debate is how deep its Marxism runs. Black Lives Matter is an openly Marxist, anti-American group. There’s no denying it. And it is fully embraced by the Democrat Party and its media and cultural surrogates. Disrespecting the flag and national…MORE

There’s a whole lot that needs to be done

As someone who has been a conservative activist my entire life, including 1976 Reagan campaign and Tea Party movement, as well as the 2010 conservative challenges to RINO candidates in numerous GOP Senate primary races, and much more at the local and state levels as a young man, listening to people who’ve never done a…MORE

Question to Dr. Fauci

Question to Dr. Fauci: How many more people have died from your lock-down advice, e.g., from cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and suicide? I’ve asked this many times yet we cannot get an answer. Isn’t it relevant? And what about all those newsrooms out there, do they not care to determine the extent of deaths…MORE

The big decision in 24-72 hours

Gantz is Biden’s guy. His top campaign adviser was an Obama hack. Gantz is trying to delay the implementation of the Trump plan in hopes that Trump is defeated. He’s doing the bidding of the left and Democrat Party, not to mention organizations hostile to Israel such as the EU and UN. He’s another ex-general,…MORE

My criticism of Gorsuch is substantive.

This is a strange title and as applies to me, and not accurate substantively, either. My criticism of Gorsuch is substantive. His written opinion is extremely deceitful — a fact. To say the text of Title VII incorporates sexual orientation when there is no basis whatever for such a conclusion is deceitful — no text,…MORE

JJ Watt, now he’s all in

Disrespecting the flag and the national anthem don’t disrespect the country or military, folks.  No, not at all.  As JJ Watt demands, aren’t you listening?  Well JJ, you’re a moron, that flag is carried into battle by the military.  It’s worn on military uniforms.  It drapes the caskets of those who’ve been killed defending your…MORE


I am growing increasingly concerned about the equivocation by the administration, based on pressure from the Arab states, EU, and UN, and the changing bar.  The U.S.-America peace deal provides that Israel can proceed with right-to-return to certain ancient lands in Judea and Samaria (about 30% of the land mass), where about 500,000 Jews live,…MORE

Rayshard Brooks situation is nothing like George Floyd

I am looking at the same videos as everyone else.  First, this looks nothing like the George Floyd case, which was an obvious killing.  Mr. Floyd was on the ground, face down, handcuffed, pleading for his life.  The Rayshard Brooks situation is nothing like that.  Although more information will become available, when I first heard…MORE