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McConnell lapdog RINO Barrasso….

McConnell lapdog RINO Barrasso refuses to delay leadership vote, pushing ahead for vote this week before GA election is over. This is how McConnell and his Senate hatchet men continue to hold power over the GOP.  And, of course, they continue to get support from their DC media chorus, as demonstrated here earlier.MORE

What?  No voter suppression?  

What?  No voter suppression?  No Jim Crow 2.0?  No Third Reich or lost democracy?  Biden, the Democrats and their media are so thoroughly corrupt.MORE

McConnell is much like Biden.

McConnell is much like Biden. Always blaming others for his failures. In 2010, his foil was the Tea Party.  Meanwhile, his DC media mouthpieces are always at the ready to promote him and regurgitate his excuses. Poor Mitch. If only his candidates were nominated and the base (aka primary voters) would stop interfering with his…MORE

Right on

Pollak: Save the January 6th Committee!MORE