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President Trump had no choice but to issue the Executive Orders this afternoon

President Trump had no choice but to issue the Executive Orders this afternoon, and given that Obama instituted DACA without legislation and John Roberts seemed okay with that, the president’s DOJ will have strong grounds on which to defend them. But why would the Democrats and their media propagandists oppose the Executive Orders since they…MORE

a cynical and vile propaganda campaign

For the last several weeks, the Democrats and their media mouthpieces have instituted an unrelenting campaign claiming the president will not leave office if he loses the election. This is a cynical and vile propaganda campaign intended to undermine the president should he win, should the election be close, and/or should the election wind up…MORE

The president IS following the science

When hundreds of doctors and scientists who’ve actually practiced medicine, unlike most government “experts” and leftwing media mouthpieces, say a drug does work in most cases, it is shocking that the drug becomes a political weapons to use against the president, against the best interests of those who have the coronavirus, and Big Tech censors/deletes…MORE


Over a month ago, I argued on radio and TV that we must begin defunding our colleges and universities; that is, BDS the source of anti-Americanism and Marxism. It appears Charlie Kirk is beginning to target the private donors. Hat’s off to him! But a broader effort is also required as our tax dollars subsidize…MORE


I am deeply appreciative of T.D. Adler and Brietbart for spending a great deal of time analyzing Wikipedia’s years’ long smears, lies, and spin campaign against my character and career. Thank you! I had no idea that either had undertaken this task. And I hope Levinites will read this post (link follows) and share it…MORE

Suggestion to Trump campaign

President Trump is the 1776 candidate, Biden is the 1619 candidate. President Trump believes in America’s greatness, Biden believes in its vices. President Trump believes in the American people, Biden believes American’s are systemically racist. President Trump opposes racism in all its forms, Biden embraced segregationists and used segregationist language during his long Senate career.…MORE

Some questions for LeBron James

Some questions for LeBron James: 1. What exactly is your definition of “systemic racism” and in what systems does it exist? Everywhere? The NBA? In the neighborhoods where you own multi-million dollar estates? 2. Why don’t you live in communities you claim to care about, rather than presumably systemically racist communities? 3. Why didn’t or…MORE


At the very end of REDISCOVERING AMERICANISM (June 27, 2017), I closed my book with the following statement: “[T]hose of us whose eyes are open, whatever our numbers, have a moral obligation to try to rouse our fellow citizens to take a sober and critical look at the decaying societal conditions, from which truthful conclusions…MORE

From Rediscovering Americanism, quoting John Dewey

From Rediscovering Americanism, pp. 70 – 71, quoting John Dewey, 1916, Democracy and Education. Dewey was an enormously influential early progressive intellectual whose writings on social-activism education were used extensively as education transformed into a socialization and progressive indoctrination enterprise: “It remains only to point out … that the reconstruction of experience may be social…MORE

Thomas Jefferson to John Adams…

Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, December 10, 1819 (from Rediscovering Americanism, pp. 137 – 139) Here, Jefferson says that there was no virtuous government that could be instituted to save Rome since the Roman people had ceased to be virtuous. By comparison, he said, the American people were virtuous, and they wanted and revered liberty:…MORE