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In Memory of Pepsi – May 2011


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Pepsi passed away at 3:30 pm eastern time Sunday

A wonderful message from Canada Free Press’s Judi McLeod

Pepsi passed away at 3:30 pm Eastern time May 22nd. He was the most precious and joyful dog a family could have. He now joins Sprite and Griffen. The world is a less joyful place today. He was with us nearly 13 years. They were the best years. Until about 3 weeks ago, he had the energy of a puppy.

Pepsi welcomed Sprite and later Griffen into the family. If you read Rescuing Sprite, you know all about him. His tail was always wagging and he always had a smile on his face. He loved everyone and was so darn smart. Pepsi never left my side. Now he’s gone. Thank you all. As I build the strength to pick up all his toys and his bowls, I wonder if these tears will ever go away.

Pictures of Pepsi


In Memory Of Griffen – December 2010



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In Memory of Griffen from the Canada Free Press

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WCBM’s Les Kinsolving’s beautiful tribute to Brendan, Griffen, and all dogs and dog owners


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Pictures of Griffen



In Memory of Sprite – December 2006


More about Mark’s book, Rescuing Sprite

Pictures of Sprite


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