Mark’s Pet Pages

Mark’s Pet Pages

In Memory of Marty – November 2022

Mark reflects on the passing of his buddy Marty, November 28, 2020

Tribute to Marty

In Memory of Patton – October 2022

In Memory of Barney – May 2020

It is with tremendous sadness that I inform you that our wonderful Barney passed away this evening. It happened so quickly. We so adored him and our hearts are broken. He brought us pure joy and we loved him so much. We rescued him, but in truth, he was a blessing; he rescued us every day when we’d get down about the events whirling around us — smiling, running, cuddling, and making us laugh and so happy. Bless you, my Barney. 😢

Pictures of Barney

In Memory of Pepsi – May 2011

Give to Pepsi, Griffen, and Sprite’s Legacy Gift

Pepsi passed away at 3:30 pm eastern time Sunday

A wonderful message from Canada Free Press’s Judi McLeod

Pepsi passed away at 3:30 pm Eastern time May 22nd. He was the most precious and joyful dog a family could have. He now joins Sprite and Griffen. The world is a less joyful place today. He was with us nearly 13 years. They were the best years. Until about 3 weeks ago, he had the energy of a puppy.

Pepsi welcomed Sprite and later Griffen into the family. If you read Rescuing Sprite, you know all about him. His tail was always wagging and he always had a smile on his face. He loved everyone and was so darn smart. Pepsi never left my side. Now he’s gone. Thank you all. As I build the strength to pick up all his toys and his bowls, I wonder if these tears will ever go away.

Pictures of Pepsi

In Memory Of Griffen – December 2010

Read the last chapter of Rescuing Sprite here (PDF)

In Memory of Griffen from the Canada Free Press

Riehl World View: In Memory of Mark Levin’s Dear Griffen

Pictures of Griffen

In Memory of Sprite – December 2006

More about Mark’s book, Rescuing Sprite

Pictures of Sprite

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