July 8th, 2024

July 8th, 2024

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democrat party is about party first. When we listen to the debate about President Biden staying in the race or not, the issue is never what’s best for the country. Kamala Harris must not be the Democrat nominee should Biden drop out.  She has spent 4-years covering up Biden’s dementia.  She has been a loyal propagandist, repeatedly lying to the American people about Biden’s fitness, sharpness, wisdom, decision-making, etc.  The indisputable fact is that our Constitution cannot properly work when the vice president is nothing more than a self-serving, dishonest, reliable propagandist for an incapacitated president. The 25th amendment was drafted, adopted, and ratified to specifically address, among other things, a situation just like this – that is, where the president is not able to competently undertake his immensely important duties, which are uniquely vested in the office of the presidency.  The vice president has known his condition.  But she has put her own political ambitions and those of her party ahead of her Constitutional duties to the nation, for which she swore an oath. America faces a two-fold constitutional crisis: a president who is not competent to hold office and a vice president who refused to uphold the Constitution. Later, unless Sen Marco Rubio moves out of Florida and/or legally assumes residence in a state other than Florida he can’t be selected as President Trump’s vice-presidential running mate. Trump is also a resident of Florida. It also assumes Rubio would resign from the Senate as Florida’s senior senator as he’d no longer be a resident of Florida and could no longer represent the citizens there. I doubt this constitutional sleight of hand would go down well with lots of people even if he pulled it off. Afterward,  Israel is under siege. Iran is now arming peaceful Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ and Iran is arming Hezbollah in Lebanon. Now we find out there are tunnels between the Gaza Strip and Egypt that could not have been built without the Egyptian military knowing about it and helping them build it. One serious problem Israel has is that its generals want to be prime minister. There’s effectively no separation of civilian from military.  Yoav Gallant thinks he should run the government. Benny Gantz thinks he should run the government. They undermine Netanyahu privately and publicly and go around his back to Biden and Blinken. Leak to the press.  Even in the midst of the war they plot, scheme, and backstab. Finally, Zuhdi Jasser calls in to discuss his race for Congress in Arizona’s 4th district.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1

Hello America. Mark Levin here.  Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I am 100% COVID free. And so we needed a little extra time to take care of that. And we did our. Welcome back. You’re watching what’s taking place. Obviously, many of you with great attention. Joe Biden. Shitty runner, shouldn’t he? You’re watching the Democrats duke it out kind of. But here’s what I want to do. I want to put a fine point on what’s actually going on here. When you listen to these debates, when you listen to the discussion, even by the good guys. The issue is never what’s best for the country. The issue is always what’s best for the Democrat Party or not. The way that this is phrased is will he hurt Democrats down ticket? You have some close Senate elections. Will he push those toward the Republicans? He’s very, very low in the polls and going lower and lower. The Democrats who believe that he needs to stay in because only he can beat Trump. Democrats say we can’t be Trump. He’s got to go. What’s best for the United States of America. This is in keeping with what I’ve told you, that the Democrat Party is about party first. They knew the Democrats and their media. They knew to a man and a woman. That Biden was suffering from dementia. But with deceit and censorship, denial and, yes, intimidation. The most radical agenda and policies would continue despite his dementia. If they could get through the election. And they know that the government isn’t actually run by Joe Biden. They run around Joe Biden. It’s led by a cabal of unnamed, faceless revolutionaries and powerful bureaucrats. The debate stripped it all away, the propaganda, the layers of lies and deceit. 50 million people. Tens of millions who would not otherwise have watched saw Biden. For what he was and what he is. They saw it. They heard it. So The New York Times. CNN The Media, which are the Democrat Party, which lead the Democrat Party, not the other way around. Said for the sake of the party. At the party. He’s got to go. Then the die. Hard to say no. For the sake of the party, he’s got to stay. But you got to stay. We’ll vote for him no matter what. For the party. Anything goes. Any kind of rhetoric, calling your opponent Hitler and so forth, character assassination, lawfare, all the rest of it. It’s for the party, not the country. And when you listen to these Democrats speak, both the official Democrats and the media Democrats. If you substitute party for a country or a country for a party, you get a better idea of what they’re talking about. This is the Marxist mindset. The party is more important than the country. The country is with the party decides it shall be. The presidency itself. The Constitution. The free press. Separation of powers. None of it matters. How many years we’ve been told about CRT and. Di how many years we’ve been told that the Constitution is nothing more than a document of slaveholders to enshrine their own power? How many years now further prove the point. Who would take up the the cardinal of the presidential candidacy. If Biden decides not to run, it would be Kamala Harris. There’s not another Democrat of any weight or substance who will decide to take her on. They’ll wait their turn. Why? Because all their talk about women and men being one and the same and things might not be genitalia specific. That’s all B.S.. That’s for the masses. That’s for the plebs out there. But for them. They have their first woman vice president. They want to campaign on her being the first woman president. They want to run on abortion. And, of course, they want to run that she’d be the first black. I’ve said before. She’s not an African-American unless you go back generation after generation after generation. She’s not popular in African-American communities. She did not light a fire under the African-American community when she ran for the Democrat nomination for president in 2016. She was the first to drop out. She’s still weak, but that’s not my point. My point is this. Kamala Harris is not qualified to be president. She’s not qualified to be president now because of some technicality in the Constitution. She has spent four years covering up Joe Biden’s dementia. She’s been a loyal liar. Propagandist. Censor to the American people about Biden’s fitness, his sharpness, his wisdom, his decision making. And whenever she was asked, she lied. Other times when she wasn’t asked. She voluntarily lied. Harris lied scores of times to the American people for the purpose of deceiving the public. And she did it through. All the Democratic primaries, even days after a disastrous Biden presidential debate. She lied. This in its of itself is disqualifying, but it’s much worse. The indisputable fact is that our Constitution cannot properly work. But the vice president of the United States is nothing more than a self-serving, dishonest, reliable propagandist. For an incapacitated president. And her party, the Democrat Party. The 25th Amendment was drafted. Adopted. Ratified. To specifically address, among other things, this situation. That is where the president is not able to competently undertake as immensely important duties which are uniquely vested in his office. He’s the unitary head of the entire executive branch with enormous responsibilities. Now Kamala Harris is known Joe Biden’s condition. But she’s put her own political ambitions and those of her party ahead of the constitutional duties. For which he swore an oath of office. She’s disqualified. Even today, as I speak with a debate goes on throughout the nation about Joe Biden’s dementia. About the fact that now eight times. A Parkin’s Parkinson’s disease. Neurologist and expert visited the White House. As the evidence piles up further and further, she has no intention. They were calling a meeting of the cabinet to address this. Without the leadership of the vice president. The 25th Amendment is a dead amendment. In other words, unless the vice president working with the cabinet, takes the steps outlined in the 25th Amendment to remove an incapacitated president. And triggers the process to do so by involving Congress in a very public way. Then the entire purpose of the amendment and the process set out in the amendment are defeated. And right up to now, she has no intention of carrying out her duty as vice president under the Constitution. And this is the biggest duty she has. Is there anybody other than the most diehard zealot who believes that Biden is qualified to run for re-election? Other than Karen Goldberg, a.k.a. Whoopi Goldberg and her ilk. And if he’s not qualified to run for re-election, given his diminished mental capacity, certainly not qualified to remain as president. The fact is that Harris, through her lies and deceit and her failure to uphold her constitutional duty under the 25th Amendment. Is hugely responsible for putting our country in this precarious and unprecedented situation. And the idea that she is to be somehow rewarded is then in next in line for the Democrat Party nomination, should Biden bow out is appalling. But notice the media don’t even mention what I’m telling you. None of them. Notice the Democrats don’t mention what I’m telling you. Notice their surrogates are silent because they don’t care about the country, the Constitution. She has demonstrated in real time. That her own political aspirations are more important to her than the well-being of the nation. Day after day, as the second most powerful executive branch official, she has witnessed firsthand Biden’s dementia. Yet at no time when she moved to safeguard the country and follow the Constitution, she is complicit in this greatest of cover ups and even now doesn’t lift a finger to undertake her most important duty as vice president. And but for the debate, she was more than happy to continue this ruse. It’s unconscionable what the media have done to our country by covering for Biden and the Democrat Party. And engaging in this massive cover up. But even now, as parts of the media turn on Biden because they think he can’t win, they’re worried about their party. Harris still has done nothing to address the ongoing danger to our nation. Why? But Mark. If she triggers the 25th Amendment and Biden’s remove, she becomes president. Ah, yes. But not for long. The party regulars. The party activists. There will condemn her. She wants nothing to do with it. She wants to be handed the presidential nomination by Biden at the convention. Or if he’s reelected, she’s there just in case the step in. But unlike the horrendously corrupt American media, the Pravda, the Al Jazeera that is ours, Harris has and continuing constitutional duty. Which she simply will not uphold. And so today, America faces a two fold constitutional crisis. A president who’s not competent to be president. The vice president who refuses to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Because neither are in the best interests of the Democrat Party. Only the country. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
You notice Kamala Harris is in hiding. She’s not out there to be questioned. She’s not out there to be questioned. You notice the media? When they have had access to her, have never asked her about the 25th Amendment. All the Sunday shows, all the weekend shows, all the news shows since the debate. Have you heard a single cabinet official being asked about the 25th Amendment since the vice president of the cabinet need to participate in that process? Not one. Not one. They’ll talk about how unfit Joe Biden is as a candidate for reelection. They’ll talk about. Now they will dementia. They’ll talk about how he can’t win, how his poll numbers are low. But they never talk about what’s in the best interests of the United States of America and the American people. Now, some of these individuals are conniving enough. Our loathsome enough, our contemptible enough. That they’ll say, of course I’m going to vote for Joe Biden even if he’s in a coma. Even if he craps in his pants because Donald Trump is Hitler. I have to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, whether there’s Joy Reid. Or any of the other racist bigots and anti-Semites. That the corporate media give platforms to. Do they have any idea what Adolf Hitler actually did? That there is some people who are still alive who survived. Have they looked at the black and white films? Paramount, Schwartz and Dachau and so forth. And these people have platforms, primetime shows on cable. Speak on Sunday shows her running for the Senate. Again, this isn’t about what’s best for the United States of America. For them, it’s it’s what’s best for them and their party. And that’s how they’re going to make their decisions. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
All right, Mr. Producer, let’s go with the cuts that talk about Hitler. Go ahead. Well, we understand is that. Donald Trump cannot be president again, Greg. I mean, it’s just too threat to democracy now! What I think thank God Democrats are not Republicans. Republicans just flock in one line. That’s something that endangers democracy. That’s what happened in the 1930. The Germans just walked in line with Hitler and Stalin. They just walk the line. Democrats like to speak and think on behalf of the contemptuous, even the very, very sick man. Gregory Meeks. It’s a very, very sick man. By the way, America’s a footnote. Why won’t J.D. Vance come on this program as producer? How many times have you reached out and they just pretend you don’t exist? He’s on Meet the Press. Why are these guys afraid of me? He won’t come on the program. Rubio won’t come on the program. The others are happy to come on the program. But there’s something weird about that. Very strange. So we’re not going to ask J.D. Vance anymore, and we’re certainly not asking Rubio anymore. That’s their calculation. And it’s not about me. It’s about 14 and a half million listeners a week. It’s about you. So that’s perfectly fine. Reminds me of. Other candidates who wouldn’t come on the program. Remember Mister Producer? Romney. Romney wouldn’t come on the show. Very strange. Romney would not come on the show. There have been others, too. But I just want you folks to know that because that’s a reflection of them and their view of you, not their view of me. Now, I’ll tell you what’s interesting, unrelated to this. We’ve had candidates on not as many as most because this isn’t GOP radio. And we’ve had others on and they, they they will send Mr. Produce or tell Mr. Producer. You know, we’d appreciate if Mark would talk about this, this or this and some of the same questions, haven’t they? Rich, open your microphone. I want to tell the truth. Every single time that happens, which hasn’t been many. What do I tell you? No, no. I’ll tell you what I want to ask you. Not interested that. I’m not doing press here. PR. PR. When Donald Trump’s Come on. He’s never asked what you ask as this ask has had and so forth. But we had it from occasion on other candidates. And I say, no, absolutely not. Just so you know. Parkinson’s expert. Visited White House eight times in eight months, met with Biden’s doctor, an expert on Parkinson’s disease, visited the White House eight times over an eight month span between last July and March of this year, including one visit with the president’s personal physician, according to White House visitor logs. The Dr. Kevin Kennard is a neurologist and movement disorder specialist, quote unquote, who works at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. According to the logs, prior to July 2023 had visited the White House only once in November 2020 to. The White House would not confirm if he was advising of the president’s personal care. And, of course, the spokes idiot at the White House was pressed repeatedly and she wouldn’t respond either, which he must produce. Let me tell you something. It’s not hard to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. It is diagnosable and you either have it or you don’t. So that doctor wasn’t going there eight times to try and diagnose Parkinson’s disease. Mr. Producer. He was going there to treat it. We don’t know who. But a Parkinson’s disease, a movement disorders specialist, a neurologist doesn’t need eight trips to determine if somebody does or does not have Parkinson’s disease. This is why you listen to this program. I dig into this stuff. I know this stuff. I know people who’ve had these these horrible diseases. So this doctor, Kevin CONARD from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, he was going there to test and test and test and test. He was going there at some point to treat. Okay. Now the White House will not make him available. The White House will not make the president’s doctor available. And the White House will not confirm nor deny whether the doctor was going there to see prayers in the United States. Now, how does that make you feel? As repeatedly at Monday’s briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to say. If the neurologists are attached to the president or consultant on his care, citing privacy concerns but did say he was not being treated for Parkinson’s disease. Okay, well, we get that. But there are other diseases, neurological diseases that obviously have an impact. And the capacity of the mind to function like dementia unrelated to Parkinson’s, like Alzheimer’s. ABC News White House correspondent Mary Bruce pressed Sean Pierre on reporting about Canada’s visit. Refusing to say if he was here to elevate excuse me, to evaluate the president if he was consulting on the president’s health. So what then was the meeting about? She wouldn’t answer. Because we will not, she said, confirm or speak to names that you’re providing to me. It’s out of security. Now, this has nothing to do with security. Nothing in the world to do with security. She said an extremely did detailed neurological exam was again reassuring and that there were no findings which would be consistent with any cerebellar or other central neurological disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, or ascending lateral sclerosis. Nor are there any signs of cervical myopathy. Overall, the February report said Biden, 81, continue to be fit for duty and fully executes all his responsibilities without exemptions or accommodations. That’s what his doctor said. Now, what’s missing from there is a direct discussion about dementia. For. Alzheimer’s patients tell to you, which is the protein that slowly but surely covers the brain and destroys the electrical synapses one to the next. Let me tell you a little secret. I’ve told you that I have a couple of family members that have Alzheimer’s and one early dementia. An MRI of the brain will tell you everything you need to know. Did you know that, Mr. Brady? An MRI of the brain will tell you. If, for example, an Alzheimer’s tau is present, how advanced it is, where it is on the brain. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. No, not me. With a relative. So here we are. Guessing games when one simple test. Well demonstrate, at least as applies to Alzheimer’s. Yes or no? One simple test. And he won’t take it. Now, look. You and I have a different motive than the media. Democrat members of Congress. Democrats running for office. You. And I want to get to the bottom of this. You and I love our country. You and I have known for years that this was an absolute scam. You know it is. Amazing to me when we have hosts here and there who claim they were the first to recognize it. Have you seen that, Mr. Producer? Are they nuts? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. All the positioning going on. All the distractions. All these. Well, the static. It is simple as a matter of medical science to determine if somebody has Alzheimer’s at what stage it is or if somebody has dementia, what stage it is. It’s not, shall I say, brain surgery. The medicine. Has made enormous leaps for the diagnoses, the ability to diagnose enormous leaps. No. Great. Solutions. Certainly no cures. Something that. Eludes us. Despite the spending of hundreds of billions of dollars, people are desperately trying. And so they talk about Kamala Harris. Next in line, Kamala Harris. In no way in hell should be the next in line. She sits on the sideline or worse. She takes out the pom poms and dances across the stage in defense of Joe Biden’s. Mental acuity. Isn’t it also amazing to you, ladies and gentlemen, to underscore a point I made earlier in the hour, that the media are not demanding that Kamala Harris explain why she has not taken steps. Under the Constitution and that every single cabinet member who’s supposed to participate in this process, not one, has been questioned. Not one. When you read The New York Times editorial of last week saying that Biden should go. And all these newspaper corporations putting out their editorials that Biden needs to go. Many of them now talk about next in line, Kamala Harris. But if Biden needs to go, that is to announce that he can’t run because of his mental. Impairment. Just think as a rational human being, then how can you stay as a result of his mental impairment? The nuclear codes. Don’t go away. Our enemies. Ah, no less. Motivated. To take steps against us and our allies. In. If you have mid to advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s, it gets worse and worse, faster and faster. You can even see what Biden. One month is worse than the next. So while the newspapers keep running these stories. An anonymous former staffer or current staffer who worked for Biden when he was vice president, now president and. How many more members of Congress, Democrats, are going to demand that Biden step aside? And now we have experts intoning about what they think before telling us he’s fine now, telling us he’s not. They are literally. Making the case, writing the brief for Kamala Harris and the cabinet. To take steps now. To go to Congress to remove Joe Biden. And they won’t do it and Kamala Harris won’t do it cause she doesn’t give a lick about the country or the Constitution. Because she knows if she does it, some percentage of the Democrat Party, maybe significant, will forever, forever have the long knives out for her. She figures. I’ll sit tight. I’ll sit pretty. Because one way or another, Joe’s going. If he loses his election, I’m next in line. It’s a run. If he decides not to run, I step in. If he’s forced out, I step in. So why do anything necessary? To taint or tarnish my ambition. Even though the country needs it. Even though that’s her job and that of the cabinet. And as I said, maybe as a result of this broadcast. But as I’ve said up to this point, not a single question to Kamala Harris or a single cabinet official. Why aren’t you doing something to conduct a meeting? To raise questions about the competency, the ability of Biden to do his job. And follow the process of the 25th Amendment. If not now, when? What’s the amendment for? I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
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