July 3rd, 2024

July 3rd, 2024

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, it appears the Democrat party can’t even nominate a president competently.  The Democrat Party and their media are split on whether to support a mentally impaired President Biden or disenfranchise millions of primary voters and pick a replacement by a relative handful of political elites and activists. If Biden chooses to stay in the race, Democrats feel like that’s a loser. If he decides to leave, less than 4,000 Chicago activists get to nominate the president, which will exclude millions who voted for Biden in the primary. The Democrat party got caught trying to impose a man with dementia on America.  From the border to the economy to the debt and to wars – the Democrat party can’t do anything right. Now, Kamala Harris demands if Biden steps aside, she should be his replacement. She has been a major figure in covering up Biden’s dementia and lying to the American people. Should she be rewarded for her diabolical conduct?  Did she raise the 25th Amendment?  Whoever takes over for Biden, if he steps down, the media will crown that person as the second coming, and a fresh start for the Democrat party.  Afterward, Mike Howell, the executive director for the Heritage Foundation’s oversight project, calls in to discuss “laying the groundwork in case a sudden switch-up in the Democratic roster sparks a legal war.” Later, the DOJ plans to pursue Trump cases past election day even if he wins.  Can you imagine if they succeed? Trump gets elected, then a sentencing happens before he’s sworn in?

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number, 877-381-3811 877-381-3811 you know what? Step back, America. Welcome. By the way, it appears the Democrat party can’t even nominate somebody to run for president competently, doesn’t it? I mean, from the border to the economy to wars to the debt, law and order. Do they do anything right? Do they do anything well? The Democrat party can’t do anything well. It bullies, it threatens, it muscles, it imposes, it forces. This is a primary. They don’t want to run a primary. I mean, they changed the primary rules to accommodate Biden. They moved New Hampshire from first to somewhere in the pack. South Carolina is first because South Carolina is Biden. They forced Robert Kennedy out of their own party, the party of Kennedy. He’s out there running as an independent, denying that he ate a dog. But the truth is the Democrat party and the media have done all this. Nobody did it to them. Trump didn’t do it. The Republicans didn’t do it. Putin didn’t do it. Netanyahu didn’t do it. They did it. How hard is it to run our primary system and not nominate a mentally impaired individual? Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat party got caught trying to impose on we the people a man with significant dementia, because they were able to run circles around us, the government, our institutions, without a strong president, a figurehead. We have radical Marxists and their ilk running each cabinet. They have over 3000 appointees, the vast majority of whom are radicals, the vast majority of whom are revolutionaries, marxist Islamists. The State Department is a rogue operation. The Department of Justice is an enforcement arm of an ever growing police state. Under the Democrat party, the board is wide open for one purpose and one purpose only, to change the congressional districts to help the Democrats to ensure chain migration and the never ending victories of the Democrat party in the near future and beyond. The reason they had a debate in June is because they thought Trump would be the problem, that Trump would lose his cool. They thought. A few hot buttons pressed here and there, Trump would be undisciplined. They spent time with Biden, the gang of 18. And I have no doubt that when they were done, they said to themselves, oh, I think we made a huge mistake. Whatever Trump does, I think we made a huge mistake. Start a debate day at 11:00 a.m. 3 hours later, Biden was taking a nap. And you know damn well that they were with him closely and they saw they had a problem on their hands. They had the debate network they wanted, they had the debate hosts they wanted, they had the padded room they wanted. There was no audience. They wouldn’t even allow other media in there. Now we know why, don’t we? They would not even allow other media in there. The problem is mister and misses America, you were in there. They’ve done everything they can to camouflage a man in significant mental decline who shouldn’t be anywhere close to the Oval Office, who shouldn’t be in the Oval Office today. I did shows on the 25th amendment here on blaze on Fox. Months ago we did show on stage five dementia. Now, about four or five weeks ago. This is the situation the Democrat party has created. Here’s their problem. I’ll put it as simply as I can. Their problem is if Joe Biden stays in, if he stays in, they feel that’s a dead loser. That’s what they see. In other words, if the man they did everything they could to nominate, change the rules, finance, put all the bumpers in place to protect him. And even then, if he can’t win, it’s a disaster. But the other choice is that he leaves. They want him to stay in office, which is kind of weird. If he’s not competent to stand trial, he’s not competent to be the nominee. How is he competent to be president? Which is the whole point of being the nominee. No, Mister president. Yes, Mister president. But the alternative is he decides not to run and millions and millions of people are disenfranchised. The primary will have been a farce, a complete farce. The little d democratic process that the big D Democrats keep claiming they stand for will be eviscerated. All the voters in the various towns and cities and counties and states, all the campaign workers knocking on doors, the signs in the yards, the pancake events, the speeches, the surrogates broomed away, meaning absolutely nothing. The entire democratic process for the Democrat party. So in Chicago, less than 4000 activists. Most delegates are activists. Most delegates are local political operatives. Not all, but most. They will choose the Democrat nominee to the exclusion of, uh, the tens of millions who voted. Nobody’s talking about this. I’ve raised it now three days in a row. This is very important because even the people calling for Joe Biden to step aside, they say we’ll have an open process and select somebody else. Uh, what does that mean? It means, ladies and gentlemen, open debate. An open give and take, open challenges within the less than 4000 delegates making the decision. Less than 4000 people making the decision that tens of millions of people made. This is what happens when you run a fraud for a president. They’ve tried everything possible. They told you he had a cold. Oh, really? He had a cold. As I said, last night, my buddy Bob sent me an email and said that’s the excuse they used for every former soviet leader who was on their deathbed, who never showed their face again. They had a cold. No, no, it wasn’t that. It’s jet lag now. It was jet lag. He should have known better. He almost fell asleep during the debate. Jet lag? How could it be jet lag when he was at Camp David for eight days before the debate? Jet lag. What does that mean? There’s no jet lag? Well, he wasn’t prepared, right, you know, by the state. And this is Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the punk street politician who takes responsibility for nothing. It’s always somebody else’s fault. In his entire life, he’s gotten away with it. He’s gotten away with lying and conniving and plotting. Now, despite all the news articles, all the spin, all the static, the truth is. The truth is that Joe Biden will not leave unless Joe Biden decides to leave. 99% of those electors are Joe Biden committed electors. That’s the truth. There’s a huge disconnect now, uh, between the electors and the newspapers and the editorial boards and the commenters on tv. These are activists. These are party stalwarts. Of course they want to win. But the dirty little truth is they knew all about Joe Biden, too. Like all the rest of us, they knew it, too. But even more from a political perspective, if another candidate is chosen, even with their assistance, they lose all their power because they’re there on Joe Biden’s coattails. Not Kamala Harris, not Newsom, um, not. Fill in the blank. Oh, and one other point. I don’t care about the racist politics, the Democrats and their media play. I could care less. Kamala Harris is not qualified to be president because she’s shown she can’t even be vice president. I don’t care what anybody else says. Again, I use my own ears and eyes. A disaster. Can you imagine her as president of the United States? But that’s not even why I posted earlier this morning. I see some other plagiarists out there posted since. Right, mister producer? Some of them who I know have posted earlier this morning that Kamala Harris has led the way to cover up for Joe Biden. She’s his vice president. She meets with him. They have lunch together. She knows his staff, her staff knows him. She knows full well that Joe Biden is incapacitated. That’s why she’s hanging around as vice president. As recently as this past Sunday, just three days after the debate, she was defending Joe Biden. Today she’s defending Joe Biden. But out of the other side of her mouth, she and her staff and her surrogates and racists here and there are arguing that you cannot bypass Kamala Harris should Joe Biden decide not to run. Why? She’s the first woman and the first black person to be vice president of the United States. Now, as I said last night, what is this woman stuff? Why do they get to use woman when they want to, but pronouns when they insist on it? So that’s a, uh, nothing. Genitalia is irrelevant. What about a race? That’s irrelevant, too, except to the Democrat party. They built their party on racism, first with the Klan, and now they claim to be the party of civil rights. So the party of civil rights. Marxism, not civil rights. But that’s for another day. As I wrote in american Marxism, this is a significant part of their base. So they’re in a picker. A pickle. Not even a kosher pickle, just a lousy dill pickle. They’re in a pickle. The Democrat party is not really a party. It is an alien entity made up of disparate parts, mostly people who are, uh, angry, people who are radicals, people who don’t accept the country. Not all, please. But they’re leaders. And the leaders of the various groups that they assign ethnicity to or age to or wealth to or whatever they assign to the Democrat party doesn’t fit well in our constitutional system because it hates it. It doesn’t fit well in an open, honest electoral process because it hates it. It doesn’t fit well in law and order because it believes in lawlessness and disorder. And you’re seeing this right before your eyes. The media now are trying to cover their asses with tough questions of the press secretary. Sorry. The media did this, too. In fact, it led the way. Be right back.

Segment 2
You know, uh, they keep talking about what Trump will do if he’s elected. Retribution. Throw people in prison. You’ve got these egomaniacal, narcissistic, low IQ buffoons on MSLSD and the constipated news network. Oh, I think I may have to leave the country. Please do. Or just leave. You don’t leave the country. Just go away. Anyway, uh, of course Trump’s not going to do any of those things, but they keep doing them. They’re the ones trying to put their political opponents in prison. They’re the ones who have put Peter Navarre in prison, Steve Bannon in prison. What did you think about it? Paul Manafort in prison, Roger Stone in prison trying to put Donald Trump in prison. They’ve gotten Rudy Giuliani disbarred, John Eastman disbarred. They’re trying to disbar Janet Ellis. I can go down a whole list. They filed ethics complaints virtually against every lawyer who’s been involved in any case, including Alan Dershowitz. And then they say, oh, there’s going to be retribution. What do you think of that? Is he going to use the Department of Justice and the legal system to get his opponents, well, right in front of your eyes? That’s exactly what’s happening. Now. I want to build on this because it’s very important, when I return.

Segment 3
15 separate federal departments and agencies that divide congressional subpoenas. Nobody’s going to prison for that. The attorney general of the United States is withholding the audio tapes of the interview of Joe Biden during the special counsel investigation without any constitutional authority whatsoever. He was held in contempt. There will be no enforcement because he’s in charge of the Department of Justice and every us attorney. Two of Donald Trump’s former aides are imprisoned tonight because they, quote, unquote, defied subpoenas from the January 6 committee. The January 6 committee, before the Republicans took over the House of Representatives, destroyed massive amounts of data, video depositions, texts, emails that were in their possession, that obviously provided information that went contrary to the propaganda narrative that they were putting out. Media didn’t have a problem with it. Department of justice hasn’t had a problem with it. In fact, nobody seems to give a damn. Nobody. Nobody’s gone to prison for that. And then we have this lawfare, something that’s being done to Donald Trump that hasn’t been done to another person, let alone former president, presidential candidate, with litigation, simultaneous criminal cases against him and others, but him in particular, in four different jurisdictions at the same exact time. I’ve never heard of anything like that. Have you? Mister Producer in Manhattan, in Atlanta, in Washington, DC, in Fort Pierce, Florida, that’s by design. That’s not compelled by law, that’s not necessitated by justice. Every imaginable kind of charge and unimaginable kind of charge, the vast majority of which are complete concoctions. In fact, they’re all concoctions. The whole case in Manhattan, the whole case in Georgia, the January 6 case, and even the documents case, well, you know, that’s a clear cut case. No, it’s not. And it should never have been brought. It wasn’t necessary to bring it. And the timing of the cases, every single one, was timed to do maximum damage. Whether it did or not is beside the point. The purpose was to do maximum political damage. And then, of course, you have the attorney general of New York, you have that rogue, preposterous excuse of a state judge to try and destroy Donald Trump’s businesses and his finances, to actually try to take them over and destroy them even while he was on appeal. Lots taking place in New York against Donald Trump. Lots taking place in Washington, DC, against Donald Trump, and, of course, Atlanta. Okay. You figure if he gets elected, they’ll take the foot off the gas pedal? No. There’s a Washington Post story right now, came out last evening. If Donald Trump is elected president, the finish line for federal prosecutors is inauguration day, not election day, people familiar with the discussion said. So the decision at the Department of Justice is, no, you keep the foot on the gas pedal. Just because he’s elected president doesn’t mean we can’t put him in prison. You got that? The purpose of a prosecution is to punish. And when you bring criminal statutes that have both fines as penalties and imprisonment as penalties, then obviously a significant, if not the most significant purpose of the prosecution is to imprison the defendant. Now, can you imagine if they succeed? Donald Trump’s elected president? You’ve got a rogue judge, Trunkin. He got a conviction on some ridiculous Klan act or something, and she has a sentencing hearing before he’s sworn in. Now, maybe she’ll stay the sentence. Who knows? There’ll be appeals and all. But that’s not my point. My point is, this is what they want, not the machinations and the processes and the rules of evidence and the right to appeals. I’m not talking about any of that. The goal here of the Biden administration and the Biden Justice Department is even after the people speak. And if Donald Trump becomes president, they want to use the Klan act, the federal Contractor act, and a documents case to put him in prison. Now, that won’t create a constitutional crisis, will it? That won’t create a civilization, potentially civil unrest in the country, will it? This is where the Democrat party takes us. It takes us in the world of, um, autocracy, fascism, Marxism, the police state. This is a dark party. This is a party that does not accept tradition. It is a party that does not believe in our institutions, despite what it says. When it loses. When it loses, it throws up the institutions. It throws up the constitution, it throws up due process, but when it wins, it destroys them. Justice Department officials plan to pursue the criminal cases against Donald Trump past election day, even if he wins, under the belief that department rules against charging or prosecuting a sitting president. Were not kicking until inauguration day in January, according to people familiar with the discussions. They’ve been there discussing this. This is why they wanted to do everything before the election. But they don’t even realize the Department of Injustice, cockroaches and the media frauds and phonies, is that every time they write, they expose themselves. This is telling you in the first paragraph, if you read between the lines, this is why they were in a rush to get this done, um, before the election, because if he becomes president, they can’t pursue these things. So they wanted to cripple his campaign. They’ve been trying to cripple his presidency when he was president. Two impeachments in a criminal investigation, really? And by the way, they’re laying the groundwork to do it again for impeachment, for criminal investigations, to sabotage his presidency. They’re working full time for this. This is not an American party, the Democrat party. It never has been. From slavery and segregation to civil rights, Marxism, and now to Stalinism. That approach may become more consequential, writes the Post, given this week’s supreme ruling on presidential immunity, which probably will lead to further delays to Trump’s election interference trial in DC and has already affected one of the state cases. Election interference trial? What makes you think there’s going to be an election interference trial? They don’t even hide their horrendous partisanship. Senior law enforcement officials have long viewed the two federal indictments against Trump as operating with potential time constraints. That’s because of long standing Justice Department policy that officials cannot criminally charge a sitting president. So they try and get around the policy that’s been in place over half a century plus. In practice, we’ve never indicted a sitting president. In fact, we’ve never done anything to an ex president or a presidential candidate that’s being done to Donald Trump, ever. Lawyers in the department do not believe the policy bars them from proceeding against a president elect, however, according to the people familiar with the discussions, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe internal deliberations. So you need to think to yourself, why is this being leaked to the Washington Post? Why is this being put out now in the midst of a presidential election in which criminal cases have played a central role? Any court activity involving a president elect would push American politics deeper into uncharted territory. Ultimately, it would be up to the courts to decide when and how dull hearings or a trial involving a president elect. So here again, you have things that have never been done before. The Garland, that Marano, the real invisible Marxist hand, the Obamaite, uh, who’s deputy attorney general, and the rogue prosecutor, Jack Smith, will do anything. Anything, because he’s a Stalinist hatchet man. He’ll do anything. They’re the ones who keep pushing the courts into having to decide these issues, as I’ve been discussing now for what, months? Most particularly last week, after the immunity decision. We have an immunity case because of the Biden Justice Department and Smith, with cases involving the appointments clause. Because of the Justice Department and Smith, we have cases challenging gag orders because of the department justice, and Smith and I can go on and on and on because they have their foot on the gas and they’re not going to relent. Current officials speaking on the condition of anonymity. Okay, now you have top officials at justice leaking express the same sentiment that if Trump wins the election, the clock on the two federal cases against him would keep ticking until January 20, when he would be sworn in as the 47th president. Does this not sound like a Department of justice that would be most comfortable under Xi or Putin or on the Islamo Nazis in Tehran? Does this sound like a Department of justice who gives a damn about our system? Current officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, expressed the same sentiment. A spokesman for special counsel Jack Smith declined to comment. That’s right, because they already leaked. That’s the one. Two. They leak, no attribution given to them, and then they go to them and ask them for a comment, they decline, and then they have deniability. Trump spokesman Stephen Chang said the criminal cases against Trump are hoaxes that are imploding at their collective efforts to interfere in the election have massively backfired. Even before the immunity ruling, justice officials were skeptical there would be a federal trial of Trump before the 2024 election. Oh, now they’re rewriting history, according to people familiar with the discussions. In addition, the DC election obstruction case, which is in Florida, uh, going a little too slow for their, uh, for their likes. The two federal cases were scheduled to go to trial in spring, but have been slowed significantly for different reasons. God forbid. I mean, here we are, we have to keep sharpening the blade on the guillotine here. This is a lot of work for the bureaucracy. Now, uh, listen to this attack. It lauded the trial judge that her name would be Aileen Kennan has spent months pouring over a host of long shot defense motions to get the case dismissed. This is why you hate the media. This is why the media covered up for Biden, and now they’re pretending they didn’t. The media in our country is Pravda. The media in our country is Al Jazeera. It’s not an honest media. These people do not have integrity. These corporations are disgusting, disgrace. Even when the case in DC resumes, there are likely to be a series of pretrial battles in addition to the immunity questions that consume a significant amount of time. This is called the justice system. They hate it. Unless, of course, they’re the targets of it. Then they want delays and so forth. Given the pace of hearings to date in the two federal cases, it’s possible that even with a longer time window, it’s on inauguration day. Neither will go to trial by then, Trump wins the presidency. His legal team would probably ask the judges overseeing the cases to dismiss the charges outright, at least put the cases on ice while he’s president. Trump’s attorney general could also move to have the charges drop. Well, why wouldn’t he? These are phony cases. Why wouldn’t he? Or she? Then they go into the Fannie Willis case, which has nothing to do with federal offenses, but they want you to know about it, of course. Then they go into the New York case where they want you to know about it. Former president is also likely to argue that some evidence used during the Manhattan trial involved is official con, what do you mean argue it? We all saw it. This is what happens when you have low lives as prosecutors and lowlives as judges. Judge Mershon is a lowlife. Judge Chunkin is a lowlife. They were in a hurry. They cut through the process. They circumvented the process. They weren’t judges, they were prosecutors for the prosecution. Jack Smith is used to get in his way, but he’s also used to getting his ass kicked by the supreme Court. Got his ass kicked unanimously, as you know, in the Bob McDonald case in Virginia, because he rewrote a statute to try and fit McDonald’s, uh, uh, conduct, uh, into it. And it was the supreme Court that said no. And it wasn’t the Roberts Court, the Maga court with three Maga appointees. It’s a completely different court. Then he was rushing the m immunity case in. He said to the court, this is emergency appeal. We got to, they said, what the hell for? It’s a big deal. We got to take our time. You know, this is an institution that has to last as long as the republic does. He lost that. Then they stomp into the supreme Court. They hire this hotshot who has this great record, and he goes in and he makes a preposterous argument. There is no immunity. None. And the idiot Sotomayor and the idiot Jackson and the idiot Kagan went along with him. Of course, she saved, they saved Biden’s ass, too. More when I return.

Segment 4
You know, America, I’ve made the point that I don’t really believe the options are that exquisite or numerous for the Democrats. Biden decides he doesn’t want to go. The Heritage foundation oversight project, it’s run by executive director Michael Howe. He says, no, it’s not going to be so easy. As a matter of fact, in certain states, it may become impossible soon. And he said, and we can make it become impossible soon. But in any event, we’re going to have Michael Howe. He’s the expert. I am not in these various states next hour to explain how difficult it will be, if possible at all. We’re getting all kinds of leaks, and this is the nature of a sinking ship. Seven anonymous bygnoids in the White House are supporting Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris’s people are leaking that. She’s very perturbed that they’re considering white males and even potentially white females to go around her. Oh, okay. That’s the test. Uh, on the hill, it seems like voices are growing in one direction, and that is that Biden needs to leave or we need to take a very close look at it because the rats are jumping a sinking ship up there. I’ll be right back.