June 14th, 2024

June 14th, 2024

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the attack on America from within continues with Democrats attacking the Supreme Court and Conservative Justices like Thomas and Alito while ignoring corrupt conduct from liberal justices like Sotomayor and Ginsberg. Radical leftists are trying to destroy this court because of the Dobbs decision and are using the media to spread their hate. Also, Iran is on the doorstep of having a nuclear weapon thanks to the Biden Administration. Iran more than likely is already capable of nukes, but they are waiting until after the election in November to announce it to help Biden.  Later, Mark speaks with Washington Free Beacon journalist Adam Kredo to discuss Iran’s Ties to the ‘Palestine Chronicle’ and the Biden Administration’s lack of reaction to this news. Finally, Mark is joined by 2024 presidential candidate and Governor Doug Burgum to talk about the Marxist green energy policies under the Biden Administration which will result in brownouts and blackouts, as well as his background in business and time as Governor of North Dakota.

Another day, another insane attempt by the Left to smear Justice Thomas with a nothingburger.

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s staff prodded colleges and libraries to buy her books (July 2023)

NY Post
Justice Sonia Sotomayor didn’t recuse herself from cases involving publisher that paid her $3M: report (2023)

Washington Post
New documents show unreported trips by Justice Clarence Thomas

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Justice Alito neighbor says secret tapes prove he lied about flags

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Iran installing and starting cascades of advanced centrifuges

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Iran’s Ties to the ‘Palestine Chronicle’

Poll: 67% of Palestinians Support October 7 Attack, Expect Hamas to Win

24 minutes of Democrats denying election results

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Cops bust heavily armed NYC man who expressed jihadist views, was planning something ‘very bad’: sources

Joe Biden Protects More than 860K Migrants from Deportation with ‘Temporary’ Amnesty

Washington Free Beacon
Biden EPA Rules Will Cause Blackouts for Millions of Americans, Study Warns

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America.  Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. The attack from within on our institutions continues. It’s one thing to be critical of the Supreme Court or Supreme Court decisions. It’s another to try and take out individual justices. And we see what they’ve tried to do with Alito and now they’re back at Clarence Thomas because he’s indicated he took certain trips that were funded by a very close friend of theirs, a billionaire. And for the Democrats, that’s the end all and be all. And yet it’s quite amazing to me. Quite amazing to me. And it’s publicly known as I pull this up that Kerry’s server, Severino at the Jxdn. Another day, another insane attempt by the left to smear Justice Thomas with a nothing burger until 2023. The judicial conference itself said personal hospital hospitality shouldn’t be disclosed on these forms. That’s why Justice Breyer, who took a least 233 trips, 68 of them overseas, didn’t have to disclose any of them. And Justice Ginsburg, who took 157 trips taking them overseas, didn’t have to disclose any of them. Just like Justice Thomas did. Now, you haven’t heard this anywhere on television today. Nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. But she points out. But ultimately, Senate Democrats are relentlessly attacking the Supreme Court because they’re furious to have a majority in the court if faithfully apply the law and uphold the Constitution. And this, to me, is a coordinated attack. The goal is to undermine the Supreme Court. While we have a number of constitutionalists on the court. Although I do get nervous about Roberts and Barrett and sometimes Kavanaugh. But that aside, did you know that justice prior to 233 trips, 68 of them overseas and didn’t report a single one, did you know? Ruth Bader Ginsburg took 157 trips, 28 overseas and didn’t report a single one. But Clarence Thomas is unethical because he has. He is reporting them. Well, he didn’t before because they didn’t have to before. And the flags with Alito like that, some big day. I’ll give you a big deal. I’ll give you a big deal. And the media never talks about it. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor. This is just from last year. Sotomayor staff prods public institutions that have hosted the justice to buy her memoir or her children’s books. Works that have earned her at least 3.7 million since she joined the court in 2009. This is a news report. Details of those events largely out of public view were obtained by the AP through more than 100 open records request to public institutions. Now, you didn’t hear Durbin jumping up and down or this clown White House White House bigot. You didn’t hear him talking about it and you don’t hear the media today talking about it. The resulting tens of thousands of pages of documents offer a rare look at Sotomayor and her fellow justices beyond their official duties. In her case, the documents reveal repeated examples of taxpayer funded court staff performing tasks for the justices. Book Ventures, which work as in other branches of government, are barred from doing. It goes on. Supreme Court staffers have been deeply involved in organizing speaking engagements intended to sell books. Wow. How do you like that? Later in the article, they put in long hours and again accommodated the shifting requests. A Sotomayor’s court staff, that is these these various entities. Then is the public cost of hosting the events soared almost tenfold. A Sotomayor aide emailed with a different urgent concern. This was the Just ask Librarian community college officials in Portland, Oregon. So their costs are soaring because Sotomayor is a prima donna. She said. The organizers. This is a paid for court staffer. They didn’t buy enough copies, said the justices book, which attendees had to purchase or have on hand in order to meet Sotomayor after a talk. Wow. For an event with 1000 people and they have to have a copy of just ask to get into the line. 250 bucks is definitely not enough, the aide said. I Lee wrote staffers at the Montgomery County Library. Families purchase multiples and people will be upset if they are unable to get a line because the book required is sold out. So The court. Taxpayer funded staff. Are putting the shoulder on these public libraries and these other places. You folks better make sure that when the justice gets there and talks and so forth, these people better buy a hell of a lot more books if you expect you to sign them. It was not an isolated push. Sotomayor, as she prepared for commencement weekend at the University of California, Davis Law School. Her staff pitched officials there on buying copies of signed books in connection with the event before a visit to the University of Wisconsin. The staff suggested a book signing at Clemson University in South Carolina. School officials offered to buy 60 signed copies before a 2017 appearance. Sotomayor staff noted that most schools ordered around 400 Michigan State University as Sotomayor to come to campus and at 28, spent more than $100,000 on copies of her memoir, My Beloved World, to distribute to incoming first year students. The books were shipped to the Supreme Court, where copies were taken to her chambers by court workers and signed by her. Before being sent to the school. Wow. How do you like that, Mr. BIDU? So I don’t do that. You know, it’s funny. I’ve had seven number one New York Times bestseller books, ten New York Times bestseller books. They always give me this cross on book sales. I never do book sales. When the Reagan Library has those come, they buy books in bulk. Which are sold to the people who show up. That’s my bulk sale, which is not a bulk sale. It’s really outrageous what they do to me. But look what Sotomayor does here. And I doubt she ever gets that cross put next to her name. But they do this on taxpayer dollars. Sotomayor’s publisher, Penguin Random House, also has played a role in organizing her talks, in some cases pressing public institutions to commit to buying a space specific number of copies. And it goes on. But there’s even more. Penguin Random House. SOTOMAYOR You know, the great leftist, The New York Post from last year, Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor didn’t recuse herself from multiple cases involving a book publisher, Penguin Random House, which paid her more than $3 million and has since 2010, according to a report. The copyright infringement case in which Penguin Random House stood to suffer financial damage if the court ruled on favoring unfavorably, were not taken up by the high court. But justices voted on whether or not to hear the cases. All together, Sotomayor earned 3.6 million. Turns out 3.7 million from Penguin, Random House and its subsidiaries for agreeing to let them. Publisher 2013 memoir My Beloved World and numerous children’s books since then, The Daily Wire reported. The same year that her memoir came out. Sotomayor voted voted on whether the high court should take up Aaron Greensburg versus Random House. Her liberal colleagues at the time, Justice Stephen Breyer, recused himself from the case, having also received money from Penguin Random House. The court does not reveal how justices vote in deciding whether to hear arguments in a case. She gets almost $4 million from Penguin Random House. There’s a lawsuit brought against them. A copyright lawsuit, a big deal. Breyer accuses and says, Well, I can’t. I’ve worked with them and Sotomayor does not. We’re sitting around taking seriously these attacks on Alito, on a flag. On a flag. First Amendment right. The flags are his wife’s flags and they try to make a big story out of there’s a monster. It’s nothing. It’s a joke. And then they try and make it look like Clarence Thomas is doing something unethical by reporting these various trips. And between Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they took almost 600 trips. And never reported a damn one of them. Including. Well over 50, close to 100 overseas. But Thomas, you see, is the problem. Thomas doesn’t have any conflict of interest. He didn’t take any case that specifically involved anyone who who contributed to his trips. You see, ladies and gentlemen, this is how it works. The media are corrupt. The Democrats are sinister. Sinister. And I just saw a report done on this. It’s all about Thomas and Alito, not one word about Sotomayor. Nothing. Jackson has issues to, by the way. You know, they are, you know, the first black female justice who couldn’t define what a woman is. Her husband. Makes a small fortune. As a consultant. Slip and fall lawyers. And you’re supposed to report on your disclosure forms the income of your husband and the basic source of the income. Which she failed to do. So she had to go back. And a man forms because remember, she was a lower federal court judge. And did on several of them. Many of them. But nobody’s accusing her of unethical conduct, are they? And nor will they. Now, this doesn’t mean I will support every decision that comes out of the Supreme Court. By God, I wrote a whole book. Men in Black How the Supreme Court’s Destroying America. That was my first book. And that book focused on how the Court not this court. The book was written many years ago. Has gone out of its lane, has driven out of its lane in terms of interpreting the Constitution. And I will continue to criticize the court. The court when I believe it, it’s usurping constitutional authority that has been granted to this branch or that branch or to the people or to the states and so forth. That’s legitimate criticism. But these efforts to character assassinate Alito are were these flags at Clarence Thomas for doing what all the other justices did? That’s unacceptable. That the effort to destroy Brett Kavanaugh when he’s nominated. No, I’m not buying that. Clarence Thomas when he’s nominated now. Bob Bork when he was nominated, No. Because this is how the Democrats play. They are Stalinist bastards. That’s what they are. And they’re media mouthpieces for these Stalinist bastards. That’s who they are. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
There’s a perfect example. Here is the Washington Compost, which helped along with the New York Slimes, to cover up the Holocaust. There’s nothing to believe that comes out of that rag. And of course, there’s an uprising over there. The left versus the radical left. New documents show unreported trips by Clarence Justice Clarence Thomas. That’s the title. By Justin Juvenile. Toby Raji. Supreme Court Justice Thomas took three previously unreported trips paid for by conservative Texas billionaire Harlan Crowe, according to new documentation released Thursday by the Senate Judiciary Committee. My God. Details of the private jet flights between 2017 and 2021 were obtained as part of an investigation. The committee has been conducting into reports of lavish, undisclosed travel and perks provided to justice by Crow and other wealthy benefactors that have sparked calls for reform. Really, nothing here about Sotomayor. Are the late, fantastically great. RB g. Our Brier. They took hundreds of trips. Okay, let’s go on. Crowe released the information after the committee issued subpoenas in November for him and conservative activist Leonard Leo to provide information to the body. The subpoenas have never been enforced. Little Dick Dermott. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s ongoing investigation into the Supreme Court’s ethical crisis. Now look how they are violating separation of powers and they seek to destroy this court. Because of the Dobbs decision and other decisions they don’t like. This is flat out frontal. Bald faced intimidation. That’s what the effort is through character assassination and the working with The Washington Post and the other sleazy Stalinist rags. Elliott Burk, an attorney for Thomas, said in a statement The information that Harlan Crowe provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee fell under the personal hospitality exemption was not required to be disclosed by the justice. Now, I just explain that to you folks. I just explain that to you folks. It was not required to be reported. Ginsburg didn’t report any of it. Didn’t report any of it. And yet, here’s Thomas from 2017 2021. No requirement to report it, But he goes ahead and he provides the information and the committee uses it, gives it to their buddies at the Washington Post. And they’re trying to, you know, dirty up Clarence Thomas. The disclosures come after Thomas revealed this month that he failed to report to 2019 trips to California and Indonesia that were paid by Crowe. He didn’t have to. It wasn’t required. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Don’t believe this democracy stuff from these Democrats. They hate this country. They hate our governmental system. They want complete monopoly control. They don’t believe in separation of powers or limited government. They don’t believe in equal branches. Balancing one out after the other. They believe in taking over, period. Centralizing power. They believe in destroying the franchise while claiming they support it. They don’t believe in representative government. They believe in government by the iron fist, the bureaucracy and executive orders. The Washington Post dutifully reporting what the Democrats want. The committee probe was prompted by reports in ProPublica, and ProPublica is funded by radical leftists in San Francisco. It’s not really even a news outlet and other media outlets notice. It’s like when they use the Hamas numbers and they don’t mention that they’re the Hamas numbers. Raphael ProPublica, a.k.a. ProPublica, is a radical left wing front operation. It’s not a real media organization, as far as I’m concerned. Funded by radical left wing kooks. But that’s okay. So is the Washington compost when you think about a Bezos and his sweetheart. The committee probe was prompted by reports in ProPublica and other media outlets that Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito took expensive trips without disclosing them in recent years. They didn’t have to disclose them. Now maybe you think they should have. But why is this an issue now? Why was it an issue when. RB G was on the court. Or Brier was on the court or Souter was on the court. Or radical libs were on the court. Why is it only an issue now? We know exactly why. This is justice, intimidation. They had their militia out at the justices homes. With bullhorns. Like the racists of the fifties and sixties. This phony attorney general. Meritless Garland. When arrest any of them, despite the fact it’s a violation of federal law, it’s a felony because they’re trying to intimidate. The justices. He didn’t arrest a single one. They’re very busy, you know, arresting everybody from January 6th, even those who did nothing. Oh, and Alito? His wife flew some flags. Oh, my goodness. And she doesn’t like. The rainbow flag. But she must, whether she likes it or not. Yes, she must. And she flew a flag upside down because of some reprobate neighbour in protest of the reprobate neighbour who has a foul mouth and a disgusting sign. Oh. She must be an insurrectionist. And of course, all that means that Justice Alito is crooked. He’s an insurrectionist and he must recuse himself. There’s the same media and Democrat Party that’s trying to drag Joe Biden across the finish line. Their main. We don’t have to use symbols. We don’t have to make entrances, references or inferences. Joe Biden. Joe Biden was a racist segregationist who opposed integrating our public school system. By the way, I’m waiting for my my buddies at ESPN and elsewhere to mention this, too pointed out. Maybe they’ll have me on to discuss it. Come. Let me on to discuss it. But we keep talking about Trump. This Trump, Trump. Okay, I’m going to tell you what is reality? What’s factual? What’s factual. The committee probe was prompted by ProPublica. ProPublica is a radical left wing operation dressed up as a media outfit. And so there’s the Washington compost regurgitating. It’s astonishing that at this late date, there continue to be revelations of gifts to Clarence Thomas that he is never disclosed, said Steven Lubet, a professor in judicial ethics expert at Northwestern University Law School. Excuse me. Never heard of the guy. He’s an expert. He’s an expert. Wow. I guess he wasn’t aware of the personal hospitality exception that enabled Ruth Bader Ginsburg to take hundreds of damn trips. And Breyer hundreds more than her. Yes, Yes, of course. And how come none of this investigative activity whispered by Sotomayor, who shaking down public libraries and colleges and universities for book sales? How come that didn’t become a big issue? DURBIN You little bastard. I’ve told you before. The late great Senator Fred Thompson told me. As only he could, said Mark. There’s a lot of interesting senators, some of whom I disagree with strongly. But the most dishonorable senator of all. The most dishonorable is Dick Durbin. I said, Why? Because I stab you in the back. To look in the eye and say one thing and stab you in the back the next. You know, I miss him a lot. I really do. He was a great man. His wife. Great lady, too. Oh, there’s more. Hold on. You know, we got these big Supreme Court decisions coming. So it’s not a coincidence that the corrupt the corrupt media are pushing this stuff out as fast as they can. Look at this. Daily News. Anybody read that anymore? Mr. Producer, you’re in New York. Nobody reads that crap. David Gold liner. New York Daily News or gold miner, whoever, whatever the hell Emily Baden said caught on tape remarks. Leave no room for doubt that Martha and Alito intentionally wanted to send political messages by flying an upside down American flag at their Virginia home after January six, and a flag often used to support Christian nationalism at their Jersey Shore. The Daily News. This is the daily Pravda. The daily press. That flag has nothing to do with Christian nationalism. It was a flag that was used by patriots and still is. And what the hell are they talking about? Christian nationalism. They’re trying to create an impression of Christian nationalism, like white nationalism, like the Klan. That’s the Democrat Party. That’s their candidate running for president of the United States. That for. But what do you mean? Christian nationalism? I told you. After they smear the Jews, they’ll smear the Christians. That’s the way this works. That’s how the secularists operate. But you better not damn say a damn thing about Islamists. No, no, no. That’s untouchable. That’s the third rail. Not Islamists. No. So here they are. The Daily News with a bigoted comment. Bigoted about Sam Alito and his wife. On this flag. Well, they’re trying to create the impression that she’s bigoted, Emily Baden said caught on tape remarks. Leave no room for doubt. The Mrs. Alito intentionally wanted to send political messages. So what she’s allowed to she’s not a justice. What is this? Women’s rights have a right to speak out. Unless, of course, you’re a conservative. Then you better shut the hell up. To hear her speak about the flags that was just solidifies what we already know, which is they are meant to display a particular political message, she said on MSNBC, makes it clear that she what she’s doing with the flag. So what? So what? Bane, who got into a suburban shadow. So they go to the perpetrator. They go to the big mouth neighbor, the big liberal, big mouth neighbor. They get comments on the Alito’s because that’s how the Daily News works. That’s how MSNBC works. That just proves us all right that he’s lying when he said we don’t have any reason behind it. We don’t know what it means. Not the most articulate person in the neighborhood either. Mr. Producer, would you say? And no offense, I saw a picture of her. I’ll leave it at that. I had to look across the lagoon at a pride flag, said Martha and Alito. So I’m going to send them a message every day, maybe every week I’ll be changing the flag. Apparently referring to the so-called Appeal to Heaven flag she erected at their vacation home. What’s wrong with the flag? The. The heaven flag. Is that just another thing? We’re not allowed to. To do. This is how totalitarianism works. Why don’t they give us a list of the words we can use, the flags we can use? Wouldn’t that be nice? The Jurists wife has captured admitting that she uses provocative public flags to send what she hopes are powerful right wing messages to anyone who cares to look. Oh, that’s the balance. Daily News right wing messages that kook left wing neighbors like this idiot. No right wing messages. And what’s the right wing message? A flag, a patriotic flag that all of a sudden now is supposed to be controversial. This is how it works. This is how it works. Well, it doesn’t work with me that way, that’s for sure. Okay. I thought you needed to know. I thought this needed to be pushed back. These decisions are coming out. I may disagree with these decisions. I may. And that’s perfectly right and perfectly fine. I don’t know. But that’s not what the media are doing. The meeting or media trying to destroy. Certain justices. The most effective justices, Thomas Alito and from time to time, Neil Gorsuch. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
So this book I wrote my first book, Men in Black, little known information that was dug up by others, which I cite in my book. Let’s talk about Thurgood Marshall. What do you say? I know he was the first black justice. I know he was a great litigator and brown versus board and so forth. But the truth is the truth. I don’t know how many trips Thurgood Marshall took. I don’t know what kind of flags he flew, if any. I don’t know anything about his wife. Even though today’s media trashes the wives of conservative Supreme Court justices. That’s that’s how they roll. But as I wrote in my book, Thurgood Marshall, appointed by LBJ in 1967, stayed on the court too long. In his final years on the court. He became indifferent to his judicial duties. He reportedly left much of his writing for opinions to his clerks, sometimes didn’t bother to read. The briefs submitted by the counsel study apparently spent many hours watching television in his chambers, especially soap operas. All of this is. Demonstrated with footnotes from other sources, investigative sources, many of whom are quite liberal. People magazine had called him a devotee of Days of Our Lives as early as 1982, and he once told fellow Justice William Brennan that you can learn a lot about live from soap operas, despite the fact that he wasn’t quite giving it as all he didn’t want to leave, since he would probably be replaced by a conservative quote. But despite poor health in recent years, his eyesight is failing. He wears a hearing aid. He broke his hip in the fall last year. He was determined to keep his seat as long as the likely replacement was another conservative nominee with contemporaneous tongue in cheek. Marshall would tell his clerks, If I die, prop me up and keep on voting. In his waning years, Marshall would disparage the framers of the Constitution. And it goes on. Wow. One of the great so-called liberal justices during the New Deal. Who was appointed by FDR at a very young age. Was William O. Douglas. I believe he was the longest serving Supreme Court justice. FDR appointed Douglas in 1939. In a particularly bizarre episode, Douglas met a flight attendant on a plane. Is married many times. Fact. He married much younger women and invited her to visit him at the court where he allegedly physically assaulted her. What? And I quote. Just a short time after she had entered Douglas’s chambers. Members of the staff began hearing strange sounds from inside, shouts, banging furniture and running feet. A short time later, the office door flew open and out, rushed the young woman. Her face off, flushed and her clothing badly disheveled. Shouting at the startled office staff how outraged and disgusted she was. Douglas, she said, had chased her around his desk, grabbing at her clothes and demanding that they go to a motel immediately for a sexual liaison. Douglas, his marriages to young women, his subsequent divorces created financial hardship for him, so he sought income to supplement his court salary. One significant source of income while he was on the bench came from a questionable source. And I quote. Newspaper reports had established that over the years Douglas had earned a 110 101,000 from the foundation of Albert Parvin. Parvin was the former co-owner of the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas and a business associate of Meyer Lansky. Meyer Lansky was a top mobster, ice pick Willie Alderman and others not usually placed within the category of nice Jewish boys. In the last year on the court, Douglas also suffered at times from delusion. A 1974 stroke incapacitated him at the age of 76. For two and a half months, though, he told the press he’d been hurt in a fall. Afterwards, he slurred his words, couldn’t walk, develop fears that people were trying to kill him. Thought he was chief justice and spurned pleas that he quit. Things were so bad that justice. Then the justices themselves took action. Quote, His refusal to step down despite obvious mental and physical problems, led colleagues to decide secretly to stop counting his vote, in some cases until he finally quit in the assistance of his wife and friends some ten months after his stroke. Oh, you want to hear more? Well, I’ll tell you more. Look what they’re trying to do to Alito and Thomas and Gorsuch. Abe Fortas. LBJ appointed Fortas to the court in 1965. He continued to act that his adviser to Johnson while on the court, he supplemented his court salary by making money from a foundation set up by convicted stock swindler. And Fortas resigned from the Supreme Court after it was revealed that while on the bench, he had pocketed $20,000 retainer from the foundation of jailed financier Lewis Wolfson. You want to hear more? It’s in a book. Alito, His wife flew flags. My God. Clarence Thomas took trips that were not required to be reported. Far fewer trips than Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Breyer. Oh, my goodness.