June 13th, 2024

June 13th, 2024

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, we are sick and tired of President Biden, Marxist Democrats, and their media mouthpieces claiming Biden is saving Democracy and Donald Trump will destroy it. They are trying to put Trump and his lawyers in prison in a rigged Manhattan courtroom while at the same time, they are upset over Hunter Biden’s conviction in complete opposite court conditions. Hunter’s trial isn’t as much about Hunter as it is about Joe Biden, and more importantly what he knew about Hunter’s actions and how much he lied to conceal it. When you have two types of justice, you have no justice, which is exactly what Marxist Democrats want and did in 2020 by covering up the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation. Joe Biden has told so many lies throughout his decades in politics that it’s impossible to keep track, and he continues to be a pathological liar to this day. Later, Mark is joined by WABC radio host Sid Rosenberg to talk about his role in the Brooklyn-based mob drama series “Gravesend” and about the current mobsters like the Biden Crime family.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here, our number 87738138118773813811. You know what? I’m sick and tired of Biden and Blinken and their media. I’m sick and tired of these people. Claiming that they’re defending democracy. And if our candidate, Donald Trump, was elected president, democracy will be destroyed or have a dictatorship, so forth and so on. Is it not they who keep talking about fundamentally transforming America? Is it not the little Dick Durbin the other day who’s telling us that illegal immigrants of today are the people who will build America tomorrow? Is it not they who are attacking our fundamental civil liberties? And they go on talking about democracy. They don’t even understand that we live in a republic. Their framers rejected a democracy. Why? Because democracies are about mob crises, and you can’t have a Bill of Rights in a democracy. What are the rights come from? If you dare tell them, they come from God. Oh, you must be a Christian nationalist. But I’m sick. And then they say, Trump keeps saying retribution. He’s going to have retribution as they’re trying to put the man in prison. They’ve charged him with 91 counts, 34 farcical felonies in New York. They’re trying to put his lawyers in prison, take their bar tickets away. You’ve got. Peter. And he puts his last name is Peter, who’s in prison right now. Navarro I’m sorry. I apologize. Peter Navarro In prison, they’re trying to put Bannon in prison. They want old ladies who are protesting at abortion clinics, turn in prison, and they talk about old retribution. They want retribution. Retribution for what? For what? They’re the ones using the law. Against us and our people. And they sit there and they pose as great believers in liberty. I’m fed. I want to give you an example. I wasn’t even planning going on this direction, but my blood is boiling. This guy, Chris Murphy of Connecticut. He’s a lowlife. Absolute lowlife. So he’s on CNN today, by the way. Do any of these politicians work, Mr. Producer? They go on every cable channel endlessly during the week, not time at the weekends, my show during the week. But here’s this. This puke, this punk. Chris Murphy. On CNN today. Cut eight, go. The reality is that Republicans sort of brazen decision to endorse the justice systems decision making when it convicts a Democrat like the president’s son and decision to call the system rigged when it convicts a Republican like the former president. Is this man really this stupid or is he just pretending to be stupid so he can make a false political point? Either way. He’s a punk. He’s a punk. What took place in New York wasn’t a legal system. It wasn’t a justice system, certainly not one that we recognize. What took place in Wilmington was exactly a justice system. And you know, all the ugly particulars. We don’t know the crimes the crimes had. Had run their course. The statute of limitations in the state, such as they were, such as these are crime they already ran. We don’t know what the federal crime was. We know what happened to witnesses, witnesses that couldn’t be called, witnesses. They couldn’t finish their thought processes. A lack of notice, a lack of due process, a lack of equal equal protection. A conflicted George Soros prosecutor. And this jackass, Chris Murphy, compares that to what took place in the federal courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware. And he wants you to believe that their equivalent. That’s why we have these leftists who find a moral equivalency between a terrorist organization like Hamas. In a free country with a free people like Israel. Are they really that stupid? No, they’re ideologues. They’re ideologues. So Donald Trump should just take it. His lawyer should just take it. His former advisor should just take it. Indicting them, trying to bankrupt them. Having their law licenses removed, warfare law, fair color, whatever you want. And then if Trump becomes president, he should pretend none of that ever happened. None of that ever happened. It’s like election denying. They denied every election from 2000. George W Bush 2000 for George W Bush. Trump 2016. We know who they are. We have all the audio. But when it comes to 2020, that’s the great question for the debate, according to Bill Clinton’s hatchet man. That’s trashed and smeared women who dared dared to come out and point a finger at Clinton as molesting them. He’s the big host on ABC News. Go ahead with this. Chris Murphy, please go ahead. It’s a real worrying advertisement from Republicans that they are planning to potentially use the justice system as a mechanism to target Trump’s political opponents using this precious. Now, I don’t speak for Donald Trump, the campaign or anybody. I speak for myself. But isn’t this precious? So the nation be the nation should be in fear that if Trump becomes president, he might do to them what they’ve done to him. Think about that. So don’t vote for Trump. Vote for Biden. Who is it? Tacking all of his political opponents. Trying to put them in prison. With this pathetic attorney general. He gets away with something like CNN’s not going it. This is why these these fools won’t come on my show. This is why they won’t come on the show. Because I would say to this this buffoon. Let me get this straight. So you guys use the Justice Department to go after a former president. You tip your hat and wink at your Democrat days and Democrat cities. You find what took place in the Manhattan case. Any lawyer who finds what took place in that case is legitimate. It’s not worth having a license, I can tell you that right now. But that’s okay. It’s not the same thing we’re done to Chris Murphy. That’s not okay. That’s exactly what we mean about two types of justice. And when you have two types of justice, you have no justice. When you have two types of justice, you have no justice. Chris Murphy. That’s what he’s saying. They’re open to using the justice system as a political tool to persecute opponents if they get into power. The hypocrisy. The idiocy of that statement. You have a problem with that, Chris Murphy? How come you haven’t said anything about on the one hand you say what happened to Donald Trump is good and the Republicans look at how they attack the system. But when it comes to. To Biden’s son, Hunter. That’s okay. Biden’s son, Hunter, had a sweetheart deal like nobody’s ever seen in the history of our republic. The judge stopped it. The judge said, What is this? That deal fell apart. Hunter Biden, his lawyer, Abbe Lowell, stormed out of the courtroom. David Weiss, the prosecutor. Circle back tried to cut another deal with them. Another sweetheart. They wouldn’t do it. We’ll take our chances in court. They go in court. Where is the court? Wilmington, Delaware. Jury of their peers. More than their peers. By his constituents. Biden’s constituents. And they have notice of what the crimes are. You don’t have to resuscitate any crimes where the statute of limitation is run. Witnesses weren’t interrupted. There wasn’t any collateral evidence. The jury rules were kosher. Straightforward. All that’s supposed to take in a court take place in a courtroom. That’s why nobody can criticize this. The guy was guilty as hell. He lied on an application, a federal application to purchase a gun. While he was still an addict. And his girlfriend. How sick is this? Who was his brother’s wife? Threw the gun in the trash can and it still had cocaine residue on it, according to Chris Coons. That said, all right, he understands that’s the same thing as Donald Trump, where trumped up charges, state charges. On a net on a nondisclosure agreement, 34 felonies. So he says that same see these these idiot Repub now we have brains. We can see the difference. People. Apparently the people voted for Chris Murphy in Connecticut do not because this is what passes for logic. When it’s the opposite. And then he says, Can you believe it? They’re talking about going after their political opponents. Are you kidding me? You damn fools write the book. Look at Rudy Giuliani today. Look at Peter Navarro today. Look at Steve Bannon today. Look at the whole crowd today. All of them. Look at John Eastman. And look at Donald Trump. From courtroom to courtroom to courtroom to courtroom. And this jackass says, look, they’re planning on using now equal justice. You guys have created a precedent. The president stands. That’s as far as Mark is concerned. So you can go on CNN that has no ratings, no viewers, and win all the hell you want, pal. You can’t use the legal and political equivalent of nuclear weapons and then expect the response to be water pistol. That’s my view. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
We got to take these people on. Ladies and gentlemen, confront them. Challenge them. We have to do it. We have to take them on right between their eyes. Right between their eyes, because they get away with these comments. It’s like a conga line. They all say the same thing. They team up. It’s a mob mentality. It’s a group think. And it is a bad mob and a horrendous group think. That’s what it is. They will do anything for power. They will do anything to smear character, assassinate, crush us or people we support. They don’t want to debate ideas because their ideas are antithetical to America’s principles. Again, fundamental transformation. What does that mean? That means throwing out what is what’s been fought for our Constitution, our declaration, and replacing it with something they never really tell us what. And yet they pretend that they’re the ones standing up for the Constitution. Tell me, what is constitutional about all of Joe Biden’s dictatorial like edicts when it comes to appliances in our home, the vehicles in our garages, the food we eat. His edicts on the border, a phony executive order, you’ll notice in the issuance of this executive order is very important. Nobody brought this up. I was thinking about it before the show. You will notice. And that executive order, he didn’t withdraw a single one of his prior executive orders, did he, Mr. Producer? Not one. He issued over 90 executive orders dealing with the border or the lack thereof. Any issues? This latest executive order, which is a paper tiger, it’s a dead letter. It’s an empty. Act. He didn’t withdraw any of the over 90 other executive orders, and he has no intention of doing that. None. The whole the whole thing is bogus. Anyway, let me quiet my computer, which is almost never on. Let’s see. Okay, so we have to confront this. So I decided for my Saturday life, Liberty and Levin show my opening statements going to be all about Joe Biden’s lies. And I started researching this America. And you know what? It never ends. From the moment this punk was in law school and beyond. He has told so many lies in so many ways and in so many places New lies, repetitive lies. It’s impossible to track them all. From things small to sing for things huge. Now. You remember the Hunter Biden laptop, right? Of course he did. And you remember him standing up during that debate, that second debate, second and last debate right before the election. Right. And when Trump pointed to him and talked about the laptop from hell, that’s what he called it. In the information in there showing that Biden is corrupt. Biden went immediately to that letter. And he used that letter over 50. Intelligence experts from both parties serving for presidents. Have said this is Russian disinformation. And the moderator, who is now the Meet the Press moderator, who is a buffoon. She kept trying to cut off Trump. In that one moment that encapsulates everything. Joe Biden in his campaign had that letter produced. Had that letter signed. Leak that letter to news organizations. And then in the debate, he uses the letter to deny that Hunter Biden’s laptop is Hunter Biden’s laptop. He knew the letter was fake and he knew the laptop was real. He lied to you.

Segment 3
That be me. Yeah. It’s an amazing thing as I’m doing this research and it’s not difficult research. There’s just so much of it and it really comes to the fore. You hear all these lies from Joe Biden, right? But when you go back and you start to add them up in different areas of life and small, medium, big lies and repetition of what? There’s something psychologically wrong with this man, apart from all the dementia discussion. He’s done this all his life. The man has no character. And yet. They tried to. Brainwash the American people into thinking it’s Trump who has no character. And Biden is this upstanding guy, a family man. He’s none of that. He’s a pathological liar. He lies about everything and anything. And it’s not now just about his memory loss, which is, quite frankly, disqualifying. It’s scary enough, I am telling you, it’s throughout his life. It’s not just the plagiarism in law school. The lies when he ran for president three other times and in 1988, when we had a real media. He was forced out of that of running for office because he was such a lying buffoon. He steals words from Robert Kennedy senior. He steals words from Kinnock, who was the Labour Party leader. And he has no shame about it. He accuses people of things that they’ve never said. Trump there is said he wants to cut Social Security, Medicare. It was Biden who said it. But they run commercials saying Trump said it. Trump never said attack on January six. He said peaceful, but they’re running commercials showing the attack on January 6th, that those who were violent and trying to attach Trump to this is the entire political life of Joe Biden. This is how he operates, whether it’s Bob Bork, whether it’s Clarence Thomas, whether it’s Benjamin Netanyahu, whoever, It doesn’t matter. Donald Trump. He doesn’t live in an alternative world. He lives in his own world, which is filled with a psychotic mindset. This is an evil dude. It’s what he is. He’s not smart. He’s clawed his way up the ladder. He got elected in a small state, A state that I like. By a couple of thousand votes. He works with the state’s unions, especially the teacher unions, raises a ton of money to overwhelm his opponent in TV ads. It’s the same plan and plot every damn time. And of course, the Democrats are going out there and saying here the Republicans are criticizing Manhattan, But look at Wilmington. It’s not how it works. I don’t know. There’s Chris Murphy. Think it was okay what local judges, state judges did in the South in the thirties, forties, fifties and even sixties to black people while there was a jury. Well, they had a trial. Of course not. Our words are twisted. Logic becomes ill logic. The truth becomes a lie. This is how the totalitarian mindset works. This is what we’re faced with. So this jerk, Chris Murphy, winds up on his favorite little networks. And you and I who see the difference, who think for ourselves, who know what due process means. We know what’s wrong and we know what’s right. There’s something wrong with us that we’re not against Trump then we’re not cheering what happened in Manhattan courthouse then we’re not holding it up, if you will. As a perfect example of the justice system. No one’s above the law. When we know what took place, there was a Stalinist star chamber was horrendous. Conversely, we know what what they tried to do for a hunter. They tried to deliver him his freedom. He’ll get his freedom anyway. Everybody’s now repeating what we’ve said here for a long time. Biden will pardon him or commute his sentence, but he’ll pardon him in my view, after the election. But he said he won’t. I just said Biden is a pathological liar, lies about everything. He’s claimed to have been arrested at least three times. Mr. Producer, did you know that? He’s a liar. He claims to have been involved in the civil rights movement. No, he wasn’t. Arastoo. Because you wanted to meet Mandela? No, he wasn’t. I wasn’t. Top of his class. We know that. No, he wasn’t three degrees. He barely got one. He was in the bottom of his class. 76 out 85. We know that. And we know a lot more. Now this is on top of all of his racism. The truth is that. But for the media, Biden would not be a presidential candidate right now. They put them on their shoulders and they’re trying to carry him across the finish line. If the truth were reported. This would be a very different situation, very different country for that matter. Let’s take this thing about Ukraine. You know that I support supporting Ukraine. Many of you don’t. That’s okay. I had my position. Many of you have your position, but on the other hand, many of you also agree with me. But again, that’s okay. It’s the nature of the beast. So I want you to listen to Biden and I want to unravel this, too. There he is today at the G7 summit in Italy. And he’s attacking the Republicans for not getting the money to Ukraine quickly enough. Because he’s always on the attack. What have I been saying? It’s not just about money. It’s about the use of the money. It’s about the use of the money. You could send them $1,000,000,000,000 if you don’t allow them to purchase the right equipment, to fight the right battles to go on the offense they’re going to lose. I don’t care how much money you put into it. We have experienced a similar thing in our past. But here’s The Hill newspaper. Biden inexplicably urges Ukraine not to be so effective fighting against Russia. What the hell was that? According to the Financial Times, the Biden administration, in response to Ukraine, drone attacks on 12 oil refineries in Russia, quote, urged Ukraine to halt attacks on Russia’s energy infrastructure, warning that the drone strikes risk driving up global oil prices and provoking retaliation. These people are fighting for their lives. Think of what, as you may say, telling the Israelis, no, no, no, you can’t defeat Hamas and whatever you do. The fact that Hezbollah fired 250 missiles into your country yesterday doesn’t mean you should go up there and kick their ass. So the White House seems more concerned. This is they are Jonathan Sweet, Marc Toth, opinion contributors about keeping global and domestic oil prices below $85 an election year. Then it is about stopping the revenue that funds Russian aggression in Ukraine. This is the problem. While he’s attacking the Republicans. I’m sorry, Mr. Lewinsky, that you had to wait and so forth and so on. He doesn’t apologize for the fact that he’s trying to control Ukraine’s tactical war decisions. From the Oval Office, a man that’s never served one minute in the military. BLINKEN Who heads the military. Today, Bloomberg News estimates that Kiev has destroyed 12% of Russia’s refinery production capacity. It is absurd to ask Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his generals to stop attacking Russia. Wartime energy capacity, militarily speaking, is also doctrinally unsound. During World War Two, the allies began bombing Nazi Germany’s oil refinery refineries in Romania in 1942 and continued doing so unabated until the war’s end May 1945. This was key to winning the war. Has it destroyed the Germans ability to fuel their tanks, their planes, their bombers, armoured vehicles and supplied trucks. This is what you mean. And I mean by a forever war. Biden is a forever war policy. A cool hack. If Israel can’t destroy Hamas and Hezbollah. And we keep funding Iran. Those are forever wars. And if Ukraine keeps stealing money to fight a defensive war. It’s a forever war and Biden is behind it. So win the war. Ukraine must likewise degrade the Kremlin’s ability to deliver troops, munitions and weapons to the front lines in the Donbas and the Crimean Peninsula. What has changed in Washington? Paying the Putin tax was acceptable when this was used politically to explain away the 2022 surge in inflation. But paying a Zelinski tax on gasoline during Biden’s re-election year is apparently not acceptable. What if I told you everything Biden does is through the lens of enriching himself and empowering himself? He doesn’t give a damn about the lives, whether it’s the southern borders, the Israeli lives, or the Ukrainian. He doesn’t care. He just does not care. He’s a cold blooded, self-aggrandizing. Head case. This is a terrible look for the Biden administration, putting the cost of gasoline over the lives and sovereignty of Ukrainians. The White House had not issued any condemnations over the recent Russian cruise missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian civil target. And what about us? What you Ukraine get out of the exclusion. What does Russia see in that? Well, I don’t know. They have a nuclear sub right off the coast, the east coast of Florida. A nuclear sub. And other ships on their way to Cuba, of course. But they’re almost touching. They’re almost touching our territorial waters. And what’s the name of the Coast Guard in the Navy? You’re tracking this, Mr. Producer. They’re tracking it. This kind of behavior by Biden not only gets Ukrainians killed, it gets Americans killed. And it serves as a. Sort of a triggering or provoking mechanism for the Russians. They look at this, they see he’s a dunderheads, they see he’s weak. They see yeah, he’s giving a lot of money to Ukraine, but he’s he’s holding them back. That’s what Hamas says. We saw the text in The Wall Street Journal. They said, we have Netanyahu where we want him. What do they mean by that? The world’s turning on him led by Joe Biden. Here’s ABC News of all Matt Siler. Soon after President Biden announced a new $225 million package of desperately needed weapons and ammunitions for Ukraine. During an in-person meeting with Zelensky in Paris Friday, he told Biden that to thwart the Russian invasion, Ukraine must be allowed to use the weapons to strike at its source. Last week, Biden gave limited permission for Ukraine forces to fire back to fire back at Russians attacking Kharkiv from just across the border. The United States weapons. But the administration has been emphatic that it still opposes strikes on key military targets elsewhere on Russian territory. So Ukraine cannot win and may not survive, no matter how many billions of dollars were pouring into that country. This we all agree on how outrageous that is. How pathetic it is. Our allies are not allowed to win. Zelensky has been vocal about the importance of using long range Western missiles, and Europe has been telling Biden, Let them do it. Let them do it. It’ll bring the war to a quicker end. And he won’t. Just like you’re telling Biden. We have to sanction Iran. They haven’t you know, they have nukes. They’re going to have nukes before, you know, we have to sanction them like they forced out even the U.N., the IAEA. And so he lobbies Europe not to do that. There’s no moral, legal or military reason for restricting them from using attack arms or any other weapon that we give them across the border, said retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, who led all U.S. Army forces in Europe. Unbelievable. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
So President Trump politely. In response to questions says, okay, I guess I’m endorsing Larry Hogan for the Senate. You’re saying nice things. You know, he’s trying to unite The party wants us to win things that everybody said he needs to do. The rhinos say you got to do it. The Never Trumpers say you got to do it. So he does it. And Larry Hogan immediately puts out a statement and says, well, I’m not supporting him for president and I don’t need his support. You believe that producer? So here’s a guy running in Maryland who’s desperate to win. So he acts like a Democratic campaigns, like a Democrat. He’ll campaign against Donald Trump because this is what rhinos do. They stab us in the back every damn time. And I’m sure all the media out there that like to talk about how swell the Republican establishment is in Washington, how you have to reach out to this one and that one and the other. I’m sure they’re going to jump all over Larry Hogan and say, what did you do that for? And what they’ll say is, well, he can’t win in Maryland if he doesn’t say that. Oh, okay. So he’ll win dirty. Zara. We can live with that. Larry Hogan, I’ll never support him. I would never vote for him. I’ll do what Paul Ryan said the other day when it comes to Trump and Biden. All right. Somebody in fire in Maryland. But shame on Paul Ryan for not saying that he would vote for Donald Trump, given what Joe Biden has done to the nation, what he’s done to the nation, what he’s done to our border and immigration and the people who are coming here now. From the Middle East and elsewhere with their hate for America, hate for Jews. That’s something even wake up Paul Ryan. Apparently not. Apparently there’s nothing there’s nothing that can convince him. I certainly don’t care. All right, ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot more. And by the way, in our three have my buddy sick ABC morning show host, Mr. Big. I love the guy. We’ll be right back.