June 12th, 2024

June 12th, 2024

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show,  something is happening right now that hasn’t happened in America for more than half a century – Russian warships are sitting 200 miles off the coast of Florida in Cuba.  They don’t fear President Biden. What happened to the Monroe Doctrine? Russia and China are now in our hemisphere.  Biden’s not worried because his entire focus is on Israel. Biden and Antony Blinken treat Hamas like they are a legitimate organization and have become their special pleader.  Later AG Merrick Garland was held in contempt of Congress for not handing over the Robert Hur/Biden audio. That audio must be so damning for Biden. This is a coverup and the Democrats are bending over backwards to protect Biden.  Afterward, 8 ISIS terrorists entered through Biden’s open border. Thankfully they were caught but it’s not possible to find all of them. Out of the millions of illegal immigrants coming in, do you really think there are only 8 terrorists? Biden is opening Americans to terrorist attacks with his open border. The immigration system is not broken, it’s the Biden administration who won’t enforce the immigration laws.  Also, the Democrats and their Marxist base hate America. They trash the founders, and the framers, and pull down monuments. They never talk about liberty and never root for America.  Finally, founder of Our Community Salutes, Ken Hartman calls in to discuss his mission to honor and support America’s newest and youngest service members.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Something is happening now. Right now. That hasn’t happened to our country. In more than half a century, Mr. Produce. In more than half a century. As The New York Post points out, a flotilla of Russian ships passed within hailing distance of Florida’s eastern coastline. But the US Navy and Coast Guard following close behind, according to open source, maritime and air tracking information. That means they’re like 30, 40 miles off the coast. The Coast Guard cutter Stone, Navy guided missile destroyer USS Thruxton, USS Donald Cook and the Royal Canadian Navy frigate H.M.S. as wild. The Quebec sailed after four Russian vessels reportedly headed to Cuba, according to online maritime trackers, including Vessel Finder. The group left severomorsk Russia in May with plans to spend several months performing long distance missions across the world to show the flag and ensure a naval presence and operationally important areas of the far ocean zone, according to Russian state media. TASS. Masks present so close to U.S. shores comes as representatives of nearly 100 countries across the world prepare to attend this weekend’s Ukraine peace summit in Lucerne, Switzerland. Kamala Harris will be there in lieu of Joe Biden. Joe Biden is going to spend an entire week preparing for his debate. Now, this is a big deal. They have no fear of us. None of these countries do none. I fear what’s happening, America. Right. What if Russia decided to put missiles in Cuba? What would we do now? Joe Biden is no Kennedy. What will we do? We’ve got this guy, Blinken. Who’s a buffoon. More on him later. But I’m quite serious about this. China and Russia are in our hemisphere. They are. Physically in our hemisphere. China is physically in our hemisphere. Remember the Monroe Doctrine. What goes on in our hemisphere involves the United States and that we will defend our hemisphere. Do you remember when John Kerry announced as secretary of state that the Monroe Doctrine Doctrine was no longer a doctrine embraced by the United States? Remember that? Oh, yeah, I remember everything. So here we have Putin. Now the problem is we have. Isolationists and Marxists. Her going to say we provoked this? Hello. Don’t confuse Biden with the United States of America. The fact is, if Biden wasn’t there, we didn’t provoke anything. What’s provocative, quite frankly, is our weakness, our unwillingness to build up our military, our navy. Has under 300 ships, about 283 ships. It’s appalling. Under Reagan, we had 600 ships. 600. They wouldn’t be messing with us. But they’re messing with us now. And virtually our entire focus as a Biden regime is on Israel. I mean, this is incredible. And so this flotilla comes by and the and the media yawn. Okay. And actually, it’s big deal. It doesn’t involve Trump or we can’t turn it into Trump. What are we going to do? By the way. On my program today. I almost never talk about it, but I want to talk about it right now. We took. It had to be 19 minutes. Give or take. Of the media, virtually every platform in this country. Pushing the letter by the 51 fraudsters. That the laptop, the Hunter laptop was in a Russian influence operation to affect the outcome of the election. And we now know, of course, and we knew then that it certainly was not. Then the New York Post took the lead. But when I played it and commented on it, it was so unbelievable what the media had done. And they do it all the time. It’s like Sam Alito on the flags. Now they’re interviewing the reprobate. That was threatening the Alito’s who made these horrific comments to Mrs. Alito. The American media is so horrendous. It’s so psychotic. It’s so hateful towards America and us. That this clip. Host after host, guest after guest. They’re responsible for their guests and so forth. Assertion after assertion lie built upon lie. It was so grotesque. And it is important to remember these things. It absolutely is. I mean, we remember them generally, but to actually watch it over again and hear what they say and say with authority and NBC and ABC and CBS, the big networks and their reporters speaking as if they’re authoritative about these issues, when in fact they’re just spinning and spewing propaganda. It was unbelievable. And so when we have a Russian armada come within 30 or 40 miles of the Florida East Coast on its way to Cuba. To make a statement, including a nuclear sub. It shows it. They just don’t give a damn. They are not afraid of Biden in the least. Now, the fact of the matter is all the people who are pretending to be Biden is cogent and coherent that he’s not suffering from a mental malady are putting our entire country at risk. It’s a provocation. When your president is in Mosul, it is a provocation. And our enemies are poised to act. On his watch. Russia invaded Ukraine on his watch. Iran is going to have a nuclear weapon, whether they announce it or not. And we go down the list. It’s really quite stunning. And our military has its hands tied, is underfunded. And so nobody’s talking about this. It’s absolutely shocking to me. And you can see the ships and looking at The New York Post, how close they are to our to our coast. It’s like, screw you. We don’t give a damn what you think or what you say. It’s the way the the Iranians treat us now, they said. You know, the more terrorism we unleash, the more money we get from buying and selling it. So that’s the dam, this thing. They’re thinking that over there, the Islamo Nazis, they’re saying, okay, the more we press Israel, the more we fire missiles, the more we provide missiles to Hezbollah and armaments to Hamas and all the rest of it. The more money we get from Biden and Blinken. Pretty sick, don’t you think? Yeah, it’s very sick, as a matter of fact. Blinken. It appears that Hamas. Has turned down the deal. They treat Hamas like it’s some kind of legitimate state or legitimate authority terrorist organization. And so we. The Biden regime props it up as a negotiating partner. Of course, we we negotiate through others like Qatar, a terrorist regime like Egypt, a military dictatorship. We prop them up, okay. They come as they come. But that said. When negotiating with a terrorist organization as if they’re reliable. Do you know why they’re called terrorists? It’s because they don’t fight back, quote unquote. They don’t wear the uniforms. They do. They’re called terrorists, not combatants. They’re terrorists. So Blinken is with the Qatari prime minister, Al Thani. They’re all in Brad’s. It’s all a phony country. Doesn’t matter. So Blinken’s with this guy. Today there’s a news conference in Doha, Qatar. The level of idiocy, naivete. A buffoonery is beyond belief. Listen to this. Cut to go. The longer this goes on. And remember, Hamas had this for 12 days. And it’s not as if the world stood still in those 12 days. People were suffering throughout those 12 days. The longer this goes on, the more people will suffer. And it’s time for the haggling to stop and the cease fire to start. It’s as simple as that. Look, Israel accepted the proposal as it was and as it is, Hamas didn’t. So I think it’s pretty clear what what needs to happen. And we’re determined and in the coming days to, again, try to work this we will work this with urgency and see if the gaps that that are are workable, we can actually work and bring it to conclusion. And then it may be that Hamas continues to say no. Well, I think it will be clear to everyone around the world that it’s on them and that they that they will have made a choice to continue a war that they started. Oh, okay. That’ll prove it’s on them. What a dumb bastard this guy is, Mr. Producer. It’s it’s just so preposterous. Oh, then it’ll be clear. It’s on them. It is on them, you jerk. Now, he must have read this piece in the Wall Street Journal that I read to you yesterday. No. Quote, We have the Israelis right where we want them, Sinwar said in a message to Hamas officials. In dozens of messages reviewed by the Wall Street Journal that sinwar is transmitted to cease fire negotiators, hamas compatriots outside gaza and others, he showed a cold disregard for human life, made clear he believes israel is more to lose from the war than hamas. And that how he views. The deaths of civilians as a badge of honor is necessary. As necessary. And everybody read this. You didn’t hear it. Almost anything about this in the major propaganda networks in America. But blankets read this. I’m sure he has. And you still he’s there. Look, if they don’t agree, you know, it’s on them. It’s on them, you idiot. Not only is it has always been on them. But look how they consider victory. The more civilians dead, the better. They’re terrorists. That’s what they are. Cat three, Mr. Producer. Here he is again. Again with the Qatari terrorist leader. Go. You know, at some point in a negotiation and this has gone back and forth for a long time, you get to a point where if one side continues to change its demands, including making demands and insisting on changes for things that it already accepted, you have to question whether they’re proceeding in good faith or not. But based on what we’ve seen and what I’ve discussed with the Prime Minister and what we discussed with our Egyptian colleagues, we’re determined to try to bridge the. The gaps. And I believe those gaps are bridgeable. Doesn’t mean they will be bridged, because, again, it ultimately depends on people saying yes. He’s such a damnable clown, such a buffoon. We’re dealing with terrorists. Let’s say they say yes. Let’s say they sign a piece of paper. Why does it matter? That’s not their mindset. Their mindset is. If they think it’s for them, they think it’ll advance their cause. They’ll sign the paper. They think it won’t. They won’t sign the paper. And you see what you did. BLINKEN You and Biden, you’ve been there, special leaders. You’ve been defending their mayhem by blaming it on the Israelis. You’ve made it clear that your if you have your way, are not going to permit the Israelis to win. You’ve made all of this clear to Hamas. So why should they sign a piece of paper? And again, if they sign a piece of paper, that’s because they view it as. I had fake. They’ve signed plenty of pieces of paper. All of them have. And yet here we are today. Do you know? The United States has poured billions of dollars into Gaza over the years? Billions. And what have we gotten for? Nothing. We’ve been funding Hamas and terrorists. This guy, Blinken, is as dumb as a doorknob. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Yes, we’re here. We be here. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden needs a week to prepare for a debate. Yeah. They view this as everything. I’ve got a few ideas on this debate I’m going to savor for a little later. Share them with you. But I have a few ideas. It’s always good to have a couple of one liners, and it’s always good to try and figure out what they’re going to say. We already know that Biden’s going to try and put words in Trump’s mouth about everything he’s put to the test on his various speeches. You know, he’s he says he’s going to be a dictator. He says he’s going to abandon the Constitution. He says he’s for retribution, you know, to put Trump on his heels immediately. And, of course, the so-called moderators who are not moderators, they’re buffoons and fools like Jake TAPPER and Dana Bash, I think those are the two. They’re a tag team of lefties. That’s what they are. So it’ll be Trump against three, one against three. But there’s some statements and liners that he can use and so forth, as well as substantive things. And the goal is to put Joe Biden on his heels. And when you start citing some numbers to Joe and talk about what he’s done to the middle class and so forth and so on, Joe will have difficulty with that. But what developed this more down the road. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Well, the media have been, of course, fronting for Joe Biden and they’re going on and on about. How respectfully he is to the legal system and the justice system, regardless of the outcome of the sun there. Did you notice, Mr. Producer, we had a conga line of propagandists and demagogues in the Democrat media. Making comparisons with Trump. Of course, the case is one has nothing to do with the other, but word is now getting out. We look at our friends. Breitenbach President Joe Biden reportedly believes that Hunter Biden is a victim of the weaponization of justice following his gun conviction the other day. That would be yesterday. A Delaware jury found him guilty of all three gun charges. Faces up to 25 years in prison and 750,000 in fines. He faces nothing. I’ll explain that momentarily. Biden pledged last week in France he would not pardon a hunter. He has not, however, spoken about whether he would deliver a commutation. President feels guilty over Hunter’s legal predicament. Two people are not authorized to speak publicly, have private conversations about, Hunter told Politico. He also told Politico Joe Biden believes he contributed to Hunter’s plight. Quote, If I weren’t running for reelection, he would have gotten the plea deal, Biden told a confidant earlier this month. A person familiar with the conversation told Politico. Now Politico is in Joe Biden’s back pocket. So Biden wants this to get out, but he doesn’t want his fingerprints directly on it. So he does it with somebody else member. Former FBI director pulled the same stunt. They all do this so they can actually say I didn’t leak. But Joe Biden leaks and he leaks a lot. That’s why he wears depends, Mr. Producer. Now, that aside. Hunter had a great plea deal. The judge said no. Then they offered him another great plea deal. And Hunter and his sharp lawyer. They said no. Abbe Lowell. But none of this matters. Why doesn’t it matter? Because after the election, he will be pardoned. That’s why. It’s that simple. I’m telling you, because there’s no question in my mind about it. And he’ll be praised for it. Father to son, You know how that goes. Won’t be a conflict. No nepotism? No, no, no. That’s a father looking out for his son. That’s all. Now, what is a commutation versus a pardon? The difference between a commutation apart is generally simple. Commutation is a reduction either total or partial of a criminal sentence. A pardon is. A complete grant. Of relief and an expunging of the record. You see. That’s the big difference. Let me try it again. The commutation doesn’t clean the record or eliminate. The guilty verdict. It just commutes the sentence. Cookie community. Nothing too time served or not even time served. In Hunter’s case, a pardon is a. Effectively a legal whitewashing. Or illegal. That’s not the right phrase. Whitewashing. A way to legally eliminate what has taken place. Pretty much that’s the way that works. Pardon. Cleaned it all up if you were convicted. Well, you may be convicted, but you’re not viewed as having been convicted anymore. Commutation is you’re convicted. And we basically commute your sentence. We reduce the sentence, you reduce it to nothing. That’s the difference. But let’s go on. Hunter refused to accept the gun related plea, writes Breitenbach correctly from the government. At 2023, the offer for the gun plea came after his sweetheart plea blew up under judicial scrutiny, which the judge characterized as atypical and not straightforward. And legal experts suggest the government’s proposal was a show of favoritism towards the president’s son. I don’t think we need legal experts to tell us that. And this sweetheart deal came with a special agreement that gave her immunity from all potential future charges, including a provision to potentially wipe out the felony gun violation from his record. And the deal gave Hunter the option to plead guilty to not paying taxes on more than 1.5 million in income in 2017 and 2018, receiving probation rather than jail time. And following the sweetheart plea deal debacle, the government offered her a second plea deal related to gun charges, and he also rejected opting to go to trial in Delaware. And so the media don’t really lay any of this out. They just say, you know, this is a real. Sad story. I mean, the government was pleading with him to take a deal. Pleading with him. Now, this tax trial is set for September 20. 24. That is the coming few months and I’m sure they will offer him a deal. Then we’ll see what he does with that. But the fact of the matter is Joe Biden thinks this was all terrible. The weaponization of the justice system. Now, what are the media going to do with that? They’re going to ignore it or they’ll do a hit and run. Don’t mention it. But they’ve built Joe up, you know, to be Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, all in one. But he’s not. He’s lowlife. Street politician. Crazy Joe Biden, who will do anything, anything to enrich himself, anything for power. And the same with his family. Now meritless. Garland. Was voted. But by House Republicans, they voted to hold him in contempt of Congress because he declined to turn over. Subpoenaed audio of Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Byrd. Now, that audio must be so damning, must be so horrendous. For Biden and Biden’s people and Biden’s campaign. That. Here you have a man. Meritless Galan. Who has no problem with being held in contempt. By the Republicans in the House because they’ll just dismiss it and has as a political ploy. But they’ve concocted some kind of privilege that doesn’t exist. He went to Biden and Biden signed off on it because Biden has to assert the privilege. To prevent the audio from being made available to Congress. In other words, the purpose is to prevent us, we the people, from hearing the audio. And Garland’s argument is there’s no legislative purpose. You can’t just be making demands for stuff from the executive branch. Now, that’s the wrong way. That’s the other way around. That’s s backwards. You can’t just assert and concoct fictions privileges. To prevent the release of information. To Congress and demand that they have a legislative purpose. They do have a legislative purpose anyway. What is. They’re conducting an impeachment inquiry as I speak, and they may want to know if they have to remove him because he’s an imbecile, because he can’t act. Or they may. They may want to look at potentially proposing another amendment to the Constitution, to the states. Why? Because, as I told Andy McCarthy and as we talked about two weeks ago, the 25th Amendment to Dan letter, the 25th Amendment relies on the vice president of the United States and cabinet officers to act when a president. Can’t. The vice president of the United States and the people serving directly under Biden, they know he’s incapable of doing the work of the presidency. He’s incapable of. Is there another position in the private sector, anywhere where anyone would hire Joe Biden to do anything? Would you hire him as your accountant, know as your lawyer, he’s a lawyer. No way. If you’re a restaurant, would you hire him as a waiter? No, he wouldn’t remember orders. You wouldn’t remember a who’s who would be tripping and fallen, dropping the food. You wouldn’t hire him as a waiter. Can you work at a gas station? In New Jersey. Well, you can’t you can’t fill up the tank on your own. There has to be some kind of an attendant using your credit card. You’d be staring at it. You know, I want $9.50 of the unleaded, please. 89. 89, not 80. 81. 89. The number 89 on the ticket. You get that right? Think you’d remember that? Why do you think he has to take a week off to prepare for the debate? Because they have to drill in him like ten things that they want him to remember. To go on the attack against Trump. And that’s what they’re going to tell him. Attack, attack, attack and attack again. Now. So there’s many reasons why the Republicans would want the audiotape. And moreover, even if there was a privilege issue and there’s no privilege issue. They waived it. They gave him the text, even though they altered some of it by taking out the stuff that’s clear that the guys lost it. You know, that that that that kind of stuff. Schedule A waived any privilege, even though there is no privilege. They don’t have a leg to stand on. But they know if this litigated, if the house sues them, well, they have their favorite judges populating the D.C. courts and it clearly won’t be resolved too well after the election. They’re denying you and me the ability to hear. Joe Biden questioned for several hours in a row on two days. Because they don’t want you and me to hear him. They’re breaking their asses to protect him from us. Whether it’s. Having press events, whether it’s walking to and fro from the elevator excuse me, from the helicopter, maybe the elevator to. The the entire debate. Three against one has to be these left wing networks with these Democratic goons as the moderators. I would be surprised if Jake TAPPER and Dana Slash. If there’s already back channeling going on, why wouldn’t there be? They are one and the same. They’re rooting for the same party. You got George STEPHANOPOULOS going on CNN and telling CNN that. Ask the first question. What’s the first question, George? Who won the last election. Who won the last election. That’s the question. We already know Trump’s answer doesn’t matter. They’re not there. They have substantive policy debates. They’re there to play gotcha and to make Trump look as bad as they can. So that’s why they picked this. CNN and CNN intern picked their two favorite Trump hating Biden ass kissing hosts. So for one week he has to study. But there is meritless Garland. We have a Republican, Dave Joyce, in Ohio, who voted no because he’s smarter than everybody else. It was a2622a7 vote. Numerous members privately voiced concern over backing the measure, writes The Hill, leaving Republicans priority lingering for nearly a month. The public and razor thin. Look, heather, it’s all inside baseball. Why was he held in contempt? He was having contempt because he’s contemptible. That’s why. This is a cover up. And every single Democrat and one Republican voted for the cover up. Democrats argue the move was an effort to aid an imploding impeachment probe. So whether it’s imploding or not, whether. It’ll get anything done or not. They’ve just given the Republicans one of the reasons. Why they want the information. And it’s certainly a legitimate legislative purpose. It’s right there in the Constitution. It’s called impeachment. So Gerry Connolly, he’s the stupid looking moron who represents Fairfax County, Virginia. It’s a patch. So he goes out and he says, they just want this to aid in an imploding impeachment probe. Okay, fine. That’s absolutely a constitutional basis. Take his words down. Not to punish him, but to use them against against Carlin. Biden claimed executive privilege over the tapes and an internal Justice Department opinion obtained by the Hill ahead of the vote indicates the department considers that a valid legal basis for sidestepping the subpoena. So they leaked it to the Hill, which has become increasingly left wing. Jim Jordan suggested by may have classified information to help him write his memoir. There’s no question about that. In fact, he got $8 million for his memoir, and that’s when he. Conveyed information to the ghost writer that was classified. So basically, as I argue, he he sold classified information for $8 million. Garland’s argument that if he releases the audio, that’ll make it difficult for the Department of Justice to get witnesses in the future or potential defendants to cooperate. That doesn’t even make any sense. He just released the text. Does it make any sense? But the cover up continues. The whole goal is to get Biden re-elected and to protect him from you and me. This is a war against us, the American people. That’s what it is. They’re changing the voting systems in state after state with their little their little patch. Attorney Mark Elias out there, the slip and fall ambulance chasing the phone. They’re radical judges that they have populated our federal courts with over 200 now. The war against Trump, the effort to imprison him and keep him off the campaign trail. We can go on and on and on, and this is just a piece of it. Make sure the American people do not hear what their president had to say in an interview and audio. Amazing. Mr. Bitzer, remember that shock look on Bill Clinton’s face when they released part of the grand jury, the grand jury testimony to the public about the cigar? Remember that, Mr. Madison? There was no privilege claim for that. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
The war on Donald Trump, which continues now, the Democrat attorney general in New Jersey is looking to take his liquor license away from apparently three golf clubs he has in New Jersey. And, of course, the effort. To sentence him and these other cases. We all know what’s going on. Our political system, our campaign system, we the people, our republic, are under attack. Things are swirling around. And I don’t believe they’re going to get better any time soon. I’ll be right back.