June 11th, 2024

June 11th, 2024

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Hunter Biden was found guilty of Federal gun charges in three hours despite having a trial in a friendly city with a friendly prosecutor and jury, the complete opposite of the Stalinist trial Donald Trump faced in Manhattan. No matter what President Biden says he will pardon Hunter after the 2024 election. If we had an honest media that sought to be impartial it would be fantastic, but the media in our country is so thoroughly corrupt and filled with Democrat media hacks who create a fake reality. We are the targets of this manipulation, and this is how totalitarianism works. Also, it has been about 9 months since the October 7 terror attack in Israel, and what has not stopped since is the anti-Semitism and pro-Hamas rallies in our streets and our universities. We are losing our country and our culture because the Islamists are already here thanks to the policies of the Obama and Biden administrations. Later, Mark is joined by National Review columnist and lawyer Andy McCarthy to talk about the Hunter Biden trial and conviction, and the importance of the integrity of our justice system and the consequences of destroying it. Finally, Mark also speaks with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) to discuss the lies coming from the American media about Israel and the IDF, and the potential vice-presidential choices for Donald Trump.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. You know, it is said over and over again. I know we get tired of hearing it and saying it, but the media in this country is so corrupt, so thoroughly and completely. I watched these really quite stupid people that Chuck Todd, the Dana Bash is. The George STEPHANOPOULOS. These aren’t even average people. They’re way below average people in every respect. There are Democrat political hacks dressed up as journalists, and they prove it every day. Martha RADDATZ. What’s the one on? Margaret. Brett. How do you know Margaret Brennan? That’s right. So we have this case today. Hunter Biden’s found guilty in 3 hours. He’s in a favorable state. Favorable city. A jury pick from that community and he’s found guilty in 3 hours. Completely different than a Donald Trump situation and the same corrupt, corrupt Democrat prosecutors who tried to get a sweetheart deal. With Hunter Biden and his lawyer. Abbe Lowell did their best, but a federal judge wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Well, look what happened. And not only that, a Department of Justice and an Internal Revenue Service that besmirched, threatened ruin the careers of two IRS whistleblowers. 51 phonies, former spooks, that is intel agents and federal law enforcement agents signing a letter. The mother of all evidence against the Bidens, the laptop just in time to influence the election. This whole thing was corrupt from beginning to end. And as I’ve said, and I want to congratulate the legal analysts, backbenchers who’ve now picked up on it. Yes, Joe Biden will will pardon his son after the election period. Those of you listen to this program on a regular basis, You know, we’ve been saying this. And so all this took place. And let us not forget some of the toughest aspects of Hunter Biden’s criminality. While they allowed the statute of limitations are on did this prosecutor. Involving FARA, the Foreign Agents Reporting Act. And one of the more important tax aspects, the statute of limitations ran as well. He let them run. Now, since we have the benefit of Alvin Bragg, an acting state judge by night. Mershon. There’s a way to fix that, as I understand it. But that for another day. That for another day, Hunter Biden won’t see a minute in prison. Because, Daniel Parnham, the minute after the election, I’m telling you now. And again, the backbenchers have finally figured it out anyway. So we have to listen to this media. Chuck Todd I thought they got rid of Chuck Todd, Mr. Produce. I thought they sent him to like Alcatraz or something. Oh, just on Meet the Press. Then they keep bringing this weasel and Andrew Weissman, this puke, this punk. This reprobate. Who’s right. So many lives and so many careers. Then they bring in Terry Moran a.k.a Terry Moran, ABC News senior Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott, ABC News. Then they roll in. They roll in the big one Claire McCaskill and mercilessly. And then there’s Biden. While this is all happening speaking, it’s a major gun control operation, Everytown for Gun Safety going on and on about how we need more gun laws. And I want to correct something here. People are confusing the Second Amendment with libertarian ideology. Look, we gun owners have been saying over and over and over again in the face of those who seek to take our weapons away. You’re coming after people who are honest, people who purchase their weapons legally, people who use their weapons legally. You’re trying to punish us for those who violate federal gun laws. You’re not permitted to purchase a weapon if you’re a drug addict. If you’re a drug addict. And so people say, well, that violates the Second Amendment. Well, you want to know the truth. When the Second Amendment was adopted, it didn’t apply to the states. That’s correct. The Bill of Rights only applied to the federal government. Only to the federal government. And later on the court came up with a doctrine, the incorporation doctrine, and included it and some of the other aspects of the Bill of Rights, First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Amendment, and so forth to the states. The court did that except for the 14th Amendment, which took the Fifth Amendment effectively and applied it to the states. We needed a constitutional amendment. So if you’re quote unquote a libertarian and you want to be a purist on this issue, states can do whatever the hell they want. But we’re glad they can, aren’t we? Yes, we are very glad they cannot because they’ll come after those who are law abiding gun owners. That’s what they’ll do. So that’s. That’s the history. That’s the truth. Now, having said that. I’m a gun owner. I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe that that that amendment should be maximized. But I also believe. That if you’re a drug dealer. Or a drug addict. I have no problem. No problem. But the requirement that you can’t purchase a gun. Now, maybe at some point, if you’re a drug addict and you’ve cleaned yourself up, that’s okay. But in 2018, when Hunter Biden walked into that gun shop, he was a drug addict. In fact, they found cocaine on his pistol later. When his brothers. Deceased brother’s wife and his girlfriend he was having an affair with tore it away in a trash can. And when it was found, it had cocaine on. I mean, it was a simple, open and shut case. Simple, open and shut case. But to hear the media go on and on like this is. Some terrible thing that he was charged for. Even more Joe Biden. He acts like every father act. No, he doesn’t. Or they use it as an opportunity to attack Trump. You see, there’s Trump trashing the legal system. But in the meantime, here’s Joe Biden accepting it. What? Joe Biden, if you were a regular person, would be facing. We’d be facing Espionage Act charges. The worst kind. Still can, depending on how the court rules on immunity. He was almost gleeful. When he decided to speak. About the Trump case in New York, the system worked. The system worked. The system was a setup in New York, and the feds, the intelligence agencies, the FBI, the Department of Justice, they all tried to cover for Hunter. All of. It was a judge who put her foot down. A real judge. A federal judge in Wilmington who said, wait a minute, what kind of deal is this? And Hunter Biden, his lawyer, Abbe Lowell, were so arrogant, so cocky, used to skating and everything. That they turned down any possibility of a deal even after that. Now he was convicted. What they did for Hunter Biden would never be done for an American citizen. Let statute of limitations run. Have a sweetheart deal. DeLay. A case for years. Even had a trial in Wilmington, Delaware. With an honest jury. We didn’t see that in Manhattan. We didn’t have an honest jury, quite frankly. Well, don’t blame the jurors. I blame them all. They compare that to what Donald Trump had to deal with while he’s running for president, a former president. There’s no comparison. But here’s Chuck Todd on MSNBC today. They dusted off the little bastard. So despised as even by liberals, that he lost his Meet the depressed host gig. And they handed it to another idiot. Cat three go. So I do think we should step back and and realize that our system is different. There is a a fairness to it where where we really do aspire that nobody is above the law. I think it’s possible that there is a contrast here that that the public may see between how Trump and his partisans handle the rule of law versus how Biden and his partisans handle the rule of law. You see what I mean? You have a Stalinist trial in Manhattan. You have a real trial with a real judge. Finally, in Wilmington, despite the best efforts of the Biden regime to prevent it. And here you have Chuck Todd, a propagandist for the Democrat Party. In the left, Chuck Todd, whose wife, like my second wife, is a Democrat Party activist. Who makes a fortune advising Democrats. Here he is telling us here he is telling us that Trump and his partisans don’t accept the rule of law. But the Bidens do. A moral equivalency. This is why when it comes to Israel and Hamas, a moral equivalency, as a matter of fact, it’s not even anymore. And moral equivalency. Israel. Is the terrorist regime. Hamas is the victim. That’s what we have now. That’s where we are. Go! And I’ll be honest, I personally am just I am you know, this is one of those cases where I don’t think it’s brought. If Biden’s not president, United States. See what I mean? This is. Go ahead. Is if Biden had chosen not to run in 2018. I doubt Hunter Biden’s ever prosecuted for something like this. In some ways, we may look back on this and say he was held more accountable because of who he is, not less accountable. Because you see that America. The guy hasn’t paid his taxes. The guy didn’t follow federal law when it comes to representing foreign entities and foreign governments. The guy clearly illegally, affirmatively. Acquired a weapon. But you had cocaine on it. And Hunter Biden. Is a victim now. You see, nobody would have would have dealt with Hunter Biden, but for the fact he’s a Biden. But for the fact his father chose to run for president. Other than that, Hunter Biden would be in the clear. Ah, they never say that about Donald Trump. And it happens to be true. Donald Trump. They come up with these cockamamie arguments. They invent these fictions. But Hunter Biden. Is it clear cut case you had to. IRS whistleblowers, I don’t think either have voted for Trump. It destroyed their careers. And this is what you get from Chuck Todd and MSNBC today. This is why Chuck Todd is despised even by liberals who would not give him the audience he needed to meet. That the press. Go ahead. Then we have well, we have a break, but I want to get into this further. We’ll be right back.

Segment 2
They keep whistling at this little, this guy, Andrew Weissman on MSNBC. He is a hard little bastard. Wait a sec. I think he was a federal prosecutor all these years. The damage he did to people’s lives. What a sick individual. Here he is on MSNBC about the Hunter trial. Cut, forego. I really think that if you look at this case, that what is the big picture here? It’s not drug addict who possessed a gun for two weeks. Yes. Is that you have a president of the United States who is living embodiment of the rule of law, even with respect to his only living son. Now, that’s how long to say, well, why are you, ladies and gentlemen, seriously? I understand they hate Trump and they hate us. I understand they’re going to vote for Biden, even if Biden, you know, whatever, they’ll vote for him no matter what I’ve said, they’ll vote for a kumquat. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. These people are nuts. They’re ideologues, and they really don’t even fight among each other. You know, we conservatives and Republicans. Yes, we do. We do. They don’t. Or if they do it, it’s very temporary and very surface level. You have to be absolute nut to pretend that Joe Biden, number one, has his wits. Number two isn’t and hasn’t always been a pathological liar. Number three is a racist was before and is now. And number four. The embodiment of the rule of law. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? They did everything they could to protect Hunter until a federal judge stepped in. And in the case of Joe Biden, the only reason he wasn’t prosecuted when he was president. Number two, the prosecutor certified that he’s an imbecile. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
If we had an honest media and I don’t always mean accurate, you know sometimes mistakes are made if we had a media that sought to be impartial. It’s impossible to be purely impartial but sought to be. That would be a fantastic thing. But we don’t. If any of you have read on freedom of the press, you know it. Chapter and verse. When it comes to the Middle East, our media are the American version of Al-Jazeera. When it comes to our own activities here in this country. It is the Russian version of Pravda. It’s the same mindset. They’re not interested in conveying information. They’re interested in conveying their ideology, their viewpoint, their emotions. And they now admit it not on TV and radio per se, but they admit it in their teachings. And so you get these people and these guests that they bring on who are not there to inform and the major networks are controlled by them. NBC, ABC, CBS, all but a couple of cable channels are controlled by then. Virtually every big newspaper, not all, but every big newspaper is controlled by them. And but for conservative talk radio, they would control radio, too. With then NPR government funded, of course, on all we take donations. We know who your National Public Radio. I’ve been quite familiar with you. You actually have some people who who’ve worked at, say, The Daily CALLER or The Blaze, places like that. And they get into this and they kind of are grifters. They’re kind of, you know, they move into that whole industry, that whole ideology. This Kaitlan Collins is a perfect example. Darcy’s another one at CNN, but there’s more than that. If you want to make it, you have to be one of them. I mean, a major news network hires George STEPHANOPOULOS and gives him a prominent role when he was busy trashing women on behalf of Bill Clinton. Seriously? Our Jake TAPPER. Who before he went into quote unquote, journalism, was a hack for handgun controlling for a Democratic congressman of the Democrat Party. I go right down the list. And as a matter of fact, I did in the book. Here’s Terry Moran on ABC News. Terry Moran as a leftist. His brother, Rick. Mitt. Rick Moranis. Pretty good guy. I don’t know him, but he writes very well. But Terry, not so much. Another ABC News guy cut five. Go reminds us that for all of the major implications of the first conviction of the child of a president, this is this trial inside the courtroom, like virtually every criminal trial is a personal story, personal tragedy, a family tragedy, and the guilty verdicts that the jury has handed down on Friday. That’s enough. This guy. This guy pressured enemies to cough up money using his father’s name. He didn’t do a damn thing for them. Tens of millions of dollars. You guys covered up his laptop because his father was involved. And you guys are the Stalinist media. You know, you’re going to tell us this is like every American family. Well, people are addicted in various families, whether it’s alcohol, whether it’s drugs, whatever it is. But they don’t all go out, lie on a federal. Gun form. Get a gun. And. Even his ex-girlfriend, his late brother’s wife, knew enough to take the gun and throw it away. Because of him. What if he shot somebody? What if he shot himself? What if somebody picked up the gun and accidentally hurt themselves? What if it was a kid? Notice they don’t talk about any of that. There’s a reason there is a rule that drug addicts cannot purchase weapons. Go ahead. Not just on his conduct under law, but on his collapse into drug addiction and the consequences of how about all the young women? He paid hundreds and hundreds of thousands for these prostitutes, these young women. We have a sex trafficking problem in this country. It’s immense. Terry Moran doesn’t talk about any of that. They’re trying to not normalize his behavior, but normalize this family that families are confronted with this. Yes, they are. Yes, they are. But it’s funny how in this case. It’s a sad sack. He’s not a sad sack. The guy is 54 years old. 2018 is only six years ago. He’s not 21 or 18 or 17 or 16. And so now they’re trying to paper this over or worse, they’re trying to attack Trump. It’s truly sickening. Here we have Rachel Scott, senior congressional correspondent for ABC News. They’re all in big time. Cut. Six. Go. This verdict certainly flies in the face of everything that the former president has been pushing The former president. What are you talking about? The former president for his case was completely different, the whole situation. You see, ladies and gentlemen, due process violations, equal protection violations, jury instruction violations, notice violations. Conflicts of interest, dead statutes given life. I could go on and on and on, and they compare that. To the Hunter Biden case, where the Biden machine went into full motion. The federal government one in a full motion to try and bury this damn thing. Two statute of limitations did run and they haven’t been revived. They came up with a deal that everybody said, What the hell is this deal? And the judge said, What is this deal? And so cocky, so arrogant, so used to getting whatever he wants. He and his. And his lawyer basically walked out of the courtroom and to the prosecution is sticking. Even after that, their special counsel tried to cut a deal with them. He couldn’t get it done. Two IRS whistleblowers had their careers destroyed. You compare that to the Trump case. Rachel Scott, Senior Congressional Correspondent. ABC News. Terry Moran, ABC News. It’s pretty unbelievable. Chuck Todd, MSNBC, NBC News. Andrew Weissman, Little bastard, MSNBC News. Go ahead. Mind the legal and the justice system when we know President Biden has come out very strongly against that. And it was notable that he told you just days ago that he would respect the outcome of this verdict regardless of what happens. We know that it’s something that the former president has not done after he was. Here you go, the former president. Was wrongly indicted. Prosecuted and convicted. Any serious, serious lawyer. Not these clowns on these other networks. Any serious lawyer knows it. And some actually wrote about it and they don’t like Trump. Nobody nobody is questioning the process that took place in that federal courtroom. Nobody’s questioning the due process and equal protection issues. Nobody nobody’s questioning notice of what law was violated. Nobody. Nobody is questioning the jury instructions. Nobody’s questioning the selection of the jury. Nobody’s questioning any conflicts with the judge. None of it’s under question. Because none of that happened. Because none of that happened. All of it happened in Trump’s case. All to the benefit of Joe Biden. While they’re trying to cripple. His opponent. Pretty amazing. Go ahead. 34 counts of falsifying business records. And why are they bringing that up in the Trump case? You understand what I mean about the median America? The meaning America is a Stalinist. One party media that will. Support whatever the federal government does or any state government does, as long as it’s on behalf of and in pursuit of the Democrat Party and Democrat Party interests. It’s that simple. They want Biden re-elected, even though they know he’s a halfwit. Not even a half. What? He’s a nitwit. They know all this. They don’t care. They like his agenda. And God forbid if the Republicans win. I mean, we might get more justices like Alito who talks about returning America to godliness. Can’t have that guy to shred the declaration, talks about God do. God bless America. I guess we could never sing that again. That’s right. God’s gone. Our history has gone. What’s left? The Democrat Party. That’s what’s left. Go ahead. In Manhattan. We know he has tried to undress. Shut up, you idiot. You’re not a reporter. You’re propagandist. And I really believe that’s why a significant number of Americans don’t really know what the hell’s going on. Because of reporters like Rachel Scott, Terry Moran. Because of propagandists like Reisman. Chuck Todd. And that’s just a few. That’s just a few. It’s like our universities. Tenure. These professors, the deans, come out of this. These groups are professors and they and they hire people from their same schools, same ideology, people they even know. It’s incestuous, ideologically incestuous. Same thing in the media. These people become editors. They become producers, they become directors, they become senior management, and they only hire the people they like. Tell me, is there a single conservative House conservative host on MSNBC? No, not one. Not one. Is there a single conservative host on CNN? Not one. Not one. But what about Fox? You know what’s funny? They point to Fox. I can point to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC. NBC, New York Times, Washington Post. And they point to FOX. They point to one little itty bitty cable channel that on a good night, has three and a half, 4 million viewers. Compared to tens of millions combined. But Fox is too much. It’s too much for them to handle. But this is sickening. Absolutely sickening. And this is what we’re getting every day. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
See the media, the Democrat Party, they create this unreality, whether it’s Joe Biden, oh, he’s the smartest guy. I mean, he’s really good. He’s really sharp in meetings or the Trump situation is identical to the Hunter Biden situation. The laptop isn’t real. We are the targets of this. This manipulation and this is how totalitarianism works. We are the target of this manipulation. And some of us are strong enough or informed enough. To resist it. Others fall for it. They fall for it. The borders wide open. They’re importing people in this country. Who will have an alliance. With the party and the politicians who brought them into the country, literally bringing them in by plane. And I’m much more easily manipulated because many don’t speak the language and the Constitution doesn’t matter. It’s irrelevant. What’s a constitution? Let alone a complicated constitution. Our constitution is not simple. It’s complicated. Now, what do we care about American history, right? That’s what’s happening. The manipulation of the thought process, the manipulation of what word you can use, the manipulation of the social structure in our country. The manipulation of events. This is totalitarianism. That’s how they work. That’s how they think. And so you get it every day. So all of a sudden, the Hunter Biden case is about a wonderful family, the Biden family. It’s about an everyday family and it’s about an honorable president who, unlike Trump, believes in the the legal system. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? It’s like they’ve turned the whole war in the Middle East on its head. Israel’s the perpetrator, Israel’s genocidal Israel. Well, Israel needs to be stopped. Eviscerated, in fact. At Hamas for waiting for Hamas’s answer. You know, on a peace proposal. Hamas is a monstrous terrorist organization. This is the problem when you have a media that is not a media filled with demagogues and propagandists. Small minded, low I.Q. individuals. That’s what George STEPHANOPOULOS is. That’s what Chuck Todd is. That’s what Jake TAPPER is. And the list goes on and on and on and on. It’s virtually a monopoly ideology there. And it’s not just there. You can swap out anyone at CNN and MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post. You can swap one out with the other. It won’t matter. They’re the same. There’s no real competition. Other than that, how to screw America faster and a different way. Look at the the hoops, the barriers. That has to be overcome to have a fair election to elect a Republican president. Now, look at it. Not just Trump any Republican president. Look at it. And then, God willing, if he’s elected president, look how difficult it’s going to be for him to get anything done because the media will try and sabotage him. Two and a half million bureaucrats, 90% of whom are not with us, they’ll try and sabotage him. District attorneys and attorneys general in the States will try and sabotage him. He’ll have his own disgruntled employees will try and sabotage him. And of course, Congress and the courts. It’s a massive undertaking. Massive. I’ll be right back.