June 10th, 2024

June 10th, 2024

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden and his surrogates in the media just keep lying about what is happening on our border and the fanfare about his executive order which changes nothing. This is our country, and it does not belong to a political party or a politician, and Biden is singlehandedly making decisions that are destroying America. We do not have the resources for this endless unvetted immigration and we will not recognize our country by the time Biden is finished. Also, the IDF are fighting to get their people back from Hamas, but the American Al Jazeera media portrays them as if they were the ones kidnapping and raping people. Every major liberal news network has been reporting the Hamas death statistics, which is fueling anti-Semitism in America and around the world. Meanwhile, Biden continues to send Antony Blinken and Jake Sullivan to Israel to plot against their government and Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu has been treated like a pariah by the Obama and Biden regimes, smeared by self-serving Republican operatives seeking to make a fortune off Arab governments, and a media filled with antisemites and Democrat Party lapdogs hostile to Israel. Finally, Mark is joined by Congressman Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) to discuss Nancy Pelosi’s role in the lack of National Guard presence on January 6th and the recreation of information that was destroyed by the Jan 6 select committee.

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Border Patrol memo instructs agents to release migrants from over 100 countries into the US

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Unaired Video Shows Nancy Pelosi Admitting Responsibility for Not Having National Guard at Capitol

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811 man or Manischewitz. We’re loaded for bear. A.K.A. liberals. Lots, lots, lots of important things to discuss. But as I was finishing my prep for the program, a story broke about an hour and a half or two ago. And I hope everybody’s listening to this and I hope you will whisper down the line because this is very, very important. One of the things about Biden, his surrogates in the administration, in the media, they just keep lying about everything. They just keep lying. If I had to sum up who they are, even their campaign, it is attack and lie. Attack and lie. All this fanfare about this executive order he signed. Bill allusions on the borders says nothing has changed. The numbers demonstrate that nothing has changed. Nothing. The rest of the media have gone silent. They were silent at the beginning of this boondoggle down there. But the American people, I hope, understand that all this man does as he lies. So this story is in the New York Post by Jenni Taylor. Border Patrol Memo instructs agents to release migrants from over 100 countries into the United States. Border Patrol agents in California have been told to release migrants from over 100 countries into the United States, despite the Biden administration’s new border crackdown, quote unquote. According to a leaked memo obtained by The New York Post. Now let’s just stop with the first paragraph, which is one sentence. Since when is it okay to lie to the American people this way? Since when is it okay to just lie about everything over and over and over again? Then the raise hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign money to run commercials lying about you, lying about your opponent, and of course, knowing full damn well that the media is going to back you up no matter what. Migrants from all but six countries in what Border Patrol calls the Eastern Hemisphere, made up of Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe, who cross illegally into the San Diego border sector, will be released into the United States, according to the memo first reported in the Washington Examiner. We want to salute credit. The Washington Examiner, Only adult migrants from Georgia, Moldavia. Questions on Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will be immediately sent for removal from the US, per the memo. Others will be released with a future court date but won’t be able to pursue asylum, according to Fox News. So what? You know what that means. They’re gone forever. They disappear. Customs and Border Patrol. CBP also confirmed to FOX the order only applies to the San Diego sector, which is currently the busiest area for illegal crossings in the United States and has seen the majority of people arriving from countries outside of the United States. Border Patrol data reviewed by the Post showed there were more than 10,000 migrants recorded crossing the southern border over the week and show migrants are under undeterred by Biden’s new restrictions. It’s amazing. Amazing how this man gets away with this. Biden’s new border rules went into effect last Wednesday. And me. New asylum applications will not be processed until there are less than 1500 encounters with illegal border crossers. For seven consecutive days, the The Post recently obtained leaked Border Patrol documents telling agents that even with the new orders in place, adults and families are very hard to remove, such as countries which do not permit charter repatriation, flights may be considered for processing of expedited removal are placed in a section to photo removal proceedings. These would include migrants from China. They put them into proceedings, but they released them into the country. China, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, What patrol agents have said many learn routes or pay for passage from their home country, organised by smugglers and advertised on social media. Those allowed over the border will be released into the United States for their future court date. Migrants who are also found to have credible fear, quote unquote, of returning to their home countries, including those who can easily be deported to Mexico or other countries the US has a return agreement with can also be released given a future court date. But they won’t be allowed to apply for asylum. Who cares? They’re here illegally. They’re not going to go. Bill Allusion, reporting from the border. Who is reporting from the border for CNN. Do you know Mr. BLITZER? MSNBC, New York Times. Washington Post, Nbcblk. But nobody, Nobody. Nobody. Bill illusion. 3 hours ago, mass release, as we witnessed just days ago after the Biden order was in effect. Once again, we witnessed Border Patrol mass release hundreds of migrants from around the world who crossed illegally, dropped off at a trolley station in San Diego. When you hear DHS say removal proceedings, that often means released with a future court date. Which means I think I read some time ago 93% of the people who are released with a future court date never show up. And everybody knows it. Especially the Biden regime. It also does not apply to unaccompanied children, victims of severe form of trafficking, those who face an acute medical emergency or an imminent and extreme threat to life and safety. If you have an acute medical emergency and you come into our country, that means you and I pay the bill. A friend of mine, a cardiologist, friend of mine told me several years ago. That she had a patient who was here illegally who was in the hospital for five months with a heart condition. Five months. You and I ate that. We did. You wonder why your medical costs are going up. We have people on the dole in our own country, people in the dole in foreign countries. These hospitals just can’t afford it. And so they have to pass the price along to Medicare, Medicaid, and you and me. And this is what’s destroying our medical system, our health care system. It’s also destroying our public school system. Of course, the unions are doing that. But you know what I mean? And law enforcement can’t keep up with all this. It’s just overwhelming. And Biden’s doing it, and now he’s lying to us over and over and over again. The executive order does nothing. When the heart is ripped out with a memo to the busiest sector in our country, Southern California. And trust me, it’s happening everywhere, up and down the line. It’s bad enough. It’s horrible that these policies have been destroyed. That is our immigration laws. And Biden open border policy instead has been. Put in their place. But to keep lying to us about this over and over again, about what he’s doing and the media regurgitating it. So the so-called low information voters, they actually believe something’s being done when nothing is being done is being done to them. These are lies, pure and simple. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Welcome back, America. So nothing has changed on the border. They’re still flying illegal aliens in here. As a matter of fact, they issue memos behind our backs. Some patriot made it available to The Washington Examiner and then New York Post and others picked up on it that they they tell us one thing publicly despite and then behind our backs, they do another thing. You know, this is our country, America. It doesn’t belong to a political party. It doesn’t belong to a politician. These decisions are being made and they are destroying our country. They’re almost impossible to reverse. President Trump talks about deporting these people. How much you want to bet they they go into court, they try and block it. Then you got to rely on the Supreme Court and hope they do the right thing. So it’s not so easy. It’s much easier to break the law than it is to reverse course and then uphold it. And this is affecting every community in this country. These people do not belong in our country. They’re supposed to come through the front door. That’s why we have laws. And you’re right to be pissed off about it. You’re right to be disgusted about what’s happening in your communities. This government is bringing people into this country who are from other countries. They’re allowing people to come into this country from other countries. They haven’t vetted them. Don’t know a damn thing about them. We know Americans have been raped and beaten, burglarized, have had their car stolen, murdered. By illegal aliens. Not all of the mark. That has nothing to do with. What do you mean, not all of them? The fact is that people, American citizens who have been brutalized by whatever percentage it is, would not have been otherwise. And if it was a member of your family had been affected this way? You know, people would think differently. But our cops are overwhelmed. Our communities are overwhelmed. We don’t have the resources for this. Schools, hospitals. Our playgrounds, our community centers. I mean, it’s ridiculous. Where does it end? Now I want you to think about this. If Joe Biden wins a second term, do you think he’s going to give a damn about even doing the fan dance? He’ll do whatever the hell he wants. Who’s going to stop him? That’s that’s where we are in this country today. Who’s going to stop them? We’ve talked about this before. He’s got a whole slew of executive orders ready to go after the election, win, lose or draw. You’re not going to recognize your country anymore. Its economic system. The constitutional system. The immigration system, the legal set, you’re not going to recognize your country anymore by the time this this policy is done. Look at his family. It’s an absolute mess. It’s not normal. He’s not normal. He’s never been normal. Look at the things he says about our country, about you. About our history, about our founders, about the people who wrote the Constitution. Listen to the things he says. But let’s look at this from the Washington Free Beacon, a good man, Adam credo. You may not know this, but over the weekend. American hating, Jew hating. Islamists. Hitler Youth. We’re in Washington, D.C., protesting at the White House. They were vandalizing. They were violent. They were talking about killing the Jews, killing other Zionists. Now was one of their rants that the Israel trashing America. And they did grave damage. No arrests were made on Saturday when pro-Hamas protesters surrounded the White House, scuffled with police and would ask the federal judges in Washington, DC. You are a pathetic group of lawyers in black robes. You disgust me. You throw the book at these January six, as many of whom didn’t do anything violent whatsoever, even though the prosecutors said they did. But very, very few of them did. Most of them did not. Certainly not 1000 of them. And you watch this. These people are attacking the cops. The cops back off. They’re vandalizing property. And. They called for the murdering of Jews. The Secret Service in Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department Confirmed. Confirm what? That they did all this damage. Thousands of protesters from across the country descended upon. This is all being organized by. Hamas front groups by the Muslim Brotherhood, front groups, by Students for Justice of Palestine, all funded by Democrat donors, all funded by South haters, all funded by people who want to destroy the country. Marx as an Islamist fusion together. Here they are. They haven’t stopped. They were trying to pressure Biden into forcing a cease fire in Israel following its weekend military operation in the Gaza that freed four hostages. And that’s what Biden did. He went to the National Security Council and got a vote. And, of course, they keep calling it Israel’s plan. Israel’s it’s not Israel’s plan. Slogans such as Israel, go to hell, Hamas is justified. Death to America spelled a m. E. R. I KKK. Were gifts graffitied on city property. Protesters blocked traffic as they held signs reading f Israel stand with Hamas. Other chants included kill another Zionist now that the Israel. Mr.. But do you remember that guy who who washed off or something or another Black lives Matter chalk or paint on the sidewalk. And they prosecuted that guy. Remember that? Look at this. Many of the protesters wore masks and key fees. To cover their faces in apparent violation of D.C. law that prohibits demonstrations while wearing any mask or device whereby any portion of the face is hidden, concealed, are covered as to conceal the identity of aware. You ready for this? No arrests were made during the day, even as protesters vandalized property clashed with police. Got that judge’s. The U.S. Secret Service made no arrests associated with the demonstration that took place near the White House complex on June eight. An agency spokesman told the Free Beacon, The D.C. police spokesman confirm it made no protests related arrests yesterday. U.S. Parks Service spokesman said the agency didn’t make arrests. They were all told to stand down. Now, one person was arrested. Now one person who assaulted a police officer. Now, one person who destroyed a monument. Not one person out of the thousands was arrested. Not one. Got that? I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Do you believe, ladies and gentlemen, that the Constitution confers so much power on the federal government that it can regulate our stoves, water heaters, automobiles? Where did this power come from? And do it without statutory authority. It could just be done in the bureaucracy by people who aren’t elected, whose names you don’t know. Not that it would matter, but who do not have resumes demonstrating that they’re entrepreneurs, inventors, developers, or of any kind. They’re just ideologues sitting at a desk. And they decide what goes and what doesn’t go. Is that tyranny? You’re an adult. It’s your money. Shouldn’t be able to make these choices on your own. What kind of automobile you want? What kind of washing machine? Ceiling fan. AC unit. I’ve got three articles in front of me, one from The Daily CALLER, one from the Daily Mail, one from just the news. Their first one is the Biden administration is working overtime to phase out all your gas appliances. They want everything on electric. Now, here’s a problem. We don’t have an electrical grid that can handle this. They don’t care. They just figure that you’ll suffer for a period of time, maybe suffer badly, and so be it. It’s like now inflation is through the roof. People can’t afford groceries. They can’t afford automobiles. They can’t afford anything. It’s frightening month to month for a lot of people in this country. And then the value of the dollar is going down. Do Biden and his party seem very concerned about it? No. But what they keep trying to do is lie about it. But do they seem really fundamentally concerned about it? Not at all. Not at all. They waste trillions of dollars on so-called climate change. They’re lining their. Nonprofit pockets with profits they’ve never seen before from you and me. Funding activists, funding professorships, funding, funding, funding all the enemies out there. But here’s an example. Let’s take a look at this from The Daily CALLER. Forget stoves. The Biden administration is working overtime to phase out all your gas appliances. Nick Pope, the Biden administration contends it’s not targeting gas stoves and other domestic conveniences afforded by fossil fuels, but it is, quote, building electrification, unquote, agenda is poised to effectively do just that. The notion that the federal government would like to ban gas stoves is a myth and misinformation. According to the Department of Energy, which uploaded the blog post on May 20, 23, after Consumer Product Safety Commission Commissioner Richard Trumka, Jr. Suggested a gas stove band is on the table. However, the administration is also working to advance its building electrification, quote unquote agenda that would bring about similar outcomes under a different name. The whole building. Electrification effort is part of the centralized control impulse and people gravitate to government. This is centralized industrial policy that you have in communist and fascist regimes who gravitate to government, who stand to cash in on the latest fad, irrespective of its cost or impacts on regular Americans. It’s also part of the electrification everything agenda. Planners are masterminds, said Dan Kish, a senior research fellow at the Institute for Energy Research. The U.S. established a constitutional republic to limit government control, and yet control freaks want to tell us how to live by expanding government reach. The Energy Department released a report in April describing all the ways we’d like to decarbonise. See, it’s a new word. America’s building stock in the coming decades by purchasing electric vehicles, electric appliances and substantial changes to how the utility industry operates. Biden administration has also banned the use of natural gas in new federal buildings, starting at 2030, and spent considerable sums of money to help state municipal governments craft their own ambitious green building codes. The extent of this cancer is really not even known to you and me. It’s not even known to us. The feds are outlining yet another set of rules for decarbonization, this time focused on zero emissions building, said Steve Everly, a senior managing director for FTI Consulting. But remember, there is no federal effort to ban or restrict natural gas use. So stop the culture war or something. Basically they’re saying we’re not banning gastos, we’re just pushing broad housing efficiency and building code standards for health and safety that make it nearly impossible for normal consumers or businesses to access products they may want. But we’re not banning anything as their claim. I think a good example that applies to the spirit of the green building agenda is the fuel efficiency standards for vehicles. Bureaucrats say we’re not trying to ban gas powered cars, but we’re going to impose efficiency standards that can only be met. The vast majority of cars are sold, sold our electric cars. So in theory, you can still get one get a gas powered car, but they’re making it so that that access is not going to be actually possible for most people. The administration has also issued a bevy of regulations targeting household appliances, including furnaces, water heaters, dishwashers, portable gas powered generators, pool pump motors and more. In many cases, these standards are designed to push more energy efficient, often electric or more expensive appliances on consumers over time. This is the slow but steady and rapidly increasing. Iron fist of the police state. You’re going to go into Home Depot or to Lowe’s or one of these places. You’re not going to be able to get what you want. It’s like going into car dealerships. They’re loaded up with electric vehicles. Nobody wants them. So they’re short on gas powered vehicles. The Biden administration doesn’t think its policies are being challenged or unpopular, but the reality is pretty clearly the opposite. Gabriel Hoffman, the director of the Center for Energy and Conservation at the Independent Women’s Forum. Attacking your constituents is not really a recipe for success in terms of winning over people to support your policies. And that’s why people are not supporting this administration’s regulations and electrification push. That’s why people don’t want to be dictated choices, especially personal decisions. You know, you can have all kinds of choices as long as it relates to abortion. Otherwise, no choices. Folks. They’ve built seven electric vehicle power stops. With over one $1 billion. They’ve built seven. They don’t know how to build anything. This is all top down. The moron talks about bottom up, middle out. This is iron fist, top down. This is Marxism slash socialism. That is exactly what it is. You don’t get choices. And you’re going to start having incredible shortages now and brownouts and blackouts. The price of all these appliances are going to go through the roof. He’ll blame corporations. He’ll blame Trump. I’ll blame you, but he won’t blame himself. I want you to look at Joe Biden. He truly is an imbecile. I guarantee you he can’t crack without help. And yet this man thinks he can design the whole country based on an ideology. Because that’s what we’re talking about here. This is building an economy based on an ideology that’s Marxism, and it fails every damn time. So we’re going to have shortages. We’re going to have unemployment. We’re going to have stagflation. People are going to get poor. Poor. The economy is not going to grow over time. I mean, they’re just starting now. They’re just starting now. It’s really just it’s incredible to me what the Democrat Party has become. It’s always hated America. But it’s out of the closet now. No, it’s still doing sleazy things behind the scenes, you know, regulations. The average America doesn’t know what a regulation is, a straight line, a tracking him. They’re just trying to make a living. But all this stuff is going on. This massive bureaucracy that has been built to advance the cause of the Democrat Party and the radical left. The consequences are just unbelievable. But they’re taking place. Now we have. The Daily Mail. Biden unveils latest attempt to kill off gas cars in bid to force all Americans to switch to electric vehicles by 2032. Eight years. New cars will have to average 65 miles a gallon within eight years, up 33%. It’s an impossibility. Comes after Chargepoint rollout was. Slammed as pathetic. Joe Biden has done another blow, a body blow to America’s gas car manufacturers after a stuttering rollout of EV charging points was slammed as pathetic. The Transportation Department told automakers they have eight years to squeeze another 16 miles per gallon out of their cars if they want to stay in business. While the fuel efficiency of their trucks will have to double. Friday’s edict came just weeks after the EPA slashed the limits on tailpipe emissions as part of the White House pledge to ensure that more than half of all new vehicles sold are electric by 2032. But the administration admitted last week that just seven EV charging stations have been built. Said say $5 billion program was signed off in 2021. That’s just pathetic, said Marks, a senator from Oregon. Jeff Merkley. Pathetic. Something is terribly wrong and it needs to be fixed. It’s called government industrial policy, you idiot. Now the latest rules impose average miles per gallon limits across manufacturers, entire products lines so that they make more electric vehicles. They’ll find it easier to meet the targets. Their passenger cars will have an average 65 miles per gallon by 2031, up from 48.7 miles today. Let me tell you what happens if they can even pull it off. Cars used to be made. A lot of them had a lot of steel. So the body of the car was actually quite safe. And now they add more plastics, more aluminum, more rubber. They have that lighten the weight of the vehicle. It’s the only way. And so when you’re in accidents, you’re more likely to be a casualty. And we’ve had more deaths on the road since these these policies have been in place, really since the seventies. Than ever before. And that’s even accounting for population increase because the cars aren’t as safe. They have airbags. You know, you have seatbelts, they got dings and things and all the rest. When you’re going into. But when push comes to shove, when there’s an accident. You need weight. It’s the law of physics. You need weight in the vehicle, particularly the cage of the car, and you’re not getting it and you’re not going to have it. So it’s it’s first of all, it’s almost impossible to build it to the standards they want. But even if they do, it’s going to cost many more lives and they don’t even think about it. Pickup trucks and sport utilities will have to average 45 miles a gallon rather than 35. But heavy duty pickup trucks and large vans will have to nearly double their fuel efficiency from 18.8 to 35 miles per gallon. You talk about shortages, the supply chain. There it is. 25 red states now blue, have filed a lawsuit challenging the new tailpipe rules they fear will destroy jobs. The Biden administration is willing to sacrifice the American auto industry and its workers in service to its radical agenda, said Kentucky Attorney General Russ Coleman. We just aren’t buying it. Demand for EVs continue to fall, and even those who want to buy one can’t afford it amid historic inflation. This is such a disaster. Electric vehicles. Account for 7.6% of new car sales. The average model fell in price by 9% last year, but still costs a median of over 55,000. Biden’s $1 trillion inflation reduction act how that go. Introduced target 500,000 charging points across the US by 2030. What do you make of that? And who wants to drive these damn things anyway? Some of you might, but that’s your problem. You can’t go long distances. That’s how we drive. We have to get to places. There aren’t enough charging stations. And even if there are, there are going to be lines and lines and lines. And you’re going to have to wait. Rather than just filling up your car. And this is all built on a horrendous, monumental, ideologically based, degrowth movement. It started in the 1970s in Europe. And has been embraced by the radical Democrats in this country, the Marxists. And you all we all are going to pay a price for this. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
All right. Thought it was important to get into this. So you know what’s happening. We talk about big issues and they are very important. We talk about constitutional issues. We talk about international issues. All very important. But you also need to understand and pass the word to as many people as you know. You’re the Paul Revere’s, you’re the Thomas Paine’s. We have to rely on you and your ability to communicate with 510 people. You need to understand how your life is going to change. It already has, but how it’s really going to change. If we get four more years of this, it’s going to be a disaster. And each other with three articles on this heading different areas. Listen to this. In April, the Biden administration finalized efficiency standards for residential water heaters as part of a broader climate goal of electrifying the American household. The Department of Energy estimates that under the new rules, 50% of newly manufactured electric storage water heaters will utilize heat pump technology to be in compliance. The standards go into effect in five years. The Biden administration claims its standards will save households 7.6 billion a year. And contractors who install heat pump water heaters told just the news that these appliances do save money and operate with efficiency gains. But while they praise the technology, they seem seeing considerable problems with the units they’ve installed in the past few years. Early adopters of electric vehicles were big fans of the technology. But the Biden administration rolled out mandates that aimed to get 66% of all cars, all cars on the road to be electric. The vehicle’s high purchase price, limited range, long charging times, limited charging stations had left nearly half the country shying away. While they’re set to address those issues. But with the problems contractors have had with these boilers, the administration’s appliance efficiency standards could become another mandate and impose technology upon consumers before those technologies are ready for widespread adoption. I help clients make their homes more comfortable and a healthier gentleman said. He said the average American household will use 5000 kilowatt hours per year for a common residence. It’s pretty much a remarkable piece of technology. However, with the units he’s installed in the past couple of years, he’s seen many, many problems. He’s seen leaking refrigerants, expensive repairs. I’ll be back.