June 4th, 2024

June 4th, 2024

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the idea that Congress needed to pass a bipartisan border law to revive the existing law is a lie, and President Biden is a detestable low life and a dangerous man who uses the open border for power and profit. We were told over and over by Biden and people like Alejandro Mayorkas and Karine Jean-Pierre that our southern border was secure, which have all been lies. Biden is the arsonist who burned down our secure border created under Donald Trump, and now he is acting as the savior for finally enforcing our border laws. This election is about our Republic, our Constitution, our values, and our culture under attack by Biden and the Democrat party. Also, the Democrat media continues to report the Hamas statistics and blame Israel for the deaths of Palestinians, and the Biden administration is encouraging it. Biden is an anti-Semite and does not like that Israel is standing up and fighting for its survival, and while he says he supports Israel he is working against them. The liberal media have taken the First Amendment to empower them to push their Marxist ideology and Jew hatred. Later, Mark speaks with Fox News host and author Pete Hegseth about his experience being targeted politically and having military orders revoked, as well as his new book The War on Warriors: Behind the Betrayal of the Men Who Keep Us Free.


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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1

Since when do you need to pass a statue to America? To enforce statutes. That make any sense? My laws are passed, you comply with the law. You don’t need to pass a law that tells you to comply with the law. What am I talking about? We have immigration laws that have been built up over. Decades. Many, many, many decades. Laws that had been debated. Amended. Eliminated. New laws. Debated. Amended. We call them the law of the land. Congress passed them. Past presidents signed them to the law. Under the Constitution, that take care clause, a president is required to comply with the law. Joe Biden comes in office. He doesn’t issue 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 executive orders. He issues over 90 that affect directly and indirectly our law when it comes to immigration. And the purpose of the executive orders. Are to eviscerate federal immigration law. To reinterpret them in a way as to make them nonsensical and inapplicable. That is a constitutional violation. Nonetheless, putting such a big issue aside. The idea that Congress needed to pass a law. A bipartisan law with about two or three Republicans supporting it. A bipartisan law with two or three Republicans supporting it. In order to. I guess, breathed life back into the already existing law. Is a damnable lie. Joe Biden. Is a lowlife. He is detestable. He is a dangerous man. He always has been. He’s unfit for any public office. He seeks power for power sake and for profit. Is reprobate, son. Who paid for sex. Prostitutes. Prostitutes. In many cases, they’re sold into slavery. Was a drug addict who, a legally purchased a gun. Is there anything this guy didn’t do? He’s a chip off the old block. That’s what he is. And who can forget his daughters? Diary. Which it is not denying. Where Daddy Joe would take showers with his daughter. I have a daughter. I never took showers with my daughter. How sick is this guy? And we have allegations of him. Rubbing the shoulders and the necks of little girls and women and smelling their hair. This is a sick pervert. And Tara Reid escaped the United States. She had to leave the United States to go to Russia, for God’s sakes. To get away. To get away. She accused Joe Biden when she was like 28 years old, a very attractive staffer. I’m molesting her, a.k.a. raping her. In a hallway on Capitol Hill. Nobody believed her. The whole the me tour’s silent just this are silent about all the brutal, brutal rapes that took place in Israel. It’s a phony movement. It’s a phony movement. Now Joe Biden. Went to the microphone today with all kinds of cool signs. As he desperately seeks to hang on. The president. Secure the border. I think the signs. Joe Biden secure the border. I thought the border was secure. We were told it was secure. Hey, Joey. In his spokes city, it’s in his surrogates. By the visitor yet. By Karine Jean-Pierre here. By Mayorkas, the impeached. anti-American. Secretary of DHS. I know they said it. Over and over and over again. Hat tip NewsBusters. Cut one. Go. The border is closed. The border is secure. The border is secure. The border is close to the border is secure, and the border is not open. We have a secure border. I can tell you the border is secure. By what measure is it secure now, sir? So there is not a common definition. The president has a more to secure the border and to deal with this issue of immigration than anybody else. He really has. We’re certainly doing a lot more to secure the border. As you know, the president has done everything that he can. He’s done that alone without the help of Republicans. Why aren’t you guys stopping the flow at the border? We are stopping the flow at the border. Secretary, my work is do you continue to maintain that the border is secure? Yes. And we are working day in and day out to enhance its security. The removal of Title 42 does not mean the border is open, The border is secure. But we also have a broken immigration system. We have done a lot of work here to fix this system. I think the message is, in fact, not to come to the border. I don’t think the more than 1.5 million people who have been removed or expelled from the border would consider the border open. Somebody walks into Texas or Arizona unvaccinated, they’re allowed to stay. But that’s not how it works. Like we actually know. I know that that’s not what you guys want to happen, but that is what what has happened. But that’s not it’s not like somebody walks over and that’s not that’s not how we what’s happening. Mm hmm. Wow. Don’t you get sick of this regime lying to you about everything and anything? Don’t you get sick of this? And they’re always pointing the finger somewhere else. They have complete control over the government through executive orders, through regulations, through Fiats. Because our system has broken down. Impeachment doesn’t work. The courts, for the most part, had exclusively for the most part around now by the Democrats. The media are owned lock, stock and barrel by the Democrats, so all the checks and balances have been breached. So Joe Biden, I’m looking at the headlines now, puts in strict border security enforcement measures. Joe Biden is the arsonist. He burns down everything. He burned down the secure border. And the wall and the existing immigration laws. Those immigration laws, by the way, America, they haven’t been repealed. Congress didn’t repeal them. Congress didn’t replace them. They’re still there. All he had to do is sign an executive order repealing all of his executive orders. And then the law would be enforced. But he won’t enforce the law. He’s more than happy to blithely violate the Constitution, the United States. If we had real reporters, they would report exactly what I’m saying. But we don’t have real reporters. We have a conga line of freaks, frauds and phonies. Now here we have Breitbart. Neil Munro, President Biden’s much touted pre-election border shut down, quote unquote, preserves multiple loopholes that allow unlimited mass economic migration into America’s workplaces and housing. This means his border shutdown policy accepts the inflow of 75,000 illegal migrants per month. 900,000 per year. That planned inflow of illegals adds up to roughly one illegal immigrant for every four American births. It is in addition to the inflow of roughly 1 million legal immigrants and 750,000 temporary workers allowed by Congress’s 1990 law. Yet. The Biden plan also exempts a huge number of extra migrants who enter via his border loopholes. Those exceptions are already delivering at least 85,000 migrants across the border every month, or 1 million a year without approval from Congress. This means Biden’s border shutdown policy will actually allow the inflow of roughly 3.5 million legal, illegal, temporary, quasi legal migrants every single year. Now, think about that if he’s re-elected. Think about that. Almost. Let’s see, three times almost 15 million. This nation changing, wealth shifting economic policy is very unpopular, even though it is strongly supported by investors, CEOs and the Wall Street Journal editorial page. Former President Donald Trump’s campaign recognizes the pocketbook damage of migration bind to popular policy is, quote, flooding America’s labor pool of millions of low wage illegal migrants or directly attacking the wages and opportunities of hardworking Americans, said a may statement from the Trump campaign. White House officials. Briefed favored reporters about the new policy, Politico reported on January 14, shortly before the Biden speech. In the past. So they have all these loopholes built in. But the press doesn’t care because it’s made up of George STEPHANOPOULOS Democrat. Jake TAPPER Democrat. Andrea Mitchell Fraud. Over at the right scoop, they write. Joe Biden has issued new executive orders for the southern border that are designed to, quote unquote, shut down the border when their numbers exceed an average of 2500 for seven days. But here’s more from the Blaze. Blaze has a wonderful news operation. The Biden administration issued a set of executive actions that would temporarily suspend entry for non-citizens if the southern border sees a certain number of illegal crossers in a seven day period. If the average number of border encounters exceeds 2500 in a seven day period, entry to non-citizens would be suspended until 14 days after a seven day average of 1500 border encounters. Conor Duffy Fox In the 24 hours before the White House declaration, the border saw 5200 encounters and it’s averaged 5000 per day for a week. Can you imagine this, Mr. Producer? That’s 150,000 or more every damn month. Every month. Per U.S. Customs and Border Protection data. The 30 day average from April 2024 was actually 5900 encounters per day. Under Biden’s new rules at the border saw 2499 daily encounters right below the threshold without any suspensions that would total over 912,000 encounters in a year. That number was significantly lower than any figure achieved by the Biden administration, while still be higher than any year under President Trump. So now you see. We’ve dumbed down what a secure border means. A secure border means massive illegal immigration. We’ve dumbed down what a tolerable number is. A million a year. But it’s worse. Fox news reporter, an expert on the border Bill Illusion explains why these executive orders won’t actually shut down the border. Here’s what he tweeted In no way combines executive order to be described as shutting down the border, bans asylum to some illegal crossers, with some exceptions. It does not stop or slow up to 1500 migrants per day released into the US via CBP one app at ports of entry and does not stop or slow up to 30,000 migrants per month flying directly into the US. They’re flying illegal immigrants into the United States and being released into the country via Biden’s mass parole program for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans. It doesn’t even apply to the affirmative steps Biden is taking to bring illegal immigrants here. And next, of course, peaceful Palestinians from Gaza to join the other peaceful Palestinians in our streets attacking Jews and other Americans. Unaccompanied children, minors are exempt from the order. Got that? Which will lead to concerns about child trafficking and migrants can still fear in an attempt to avoid deportation. Also, asylum has already been banned for most migrants who crossed illegally since the end of Title 42 last year. That hasn’t stopped them from coming. Highest numbers in recorded history. End of 2023. But there has been no explanation as to how the administration will be able to begin the mass removals of migrants coming from another hemisphere where governments that don’t cooperate with the U.S. and we have no place to hold them in order to deport them. This is all a sham. It’s a Potemkin immigration policy. The media will tout it with their headlines because they want Biden to win. Biden is a sleazeball. His family is scum. That’s right. I said it and I mean it. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2

You know, I’m not going to play by his propaganda, which goes on and on. And he’s moving past the GOP obstruction using executive authority on the border. Nobody has stopped this clown from enforcing existing law. It’s nothing to do with the GOP. The GOP wants to secure the border. They had a bill in the Senate, H.R. two. Schumer blocked it. We can go on and on. He says the ban will remain to a number that our system can manage. That’s a lie. If you’re not willing to spend money to secure the border, you’re not serious. But they were willing to spend money to secure the border. Biden wanted money to administer the chaos on the border. And I want to tell the Republicans something. We you get your damn act together. You need to accuse Biden of what’s taking place. Massive sex slavery, massive child pornography, massive rape, massive other crimes, and the fending. They’re all on Biden. You need to repeat it. You need to have your four or five points and just keep saying it and explain it. I’ll be back.

Segment 3

I’m never going to take my eye off the ball. And that is the importance of this presidential election, America, because this election is about our republic, our Constitution. Our basic principles and values and traditions, all of which are under attack by Biden and his mobsters. Whether they wear black robes or white robes, Biden and his mobsters. And so now we all sit around and we wait until four days before the Republican convention to see if some acting state judge will put Donald Trump in prison. He’s being lobbied. He’s being lobbied by the low IQ miscreants and malcontents. They take up the airtime on me, LSD and the Constipated News Network. As well as those who write for the bankrupting are basically broke Washington compost and the Hitler Stalin Castro supporting New York Slimes. So of course, they’re all in on this. So. In addition to appealing through the state court process, which will not provide the American people with relief in time which will not protect our republic in time. That was the plan, and they’ve succeeded, so forth. There are basically two paths to the steps of the Supreme Court. There are others that are being debated and places like Reason magazine and so forth. But there’s basically two in the one that I’ve developed with my buddy, Arthur Ferguson is the most important of the two, but nonetheless. That is a common law. You see a common law writ. From the Supreme Court. You make the case in the brief. Perhaps more and more I think about it writ of habeas corpus. But it doesn’t matter. And you give the court the opportunity to make a decision. They’re going to make a decision one day or another. They should do it now before it’s too late. And a precedent is set. Any presidential election is damaged as well as. Core parts of the Constitution. Equal protection and due process, as well as our federal campaign laws. But more you. You people who are not part of New York State. I feel bad for patriots who are. But there are patriots all over the country in 49 other states. And we have to rely on a corrupt Democrat Party, judicial and prosecutorial system. To influence the fate of a presidential election. There’s only one body that can fix this. There’s only one. Only one, the Supreme Court. And if it chooses not to. Then the system will unravel. If it takes the case, it makes the wrong decision. The system will unravel and there’ll be multiple, multiple filings in different forms and through different processes to the court over and over again. Basically what the headline how that killing our country. You have to understand. Let in these prosecutors and judges in these phony bar associations, in these clown shows of television programs. Would these clown judges on CNN or prosecutors, former prosecutors and their ilk and MSNBC and so forth? They are promoting. A tyranny, totalitarianism. They support the nullification of due process in equal protection in the case of Donald Trump. Nullification. The old Confederacy is the new Confederacy just with different players. But Joe Biden’s had his foot in both Confederacy’s. That’s why he tells donors, I’m running against a convicted felon. He’s thrilled. Then our constitution has been breached. He opposed Brown versus Board of Education by his actions. What were his actions? Rejecting the integration of our public school systems, Little black kids and little white kids? He didn’t just vote for it. He helped sponsor and draft the legislation, for God sakes. His friends he used to call. Or at least we could work with Eastland and Stennis and Talmadge and Byrd. They were they racists, They were the segregationists backed by the Klan. And now Joe Biden’s back. There’s a reason why he’s so obsessed and relentless. On Benjamin Netanyahu. He doesn’t do this to any other leader in the world. He does this rambling interview with Time magazine that isn’t even a magazine anymore. It is barely a website. And he says Benjamin Netanyahu. Once the war to go on because it helps his future election prospects. That’s blasphemous. I’d been to Israel. With some members of my family. Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t want this war to go on. Israelis are dying. Israelis were slaughtered. Israel is surrounded. They’re taking missiles every day. Scores and scores of missiles from Hezbollah funded through Iran by Biden. Biden and Biden’s public statements. And Blinken’s diplomacy and Biden’s funding of the enemy has prolong this war. It also funded the war for the enemy. And I believe Biden and Blinken and their ilk have blood on their hands from those hostages. They made it abundantly clear to the leadership of Hamas. Where are your special pleader baby? We’re here to save you. Because it is Biden who wants to be able to go into the election to say he brought peace in the Middle East. When he will bring surrender and slaughter just like it’s by now. He’s going to campaign that I’m the one who secured the border. The Republicans wouldn’t vote for any legislation. This is what happens when you have an extremely evil, diabolical, incredibly stupid buffoon in the Oval Office. He’s good at plotting. He’s going to conniving. He’s got a character assassination. That’s all he’s good at. Nothing else. Zero. Now the other path. Is a more recent prayer brought to my attention a regional jurisdiction where states can sue New York. For violating the rights of the citizens of the other states. It is a free and fair election on an equal footing. Where Joe Biden is campaigning unfettered where. Donald Trump has to wait for a decision by an acting state judge. Where the Constitution, the federal constitution. Was nullified in pursuit of the putative Republican nominee. Were the federal election laws without specificity, but nonetheless. We’re seized. By an acting state judge at the urging of a source prosecutor. In order to give life. The misdemeanor statute said it already. Expired. Due to the statute of limitations that I can go on and on. I don’t need to bore you with this. I can’t be specific, but because when I talk to certain people, I do so in confidence. But I’ve talked to. A couple of attorneys general and one governor so far. They’re thinking about it. There are a lot of cool to it. I understand there’s a risk you might lose. But ladies and gentlemen. There’s always a risk we might lose the damn election as a result of the interference from two individuals at in New York. Now I want you to know about the next level of appeals in New York. I want you to know what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen. And I want you to know why it’s going to happen. Giving more, more reason. To file for a writ of common law or multiple writs for that matter, and for the states not just to think about it. But to begin to embrace it. Eric Shawn on Fox News today reveals the uphill battle Trump’s going to have with a Democrat. No New york appeals courts hat tip right scoop. They do a great job. Dana perino and eric shawn cut 23 go. And former president trump is vowing to appeal his new york. Felony conviction, but will have to face an appellate court comprised of almost entirely Democratic appointees. Our shot is live outside the state appeals court in New York City with this update. Hi, Eric. Good morning, data. Former President Trump’s appeal will be heard in the courthouse behind me. This is the New York state appellate court first Division. But, you know, before the justices took the bench here, many of them happen to have given campaign contributions to Democratic candidates. And one of the justices donated to Hillary Clinton. There are 21 justices on this appellate court and all of them, but one was appointed by a Democratic New York governor. Federal and state campaign records show at least 14 of the 21 justices gave campaign contributions to Democrats in the past and in some cases, even there were serving as a judge in a lower court. The newest appellate court judge here is just Marsha michael Judge is Michael was appointed eight months ago by Governor Kathy Hochul, a 2014 justice. Michael ran for a New York state Assembly seat and the Democratic primary in the Bronx. She was endorsed by that New York City public advocate, Letitia James, who, of course, went on to become the state’s attorney general who prosecuted Trump and his real estate trial last year. Here you see James and the judge on the campaign stump in 2014. But Judge Michael lost that election. And two months ago, it was Judge Michael who ruled against Trump when his lawyers tried to stop Judge Juan Roshan’s trial from starting just days before opening statements. And another justice here, Alan Gessler, gave thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Democrats before she took the bench. Federal Election Commission records show that the justice gave $2,000 to Senator Chuck Schumer’s campaign in 1998, $1,725 to Hillary Clinton’s 2000 New York Senate race. 250 bucks to Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2003 and 1700 dollars to Democratic campaign committees. Last year. Former President Trump, though, did get some wins here at this court, the appellate court that ruled during a civil fraud trial where the judge, Arthur and Gore on the court cut the amount of his bond. That important set lifted his gag order and allowed Trump and his sons to continue to do business in New York. We look but cannot find any records of any contributions that the justices may have given to Republican candidates. The Republican Party or the Conservative Party have also asked the court for comment about all this, but so far, no one has gotten back to us. You know, they gag themselves. You see in what the court did where we talked about a gag order and they reduced the the bond and so forth. That’s Penny, any stuff. Penny. Any stuff amounts to nothing. When they limited the gag order, the trial was almost over. The fact that there was a trial, that’s the problem. There was no fraud. Just as in this case, there’s no crime. Now, there’s not a single lawyer I’ve talked to. I’ve listened to. I’ve read that has any idea apart from. The essentials of my idea on how to deal with this and get out of this quagmire. You just heard that Fox report. That these judges are bought and paid for. He contributed their way into office. There’s 21 of them. Jesus. 20 of them. My Democrats. I don’t know why. I don’t know why there isn’t a rallying. To get the case to the Supreme Court. Win, lose or draw? One attorney general told me. But if we lose, that will enshrine. This decision. No one. They’ll spin it that way. But who cares how they spin it? Look what’s on the line here. The truth is, if the court doesn’t take it this time, at some point the court will take it because the system is imploding. There will be a 2028 presidential election. And if Trump’s the winner, he will not be running for re-election. And if Biden is the winner, God forbid, he won’t be running for re-election. So you’ll have local days, corrupt little bastards with their little bastard sauce. Prosecutors, whether they be in California or New York. Whether they be in Chicago or some other city plotting and scheming. Timing their assault on the Republican candidate with phony laws. Violations of federal due process and equal protection. So I would just tell Republicans. You think? You think this is going to satisfy these vultures? It’s going to excite them. And they’ll be coming again and again and again. Where are the brave statesmen? Why are there only a handful of us? Why was it only me? Where are the rest? I’ll be right back.

Segment 4

I’m trying to get everything, and I don’t think I can, but it’s very important. Here’s a headline from CNN written story written by Muhammad al Swahili and Kareem Qatar. Israeli forces launched a new ground and air assault on central Gaza, killing at least 15 Palestinians. I want to address this directly. These two bastards and this bastard network. This network that has been a mouthpiece for Hamas, the terrorists, Iran and Biden let blood in their mouths and blood on their hands and blood coming out of their eyes.