May 28th, 2024

May 28th, 2024

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Judge Juan Merchan is a crooked judge and was specifically appointed to handle this Trump NY case. Merchan has shredded the law and the rules of evidence, stomped all over due process, silenced Trump in most aspects of the case, and assumed jurisdiction over federal election law. There has been no evidence that Trump violated federal election law, let alone did so with intent and for which there is no reasonable doubt. We can only hope that there’s at least one juror with the smarts, guts, and conscience to say no to Merchan, Alvin Bragg, the Biden regime, and this horrendous tyranny. Also, President Biden cannot and will not fix what he has broken, whether it is our border or our relationship with Israel, which is why he needs to go. Biden and Antony Blinken are pressuring England and other European allies not to rebuke Iran for making advances in their nuclear program, all to protect Biden’s election chances in November. Later, Mark is joined by Ric Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence, to talk about a New York Times hit piece and also about the lack of global leadership from the United States under Joe Biden.

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Judge Merchan has so restricted my testimony that defense has decided not to call me. Now, it’s elementary that the judge instructs the jury on the law, so I understand his reluctance.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Two big stories actually three or four tonight. But I want to deal with this trial, so-called, and I want to deal with Iran. But first, what I just posted and I want to elaborate on this. Obviously, I wasn’t in the Manhattan courthouse, but I was listening carefully to what lawyers who I trust from Fox were saying through texts and emails to the reporters who in turn were reading them on the air, as well as those who were watching in the courthouse and spoke directly in front of the courthouse. This judge is a disgusting fraud who has his foot on the defense lawyers throat while he allows the prosecutor to ramble on in every direction, including only now about federal campaign finance laws. And personal insinuations against Donald Trump. As well as suggestions that Cohen’s action can now be inferred onto Trump. That is unconstitutional. But he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. And you? How could you tell? Ladies and gentlemen, because Robert De Niro, who is an unhinged mad man head case, was there during the closing arguments, making his Genghis Khan speech. And Biden, through reporters, has announced that he’s going to give a formal presidential speech after this trial is over. Clearly a violation of campaign laws, number one. Number two, clearly trying to pretend he’s presidential. And let me just remind you of this. To me, the Trump campaign has one major point to make. Joe Biden cannot fix what he broke and Joe Biden will not fix what he broke. Whether it’s inflation, whether it’s the border, whether it’s our relationship with Israel, whatever it is, Joe Biden broke it and he won’t fix it. That’s why Biden has to go. But let me go on. So he prevents a campaign federal campaign expert, one of the greatest in the country, from testifying. Does the judge. This federal campaign issue didn’t come in until closing arguments. It’s not even in the bill of particulars on the indictment. So that’s you know, there’s so many violations. Of rules, of evidence, of due process, the federal and state constitutions. And so. I can’t even list them. I can’t even list them all. If they claim is he violated a federal campaign law. Which law? What’s the citation? There’s none. And we have Stormy Daniels, who was used to embarrass Trump and spew her hate, nothing more. Michael Cohen, who lives whenever he opens his big mouth, he’s the lead state witness. That’s how preposterous this entire case is. And it is now that did you know the Access Hollywood tape was played today for what? I’ll tell you what in a minute. Exactly what’s going on here. None of this is irrelevant. It’s all intended to create anger and hate against Trump by the jurors, which is an abomination. This character assassination under cover of a so-called justice system is pure Stalinism. One can only imagine what kind of jury instructions this guy is going to. Going to direct the jury to follow tomorrow. Meanwhile, to underscore the political nature of all this, as I said, there’s Biden’s campaign use of Robert DeNiro, a foul mouthed madman. And the White House. Of course, as I said, they’ve announced that Biden is going to give a presidential address. Now as a result of left wing groups. Well, first, let’s remember, this is a non case. No crime. Federal, state or local. Just like the phony financial case, the state misdemeanor having to do with corporate reporting was not violated. The nondisclosure agreement was a legal expense and reported as a legal expense. The misdemeanor statute had already ran and ran away, had already run anyway. As a result of left wing groups filing a complaint with the FEC, claiming the nondisclosure agreement was an illegal federal campaign contribution. The FAA, the FEC, said it was not. As if that wasn’t enough. The Southern District of New York, the U.S. Attorney’s office, took another look at the case. It dropped it. Indeed, it was Cohen who agreed to committing a list of federal crimes, including perjury. The former Manhattan D.A. looked at Vance and he dropped that brag originally. Blow it off. But one of one of Biden’s henchmen was sent in New York to work on the non fraud fraud case and then moved to the non crime criminal case. It was taken up. Then this preposterous theory was concocted. Well, the state misdemeanor statute can be revived if the NDA can be said to have covered up another crime. In this case, a federal campaign violation, which they hid throughout the trial. And their key witness, Cohen, Of course, the D.A. has no jurisdiction over federal campaign matters. The FEC and Southern District of New York do have jurisdiction, but refused to bring charges. So there was no federal campaign violation. That’s why the judge refused to allow Brad Smith, former chairman of the FEC and federal campaign law expert, to testify for the defense as an expert witness who would have fired a fatal legal torpedo into the DA’s case. As he said on three different occasions on life, Liberty and Levin, there was no federal election crime. Which is precisely why the judge wouldn’t let the jury hear from him. And, of course, there’s a lot more. I can’t. I mean, I’d be here all day. The so-called judge in this case, Juan Mershon, is what we used to call a hanging judge. And that is the trial process is nothing more than a formality. In the end, nothing could be said. No evidence can be presented, no witness can alter, and no one justice can prevent the pre-ordained outcome demanded by the judge. At least that’s the judge’s intent and goal. Remember at the crux of all this, this is the key. There has been no evidence that Trump violated federal election law, let alone did so with intent, and for which there’s no reasonable doubt. That’s the test to revive the state law. The state law cannot be revived without proving this. They proved nothing. They didn’t even raise it during the trial because they didn’t want the defense to have an opportunity to shoot a hole through it. Can you imagine? Can you imagine? My hope is there’s at least one juror with the smarts, the guts and the conscience who cuts through the static, the collateral evidence, the judges misconduct, and says no to Mershon, no to brag, no to the Biden regime and no to this horrendous tyranny. Now, this judge was not chosen by a lottery. He was chosen by another Democrat, the top judge in that particular jurisdiction. He’s not a permanent judge. He’s an acting judge. But he was chosen for a reason. This prosecutor Bragg has 34 counts. And technically, if Trump were found guilty of all them, he’d be spending about 120 years in prison. He piled on, piled on, pile on where there was no case. Every invoice he used, every document he could find, he created an indictable offence. An indictable offence. An indictable offence. And yet they hit the ball. As I said, the New York State statute had run the statute of limitations. In other words, it was dead. It is a misdemeanor statute for a corporation. If you put down an expense in one category versus another bid, even there, you need to intend to do so. Trump didn’t put down anything. It was done by others. Any non-disclosure agreement is a contract, hence rationally a legal expense. Premarket to business expense to their one in the same for the purposes of the corporation. That’s the bottom line. Put it down as a business expense. They would have said you should have put them as a legal expense. The point is, it’s all transparent. He put it down where in a public filing. It’s in a public filing. He didn’t hide anything. Or even more to the point, the accountants didn’t hide anything. And so I asked Judge Mershon, what federal statute are you talking about under the campaign law? Which one cited. If you are charged with a crime, you have a right to know what the hell you’re charged with. Which one? We don’t know. Who gets to decide that? A state judge? No. A city prosecutor now a New York jury. Now, none of them. The FEC. Yes. The U.S. attorney’s office. Yes. They didn’t charge. There’s nothing here. This six week trial has been nothing but an in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign. That’s it. But the Democrat Party in New York. It’s an in-kind contribution. A freebie. They bring out all the trash on Trump, the Stormy Daniels, the Michael Cohen, the National Enquirer, all the allegations, all the character assassinations reported day in and day out, day in and day out. You have a Stalinist judge sitting there who’s both dumb and corrupt. Gee, that’s never happened before. Well, look at the old South and the judges there. Look all over the world. You’ve got them all over. Kangaroo court, Starr Chambers. Certainly it happened in America. It’s happening right now, right in front of our eyes. That’s what’s happening. And then, of course, in these these fascists and Marxists or autocratic regimes, they have their press. So they have their Jake Tapper’s. They have their CNN and MSNBC dutifully reporting just as they want. And that’s what we have today. Joe Biden’s in trouble. He’s destroyed our economy, he’s destroying our currency, is destroyed citizenship on our border. He’s destroyed our schools. He’s destroying our industries. He says, I’m done more for union. You’ve done more to unions than you have done for unions. He’s destroyed energy independence. He’s a one man wrecking ball. He’s an arsonist. That’s what he is. In our country, in Israel, other countries. What does he have to point to? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He’s got eight electric vehicle chargers in the whole country for a half a billion dollars, Mr. Bitzer. Or whatever the amount was. Maybe it was a billion. 2 billion. So what the prosecution let me put it this way, what the Democrat Party’s doing through Bragg and to Mershon is they are throwing everything against the wall. Anything that will convince a juror not to like Trump in a vote guilty, anything. Whether it’s the Stormy Daniels allegations, whether it’s the Michael Cohen allegations, whether it’s The National Enquirer guy, whether it’s this, whether it’s it doesn’t matter. And then we have 34 state statute violations, and now they bring up the all important federal offense and there’s nobody there to challenge it because they bring it up in their closing argument and they go last. The defense can’t even challenge and the judge won’t even allow them to challenge the fact that it’s raised. He keeps dropping the hammer on them over and over and over again. So. We have to hope there’s at least one one juror, maybe one of the lawyers. But if they’re predisposed to Biden into destroying Trump. Well, then that’s where we’ll be. We’ve got a lot more to say. We’ll be right back.

Segment 2
I cannot stress enough. We talk about tyranny in other countries. Tyrannical ideologies, tyrannical leaders, tyrannical countries. We are in the midst of tyranny right here. And it takes courageous people, almost heroic people, to stand up to this. Right now, we see the judge in Florida. Who’s doing exactly that. Jack Smith walked into that court the way he did in Tompkins court in D.C.. And demands a gag order on Trump because of this idea. She says you presented any evidence at all. And anybody’s been threatened that there’s a threat of violence that anybody’s really in, in any way, you know, facing any kind of retribution. And she tongue lashed him, in effect. Because he used to get in his way with chunking. And that’s what goes on with Bragg and Mershon. They’re like tag teaming Trump. Now if you essentially own the the judge. Then you’re facing what we call tyranny. This is a totalitarian mindset. And it is supported by the vast majority of the Democrat Party media. As you can imagine, twice, CNN has no ratings. Two i. MSNBC is a joke. So she denied the request to bar Trump in Florida from making statements about law enforcement in documents case. Because if he had his way. This. This is Judge Aileen Cannon, by the way. She agree with Trump’s lawyers that the special counsel should have not filed such a motion without meaningfully conferring with the defense as the local law requires? And also it lacked what we call substance. These prosecutors are used to getting their way except in one place in Florida. This first case, Bragg It went first because it’s the most outrageous and they knew they would completely own the courtroom. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Everybody, Brad Smith, the former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, who Judge Mershon didn’t want anywhere near the courthouse explaining federal campaign law that nobody else in the courthouse knows or understands, let alone the jury. Certainly not the judge. He pointed out that let’s look at the reporting schedules required for this nondisclosure agreement. If there was one showing that even if they thought it was a campaign expenditure to be reported, an expenditure made on October 27, that’s when the that’s when the non-disclosure agreement money was given to Daniels attorney would not, under the law be reported until December eight. A full 30 days after the election. His point is, so even if they did what they didn’t need to do under the law. It wouldn’t have mattered. It wouldn’t have mattered. The money. Went to Daniel’s attorney from the non-disclosure agreement on October 27, a week or so before the election and under federal campaign law. It’s not reported until December eight, the full 30 days after the election. So the jury doesn’t get to hear that. The jury doesn’t get to hear Brad Smith say it. And those are the reporting schedules. Under the federal campaign laws. Those are the reporting schedules. So Smith would have testified not only is there not a federal campaign issue. Not only is there not a federal campaign violation. Not only did the Federal Election Commission say. There was no campaign violation and passed on it. But if Trump knew that there was a campaign issue, which clearly he wouldn’t. And if they reported it. It would have been reported on December 8th. So how could there be a reporting violation? Oh, my God. You know. To deny the jury essential material, critical factual information about the law as it applies to these events is outrageous. It’s absolutely outrageous. So this is what I call, as you’ve heard me before, a Potemkin. Courthouse. We have a fake prosecutor. A fake judge. God knows about the jury. We have a fake justice system. All to go through the motions as if there’s due process, there’s rules of evidence, there’s precedent, and things you can do and things you can’t do. That charges, by the way, civil charges, too. But criminal charges need to be specific and detailed so somebody knows what it is they’re accused of and how to defend against it. Put yourself in these shoes, America. Joe Biden. It’s a loathsome cancer on the body politic. He always has been, Tommy. Anything he’s ever done that’s benefited this country. Anything. Anything. He has spent half a century in Washington, D.C., accumulating power, enriching his family and himself. And he will do anything for re-election. I’m going to prove it to you yet again. Cause she’s thrown Israel under the bus. He has embraced. The Islamo Nazi. He’s embraced here at home, the Islamists, the river to the sea crowd. He’s in place. They embrace the Hitler Youth. And the Marxists. I got to hold on to Michigan at any cost. I got to hold on to Michigan at any cost. And it doesn’t mean his cost, of course, it means the cost of everybody else in their lives and their livelihoods and so forth. But what else is he doing? It was an unbelievable story. Unbelievable. Even in the world of. Disbelief. It was unbelievable. And I’m reading this over the weekend. A Wall Street Journal news story. The United Nations. Organization. The IAEA doesn’t matter, but the organization that oversees. Nuclear activities, nuclear development, nuclear building, that sort of thing. Is now saying openly in a report to the world. That Iran has 60% abuse marks language. Material that can be used in a nuclear weapon. And they said to go from 60 to 90% is the blink of an eye once you hit that magic 60% number. You’re moments away from having a nuclear weapon. Iran’s case. They already have the intercontinental ballistic missiles, the high powered hypersonic, but the supersonic missiles. They fired them at Israel. But they’re within an eyelash of putting a nuclear warhead on them. This has caused Britain and France, among other countries. To say there’s a big meeting coming up this week or next week. We want to formally rebuke Iran. We want to punish Iran. We want to put sanctions on Iran. And here’s the story. Ready for this? Joe Biden and Blinken. Are pressuring Britain and France not to even rebuke Iran. And they’re doing the same with other allies. Why, you ask? Because they don’t want any problems before the election. They don’t want any problems before the election. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I want to read this to you in a little bit more detail, because where I come from, this is treason. I don’t say that lightly. But Joe Biden has funded Iran. He’s armed Iran. And now. Not only are we going to do nothing about Iran getting nukes, he is pressuring UK and France and others to do nothing as well. Here it is. I found it in Britain’s mirror, but it was reported first by The Wall Street Journal. Joe Biden is opposing a European plan to rebuke Iran for advances in its nuclear program, as Washington wants to avoid an escalation of tensions ahead of the presidential election. Diplomats involved in discussions have claimed. Now just listen to that. They impeached Donald Trump. For a perfectly legitimate and reasonable phone call. With Zelinski. Who’s Zelinski said there was no pressure, there was no quid pro quo, but they didn’t care. We have a president, a friggin president of the United States, pressuring our European allies who are stronger than we are in this, not to rebuke Iran for its advances in its nuclear program in violation of all international law. Because he doesn’t want to hurt his election, for God sakes. And he’s going to give a speech as seen from the Oval Office, I guess, on Trump. The Biden administration is said to be arguing against an effort by Britain and France to censure Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s member state board in early June, they added. While U.S. officials deny lobbying against the resolution, the diplomats say the administration is pressing other countries to abstain in a censure vote, which is what Washington will do. Western officials have become concerned that Iran’s nuclear activities has, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, that’s the U.N. IAEA data. The country has enough highly enriched Faisel material for three nuclear weapons. Well, U.S. officials fear Iran could be more volatile as it seeks to elect a new leader after the death of President Islam Onazi in a helicopter crash. The Biden administration has long said it is seeking a diplomatic solution, a diplomatic solution. Well, it’s her state. Now, European diplomats have reportedly become frustrated as they feel like the United States is trying to undermine their approach as they seek to take action against Iran. According to The Wall Street Journal. However, this was denied by a U.S. official who said Washington is tightly coordinated with its European partners ahead of the IAEA board meeting next month. The problem is it’s multiple. Multiple. Foreign diplomats who have spoken to the Wall Street Journal. The officials said the U.S. is increasing pressure on Iran through sanctions and international isolation. Noted that any speculation about the decisions is premature. Do you believe this crap? Do you believe the future for our children and grandchildren are being handed over? To these sellouts who are selling out America for Biden’s re-election. This is why I said at the beginning of this, Biden will do anything for power and money. Anything. Anything. Another official told The Wall Street Journal It’s totally false that Washington’s trying to avoid tensions with Iran before the U.S. election. Off the record, of course. The IAEA board last passed a resolution rebuking. We actually have the UN’s group, the IAEA. Britain and France. We want to rebuke Iran and us trying to pull them back. Can you believe this phone? Can you believe it? U.S. and European officials have warned they would take action if Tehran did not rein in its nuclear advances and step up cooperation with the U.N. agencies. Tensions have reportedly risen as some European countries, particularly France and Britain, are concerned that Washington lacks a strategy for dealing with Iran’s nuclear advances. In the West, there are growing fears Iran could seek to become a nuclear weapons state. And at the end of April, the IAEA boss warned the country is just weeks away from having enough enriched uranium to develop a nuclear bomb. Director General Rafael Gracie revealed Iran’s nuclear activities were raising eyebrows at the IAEA and said they are weeks rather than months away from being able to produce nuclear bombs, plural. He admitted that does not mean that Iran has or would have a nuclear weapon in that time of space. But he said uranium enrichment at near weapons grade levels is a cause for alarm. Well, what are they making this? Files on material for Mr. Producer just so they can. What? Watch glowing fossil material to make nuclear weapons. A functional nuclear warhead requires many other independence from their production of material. He also said, look, if North Korea can make it, Iran will make it. Because North Korea is helping Iran. Last month, an expert told The Mirror that the risk of terror attacks taking place in the UK could be heightened if the conflict goes on with their usual crap. Anyway, You understand? The key for you to understand is that Joe Biden is not looking out for America. He’s not looking out for free people throughout the world. He is the best friend. Iran, the Islamo Nazi regime in Iran could ever have, ever, ever. And Blinken to. Can you think of another Democrat president other than Obama, quite frankly, who will conduct himself this way? What Franklin Roosevelt, what Harry Truman, What John Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson? Bill Clinton? No, I can’t even imagine Bill Clinton doing this. This guy is openly selling out to Iran, openly selling out to Iran, tens of billions, hundreds of billions of dollars, directly and indirectly to Iran. Trump was destroying that regime. It was on its back. The people who are rising up, they hate that that government, that that rapes them, tortures and murders them. Biden is actually. Funding a government. That slaughters its own people while he’s whining about Israel. And by the way, 31 people shot in Chicago over the weekend. Seven of them died. I believe one of them is a five year old beautiful little girl. And Biden says nothing. He’s focused on Gaza. Biden says nothing about Chicago. No. Not a damn thing. Nothing. And when he says it’s guns. No, it’s not guns, you idiot. It’s your prosecutors. And you judges like machine, like brag. It’s the Democrat Party that’s destroying us from within and without. The Biden Blinken regime are pressuring our European allies led by Britain and France, against. Rebuking Iran for its advances in the nuclear program. Against them censuring Iran. Against them sanctioning Iran before the election. America. Is Joe Biden’s political career worth a nuclearized Iran? Is worth Israel surrendering to Hamas? Is it worth. Another ten, 15, 20 million illegal aliens coming across the border. Is it really worth it, America? I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
The clerk describing something to myself here, Mr. Producer. A little inside baseball here, folks. My printer’s not working. Now, what that requires me to do is to be the hoodoo Houdini broadcasting right now. MATTHEWS My iPhone. I have to use my laptop. Right, Mr. Producer? And let’s see here. And then I’ve got to buy time. Like right now. Here we are. I’ll be right back.