May 24th, 2024

May 24th, 2024

On Friday’s Mark Levin’s show, President Trump’s appearance in the Bronx was fabulous, we know this because of all the media headlines. They pulled out all the usual lies and advance them all at once – this is how it will be up until election day. One headline says “Trump again praises authoritarian leaders at Bronx rally.” The media doesn’t say anything about President Biden embracing Iran, Hamas, and the Houthis. This is not a media, they are propagandists for the state and the Democrat party and they insist that we go along with what they demand. Also, we’re not fooled by the NY Times. They write a story to attack Justice Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court Justice who wrote Dobbs decision. Then Democrats use these stories to attack the court and use it as an effort to destroy respect for the court. Later, the media wants to know if Republicans will accept the outcome of the 2024 election. Why doesn’t the media talk about what’s happening before the 2024 election? The border is open to get more congressional districts. And we still have drop boxes because it helps the Democrats. Afterward, Peter Schweizer calls in to explain that new emails confirm something that Joe Biden has long denied – the notion that he has never discussed any of Hunter Biden’s business partners. He also discusses Antony Blinken’s defense of China. Finally, Mario Fratto calls in to discuss his race against Mark Levin endorsed Rep Claudia Tenney.

Top Republicans are already rushing to buy into Trump’s 2024 election fraud narrative

NY Times
Trump’s Pattern of Sowing Election Doubt Intensifies in 2024

Washington Post
Trump again praises authoritarian leaders at Bronx rally

NBC News
Are Russia and North Korea planning an ‘October surprise’ that aids Trump?

Dem Senators are demanding an “ethics” investigation because the Alitos flew a patriotic, George Washington-designed flag

The Federalist
Yes, Democrats Want Aliens To Vote In U.S. Elections. Take Jamie Raskin’s Word For It

Fox News
GOP committee sounds alarm on document it says ‘confirms’ fears about Biden agency’s activities in key state

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Memorial Day is Monday. We won’t be here on Monday. So we’re going to celebrate Memorial Day, not just Monday, but right now. And do what I’ve done for 22 years. Honor our fallen heroes. Now that won’t be the entire show, but we do so through music, through patriotism. The Marines.

Segment 2
President Trump. There’s a great Patriot. Told you before. He’s a historic figure. And his appearance in the Bronx was. Absolutely fabulous. Several thousand people turned out. And I know it was fabulous because look at these headlines that came out this morning. All I did was I Googled the name Trump. CNN Top Republicans are already rushing to buy in to Trump’s 2024 election fraud narrative. New York Times. Trump’s Pattern of Sowing Election Doubt Intensifies In 2024. Washington Post Trump Again Praises Authoritarian Leaders at Bronx Rally. NBC News. Are Russia and North Korea planning an October surprise that aides Trump? And it went on and on and on. So they pulled out all the usual lies, all the arrows, and they shot him all at once. And this is the way it’s going to be. This is the way it’s going to be. Trump again praises authoritarian leaders at the Bronx. Here we are an administration that embraces Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis. And they don’t say crap. Not a damn thing. And as far as Trump sowing election doubt intensifies, we should have a lot of election doubt because this administration is using taxpayer dollars. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats to register Democrats their demographic with our tax dollars in violation of federal law. Oh, Mark, what do you mean? We have cities that are trying to register illegal aliens to vote. The House of Representatives passed a law that still has to go to the Senate. We know Schumer will kill it to prevent illegal aliens from voting anywhere local, state or federal. And the vast majority of Democrats voted against it. We’re not fools. When you have these aholes on Meet the Press, on CNN and everything else, these clowns, these clods, these thugs for the Democrat Party, will you accept the winner? 2024? Hell no. If it’s not a correct election. This is a democracy. You don’t just accept the outcome. You get the criticizing. You get the look at it. You get to study it. You get to challenge it. These damn fools don’t even understand the country we live in. I can’t think of any election that’s never been challenged. Since the earliest election after Washington, when Adams and Jefferson. But the media insist that we go along with what they demand. It’s not a media, ladies and gentlemen. It’s not a media. These are propagandists for the state. These are propagandists for the Democrat Party. That’s all they are. And why some Republicans submit to their idiotic, asinine questions. They might as well knock on the door of the DNC and say, Can I talk to your communications director here? Bring the bring the camera over here. We’re going to do an interview. So the media, they take Trump’s speech. He sets hearts Korean. He wants to create an army of citizens against migrants. He wants to this. He wants to that. And yet, story after story about how Joe Biden is using our tax dollars to buy votes, how he’s using the bureaucracy to register voters. Story after story. What how do you think the borders open so you can get more congressional districts? That’s number one and we’re all supposed to play along. Why are the drop boxes they were there for Colbert We don’t need them anymore because they help the Democrats. If they help the Republicans, they get rid of them. Why is it that you have to sign and date? And I will hope that you mail in for absentee ballot. Why? Because it would hurt the Democrat. That’s why. Every thing they do is intended to expand. And enshrine their power. Everything. Here’s President Trump briefly. In the Bronx yesterday know I’d play Joe Biden in the Bronx, but he hasn’t been there yet. And, you know, Mr. Biden is right, said that Joe Biden can’t show up in Republican areas, including Palestine, Ohio. Have you noticed that’s been discussed all over cable TV today? Have you seen it? Hey, guess what? What? Cut seven. Go. We had the greatest economy in history. Everybody here where you have a small business or if you had a job, you were getting more than you ever made. And we had no inflation. We had no 1.4% considered none considered better than none, because frankly, none in its own way is a bad thing also. We had a perfect number, 1.4%. It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or brown or white or whatever the hell color you are, It doesn’t matter. We are all Americans and we’re going to pull together as Americans. Americans want to feel good about their country. They want to feel good about each other. They can’t stand this constant attack, this constant divisiveness, the attempt by the politicians or the media to turn one race against another. We’re sick and damned tired of it. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Now, ladies and gentlemen, when the reprobate at the Holocaust denying Stalin supporting Castro, installing New York Slimes. Started with its little flag story. The moment I saw it, I knew it was taking place and I shared it with you. The flag story would be used to attack the man who wrote the Dobbs decision. Sam Alito, one of the most ethical and decent human beings you’ll ever meet. And a genius. That means he’s a danger to those who hate America and hate the Republic. And so they’re trying to intimidate him, They’re trying to smear him. And then we have another flag story apparently now flying the flag that George Washington flew and that was flown during the Revolutionary War. Now demonstrates that you’re a white supremacist, Klansmen insurrectionist. On the other hand, if you burn the American flag and replace it with a Palestinian flag, that’s free speech and you need to be heard. We’re not fooled by The New York Times and The Washington Post. We’re not fooled by the constipated News network and maybe LSD. We’re not fooled by the pieces of crap who write for the pieces of crap. They don’t affect us. But then, of course, the Democrats use it because they’re all in cahoots. Little Dick Durbin from the state of Illinois. Little Dick Durbin, better known as Mr. Sleazeball. Low IQ little dick sleazeball. He writes a letter with Sheldon Whitehouse, who’s obviously a racist because the word white is in his last name, but he’s also a damnable match. It Mark Twain. Sometimes you want to just do podcasting, you know, Mr. Producer. He talks like this, like this. He was involved in the Kavanaugh case. The Democrats are poison. They’re a cancer on the body politic. There are ham products. They’re bleeding hemorrhagic. Sheldon Whitehouse is a patch. Mr.. Mr.. But we’ve never invited him on. Can you invite Mr. White House on the program Tuesday? Little Dick Durbin. He knows who we are. He’s not going to come on. So they wrote a letter to the chief justice of the United States. That’s the title in the Constitution for John Roberts, not the chief justice of the Supreme Court, the chief justice of the United States. And they demand answers. How can it possibly be that Sam Alito. Can rule on matters involving elections. When he flew the flag that George Washington flew during the Revolutionary War when his wife. For about a split second had the American flag upside down in response to a neighbor, a radical kook. Mark, says PUK. Who had a sign that said f Trump. 50 feet from a school bus stop for little kids. And so this is how they create a story. It’s called propaganda. Stalin was good at it. Hitler was good at it. Mao’s good at it. Castro. The Iranians are good at it. The North Koreans are good at it. The Venezuelans are good at it. And, of course, The New York Times as expert at The New York Times. How can any serious person work for a newspaper? That is responsible for promoting Stalin. That covers up the Holocaust, then installs Fidel Castro. That takes the side of Hamas against Israel. How can anybody work for some sickening corporation like that? Well, Jodi Kantor can. Jodi Kantor has a tip line. Anybody else have photos of flags she wants to see? No, no, no. Not the Palestinians. No, no, no. So on January 6th, some people carried those flags, apparently. When they went into the capital building. So now we’re not allowed to carry them. Now this is sick. So they’re at war with the Clarence Thomas. They’re at war with Sam Alito. And from time to time, they’re war with Neil Gorsuch. Not a word about Sotomayor and her multimillion dollar shakedown for her useless book when she went to book signings and gave speeches. Not a word about that from little Dick Durbin. And Sheldon Whitehouse. No, not a word. No letters, no concerns. And you see, this is also an effort to destroy respect. But the Supreme Court, as they destroy any institution that they don’t devour, that they don’t own, that they don’t control, they have to destroy it. And the only time the Supreme Court will really be good again is when we have every form of Marxist bastard sitting in those nine seats. Because they know there’s some tough decisions being made and they want to be prepared. To say they’re not legitimate. Biden has done it his whole life. Stupid plagiarist. Racist. anti-Semitic kook. Joe Biden. But now we have an opinion. The constipated news network went to an expert professor, and they got an answer that I’m sure they didn’t want. The man’s name is Michael Brody. I have no idea who he is, but so be it. Professor at Emory University School of Law teaches legal and judicial ethics, and they write the views expressed in this commentary are his own, not CNN’s their his own. Well, of course, because he’s going to make some sense. And so let me respond. He writes, Less than two weeks after rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol on January six, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s law displayed an upside down American flag. Can you believe we’re even discussing this? He cannot believe we’re discussing it. Luckily, he didn’t have one of those antique statues there, you know, with the guy holding the ring and all around them, which are disgusting. But luckily didn’t. The New York Times reported this week the upside down U.S. flag had become a symbol of the Stop the steal movement. Not the Marxist movement, not the Hamas movement, not the Islamist movement, not the Hitler Youth movement. No, the stop the steal movement. Well, that’s more horrendous than anything that’s ever happened. When asked about it, Alito replied in an email to the Times that he had no involvement whatsoever in flying the flag, and it was briefly placed by Mrs. Alito in response to a neighbors use of objectionable and personally insulting language on yard signs. And The New York Times didn’t really focus. And they they did it in passing that this neighbor is some kind of a brute. And he used the C-word against Mrs. Alito. And all the women’s groups are very upset. Have you noticed that, Mr. BLITZER? All the women’s groups have taken to the streets. No, they haven’t. They don’t care. They don’t care about women anymore. They’re going to vote for Biden, even though he’s destroyed Title nine, even though he’s a hair sniffer and a woman massager, even with strangers. The guy is a perfect perfect. Just like this. Judge Machan is stormy days here. He’s attentive, His eyes are wide open. His hands are on his chin, listening to every word that comes out of her mouth. He’s Oh, it’s all relevant. I got to hear this. I got to hear this. Anyway, he said, I don’t support flying the American flag upside down, particularly when it evokes the cause of the riders who stormed the US Capitol. Blah, blah, blah, blah. But despite holding that view, I believe the calls from Democratic leaders, you know, like little Dick Durbin. And Sheldon racist Whitehouse and others for Alito recuse himself from the cases about the January six attack in the 2020 election that are pending before the court are wrong. The mistake these calls make is threefold. Neither the president nor the law, nor the facts mandate recusal. Well, that sounds like a trifecta precedent first in 2016. He writes the late great Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Was she a god of some sort, Mr. BLITZER? Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Was she a God? Who are RBG? There are a whole movie on her, you know. He says his series of interviews called then candidate Donald Trump a fake and more, saying, I can’t imagine what this place would be. I can’t imagine what the country would be with Donald Trump as our president. I can. It was a great four years. She also shared that she would consider moving to New Zealand. Why didn’t she? If he won? He did and she didn’t. While she eventually expressed regret for a comment, she continued to sit on numerous cases in which Trump was a named party in the Supreme Court, both as president, as a private citizen, the little Dick Durbin of Illinois. Did he write a letter that you can make a get, get, get? I get to ask you to recuse? Course not. Courage not, he said, sad, this little freak. Obviously, Justice Ginsburg felt that her impartiality could not be reasonably questioned even if she told everyone Trump was a faker and cast other aspersions. While many protested remarks, I was one of the few to call for her to even consider recusing herself. From all cases involving Trump. She did not end up stepping aside from a single case in which he was named. This precedent, therefore, does not direct justices to recuse themselves, even if they publicly share a view on a political matter, a politician that then comes before the court. Secondly. In his three pronged analysis. The law simply does not require it. Having an opinion on either the facts of the law and a matter of public interest do not disqualify justice. After all, you know what’s amazing about this? I’m going to continue to read it, but the seriousness with which little Dick Durbin and Shell and racist White House are being taken. These are unserious thugs. Voicing opinions on matters of public interest is also something justices do outside the courthouse from time to time. Even if one could show that any given justice thought, that any given justice thought the election was or was not stolen, that has nothing to do with the legal questions raised in the court about the charge of obstruction against the rioters, such as whether a joint session of Congress is actually an official act under the statute charged justice to speak about the reality as they see it all the time. They write books, as a matter of fact. Sotomayor wrote a book. She is doing shakedowns all the time. She made millions, and it does not legally prevent them from interpreting the statutes that they considered. Think about, for example, Justice Elena Kagan. Oh, you mentioned one of the three. Oh, that’s a dangerous rail. You do not touch Elena Kagan. The godlike figure. A goddess. Yes, Just because of her beauty. Mr. Producer. But her brain is unbelievable. Justice Elena Kagan’s fine lecture on textualism at Harvard Law School in 2015. Having spoken about textualism, the idea that the text of the U.S. Constitution speaks for itself is the written word. She is surely not precluded from addressing the issues from the bench as a justice. Different rules would risk turning justices into monks isolated from the like. Justice Souter I think he was a monk. I think he was a monk. He always. I find him always creepy. May I say that? I think I did. Different rules would risk turning justices into monks isolated from the normal give and take of discourse. American law is clear. If a writer were a close relative of a justice, recusal would be required. And the same is true if a justice or their family had a financial stake in the guilt or innocence of a party. But having an opinion on whether the election was really stolen does not mandate recusal, and neither does sharing that opinion. Although such sharing is unusual for justices and generally unwise. The third prong of his analysis, may I say the most important. The facts don’t support recusal. Alito denies hanging the upside down flag and connected and connects it to a personal dispute between his wife and an unnamed neighbor. No one disputes this account, and we do not disqualify a justice or a judge based on the conduct of our opinions of their spouse. Other than on financial matters. Even if the justices wife had a clear opinion on the election of 2020, recusal would not be mandated. Countless judges and justices have had spouses when involved in advocacy and have had clear and firm opinions, such as Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt. Radical Leftists was married to Ramona Rep’s, then radical leftist. So the American Criminal Liberties Union and Nina Pillard, who is married to David Cole, the national legal director of the ACLU, they have not recuse themselves from hearing cases where their spouse had views. And Richards Reinhart’s case even filed a brief oh. How about that little Dick Durbin? How about that? Sheldon May I call you Shelly? Shelly Racist. White House. In this case, Alito says his wife had a special dispute or a social dispute, rather, with a neighbor. Certainly disqualification of Alito, based on the dispute between his wife and an unnamed neighbor is uncalled for. This isn’t even simply case than that of Justice Clarence Thomas. Yeah, right. Always. What, Clarence? The Times reported on another flag, the pine tree flag sometimes called the Appeal to Heaven flag. Now, nobody ever heard of these flags except nerds like me. But now all of a sudden, I got. He had the pine tree flag. The pine tree flag. I might get the damn pine tree flag. Which was also carried by some rioters at the Capitol. On January six. I also understand many of them had driver’s licenses. I guess those are now to be disposed at Mr. Producer and backpacks. We should dispose. How many of them, actually. War watches, watches, watches. An upside down flag directly connected to the insurrectionist movement, he writes, is not grounds for recusal. This is more so the case for this flag. It was designed by Colonel Joseph Reed, who served as the personal secretary to George Washington. And the flag was used by the Navy, his early 1775 as as many culture and symbolic purposes. But it doesn’t matter how little Dick Durbin and Shelley racist White House. They have their narrative fed to them by the Stalin supporting Hitler censoring and. Castro installing New York Times. And now you know the rest of the story. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Yeah. Yeah. By the way, you know what? My wife and I have been watching this channel. It’s on YouTube somewhere. I can’t remember. She would remember watching old Dean Martin roasts shows. Have you ever seen those? They’re hilarious. Like from the 1970s and 1980s, the old comedians who were absolutely fantastic and they said things you could never get away with today. And there were black comedians saying things about black people and white people, Jewish comedians saying things about Irish, Italian and Jews. Italians. You know, I don’t know everybody. They just get along great. They joked about stereotypes. And then I’m watching these various specials on Don Rickles. Don Rickles would be destroyed today. Don Rickles could not exist today. He could not exist today. We’re starting to watch these old Johnny Carson shows. And you look you look at the people who are doing these shows tonight. On these note, They are so pathetic. They’re not funny. They’re. He was hilarious. He was classy. He was a gentleman. You know, you look at this Coburg Square, the other two, I don’t remember. It doesn’t matter. They’re just they’re just punks. Punks. They couldn’t hold a candle to Carson. I shall return.