May 22nd, 2024

May 22nd, 2024

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, during previous times of economic hardship, many Americans have turned to fast food and processed food, but that is no longer an option with Bidenomics. President Biden is destroying the economy from the top down and killing the working class while using the power of government to advance his Democrat Marxist ideologies like student loan forgiveness. Also, the vast majority of American voters overwhelmingly support Israel in their fight against Hamas even after months of nonstop pro-Hamas propaganda from our media, universities, and the Biden Administration. This is an issue of right versus wrong and not supporting the abduction of innocent people and children, and the red-blooded Americans are on the right side while Biden and Democrats are on the wrong side. Later, the media are filthy and loathsome and do not believe in a free press. Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito is being attacked again for a flag outside of one of his homes because the Democrat media is still upset with his decision in the Dobbs case. Later, Mark is joined by Rep Claudia Tenney (R-NY) to talk about her race for re-election against an anti-Semitic opponent and representing her district in northeast New York.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America.  Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I’m not allowed to have a governor sit in for me, Mr. Producer. Did you know that? Or a senator. Well. Well, in any event, we would definitely love our man, Ron DeSantis. Don’t get me wrong, you know, Nikki Haley’s out there. I can’t stand Nikki Haley. She’s lecturing Trump, you know, as millions of people who voted for me and you need their votes, he knows that. So what she wants to be able to say is, if he lost, she told you so, and if he wins, she helped them. It’s very conniving. She stands for literally nothing. But. Far be it for me to throw a wet blanket now. I want to start with something completely different. That is you. You, your families. What’s happening to you? Many people who had difficulty making ends meet used to rely on fast food restaurants. And I know all the health and dietician and all the rest of it, but the fact is you need to eat. And I listen, all this stuff about fast food, how bad it is for you. Let me tell you something. Processed foods were created because there was a need. There was a need. 100 years ago. 90 years ago, give or take. For what? To feed people in the inner cities. We had massive migration from the south into the big cities. We had massive migration from immigration into our cities. And there wasn’t enough fresh food. So what would happen? Is that people were forced to eat rancid food. There weren’t freezers. There weren’t ways to keep beef fresh or fish fresh. And so the entrepreneurial system, our market system, capitalism. Individuals looked at these various situations and so forth, and to develop food. Food. That can last on the shelf. Food. That can be processed so it won’t go rancid or won’t go sour. In a period of a few days and a few weeks, people were dying of stomach cancer and other illnesses because of the efforts to keep food. Fresh or fresh enough. And those efforts were killers. Sawdust was used. Turpentine was used. They didn’t know better. They were trying different things. Frozen food was developed. Processed food was developed, cereal developed. And I go on and on. It was brilliant. It was the sustenance for so many people. And now, of course, it’s, you know. We attack all the manufacturers because that’s what we do in this country. We attack manufacturers and we enhance and embrace government. I’m not saying it’s the healthiest food on the face of the earth, but it shows people’s stomachs. With relatively. I won’t say healthy, but okay. Food. Now, when you have an economy where the interest rates are through the roof, where the inflation is through the roof, and you have a husband and a wife and two or three or four kids or a single parent with two or three kids, it is tough going. I’m sure those folks would love to have fresh beef or fish or chicken or turkey. I’m sure they would love to have fresh vegetables. I’m sure they’d love it, but they can’t afford it. Not with by nomics. So in the past. In the past 50 years or so. Under circumstances where you have economic dislocation. People would rely, if not solely but significantly, to get them through the week, to get them through the month. And part of that would be fast food. Fast food. And there’s a wide variety of fast food. Chicken tacos, hamburgers. Salads, you name it. You know. We take these things for granted. The vast majority world doesn’t have food available in any form. This is what capitalism has created. Capitalism. Bernie Sanders. You got it. You all putz. That’s right. Capitalism. And so we attack it like we attack other things that the brilliant market system the American industry has created, like the automobile they use as gasoline. Oh, can’t have that. So, Wendell Hughes, Bo, we’re at Breitbart. He points out fast food is no longer healthy for your wallet. Common fast food favorites increased in price under Joe Biden’s so-called biodynamics. You know, you get these figures out on inflation and so forth. But what matters are not those figures. Generally. What matters is what you’re purchasing. That is what you have to purchase. To survive for you and your family. Fast food inflation has a disparate impact across racial and ethnic groups due to different levels of fast food consumption. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, 42.4% of non-Hispanic black adults consume fast food. What I’m talking about, compared with almost 38% of non-Hispanic white adults, 35 and a half percent of Hispanic adults, almost 31% of Asian adults. So the point is, it is a significant part of the diet, really, of all Americans. Especially black and white Americans. So the higher price tag of popular foods, they write may be creating political problems for Biden. 30% of black men, 11% of black women intend to vote for former President Donald Trump. A Wall Street Journal poll found a dramatic increase from 2020. I don’t like these polls. Because people sit on their ass, they just figure they don’t have to vote or they don’t have to be active. They don’t have to get out the vote because they figure it’s one I’m telling you now, we’ve been burned before with this. I’m just raising raising this point. Popeye’s, Taco Bell, Chipotle, t Chipotle didn’t get a lot of good food raise prices by at least 75%, according to the Food Institute. Popeyes regular mashed potatoes and gravy up 134%. Taco Bell’s beefy five layer burrito up 132%. Wendy’s small frosty up 111%. Taco Bell Chalupa Supreme up 110%. Burger King Small, Icy, up 101%. Taco Bell, cheesy Gordita, crunch, whatever the hell that is up 100%. McDonald’s, McD Chicken up 199%. Now there’s people on higher income brackets of, well, I don’t eat that crap. Well, people eat it and they have to eat it and they need to eat it. They want to feed their family. And this is what happens when you have massive government spending, massive government debt, massive government borrowing. I’ve said it here for 22 damn years. Inflation, inflation, inflation. It is a killer. It destroys the market system. It distorts the value of the dollar. And I love an article I read today. People are saying we’re in a recession. That’s not technically true. Excuse me. We’re in stagflation. And that is technically true. Inflation and interest rates are up, the value of the dollar is down and pricing of food is up. Stagflation. Prices in nearly 500 California poultry restaurants spiked from 6% to 7% during just the first week of April. Chick fil A raised prices by 10.6% between mid-February, mid-April. Starbucks by 7.8%. Shake Shack by 7.7%. Biden blames inflation on Trump, falsely claiming twice in May that it was 9% when he took office. We know that’s a lie. Then he blames corporate greed. There’s corporate greed going on out there. It’s got to be dealt with. So he blamed the businesses that are trying desperately to cope with the economic conditions he created with the minimum wage conditions that he and others have created with their supply chain problems that he has created. Fast food is fast food because it’s quick and cheap. It’s no longer cheap. And it’s hurting the bottom line for fast food restaurants. They don’t want prices to go up. They sell volume. Volume. Biden’s top economic priorities are fighting inflation and lowering costs for the American people, says White House press Deputy Secretary Andrew Paige. This guy is a is a complete fraud phony, constantly spitting out the big lie. Standing up to corporate price gouging is at the core of that fight. So they resort to the Marxist class warfare propaganda. How come the corporations didn’t do this three years ago? Four years ago. The corporations were founded on the 15 cent hamburger. Remember that, Mister Producer? 15 cent hamburger. Price is cheap. It was on quantity sales. The amount of sales. Remember those McDonalds signs a billion hamburgers then 10 billion. Now so many billions. They can’t even put them on the sign. That’s what they’re about. They’re not about gourmet. They’re not about a five meal, three, three meal dinner. They’re not about any of that stuff. It’s get your meal, get it quickly and go. Restaurants are struggling. Restaurants are struggling to attract customers. Eating out is now very, very expensive. Only 28% of voters said Biden’s economy helped their financial situation 71%. Economic conditions are negative. 80% said soaring prices are one of their biggest challenges. He talks about growing the economy from the bottom up and the middle out. He’s destroying the economy, which means it’s the middle end and the bottom down, and he’s doing it top down. There’s no bigger monopoly than the federal government. None. And unlike private corporations, they can actually pass the laws and ensure that regulations that control the market. Now. This is important. This is important. Our people are suffering. Lower class. Upper lower class, lower middle class, middle class, whatever Marxist regime you want to consider. Under Biden, the wealthy are doing beautifully. What do you mean, Mark? Stock market’s way up. Up. And. He’s desperate to get to voters. The Hitler Youth and the Islamists. And the Marxists, of course. And rich white kids. They go to college. What did Joe Biden do today? The Associated Press. The Biden administration is canceling student loans for another 160,000 borrowers. Are a combination of existing programs. They’re bragging that it’s about to about $35,000 per student borrower. He’s handing out $35,000 checks like they’re candy. To those who can most afford. To pay their debt or even if they can’t, are responsible who voluntarily of their own free will took it out in the first place. And the dirty little secret is when you take out a student loan, you don’t actually have to spend it on college. People spend it on cars. They spend it on rent. They spend it on clothes and jewelry. The list of horribles is infinite. Infinite. But the point is. He is destroying the ability of the people on the lower part of the ladder, the lowest rung of the ladder, to walk up that ladder while he is subsidizing. Subsidizing people who took out loans and he’s handing them a $35,000 check. And in addition, in defiance of the United States Supreme Court ruling that says he doesn’t have the power to do it. He did it again today, today. And he’s handing out Obamacare to Dacca illegal immigrants again without any statutory authority. Obamacare. Student loan forgiveness. Why You’re fighting to pay for a damn hamburger. Think about it. Well, he goes out and he talks about how he stands for the little guy. He stands on a little guy. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Cate Blanchett wore a pro-Palestinian gown. I can ask Mr. Boucher. Why does she go to God and tell them how much she loves them over there? I’m sure the terrorists would love to meet her. Don’t you think? How does somebody like this do this? These Hollywood frauds who are disgusting, who have no morals, no class? Is she not aware what was done and is being done to Jewish girls? Isn’t it amazing? There is no more MeToo movement. Isn’t it amazing? Michelle Obama, as far as I know, is yet to say a word. My brother Stephenie Smith says she’d be a great nominee for Democrat Party. I would fight her tooth and nail. She hadn’t said a damn thing, not a damn thing. But what’s happened to those girls and women? The girls and women and the brutality, the unimaginable brutality hadn’t said a damn thing. Cate Blanchett. Go over there, kid. I’m sure they welcomed me with open arms and among other things.

Segment 3
I want to underscore something, folks, that nobody else will. So here I am. I’ll do it. Two of the areas where Donald Trump holds the highest. And Joe Biden polls the lowest, the economy and immigration. Except there’s one other. There’s one other. Joe Biden versus Israel. Mike, What are you talking about? A Harvard Harris poll that just came out had tipped a hot air. Open source Intel. Brand new Harvard Harris Hall poll. A strong majority. 74% of voters in the United States think Israel should move forward with an operation in Rafah. 74%. Disagree with Joe Biden and support Israel. Close to three in four of voters are now following the Israel-Hamas war closely. Almost 75% of voters are now following the Israel-Hamas war closely. You know, not to pat myself on the back, but I worked very hard on this. Our everybody said in New York, does our buddy Ben does a handful of us. But nationwide, I keep talking about this because of the war on the Judeo Christian believing people in this country and elsewhere. So let me repeat this. 70. This is Harvard Harris poll. Liberals. A strong majority, 74% of voters think Israel should move forward with an operation in Rafah. BIDEN The Democrats and the media say no. The Hitler Youth on college campuses when they’re open, say, no, the Marxists, the Bernie Sanders and his ilk say no. 74% of Americans say yes. Close to three and four voters. Are now following the Israel-Hamas war closely. And so I just posted something that I think is profoundly important. While everybody keeps talking about Joe Biden trying to get that river to the sea crab. Dearborn is stand. The Hitler Youth on our college campuses. 74% of voters want Hamas crushed in Rafah. Three in four voters are following this very carefully. And nobody’s picking up on this but me. Mr. Producer. Voters continue to strongly support Israel. Over Hamas. Israel over Hamas, seven and ten feel Israel is trying to minimize casualties. This is after nine months of Hamas propaganda being spewed by the American media. By American colleges and universities, by the Biden Blinken administration. By Bernie Sanders and the other commies on Capitol Hill day in and day out, beaten into us. Seven in ten voters feel Israel is trying to minimize casualties. Two in three American voters say they would only favor a conditional ceasefire after hostages are released and Hamas is removed from power. Two and three voters say they would only favor a conditional ceasefire after hostages are released and Hamas is removed from power. Most voters say Hamas should be removed from Gaza. They’re not sure what should replace it. Now, these are stunning numbers. Not to us. We know this. My ratings, my following. Whether it’s podcast, whether it’s satellite, whether it’s AMF, FM radio have never been stronger, more ubiquitous, more diverse, more broader throughout the country, actually throughout the world. My ratings on Fox against basketball and hockey playoffs. And on and on and on. Are the highest in the evenings, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday. This isn’t a quote unquote, Jewish issue. This is an American issue. This is a good versus evil issue. This is a right versus wrong issue. This is we Americans hate terrorists. Loading little kids issue. Hollywood is wrong. The media is wrong. The Democrats are wrong. Biden and Blinken are wrong. All these friggin European countries are wrong. Red blooded Americans are right. You. You. 74% of voters think Israel should move forward with the operation in Rafah. Three and four voters are following the Israel-Hamas war closely. Voters continue to strongly support Israel over Hamas. Seven in ten feel Israel is trying to minimize casualties. Two or three voters say they would only favor a conditional ceasefire after hostages are released and Hamas is removed from power. They believe Hamas should be removed from Gaza. Not clear what should replace them. Nobody is clear on that. But that’s not the point. This administration is running a horrendous propaganda campaign against Israel and the prime minister of Israel. You have the most horrendous anti-Semites, Jew haters and American haters in Congress, including Bernie Sanders and Taleb and the rest, leading an effort. The star of Israel. A weapons. You actually have Democrats who are running for office who say that we should. We should bring Palestinians from Gaza into our country without any ability to assimilate. This is a big campaign issue, Mr. Producer. A big hit. And Donald Trump is on the right side of this. He’s on the correct side of this. Joe Biden is on the wrong side of this. And the media want you to think they’re in the majority. He’s in the majority. The Democrats in the majority show all they show us are the Hitler Youth. The river to the sea. Crowd here. Born to stand, the imams. The American people detest the. They’re appalled by what they see. Appalled. Disgusted by what they see. Because Americans are good people. We are good people. And what we see. Snippets, but will we hear details? Of what’s been done. The little girls and the little babies and the pregnant women. We are repulsed. We want those bastards wiped out. However, many of them are, wherever they’re hiding, under whatever rock. We want them tracked down and eliminated. No cease fire. They should not live to fight another day, let alone with our tax dollars. What we, the American people lack is a leader. We lack a leader who represents us. We like a statesman who represents us. We lack a second payer state who’s not kowtowing and funding the enemy. Because in the end. We do know the difference. Between a democracy and terrorists, whether Biden and Blinken do or not. This is a massive campaign issue. Not a single media platform, even media platforms I’m on. Understand it to be a massive campaign issue. None of them have discussed this today. To my knowledge, none of them. And yet look at these numbers that I’m telling you. Look at these numbers. And the overwhelming majority of Americans are far. Following this. And the overwhelming majority of Americans support Israel, and the overwhelming majority of Americans want Hamas destroyed. That is completely counter narrative to CNN and MSNBC and the slimes and the compost. It’s completely counter-narrative. The Constipated News Network. The merciless states completely counter-narrative to the propaganda that is spread into our households on radio and TV. Day in and day out. It’s completely counter narrative to what the Biden administration, the State Department, the Defense Department, the National Security Council and the CIA are doing. Completely counter narrative. Meanwhile, what are they doing to our country? Biden and his clan of Democrats. Wait till you hear what Bill Milligan found out. Wait to hear what the film Illusion found out. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
So Harvard Harris Harris poll has always been a liberal polling outfit. Harvard is what it is. So here’s the bottom line. And I want to get this across to Republicans across the country who are running. American voters overwhelmingly support Israel, support Israel going into Rafah, support Israel, wiping out Hamas and removing them from Gaza and believe Israel is doing its best to limit civilian casualties. Despite the lies and blood libel spewed by the Biden regime, congressional Democrats and the corrupt media and all the rest of the scoundrels and three and four American voters are closely watching all of this. This is bad news for Biden and his party, and Republicans should include this as a priority issue and run on it, as well as the economy and the open borders. Biden and his handlers are on the wrong side, the side of evil, and will pay an electoral price for this if it is raised over and over again. I believe this. And I believe my fellow conservatives. On television and on radio should pay attention to this, to the American people, care very deeply about this. Very deeply. It’s not a Jewish issue in and of itself. Obviously, it is a Jewish issue, but it is an American issue. To moral issue. It’s a it’s an issue when we go to a synagogue or church or wherever you preach a practice or whatever you practice or even if you don’t. It comes down to this, doesn’t it? You know, side with people who rape little girls and decapitate babies and put them in ovens and cut open the stomach of a pregnant woman. Are you going to say what people are trying to destroy them? We’re not the U.N. here. We’re not the ICC here. We’re not Spain and Norway and Ireland and the United States of America. No, we are the United States of America. When our leaders are wrong, we still are right. Joe Biden has lied his way into office. He’s trying to lie his way to hold on to office. He is a fraud. He’s a fool. And he’s going to destroy our country and destroy our allies, too, including Israel. If we don’t kick his shabby white ass out of office. That’s right. I said it. And that was a mistake to say that. Mr. Producer. Hey, shabby, transparent ass out of office. That’s that’s more accurate. He’s not white. I don’t know. He’s trans. He’s. He’s at least translucent. Why do I always look at him and think of him wearing? Depends, because I know that’s what he’s got under there. But that’s the way it goes, by the way. I meant to do this yesterday. We get our ratings numbers from our Fox programs on typically Tuesday morning, mid-morning, thereabouts. Week after week after week after week, despite basketball playoffs, despite hockey playoffs despite baseball. And baseball is looking really fun this year, by the way. 8 p.m. Eastern Saturday 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday. We are number one prime time night, Saturday and Sunday. Beating CNN and MSNBC combined in total audience. That’s because of you. That’s because of you. And I want to thank you. Now, have you read that anywhere, Mr. Madison? Not even in the trades. Where’s Talk magazine? Where’s Michael Harrison? Where is he? He’s nowhere. It’s a joke. Where the other the other trades. How about the normal part where they know where they’re a joke? But I want you to know, because you’ve done it week after week after week, like Sherman to Atlanta. Sorry, Atlanta. Like patterns through North Africa. There we are. Life, liberty and live in. Thanks to you. Thanks to you and we’re up against it. 8 p.m. on the weekend is tough Eastern time. It’s tough. But we still muscled through. And that’s because of you. So once again, I want to thank you very, very much. I’m not going to have time right now. I want to play this film Illusion Clip. It’s fairly short, but it’s going to tell you all you need to know. You already know it, but it’s going to underscore what Biden. And all these other clowns are doing to our country. And let me tell you something, folks. We’re going to pay a price for this more. Your children are going to pay a price for this. You got people coming over here from all over the world, parts of the world that hate us. He already saw them in the streets, many of them. Over the course of the last few months. Burning the American flag, pulling down the American flag, putting up the Palestinian flag. And not just them. Not just them. There’s others. You don’t have to be faithful to America. Show allegiance to America. Assimilate into America. Now you’re here to destroy America. Obviously not everyone, but too damn many. I’ll be right back.