May 21st, 2024

May 21st, 2024

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden propaganda networks have been pushing the Trump/Hitler comparisons through the word “Reich” and falsely accusing Trump of posting pro-Nazi advertisements. This is how President Biden, an actual fascist, hopes to get elected – by destroying his political opponent by any means necessary like a dictator. Also, it is amazing that there is no media deep dive into Biden’s declining mental health and dementia because we know he is not mentally capable of being President despite people like Joe Scarborough saying otherwise. The 25th Amendment is supposed to address this, but Biden’s cabinet is not stepping up. The Democrat Party is going to nominate a person who is in late-stage dementia, and this is horrendous to do to anybody, and the American people have the right to know and make an informed decision. Later, Mark is joined by Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer to talk about the dangerous and false equivalency between Israel and Hamas being pushed by the Biden Administration, the democrat media, and the International Criminal Court, which is fueling anti-Semitism across America and the world. Finally, Mark speaks with journalist Julie Kelly about the FBI’s authorization of the use of deadly force during the Mar-A-Lago raid, who were fully prepared for an armed conflict with Trump and his secret service.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America, Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Mr. Producer. I haven’t seen so many lawyers on TV since Perry Mason. Have you? Where we get defense lawyers, we get former federal prosecutors, we get former judges, all the channels. I mean, I’m losing track. Some of them I never even heard of before. And I’m guessing the public’s getting sick and tired of this case because they know it’s a complete farce. They know it’s a sham. They know it’s a Democrat set up. They know that judge is corrupt. They know the prosecutor is corrupt. People are hoping for a hung jury. I am for sure. Maybe better, who knows? But also prepared for the worst, just in case everybody knows what’s going on here. It is a Stalinist show trial. That’s exactly what it is. A star chamber is what we used to call it. Rules of evidence are being ignored and trounced. The jury instructions, while everyone is commenting on them, we actually don’t have them yet. I suspect I’ll give a little to the defense, but in the end it’ll be the wrong kind of jury instructions. So I don’t know how many lawyers you need to explain this. I really don’t. But I just explained it in, what, 30 seconds, Mr. Producer? Now, as far as Brad Smith goes, 90% of what Brad Smith was going to testify to, he’s explained on this program. On several occasions he explained on my FOX show in 2018, 2023 and four or five, six weeks ago, he’s explained in writing, and this is exactly why the judge didn’t want him to testify, because he was going to say in no way in hell is this a crime. And that would have put an end to the whole thing, or, as I’ve said, fired a killer torpedo right into the side of the case. And I’ve also pointed out that the prosecutor here has committed crimes. He has suborned perjury and the Brady violations. And it takes, believe it or not, in the legal community guts to say those things. Some have whispered it. Most won’t go there. I go there. I go there because I know what we’re up against. I know what we’re up against. And in any event, I also know that it needs to be fixed, otherwise this will continue. We’re going to have Julie Kelly on in the second hour. This morning, she put out a piece that the FBI authorized the use of deadly force during the Mar a Lago raid. And we know this because documents were released at the direction of Judge Aileen. Cannon in Florida. Who appears to me to be a decent, very good judge. And that requires some extensive discussion we’re going to have with Julie Kelly in the second hour. We’re going to go into this. It’s not something to blow off. This has not been discussed yet on cable TV and it needs to be discussed. So we will we will light a fire under this and we will listen to the phalanx of lawyers. Defense lawyers, former federal prosecutors. Former judges, former defense lawyers. May be former defendants. Former plaintiffs? I don’t know. We’ll get there. But it’s very important that we do. And I will talk further about what Brad Smith had said and what he put in posts today as well. ABC News has very strange coverage of what took place in Florida, the release of the documents. On the one hand, they trashed the judge, the last paragraph by innuendo from The Grifters on MSR, Twisty and the Constipated News Network. This judge has been controversial. I know she’s not. And then. Jack Smith. They miss the point. And I’ll get into this. Jack Smith said there could have been other opportunities for obstruction when in fact there was an effort to put classified documents back back into the secure area, which is why Trump and the others were not charged with additional charges of obstruction because they were actually trying to do the right thing. But that’s missed by ABC News because basically they are partisan hacks and low IQ on top of the rest. At the bottom of the hour. We have a full damn show, boy. But we worked on Damn this. That’s what we do. We’re going to have an exclusive interview. With Ron Dermer. Ron Dermer is a member of the war cabinet. He’s probably the closest confidant that Prime Minister Netanyahu has, and he is involved in providing formerly national security advice. To the Prime Minister and to the Cabinet. He will be coming on the program at the bottom of the hour. But in the meantime. Ladies and gentlemen, have you watched? The Biden propaganda network’s. The word Risch Like third Risch. Right. Appeared in a video you see. The split second that the Trump campaign or PAC put out. And everybody said, including George STEPHANOPOULOS. There he goes. Hitler. Trump He’s saying we need a united the Third Reich. We need it. And that was put out first by the Biden campaign, regurgitated by all the media, because that’s how it works. But that’s not what happened. As our friend at Right Scoop Bryan points out the median. Joe Biden went nuts today over a video Trump posted to his true social account, calling it Nazi imagery and more. Biden headquarters put out this statement and of course, STEPHANOPOULOS, CNN and the rest. Speaking of the Third Reich, they put their boots on and they marched in order and they click their heels and they goose stepped all the way behind them. They put out this Trump Post, a new ad foreshadowing a second Trump term that says he will create a, quote, unified right, unquote, echoing Nazi Germany. Oh, so this is how Joe Biden hopes to get elected. Joe Biden, who is a fascist. Guess what? That’s right, Scoop says. They’re wrong again. He says. I know it’s hard to believe, but as it turns out, they’re wrong. And of all websites that pointed this out, and I must give them credit, you know, one out of a thousand times mediocre, right? They picked up on this. They said, wait a minute, that’s not exactly right. Other parts of the ad featured placeholder text about the European great powers and the digging of trenches next to headlines such as Borders closed 15 million illegal aliens deported in peace through strength. The placeholder text about, quote, the creation of a unified Reich, unquote also appeared at the end of the ad underneath the slogan MAGA. So at the very, very bottom, while the ad caused an uproar on social media when President Joe Biden’s campaign accusing Trump of echoing Nazi Germany. This is from media. The controversial text appeared to be leftover placeholder text from a video editing template for Adobe after Effects. That’s the name of it. Adobe after Effects, the quote newspaper Vintage History headlines unquote template, which is available to download as part of a subscription service online, includes the same placeholder text. Ready about World War One, which was spotted in Trump’s ad. Nothing to do with the Third Reich, and they didn’t even put it there purposely. While many are aware of the term Reich in the context writes media of the Nazi Third Reich, the term is also used by the German empire, the Second Reich from 1871 until the end of World War One in 1918. So they didn’t make the ad. The ad uses a standard Adobe template, and the line wasn’t even about the Third Reich, you know, the Nazis. And it probably wasn’t even supposed to be in there. But guess who? That didn’t stop rates, right, Scoop? Just doesn’t matter if it’s true. It only matters if they want to say it’s true. Even when you’re right, they find a way to still say you’re wrong and evil. I even got emails today from family and friends. Look at this. You always have to step back. You need to be extremely cautious. Do not follow. The propagandists, the Hamas propagandists, the Hitler Youth propagandists, the Marxist propagandists do not follow them ever. On the other side, you have Anthony Blinken at Biden. You have our U.N. deputy representative. You have them all. All putting our condolences that the president of Iran and his sidekick, the foreign minister, died in a helicopter crash, putting our condolences officially the United States government. This guy was called the Butcher of Tehran when the revolution occurred, quote unquote. He was responsible for overseeing the slaughter. The estimate is 15,000 people. Most people think more. The most vicious, vile overseer of murder, rape, torture. And we put out our condolences. Building nuclear missiles aimed at our cities. Funding the terrorist organizations all around the world. But our friend Matt Lee, Mr. Producer at AP, been around a long time. He would have none of it. So he questions. He question is the the State Department mouthpiece has a hat tip right? Scoop cut one. Go. Then can I just ask you about the state? What exactly is official condolences? The condolences on behalf of the United States government? Well, then why does it say that? I think that this is like official condolences means absolutely nothing. And I’m not even sure why you’re offering condolences that this guy was as bad as you say he was. Why? I mean, because. Because we regret any loss of life. We don’t see people die in helicopter crashes. It doesn’t change our view of him, our regime. But it’s about one person. There are think of there are United States didn’t want to see an air accident. There are there are really there were people there were people on board that aircraft who have families. We thought that’s appropriate step to take. It’s a step the United States government has taken when any number of foreign leaders with whom we had vehement disagreements have died. But we also made clear in that statement that we continue to support the Iranian people in their fundamental struggle for freedom. Really? I would just point out to you that when the former one of the former presidents of Cuba died, this would be Fidel Castro. Your one of your predecessors did not offer any condolence. We and basically said good riddance. So I will. And if you really think that race was as bad as what you have laid out at the beginning, I’m just a little bit curious as to why you would put a statement out no matter how short it is, but with the line official condolences. And I got. So as long as we’re addressing the historical record, the United States offered condolences when Hugo Chavez died, when Joseph Stalin died, people with whom we had great disagreements. Wow. Great company there, pal. Really good. Go ahead. But ally of the United States all through and we talked about this earlier, all through World War Two, did not die during World War Two. He died afterwards when our disagreements with him were quite clear and quite plain and quite well articulated by the United States government. It is a step that the United States takes, recognizing that people have families and in no way, in no way at all undermining our fundamental view of the Iranian regime and its crimes against its own people and our support for the Iranian people. So the Biden administration gives official condolences to a mass murderer who’s also involved in and responsible for the mass murder of Jews in Israel. But the mass murder of people in Yemen. The mass murder. Are people in Syria, the mass murder of people in in the Gaza Strip, in the mass murder of his own people. Because other people were on the plane. That’s not what they said. We gave condolences to the family. They said condolences. To the Butcher of Tehran. And they go after Donald Trump because the word Reich. Is in a video that even media says, wait a minute, he’s not endorsing the Third Reich. And they go through the technology and how that actually happened, it appeared. But the media didn’t stop there, did they? No. Now, Mr. Producer, I don’t have it in front of me. But I want to quickly move to the questioning. Blinken. In front of. Where do we have that here? I have it here somewhere. We’ve got one minute. Let’s go to cut to go. I’m telling you, you know, yesterday the State Department issued a statement mourning the death of the Iranian president. Now, I assume as secretary, you share that sentiment. We expressed official condolences as we’ve done when countries, adversaries, enemies or not have lost leaders. It changes nothing about the fact that Mr. I.S. was engaged in reprehensible conduct, including repressing his own people for many years as a judge and that as president, a change is not a word about our policy, but it’s something that we’ve done many times in the past, going back many administrations in many decades, and we do as a normal course of business. Well, I don’t think it should be a normal course, of course of business. I think it’s shocking that this administration would mourn the death of the butcher of Tehran. I don’t he’s responsible for death, rape, torture, sworn enemy of the free world. I think he’s not dead. But he didn’t, you see. Yes. You don’t understand. It’s Trump trumps Hitler. I’ve got more. We’ll be right back.

Segment 2
There’s a lot of non repetitive information I want to get to in the Trump trial and beyond with Julie Kelly in the second hour and a few moments, we’ll have Ron Dermer with us today to the prime minister of Israel. But in the meantime, Blinken and Ted Cruz cut for a go. Senator Barrasso asked you about. Ebrahim Raisi, your State Department put out a statement. Sending condolences for his death. Mr. Secretary, is the world better today now that Raisi is dead? Given the. Horrible acts that he engaged in, both as a judge and as president to the extent he can no longer engage in them. Yes, the Iranian people are probably better off. You didn’t say that in your statement, did you? I believe that we did. And certainly I spoke today. The United Nations is flying their flag at half staff to mourn the death. Would you agree that it is utterly disgraceful for the United Nations to be mourning the deaths of the Butcher of Tehran? We’re certainly not mourning. Yes, the answer is yes, A hole. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Welcome back, America. We’re here with Ron Dermer. He’s the Israeli minister of strategic affairs, a very close confidant of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And I must confess, one of my best friends, to be perfectly honest with you, this family and our family are very tight. And Ron Dermer, I didn’t know that the elected Israeli government, the democracy in Israel, was full of all these criminals. Where the arrest warrants are issued by this radical left wing anti-Jewish European concoction that was created after World War Two, in part to protect the Jews. Can you tell us what’s going on here, sir? Yeah, but tell me how you feel about it, Marc, that frankly, you’re right. You’ve got a rogue prosecutor there and you might have a kangaroo court on your hands. And it’s really shameful. I would say that the decision yesterday to try to issue arrest warrants against and judges will have to confirm that against the Israeli prime minister. And the Israeli defense minister was both outrageous and dangerous. It’s outrageous, obviously, because of the false equivalence. You bring charges against Hamas, a genocidal terror organization and its leaders, and charges against the leaders of the democratic state of Israel. So you’re bringing charges against those who perpetrated the most savage attack on Jews since the Holocaust, murdering 1200 people, taking 250 people hostage, raping women, burning babies, the worst crimes that you can possibly think about, and then go to Gaza and embed themselves in the civilian population in mosques and schools and hospitals and on the and you’re putting them in the dock. And then you take Israel, the leaders of Israel, which is a stand in for the people of Israel, in the army of Israel, who is going and fighting this terror organization in ways that no other army in the history of the world and certainly the history of urban warfare has ever done to get civilians out of harm’s way. And you’re putting them on the same moral plane. It’s like having the Nuremberg trials and getting, you know, the Nazi criminals there. And yeah, we’re going to have also Churchill and FDR in the dock. This is absolutely absurd. But beyond that, it’s the false charges. It’s not just the false equivalence between Hamas and Israel, it’s the charges itself. It’s utter libel. The main charge that the ICC prosecutor has brought forward and you know, something about prosecution, is that Israel is willfully starving, has a policy of trying to starve the population in Gaza. This is absurd. I’m a member of the war cabinet. From the beginning of the war, we have had a policy of enabling humanitarian assistance to go into Gaza. There have been over 20,000 trucks of food, around 30,000 trucks overall, something like a half a million tons of humanitarian assistance, including 400,000 tonnes of food. The IDF has been paving roads to get these trucks to come in. We’ve been opening passages as Hamas is firing on those passages and stealing the humanitarian assistance, and we’re the ones that are being accused of war crimes and they’re also accusing us of deliberately targeting civilians, which is outrageous. As I said, we’re taking action no other military has ever taken. That’s just not what we say. That’s what John Spencer at the Urban War Affair Institute at West Point says that’s what General David Petraeus says. Nobody has ever taken this action. We’re dealing with the subterranean terror tunnel network with a terror organization beds themselves in these civilian areas. And yet we’re doing everything to get the civilians out of harm’s way, dropping leaflets, making phone calls, millions and millions. We’ve just as we’re speaking right now, are on line. 250,000 people have been evacuated from Rafah as we go to finish off Hamas there. So it’s not just a false equivalence between Israel and Hamas, is it? The whole charge, the whole rap sheet is utterly false, but beyond being outrageous. It is dangerous. And it’s dangerous for two reasons. The first reason it is a threat to democracies everywhere. It’s not just about Israel. It’s any democracy that’s fighting terrorists. Now, the terrorists are going to think we’ve achieved a great victory, because you know what? You can embed yourself in civilian areas, use your population as human shields, and the ICC will be on your side. So this will start with Israel, but it will not end with Israel. Remember, they were trying to bring up your soldiers for war crimes charges and actions in Afghanistan. Your brave men and women of the United States military, they’re going to come back and they’re going to try to issue a warning against American soldiers and American leaders. I guarantee you that’s going to happen. It’s Israel first and America is going to be next. The second reason why it’s dangerous is because it’s going to fuel antisemitism around the world. You’ve seen this explosion of anti-Semitic hate against Jews. You have it on the American college campuses. This guy, this prosecutor, this rogue prosecutor is now pouring fuel on this fire. And it is very, very dangerous because people think, you know, ICC, it’s a legitimate institution, right? It’s an international criminal court. There must be some basis to this. Well, he just brands Israeli leaders and really the country of Israel with a scarlet letter, you know, w c war criminal and puts that on our breath. And what do you think’s going to happen now on these campuses? All of these people who hate Israel, hate America, hate Jews are going to feel they got wind in their sales to continue what they’re doing. I think it is incredibly dangerous and I’m very glad that a lot of members of the Senate and members of the House and the president said it was outrageous. I hope it will be a bipartisan bill that will slap actions on these people. But Trump, as you recall, an executive order for sanctions against the ICC when it was your soldiers in the dock. I hopefully they will turn that executive order in some kind of legislation. It will get bipartisan support and send a very strong message to the ICC. Now, Ron Dermer, Israeli minister of strategic affairs, part of the war cabinet in Israel. I’m just curious, did the prosecutor’s office gather any information that perhaps Israel may have been able to provide? I mean, did he take a visit to Gaza? Did he take a visit to the Novo Festival area? Did he gather facts on the ground? He actually came here three or four months ago, was invited by some of the hostage families and looked at certain things that happened on our side of the border. He was supposed to come to Israel in a week from now. And we said, look, we’re prepared to do an engagement with you. Frankly, they have no jurisdiction over the state of Israel. We are not signatories of the court. Neither is the United States now. But, you know, a lot of people are talking about city and state. Yes or no? Should he have it? Should he not have it? Is this the right time? Well, guess what? The ICC basically is determined that the Palestinians are a state. That’s what they think gives them the jurisdiction to deal with some of these crimes. So they have no jurisdiction over this issue. But even though they have no jurisdiction, we said, listen, if you want to come and you want to court Israel’s legal system, its court system, one of the most independent, if not the most independent in the world. You want to look at how we prosecute different allegations, by all means. And he was supposed to come next week. He committed to American senators, to the White House, to the State Department. He said, listen, I’m not rushing to judgment here. I’m going to have a process of engagement with Israel. It could be weeks, maybe even months before we make any decision. He had winked everybody. He didn’t come to Israel. He just decided, I’m going to have a press conference now. I’m going to defame Israel. It is based on total false allegations of willful starvation and targeting innocent. And he’s basically bought into a lot of the baseless allegations and lies against Israel. And it’s a modern day blood libel. That’s why the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, was right, that he’s going to take his place alongside these great modern anti-Semites, those infamous judges of Germany that sat there in there and donned their fancy robes and enabled all the rights to be taken from the Jews as they were on their way to the death camps. This is what this person is doing. He is trying to shackle Israel to deny us our ability to defend ourselves. It’s very nice. Everyone says Israel has the right to defend it. But when we exercise that right now, Israel’s moral army, the people of Israel who are fighting this just war with just means Now we’re going to be hauled in the dock. They’re denying us the basic right of self-defense. One thing I can assure you and I can assure all your listeners, y’know, our huge supporters of Israel, this will fail. We will prosecute this war until the war zone isn’t the truth, Ron Dermer, that if Israel didn’t care about civilian casualties, this war could have been ended in a matter of months. But in fact, debates go on and your cabinet debates go on in your society. Debates go on among allies and so forth on how to conduct this, how to make sure you use it as few citizens as possible are harmed and so forth and so on. It’s not a matter of the capacity of Israel to blow this town or that town off the face of the earth. Israel’s debating most of the time on how to protect the civilians while it’s trying to protect its own civilians. That’s that’s correct. And we always uphold the laws of war, humanitarian laws as well. And we have from the beginning of this war, we have a system like you have your Jags, and we have legal people in all of our IDF processes. When you have targets, you have to have distinction and separate the civilians, the combatants from the non-combatants. You have to have proportionality, you have to have precautions. That’s why. John Spencer. Guy from West Point who teaches urban warfare, say, I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never seen a country go through to such great lengths to get the civilians out of harm’s way. And we also put all this humanitarian assistance in from the beginning of the war. Now, this has not been without controversy in Israel. A lot of people in Israel says, why are we doing this? These people are holding our hostages. They’re in the dungeons of Gaza, deep underground, holding women and children and completely innocent people. And after they savagely murdered Israelis on October 7th. Why are we abiding by these laws? One of the because that’s what we do in Israel. And it’s been I wouldn’t say it’s a very popular position, but the prime minister committed from the beginning of this war to enable humanitarian assistance to reach those people in need in Gaza and to fight the way we always fight, which is to get the civilians out of harm’s way. And instead of actually giving a prize to the IDF for the way we fight our wars, instead of commending Israel for the way it fights a war. Now Israel is being condemned and is being put in the dock. I mean, it is a complete moral aversion and a total travesty of justice. And I hope that any of your listeners, if there’s members of Congress, members of the Senate, who are thinking about what to do, I’m telling them and telling everybody it’s going to be Israel first and American next. And that’s why there has to be a very strong stance against this. I hope it will be broadly bipartisan to push back against it, because it’s going to be American troops that they’re going to try to do this. You got these unelected judges on a court that has no jurisdiction in Israel. They’re going to do the same thing to America. And I guarantee you that’s going to happen. And I think what we need to do is show it can happen. The United States is going to take very forceful action. I think senators warned him before. I think Senator Cardin had actually put out a pretty strong statement yesterday and said, I look forward to it, never setting foot the prosecutor in the United States again, taking action against him. I think that’s what’s needed to do now, frankly. And I think what may happen from this is if strong action is taken at the prosecutors against the prosecutor, if leading countries in the world had made statements against this, Britain, Germany and others, then it won’t be Israel that will be in the dock. It won’t be Israel that will be turned into the pariah state like this. What prosecutor wants to do it will be the prosecutor himself. And maybe these judges will stand for 10 minutes and actually protect the credibility of this court, because if not, it’s going to go right down the drain. This is what happened to the U.N. General Assembly in 1975. They passed this ridiculous resolution. Zionism is racism, and no one took them seriously again. It’s what happened to the Human Rights Council that passes more bills against Israel than all the world countries, resolutions against Israel than all the world countries combined. They give a pass to the North Koreans in the series, in the Iranians, in these gross human rights violations, and they just target Israel. Well, you know what it is? When you target Israel, when you target the one and only Jewish state, you single it out and you treated differently than any other nation in the world. There’s a word for that, Mark. It’s called antisemitism. And antisemitism is back. And this guy just poured fuel on the fires. And that’s why it is such a travesty and so dangerous. And we appreciate the strong support we have, at least in the United States. It’s interesting, Ron Dermer, how they picked Israel out of all the countries that focus on here, not Iran, not North Korea, not China, not Venezuela, not Cuba, not a list of horribles where people are being slaughtered, where people are being rounded up, where people are never heard of again, where there is no civil rights, there’s no concern about civilians. It’s interesting that they pick Israel out of cherry, pick it out of all these other countries. Doesn’t that further underscore your point about they’re really just Jew hating at this point? Yeah, well, in this theater of the absurd, you mentioned Venezuela. This guy actually went to Venezuela and he’s now on a path of saying that Venezuela has this legal principle which, you know, well called complementarity, meaning this ICC is never supposed to deal with a case when a country’s legal system is actually investigating crimes. It’s supposed to only deal with cases where there’s a breakdown of the country’s legal system, which is obviously something we don’t have in Israel. But he went to Venezuela and he met with the head of Venezuela. That, by the way, does not have his own people. And he says, well, you know what, We have a path towards complementarity with Venezuela, but you’re going after Israel. And a lot of it is based on false reports. You know, I did another interview today and somebody says, well, look, you know, Cindy McCain said there’s full blown famine in the north. And frankly, before this whole thing happened in northern part of Gaza, before this happened, not even to respond to it. You know why? Because of Senator John McCain? Because I knew him and know this is his wife. She’s getting totally wrong and false information. It is full blown nonsense what she said. There has not been famine. There is not famine. There is no policy of starvation. As I said, we’re putting masses of humanity. Assistance and prices for goods are dropping all over Gaza by about 90% in the last two months because supply and demand forces work. You know, the markets don’t lie, but they basically created this libel against Israel. People have bought into it. The organizations, the human, the so-called human rights organizations that are working in Gaza are basically made by Hamas, just like UNWRA. They use the U.N. facilities. They actually ship out these lies. People file these reports. It is totally false. The I don’t know if you if you paid attention to it, but a couple of weeks ago, the U.N. said, you know, those numbers we had of the casualties in Gaza, it was like 35,000. Well, 10,000 of them we can’t identify. So everybody went out, including senators and the American senators, and they said, you know, there’s 75% of the casualties are women and children in Gaza. And they put all these numbers which come from the Hamas Ministry of Health. Now, it turns out that the U.N. says, well, you know, 10,000 can’t be identified. What is this? This is all a sham. It is fighting a genocidal terror organization. In our fight against that organization is your fight. These are people who celebrated 911. They will celebrate the destruction of America, just like you have on those college campuses, all those people that are protesting Israel. You know, they don’t have a kind word to say about the United States because they hate America and they hate Israel. It’s the same thing that you have here. And I think it’s very, very important for free countries, democracies to stand with Israel in this moment and say enough is enough. This is a line that you don’t cross. And I hope we’re going to see very strong action within Congress this week. And I hope the president will support it so that the United States will take a very strong stance on Israel’s side against what is an outrage and frankly, dangerous. And we as the American people on this and we have an obligation to work on this, too. And we will on this program, as we do all the time, we understand the fate that if Israel doesn’t succeed, what happens not just to Israel, but to the United States in the free world. And Ron Dermer, I want to thank you for your time. Please give our best to the prime minister and all the people over there who who are fighting the good fight. Let me put it that way. God bless you, my friend. We know that our victory, which we’re going to achieve, is America’s victory. All the forces that hate you hate us. We’re going to defeat Hamas in Gaza, defeat the Iranian axis. And I think that’s going to be good for peace and prosperity in this region in the future. But we have to finish this job, and we will not allow any international organization or any decision around the world to handcuff the state of Israel. 80 years ago, as the prime minister said on Holocaust Memorial Day, which was two or three weeks ago, he said we were totally alone. No one was there to help us, no matter what decision or what pressure is going to be brought to bear. We’re going to do whatever we have to do to protect our people. And the war that we are waging will be prosecuted until the war is won. For our sake, for your sake and for civilization sake. And 80% of the American people, by the way, agree with that. God bless you, my friend.

Segment 4
You folks realize that this mass murderer who died in the helicopter should be applauded. Or at least keep their mouths shut in our government. But they gave their condolences officially. The Biden administration, the same administration that warning them white Netanyahu to the White House. The same administration that trashes Netanyahu left and right openly and behind his back, gives condolences to the president of Iran or excuse me, the ex-president of Iran, who slaughtered thousands. He was the lead judge during the revolution, summarily ordering the execution of thousands and thousands and thousands of people who understand this. And we gave our condolences. When we come back, the Trump trial and massive new revelations. You get to hear this. We’ll be right back.