May 15th, 2024

May 15th, 2024

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden campaign thinks they are clever – agree to and give conditions for a Presidential debate to try and change the subject from inflation, high gas prices, housing costs, interest rates, and pro-Hamas college students.  Biden wants to control the debate setting and control how the questions are answered. There should be some conditions placed on Biden like the debate must be before his bedtime at 6 pm and he needs to leave his false teeth at home. CNN announced Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as moderators for the debate. Tapper is not a journalist and Bash is just as bad.  Out of all the moderators they pick these two? Later, Robert Costello, Michael Cohen’s former lawyer, testified to Congress about Cohen’s lies to the grand jury. Cohen is a master manipulator; he creates the crisis and then tries to fix it. Also, we see what Benjamin Netanyahu is up against. Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran they can defeat. They can’t defeat a backstabbing president who’s doing everything he can to destroy Israel. Finally, Biden plans an executive order to shut down the border once crossings reach 4,000 per day, despite saying he needs Congress to act. Biden has had years to close this border, it’s too late now, millions of illegals are here.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Well, well, well. Welcome, America. Biden regime and the Biden campaign. Oh, 877-381-3811. They think they’re very clever. They put out conditions for a debate. They figured Trump wouldn’t except they put these conditions out to try and change the subject. From inflation, skyrocketing grocery costs. Gasoline costs. Automobile costs. Housing costs. Interest rates inflation. pro-Hamas and the rest. And so. I’ll read those conditions to you shortly, but I have therefore decided there should be some conditions. Better placed on Biden. So here are my conditions. Number one. By must leave his false teeth in the glass on the bathroom sink. Number two. Biden must not take any performance enhancing drugs within 24 hours of the debate. Number three? Before the debate, Biden must demonstrate he can walk a straight line without tipping over. Number four, no bathroom breaks. Biden will have to rely on his depends. Number five, the first time Biden slows his speech, he will be forced to take a breathalyzer test. Number six. I must be required to spell words he actually uses like democracy, autocracy. And Netanyahu. Number seven. Debate must be held before Biden’s 6 p.m.. Bedtime number eight and Biden touches a little girl or snips her hair, he will be immediately disqualified. Think. We think, Mr. Bridges. I think I should add a few more before I post them, don’t you? Matter of fact, Mr. Cochran, you’re you awake out there? Is it, Stephane? A question. Christian, open the call board. Any suggestions without cuss words. I have never done this before, but I am really curious on debate conditions. That should be imposed on Joe Biden. What do you think, Mr. Producer? Here’s the conditions that the Biden regime. Place on having a debate. They thought they’re very clever. Immediately, Trump said, Okay. But they’re still bad. You can see these are conditions that all help Joe Biden. Let’s see. Here we are. Let me get this here. I’m reading this from Fox News. No audience. Now, what is that typical of his campaign rallies? No audience. She Biden’s very uncomfortable when people are actually in front of him watching. Biden’s campaign heavily criticized. The Presidential Debate Commission from making debates huge spectacles with large audiences. In its letter to the organization. So you’re always trashing everybody else. The new debates between Trump and Biden must take place in a television studio with just the candidates and the moderator present. The debate should be conducted for the benefit of the American voters watching on television and at home. That is entertainment for an in-person audience with raucous or disruptive partisans and donors who consume valuable debate time with noisy speeches of approval or jeering. Yeah, come on now. He’s the bubble president. You know, he’s he’s the bubble man. As was the case with the original, original televised debate in 1960. A television studio with just the candidates and moderators as a better, more cost efficient way to proceed, focused slowly on the interests of the voters, the campaign wrote. That was the original debate anyway. I’ve always argued for a Lincoln-Douglas format. Now, what else? Biden says the debate must be one versus one, with no third party candidates aimed at Robert f Kennedy Jr. A longshot independent candidate who’s nevertheless made his presence known in polls. Not only that, but Kennedy has been shown to be more effective at leaching Democratic voters than Republican ones, making him an outsize threat to Biden. So Biden, as always, is trying to condition the debates. He wants Trump put in prison. He wants to clear the field. The debate should be one on one. You say, allowing voters to compare the only two candidates with any statistical chance of prevailing in the Electoral College and not squandering debate time on candidates with no prospect of becoming president, wrote his campaign. Kennedy condemned the requirement in a post on Twitter, accusing both Trump and Biden of colluding to block him from the debate stage. By the way, if you notice, Mr. Producer, some conservatives in the media, Houston brace Kennedy and promote Kennedy. I never did. I never liked the guy. I told you what he was. Now all of a sudden have turned on. Have you noticed that? So weird. He was on all these shows. And I said, What are you giving this guy face time? You know what? He’s a radical leftist. How about. Mark, I’m right. No, no. But I guess they learned their lesson hard, as they always do. Limited news outlets. Biden’s demands limit the number of major news outlets that can host a 2024 presidential debate. It should be hosted by any broadcast organization that hosted a Republican primary debate in 2016 at which Donald Trump participated in a Democratic primary debate in 2020 in which President Biden participated. You know, they must have worked on this for like five days, Mr. Peters. How can we make demands that help our candidate? And yet sounds so reasonable. So neither campaign can assert that the sponsoring organization is obviously unacceptable. This from the campaign. If both candidates had previously debated on their airwaves, then neither could object to such a venue, the campaign said. This rule set limits the networks listen to this that can actually host a debate. Two CNN, ABC, CBS or Telemundo. What a fascist pig this guy is. Seriously? No audience. Only the media he likes. Got it so far. Candidates mikes must mute after time expires. Biden’s campaign blasted the Presidential Debate Commission for allowing extensive crosstalk and interruptions during the 2020 debates between Trump and Biden. They now demand that both candidates microphones be muted once they’re allotted speaking, time expires. Now, the problem with that is this isn’t. Oxford University debating rules. This is a presidential debate and some of the smartest lines come off the cuff during the interaction. He wants no interactions, none. There should be firm time limits for answers and alternate turns to speak so that the time is evenly divided. And we have an exchange of views, not a spectacle, a mutual interruption. A candidate’s microphone should only be active when it is his turn to speak to promote adherence to the rules and orderly proceedings. Wants to control the setting. Wants to control who asked the questions. It is which media can appear friendly Left wing Biden. Democrat Party Media. Runs to control how. The questions are, aren’t you? No direct interaction. The letter to the president at the commission criticized the organization of being unable or unwilling to enforce the rules in the 2020 debates. The result was far from indeed entirely inconsistent with the orderly and informative process the voters deserved in 2020 and should be able to expect in 2024. They were. While Trump has accepted Biden’s debate offer despite the restrictions. The first encounter scheduled for January 27 is to be hosted by CNN. Trump said. I’m ready willing to debate Crooked Joe at the two proposed times in June. In September, I would strongly recommend more than two debates and for excitement purposes, a very large venue. Although Biden is supposedly afraid of crowds because he doesn’t get them. Just tell me when I’ll be there. Let’s get ready to rumble. Hmm. Well, guess who the two debate moderators will be at that CNN debate should it happen, Mr. Bridges? Jake TAPPER and Dana Bash. The two masters. Jake TAPPER is a phony fraud and a fake. Dana Bash has the IQ of a squirrel. Gee, that won’t be too biased. That won’t be too biased, Right? Fake. Right, Basher Mohammed, Dana Bash and Jake TAPPER. Well, you get the point. So we’ll take a few calls. People have ideas. Keep it clean. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
If Biden says inflation was 9% when he entered office, he’ll get slapped with a rubber ducky. Why does that make you laugh if you think that’s funny? Well, we have two callers. We’ll do our best here. We have Phil Staten Island, New York, the great WABC. Phil, what do you have, baby? How about they should make sure he doesn’t have an earpiece in his ear? I think he actually does have a hearing aids, by the way. So how would you know the difference? Well. Well, maybe it’s hooked up to Bluetooth. You never know. All right, Phil, let’s go to Brian in southern New York. Where’s Southern New York? XM satellite, anyway. Go ahead, Brian. Westchester County. That’s where you go. I think you should. I think you should be forced to wear a polygraph. And the guys there probably take a polygraph reader to be given that thumbs up or that head shake with every statement he makes. It’s not a bad idea. Thank you. Tony, New Jersey. Yeah. What do you got, Tony? Hi, Mark. He definitely needs to get rid of his nasal congestion. Nevada nose cleaner. It’s disgusting. And the large nose clear. What the hell is that? Oh, I’ve seen that commercial. Oh, yes. That’s where you squirt water in your nose or something. Yeah, he always sounds like he’s like a dirty old man. But how do you know? He just sounds like it. How do you know he isn’t? One of my rules here. If he touches. A little girl or sniffs their hair. He is disqualified. You agree with that one? Yes. Remember, I’ll get you my little pretty. That dirty old man. Yes. Yes. I laughed in years ago. How about this? We do a test to see if he has his wits. We hide Easter eggs and see if he can find any. What about that one? Yeah, He sounds like an Easter egg, that’s for sure. Oh, my God. Thank you, Mr. Producer. What’s an Easter egg smell? It smell bad? I don’t know. I happen to like hardboiled eggs. One of the reasons I like Easter. People die. The things I crack the shell open and I eat the egg. Yes. All right, one more. It’s not going well. NAYLOR We went to southern New York. Now we go to upstate New York. How are you? I’m well, thank you. It’s great to talk to you. God bless you. And thank you for all that you do. So I had a few ideas for a couple of my shit, man. Yeah. For this debate. The first being that Biden must wear a lie detector test like we just had a gentleman say that. Just said that. So we’re like mine on that one is. I second that. The other demand would be in the front row audience. Family members, particularly their children. Of all of those who’ve died and the families that have suffered from his policies to the from the withdrawal in Afghanistan to the open borders and all his numerous other policies that have cost American lives to be my two huge, big, serious, big demand. Good. Very good. I agree with that. How about this, Mr. Producer? The debate must be held. Where should the debate be held? It’s what I was thinking, like in El Paso, McAllen, Texas. I think at least one of the moderators. Should be able to speak second language like Biden gibberish, don’t you? It would be kind of fun. All right. See here, we’ve got a lot going on here. Biden in a video message today about the debate, boy, were they ready? They had their list of demands and then they had a video and he thinks he’s funny. But if anything, this underscores the politicization of the cases against Trump. Cut one, Go. Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020, and he hadn’t shown up for debate. Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again. Makes my day, pal. I’ll even do it twice. So let’s pick the dates, Donald. I hear you three on Wednesday’s not funny. That’s funny. What a jackass. Michael Tyler, the Biden campaign spokes idiot. Cut to go. So you say no live audience. You want it in a television studio without an audience. Does that mean if the Trump campaign insists on an audience no deal? Listen, I think the Trump campaign made their proposal very clear when Donald Trump said he’d be willing to debate any time, anywhere, any place. And so what we want and what we have laid out is that we want to do this sooner rather than later. We should do it in June after a criminal trial is likely to have concluded and after the president returns from the G-7 summit, it should be, yes, in studio with no audience so that the candidates can clearly articulate their vision of the country. All right. Thanks for nothing. No audience, handpicked media. Limited time, no open mics during the breaks, no live audience, Mr. Producer. But Biden must at least pretended he’s alive, don’t you think? I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Well, Nancy Pelosi, you know, you look at her, she has to be put together every morning, don’t you think, Mr. Producer? But the teeth and the skin and the hair and listen to that. Like a mechanical doll. She has two people. Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! So of course, the constipated News network asks her. What do you think about this? Cut through ego. I myself would never recommend going on the stage with Donald Trump, but the president has decided that’s what he wants to do. I think the format he is suggesting is a good one. I think you also have separate town hall meetings with them. Let them challenge them with questions about the future and let the public make its decision. She’s slowing down and she sound like she’s out of breath. Either that or she’s like eating a gumball or something. I’m curious and I’m quite serious about this. When you look at the average age of the Democrat Party leadership. Some of the Republicans, too, by the way. But you got Pelosi there and Schumer. You got the Stalinist there, Bernie. I wonder if they’ve increased the number of cardiologists on Capitol Hill. You know, because. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the poll numbers recently, we don’t do a lot of poll stuff, but it’s hard to ignore it completely in these battleground states. According to The New York Times, The Holocaust denying New York Slimes. Look pretty good for Trump. Now, the reason I don’t tout this stuff as are often wrong, and even more than that, the Democrats are liars when it comes to electoral processes. They change the systems. They help themselves in this. There’s no dispute. Excuse me. No dispute. They’ve been doing it literally. Since right before the Democrat Party. What am I talking about? Aaron Burr and so forth. So it’s not new. It’s just bad. So, Joe Scarborough, always, always on the ball. Morning, Joe. Morning, Joe. Isn’t that a weird name, Mr. Producer? Is that called Evening Joe or Nighttime Joe? Is that like a suggestion? You understand what I’m saying? Ooh, that’s kind of grotesque now that I think about it. Morning Schmo. But he’s mad. Let’s hope he doesn’t take it on a Mika cut for a go. And then finally, about two weeks later, after the residue of the New York Times Siena poll leaves, people go, Oh, I think Joe Biden’s on a winning streak. And then two weeks later, it comes out again and it’s garbage. It’s an outlier. And yes, The New York Times, when they have all of this, really, it’s not an outlier. It’s right there with the Real Clear Politics average. Sounds like he’s an election denier, Mr. Peters. And he’s very frustrated that he gets that sort of the Joe Biden look, the little beady eyes that get squinty a bulbous nose gets particularly. Erected. May I say that? Mickey even looks like him. Like the hell’s he doing? Morning, Joe. You don’t look like Morning Joe. Go ahead in the methodology when they’re calling like 20% of of the people, likely voters who have never voted before or didn’t vote in the last two primaries when they’re when they’re going to have a pollster expert here, he’s all worked up down on these pop up. Here’s the thing. Joe is never understood and he’s not alone. There’s a whole conga line just like him standing right behind him. Your audience is. Craving information that is accurate. Treat your audience with respect. This is why MSNBC has such bad ratings and CNN has no ratings. CNN was the first news organization they destroyed themselves. MSNBC. Actually predates Fox as part of NBC. They can’t beat Fox and they never will. They beat themselves. Because they’re so awful, they’re so unprofessional. And so get this. Squealing, you know, anger. The New York Times needs to fall into line. It will just a matter of time. It will. But not yet. Scott at least pretended it’s real organization. Here’s the article The Hill CNN has selected anchors Jake TAPPER and Dana Bash about the are so awful. So off I have. On a regular basis provided you about information on both Heather and Taylor’s real Hillary. anti-American. Heather Self-hating. How they lie about Trump and lie about the border. To moderate the first presidential debate of the 2024 cycle between President Biden and former President Trump. You know who ought to moderate this debate, Mr. Producer? Me. I should moderate this debate. But there’s no way Biden in the media would agree to it. But they would agree to. TAPPER And. BASH And I’ll think about it. Seriously. You know how much I love my buddy, Hugh Hewitt. Hugh Hewitt, as you know, is a RINO who supported Ford over Reagan in 76, was pretty weak on Trump, but had look like he’s a friend of mine. Rhino or not, he’s a friend. We go back a long time into the Reagan administration. Which eventually served, even though he supported Ford. I got it. He’s a rhino. I know. And he does a decent job at these various debates. I would do a better job. I would do a better job. No brag, just fact and going again. Do a good job. CNN is the first of two debates Biden and Trump agreed to Wednesday with a second planned for September hosted by ABC. See what I mean? Hosted by ABC. ABC is yet to announce moderators. Well, they got it. Why don’t they say, like AOC and Talib? That would be very fitting. TAPPER host the lead on CNN on weekdays. So they have to tell you what he does because nobody knows. 90% of America. Who’s Jake TAPPER? What the hell is that? Jake TAPPER, What’s he dance or something? Is he kind of a nude male dancer? Jake TAPPER. The hell is that? Any house the lead, which is an ironic name. The lead. Like you’re in first place. He hosts. The loser because he never wins in the ratings. So here they take a guy. There’s not a journalist. He’s an America hater and Israel hater and self hater. And here he is pushing Hamas numbers. Well, that’s a good journalist. Let’s use him. And then Dana Bash is just as bad. She’s a Bernie Sanders lover. He’s a Stalinist. Let’s lose her. They’ve been trashing Donald Trump right up to today, trashing. Now they’ll pull back a little. Moderators. The moderators, it’s not a moderator. It’s like this. Judge Machan It’s not a judge. Let me continue. So Jake TAPPER hosts The Lead. Honest to God, I didn’t know the name of a show, did you? You did the leap. Not to egomaniacal. He’s become known for his pointed questioning of lawmakers. No, no, no. That’s not what he’s known for. He’s known for being a sap. The Democrats. And a hack against Republicans. He also hosted CNN’s Sunday public affairs show State of the Union, or as I call it, state of confusion. I always call that speech to confuse. I heard a funny guy on Fox actually used that line, Mr. Producer, yesterday. Now, that said, nobody watches that either. Nobody matches herself a fixture on CNN. That’s about right. I would call her a fixture, too. Like a light fixture. Same IQ. Low wattage like Bob. She’s a fixture currently hosting Inside Politics. What does that mean? No, I know. It’s the name of the show inside. What does it mean? She’s an insider. She knows politics. She’s a regular contributor to the network’s election night and other major political event coverage. She’s a hack. She’s a leftist. She’s a low IQ her prior to Cunard. Don’t start. I have no idea what the hell that is, and I don’t want anything to do with that. Well, how about IQ cue, Ira? That’s what she is. So all the moderators in the country that you could choose and they don’t all have to be in the media, do they? At CNN and ABC and NBC. Of all the moderators, you pick these two dolts. But of course Biden does. Jake TAPPER grew up in a town next to my town, Mister producer, I believe it was Abington Township outside of Philadelphia. I grew up in Cheltenham Township. Which is a little closer to Philadelphia, but Cheltenham and Abington border each other. I know what kind of a liberal Democrat is the worst kind. I saw them with my own two eyes. Now that I wear glasses, I see them on my own forearms. I know what he is. Dana Bash. I grew up with her likes as well. I know what she is. Low IQ. Low IQ. The socialite. Got to get the questions right. When it comes to Trump. When it comes to Trump. But that’s the best we can do in America. So they have dumbed down journalism, they’ve dumbed down the moderators and they’ve dumbed down the debates. Now, Trump had to say yes because, number one, he’s itching to do it. And Amber, too. They wanted to pretend. They wanted to pretend that Trump would say no, you know. But he said yes. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Robert Costello is a former lawyer to Michael Cohen. How much time do I have here, Rich? Not enough, but we’ll start. Let’s start this. And he’s asked about Cohen and Cohen’s testimony. And here’s what Cohen’s former lawyer, Costello, has to say. Cut six, go, obviously. And we started to talk about the NDAs. And this is the very first meeting at the Regency Hotel when, by the way, Rudy Giuliani was not involved in representing Donald Trump at that time, whom testified that it was a conspiracy between Giuliani and Costello as of this date. Totally false. In any event, he also said that he didn’t discuss the Stormy Daniels matter with us, and he certainly did. I specifically asked him because he kept on going back saying, I can’t believe they’re trying to put me in jail for these NDAs. So I said, Michael, tell me about the NDA. Tell me about Stormy Daniels. What did you do? He said, I got a call from from a lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, who represented that she was going to testify that Donald Trump had sex with Stormy Daniels. Michael Cohen said, I didn’t believe the allegation, but I knew that such an allegation would be terribly embarrassing. He said it would be embarrassing. He focused on Melania Trump. He said, I didn’t want to embarrass Melania Trump. He said, that’s why I decided to take care of this on my own. I went back to that several times. You did this on your own? On my own. Did Donald Trump have anything to do with it? No. Did you get the money from Donald Trump? No. From any of his organizations? No. From anybody connected to Donald Trump? No. Where did you get the money? I took out a Hillary loan against my property. Why would you do that? He said I didn’t want anybody to know where I got this money. I didn’t want Melania to know. I didn’t want my own wife to know because she’s in charge, he said of the Cohen family finances. He said if she saw money coming out of my account, she asked me 100 questions and I didn’t want to answer any of them. It was clear after talking to him for several days after that, whenever we talked on the phone or in my office, that he kept on bringing up the subject, that he felt he was betrayed by not being brought down to Washington, D.C. This guy thought he said to me that he should have been attorney general of the United States or at least the chief assistant to the president. Ludicrous. But that’s what he thought. And he was very angry about that. He wanted to do something to put himself back into the inner circle of Donald Trump. That’s why he took care of this on his own. There had to be a motivation. Michael Cohen is always working for things that benefit himself, and that’s what he was doing here. That’s completely different to what he said that he told the grand jury. That’s completely different to what he’s testifying to in New York. Nobody has heard this side of the equation. That is amazing. And a mr. Producer that was in Congress today. At a hearing, right? I hope the president’s lawyers hear this. This is a respected former federal prosecutor. A respected. Top tier private attorney. I think he worked with or used to work with Rudy Giuliani. This is a real serious lawyer. He said something else. I’m going to play after the break. We don’t have enough time in this segment, unfortunately. Listen to how articulate. Listen to how detailed and specific. Listen to how. Condemnatory. He is Michael Cohen. This is a. Remarkable witness. Now, the question is for the defense. How far do they want to go? Because between us, they already they already won the case. I don’t know. I would like to hear from him on the stand. It seems to me I would like the jury to hear from him, too. We’ll be right back.