May 10th, 2024

May 10th, 2024

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, who the hell does Joe Biden think he is? Who the hell does he think he is to tell the Israelis that they cannot defeat Hamas, who has said again and again that they want to wipe out the Jewish population in Israel? Who the hell does he think he is to be funding Iran, Hamas, the Houthis, and Hezbollah, arming them with our money, with money from oil sales?  Who the hell does he think he is to tell the Jewish people in Israel whether they get to live or whether they get to die? Biden says he provided weapons to Israel; he hasn’t provided a damn thing to Israel. Congress provides weapons to Israel. Biden is the one violating the Impoundment Act and the Constitution by withholding it. When Donald Trump says if you’re Jewish and you vote for Biden there’s something wrong with you – he’s exactly right. That is suicide.  Biden and Antony Blinken funded October 7th. Donald Trump was destroying Iran, he bankrupted Iran.  Biden and Blinken came into office and armed Iran. Also, you can’t be a settler or occupier in your own land. “The Jewish people’s 3,800-year history in and tied to their ancestral homeland is memorialized in the Hebrew Bible and other writings. Archaeological findings throughout this tiny land confirm the centuries of history of the Jewish people in their land.” Later, the most important aspect of a free society is a predictable rule of law that’s applied equally. This is being destroyed by what’s taken place in the Manhattan courtroom with Donald Trump.  The gag rule exists for the government, not the defendant. Trump needs to be able to speak to the press. Everything that’s taken place in that courtroom is diabolical. Finally, Rep Byron Donalds calls in to explain that Biden is making kneejerk decisions based on votes in Michigan.  For political reasons Biden is withholding aid to Israel that Israel already paid for and that Congress approved. Biden is doing grave damage to the office of the presidency.

Levin Unloads On Biden: Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I promise to get to some calls in our three. Well, there’s a lot going on, a lot to talk about on this Friday. And we never take our foot off the gas pedal here. But something I said last night on HANNITY has, I’m told, goes viral. I don’t really pay attention to that. But people are telling me throughout the United States on various platforms. Throughout the state of Israel. What did I say? Well, take a listen. And you’ll hear what I said last night, and I’ll tell you how I came to make the statements that I made last night on HANNITY. Go. You know, we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. My grandfather was three or four at the time. He joined the Marine Corps. He wound up finding it. He was Jima, his buddy, his brother in law, my great Uncle Teddy. He joined the Marines the same day and he wound up fighting in Guam and the Solomon Islands. My family, we are red blooded Americans. We love this country to the core. But I want to speak to you in a few minutes here that we have is not just a red blooded patriotic American, but a person of the Jewish faith. And I want to speak to Joe Biden directly. Who the hell do you think you are? Who the hell do you think you are? To use these blood libels against the Jewish people that they are indiscriminately murdering Palestinian civilians. When you spew the lies or the Hamas terrorists against the Jews and unleash anti-Semitism in this country, around the world like we’ve never seen before. Who the hell do you think you are to tell a democracy the Jewish people that elected this government? You don’t like their government. They you don’t like their prime minister that they need to remove and then place him with some clown or lapdog that you prefer? Who the hell do you think you are to tell the Israelis that they cannot defeat Hamas, which has said proven again and again that they want to wipe out the Jewish population in Israel? Who the hell do you think you are to be funding Iran and Hamas and the Hutus and Hezbollah arming them with our money? With money from oil sales? Who the hell do you think you are? You say you provide weapons to Israel. You haven’t provided a damn thing to Israel. Congress provides weapons to Israel. You’re the one violating the Empowerment Act and the Constitution by withholding it. Who the hell do you think you are dictating to the Jewish people who survived The Babylonians, the Persians, the Romans, and the Third Reich? Telling them that they cannot wipe out Hamas, which is committed to the evisceration of their population. Who the hell do you think you are to exploit the Jews here at home by going to sacred property, the Holocaust Museum or Memorial as a political stunt while secretly behind the back of the Jewish state? You’re cutting off arms. Who the hell do you think you are when your party, your Democrat donors whip up anti-Semitism all across this country and you don’t tell them to stop and you don’t send the U.S. Marshals in there so the Jewish kids can go to school and you don’t direct the FBI to cut off this foreign funding from Qatar. Your buddies at Qatar, your brother’s buddies at Qatar. Who the hell do you think you are to tell the Jewish people in Israel whether they get to live or whether they get to die? I am sick and tired of you. I am sick and tired of your propaganda. I am sick and tired of your exploitation of the Jews in this country. You think that Bernie Sanders, a self-hating Jew or Thomas Friedman or Anthony Blinken represent the Jewish people in Israel? You think the Jewish billionaires that fund you and your party represent the Jewish people in Israel? Let me tell you something, pal. You’re dead wrong. Your exploitation of the Jews. Your lies. I’m a Zionist. I’m ironclad with Israel. And you’re a little propagandist, Kirby. And the rest? I’ve had it up to here with you people. The Jews have survived more than you. The Babylonians, the Persians, the Romans, and the Third Reich. You’re a pitch geek. They’re going to fight Hamas. They’re going to defeat Hamas. Whether they are you and Blinken and your party and the rest of the reprobates, like it or not. And when Donald Trump says if you’re Jewish and you vote for Blinken, something wrong with you, you better believe it. That is suicide. You’re voting with the very people who are marching in the street who want your extermination. Wake up, America. And let me say this. Speaking of America, I want to thank the American people, 80% of whom support Israel, 70% of whom support Israel, wiping out Hamas. God bless each and every one of you. Diverse backgrounds, all colors, all religions. You understand? You understand good from evil. You understand barbarians who slaughter women and children who do things that are unimaginable. Which is why the media won’t show what took place on October seven. Joe Biden and Blinken funded October seven. Donald Trump was destroying Iran. He bankrupt Iran. They didn’t have arms. Biden and Blinken coming off office, they arm them. They give sustenance to Hamas and Hezbollah. They violate the Teller force act. They’re paying the Palestinian Liberation Organization. BIDEN Why don’t you condemn the Nazis that run Iran, the Nazis that run Hamas, the Nazis, that run Hezbollah by name? You know their names. Rather than trashing the Jewish elected leader of Israel. Why don’t you name them? Look at their human rights abuses. Why don’t you give a damn? You stand there with the King of Jordan twice. You know what the king of Jordan does to his people? You know how many people he’s executed. You know how many people he’s thrown in prison, including a stepbrother. You know anything about him? You know about Sisi in Egypt or a moderate Arab moderate? He slaughters people. He imprisons people. He cuts off free speech. You understand Biden, who you’ve thrown in with against the Jewish people in Israel. I have nothing but contempt for this man. My father was right. He was 17 when he joined the Army after after Pearl Harbor. We grew up in Philadelphia, right next door to Biden. And he always said to me, that is a bad man. BIDEN Do not trust that man. I don’t trust him. I have nothing but contempt contempt for him. Well, that apparently is going viral everywhere. I don’t know why, but there it is. You know, I told you I was going to be on HANNITY last night. And from where we live to that studio, it’s not that far at all. And I was thinking, What should I say? What should I say? Well, both my father and mother want me to say. I know what they would tell me. Expose this bastard for what he is. That’s what my mother and father would tell me. And I’ve had about enough of this. Israel. The perpetrators. Israel. The oppressors. Israel. The mass murders. Using Hamas’s numbers. They keep lying. There standing on hallowed ground, the Holocaust Memorial. And there he is, knowing full well as he’s talking about the Holocaust. They put a hold on armaments that Israel needs to win the war against Hamas. What kind of a cynical. Crazed perverse politician does that Biden. Biden doesn’t. The greatest threat Israel faces today is Biden. It’s not even the terrorists. They can deal with them. It’s Biden. I heard a friend of mine sound Fox, a dear friend, who said the Israelis have to stop relying on us. For support with armaments because they’re unreliable. He’s right about that. The problem is, as we’ve talked about, it’s a tiny country with a very small population. It’s got an economy. That was strong. Now it’s on its back as a result of the war. But it can’t build a military industry the way that a large country like the United States can. But it’s worse. You know, I notice that Democrats in the media are saying, well, you know, in 1981, Reagan withheld some fighter jets from Israel. Al Haig did. But let me tell you what Reagan did not do. Reggae did not. The day before Biden administration announced, as our friend Adam Credo reports that Free beacon. That would withhold weapons from Israel. Issued sanctions waivers to allow arms sales to Qatar and Lebanon. You believe that ring did not. From the Iranians. The Iranians feared Reagan. Reagan did not fund the terrorists. Biden has. And I could go on and on and on with this week. Ridiculous comparison. Let’s talk about impeachment. I don’t want to go over in this segment. So let me let me circle back right after the break and let me talk about this. We’ve talked about it before, the empowerment of funds, impeachment. Nixon. Trump. I understand that a. That articles of impeachment. We’re filed today. We’ve tried to get Corey Mills on this program, Mr. Producer. Tommy did. We can’t even get an answer from that office. I don’t really need them to tell me how this works. It’s going to thank them, but we’ll move on. The fact of the matter is, this is necessary. And I’ll get into this in a moment. We’ll be right back.

Segment 2
As we’ve discussed at length, and I’m going to do it tomorrow on Life, Liberty and Levin in my opening. We have great guests and I hope you’ll watch. The Empowerment Act was passed originally in 1974. There was a constitutional conflict. With the overwhelmingly Democrat House and Senate and the Republican president, Richard Nixon. I’ve always felt Nixon was targeted by the Democrats, by the media for doing things. That Lyndon Johnson had done. The John Kennedy had done, The Franklin Roosevelt had done. But he was targeted. Well, he released tax returns. Exactly. Those three presidents did that. Well, he covered up wrongdoing that exactly those three presidents did, that he secretly recorded people in the Oval Office. Exactly. Those three presidents did that. Franklin Roosevelt being the first. And I go on and on. But that for another day. So the statute was passed. It was challenged. By Nixon. The court has ruled it’s an ambiguous area under the Constitution. Yes, of course, Congress has the right to pass bills, including budget bills. But a president’s in charge of executing. Can they force him the execute? The answer is with very rare exceptions, yes. Otherwise, the thinking goes that eviscerates Congress’s role. Right. Passing budgets and determining. Debt levels and borrowing levels and so forth and so on. So it’s actually a good idea. Because you don’t want to eviscerate the core function of the of the Congress. And so we have this case. We’ve talked about it. Tom Cotton wrote beautifully about it. We have this case, of course, the impeachment of Donald Trump over Ukraine. The Democrats. Well, they accused Donald Trump. Withholding funds from Ukraine for political purposes because he wanted them to investigate Biden. Of course it’s a lie. Did he withhold funds? Yes. Obama had withheld funds. In fact, you might recall the famous video that’s only been played 412 million times. Joe Biden threatening the prosecutor in Ukraine. He didn’t lay a barrister where his son worked. Well, not really worked. Was on the board getting money. But the United States will pull billions of dollars from Ukraine. All that said. The Democrats set the precedent. Now, what does this. Empowerment Act say it doesn’t even say there needs to be a quid pro quo. Even though the author the impeachment. Articles. I just saw him on TV saying that that exists and he’s right about that. But it doesn’t even require that. The GAO did a report in 2020 just in time for Donald Trump’s impeachment. And what did it say? A GAO report said. The president cannot lawfully withhold funds that have been appropriated by Congress anymore. They can violate any other statute. President Ken Riley, the take care clause that we’ve talked about as well. He can undermine under separation of powers, the core function of Congress spending, taxing, borrowing and unilaterally make these decisions. About not spending money unless he has a real constitutional issue. But it specifically says it cannot be done for policy reasons. That’s also the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the take care clause. President has to enforce the laws. So here. But Biden has done. Quid pro quo. Yes, but even that aside, he’s withheld payments from Israel. Over a policy dispute with Congress over a policy dispute with Israel. That’s not good enough. That is a blatant violation of the empowerment statute that the take care clause of Congress’s powers, powers to determine how to spend and to pass legislation. It’s an impeachable offense.

Segment 3
Biden lifts the waivers for Lebanon and Qatar before he blocks and blocks the provision of armaments to Israel to destroy Hamas. Qatar has been funding Hamas. Qatar has been funding the riots by the Hitler Youth and our college campuses. Among others. Lebanon is the home of Hezbollah. Hezbollah controls Lebanon. Biden has violated the Teller Force Act. Teller Force was a young man, a veteran. Went to West Point, served his country in combat, went to Jerusalem and was murdered. They are peaceful Palestinian, quote unquote, who received his family a pension. From Abbas as a result of killing Americans and anybody else. That’s why Donald Trump and others supported the Teller Force Act. Joe Biden comes in office, he starts funding it again in violation of federal law. He lifts waivers immediately for Iran. As you well know by now, thanks to this show. $100 billion in sales, oil sales, around $10 billion in direct subsidies, $6 billion twice, once for hostage ransom payoffs. Parent. And keep in mind, the Iranian people don’t want their government. So Joe Biden is not only arming. A terrorist government that is building nukes. It is ensuring that the people of Iran continue to suffer, be raped, brutalised, summarily murdered. While he claims to care about citizens, he don’t care about our citizens on the southern border. He doesn’t care about the Iranian citizens. He sure as hell doesn’t care about the Israeli citizens. I’m tired of hearing about what he’s done for Israel and done anything Congress passes that he’s built. Nothing can be done without Congress’s consent. He showed up one day as president United States. Those decisions had already been made. My predecessors. No. What you don’t know is that Biden has place throughout his government, throughout his regime, Islamists. At the Defense Department, at the State Department, at the National Security Council. Islamists in our federal courts. He’s populating the swamp. With Islamists. Over Breitbart. Our buddy Joel Pollak has a piece. Biden’s National Security. National Security Council intelligence director may Hare. Beitar is a former radical pro-Palestinian activist. This is the man presumably has an office at the White House. National security intel director. Maher Bitar, the White House coordinator, coordinator for intelligence and defence policy at the United States National Security Council, was a radical pro-Palestinian activist and he leader within Students for Justice in Palestine. This is this Hamas front group. Think about. Think about this. What’s going on here? The SJP is one of the most prominent groups involved in the pro-Hamas Jew hating a camp and protests that have taken over dozens of university campuses. Its parent group is also the largest of a lawsuit by survivors and families of victims of October seven. The terror attack that alleges the Students for Justice in Palestine is a propaganda front for Hamas in the U.S., which, of course it is. Peter’s record is coming under closer scrutiny as Biden takes unprecedented action to undermine Israel’s war against the Hamas terrorists. Including withholding arms from Israel. Biden’s decision was applauded by representative. Jew hater. American hater. Marxist Islamist Ilhan Omar. Who has backed the radical protests, whose daughter was suspended from Barnard College for her role in radical protests at nearby Columbia University. Daniel Greenfield, great writer, wrote about bitters background in a 2021 article published by the Jewish News Syndicate. Great news platform. You wrote at the Palestinian Solidarity Movement, PZM at their conference in Georgetown in 26 excuse me, 2006. Peter had run a session describing how to best demonize Israel. Next year, he facilitated a Palestinian Students Society summit addressed by Joseph Massad. He’d call Israel a Jewish supremacy state. And he praised. Terrorism. I know it’s annoying, folks. For me too. Few years later, Petar could be found presenting at a CBO conference. Featuring some of the worst bigots like Rebecca Villa Commerson of J.F. Jay, VP, Jewish Folk for Peace. Another Marxist front group invited a terrorist to address the BDC group and Richard Falk. Produced a book which wondered whether Hitler might have been right after all. Peter, this is a guy that works for Biden, directly interned at the misnamed and militantly anti-Israel Foundation. For Middle East peace, studied at Oxford’s Refugee Studies Centre. He wrote papers on the so-called Nakba and on Palestinian activism, appeared to describe Israel’s security barrier as a segregation wall. UNWRA has been implicated in the October seven attacks, and Massad, who teaches at Columbia, praised those attacks. Our good friend columnist Carolyn Glick wrote in Israel Hayom that that time a bitter appointment by Biden. You understand this guy is the head of intelligence over the National Security Council. She said. This week, White House announced that Maha Beitar had been appointed to serve as the senior director for intelligence at the NSC. The position is one of the most powerful posts and the U.S. intelligence community. The senior director is the node to which all intelligence from all agencies flows. He decides what to share with the president and in the name of the President, determines priorities for intelligence, operations and collection. The senior director of intelligence also determines what information the U.S. intelligence community will share with foreign intelligence services. Likewise, he decides how to relate to information that foreign intelligence agencies share with America. Usually, the sensitive position is reserved for a CIA officer who is detailed in the National Security Council. But Bitar is not an intelligence professional. He is an anti-Israel political activist. Went outside the door of the Oval Office. Glick noted that. Peter’s master’s thesis at Oxford University was about the so-called Palestinian Nakba, which is how Palestinians now refer to the displacement of 700,000 people due to a war in which Arab states tried to destroy Israel at its founding. The Zionist Organization for America, the oldest pro-Israel group with us, also warned at the time a betters appointment that betters rise to a position of prominence at the White House meant, quote, anti-Israel hate occupies the top of the foreign policy establishment and is set to define the foreign policy. The Biden administration. Petar also played a key role in the first impeachment of President Trump. Imagine that working for Representative Adam Schiff on the House Intelligence Committee. Politico described guitarist a Schiff’s top legal adviser, quote unquote. These self-hating Jews are a disaster, are they not, Mr. Minister? He served as National Security Council director for Israeli and Palestinian affairs during the Obama administration as a deputy to Samantha Power while she was at the NSC. He also worked as a foreign affairs officer at the State Department. Bitter his close when national security adviser Jake Sullivan. From their time together at the State Department. Peter served as a senior member of the House impeachment team during Trump’s first impeachment. Alongside Dan Goldman, Remember that reprobate who worked as the impeachment managers, top lawyer and Goldman called Bitar a brilliant lawyer, and said his experience on the committee would give the new NSC insight into the changes in the intelligence community over the last four years. So he’s worked for. Adam Schiff and his work for Dan Goldman. Imagine that. Imagine that a guy that worked with the Students for Justice in Palestine, a Hamas front group. Were for two of the biggest reprobates in the house, both of whom are Jewish. The office of the Senior Director of Intelligence receives sensitive information that comes in from the intelligence agencies specially so hard copy form coordinates covert action activities between the White House and Intel community. So where the NSC houses the server that stores the most sensitive classified information. Peter’s current high level intelligence position of the National Security Council does not require. Senate confirmation. This was written yesterday by our man, Joel Pollak. Maher, Better White House coordinator for intelligence and Defense policy at the NSC. Who serves directly. Biden, Sullivan, and Blinken. And you have people like this. Throughout the Defense Department, intelligence agencies, the State Department and beyond. Thanks to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. What do you think about that, America? I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Boy, this show moves fast, doesn’t it? At least I think it does. Sky Malley Another one. Robert Malley, a well-known Marxist, in my view, a well known special pleader for Iran, in my view. He’s plucked of all the people they could pluck, they plucked him to be the special envoy to Iran. He brings in three individuals. We’ve talked about this at length. At least one of whom was exchanging emails with the Foreign Minister’s office and the foreign minister in Iran. Sharing speeches with them or locations they may go wondering if it was okay being waved off, particularly when it came to Israel by the foreign minister. Why would you pick Robert Malley? Well, he was picked by Antony Blinken. Why would you pick Antony Blinken? Pretty incredible, don’t you think? Well, he’s under investigation. It’s come out. We knew he was, but now he’s under formal FBI investigation. For the misuse of classified information. Now he doesn’t have any constitutional protections. Like President Trump. Jamal, you could not have mishandled classified information. Since he’s in charge of it. But that aside. What’s going to happen to Mellie? He downloaded, as the report goes, classified information. Through his private platforms minds me. Hillary Clinton must produce. Now, you would think this is a clear violation of the Espionage Act. Wouldn’t you? Said Malley and his team. Of reprobates. Negotiating with Iran. Special players for Iran. On nuclear weapons, making no progress whatsoever. And Iran will have a breakout in. My prediction has been after the election they will announce. You have this other guy I mentioned, Battier. He’s the top intelligence guy on the National Security Council. With a radical Israel hating past. I just see how he’s circulating in Washington with Adam Schiff. But Dan Goldman. Biden. Stunning. You have a secretary excuse me, of a State Department filled with Islamists and Jew haters. Always has been, by the way, but especially now. This is the Biden administration. This is why these policies. These policies come out. The Democrat Party, ladies and gentlemen. Has become a cancer on a body politic. It’s a poison. It’s the umbrella organization for the Marxists and the Islamists for the Hitler Youth. It’s an umbrella organization. That seeks to destroy our system of government, our economic system. That’s what they mean by fundamental. Transformation. Fundamental. Not reform. Fundamental transformation. Democrat Party. Could care less about its base. That is black people and brown people. The borders wide open. Why is it wide open? They’re displacing people in our inner cities, in particular resources that are going to illegal aliens, whether they’re credit cards. Places to sleep. Limited resources. They’re not going to American citizens in the inner cities. They’re going to foreigners who just walk across our border. Because the Democrat Party is about power, power and more power. That’s it. That’s it. And so it’ll throw in with the Islamists and the Hitler Youth. In fact, the Democrat billionaires funding it all. Throw in with Qatar and Hamas and communist China, they don’t do a fan dance with them. Perfectly fine. I’ll be right back.