April 23rd, 2024

April 23rd, 2024

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, what we are seeing take place at our colleges and universities, in our media, and our streets is not something spontaneous but something that is heavily funded and organized. It is coordinated by terrorist regimes and dark money groups who support the Democrat party; a web of organizations designed to confuse and conceal, where hundreds of millions of dollars in dark money is used to fund the pro-Hamas protests in our streets and fund terrorism around the world. The media in America have let us down as a country and have reported Hamas statistics while covering for the pro-Hamas demonstrations and anti-Semitism in the Democrat party. President Biden cannot criticize what is being done to Israel without also coming to the defense of the perpetrators because he is on the side of Hamas and Iran and not an ally of Israel. Also, what is being done to Donald Trump in Manhattan is an abhorrent Stalinist show trial with a slimeball judge issuing one gag order after another. Local district attorneys are not supposed to get involved in Federal matters, but in Trump’s case, D.A Alvin Bragg is splitting hairs over standard nondisclosure agreements.  There was no effort or intent to commit a Federal felony by Trump, but we have a politically corrupt justice system under the Biden Administration. Later, Mark is joined by MRC founder Brent Bozell to talk about the serial election interference being done by big tech companies like Facebook and Google censoring speech and news.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levine here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Basically, two big topics this evening. The president, what’s going on in Manhattan? And then what’s going on in our streets more broadly in America. Excuse me. And I want to start with the latter. What you are seeing taking place. And our universities are colleges. Even our media in on our streets is not. Something that is. Spontaneous in America. It’s something that’s been heavily funded. It’s something that’s being heavily organized by terrorists regimes around the world, by Hamas. And by dark money groups. Fronting. Listen to this for billionaire Democrats. I’m still amazed that people keep saying this is funded. It’s very well organized. The tents all look okay. Fine. I explained this on Saturday night’s program on FOX. And so we’re going to take some time to go over this. So you know exactly what’s going on. There’s actually more listeners to this program on the radio than any show on Fox or cable period. And so I want to get into this. Who’s funding these violent people at our universities? And they’re not all students. Let’s get started. 20 Go was in Israel last week, as you well know, and watched some of the activities that took place there as a result of the Biden administration policies of appeasement with Iran and intentionally funding Iran to the tune of over $100 billion. None of this would be happening if Donald Trump were president. Iran was broke on its back and about to be overthrown by its own people. But I keep hearing our own media news people ask these riots, these violent people at Columbia University or our other universities and in our streets and all the rest of it. Who’s funding these people? Who’s funding these people? You know, it’s funny thing. I thought it was the job of the media to figure out the who and why. So I’ll do it. And never again do I want to hear anybody in the media say who’s funding these people? First of all, I’ve done this before, but I’m going to do it tonight and I’m going to expand upon it. You want to know who’s funding this people? The Democrat Party. And the terrorist regimes. What? You have a fusion of Marxists, you have a fusion with Islamists, a complicated matrix, a network of Democrat party billionaires and millionaires and dark money. Including Soros, including the Tides Foundation, among others. And you have Hamas funding the Muslim Brotherhood and others, also a funding network, and Qatar, which is funding colleges and universities. In other words, the enemies of America. And this has had an enormous effect on our foreign policy toward Israel. Their attacks on Netanyahu, the goal to overthrow the Israeli government for the purpose of installing a puppet regime that will bend to the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party donors, Hamas and the enemy of Israel. And it’s all being done right in front of our eyes. And if we had a real media, you know a lot about it. So let me cobble this together from certain media reports and others and tell you what’s taking place here. Unheard, a fantastic site. Here’s a piece by Park MacDonald from just a few months ago. And I can’t read the whole thing. The division between the activist left and the party establishment is little more than a politically useful fiction. In reality, the radical Contras are bankrolled by the same nexus of progressive oligarchs and dark money that is, dark money slush funds that finance the party establishment. The DNC protest, for example, was organized by two progressive Jewish NGOs, Jewish Voice for Peace. And if not now, the same groups behind a rowdy pre cease fire protest at the US Capitol in which more than 300 people were arrested. Both groups are funded by an array of big money progressive donors, including George Soros, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation and the Tides Network. These are charitable wings of major financial institutions as well. Part of Vanguard Fidelity, Morgan Stanley. Another group called 1630 Fund. Another big group called Arabella Advisors, an umbrella group, a Democrat Party billionaire, millionaire group, the head of the octopus that pushes monies into these organizations. Soros, of course, is the most prominent individual Democrat donor in the country, personally spent 170 million to get Democrats elected in 2022 midterms. His nonprofit spent at least another 140 million Arabella Advisors is less well known, but may be just as influential. It’s run by Clinton World insider Eric Kessler, the for profit consultancy, manages a vast and opaque empire of funds and nonprofits aligned with the Democrat Party. Its role, in essence, is to allow wealthy donors to hide their donations, and they’re hiding hundreds of millions of dollars worth. Scratch a nationally prominent pro-Palestinian organization. And you’re likely to find Democratic oligarch money somewhere. The radicals of the Democratic establishment work together toward shared ends, even when they’re fighting. This is especially true when it comes to Israel. The Biden administration’s allegedly pro-Israel stance is more rhetoric than reality. A pose adopted to box critics into a corner constrain Israel’s ability to act independently of the United States and obscure the true nature of the White House’s Middle East policy. That policy, as Edward Luttwak wrote in these pages, is to fulfill Barack Obama’s ill conceived desire to distance the United States from Israel and Saudi Arabia and to reconcile with Iran. Plus at the same time as it is granting defense credits to Israel, the White House is also funding Iran. I want to thank our friend Charlie Kirk, who put it all together here. What are we talking about? John Kirby said the other day to Peter Doocy. We’re not doing that. What are you talking about? This guy, Kirby, is the worst of the propagandists. $10 billion. In November 2023, Biden regime approved a sanctions waiver that unlocks upwards of 10 billion in frozen funds of Iraqi payments to Iranian energy. 6 billion. September 20, 23. As part of a prisoner swap, Blinken ensured Iranian funds would be moved into into a restricted fund for humanitarian trade. Oh, yeah, right. 10 billion. July 2023 Blinken signed a national security waiver allowing Iraq to deposit payments for Iranian energy into non-Iraqi banks and third countries instead of into restricted accounts. 3.4 To go In August 2021, the IMF sent 3.42 billion to Iran in special drawing rights. The Biden administration had the authority to stop it, but did not. 80 plus billion. Since 2021, Iran’s oil exports have surged breaking records because the Biden administration has eased enforcement of sanctions, allowing an explosion in illicit purchases mostly to communist China, 3.8 billion since 2021. Iran turned to the sale of petrochemicals to avoid a Trump era sanction. Sales have surged thanks to Biden 1.6 billion since 2021. The Trump administration imposed sanctions on Iran steel industry, which the Biden administration has not enforced. As Kirk says, the Biden administration says its commitment to Israel’s ironclad, but apparently so, is its commitment to funding Iranian terrorism, even on military matters. Continues the piece. The US has tried to split the difference between Israel and the Iranian axis of resistance since October seven, the latter, especially Iran and its prized proxy Hezbollah, has balanced vituperative criticism of Israel with claims that Hamas acted alone and demands that the US restrain Israel from escalating beyond Gaza. The White House has complied, demanding that Israel not carry out any significant operations against Hezbollah in Lebanon and leaking to the American press that it views Israel’s relations to Hezbollah daily cross-border attacks as an attempt by Jerusalem to create a pretext for a wider war that could draw the U.S. in. The US has, moreover, publicly backed the Iranian and Hezbollah claims that Hamas acted independently and without their knowledge. On October seven, despite early public assessments from former US intelligence officials that the sophistication and complexity of the attack was beyond what Hamas could do on its own. And it’s been proven that Hamas had the backing and training of Iran. The US, in other words, has effectively boxed Israel in, having been struck hard by an Iranian proxy. Israel can attempt to eliminate that proxy on an accelerated timetable at the cost of massive international outrage and to limited strategic benefit. But it is being prevented by us from taking any proactive measures to reestablish deterrence against Tehran even more recently. Same thing now, right in this, like the oligarch funded protests against Biden are somewhat less mysterious. They are, in fact, a useful form of kabuki. Biden pretends to be the best friend of Israel that Israel has ever had while the left pretends to hate him for it. Both sides benefit from Biden. Pressure from the left gives him leverage to turn around to the Israelis and say, You better listen to me or I’ll have to cave to my party’s flank. While offering his party’s Jewish and pro-Israel voters a show of the president’s resolute commitment to the Jewish state, even as he courts Iran. And this pose is especially important, justifying the latter policy since Americans remain overwhelmingly supportive of Israel and overwhelmingly hostile toward Iran and its terrorist proxies. The left, meanwhile, gets to demonstrate its principled independence from the Democratic establishment while setting the stage to extract concessions within the party and party adjacent bureaucracies set aside for Arab, Palestinian and Muslim staffers. A national strategy to counter Islamophobia presumably be administered by professional anti Islamophobia activists and a general resetting of the Overton Window for the next round of conflict. Plus, there’s the continued channeling of nominally anti-system energies into a web of party controlled nonprofits. All right. This is where I want us to stop. A web of party controlled nonprofits. Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. Ladies and gentlemen, in dark money. That is being used. To fund these riots, this violence. Marxists and Islamists. Hamas set up the Students for Justice in Palestine, which is on over 200 campuses. Which is leading. These movements on these campuses. They’re all coming together, all these organizations. It’s a as I said in the program and I’m saying now, it is a complex network and web. Of organizations set up purposely to confound and confuse. And I want to discuss it further when we return. But you can see the impact. You can see the impact and Joe Biden’s propaganda against Netanyahu, his propaganda against the state of Israel, his use of Hamas statistics. Blinken today issuing a report on human rights around the war world has as its number one abuser, the state of Israel, not. Not North Korea. Now what it’s done to its people, not China and the Wiggers and the massive murder of those individuals. And I could go on and on. No, no, no, no. It’s Israel. Israel is at the front of the report. Its 103 page report I just looked at. Israel’s under constant, unrelenting attack by this administration, by the State Department, by John Kirby, under unrelenting attack by CNN and MSNBC and the Islamists that work for them are the Islamic sympathizers. I work for them. The New York Times and The Washington Post. They’ve created this environment of Jew hatred in this country, in America, hatred in this country between the Marxists and the Islamists. And the Democrat Party is the umbrella organization. I wrote the book The Democrat Party Hates America. That’s why I wrote the book before that American Marxism. It’s all quite pressure, to be perfectly honest with you. It’s all laid out. And George Soros has a fundamental role in funding the Tides Foundation. George Soros is very close, very close to the Blinken family. These things aren’t just happening. These things are organized. They are funded. They are manned. These organizations didn’t just spring up. So you have the overlay of the Hamas funding network, which is funded by the Muslim Brotherhood. They’re all funded by Qatar and some of these other organizations and states. You have the domestic Marxist groups. And if you think about it, so I’ll be the first one to explain this, even though I mentioned it last week, the riots that took place in 2020, it’s the same people. It’s the Islamists and the Marxists. It’s the same people. Just a different cause. Now there’s a hell of a lot more to get to here. But the media keep asking who’s funding this? When I laid it out Saturday night on Fox is really stunningly shocking. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Biden has played the Jews for a long time, and particularly Democrat left wing Jews like to be played. The fact of the matter is what you see happening today. Biden gets gasoline it. Or, as they say, gaslighted it. And so did his party and some of the media. And this constant, constant refrain. But Israel slaughtering Palestinians. Using Hamas statistics. The media in this country are now spreading the anti-Semitism and the Jew hatred, and that includes self-hating Jews in the media, like the New York Times, which has that history. But it’s more than them. It’s a lot more than them. Immediate concerted effort by billionaire Democrat donors. It’s a concerted effort by Islamists all over the world with the Hamas network, Hamas, which set up care, Hamas which set up students for Palestine, for justice in Palestine on all of our campuses, Qatar, which has spent billions of dollars influencing our colleges and universities and the FBI and DHS and Biden don’t do a damn thing.

Segment 3
This is Biden at an Earth Day event in Virginia yesterday. Now, some of you have heard this, some of you have not. I want to play it. I want to comment on this. It’s very important. Cut one, go. And the answer I submitted protests on college campuses. So, first of all, that is a Fox reporter yelling the question. You condemn the anti-Semitic protests on college campuses? Biden, on his own other issuing statements for him has not out of his mouth made a statement. At the State of the Union never said a word about it. It was obvious then it was spreading. The attorney general of the United States hasn’t said a damn thing about it. The head of the Civil Rights Division, who is a racist. She hasn’t said a damn thing about it. The head of the Civil Rights Office at the Department of Education. That person hasn’t said a damn thing about it. The head of Homeland Security, who’s in charge of keeping people with student visas, they all out of this country when they turn on our country. That person hasn’t said a damn thing about it. Matter of fact, this administration has been all but silent. Then when you press them, they point to a statement by the deputy press secretary that he puts out or they point to Charlottesville. Now history will damn this administration. But we can’t wait for history. We can’t wait for history. All the men and women, but mostly men who fought during World War Two. So many of them are not with us anymore. I can assure you that they would be shocked and disgusted by all this. The median America. They so let us down as a country. They’ve given voice to Hamas and their statistics. They keep saying these are anti-Israel demonstrations. These are Jew hating demonstrations. These are America hating demonstrations. These are Israel hating demonstrations. The Islamists are behind it, including Palestinians who are in this country. Other Arabs who are in this country, other Muslims who are in this country and Marxists who are in this country. Let’s stop playing games. Go ahead and answer. Submitted protests on college campuses. I condemn this protest. That’s why I’ve set up a program to do that. I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians, and they’re really what’s going on with the Palestinians. So where are all the Jewish. Jewish mobs. But at Columbia or a Harvard or NYU or Yale or anywhere else attacking Palestinians, where are they? Where are their nowhere? Because it’s not happening. And he keeps doing this. Six, eight weeks ago, somebody raised a question about the anti-Semitism and he said, we’re fighting anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. There is no Islamophobia in this country. It’s in the Middle East where Muslims slaughter Muslims. But people come into this country from the Middle East have never had it so good. Or they leave and they go back home. Right. Nothing stopping them. Talk about an insurrection. We have insurrections going on in this country. Hamas has taken over Columbia University. Hamas has taken over NYU. Hamas has taken over a year. Hamas through the Students for Justice in Palestine. That’s one of their front groups on the college campuses. Their president, over 200 colleges and universities. And in 22 of them, there have now been these massive anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic activities going on. And it’s not just students. They’re bringing in outside operators. That’s who’s funding this, that and George Soros and Democrats. This is why the Democrats, by an even Jewish Democrats, can barely criticize. I watched this guy. What is the guy’s name from New Jersey, Mr. Gottheimer? Gottheimer. What a pathetic weasel. He went to Columbia University was upset by what he saw. But he defends Biden. He defends. But you can’t defend Biden. Biden’s funding Iran. He’s funding Hamas. He’s funding the WHO. He’s funding Hezbollah. He’s funding UNWRA. Every day they’re attacking Israel with some kind of report, some kind of public statement, something. Something. They’re going after the IDF. They’re going after Israeli citizens in Judea and Samaria. It’s nonstop. Non-stop. Lincoln is a marxist. He’s a traitor. Look it up. He brought in Malley, another Marxist, and a traitor, in my view, negotiating the nuclear deal back, channeling his staff with the foreign minister of Iran. You know, these used to be massive scandals. These used to be massive scandals. They’re nothing anymore. The media hanging photographers out of Gaza, The New York Times, CNN and others. Two are either aware of October seven. Some of them were filming it. Then you have individuals like Jake TAPPER or others. Constantly hostile to the state of Israel. Just like Thomas Friedman. Just like that jackass on Comedy Central. What is his name? I always forget his name. Legit. Jon Stewart. But there’s Biden. He cannot criticize. What’s happening to the Israelis. He cannot criticize what’s happening to the Jews in this country. We’re now coming to the defense of the people who are perpetrating it. Think about that. Pretty shocking. Pretty shocking. And pretty grotesque. Let’s pick up where we left off on the second cut to reduce about who is funding this. I guess it’s cut 21. Yes. Go ahead. Well, what else do we have? December seven, 2023, from Fox. A nonprofit that has received donations from George Soros has been bankrolling groups who have hosted pro-Palestinian rallies, according to a watchdog group. The nonprofit San Francisco based Tides Foundation has been given over $22 million from different causes. The Tides Foundation is then given millions to liberal organizations who have all organized pro-Palestinian protests, according to the Capitol Research Center. Democrat Party. Democrat, front groups, Democrat. Talk money, Soros, other Democrat, billionaires and multimillionaires funding what you’re seeing in the streets, as well as the Hamas funding network, as well as Qatar and our colleges and universities. Washington Free Beacon. Look at this Community Justice Exchange. Part of the Soros funded Tides Foundation solicits legal defense donations for arrested protesters. The protests, which took place in dozens of U.S. cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, were organized by a 15. Action, a newly formed group that worked to coordinate a multi-city economic blockade on April 15 in solidarity with Palestine. So these blockades you’ve seen on our bridges, you’ve seen it our airports, all purposeful or planned or funded by Democrat Party, dark money. Democrat Party, dark money, billionaires who run the money’s through these foundations that they set up and organize these things. That’s why Biden won’t lift a finger to stop them. Go ahead. To users. To a bail and legal defense fund hosted through ActBlue, the Democratic Party’s online fundraising juggernaut, shutting down bridges and getting into tunnels. All these things that disruption are funded by wealthy Democrats through dark money and front groups. Those who donate to the fund, ActBlue Page says, are sending money to the Community Justice Exchange, which provides, quote, money, bail court fees, fines and other legal services to community based organizations. The exchange is a project of the Tides Center, a left wing dark money network funded by Soros and other left wing billionaires. The protesters who organized the global event under the title A15 Targeted Economic Choke Points. Economic choke points with the Express. Purpose of causing as much financial disruption as possible, according to their website. And he goes on. Your man Soros. Washington Free Beacon, October 18, 2023. Chuck Ross. Hundreds of protesters who a Jewish Voice for peace. And if not now, and Jewish Voice for Peace is a marxist organization. That’s what it is to Marks’s organization. Go ahead and issue a cease fire in response to Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel. We refuse to stand by as the Israeli government commits genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, said Jewish Voice for Peace, which calls itself the largest progressive Jewish, anti-Zionist organization in the world. It’s Marxist, and it was set up in part by Noam Chomsky. Go ahead. And they protest comes as anti-Israel. pro-Hamas groups call on lawmakers to pressure Israel to end retaliatory strikes against Hamas strongholds in Gaza. The Council on American-Islamic Relations. This is a Hamas front group that was created in Philadelphia, funded by Hamas that has as its purpose to pretend it’s a moderate civil rights Muslim organization with representation in our media, in the Biden administration, in the Democrat Party, a complete front group, more. Look at this. Washington Free Beacon. The son of left wing Megadonor George Soros has visited the White House at least 20 times since Biden has been president. This is a year old, so it’s more than that. Alex Soros, who recently took over his father’s Open Society Foundation and funds progressive organization I hate this word progressive. It’s Marxist organizations and Islamist organization has held meetings with several senior White House advisers. He was named the new head of the foundation in June, announcing he’s more political than his 92 year old father. Open society pours millions of dollars in a democratic organization to help elect radical progressive prosecutors or overseeing rising crime in American cities like the one who’s trying to put Donald Trump in prison as I speak. Now. Soros Alex is known for his connections with high level Democrats. He’s posted photos with Biden, Harris, Pelosi and the like. There’s more. The New York Post. The pro-Palestinian protests over the last months, where tens of thousands of the US have chanted for the end of Israel, not merely a story of organic rage. They are also funded in large part by an uber wealthy American born tech entrepreneur, Neville Roy Singam and his wife, Jodi Evans. Since 2017, Singham has been the main funder of the People’s Forum, which has co-organized at least four protests. After 1200 innocents were murdered in Israel, he’s done more than that. A review of public disclosure forms shows that the multi-millionaire Singham and his wife, Evans, have donated over $20.4 million to the People’s Forum from 2017 to 2022 through a series of shell organizations and donor advisory groups accounting for nearly all the group’s funding. It goes on. Singham is more than just a marxist with deep pockets. He is also a China sympathiser who lives in Shanghai and has close ties to at least four propaganda news sites that boost the Chinese Communist Party’s image abroad, the Times reported. And it goes on. Born to a Cuban mother and a Sri Lankan father in 1954, Singham grew up steeped in far left politics. His father, Archibald Singham, worked as a professor of political science at Brooklyn College and was the first scholar in residence at the New York State. Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute for Nonviolence in Albany. When he was 17, he joined the radical Marxist group and labor union League of Revolutionary Black Workers. And the following year, according to a 2021 blog by Singham my call disciplined cadre. I went to work in the factory. 1974 The FBI investigated him as potentially dangerous because of background, emotional instabilities or activity groups. So there’s another billionaire who lives in Shanghai, China. By the way, he’s not black. Even though he talks about this black organization, a marxist spending tens of millions of dollars. Behind what you’re seeing in colleges and universities. Soros Through the Tides Foundation, Soros through other organizations, a Democrat Party fundraising organization involved Arabella, a massive umbrella organization of all these left wing groups involved in the Hamas funding network in the United States. It’s extensively examined by George Washington University program on extremism. Is funding this in the United States through Students for Justice in Palestine. Now, Danette, if I know these things by just going online, pulling the news articles, pulling the reports on these extremist groups. Then by God, the Biden administration knows to the FBI knows to DHS knows to the Department of Justice knows damn well. Who’s funding this? Who is behind it? But the problem is this. Some of the biggest donors to the Democrat Party, some of the biggest donors to the Biden campaign, the Soros is and so many others, they’re behind it, but they’re also behind Biden and the Democrat Party. And so they’re not investigating them. And I want my brothers and sisters at Fox to start talking about this. I want my brothers and sisters on conservative talk radio start talking about this. I want our friends in the media start talking about this. I want our non-profit organizations start investigating this, putting out papers on this. Now is that time? What are you waiting for? I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
By the way, public service announcement. I mean, I’ve only been doing this. It will soon be 22 years, right, Mr. Elusive? If you’re a Putin lover, you’re not listening to the right show. If you’re a Putin lover, you’re not listening to the right show. There’s plenty of other shows to listen to. This is the wrong show. I despise Vladimir Putin, the old KGB. He’s got nuclear missiles aimed at our country. And for some reason there are pukes pukes in our movement, pukes in the Republican Party and yes, pukes in the Democrat Party that have their head so far up his ass. It’s coming out of their right nostril. I don’t know why I don’t give a damn either. I could care less. If you support a Palestinian, say you are a lock and listening to the wrong show, man, I tell you that right now. Now what you see going on in our streets, in our colleges and universities underscores the point, doesn’t it? Yes, it does. And if you don’t believe in defending Taiwan like Goldwater did and Reagan did, and every conservative before them did and around them did. You’re listening to the wrong show. Maybe you should listen to NPR. But not to me. This is all pro-American or red blooded American all the time. And we don’t go by the flight of fancy factionalism, all that bullcrap. And the people who do have no guts whatsoever. They have no principles whatsoever, despite the fact they get on the microphone or on TV and tell you how great they are. Not you ought to follow them. Now. Don’t follow them. You wish you didn’t. And I’ll be right back.