April 19th, 2024

April 19th, 2024

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Judge Merchan and D.A. Alvin Bragg are extreme leftists doing the bidding of the Democrat Party, trampling on Donald Trump’s due process rights and issuing gag orders while openly attacking him. The cases against Trump have been a conga line of corrupt judges and media mouthpieces doing anything and everything they can to sway the 2024 election for Joe Biden. Our border, public schools, the nuclear family, and basic morality have been destroyed by this radical Democrat party. Trump is facing a Soviet-style prosecution in 4 jurisdictions at the same time because he stood up to the Democrat Marxist machine. Also, Israel was surrounded by the Philistines until David killed Goliath, and now today Israel is facing a new Goliath in the form of Iran. PM Benjamin Netanyahu understands what he is up against with Iran and the Biden administration which is why he is attacked by Democrats just like Trump. Later, Mark is joined by Five for Fighting singer-songwriter John Ondrasik to talk about his experience in Israel for a concert and the evil of Hamas and Iran that surrounds the Israeli citizens while they continue with their daily lives under constant threat. Finally, Mark also speaks with actor and producer Kevin Sorbo https://www.sorbostudios.com/ about his new documentary, Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry.

Business Insider
A top House Democrat wants to remove Trump‘s Secret Service protection if he’s sent to prison

David and Goliath

Jerusalem Post
Israel targeted air defense system for Iran nuclear site – ABC News

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Literally just minutes ago before we come on the air here. I’m watching what this judge is doing to Donald Trump. He’s trying to humiliate him now in this courtroom. This is a puny local elected Democrat hack judge who should have dismissed this outrageous case a long time ago. Issues a gag order, makes provocative statements directed directed at the former president. He’s moving at breakneck speed, you know, picking juries. Normally, it doesn’t take three days. It takes a long time. He should have recused. He should have moved the the venue to another location. But he hasn’t done anything because he doesn’t want to. And so this is a setup. All these cases are set up and that includes the document case. Sorry, I disagree with the other legal analysts on this issue. I think that’s another outrage, particularly given what Biden did and he gets a pass. I’ve spent my life studying history, especially American history. My family has fought for this country. We are great patriots that go back many generations. I’ve had family members tell stories about their histories. We thank God for America. As a young teenager, my buddy Eric and I would repeatedly go to Independence Hall to study as much as we could about America’s founding, the Declaration, the Constitution, and everything in between and around. This has been my life. Radio, TV book writing. No. No. Understanding liberty. Power. Understanding what makes man tick. Why America, of all the places. Since the beginning of mankind was the place blessed by God to be the greatest nation on the face of the earth. The men who did it, the men who fought for it and died for it. The Revolutionary War. Brave, brave men. Very brave men. Every war thereafter. Every battle thereafter. To preserve what? To preserve America. And I’m sitting here and watching this take place in Manhattan, just as we watched what Letitia James did, just as we watch what Fannie Willis has done, just as we watch what Jack Smith has done and Merrick Garland has done, just as we watch all these. Corrupt, ideologically driven judges. The press wrote an entire book on the history of the press in America. Completely corrupted, tyrannical. A one party press. I’ve studied thoroughly the Democrat Party. That’s my last book. The Democrat Party Hates America. I come to the conclusion because it is a party that has never, ever, ever accepted the American experiment. The party of slavery and segregation. And Jim Crow and eugenics. Now the party of Marxism and Islamism and anti-Semitism. See what’s happening. You see what’s happening. Maximum interference with this election, just as there was maximum attempts. At a coup against Trump from the moment he got elected before he got elected. The FBI, our intelligence agencies. Unleashed under Obama and Biden to take out a presidential candidate. Funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign. A ruling class that is self-serving, contemptible and incompetent, except when it comes to defending their own largesse and power. We have an open border that’s manmade. That is destroying our country. Our public school systems have been destroyed by the Democrat Party and their unions. The nuclear family. Morality, ethics, parental rights. All under attack. All on defense. Women’s sports destroyed. The civil rights movement being taken over by the civil rights Marxist movement. A.K.A. Civil rights Marxism. We see in the blue states efforts to use the 14th Amendment. To prevent Donald Trump from even being on the ballot. That’s a first. Regardless of what anybody says in the 2020 presidential election. We saw secretaries of state, Democrat governors. Democrat, county Commissioners, Democrat, precinct workers and ward leaders. Change elections, change the rules. Held up by the courts, Democrat courts. To prevent voter I.D.. Voter signatures dates on absentee ballots to permit for harvesting. That is counting votes after the fact. And I’m supposed to sit here and say it’s all perfectly normal. As the greatest country on the face of the earth is being devoured by the American Marxists and their party, the Democrat Party, with a full throated support of their corrupt media. Now, let me say this and I mean it. It’ll be taken out of context and I don’t really care. I will never support ever. Ever. The election of Joe Biden as president of United States. I will never support it, ever. As we watch, they destroy the justice system. Democrat Judges. Democrats. Soros. Prosecutors. I will never, ever. Acknowledge Joe Biden as president of the United States. When those numbers come in any more than they have accepted Donald Trump as president of the United States the first time around. Or God willing, should he win this time around. They’re already preparing the riots. They’re already preparing the resistance movements. They’re already preparing more impeachments. They’re already preparing criminal investigations. They started it and they have no intention of stopping it. The Democrat Party threw in. With the slave owners. It represented them. It fought for them during the Civil War. It hasn’t changed. It just changes uniforms from time to time. The Democrat Party is a thoroughly Jew hating anti-Semitic party today. It is a party that abuses black voters in this country. It is a party that abuses Hispanic voters in this country. It is a party that uses minorities. And then throws them away after the election cycle is done. It is a party that does not believe in freedom, private property rights. The principles enshrined in the declaration, our founding document say party that believes in economic socialism and cultural Marxism. There’s a party that embraces Islamist ism. Hamas. The PLO. Iran. It is a party who keeps promoting a man for president of the United States who has sold out to the communist Chinese. There’s a party that hates law enforcement. Local law enforcement. It is a radical extremist party, an umbrella entity. For all the miscreants and malcontents and reprobates in this society. It destroys, it doesn’t build. It burns, It doesn’t develop. Takes peace in the Middle East and turns it into war. It takes good race relations that had taken place in this country and shreds it. There is no way in hell that I could ever accept Joe Biden as president. You see what’s happening at Columbia University? It’s happening again today. It happened yesterday. Joe Biden hasn’t said a word. Joe Biden hasn’t said a word about anti-Semitism in the last many months. Why? Because his party’s funding it. Dark money. Dark money. Who the hell do you think’s paying for those tents, For those signs, for the websites, for the organizations? Multi-Billionaires, Democrats. To a dark money organizations. They operate in the shadows and then find other groups. We know this for a fact. And by the way, I will expose it in great detail over the weekend. I’ve spent morning, noon and night working on this. You need to see it. I’ve told you before, if you hate Israel, you hate America. If you hate America, you hate Israel. That’s exactly what’s going on in the streets. Suddenly light bulbs are going off after you and I have talked about this for a month after month after month after month. You’re seeing a fusion of American Marxists and Islamists. That’s what you’re seeing. Obama could not import enough people from the Middle East into this country. Look it up. The board is wide open now to fundamentally. Fundamentally alter this nation. Not because of people of color and all the rest of that crap. Because they are importing different cultural beliefs into this country. People that have no ties to the American founding people have no ties to the Constitution, representative government, all the rest. They destroyed the methodologies by which we assimilate people into this country, our public schools and our colleges. That’s the way we in simulated people into this country. And people are coming into this country from every corner of the earth. Who have no ties and want no ties to the American culture. It’s a sure way to destroy America. And they know it. And Democrats of the past know it. Ralph Abernathy. Martin Luther King’s right hand man. He knew it. Cesar Chavez. They head at the farm. Workers union. He. No it. Walter mondale, eugene mccarthy. They knew it. Arthur schlesinger jr. He knew it. Governor Dick Lamm of Colorado. He know it. Everybody knows. But God forbid if you stand up to it. Are any of this? The reason Donald Trump is facing a Soviet style. Relentless multiple prosecution in four different jurisdictions at exactly the same time with 91 charges. Is because he dared to stand up to it. Christie didn’t stand up to it. Haley didn’t stand up to it. Hogan didn’t stand up to it. Romney didn’t stand up to it there. Part of it. Because Trump stood up to it. I don’t care whether you like him or like all his policies, he’s paying the price. They’re destroying his businesses. They’re bankrupting him. They’re trying to put him in prison. 91 charges in four different jurisdictions, three of which were massively democratic. What’s the likelihood you come out of that unscathed? Where Democrat elected hack judges. And Democrat appointed hack judges in Washington. This isn’t an insurrection. The insurrections over by the Democrat Party. This is punishment now. Punishment? I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
I look at these institutions. I look at the media, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, which has been a sleazy operation for over a century. Same with The Washington Post. I look at the fools that work for these entities, these corporations that hate our country. These various fools and buffoons who are hosts. On MSNBC and c and I just look at this and I think to myself, do you understand what you’re doing? Do you understand you’re attempting to disenfranchise half the country? Do you understand that? As they try to destroy donald trump and try to derail Robert Kennedy Jr. To clear the field for joe biden. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
This is exactly what I mean from the Business Insider. A top House Democrat wants to remove Trump’s Secret Service protection if he sent to prison. Now, what he’s saying there is he wants Trump to be murdered in prison. He wants Trump to be murdered in prison. The former president is entitled to Secret Service protection for life. Representative Bennie Thompson, former chairman of the House January six Committee, introduced legislation today that would strip Trump of Secret Service protection if he’s sentenced to prison. So you see, it’s all set up. Get him convicted. We’ve got our jurisdictions and our venues. We’ve got our judges. We’ve got our prosecutors. We have our juries. Get him convicted. Not above the law. That’s the line they always used. But of course, this isn’t the law. Ladies and gentlemen, this is totalitarianism. And look how excited the Democrats are about what they’ve done. Look at them. Look at these bastards. And so they would strip him of his Secret Service protection and send him to a federal prison where he’d be murdered. Or state prison where he’d be murdered. This is Bennie Thompson. This is what the Democrat Democrat Party is. Democrat Party caused a civil war in this country. Over 700,000 dead. Democrat Party partnered with the Ku Klux Klan. post-Civil War right up into the fifties and sixties. That is the 1950s and sixties. Democrat Party supported eugenics against black people. I can go on and on. On and on. Yes. So Bennie Thompson has an idea. Strip him of a Secret Service where he knows he would be murdered. This is the same chairman, the same committee that destroyed evidence. Lots of it. Now you tell me how this is different from any totalitarian regime. What’s taking place. You tell me. Tell me. The Constitution’s impeachment clause was obliterated just a few days ago in really an hour’s time. To protect Joe Biden and his henchman Mayorkas so they can continue to have open borders, defy federal law, defied the Constitution. Are you not shocked that there aren’t more people speaking out against this? Even Democrats. You see what’s happening in our streets. This is a time for Patriots to speak up. They hire more IRS agents. The FBI is more powerful than ever before. They’re monitoring American citizens. They’re doing their very best to censor information they oppose on private social media platforms. What else do you need to know? They’re going after the Catholic Church. Which means they’ll go after any religious institution. They’re going after parents. They’re sending SWAT teams. To get pro-lifers, including senior citizens, and throw them in prison because how dare they protest at abortion clinics? Well, if you’re pro-life or what the hell else are you going to protest at a 7-Eleven? Meanwhile, their protesters. Wow, they’re just having a blast. You’re having a blast, you know. Anyway, I want to tell you the story of David and Goliath. David and the Giant. Israel’s David and Iran. As Goliath. The giant Israel is surrounded on all fronts. And backed up against the Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded now, right now by terrorists. It is David versus Goliath. That’s Iran. Iran is Goliath. The Valley of Elah to arm is poised for battle. Actors me would nothing but a hill separating them. I want to thank Jabbar Borg for this. The larger the two was the Philistines. They were well-armed, too. The smaller one was that of Saul of the Jews. King of the Jews. King Saul. Suddenly, a philistine giant Goliath appeared on the hill. His words came roaring down like thunder. I challenge any one of your miserable army king or slave to fight a duel with me. He said the victory will make his nation victorious, and the other nation will surrender. The sight of the fierce, giant, 12 feet tall, towering over the hill, clad in armor and iron and brass from head to foot for the Jews were great terror. There’s not a single man in the Jewish camp who dared accept the challenge. Day after day for 40 days, this mighty giant Goliath appeared on the Hill to repeat his challenge morning and evening without getting any reply. He proceeded to mock and jeer the Jews and their God. Your God is a man of war, he said. Let him come and do battle with me. That was his favorite sneer. The whole valley re-echoed with a thunderous laughter. The Philistines. Among the armed forces of King Saul were David’s three older brothers, Aliev, Ivanov, Dov and Sharma. David was told to stay home to tend to his father’s flock. And with his youthful age in poetic soul, David was not regarded as a warrior at all. One day, Yishai ordered David to take some provisions to his brothers on the battlefield. Now, David had heard of the great humiliation as people were suffering daily from that fearful giant in his heart was filled with a burning desire to kill the giant and restore his people’s pride and faith. When he came to the camp and witnessed the painful scene and the mortification it was people. He decided to take up the challenge. Little David. Just then he heard some of the men in the camp discuss the rewards and honor which the King will bestow upon Gala’s Victor. Riches, the hand of the Royal Princess. Permanent release from taxation. Davie grew angry. He said, Why not any Jew? Destroy this Goliath. Not for the sake of riches or for the hand of the kings daughter, but simply to defend and sanctify God’s name and the pride of his people, which this arrogant villain does, dares to defile. His words spoken with much feeling, made the group look. Look up at him. They answered him. Of course, any Jew would do that if he were able to. We were merely mentioning the reward, as a matter of fact, they said. David’s older brother, however, became impatient with the shepherd lad who spoke such lovely words. Why don’t you return to your sheep? He said to his younger brother. The next moment one of the kings a hints. Came up to David and told him that the king wanted to see him. David followed him, and the next moment he stood before the king. The king’s face was power, sorrow and anxiety in seeing David King Soar recalled how the young shepherd had been first introduced to him as a man who knows how to play the harp, a fine warrior, wise and handsome, and he got his with him and how David sweet music quickly eased his troubled mind. Could this lad be the unnamed person the prophet Shmuel declared to be the next king of Israel. Do you think you could take up Goliath’s challenge and defeat him as King saw? No man could defile God’s name and get away with it, David replied. I trust in God to fight the battle for me. But what chance have you an inexperienced young man, against a tough and seasoned warrior? Jane out that God has never forsaken me in a time of need. Once, as I was tending my father’s sheep, a lion attacked my flock and made off with the lamb. I gave chase and saved the lamb from his very teeth. When the beast charged at me, I slew him with my bare hands. The same thing happened again with a hungry bear. Attacked my flock. Surely God who protected me when I went to save a lamb will protect me when I go to save the dignity and fate of my people. In a fight with a vicious heathen who dared profaned God’s holy name. You’re brave lad, King Saul said. You have my permission to go. And may God bless you and grant you success. Saul then took off his own armor and shield and blade. Gave him the David who put them on. He also offered David his royal sword. David was soon dressed in full armour and King Saul was amazed at seeing how well his suit fit. David There no other man was a match for Saul’s splendid figure. Once again, the thought crept into Saul’s mind. Is this lad destined to take my place? While David detected a feeling of apprehension in ambient sources and hastened to dispel it, pretending to feel that the weight of the armor was too much for him, David said, I am not used to such armor. God shall be my shield on my strength and these will be my weapons. So saying he took his staff and slingshot were five smooth little pellets, that is pebbles and went to meet the giant. When Goliath saw his adversary, he was overcome with surprise and disdain. He said, I am a dog, that you have come to beat me with a cane. Look at my armor. My helmet is of solid brass. My coat of mail weighs 5000 shekels, a brass. That shaft, my spear is like a weaver’s beam. My spear. His head is made of 600 shekels of iron. You come with a cane. You come with your sword, spear and shield. But I come in the name of Almighty God, said David, whom you have defiled. You soon you will soon lie defeated at my feet. And all the world will know that there is a God in Israel. David’s words rang through the valley, but both opposing armies held their breath. Goliath, then move forward to kill David with one blow, but found himself stuck as if he were now to the ground. He wanted to raise his spear, but found that his arm would not obey him. At that very moment, David let a stone fly from his sling. Swift as an arrow. It flew and true to its mark. The next moment, the giant’s huge body lay prostrate upon the ground, his forehead crushed by the sharp little stone that struck it. And pierced his head. David ran up to the joint, stood upon his body, having no sort of his own. David drew the giant sword and cut off his head. When the Philistines saw that their champion was dead, they fled King Saul’s armies, regaining their confidence and carriage, pursued them with might and mane. It was a great and lasting victory. David thereupon became the greatest national hero. David killed Goliath. The giant. He would later become king. King David, one of the greatest Jewish kings of all time. You’ve heard of the City of David at the feet of Jerusalem. The city of David came first. There’s a tremendous amount of archaeological activity taking place there. To demonstrate, to prove that there was a city of David. And it is beyond discussion, beyond debate. When you look at Iran, Iran is Goliath. There are over 200 million Arab Palestinians that surround Israel that has a total of 13 million people, 7 million of whom are Jewish. Approximately half of the Jews remaining in the world. Live in Israel. But for all the genocidal attacks on the Jews from the earliest days, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Romans up to Hitler and so forth. Dore Gold, a scholar, tremendous thinker, told me and told you on my radio show several years ago that there would be as many Jews in the world as there are Chinese. But today they’re a tiny, tiny percentage of the planet’s population. That said, the Babylonians are gone, the Persians are gone. The Persian Empire, the Roman Empire is gone, the Philistines are gone, and the Jews survived. Oh, the Third Reich has gone to Iran is Goliath. They have Israel surrounded. There are 200 million people, many of whom hate the Jewish state that surrounded. Monarchs, military dictators, Islamo Nazi imams. Keep that in mind. When we use the oppressor oppressed Marxist model. Israel is a tiny country with a tiny population. But it is David. And they’re not going anywhere. And they demonstrated the other night that at any time, day or night holiday or no holiday, they can destroy the state of Iran. With pinpoint accuracy. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Israel is very lucky to have a man like Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm. That’s why he’s under attack by the Marxist Islamists and our Democrat Party here in America and their surrogates in Israel. It’s typical of great leaders. Churchill. Thatcher. Reagan. Trump under constant attack. People disloyal who are who surround them, who sell them out. A media, ancient media would be word of mouth, pamphlets and things of that sort. In a modern technological media like we have today. Smearing them, undermining them, doubting them. And when it’s all said and done, these are why they’re considered the greatest that mankind has ever brought forward. Netanyahu understands David versus Goliath. He also understands Churchill. He understands what he’s up against. He understands Biden is worse than Neville Chamberlain. I’m speaking for myself. I’m projecting. This is his moment. This is our moment, America. We’ve got to defend this country for our children and our grandchildren or we’re going to lose it. We’ll be right back.