April 2nd, 2024

April 2nd, 2024

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden administration’s hate for Israel is a reflection of their hatred for America. There was an accidental bombing that took place in Gaza. Israel apologized, yet the Biden administration took this opportunity to viciously attack Israel.  This administration conveniently forgets that less than 2 years ago a Biden drone strike killed 10 civilians in Afghanistan. They know mistakes happen in war. It is as if Hamas has written the script based on how this war has been reported by the Democrat media and the Biden Administration. The Biden Administration is funding the war in Israel by funneling billions of dollars into Iran for them to fund and arm Hamas. President Biden is dealing with Iran and selling out our country, letting them get a nuclear weapon that will be paid for by us. Also, the Democrat party has decided that you cannot use the term bloodbath or it makes you Hitler, and they are once again attacking Donald Trump for describing our southern border as a bloodbath. They criticize Trump for the use of words while Biden is funding terrorism in the Middle East and his policies have resulted in slavery, rape, and drugs pouring into our country. Biden is at war with Israel and he is at war with the American people, and he does not care about the violence at our southern border and flying migrants all across our country. Later, Mark is joined by Caroline Glick, Senior Contributing Editor at JNS and host of the Caroline Glick Show, to discuss the Biden Administration’s support for Hamas and a shift from decades of America standing behind Israel.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Folks, I want you to bear with me. I want to demonstrate to you why I’ve been talking for months and why I’m explaining that this administration is an anti-American administration. From sea to shining sea with open borders, with its war on people of faith, with its war on parents, it is utterly rogue and out of control. And it is filled with filthy, lying left wing scum. And others. He will do anything they can on behalf of and for this administration. This hatred for Israel is a reflection of their hatred for America. Israel shares. Our values are faiths in the middle of a hellhole filled with terrorists. Who want to slaughter them and slaughter us. Now, there was an accidental bombing that took place. In Gaza. And apparently the Israeli accidentally hit a location where there are, quote unquote, workers, I guess humanitarian workers. People who are trying to feed the Gazans. And immediately the Israelis apologized, said it was an error. Unfortunately, war has these problems and so forth. So here you have an ally, supposedly a united say, who has seized on this. Seized on it. From the secretary of state. To John Kirby today at his briefing. Two viciously, viciously attacked the state of Israel. And I want to play some of this for you, but before I do, I want to read something to you to remind you about it. Less than two years ago. Less than two years ago. CBS News. A U.S. drone strike killed an aid worker in Afghanistan. Many of his family and colleagues still stranded there. It killed ten civilians. You remember that, Mr. Producer? They sent a drone to get a terrorist and instead they killed ten civilians. Seven of them were children in Afghanistan. It was the last act of our military under Biden. A U.S. air strike in the final days of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan intended for an ISIS terrorist, instead killed the aid worker, Zam Ahmadi and members of his family. After initially calling it a righteous strike and claiming no civilians were killed, the Pentagon admitted admitted its mistake and promised to resettle members of Ahmadis family and employees of the aid organization he worked for. This was an aid organization. Trying to help the people. Who were starving, who were hungry, who had been abused by the Taliban. They order a drone strike. That kills the person in charge of the aid organization and his family, seven of whom were children. Seven of whom were children. So we know from our own experience, certainly Blinken does, and the Biden administration. That mistakes happen in war. It’s a war zone. But now I want you to listen to John Kirby today and what I find contemptible. There’s not a single news organization in America, not one that has pointed this out today. Not one. Here’s John Kirby at the White House today, cut three ago. We were outraged to learn of an IDF strike that killed a number of civilian humanitarian workers yesterday from the World Central Kitchen, which has been relentless in working to get food to those who are hungry in Gaza and quite frankly, around the world. We send our deepest condolences to their families and loved ones. We’ve seen the comments from Prime Minister Netanyahu and from the Israeli Defense Forces about their commitment to conduct an investigation. As we understand it, a preliminary investigation has been completed today and presented to the Army chief of staff and Will, we’ll obviously look to see what they what they discover in this preliminary one. But we expect the broader investigation to be conducted and to be done so in a swift and comprehensive manner. We hope that those findings will be made public and that there is appropriate accountability held. Mm. Hamas is slaughtering civilians as I speak, Palestinian civilians all through the Middle East. Haiti is on fire. Millions and millions of people being slaughtered, raped, butchered. But the White House spokesman is focused on this. It’s an opportunity to exploit, to undermine and to attack the state of Israel. Obviously, this was a mistake. But Blinken even goes further. Blinken. Who John McCain said is a very dangerous man. Blinken attacks Israel more for an accident than he does Iran for its surrogates, killing three American soldiers. I want you to listen to this from our secretary of state. Cut one, Go. But it is, simply put, insufficient. It is not enough to meet the needs of the children, the women, the men in Gaza who remain caught in a horrific crossfire of Hamas’s making. So in our conversations with the Israeli government, including just last week when the defense minister was in Washington and just yesterday when we were on a video conference with Israeli counterparts, we impressed again upon them the imperative of now surging and sustaining assistance and not only getting it into Gaza, but within Gaza, getting it to everyone who needs it, including in the north, where, as you know, the conditions are the most challenged. So he wants to turn the Israeli army into the Red Cross while Hamas is still there, with thousands of terrorists there getting weapons from Iran through Syria. He knows all this. They place no obligation on the enemy. Our enemy. The terrorists who attacked the United States. And now the Israeli soldiers need to be delivering food and water and so forth and so on throughout Gaza. Not a word there. Not a word about Hamas’s responsibility or their buddy Qatar, the body, meaning Blinken, who funds all this? No effort to stop any funding of Iran by the United States government. Funding of UNWRA. Oh, yes. Yes. U.S. isn’t funding it, but they’re asking European countries to fund it. And so the Israelis are here said, wait a minute. We got to get this war over with. They only have so many troops. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a very small army and a very small population. But it gets worse. He’s not done. Notice he never holds a press conference. He condemns Iran or North Korea or China. And so forth. Notice he doesn’t hold a press conference about what Hezbollah is doing. No words to Hamas about slaughtering their own people. But it gets worse. Cut to go. The victims of yesterday’s strike join a record number of humanitarian workers who’ve been killed in this particular conflict. These people are heroes. They run into the fire, not away from it. They show the best of what humanity has to offer. When the going really gets tough, they have to be protected. We shouldn’t have a situation where people who are simply trying to help their fellow human beings are themselves at grave risk. So his implication there is Israelis are killing them. Listen to the ambiguity also. What about Hamas? Now, why would the Israelis want to kill humanitarian workers so the United States can keep pressuring them? That is Israel. Let me be clear. If Israel wanted to blow Gaza off the face of the earth and it does not. And it will not. It could. Putin keeps threatening that that’s what he would do to his enemies. Iran threatens when it gets the weapon, it well, North Korea threatens, Israel does not. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has that capacity. And there have been experts on and on this gentleman, Spencer, who will be on my show on Saturday. From West Point, an expert on military strategy, says the Israeli army, the IDF has conducted itself like no other army on the face of the earth. In the history of mankind. None. Go ahead. We’ve spoken directly to the Israeli government about this particular incident. We’ve urged a swift, thorough and impartial investigation to understand they don’t they don’t need you to tell them that they’ve already started one. They already did. And so now this is drama. So now he’s coming out. He’s making these statements. People. More people are being slaughtered on our southern border tonight. Then were killed in this terrible. Accident effectively. More people are being slaughtered in 5 minutes. In most of the rest of the world than here. The Israelis said it was an accident. They take responsibility for it. Then he blames them for all these other horrors in Gaza when it comes to these these workers and so forth. We know Hamas is a terrorist organization. We know Israel is not. And this is the sort of stuff that is spreading anti-Semitism in our own country. Jew hatred in our own country. By Blinken Mike Kirby. And it’s getting worse and worse and worse. And we, the people in this country, are going to pay the price for this. Now he has. Positioned this accident as Israelis not wanting to give food and aid to the Gazans. As too many. Humanitarian workers being killed. Presumably he’s implying by Israel, which is nonsense. No pressure on Egypt opened its border? None. None. Let’s go on. And as we have throughout this conflict, we’ve impressed upon the Israelis the absolute imperative of doing more to protect innocent civilian lives, be they Palestinian children, women and men, or be they aid workers, as well as to get more humanitarian assistance to more people more effectively. Right. All right. The man that handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban, Blinken. The man who was dealing with Iran selling out our country and Iran will have nukes that we pay for. This one incident. Sad, terrible incident of seven. Workers, aid workers being killed. Is now front and center. For the Biden administration. BLINKEN And this mouth, Kirby. It’s as if Hamas has written the script. But not a single reporter tonight as I speak or during the day. And I posted the. Says to Mr. Blinken and Mr. Kirby, can I ask you a question? Less than two years ago, you guys ordered a drone strike. Well, what you said was a terrorist. You celebrated it. You said it was a righteous strike, quote unquote. Then it turns out. That you hit. The head of a major aid organization. And killed his entire family, seven of whom are children. So can’t you understand? They in war. As horrible as these things happen, they’re impossible to completely prevent. Given your record? Mr. KIRBY Given Mr. Biden’s record and Mr. Blinken’s record and Mr. Austin’s record. So tell me something, America. Why hasn’t a single reporter as the question. Why hasn’t a single reporter answered the question? The U.S. government has resettled has resettled 11 of the 144 individuals. Who were affected by the drone strike. 11 out of the 144. As of August 2022. And the others are represented by the ACLU, the representing Ahmadis family members. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
The other thing is to hear this guy, Blinken. In his condescending, self-aggrandizing way lecture the Israelis about. How they’re fighting this war. I want to remind everybody of something. Biden and Blinken funded this war, and they’re still funding this war. With tens of billions of dollars to Iran. Biden and Blinken are drenched in the blood. Of the people who have died since October 7th and before. Biden and Blinken haven’t changed one whit in terms of funding the Iranian regime and its surrogates, the terrorists, even after they murdered three American soldiers, which is never discussed. Biden and Blinken launched a drone in Afghanistan. They killed a leading aid worker and nine members of his family, including seven children. And I don’t remember the Israelis holding a press conference to condemn Biden, Blinken or the United States. This is grotesque.

Segment 3
So now the tax on Donald Trump because he used the word bloodbath, the Democrat Party and the media decided you can’t use the word bloodbath because that proves you’re a Hitler. And so the dummy who speaks for the dummy at the White House was very upset. That the word bloodbath was used by Donald Trump. So maybe the Democrats should just send us a list of words that we’re not allowed to use or who can and cannot. USA Today. Former President Trump returned to the campaign trail Tuesday and again employed the violent imagery of a bloodbath, this time to describe crime, an illegal border crossing. You know, it’s amazing. They attack him for the use of words. When Biden has funded terrorism in a war in the Middle East. When Biden’s policies have resulted. In massive slavery on the southern border. Sexual rape, abuse, molestation of women and children. Like we’ve never heard of before on the southern border, Fentanyl coming into the country, killing over 100,000 American citizens. And by the way, people aren’t sitting there taking fentanyl. I mean, it’s often by accident. It’s snuck in other medicines and so forth, because the communist Chinese are behind it. And the Mexican warlords are doing their dirty work for them because the communist Chinese are paying them crap loads of money and Biden does nothing. That’s wrong. The borders wide open. There’s never been a border like this, Trump said while criticizing Biden during a prepared speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Standing behind a podium sign that read Stop Biden’s Border Bloodbath. What is wrong with that? David Jackson, who wrote this piece in USA Today. Have you been to the border? Have you seen the bloodbath? In that case, he used it to allege American auto industry would suffer under current U.S. trade practices. So what? We’re going to deliver justice for Ruby. Ruby Garcia, who was shot and killed last month by an illegal alien. Trump also talked about Georgia nursing student Lincoln Riley. With a campaign on the campaign trail. She was killed earlier this year and the man arrested in her death was also in the country illegally. Democrats, including Biden. Campaign aides, have accused Trump of trying to make political capital and personal tragedy amazing. So if you point out the consequences of Biden’s policy, which is murder by illegal alien. You’re exploiting the issue politically. If you point out that Donald Trump went to a wake for a police officer murdered in cold blood in New York. Well, the Three Stooges, Democrat presidents and former president, rather, former presidents and president are raising $26 million at some gala at the Radio Music Center Music Hall, rather. You’re exploiting the death of the police over to see how it works. And all day today, the administration, all with their talking points, exploiting the tragic accident that occurred. In Gaza. And trashing the hell out of the state of Israel. Now, let me tell you a little something else that’s going on that’s not being reported here. Several hundreds. Of radical. Israelis under Ehud Barak, no doubt. Ehud Barak is the failed disaster of a former prime minister. Apparently thugs. They paid thugs or thugs associated with them, tried to burst into the home. A Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife while they were there. You hear that, Mr. Minister? Security had to hustle to protect them. And it’s all being celebrated in the Arab media. And you better believe that Blinken and Biden know about it. And they’re smiling ear to ear, too. So they tried to physically break into the Netanyahu home a couple hours ago. Couple of hours ago, and they almost succeeded. They almost succeeded. Robert Kennedy on CNN yesterday. Erin BURNETT. Another phony journalist. Cut, forego. But do you really believe that when people talk about the threat to democracy that Trump poses? Do you really think that that is? Is it an equal evil to Biden? Now stop there. Now notice the question. You got to be kidding, right? The threat to democracy. Everyone knows it’s Trump, not Biden. How can you say it’s equal to Biden? This is why Erin BURNETT will never get beyond CNN. Nor should she. And when CNN falls show fall to. Go ahead. The argument that President Biden is a much worse threat to democracy and the reasons that is President Biden is the first candidate or the first president in history has used the federal agencies is to censor political speech so that censor his opponent. You know, I can say that because I just want a case, a federal court of appeals now before that Supreme Court. It shows that he started censoring not just me, 37 hours after he took the oath of office. He was censoring me. No president the country has ever done that. The greatest threat to democracy is not somebody who questions election returns, but a president. United States use the power of his office to force social media companies Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to open a portal and give access a portal to the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, ASIC, the NIH, the censor, his political critics. Dana Bash would have none of that. Of course, being a real journalist and everything, you know. She is a hack. Mouthpiece who burps up the usual left wing Democrat Party talking points. Listen to this. Cut five. Go. Now, let’s just be very clear. This is an important fact check. Joe Biden wasn’t setting out to censor Kennedy speech or his political critics. His administration was encouraging social media sites to monitor and take down false information about the COVID 19 pandemic. There’s no evidence that Biden himself was involved. Okay. Okay. There’s no evidence Biden was involved and they weren’t trying to silence Kennedy or, of course, silence anybody. They were just trying to put the facts out because that’s what the government does. They were just encouraging social. Hey, Dana Bash, what did you read the two courts and their decisions about what Biden and his administration actually did, the district court and then the circuit court? You make it sound so harmless, Dana. Why you’re on the side of the Hamas terrorists. Why are you on the side of the anti-free speech Biden administration? Why are you on the side of all the thugs? Because they’re Democrats. Yes, he was out to censor Kennedy speech and political speech. That’s a fact. And we’ve had people who’ve written about it. You may want to bring them on your program. Taibbi and Shellenbarger, whatever that guy’s name, and Barry Weiss and others who went through all that material. They’re not on your program, are they? Dana and Tim has made the point that virtually every federal department was in on this. And why don’t you also tell your audience all seven people, Dana Bash. That Joe Biden has personally denied Secret Service protection to Robert Kennedy, whose father was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. And he’s on the side of Israel against Hamas, unlike CNN. And God forbid, doesn’t he deserve protection, Mr. BLITZER? Is that not insane, America? And so Dana Bash is part of the censorship crowd. Dana Bash is part of the propaganda crowd, an IQ of about 14. She loves her job and she knows where she has to stand and what she has to say to keep it on CNN. And she’s going to do a fact check, you see. That’s pretty funny. That’s pretty funny. So she comes in over the top. It’s an important fact check. Biden wasn’t setting out to censor RFK Jr speech or his political critics. What she’s not saying is that when you censor the entire discussion, you certainly are censoring Robert Kennedy Jr. and others. I will tell you this. The Democrat Party would have done itself a huge favor if instead of Biden, they were nominating Robert F Kennedy Jr. I’m not a big fan of his. But he’s not a detestable lying piece of crap like Biden is. That is not. He’s earnest, even if I think he’s wrong on a number of issues. He loves America. Biden clearly does not used to love the Confederacy in the Klan. Now he loves Hamas. And that’s who the man is and that’s who his supporters are. Or I should say his staff is in the White House. So, Dana Bash, I’m going to fact check you. Number one, Joe Biden was, in fact, trying to censor people. Where else would he set up that border? DHS. Oh, well, they got rid of it, you know, but they’ve kind of set it up in any event. Number two, yes, his departments and agencies were working with Twitter, Facebook, Google and others to try and prevent political speech. Political speech. And that includes the laptop issue. Number three, when you say there’s no evidence that Biden himself was involved, what kind of a stupid Carmen is that? Did you sit in in all the meetings? Is Biden going to say, Yeah, I told them to do that? What kind of a stupid common is that? Let me put it this way. Biden didn’t want it to happen. And he has newspapers and briefers and end up press people all around him. He could have stopped it, but he didn’t. But he didn’t. You’re a disgrace. But you’ve always been a disgrace. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
And so the media are populated with these individuals who who attack Trump and who support Biden. And the hosts don’t really need these guests because they do it themselves. You saw that Erin BURNETT or Paquette or whatever the hell her name is. What? You actually think Biden’s as dangerous to democracy as Trump? It just shows you how completely mindless they are. Dana Bash is going to fact check Robert Kennedy. We all lived through this. We all know what Biden did. And his administration did. We all heard the testimony of Taibbi and some of the others who went through all the Twitter information, said Dana Bash just blows it off. And there’s no evidence, then, that Biden himself was involved. Come on now. No evidence that Biden himself. Netanyahu, of course, he actually fires every bullet that’s fired and as you know, in Gaza. But Biden will have no evidence that he’s involved in anything. But he’s a genius, even though he comes off as a complete imbecile. Oh, okay. You want to hear something very funny, by the way, before we go to the break. I’ll see if I can squeeze it in here. Cut seven is pretty funny. It’s our boy, Joe Scarborough on the morning show today. Cut seven, Go. What we saw last week was a poll that showed Biden making great strides and doing it on the strength of younger voters coming out. What we’re seeing now is by making really good strides on the strength of independents coming home. Yes. So, Dan Fifer, I think we stand by for saying the important thing about the State of the Union address wasn’t that it was going to give Biden a quick bump. Right. It’s that it proved the Republican lie that he was some doddering old man, some don an idiot. Right. This is not a Republican lie. We’re all seeing it. We all hear him, you know, like oyster eggs. Oyster Bay. He’s a doddering old fool. He certainly is. Every now and then, he comes up for air. There’s no question about it. And what Joe Scarborough and Fifer want you to believe is them. Not your eyes, not your ears. Now, will you? You know, to be true. And yet we have a report from a special counsel that has certified officially that. Joe Biden is an imbecile, hence he wouldn’t bring charges against him. So Joe Biden. Escapes prosecution for violations of the Espionage Act. As senator, as a private citizen and as a vice president, as he was selling secrets to a publishing house for $8 million. Right. That’s what he did. They don’t know. I have this and the other hand running for president. He’s Albert Einstein. So when it comes to charging Biden, he’s an imbecile. So, you know, we can’t do anything. But when it comes to electing a president, he’s actually Alfred Einstein. This is the line. Scarborough Bash, The other reprobates malcontents and miscreants want you to believe. That the guy’s brilliant, but he’s not responsible for anything. Hey, there’s no evidence Biden himself was involved as there. Can you see, you know, here? Hold on, folks. Anyway, cut, I think. Let’s go to Cut. Cut. Please go. And this be as. Oh, Joe Biden’s a socialist. They love to say that. Joe Biden just Really? Yeah. Is that why you get richer by the second? Is that why you have more money than you? You know, their problem tax season is it really is if they’re investing in the stock market. It’s not that he’s a socialist and they’ve got to figure out how to hide money. It’s that they’re making too much money. Yeah, you idiot. I mean, Joe, seriously. Do you realize in every respect you defend this guy? Well, Mark, you do this. No, I don’t. In every respect. You know, over at MSNBC, they don’t care about ratings or anything. They’re on a mission. NBC and Comcast apparently to destroy the country. Their propaganda operations. That’s all they are. Mind me? Yes. He’s not a socialist. Sure he is. It hasn’t had one free market idea in his life. He’s spending the country into bankruptcy. Inflation is through the roof. Of course he is. Well, what if he’s not a capitalist? He said I’m a capitalist, but I’m a small D Democrat. But you don’t need any. But. That’s exactly what he is. Sometimes I wondered. Comcast is the board of Comcast, this radical. This anti-American. Is it really this bad? That it pays for these platforms. People like this. Apparently it is. And so many of these boards, these boards of directors are completely detached from their audiences. They’re completely detached from the American people. So Joe Biden is not a socialist. Joe Biden is actually brilliant. Joe Biden is not dangerous to democracy. No, none of these things. And they go over they ignore Joe Biden’s background. Joe Biden’s background from the Confederacy to Marxism. Right.