March 29th, 2024

March 29th, 2024

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, nobody cared when Sen Chuck Schumer and other Democrats attacked Supreme Court justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch and harassed them at their homes, but now Donald Trump is attacked for speaking out against a corrupt judge. By going on CNN to talk about Trump, D.C. District Court Judge Reggie Walton has violated basic ethics laws and destroyed the integrity of the court. If Walton is allowed to get away with this, he will set a very dangerous precedent of a sitting judge with an active caseload going on national television to discuss a political ruling. Also, President Biden is selling out America to Iran and China among other countries around the world, which is why our border is wide open. Biden will sell out anyone and anything for control, and he has been a racist and anti-Semite his entire life because all he cares about is money and power. Meanwhile, Joe Rogan made a very dangerous statement on his podcast, comparing what Israel is doing to Hamas to the German killing of Jews during the Holocaust.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811. 877-381-3811. Something extraordinarily bad happened. On CNN yesterday. No, not CNN. I’m not talking about them. They’re they’re horrific. Don’t get me wrong. You know, I’ve been around the law my entire life, my entire adult life. Went to law school at a very young age. Graduating. Graduated a very young age. Became a member of the bar at a very young age. And even today, in some respects practice law since I was 22, 23 years old. And there are certain rules that you must comply with. Every year now, we have what’s called continuing legal education. Kelly really started with John Dean as a result of his conduct during the Nixon administration. The various state bars decided in their own ways that all of us should be punished and we should all take these continuing legal education courses. Each state kind of varies in what they require. Virginia requires fairly stringent amount of coursework, so forth. We also have rules of professional conduct in each state. Very elaborate, heavily debated rules of professional conduct. Put out by the bar approved by the Supreme Court of each state, and you wouldn’t know it. There are certain rules of professional conduct for judges, too. Just because a judge is a lifetime appointee, they’re not kings. They’re not queens. They have ethical obligations to the law. Ethical obligations to doing justice. Then over the course of the history of our country, they have failed many of them. My first book, Men in Black, lays out the case of one Supreme Court justice after another. Some of them were bigots and racists. Some of them had dementia and they stayed on way too long. Some of them were chasing their female law clerks around a table. Some of them are on the take. Most of them weren’t any of these things, but the sum of them is too many. If I had to guess today, there’s been about 150 Supreme Court justices, give or take. Not many more. We have about a thousand district, federal district court judges. These are the most coveted yet easiest jobs, lifetime jobs anyone can ever hold. You can literally be an idiot and be a federal district judge if you get through the confirmation process. You have law clerks who help you. It’s really not a full time job. Unless you’re really, really focused on it. And it can go to your head. You sit there in the courtroom and Your Honor, this and Your Honor that. And the lawyer’s a little nervous. Certainly the witness is very, very nervous because you have an awful lot of power. With your lifetime appointment. And there’s not a lot asked of these judges. But one of the things that’s asked of the judges is stay the hell out of politics. Stay the hell out of politics. You have a lifetime appointment. What would you say about a federal judge in Washington, D.C.? Who goes on CNN and trashes Donald Trump. What would you say about that? I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ve never heard of anything like this before. A federal judge. Who goes on CNN and trashes Donald Trump. And of course, in the middle of an election excuse me. And while there’s these legal cases going on. What an arrogant S.O.B.. Because that federal judge knows there’s no chance in hell, even if he’s impeached, that the Senate would convict him. And so. Rather than comply with the rules of professional conduct for lawyers, the rules for judicial conduct, obviously for judges in over 200 years of experience. This judge takes it upon himself to go on CNN. And trash Donald Trump. His name is Reggie Walton. I’m well familiar with them. His name is Reggie Walton. He worked his way onto the federal bench with a variety of choices, Democrat and Republican. He’s not considered the brightest judge on the bench. I can tell you that right now. I’ve dealt with him myself. And what you’re about to hear is the most brazen. Grotesque. Violation of judicial ethics. In this way. And in this fashion ever. Ever. Now, did he ask to go on CNN or did CNN ask him? Does it matter? But apparently he asked. Cut 17 go. I think to a lot of people, the dangers of attacking a judge and his family and their family is clear. I wonder how you would respond to something like that. She’s talking about Donald Trump, who is exposing the elected Democrat judge and his radical left daughter in the album Brad case. And Caitlin Collins is a complete fraud. She used to be in conservative media, but now she sees this is where this is, where the action is. And I want to remind you folks. That Chuck Schumer in front of the Supreme Court of the United States pointed to the court. And threatened to. Supreme Court justices pointed at the court and threatened Kavanaugh and Gorsuch by name. And oh, damn federal judge, why don’t CNN to complain about that? Not one. Not one. And Judge Walton, so-called judge, I can tell you this if I ever had a case in Washington, DC, I would demand that it never be presented in front of Walton because he’s exposed himself. He’s exposed himself. What does he say? Go ahead. Well, it’s very disconcerting to have someone making comments about a judge. And it’s particularly problematic when those comments are in the form of a threat. They were not in the form of a threat. Judge. The threat came from Schumer against two Supreme Court justices. Why don’t you drag your ass on to CNN, then? You understand, Judge, you’re now open to public criticism. You got it right. Now it’s clear you’re part of some political hack in a black robe. That’s what you are. Walton. You want to make these comments. You resign. You get off the damn bench. Then you go on CNN. That’s what you do. You have violated. I don’t know how many provisions of the rules of professional conduct for lawyers and even more for judges. There was no threat made against the judge or his daughter. If they’ve been a threat made against the judge or his daughter. The judge would know how to deal with it. You a federal judge going on CNN in front of a grifter, phony host spewing what you’re spewing is an outrage. Go ahead. I’m. I mean, we do these jobs because we’re committed to the rule of law, and we believe in the rule of law. And the rule of law can only function effectively when we have judges who are prepared to carry out their duties without the threat of. There was no threat. There was no threat of potential physical harm. I challenge you, Judge, right now. Show us the threat. Give us the language. Because you’re the only one who saw it. And you sat silently in your courtroom. In your cloistered environment when Chuck Schumer did in fact Mr. Producer during a break grab that Schumer cut. Well, you did, in fact, attack two Supreme Court justices. You said nothing, even though it’s about a mile away from your courthouse. Down Pennsylvania Avenue. You said nothing. And Caitlin Collins said nothing. This is unbelievable. Literally, folks, this is unseemly. Cut 18 go. And we had a judge out in Chicago who someone came after her and fortunately she was not there, but her family members were and several of them lost. Now, Donald Trump. Donald, she the projection. See. See what happens here. They were going after the judge, was it Their family members were killed, as I recall, because this individual didn’t like the way this judge ruled. What does that have to do with Trump? Absolutely nothing. Zero. Go ahead. That we live with. But you try not to let it impact on your day to day life. I don’t expect you to get political here. Obviously devious and diabolical as Collins is. But Walt must have known it. Go ahead. While Trump considers when he posts something like this. I can’t get into someone’s mind when he posts something like this. Post something like this. Miss Collins, how many death threats has Donald Trump received in know? Do you care? Have you asked? How many death threats did Supreme Court justices get when the Dobbs decision was leaked and after it was issued? Sam Alito implied that they got a lot, especially him, because he wrote it. Did you care? You didn’t give a damn. You trash Clarence Thomas day in and day out. The Democrat Party does. How many death threats has he received? Huh? How many? You people sit there with your snobbery. The media called Trump Hitler. Gee, I wonder if that incites any violence. And we know that while you did that, Kevin almost cost him his life. Some punk traveled from California, armed, ready to take him nap. CAVANAUGH. But no, no, no. Don’t criticize the judge in New York, you say. I don’t know what. Did you speak out with the treatment of Kavanaugh? Who was a federal appellate judge in your same courthouse, by the way. Did you speak out for him? Did you feel. To go into CNN and say this treatment is outrageous what you’re doing to the judiciary. It can cause threats. How many? How many lies? Excuse me? Threats about his life that Kavanaugh received. Kaitlan Collins. Sick. This is so sick. And this judge. This is a judge. Go ahead. The impact that they’re doing. But I would think that he’s any reasonable thinking person would appreciate that when they say things that can sometimes resonate with others. And I think that’s particularly true when you have somebody who has status in our society and they may say his name. Say his name. So when the Democrats trashed Supreme Court justices, when the Democrats trash the judge in Florida. What about that one stroke? Go ahead and cause people to act on those statements, even if they don’t necessarily intend for someone to do so. So I think it’s very important that people in particular. So here’s a deal. I challenge Kaitlan Collins right now to have Schumer on her show play what he said. And ask him if he was. If he was responsible for potential violence. Against the justices. I wanted to bring Durbin and better yet, Harris, who was promoted to vice president. What she said and what they said about Kavanaugh. I’d love to know about it. Meanwhile. The militia for the Democrat Party was marching up and down the homes and the residences, I should say, of Supreme Court justices. And the attorney general of the United States didn’t do a damn thing about it. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
I want to tell you. GORSUCH I want to tell you. KAVANAUGH You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. Now, that is a direct threat against two Supreme Court justices and this guy, Reggie Walton, this so-called judge. He didn’t ask to go on CNN to talk about that. Trump never said anything like that about any federal judge at any time. District court, appellate court, Supreme Court. Never, ever, ever spoke those words. And there is CNN with a fried Collins. I’m not done. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
These judges don’t deserve respect for the offices they hold when they abuse them as they do. They deserve our contempt. I’m not done. As this, Kaitlin Collins continues. With Reggie Walton, who calls himself a judge. Cut 19. Go. You’re someone who has always been really straightforward in your assessment of the former president. If you stop right there, why is he discussing the former president? Is he a commentator? Is he political operative? Now I want to try and educate some of the defense lawyers out there. Every single lawyer who has as a client, anyone from January six, must immediately, immediately file an appeal. Get a transcription of this interview. Even though this judge. Well, let me put it this way. Anybody who was before this judge. And make the case immediately. If any of the January six were in front of this guy. Make the case about his ethics, make the case about his bias, make the case that there was no way that he should have been hearing any of these cases. Go ahead. Comment When you’re when you’re sentencing people, when you’re when you’re in these cases. You once referred to him as a charlatan at the sentencing of a January six defendant. I know you’ve gotten a lot of those cases before. You you’ve said that you don’t think he cares about democracy, only power that you once seemed to suggest you didn’t. You weren’t sure he’d accept defeat if you lost. Now, this is this is amazing, of course. We as a nation didn’t know this about this judge. He said all these statements during sentencing. Yes, these people should be pardoned because this judge shouldn’t be a judge. He should be a commentator on NBC, MSNBC, or CNN. He should not be a judge. He made all these statements during sentencing. Why was he sentencing Donald Trump now? So is attacking Donald Trump. If Caitlin Collins is accurate, which could be highly questionable. But let’s assume she is here, called Trump a charlatan. Lady doesn’t care about democracy. They wouldn’t accept an election loss. You’re sitting there as a lifetime appointee. Your job is to interpret the law and you’re giving political speeches as if you’re. One of these Democrat hacks on CNN or MSNBC or one of these Democrat frauds on the floor of the House or the Senate. Is that it, Judge Walton? Do I have that about right? Is that what you did? Yes, it is. Yes, it is. And you ought to resign immediately. And if I had a case in front of this guy, I would immediately make a motion. Not just that you recuse himself, but that you immediately make a motion. Now you want to move it to another courtroom. No, I mean, outside of Washington, D.C.. These judges all talk to each other. They have lunch with each other. They socialize with each other. That’s what they do. I know. I’ve seen it. I’ve been there. Charlatan doesn’t care about. There’s a judge from the bench. Go ahead. Go ahead. Do you still feel that way tonight? So I you know, I’d rather not comment on that. I mean, I made those you know, the comments are made in the context of the sentences I impose because I’m hoping that what I say to the individual so I’m sentencing will resonate with them and cause them to rethink the activity. Hold on. Hold on. You’re sentencing them for what they did. What do you mean caused them to rethink? You’re not a psychologist. What the hell are you doing, Judge? I mean, honest to God. You’re so full of crap, it’s not even funny. No, you don’t deserve my respect. When you’re a real judge and you act like a judge, that’s one thing. I can disagree with you. No, no, no. Yeah. This is you’re a you’re a commentator for CNN and MSNBC with a black robe. That’s what you are. This is appalling. I’ve never heard of an interview like this ever of a sitting federal judge who has cases in front of him. And look, he even even condemns himself. He wants these people to understand, wants them to rethink their allegiance to Trump and what they did. Okay. Then why did you take the case at all, Judge? If that’s what you think about that person, you’re sentencing. You come to this with an animus? Go ahead in the box, then before the court and hopefully 20. Go ahead. It’s rare that we get to hear here from a sitting federal judge. Oh, it’s rare. Can you give me another case? She’s such a dimwit. It’s not even funny. She’s such a fraud. But she’s figured out the angle being part of the Washington media crap. She’s figured it out. It’s not about journalism. It’s about gotcha. It’s about Trump, That’s all. Low IQ, moron. Go ahead. It’s rare that we get to hear here from a sitting federal judge, but obviously this is a gravely important issue. I wonder what made you speak out tonight. We obviously contacted them. He wanted to speak out. I mean, I can’t imagine the press is running around contacting all these courtrooms saying, does your judge want to talk about Trump? Go ahead. Well, you know, I am concerned because, like I say, we have had judges who lost their lives. Okay. Well, I want you to hear this again, Judge, because I don’t remember you speaking up at all. You worried about judges losing their lives? I was worried about judges losing their lives. Okay, great. We should all be worried about that. But he’s not. He’s a liar. He wanted to get his political points out, and he’s using that as cover because Trump did not threaten that judge or the daughter. Not even close. But Schumer did. Two Supreme Court justices one mile away or less from the courthouse where this judge operates. We all heard it March 2020 yet again for Judge Walton. Go. I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. Hmm. Threatening the justices, flat out threatening them. Threatening. He should be in front of another judge in the courtroom. And should have been charged with threatening those justices. But he wasn’t. Now, this judge is all over CNN and he’s going on and on. He’s concerned about threats to judges. I don’t blame him. But he’s not concerned about Schumer. He’s not concerned that what Schumer did and what Schumer said might ignite some kind of nutjob to hurt somebody. He didn’t go on CNN when the attorney general of the United States, himself a former judge in Washington, D.C.. Didn’t charge a single person with violating federal law when they were trying to intimidate. Six Supreme Court justices on the Knapp’s decision. He didn’t come out and say, See? And, you know, I’m very concerned here about the possibility of damage, these people walking around. Nobody’s been charged in federal. He didn’t say that. He didn’t say it. And, of course, Collins. She didn’t play the Schumer audio for him. There’s rarely video for TV. I mean, it’s made for TV. Now, she didn’t show. The Democrat Party militia with their bullhorns, with their signs Screaming at justice is where their kids and their grandkids get here in the middle of the night and the neighbors, too. And that not a single one of them was charged with violating federal law. And there is a federal law that prevents the intimidation of judges. Nothing. What about this Judge Walton? This is why none of them would ever come with me. A motion. What about this Judge Walton? You didn’t ask to come on here and condemn Schumer. You didn’t ask to come on the air and condemn. Let’s Garland. Did you. I have never, ever, ever seen anything like this. I mean, you get these judges afterwards who’ve sort of lost their minds like Mike Luttig. And so but he’s not a judge anymore. He’s just a schmo. This man has an active caseload and an active caseload involving people who support Donald Trump. And from the bench he’s been throwing around, certainly by insinuation, Donald Trump’s name in very vile and contemptible ways. Giving his opinion on matters that are not before him, giving his opinion on matters that were not tried in front of him. Sentencing people. And using Donald Trump. That in and of itself should get his ass kicked off the bench. But now this is this. Let me tell you something. If this judge gets away with this, there’ll be no turning back. It sets a precedent. Now, judges can go on TV and give opinions about politicians, not judges. Go on TV and give opinion in a presidential election. I’m very concerned. So if a Republican judge went on Fox and said, I’m very concerned about Biden, very, very concerned the way he threatened the Supreme Court after decision with the with Harvard MBA, that the Asian kids said the Supreme Court is not normal. Or the way he defies Supreme Court decisions. I’m worried that he won’t enforce the law. I. Why do you think what happened to that Judge America? What do you think they’d say about Fox America? What do you think they’d say about the host that conducted the interview? America. This is the America we live in today. Sickening. Sickening. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
You know, it’s just amazing when you think it can’t get worse. It gets a lot worse. And I’m sure it’s going to get a lot worse than it already has. These Democrats are creating a scenario January six. Trump won’t give in. He won’t give up there. Judges are now on TV and the truth is they’re destroying the voting system in one state after another. They’re making it impossible, impossible for authorities if they care to ensure that the vote has integrity. So you’re not going to be able to erase that anymore. And with all these lawsuits and other things going on, they’ve got the media in their back pocket and they talk about democracy. That’s okay. So did Stalin and Lenin. They talk about democracy, too. They don’t mean it. And the election system, even when they lose, they’ve got these judges. They have the administrative state, the permanent government. I mean, all this stuff they want to do to your appliances in your home, your automobile, the fact that you have a single family home, that none of that’s been passed by statute, none of that gone through Congress, It’s all gone through the EPA and HUD and in other bureaucracies that are loyal to the Democrat Party. They don’t believe in elections. They don’t when they don’t honor them. And if they do, when they claim they have this massive mandate. That’s why when you look at the battle over the budget, it’s not even just the battle over the horrendous deficit spending, a massive debt that’s going to destroy us. The Democrats will destroy the private sector if they have to, just like the pandemic to empower. Their mob to empower their administrative state, this massive bureaucracy. It belongs to the Democrat Party. Antonio Gramsci. Beginning of the last century. Italian communist. And he’s not alone. There were others. He explained how the revolution would take place. It wouldn’t be violent, wouldn’t be from the bottom up, it would be from the top down. That they had to secrete themselves into the media. What he said. Into government. Into politics. One piece of the culture after another. The colleges and universities, the elementary schools, the secondary schools. And before you know it, the revolution has been accomplished. And that’s exactly what’s taken place. When people call themselves progressives, you have to understand they are the progeny of Marxism. That’s what they are. And they sounded class warfare. Get the rich. Trump’s Hitler. We need to imprison him and keep him away. This these this is the language. This is the talk. This is who they are. Though. I know one day it’ll be coming after yours truly. There’s no question about it. But if you don’t speak up, what the damn good are you? No question about it. I also think it’s time that we acknowledged to Joe Biden is selling out America. He’s selling out America. To the Iranians. He’s selling out America. To all kinds of countries all over the world. That’s why our borders open. Doesn’t serve America’s purpose. Certainly not in a good way. Joe Biden is selling out our country. I think of being on the take he and his family for decades. Has had an effect. I truly do. Now his brothers under investigation. His son was under investigation. The only one not under investigation is Biden. And he’s the one that should be because he’s president and wants to be president again. He’s selling out our country to communist China. He has no plan to help Taiwan. None. None whatsoever. He will sell out anything. Anything for power. And this is the man who started as a a true Confederate. Throwing in was some of the most vile racists and segregationists in American history. He fought so hard, and the letters are there to prove it, to prevent the integration of our public schools. He said it was busing, but it was more than busing. And, of course, he pushed one of the most anti-black criminal laws focused on the black community. And now he’s the great white savior. Oh, yeah. No. He’s what he’s always been. And on top of that, he’s an anti-Semite. And it’s about time that people start having the guts to call him exactly what he is. We’ll be right back.