March 28th, 2024

March 28th, 2024

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the cold-blooded murder of an NYPD officer is a perfect example of what the Democrat party is doing to the rest of the nation. Donald Trump loves law enforcement and loves America unlike President Biden and Barack Obama, who prefer an open border and lawlessness. Also, by giving billions of dollars to Iran, the Biden administration is giving aid and comfort to terrorists in the Middle East and around the world. Biden is selling out the United States and Israel by refusing to stand up to Iran while helping them obtain a nuclear weapon and is encouraging the pro-Hamas protests in our streets. The Democrat party is filled with out-of-the-closet Marxists who have turned on Israel despite the majority of Americans standing behind Israel.

The President’s War Against the Jews

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 87738138118773813811. What’s taking place in New York after the cold blooded murder? One NYPD officer is illustrative of what’s going on between the Democrat Party and the rest of the nation. Donald Trump is a private citizen, and yet he was president. He loves law enforcement. He loves America. That is a big difference from Obama. Big difference from Obama and Biden clearly do not. They call it fundamental transformation. An open border demonstrates that you don’t love the American citizen. For people like Biden and Obama and yes, Clinton. This is a big stage. It’s all about them. It’s all about power. It’s all about their party. It’s not about country. It’s not about the American people. It’s a big play. It’s a big game. Power. Power. Power. And they’re at the highest tier of power. Two former presidents and a sitting president. Biden. He spent his entire life. In Washington, D.C., raising money. Using government to bully. Obama has spent his entire life as a Marxist. That’s correct. Domestic terrorists. Palestinian terrorists. And Communists, Alinsky and others. This is what’s taking place in New York. Biden doesn’t give a damn about this police officer. Biden didn’t give a damn. About the people who have died and doesn’t. As a result of his policies on the border. The slavery. The brutality, the murder. He doesn’t care. He pretends to care about the people in Gaza. But as Mark Penn, Democrat pollster for Clinton points out. There are six times as many people in Haiti who are, as we speak, starving to death. They have no policy towards Haiti? None. They don’t even talk about Haiti. There’s a brilliant piece in the tablet. It’s called the President’s War against the Jews. Biden claims he’s a lifelong friend of the Jewish people and a Zionist. But these empty words are cover for a decades long antipathy. And he has the same antipathy toward the American people when he walked into the Senate. He cited the racists in the segregationist. He opposed integrating our public schools. That was his position now. Now, having been an anti-black racist heath figure figures anti-white racism will get him even further. But even more, it’s his anti-Semitism. It’s finally come to the fore. He spent a lifetime. Saying one thing and doing another. And as president he sees as opportunity. Israel was attacked their backs against the wall. And there’s a report today that, in fact, he is denying Israel key weapons systems that they’ve asked for. He’s denying it. And this piece says, For some American Jews, the months since October seven have felt like a horror movie as they watch with increasing alarm, is our president, from whom many voted and who many placed invaluable trust, seemed to moment after crucial moment throw Israel under the bus. And by the way, today his spoke said he’d announce there’s been no change in our policies on Israel. So they just keep lying. Earlier this month, the UN report from its Office of Special Representative, Secretary General revealed that Israel has been saying for months, namely that Hamas committed the most vile sexual violence and torture on October seven. Such treatment likely continues to be perpetrated on hostages. Experts from the UN, an organization that is routinely hostile to the Jewish state, actually found, quote, clear and convincing information that some hostages have been subjected to various forms of conflict related sexual violence, including rape and sexualized torture and sexualized, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment is a quote. And it also has reasonable grounds to believe that such violence may be ongoing. You haven’t heard Joe Biden say a word about it. And there’s five Americans among those hostages. At least five. In reaction, Joe Biden’s State Department chose to level the charge of sexual abuse at Israel. Recently, IDF Brigadier General Amir Aviv recounted his meeting with a senior State Department official since identified as Joe Hutchings. Joe Hutchings, director of the Office of Israeli and Palestinian Affairs, who proceeded to accuse Israel, quote, of systematically sexually abusing Palestinian women, unquote. The State Department’s claim was based on information from Hamas pushed by Qatar’s Al Jazeera, which ended up deleting the story after it proved to be fabricated. Indeed, Biden briefly expressed empathy with Israel after the heinous attack on October seven. But since then, along with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Biden has been working at breakneck speed to undermine, if not fully impede, Israel in its access to battle against the Iran funded Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, a campaign that has now extended to official blood libels about deliberate Israeli campaigns of genocide, famine and starvation, killing babies and sexual abuse, culminating in the administration’s betrayal of Israel and siding with Hamas at the Security Council last Monday. In the blink of an eye. Biden has gone from framing Hamas as pure, unadulterated evil to putting immense pressure on Israel to stand down. And the pressure is not of recent origin. More than 40 years ago, Joe Biden prompted one of the most famous phrases ever uttered by an Israeli prime minister in a private session with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1982. Biden threatened Prime Minister Menachem Begin while cutting off U.S. aid of Israel, did not stop its, quote unquote, settlements in Judea and Samaria and began replied, as we’ve discussed here. Don’t threaten us. We’re cutting off your aid. It will not work. I’m not a Jew with trembling knees. I’m a proud Jew with 3700 years of civilized history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers, in ovens. Nobody came to our aid. When we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. And we will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And when necessary, we’ll die for them, with or without your aid. Well, Biden’s scorn. Biden scored for Israel’s current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is significantly more vocal, referring to Netanyahu as a bad effing guy and an a-hole language that is difficult to imagine. Amusing about any other leader of a friendly foreign state. More recently, as he swaggered his way out of the State of the Union, doing his whispering, leaning and shtick, Biden told Blinken and others, quote, I told him, Bibi, don’t repeat this, but you and I are going to have a come to Jesus meeting. By knew he was on a hot mike in a minute as much he wanted the world to know what he thinks of Israel’s prime minister. And it broadcast that he was putting the squeeze on Israel to force it to forego its ability to defend itself. Fact This has been Biden’s posture from day one. Biden has made downgrading Israel and elevating the Palestinians, while also using them as a pressure tool against Israel. Central to US policy in the region. Upon taking office. And despite the Taylor Force Act, which prohibits the U.S. from sending certain tax dollars to the Palestinian Authority until it stops funding terrorism, Biden rewarded Palestinian terrorism with U.S. taxpayer moneys, ultimately amounting to almost $1,000,000,000. American First Legal Foundation, where I’m senior counsel, filed suit against Biden and Blinken on behalf of Congressman Ronny Jackson. Stuart and Robbie force parents of Taylor, force the U.S. Army veteran. The U.S. Army veteran, West Point graduate murdered at the hands of a Palestinian terrorist in 2016. And Cyrus Singer, herself a victim of Palestinian terrorism in 2003 for violating the Taylor Force Act. Jessica’s Mark recently denied the government’s motion to dismiss the case. We’ll see where it goes. By knows that payments to Abbas’s Palestinian Authority incentivize and reward terrorists and their terrorist operations. His actions reveal he doesn’t care. And the same applies to Secretary of State Blinken. His State Department revealed in a March 2022 fact sheet. They quote, Since April 2021, the United States has provided over half a billion dollars in assistance for the Palestinians, including more than 417 million in humanitarian assistance. For mainly the descendants of Palestinian refugees through UNWRA, UNRWA’s U.N. organization that was involved on October 7th. Spain has what’s known as a whole of government approach in his embrace of the Palestinians at the expense of Israel, mobilizing multiple executive branch agencies to work across individual silos to implement an integrated policy. And just last year, his Department of Homeland Security ceremoniously handed over to the Palestinian Authority. A 2700 year old spoon dating back to the Assyrian empire. Describing the conveyance as, quote, historic repatriation. There were no Palestinians, and that’s the point, that they did it anyway. The State Department’s George Noel, chief of the Office of Palestinian Affairs, described the spoon as an example of Palestinian cultural patrimony and that the transfer was a historic moment between the American and Palestinian people. This attempt to manufacture an ancient Palestinian lidded lineage in the land of Israel while denying the right of Jews to settle in their ancestral home was clear. October seven didn’t temper this obscenity. Just one day after October seven, Blinken, in concert with Turkey, called for a cease fire. By a post on Twitter, an ex post on the evening of October eight. Blinken deleted the post about 12 hours later, but the message was loud and clear. Stand down and remain victims. Two days later, Biden’s National Security Council spokesman call on Israel to show restraint and take only necessary and proportionate action, quote unquote, to defend itself. The inconvenient truth is there was a cease fire in October six. Hamas broke it with financial military assistance from Iran. A terrorist state is now flush with billions in sanctions relief as a direct result of Biden’s disastrous policy of gifting the Islamic Republic with cash, some of which he helpfully provided barely a month after the October terror attack. And on November 14th, the administration extended a sanctions waiver allowing Iran to access $10 billion. By the way, it did it again a few weeks ago. US spokesmen have been repeatedly unable to deny that the money’s delivered by Biden to Iran weren’t used in funding the October seven attack because of course they were. Now as if funding Hamas or Iran weren’t bad enough, Biden made it a top priority to help maintain open supply lines to Gaza, while also looking the other way as Hamas intercepts and hijacks 60% or more of the humanitarian aid from the many thousands of aid trucks coming into the strip since the start of the war. Hamas either keeps the aid for its terrorists or sells it to non-combatants in a. Soybean prices. This is being reported almost daily from multiple sources with social media videos corroborating the reports of Hamas’s theft of the cargo. And instead of condemning Hamas for the aid crisis. Biden blames Israel for what his secretary of state has claimed as an acute food insecurity crisis in Gaza, supposedly affecting 100% of the population. Biden also ignores that Hamas steals the fuel to fire rockets and operate its tunnels when thousands of cars and swarms some 30 food delivery trucks in Gaza and a deadly stampede ensued. IDF aerial footage corroborated that the IDF account was right, showing that Hamas was directly to blame and they fired Hamas dead on the Palestinians. And yet both the media and the Biden administration have continued to blame Israel. Now, the piece goes on in significant detail with exquisite substance. In the title of the piece. It’s a very gutsy title and a very accurate title. The President’s War against the Jews. And it goes on about anti-Semitism in America and how Biden is doing next to nothing. And he won’t even speak out against any never did it. The State of the Union. Biden’s taken aside, he’s siding with the Islamists. That’s where his party is. That’s where he is. He’s siding with academia. He’s siding with Hollywood. He’s siding with the media. He’s siding with Obama. He’s firmly on the side of the Islamists. The tablet tablet mag dot com published this piece. It was written by a beautiful and brilliant woman, my wife, Julie. We’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Nearly four in five Americans continue to support Israel, right by reports a new Harvard Harris poll released March 27 suggests support for Israel remains strong among American voters, 79% backing the Jewish state over Hamas. And yet what’s interesting is that the Democrat Party, young Democrat voters are moving more towards Hamas. And of course, the peaceful Palestinians, which are everywhere. Just look around. And against Israel. And this is a result of what Biden, Schumer, Blinken, Obama are doing to the Democrat Party. This is what they are creating the seeds of anti-Semitism. It’s not new. It’s not new. Franklin Roosevelt did the same thing. And of course, the Democrats love that guy. There’s a lot more going on out there. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Let me put a bow around this. I’d mention this report in Breitbart, A new Harvard Harris poll released, I guess it was yesterday or the day before, suggests support for Israel remain strong among American voters, 79% backing the Jewish state over Hamas. Breitbart News reported at the time 82% of American voters supported Israel over Hamas in February’s poll. So you can see, despite the best efforts of the American media, the Democrat Party and the elites and ruling class in Washington and other places, the American people aren’t buying it. They’re not buying it. In February. Nearly two thirds of American voters also supported an Israeli attack on the last Hamas battalions in Gaza. 63%. Said that Israel should continue its ground invasion into southern Gaza to root out the final elements of Hamas. Of course, the Biden administration opposes it. The Biden administration is now cutting off arms to Israel. And about an hour ago, there’s a story out that they’re actually talking about putting together a peacekeeping force. It is clear Joe Biden does not want Hamas to strike and he does not want Hamas destroyed. Why? Because it is a puppet terrorist operation of Iran. And Iran in some ways is calling the shots, as it has been during most of the Biden administration, with nuclear weapons. It is the United States through the Biden administration that has gone to Iran on bended knee. Which is why Iran has not been attacked by the United States, even though they killed three of our soldiers. Even though they’re funding all the terrorism, which is why none of the effective and most important sanctions that are placed in Iran have been. Honored. They’ve been waived. Which is why during the course of this war, $26 billion directly has been released to Iran, and that doesn’t include tens of billions of dollars in oil receipts that they’re getting from, among others, communist China. There is some kind of deal. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve said it before. Iran likely will not reveal the fact that it has a nuclear weapon until after the election. Which is why it has watered down its. It’s visual material. That is the heart of a nuclear weapon. Which can quickly ramp back up. Why would it do that? Because it was asked to do it. That’s why. Mark my words on this. Joe Biden is not just selling out the state of Israel. He’s selling out the United States. He’s not going to do anything to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Not a damn thing. He’s paying for it. He’s funding it. Here’s another poll, Daniel Greenfield. Half of Muslims believe Hamas has valid reasons for attacking Israel. Poll shows U.S. Muslims support Hamas. Recent Pew survey in the war showed that half of Muslims in America, 49%, believe Hamas has, quote, valid unquote reasons for attacking is or why the majority, 54%, also reject the idea that Israel has the right to defend itself against the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas. This is in the United States. And like the vast majority of Americans, Muslims are the only group or less than half agree that the October seven murders, rapes and kidnappings were wrong. One in five Muslims in America. 21% were willing to admit they support the October seven massacres. Nearly one in three claimed to be unsure whether burning Jewish families alive in their homes was wrong. Only 5% believe that Israel’s military campaign on Hamas is acceptable. 68% believe that Israel’s attacks on the Islamic terrorists are not acceptable. 67%. These are Muslims in America have an unfavorable view of the Israeli people, not the Israeli government, but the Israeli people. But as it comes to the Israeli government, 86% oppose that. Well, only 8% of Americans have a favorable view of Hamas. One in three. 37% of Muslims in America. This is all Pew are willing to admit to a favorable view of a sanctioned terrorist organization. 60% in the U.S. resent that America is, quote unquote, favoring Israel. But they don’t have to worry about that because that’s not the case anymore. He says these numbers are troubling because they pose a threat not only to Israel, but to America. Support for Islamic terrorism in one part of the world can often translate to support for terrorism elsewhere, including in America. Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has built an extensive infrastructure in America. When the Brotherhood took power in Egypt before being removed in a popular uprising with military backing, many Muslims here in the United States rallied to support it. In fact, Barack Obama rallied. He opposed the overthrow of the members of the of that government by the military. Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups operate not only in Israel or in the Middle East, but around the world. Al Qaida was formed as part of a fusion with a Muslim Brotherhood splinter group. Osama bin Laden was one of a number of Al Qaida leaders who’d been in the Brotherhood. And the Muslim Brotherhood is on every campus in the United States of America through its student groups. It has built up organizations that control mosques and represent Muslims on Capitol Hill. Some of those organizations also did everything possible to undermine America’s war on Al Qaida. Now, some of them are cheering on the hoodie jihadists as they battle the U.S. Navy to sink as many of our ships in the Red Sea as they can. The Pew numbers show quite clearly that a surprising number of Muslims are willing to express support for Islamic terrorism. How many share their views, but are more circumspect about telling them to a stranger on the phone? That is something we may only find out too late, he writes. Well, one in three Muslims will admit to supporting Hamas. One in two claim that Hamas has valid reasons for attacking Israel and hardly any believe that the victims of Islamic terrorism have the right to fight back. That is the final number that truly enters. Some will claim to reject Islamic terror, but very few are willing to actually support non-Muslims who fight back against terror. While the Pew poll offers plenty of bad news about Democrats and their support for terror, this is in part driven by growing Islamic role in the Democrat Party, the media and public life. That is the phenomenon reflected in the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Election Jihad report, which showed that Islamic activists regaining statewide offices around the country and using their positions to defend Islamic terrorists while opposing efforts to put a stop to their violence and look at the universities and colleges. There were three times as many Muslims as Democrats support the Hamas atrocities. October seven. Twice as many Muslims as black pride as Protestants and other group, least less friendly, at least friendly to Jews believe Hamas has valid reasons for fighting Israel over twice as many Muslims as 18 to 24 year olds. The most pro-Hamas age demographics support Hamas. These views do not represent an American range, but a dangerous, un-American one. The support for Hamas and the opposition Israel among Muslims in America is not a reflection of American politics, but of Islamic ones. This is also true of the anti-Israel campaign. The majority of Muslims don’t just oppose Israel, but the Israeli people. This is not a disagreement with a particularly government. But with an entire people. And it goes on. Those are frightening numbers, are they not, Mr. Producer? I have friends who are Muslim. The bank manager I deal with comes out of Pakistan. Wonderful guy. Zuhdi Jasser, who have endorsed for the house in Arizona. Wonderful guy. So obviously, there are many, many wonderful people of the Muslim faith. The problem is there are many who are not. There are imams, there are people who are speaking who are caught in the Internet. The group Care, which is a Hamas front group, Students for Justice in Palestine, another Hamas funded organization. You have the Marxists, the Soros types view of the Islamists. They’re on the march. They are on the move. They don’t represent a majority of Americans. That’s precisely why I gave you the poll numbers from the Harvard Isthmus Poll. Which shows. 80% of America supporting Israel over Hamas. But it is this group that Joe Biden is embracing. It is this. This group that Joe Biden is embracing for two reasons only Michigan. In Minnesota. Politically, but in his heart and soul, Joe Biden has always believed, as he as he’s revealing himself today, always. He’s always been a fraud. Which was the point of my wife’s piece in the tablet. And then finally to wrap this up, because I do want to get to the things Newsweek. Hamas hails Biden’s clear changes on Israel policy. The heads of the two leading Palestinian groups are at war with Israel, Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Have praised Iran’s role in an increasingly international conflict over the Gaza Strip and talks with Tehran’s top authority. Now, Biden has denied Iran’s role. Blinken has denied demands, Iran’s role. And yet Iran is funding the whole damn thing. And they’re getting all their money from Biden directly and indirectly. Biden has blood on his hands. Biden funded October 7th. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Yabba dabba Doo held back to back meetings in recent days with the chair of the Hamas movement, the Politico bureau, the secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement as well, both in Tehran. Both Palestinian leaders conveyed their gratitude for the support shown by the Islamic Republic since a Hamas led coalition of armed Palestinian factions led an unprecedented attack on Israel on October seven. This is Newsweek sparking the deadliest flare up to date. During the meetings on Monday, the Hamas chief took aim at not only Israel but also the United States for supporting its ally throughout the conflict. And yet noted the changes that are taking place. Changes that are taking place. Hamas hails Biden’s clear changes on Israel policy. The spokesman today was asked about that by Jacqui Heinrich of Fox. She pressed her hard. There’s been no changes in our policy towards Israel just because we’re cutting off weapons and arms for them, just because we’re giving. Tens of billions, 100 billion to the Iranians, far more than we have ever gone to the Ukrainians, just because we’re demanding that the Israeli people throw out their leaders, their elected leaders, just because we’re demanding that Israel carve a better country, just because we’re making all these demands on Israel while we’re funding Hamas through UNWRA, our funding the PLO, while we’re funding Iran, while we’re rearming Iran, while we’re doing all of these wonderful things, cutting off arms to Israel, investigating Israel for war crimes, doing all these other things. We haven’t changed our policy, America, any more than we’re responsible for inflation, any more than we’re responsible for the open border, any more than we’re responsible for undermining our military and law enforcement. No, no, no. That’s Trump. That’s MAGA. They’re doing all these things. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Has the Marxist James, the putative attorney general of the Empire State, to New York, as she brought charges yet again John. Against Jon Stewart Liebowitz must produce it. Did he not inflate the value of his condominium? The purpose of selling it and deflate its value for the purpose of paying taxes. That’s what I read in the New York Post. And you read that, Mr. Producer? Didn’t you say everybody should be treated equally? That he’s tired of these millionaires? Some promoters posing as victims. I think he said those things. So the question is, well, Jon Stewart Leibowitz, a.k.a. Johnny, a.k.a.. Jon Stewart. Will he be held to account? He’s a multimillionaire. Will he be held to account under the fraud? No proof of fraud. No requirement of fraud statute. That the fraud the Marxist James brought against Donald Trump. And I think that’s a fair question. Now, I wonder if the clapping seals in as audience will will be able to ask that question. Of course they won’t. We saw what happens when somebody speaks out. We saw Karan. Whoopi Goldberg. Yes. Her real name is Karen. The irony. We saw Karen on the viewer get very upset when a male member of the audience, which they really frown upon, dared to take out his iPhone and started taking pictures. She got angry. She got out of her seat. And I thought she was going to mug him or something. Very angry. That’s caring for you. One of the things that annoys the hell out of me is that these this river to the sea crowd, these Jew hating Nazi types who want to literally even, you know, push Jews back into concentration camps. They get all this attention by the media. I just told you, 80% of the American people support Israel against Hamas. 80%. You wouldn’t know that by watching television. That means the vast majority of people between the two coasts. Between the two coasts. Outside of TV land. Stand with Israel. Because the vast majority of Americans, like the vast majority of Israelis, share the same belief system. The belief in a civil society. America’s founding principles. And as I’ve told you many, many times, people who hate the United States hate Israel, people who hate Israel hate the United States. Joe Biden has never loved this country, never lifted a finger for this country. He’s been on the public dole. He’s used his name and his office to make millions. He and his family, his brother Jim, is now under two investigations, in part due to the hospital issues in which he used his brother’s name, apparently in order to get some some dough. So what I’m reading runs in the family, doesn’t it? I’ll be right back.