March 27th, 2024

March 27th, 2024

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Joe Lieberman has died at 82 after suffering complications from a fall in NYC. He was one of the last true Democrat moderates. The likes of AOC and Bernie Sanders were too much for him and he took a stance against them. He was one of the few who spoke out against fellow Democrats. Very few Democrats had the guts to speak out against Sen Chuck Schumer’s horrific speech against Israel – but Lieberman did. Lieberman loved his party, but he loved America more. Also, In the last 7-days, Biden and his propagandists have claimed that Donald Trump wants to eliminate health care, Social Security, Medicare, and abortion. Has there ever been a bigger serial liar running for president than Biden?  Nobody is eliminating health care; Trump has defended Social Security and Medicare his entire life and Biden demanded they be slashed as well as VA benefits multiple times as a senator; Trump, and no president, can eliminate abortion even if he/they wanted to as it is now a state matter (Trump has never supported eliminating the practice in all cases while Biden supports it including partial birth abortion). Biden must be defeated and resoundingly. Afterward, Jon Stewart is caught red-handed being a hypocrite and makes a dumb argument on X. Of course, the law should be applied equally. So, Letitia James should investigate him, his taxes, and his sale and apply the same law she dusted off against Trump. Later, Batya Ungar-Sargon calls in to discuss her new book, Second Class: How the Elites Betrayed America’s Working Men and Women.  Finally, John Eastman calls in to discuss the recommendation of disbarment from a California judge – all for giving Trump advice in 2020.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Well, America, about 20 minutes ago, the wire services reported that Joe Lieberman died. What we know is that he died from complications from a fall when he was in New York City. Unfortunately, these falls happened too often, took the life of my father in law. Now, Lieberman really was the last of the moderates. He really was even the guy that replaced him. Chris Murphy’s a hardball lefty. And of course, in 2007 endorsed John McCain for president. But he was a moderate. And in Connecticut, he was challenged by a guy named Ned Lamont, a businessman, a leftist who wanted to take his party further left and won the nomination. The Senate seat that year and won the nomination against Lieberman. And Lieberman said, I love my party, but I love my country more. And. He ran as an independent. And you got 50% of the vote. He won re-election to the Senate with 70% Republicans voting for him. 30% Democrats voting for him, 50% independents voting for him. He had lifelong Republican friends and Democrat friends, but the likes of AOC and Bernie Sanders. And so that’s just too much for him. And he took a stance against them. And it’s really odd it would come at this time. I talked about the Democrat Party purifying itself over the years, which is exactly what it’s done. Exactly what it’s done. Now, Joe Lieberman was a great patriot. Great patriot. Obviously, we didn’t always agree with them, you or I. But that said. He’s one of the few who spoke out. Against fellow Democrats, of course, against Republicans. And he was used for this No Labels movement because that’s who he was. He was, you know, a moderate. Very few Democrats have had the guts to speak out. When Chuck Schumer made that speech, he did on the Senate floor. Which will go down in history as one of the most horrific speeches ever given by any top American official. And clearly. Undermine the state of Israel in the middle of a war. Because Schumer carries water. He carried water for Obama. He carried water for other Democrats, and he carries water for Biden. What Biden has done and is doing to our country and to the state of Israel is unconscionable. It’s diabolical. Diabolical. I want to remind you of what Senator Lieberman said on Fox News last Monday. I guess it was with Neil CAVUTO, Mr. Peters. And I get the impression, although obviously I don’t know that Lieberman and CAVUTO are pretty friendly. But I want you to hear just a minute and a half of what a person who puts country before party says. Now we hear we always put country before anything. Certainly before party. But today and in a in an autocratic regimes around the world, the party comes first. And that’s the way the Democrats operate. That’s what happened to this. Ronna McDaniel That was it. But let’s listen to this. This is. Nine days ago. Just nine days ago. Cut toe. Go. I don’t think anything was brave about it. I think it was really just sad. I think really it was a case of a high elected official in the US taking advantage of a friend. And you wouldn’t do this with a casual ally or certainly an enemy. But to call out one of our closest allies in the world, Israel, a democracy when it’s at war and tell its people they should dump their prime minister. Wow. Talk about crossing a red line. That was a diplomatic red line that I have never in all my years seen crossed. And it’s just it is outrageous. I’ve been following the polls in Israel. The truth is that Prime Minister Netanyahu is not popular right now and his right wing government is not popular. But if you ask the people of Israel, is Netanyahu following the right policy in Gaza trying to destroy Hamas, the answer is overwhelmingly positive. So. So Chuck Schumer is asking the people of Israel to do something totally contrary to what their opinion is. And I just imagine if Schumer had made a similar appeal to the people of Britain to overthrow Prime minister soon for some reason, or the people of Ukraine to overthrow President Zelensky because he wasn’t making a lot of progress. And this voice, his voice will be terribly missed. He wasn’t a showboat. He wasn’t a drama queen. You can hear a very soft spoken man, very decent man. A Democrat, a moderate, who had to leave his party in order to win re-election to the Senate and ran as an independent the next time as well. The vice presidential nominee of his party would Gore in 2007, years later, in the run up to the 2008 election, he endorses McCain. Just wanted to think about that. He compared a guy like Lieberman to Schumer. There’s no comparison. Compare a guy like Lieberman to Sanders, there’s no comparison. To Blinken. Thomas Friedman of The New York Times. History will treat Joe Lieberman very, very well. And it should. We are in extraordinarily dangerous and dark times in this country. We have media outlets that are as bad as any media outlets in regimes that have state run media, whether it’s Communist China, communist North Korea, communist Cuba, communist Venezuela, fascist like Russia. Honest to God, folks. NBC and MSNBC. CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and most of the others. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the people who work in these companies. That’s what they are, companies in the most radical elements in our country. And honestly, the candidacy of Donald Trump. Presidency of Donald Trump. The effort at the Trump re-election. The unbelievable, unspeakable, unimaginable slaughter of the Israeli Jews on October 7th. It’s brought it all to the fore. All to the fore. These elements are out of the closet now. You’re in our universities and they control them. They’re in our media and they control it. They’re in Hollywood and they control it. And these are all just as there’s the Muslim Brotherhood, the umbrella group for all these groups throughout the Middle East and so forth. There’s the Democrat Party. Obviously, it’s not the Muslim Brotherhood. But in terms of structure, it’s the mothership. To all these movements. All these CRT. The economic socialism, cultural Marxism, open borders, the war on our. Constitution. Our Declaration of Independence. The cancerous populating of our courts with radical leftists and attacking those judges and justices that don’t comply. The River to the sea crowd. All of it. anti-American. Hate America. These are very grim times. And the man in the Oval Office seeks to exploit it all. Seeks to exploit it all. I posted in the last week alone. He’s accused Donald Trump of wanting to destroy health care. It’s a lie. Who wants to destroy health care? He’s accused Donald Trump of wanting to destroy Social Security. Yet it was he who went to the Senate floor multiple times and demanded that Social Security be slashed. Donald Trump has demanded that it go untouched, even though I personally believe it needs to be reformed. He does not. Biden is accusing Trump of wanting to destroy Medicare. Trump hasn’t said anything about destroying Medicare. Biden has accused Trump of wanting to outlaw abortion nationwide. That’s clearly not Trump’s position. And this is the obsession of the Democrat Party for the reason that I wrote in the Democrat Party Hates America, which was the most important voting demographic the Democrats have. It’s not blacks. It’s not Jews. It’s not any minority. It’s single women. By a huge margin. Single, childless women. That is their strongest base. That’s why they will talk of abortion until they’re blue in the face. He says Donald Trump wants to destroy democracy, and yet Donald Trump left office. He did not commit any acts of insurrection or sedition or violence, which is how Joe Biden wound up in the Oval Office. It’s Joe Biden who’s clearly destroying our republic. And he says that Donald Trump wants to put his political opponents in prison when in fact, he’s trying to put Donald Trump in prison. What you saw MSNBC and NBC with Ronna McDaniel has nothing to do with Ronna McDaniel. It’s much bigger than that. These people hate your guts and they hate this country. They talk about elections. They try to change the electoral system in every single state. They have a phalanx of lawyers. From one end of the country to the other, trying to institute laws and rules and executive orders that ensure they can’t lose. And apparently it’s a bridge too far to require people to show the voter I.D. that’s already been handed out to them for a thousand other reasons when they vote, because the Democrats by that act alone are depending on fraud. They don’t care about what’s happening in the open border. They don’t care what’s happening to our people as a result of an open border. They could care less. Joe Lieberman said, I love my party, but my country comes first. That’s not your typical Democrat. They love their party first, foremost, above all else. In many ways, they hate our country. Lieberman wanted nothing to do with that. He’s the only major Democrat that I can think of. Who took on his party, who took on Schumer, who rejected what Biden was doing. Nothing in common with Bernie Sanders would not play footsie with the Marxist wing. The Democrat Party wanted nothing to do with it. And unfortunately, with his death, there are none or very few left like him. None are very few. MSNBC is the network. A Bernie Sanders and AOC. CNN is the network of Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Let me ask you folks a question. When adults decide that certain books and libraries in schools are pornographic or sexually explicit that are highly inappropriate. For elementary school students, the kids that you send a public school to learn, these are books that you would never have in your home. These are books when parents bring them to public school board meetings and start to read from them, they’re gaveled down. Is it appropriate to have such books in your schools? Jill Biden says yes. And Jill Biden says any effort to remove those books. Any effort to remove those books. To her has a stench of Nazi Germany before World War Two. I want to play for you what she said. And then again, we talk about Lieberman as a statesman. Then I want you to hear what Joe Biden had to say and how contemptible and diabolical this whole Biden family and Democrat Party are, be right back.

Segment 3
Two bodies have been recovered now in the river where the bridge collapsed. Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Two bodies have been recovered in a truck. Two crew members as poor guys didn’t know what the hell hit them. There’s no question about that. And the heroes, the police officers that block both ends of that bridge 90 seconds before it collapsed. That’s why I played for you. Must have been, what, 12, 13 minutes of what took place right before the bridge collapsed, the collapsing of the bridge and thereafter. And those first responders, those police officers who’d never seen anything like this, many of them patrol officers and so forth, their decision saved probably hundreds of lives. And of course, if they’d made, quote unquote, the wrong decision, it would have ruined their careers. But that’s what you do. You try and do the right thing at the right time. I mean, there was a massive backup of traffic. It is a very, very heavily traveled area on the East Coast. And we salute them last night. We salute them today and we salute them every day. So here’s Joe Biden at the Human Rights Campaign dinner in L.A. on Sunday. And here’s the thing, folks. Biden’s campaign. MSNBC, CNN. They push these historical narratives. They are pushing half of the country to the brink of violence, meaning there have. They’re telling you that Trump is Hitler. They’re telling you that his supporters are neo-Nazis. The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC. They are creating a hysterical environment that leads to violence while they’re pointing to January six and they’re pointing to Trump and all the rest. They don’t want to run on the issues. So here’s Joe Biden. Now, folks, Governor DeSantis, who’s a friend of mine and all these other governors and so forth that are trying to protect their children from these these sick efforts to sexualize them. And so to try and create the impression that they are the Nazis, that they’re the book banners, that they’re the book burners. This is exactly what I’m talking about. I want you to think of it this way. If the Democrat Party had its way, would we be a better country? What goes on in our classrooms? What goes on on our streets, what goes on in the media, what goes on in terms of Washington on spending and the border. Seriously, if the Democrat Party controlled everything and there was no real opposition. What would a country look like? What happened to it with a wealth tax? With them controlling the suburbs, with them squeezing the cities to prevent little kids from going to other schools. That is opposition to school choice, undermining law enforcement, open border, nationalising hospitals, nationalizing pharmaceutical companies. I’m sure that would be great. What would the country look like? Electric vehicles. The removal of gas driven vehicles. If they had their way. What kind of hell would we be living in today? So here’s Joe Biden. Joe Biden has learned from Joe, lie like a rug and lie all the time and create hysterics and create emotions and create anger because that’s the only way we can turn out our voters, you know? Cut one Go. History teaches us that democracies don’t disappear overnight. They disappear slowly. First of all, ours is disappearing overnight. And it really is precious to hear a lecture from you. What the hell do you know? Nothing. Go ahead. Tidily. Silently. A book ban, a court decision. I don’t say gay law. See how they lie? That law in Florida had nothing to do with a don’t say gay law. The left created that. It marketed it. The media ran with it. It say, keep your hands off our kids law. It has nothing to do with whether you’re gay or straight or in-between or how many. It has nothing to do with it, nothing to do with it. It says no sexually explicit materials in our elementary schools in Florida. Whether they’re gay or straight or mixed, whatever they are, don’t expose their children to this. Why isn’t it assumed that gay people want their children or other children exposed to their stuff? They don’t. Go ahead. Before World War Two, I’m told Berlin was the center of LGBTQ culture in Europe. I have no idea what the hell that means. Berlin, I guess in the 1930s was the center of LGBTQ culture in Europe, she’s told. Which means it’s not true. Nobody even spoke that way. But does that mean. How sick are these, these Bidens? Before World War Two. I’m told Berlin was the center of LGBTQ culture in Europe. So now it’s a culture. And Berlin was the center of it. I’m sure some media mogul will make LSD or the Communist News Network will dig into that and check it out. Go ahead. One group of people loses their rights and then another. And then another. Really? Why don’t you wake up that stupid husband of yours and remind him of that? Because no president in American history has supported terrorism like Joe Biden. And Hamas and allies done things that will make it virtually impossible to get those hostages out who are being raped, who are being tortured, who are being brutalized and being murdered. And by the way, there’s Americans that are being held hostage. This is the guy that gave $6 billion for five or six hostages to Iran and then coddles Iran. This is the guy under whose watch Iran is going to have a nuclear weapon and they’ll blame that on Trump. It’s unbelievable. Well, to be perfectly honest with you, if Joe Biden wins the next election. Then we live in a country if the election is fair. We live in a country where a majority of those voting. One tyranny. Now, you may say that’s unusual. And the truth is it’s not. Again, going back to the Democrat Party hates America. The truth is, it’s not. Tyrannies are voted into office all the time throughout world history. Where there’s elections throughout world history. This is true. People have written about it. Some do wittingly. Some do it unwittingly. Some just can’t believe I’m going to vote Democrat. I mean, my family’s done it for generations. I just can’t imagine that. Right. Got it. And that’s what happens. Chapter four. By the way, I’ve made available chapters two and three of the Democrat Party hates America for free. Absolutely free. No strings attached. That’s flat that up there again, Mr. Producer. All you have to do is hit the link. It’ll take it to the publisher’s page. And then from there, you hit another link, and there’s the two chapters in full. You can copy them, you can read them, you can share them. And that’s the point. That’s the point. So the book has, what, nine chapters? Give or take? I can’t remember off the top of my head. Maybe ten. So 20, 22, 23% of the book I’m making available for free. The publisher was kind enough to do it because I’m on a mission. I’m on a mission here behind this microphone. This isn’t a clown show. This is a serious. Platform. You can have fun and be entertaining, but this is a serious platform. It’s conservative talk radio. Conservative talk radio. Not some clown morning show. There’s plenty of those. Where, you know, we get all the sound effects and all the nasty stuff and all the we don’t do that. And if I did do that, this time slide would be dead all across America. More when we return. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
So I was pointing out. Why did people vote for their own destruction? Why don’t people vote for tyranny? And if you’re voting for Democrats today, that’s exactly what you’re voting for. You’re not voting for civil rights. You’re not voting for the little guy. You’re not voting for unions. You’re not voting for the environment. You’re voting for tyranny. Now they try and lie. They’re going to raise as much money as they can to push their propaganda, because tyrants do that, too. And they have their one party media, the Democrat Party media. They demonstrated this 48 hours ago at NBC and MSNBC. That’s what they have. They demonstrated it earlier at The New York Times when Tom Cotton, well, they ran an op ed here’s and they cut kickback. And so they fired the op ed editor at The New York Times and, of course, attacked Cotton, who slammed them back better than he got. And that’s the nature of the beast. So if you’re voting Democrat, you’re voting for open borders, you’re voting for referendum, you’re voting for sex slavery, you’re voting for all these things because that’s the consequence of what they’re doing. You’re voting for inflation. You’re voting for an all powerful centralized government. You’re voting for more taxes. And believe me, they will trickle down because the middle class is the tax base, not the billionaires and not the poor. You’re voting to undermine law enforcement. You’re voting to undermine school choice, parental rights, the freedom to protest truly, peacefully. If you protest against the state and the Democrat Party and their agenda, where right now you literally put your liberty on the line. You’re voting for a party that will in prison if it can, its political opponents. You’re voting for a party that supports Hamas. Supports the United Nations against the United States and Israel. You’re voting for a party that appeases communist China. You’re voting for a party that embraces communist Cuba and communist Venezuela. You’re voting for a party that is unraveling the greatest nation mankind has ever created since mankind’s existence. You’re voting for a party. That embraces Bernie Sanders and AOC whose ideology. Is a cancerous ideology born. Born in Germany. By Hagel. And then marks born before that literally by Rousseau. Rousseau. Hegel Marx. To substitute for Black Montesquieu and Smith. They don’t believe in equality. They oppose individual liberty. They know that equity is an impossibility. Tell me, is there equity in North Korea? North Korea is a concentration camp. The entire damn thing. Is there equity there now? There’s never equity. There’s never enough. Ask the people who survived Cambodia when 25% of the population was slaughtered, 25%. People were pushed out to the rice fields. They had their little baskets. And if some people had a little bit more rice than another in a basket, there was a crime against the People’s Republic. Yes, that’s right. Hundred million people murdered under communism. 100 million people. We have these American marches in our country. They will destroy this country from within. And people will vote for it. I see. I see it with my own eyes. I told you about that story. Couple of weeks ago in Florida. The seminar on anti-Semitism in the Holocaust. About 520 people in the audience, most of whom were Jewish. And when the truth was spoken. About what this regime is doing to the state of Israel and its ability to defend itself. About 30 or 40 of them walked out. But they’ve done more than that since they went to the university that is in Florida. Where this foundation has rented the auditorium for many, many years, and they demanded that the university shut it down and never again permit the foundation from renting it out. Did you know that, Mr. Peterson? All right, hold on a second. So we have a problem here. Go to the backup. Does that work? All right. We have a backup system. Yes, we always have to around here. In any event, they’re trying to destroy the foundation, go after its tax status and everything. These are the people who will vote for tyranny, even when there’s knocks on their doors. Do I owe you something, Rich? Okay. A little discombobulated because I had a switch from one system to another in order to continue the broadcast here. But I’ve seen it with my own eyes. You’ve seen it with your own eyes. History tells us is all the time. People will vote for their own destruction. And then they’ll wonder how it happened. How did this happen? What happened? What happened? You happen? Not you in this audience. You did this. I’ll be right back.