March 26th, 2024

March 26th, 2024

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Baltimore harbor is the busiest harbor on the East Coast, and it is now blocked after a horrific collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Democrats are destroying our cities while President Biden and his administration are destroying our entire country with Marxist policies and an open border. Also, support for Hamas and other terrorist groups is running wild in our colleges and universities just like support for Nazis in the 1930s. The rising anti-Semitism in our schools and on our streets is a direct result of the Democrat party supporting the radical Hamas supporters because the Marxists and the Islamists have become one. Hamas has no reason to release a single hostage because Biden and Blinken are giving them aid and comfort every step of the way.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America. Mark Levin here, our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I’m going to play for you the Dispatch. When the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed. I’ve used this bridge, as have my family members, many, many, many times. And it’s a terrible tragedy that Baltimore Port, as you probably heard by now, Baltimore Harbor, is the busiest on the East Coast. And that bridge is now blocking, as is the freighter. Any ingress or egress from that harbor. I suspect the Philadelphia portal picked up more business in some of the others along the East Coast, but it is a significant manner as best as we can tell. We’re not actually given numbers. Not the numbers are the end all and be all are six people missing crew that were working on the bridge. It amazes me at times like this how much we appreciate our police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel, our first responders. And yet when there aren’t emergencies, we keep accusing them of systemic racism and other hard things. In it. These are the men and women we turn to in the worst of times. And there’s a reason we turn to them. I want you to listen to what took place on the initial dispatch and then the follow up dispatch. Obviously, Baltimore has never suffered a tragedy like this. This is a big bridge. This bridge is 1.6 miles long. It’s one of the longest bridges in the country. And on the East Coast may be the longest bridge on the East Coast for all I know. You know, important part. A very country industrial area. Well, there’s an enormous amount of shipping. Anybody that’s driven down or up 95. You can see all the cars, You can see all freighters. You can see it all. But we’ll begin. I’m not going to speak. And what should he hear at all? Mr. Producer will do one or two together. Cut one and to go. Any one of you guys on the South side. One of you guys on the north side. Hold on. Traffic on the Key Bridge. There’s a ship approaching. I just lost their steering control. We got to stop all traffic. Yes. Well, I’m in route to the south side, just faster than I’m on traffic. Now, if I was driving and we stopped prior to the bridge, so I’ll have all the traffic stopping. Because they’re working on the radar right now. Okay. I’m on the video. God. Traffic on our site right now. Yeah, we. You stop traffic. Just make sure no one’s on the bridge right now. I’m not sure where. There’s a crew out there, and I want to notify whoever the foreman is that we can get them off the bridge temporarily. And for once, the other unit gets here. All right. I want to drive all the traffic stop at this time. Once you get here, I’ll go grab the workers on the bridge and then stop the hourly c13 dispatch the whole bridge as well, and start charging whoever. Everybody. The whole region collapsed. That’s correct. This time, no more traffic stop. I can’t get to the other side of the bridge is down. We’re going to have to get somebody on the other side. Alitalia must be to get up here and stop traffic coming northbound on the team bridge G13. I’m holding all traffic northbound so I want a two man Italian one. Go ahead. Okay. Same place there. And so command location is going to be located for them. As far as the empty place is AOC Center 2330 Brewing Highway. Yeah, a representative there to try and guess what? The job they’re reporting. They knew the ship was running off course prior to class and they start clearing the bridge. All the traffic, all the construction and a few vehicles were stopped prior to the collision. Copy that. If you have a liaison with them, see if you can find out if a ship was brought into the port or if it was outbound. They’re trying to ascertain now you have a representative you want me to send to their or you has not dispatched she sent there. Are you able to make it the burning highway or are you isolated on the bridge? Bryce laid it under the bridge. I’m not able to get back at this time due to traffic all being backed up along there. Copy that Community communications Guru comments. I need a special call. A chief officer or command level officer to the command post over on Bruning Highway. Message received. He was running one and one command is going to be located at 2330 Browning Highway. There be a door access code. I’ll give you a phone number to relay when our teams get their message received from anyone. They are asking you to come in and be advised the vessel was outbound to help out found. At this time, the vessel also lost sound and it has a large piece of the bridge resting on the barrel. We want you to come in to track 21 for 21 food truck 21. You’re going to be the staging officer. I need you to ascertain a better staging location that’s outside of this parking lot. So our final number one for you are six and we’re here is responding, all of you. Alarm 695 is be advised, 13 persons possibly in the water. There was a 13 person construction crew operating on the bridge, possibly in the water at this time. One 4606 The communications are utilizing this 13 people in the water, possibly 13 people in the water at this time are construction crew. Okay, let’s go ahead and special call Baltimore Cameron County Marine Unit 269, a marine Unit 216, notify Animal Locality and also standby for their boat communications B 144 SA five communications landscape was fact 516 communications also dispatch the dive unit on this call to alert the dive team and start one more additional transport unit. Immigration Staff Thank you. Want a communication for you? Have a landline with MTA police TV by location location on the branch east side of West Side and Montreal Ballin. Okay so we’re safe. The Coast Guard actually called it and said that it was just a report on their part. I gave that coordination to Fire Rescue boat. We can try contacting MTA police. Hey. Hi. One guy. Well, what is this guy in six? No one. It was a cat or that you were dispatched all at your discretion. Hi, guys. This one will keep coming in. We’ll come in from the burning highway in Seaside Heights, and you’ll be accessing the inner loop of I-65 across the bridge. Yeah, we come down. Groaning Highway George Johnston. 2695. We’ll post up that way. Do you ever get anything? And you be posting from the other end where Martin said okay he was looking for. We are actually nothing negative. We do not have eyes at this time. We’re trying to get our information SA 5 to 6, come in and see if I want or 4 hours. But Steve, I can’t get anything from there and get a copy record coordinate or I’m going around the corner in row 48 inches the times you see so many times more than I want a communications. You know what engaged with a staff. I have engaged police cars heading different direction at us. We need some information from them. Communications is is ongoing. We are trying to contact them right now on extension 13. You’re responding with one diver as I write this down. Do you think that’s informative? Is interesting is one that I want more. Copy Engine 57 Clear the air as a 57. Clear the air time was 95. It was very high highway here with the police. They’re reporting that the middle section of the bridge collapsed into the water and there are unknown amounts of people and or vehicles in the water. We are committed to safe 95 in a traffic jam. That’s as much information as I have right now. I’ll be command. 96, The communications guy was, as you said, Baltimore County agent 57. Have them respond on the interlude and dispatch. The two remaining squad companies prepare for backfill assault units into the city. Occasions probably from emergency Rockford’s Battalion six. They probably have got to make a recommendation to the Coast Guard. The writer on of course, if they had the assessment to say, I want a communications. So everything’s going yeah, Foxtrot or MTA, police and route. Well Hilo we are still trying to contact MTA Italy’s and we will contract Foxtrot as well. All right as far as please reach us safely. Feel like contact, see if we can get a state trooper And Ralph message really wasn’t doing command the communications up they we do have several several police officers on eastbound 695 is that our stopping traffic so no more vehicles try to enter we’re going to try to get as close to the bridge as possible to get a better look. I don’t want to commit to the bridge if it’s unstable. Five Communications and Orleans responding on the air. Fire fighters behind six communications on a Ford Armistead advise the entire bridge, the entire key bridge in the harbour. I advise holding all traffic from coming to the bridge. I advise against the entire key bridges fallen into the harbour. Passengers, if you are following on rescue alarm at 695, be advised the entire Cambridge has now collapsed into the water as the entire coverage has now collapsed into the water. Proceed with caution. It’s 152. Is it going to run through a long key bridge? No. Here is access the Key Bridge. I repeat, no units access the Key Bridge. 159 Engine 57 Command command. Go ahead. We’ve done a quick search up here on the bridge with our click. And visually we’re clear of any other cars or civilians on this side. We just got also a few police officers here and they cleared out all the rest of the traffic. You want to just stand by up here? That’s correct. Go ahead and stay by where you are. And it goes on and on, including me shortly after this. Talk about there’s six people in the water and we can’t find them. And as of this hour, they’re still looking. You heard now there the first 15 minutes. After the bridge collapsed. Those brave heroes moving as fast as they can in a situation they’ve never confronted before. An entire bridge, 1.6 miles collapse. Just the pieces of it are left, you can see. And. It’s a horrendous thing. Horrendous situation. We’ll be right back.

Segment 2
He wrote about the first responders. And then this in New York. NYPD Police Officer, 31. Fatally shot. By career criminal during Queens traffic stop I did as husband dad of young child. New York Post. A 31 year old NYPD cop was shot and killed by a career criminal during a traffic stop in Queens on Monday evening. Officer Jonathan Diller, a married father of a one year old boy, was shot in the stomach under his bulletproof vest after police tried to remove the suspect from his vehicle, identified as 34 year old Guy Rivera. From the passenger’s seat of the car in Far Rockaway. Diller, who had three years on the force, thought of the ground, yelled that he’d been hit after the suspect opened fire, according to a witness. He was moving, he was saying, I’m hit, hit, giving location, so forth. Like he was only he was injured. Now. The animal who murdered him is a very, very, very long rap record, including multiple felonies. Including multiple felonies. 21 prior arrests. 21 prior arrests. Can you imagine? 21 prior arrests. We have criminals roaming the streets. We have illegal aliens coming into this country left and right. The Democrats are destroying our cities. Biden and his party are destroying our country overall. And I look at this and I look at these polls are close. The close. Why are they close? Do people like this? Did people like it? This young man decides to take on a job that pays him crap. Who is treated like crap? By his employers and by these phony front groups, these phony civil rights groups. They’re stopping a car. The guy won’t get out. And then this guy pulls a pistol and shoots him in the stomach and murders him. And he’s been he’s been in jail before and they let him out. Well, why don’t we hold these damn judges accountable?

Segment 3
We now have a situation, ladies and gentlemen, where the leader of Hamas, who’s in Iran, was praising the Biden administration. The leader of Hamas who was in Iran was praising the Biden administration. On TV to the whole world. While our regime is trashing the Netanyahu administration. We have some friends. A lot of friends. We have some friends in South Florida, which has a significant Jewish community. And his wife and her friend were having lunch yesterday at a restaurant, obviously. And they’re not wearing clothing that is symbolic of or indicative of the Jewish faith per se. They’re Americans and they’re sitting there at the table. And next to them, they’re a couple of people. Going on and on about the Jews, Mr. Produce. The Jews this and the Jews that. And the Jews this and the Jews that. So he sends me an email today. He says, Mark, are we safe here anymore? Are we safe in America anymore? It’s a good question. When you look at the level of violence and hate that’s going on in our country, that is, I think, a complete outgrowth of the way the Biden administration, the meeting, the Democrat Party, have been reporting this war and have been allowing people to come on their platforms. They absolutely lie about civilian casualties using Hamas, never explaining the extent to which the Israelis go to try and protect civilians. It’s a hard thing. So my answer is not really. We have no go zones in this country. If you are Jewish and wear your hair a certain way or a certain coat or a certain hat, if you just wear a keeper a.k.a a. Or if your last name is Jewish, like Levine or whatever, we have no go zones. And that would include Dearborn, Michigan. That would include other parts of the country with heavy populations. Muslims and Arabs. Now I have to keep saying this. I’m talking about all Muslims and Arabs. So now I’ve said that a thousand times, but too many. Too many imams preaching what they preach. And our universities and colleges haven’t been called out early on are still at it. They’re still at it. I want to tell you about Columbia University School of Journalism. That’s where it is. But Columbia University, which prior to a massive demographic change, had a very large Jewish student population, Still does, but not large enough, apparently. The Washington Free Beacon at Columbia, an Israeli designated terror group, teaches, quote, Palestinian resistance one on one at large plane hijackings. They were plotting 911. This is a course at Columbia University. Quote. The fact is that October seven changed the world. We saw the potential of the future for Palestine liberated from Zionism. So Summer Dean, Charlotte Kay’s On Sunday, a group of keffiyeh clad individuals huddled around a computer to discuss Palestinian resistance. Charlotte Cates, a member of the Israeli designated terror group Sum It Down, praised Hamas’s October seven terror attack for showing, quote, the potential of a future for Palestine liberated from Zionism. Khalid Barakat I watched this. I couldn’t tell if was a he or she probably wouldn’t be welcome in most parts of the Middle East. A Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Activist The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is a terrorist organization. She lauded airplane hijackings as, quote, one of the most important tactics that the Palestinian resistance have engaged in, unquote. Well, those speakers and others were explicit in their support for terrorism against Jews. The event did not take place in Gaza, Doha and Tehran. It took place in New York City where an anti-Semite. Columbia University Student Group. Columbia University. A party Divest invited the speakers to deliver a lecture on, quote, the fight for liberation. Total Palestinian resistance one on one. I watch this. They are preaching terrorism and they are preaching it against the United States as well. This is the enemy within. I encourage you to look at this. I posted it on my social site. Not a single major cable. Network or network news operation has run this. They didn’t show it on media. They didn’t show it on media matters. As you might expect. They’re in the tank. The event, which the Washington Free Beacon attended, virtually reflects the extreme anti-Semitic activism seen on college campuses in the wake of the Hamas attack. Some cases, faculty members have advanced that activism. A Columbia Faculty group, faculty and staff for Justice in Palestine promoted the event in an Instagram post which featured an image of a Palestinian boy throwing rocks at Israeli tank during the second intifada. No, no pictures of the decapitation of Israeli babies. The group launched in January pledging to stand with the anti-Semitic student protesters and take back our university. Its members include classics, professors Joseph Halley, history professor Mamman Ahmed, and history professor Marwa Al Chakri. In addition to Cates and Barak, the sunny event featured within our Lifetime founder Nadine KRS-One, who has called for Israel to be, quote, wiped off the map, unquote. The three speakers routinely praised Hamas and Hezbollah, advocated for armed resistance and encouraged attendees to be of service to the resistance movements that are on the front lines fighting Zionism. On a year where it’s like Zion. They’re talking about Jews. The event was initially scheduled to take place at Columbia’s Barnard College. The irony the university’s all female undergraduate school, a flyer promoting the event, listed the Barnard Center for Research on Women as our host. The start of the event. However, student organizers said they were forced to change rooms at the last moment after a Ph.D. student lodged a complaint to the university. That change was part of a long line of Columbia’s long line of repression, said the terrorist supporters. So it was moved to another place. Columbia’s Q House, an LGBTQ plus special interest Community House at Columbia University. The irony of that is unbelievable. A Columbia spokeswoman said the university is aware of an unsanctioned unapproved event that took place last night at a residence Cage and Barakat addressed and ten via Zoom. Columbia canceled the event, denying request to use the university space, as did Barnard. Despite this, the event organizers held the event in a residence with an online option. What are they going to do about it? Now, what they don’t mention in the article, they’re praising up and down hijackers who murdered pilots, who murdered passengers. They’re praising up and down terrorist hijackers. I assume that means 911. If it wasn’t for these tactics, they said we would have never heard of Palestinian women who led these kinds of heroic operations that introduced the Palestinian questions to the world. If you take, for example, the speeches that were given to the people in the airplanes by Palestinian fighters, they’re all about our struggle. KRS-One called on fellow activists to openly advocate for violence against Jews in the wake of October seven. She said anti-Israel organizations asked her not to discuss October seven or resistance during her speeches now. Those organizations mentioned resistance. Now they’ll talk about it three months later, five months later, because they saw we did it, we got away with it. We got support for. Don’t acquiesce to the idea of, well, oh, they’re considered a terrorist organization, so we shouldn’t talk about resistance, she said. We’re kind of like the test subjects are the guinea pigs. We’re going to put ourselves out on the line. And, you know, if people are okay with it, then they’ll jump on it later. We have the right to return home and we will get that right by any means necessary. This is going on throughout our colleges and universities, just as support for the Nazis did in the 1930s with professors and student bodies. This was not reported by The New York Times. This was now reported by The Washington Post. This was not reported by any cable channel. This was not reported in any of the sort of entrails of the Democrat Party media. Media matters. Little website, a little news site. The Washington Free Beacon. They saw the alert. They had somebody watch it. And they made it available. Some of the other things they spoke about was I watched it. Was we need to end American imperialism and colonialism. Just viciously attacking America, viciously attacking the American people. Viciously. Because the Marxists and the Islamists have become one. And when you listen to the woman, I don’t know if it’s a woman or a guy, you’ll see what I mean. But the eyes bugging out of their heads, what zealots, what fanatics? They are for death. Praising the hijackers. The plane hijackers. And when you hear the head of Hamas in Iran praising this administration. And you see almost nobody reporting on. I would say to my friend in Florida. Are we safe here? It doesn’t feel that way. It doesn’t feel that way to me. When almost 90% of the so-called Palestinians who are surveyed by a Arab survey group and a Palestinian group. So they’re almost 90% of the Palestinians support Hamas and support October 7th. You can’t tell me that most Palestinians in the Middle East want peace or a peaceful people. Prove it. Proven. And so they had Hamas is meeting with Iran. Iran is building nuclear weapons. Iran is funding the Houthis to block off the Red Sea. Iran is funding slaughter in Yemen, in Iraq. In Lebanon. Slaughter in Israel. And you hear nothing from Biden? Nothing. Any U.N. resolutions condemning Iran? None. And this resolution that. The Biden regime, abstained on, didn’t even criticize Hamas, didn’t even bring up Hamas. It attacks Israel and decouples the release of the hostages in a Hamas noticed it. These people are getting energy motivation from Joe Biden. Antony Blinken and our administration, they’re getting energy motivation. They have no reason to release a single hostage because Joe Biden, Blinken and this idiot Kirby, who is a complete sleazeball. Why? Because he’s good at. He’s good at lying. When they said our position hasn’t changed. Of course it’s changed with the resolution. See, I read these things. Be nice if some reporter asking you a question had it in front of them, read it and said it says it right here. And other than a handful of Republicans in Congress in both chambers. Crickets. We’re all the Jewish Democrats in the Senate. They’re led by Schumer. Nothing. Not a word. Were the Jewish Democrats in the House. I don’t hear them deal. Most of the people leading this battle are righteous Gentiles. Thank God for righteous Gentiles. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Universities and colleges. Honestly, folks are destroying the country for generations to come. They are cancer’s propaganda mills for the Marxist left. You know, these books they write, it just lays it all out and it’s all happening in front of us. It’s all taking place. I do these things because I hope they’ll make a difference. And honestly, I don’t even know if they do anymore. I just don’t. And these are Stalinist indoctrination mills. Now we know they’re fun, in many cases by Qatar, by the Hamas network, by the communist Chinese and homegrown Marxists. The Soros silks and so forth. They’re destroying law enforcement, destroying our educational system. They’ve destroyed our media. The people you see on TV in the vast majority media and 98% of it. They are the entrails of this ideology. So you can see at NBC, they don’t want Ronna McDaniel. Ronna McDaniel is harmless. She’s a RINO. She’s weak. But it was too much. Her college campuses. You can’t have a really serious discussion about anything anymore. Our history. Israel’s history. Without being attacked. Without being threatened. Without being scared. And so this Marxist Islamist fusion ideology is now spreading like a wildfire across the country and all of our institutions. One of these days it’ll hit radio, and I won’t be here anymore. Just guessing. I’ll be right back.