March 25th, 2024

March 25th, 2024

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Israel has encircled what is left of the Hamas terrorists and wants to blow out the remaining battalions and the leaders, and the biggest roadblock they are facing to deliver the final blow is President Biden and the U.N. Security Council. Israel is not only being told to surrender but to do so without any commitment by Hamas to release hostages. Biden never criticizes Iran, gives them tens of billions of dollars, and does nothing to stop them from getting a nuclear weapon, all while putting the pressure entirely on Israel. Also, the reason why Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan case against Donald Trump is preposterous is because a District Attorney has no authority or jurisdiction to enforce federal campaign law. What Bragg has done is taken standard nondisclosure agreements, which occur in every large business in America including the federal government, and elevated them into bogus felony charges. All of the cases against Trump are novel cases that have never been brought before, and they are all outrageous. Later, Mark is joined by Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) to discuss who will replace Mitch McConnell as the Republican leader in the Senate and the pressure Israel is facing from the Biden Administration and Iran.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America.  Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I am waiting for the United Nations to condemn Putin and Russia. They put 80 volt battery and hooked it up to the genitals. At least one of the ISIS mass murderers and tortured him. And they videotaped it so the whole world could see. So the whole world could see and this is what Russia does, not just under Putin, but other other dictators, to send a message. No moral equivalency arguments. No demands of any kind. And of course, what Putin does in these situations as he tries to use them to attack his enemies. So now he’s blaming Ukraine using. I want to hit another issue related to terrorism, and then I want to get into this matter in New York. And what’s fascinating in me, as I’ve explained this album brand case, I went back and looked over a year ago here. And on Fox and on Blaze. And I’ll explain it again as people explain it anew today, legal analysts and so forth. But we’ve been on top of this and all these cases broken them down piece by piece. And we’ve been right every time. But first, I want to tell you about what this U.N. resolution was about Israel, because Kirby is lying through his teeth and he’s getting away with it because people don’t know enough facts or they don’t want to know enough facts to challenge him. They don’t study. And I get this email blast from David Milstein stepson, who was also special assistant to Ambassador David Freeman under Donald Trump, Ambassador to Israel. Now, here’s the summary. Netanyahu announces that if the US doesn’t veto the U.N. Security Council resolution for a cease fire today, this is how it was reported. He’s cancelling Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer and National Security Advisor and Gabi’s White House meetings. Dermer and Hanegbi, I should say. Their trip to Washington came after Biden asked Netanyahu on the phone last week to send a delegation to discuss alternatives to a major IDF operation in Rafah. Now, this rather, is what Israel’s been trying to do for five months. They’ve pushed what’s left of the Hamas terrorist battalions. Where all the leadership that’s not in Qatar and Turkey is hiding. They’ve encircled it. They want to blow out the four last battalions and they want to kill all the leaders. And the only one in the way is Joe Biden. Because I had my own theory on this American. I’m going to give it to you right now. That Joe Biden. Who plays nice with the Iranians. Whose administration denied that Iran had anything to do with October 7th when everybody said what? Who keeps funding the Iranians. Who refused to attack any part of the geography of Iran after they killed three of our soldiers in a still shooting. And our forces in the Middle East and why they’re there, I don’t know. But you get the point. Because I believe behind the scenes, one day we will find. Listen to me. I’ve said it before, but I want to underscore it. One day we will find. That there was a quiet arrangement. Between Biden any Islamo Nazi regime in Tehran. No nuclear breakout until after the election. Now, I hope I’m wrong. But I don’t think I am. And the key factor I look at, I don’t have any inside information. I use my noggin. The key factor I look at as all of all of a sudden they watered down. There is sizable material. Why? Why would they do that, Mr. Brewster? Now, they can quickly ratchet it back up. They can quickly ratchet it back up for a nuclear weapon. But why did they do that? And why is Biden kicking the crap out of Israel? Is it just for votes in Michigan and so forth? That’s clearly part of it. That’s clearly part of it. But can you imagine if Iran announces a nuclear outbreak before the war excuse me, before the election? Can you imagine that? Biden will do anything to get reelected and I mean anything. So for him, this is a two, four, three, four, four, four. Blame Netanyahu trash Netanyahu keep demanding that Israel. Break it up into pieces where it can’t defend itself. Keep accusing Israel with Hamas statistics. Of of war crime. Now vote. Basically present. Abstaining. So it’s 14 to 0 on a cease fire. And I want to tell you about this. And I believe that’s what’s going on behind the scenes. Why would this administration have hired this guy Malley, who’s a pro Islamo Nazi regime, who brought in three individuals, one of whom maybe more of whom, in my view, were spies, if not spies in a funny way of acting, but let’s just say friendly special leaders for Iran. Why would you do that? And why wouldn’t you criticize her? And when’s the last time he criticized Iran? Ladies and gentlemen, Schumer, does it go to the floor of the Senate to attack Iran? Biden doesn’t attack Iran. Kirby can barely mention the word Iran. Why is that? Why is that? I think I know why. The watering down the firewall material. To me was the dead giveaway. Why the hell would they do that? And they can quickly ratchet it back up. US officials notified Dermer the US plans to allow two separate cease fire resolutions to pass in the UN Security Council, one calling for a cease fire, one calling to release the hostages hostage without one being a condition of the other. So they decoupled them. So now Israel’s supposed to enter into a cease fire, not destroy Hamas. And hope that the hostages are released. And Netanyahu said, you know what? You just did? You just made it impossible for us to get our hostages. Because you just told Hamas. That one’s not connected to the other. So Israel was not only supposed to surrender and not take out the elements that are left in Rafah. Israel. It’s supposed to do so without any commitment to the release of hostages. So here’s the Biden administration statement just to show our pathological scumbags these are our vote does not and I repeat, does not represent a shift in our policy. White House national security spokesman here, John Kirby, told reporters. We’ve been clear and we’ve been consistent in our support for a cease fire as part of a hostage deal. But that’s not what they voted for. And. Here’s the text of the Security Council resolution. What says it differently than Kirby. And what are the specific points of contention? Is paragraph one, excuse me, as Milstein points out. It’s weird calling your stepson Milstein, is it? Administrative producer? But there’s a lot of Davids out there. One demands an immediate cease fire for the month of Ramadan, respected by all parties, leading to a lasting, sustainable cease fire and also demands the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages. So putting aside for the moment that Biden has shifted to being pushing for an overall cease fire as opposed to a temporary one even before Hamas is eradicated. Israel is strongly opposing the shift in the Biden administration position in the Security Council. That does not explicitly include the release of hostages as part of a short term cease fire with the words and also. So they say. And also. Not. And also, it’s to be a condition. Now, here’s the statement. From the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister’s office said after the vote that the US retreated from its consistent stance in the Security Council that only a few days ago tied a ceasefire to the release of the hostages, which China and Russia vetoed last Friday. This retreat hurts the war effort as well as the effort to free the hostages because it gives Hamas hope that international pressure will allow them to get a cease fire without freeing our hostages, he said. In light of the change in the American stance, Prime Minister Netanyahu decided the delegation Walmart depart. Kirby said there’s no change whatsoever. Doesn’t that sound like a change to decoupling to you, Mr. Producer? But Hamas sort. They put out this statement. Hamas thanked the U.N. Security Council for its demand for an immediate cease fire in the Gaza Strip, calling for a permanent cease fire that leads to the withdrawal of all Zionist forces from the Gaza Strip and the return of the displaced to the homes from which they left. In a statement posted online, the terror group also says it is willing to engage in an immediate prisoner exchange process that leads to the release of prisoners on both sides. What does that mean? They were hostages. 135 hostages. You know what? They now think the number is 99. They think they’d murdered a third of them. Even the United Kingdom noted that the resolution, quote, We regret this resolution did not condemn the terrorist acts perpetrated by Hamas. On October seven, that was specifically left out of the resolution. Any condemnation of Hamas because China and Russia voted against it. And yet the UK still voted for. So Biden not only betrayed, as David writes, Israel, but also the over 130 hostages. I don’t think there’s that many, including American citizens. You have to promising he would do everything to secure the release. Biden has consistently done the opposite, including wrongly pressuring Israel to stand down from going into Rafah. That is a vital military pressure on Hamas in which is refusing to credibly, you know, act. And Rich Goldberg, who’s great, he’s been on my shows before. You said the U.N. Security Council resolution under consideration reaffirms the complete moral wrap inside the United Nations, supported by the European NATO’s allies of the United States and celebrated by America’s greatest enemies. The resolution should have been vetoed. There was a ceasefire on October 6th. The resolution makes believe that today, March 25, 2024, exists in a vacuum. That October seven never happened, that Hamas is not a vicious terrorist organization that must be destroyed. Then a permanent cease fire can never be achieved with Hamas in control of Gaza. The resolution pretends to care about the hostages. But I told you they specifically altered the language. So it doesn’t mean Kirby goes in front of those reporters and lies through his teeth. And you want to know why, America? Because not one of those reporters actually read the resolution. Now, one. But I would have saw the decoupling. Now one of them read it. The betrayal of Israel. By the Democrat Party, by the Biden administration, the State Department, which is true to form, as it did in the thirties and forties by the Democrats in Congress. Is beyond dispute or debate. They’re now bragging about it. And the reason why Biden never criticizes Iran never hits Iran, even though it kills our soldiers, keeps giving them tens of billions, hundreds of billions more than Ukraine. The reason is this. Because I believe there’s some kind of an arrangement. What is Joe Biden doing to prevent the Iranians from getting nuclear weapons, Mr. Producer? Absolutely nothing. Zero. Why? Why is he putting all the heat on Israel? Why does he want Israel to take it? It’s not the citizens. Ladies and gentlemen, If he gave a damn about citizens, he’d secure our southern border. They give a crap about these Palestinians. Are you kidding me? Any more than Putin does or China does or Iran does? There are ports. But these other countries, he cared about citizens he’d secure our border, doesn’t care about citizens. With the fentanyl coming in and the slavery on the southern border, the horrendous situation, potential terrorism going on, and where to believe he cares about those Palestinian citizens. You know, it’s funny. Nobody cares about them. Not even the terrorist Palestinians. But my point is what’s going on here is about election, Iran and nukes as well as the rest. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
We only have a minute here when we come back and want to get into this. Ronna McDaniel Yeah, sure. You know, look, she’s pretty much a moderate Republican. I was never any great fan, as you know. I endorsed her opponent in the last run up, and I don’t think she’s done a very good job. We lost a lot of seats there, not a lot of money and so forth and so on. But what they’re doing to hurt MSNBC and NBC is disgusting. Disgrace. But I am shocked at the people who speak up and are amazed at this. I’m sure you know my relationship. America is with you. It’s not with people in Washington. It’s not with people in New York. It’s not with people on TV or even radio, even though I have some great buddies. It would help if they read more, don’t you think, Mr. Producer? I do the heavy lifting and I’ll explain what I mean. It would just help if they actually read a little bit and I’ll explain that and all of it in a moment. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
You know, it’s amazing thing to me that I’m here behind this mic. I’m on Fox, I’m on Blaze, and I write these books. And the best selling conservative author in America. With serious books, substantive books. That’s because of you. You want to know and you want to know and so forth. It it seems like people who want to comment on these things don’t want to learn and think they know everything. The entire book on freedom of the press talks about pretty much what you saw place take place with McDaniel and far more, of course, gives a history lesson about the press and on and on and on. But right there on page 21, this book came out five years ago. I talked about the. The incestuous relationship between Democrats and journalism. And here even from the Atlantic time. And by the way, Psaki had no problem getting a job at MSNBC, did she? No, she didn’t. Time managing editor. And this is from several years ago. So it’s changed. But at the time, Time magazine managing editor Rick Stengel moved to the State Department as undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs under Obama. Douglas Frantz wrote for The New York Times. And the L.A. Times was an assistant secretary of state for public affairs. Boston Globe online political editor Glen Johnson was a senior adviser at the State Department. Washington Post Robert Writer Stephen Barr moved to the Labor Department as senior managing director of the Office of Public Affairs. A Washington Post congressional reporter, Ashleigh Murray, became Vice President Joe Biden’s communications director and lady later senior adviser to Obama. Again, it’s a lot worse now than it was then. Rosa Brooks was a columnist for the L.A. Times before taking a position with the undersecretary of defense for policy in the Obama administration. All of these Washington Post shows Anne Thompson left the paper to serve as a speechwriter for the U.S. ambassador to Britain. Roberta Baskin. A one time CBS News investigative reporter, joined the Department of HHS as a senior communication advisers. The Washington Post’s Warren Bass and Outlook section deputy editor joined the then United Nations ambassador, Susan Rice, as director of speechwriting and senior policy adviser. Education Week reporter David Half moved to the Education Department. CNN’s senior political producer, Sasha Johnson, joined the Department of Transportation, later became chief of staff at the FAA. Chicago Tribune’s Jill Zuckman noted the Department of Transportation has communications director Rick Weiss, who had worked for The Washington Post, became communications director, senior policy strategist for the White House Office of Science and Technology. Former CBS and ABC reporter Linda Douglass joined the Obama campaign and later communications director for the White House Office of Health Reform. New York Times reporter Eric Dash moved to the Treasury Department’s public affairs office, as did MSNBC producer Anthony Reyes. CNN’s Aneesh Raman worked for the Obama campaign, later as speechwriter for President Obama. CNN’s national security reporter Jim Sciutto, formerly with ABC News, served as chief of staff to U.N. ambassador to China, Gary Locke. San Francisco Chronicle environmental reporter Kelly Zito joined the EPA Public Affairs Department. Washington magazine excuse me. Time magazine Washington bureau chief Jay Carney remember him as Obama’s mouthpiece, became communication directors for Vice President Biden and later Obama. There’s so many. There’s a lot more. MSNBC’s Chris MATTHEWS previously worked for, among others, Jimmy Carter and Tip O’Neill. CNN’s Chris Cuomo now, of course, that other network. And remember their name. His brother, the New York’s Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo. CNN’s Jake TAPPER worked for Democratic Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky and handgun controlling. ABC’s Cokie Roberts father was Hale Boggs, the House Democratic Majority leader. Of course, ABC’s George STEPHANOPOULOS worked for President Bill Clinton. And the list goes on. Now the only Republican, of course, who a little higher, but very, very rare exceptions are Never Trumpers. So you see, ladies and gentlemen, at Fox, you have individuals who are hard core Democrats. They sit on the panels, they give their commentary and so forth. It’s not true that these other network. NBC is owned by Comcast. Many of you have Comcast Cable. That’s the platform. You don’t really choice. You know, in cable, it’s whatever company laid the cable or whatever your town agreed to, whatever company laid the cable. And then there’s our friend from Meet the Press, Mr. Producer. Chucky. And Chuck Todd worked. For Tom Harkin’s election when he was a young man. That is Todd. His wife is a big time Democrat operative. Consultant makes a fortune from that. He sat there, meet the depressed, and was a disgusting reprobate partisan. And now he goes on. Christine Welker show. Nobody’s ever heard it before. And these networks, whether they’re cable or otherwise, they want you to pretend they’re real news operations. Now, keep in mind, the Democrat Party denied that George W Bush won the 2000 election. They denied that they won two 2004 election. They denied that Trump won his first election. And their members are on the floor of the House when the two chambers meet to count electoral votes. And objected. MSNBC standards are so low. They have Al Sharpton there. Now, he’s not only a Democrat, his history is grotesque. And he’s not alone. Look at their whole lineup. Never Trumpers and American Haters. Well, really, the same thing. So here’s Ronna McDaniel on Meet the Press. And you know what? I blame you, Ronna McDaniel, because you should know better than this. You should know better than us. There’s a senator for now who shall be nameless, but at some point I’ll mention it. Who we help. Mr. Producer is part of the Tea Party movement. Remember that the senator was at 5%. Came on this program and you supported this senator. He doesn’t want to come on this program. But I’ll go on any of the Sunday shows. Been all over the place. All over the place. And so we’re not interested in having him on anyway because he’s everywhere anyway. We try to bring you a fresh perspective. But I want you to listen to this. Ronna McDaniel and Kristen Welker cut 17 go. Well, let’s talk about the election now. Donald Trump says one of his first acts, if he is re-elected to a second term, would be, quote, to free those charged and convicted of crimes. So here’s what’s going on now. Walker. His thrown in with the pack. They’re not asking McDaniel her opinion on events yet to take place or events that are taking place. No, they want her. To justify why she should be on NBC. Given her position as former head of the RNC, where she’s supposed to defend the former president and the Republican Party. Now nobody demands that a Psaki. Nobody goes to Sharpton and says, okay, 30 years ago you did this POW. Now nobody does it. Nobody goes to Joe Scarborough and says, you know, you used to be a hack in the back row. And I would tell you all these resolutions that you’re promoted and so forth. Now you don’t. So it’s all it’s all a ruse at the media are exactly what I wrote and unfreedom of the press the media exactly what you see and hear. That’s what they are. By the way, this guy, Kevin O’Leary, is pretty good, don’t you think, Mr. Producer? The problem I have with him, though, is he cannot distance himself from Donald Trump enough. But put Donald Trump aside. New York How do you put Donald Trump aside when he’s the target in New York? Well, this isn’t about Trump. It’s about, well, why isn’t it about Trump? He’s the target. So I like him. He gives good business analysis. He seems like a tough guy. But on the other hand. He seems like a guy that doesn’t want to be pigeonholed by the left. He got to stand up to the left. And you got to say. More than a generalize. You know, this is bad for business since over the course it’s bad for business. Everybody knows that. But it’s bad for the Republic when the other side tries to destroy the other candidate. Bankrupt them and put them in prison. That’s a. Problem to. They can make that case if you don’t mention Donald Trump. Anyway, go ahead, Mr. Producer. And you were six. Do you support that? I want to be very clear. The violence that happened on January six is unacceptable. It doesn’t get you say you’re going to have to. Bend your knee. You’re going to have to grovel. Because if you do not commit to. Essentially take oath to. The Democrat Party ideology in the media. Not only are you not welcome anyway, but if you’re not going to be humiliated and do a michael Steele or Joe Scarborough or Nicolle Wallace or all the rest of the reprobates, then you don’t have a shot, period. Go ahead. Our country, it certainly does not represent my party. We should not be attacking the Capitol. We should not be having violence. I said it that day. I put a statement out. What do you think about that, Sharpton? You all remember Sharpton in his history, don’t you, ladies and gentlemen? I do. Go ahead. That this is not acceptable. If you attacked our capital and you have been have and you’ve been convicted, then that should stay. So then but to the question, though, do you disagree with that? You don’t understand. You don’t understand. Ronna, it’s not good enough. It’ll never be good enough. But go ahead, free those who’ve been charged. I do not think people who committed violent acts on January six should be freed. So you disagree with that? He’s been saying that for months. Ronna, why not speak early? Ronna’s not there representing Trump. She just was removed from the RNC. Any more than Perskie, although she is representing Biden. And that’s okay. Go ahead, speak out about that. Now, when you’re the RNC chair, you kind of take one for the whole team, which is not painful, Mr. Producer. Is it really worth groveling? Ladies. How much can they be paying her to be grovelling? It’s really painful. Let’s move on to cut 18. Go. I’ll be joined by. Well, actually, let’s not do cut 18 to cut 19. Schmuck. Todd, who’s all tied in with the Democrats who destroyed me? The depressed. Destroyed it. Which is why he got the axe. That in a stupid haircut. Go ahead. Let me deal with the elephant in the room. Yeah. I think our bosses owe you an apology for putting you in a situation because I don’t know what to believe. She is now a paid contributor by NBC News. I’ve no idea whether any answer she gave to you was because she didn’t want to mess up her contract. She wants us to. I want you to listen to this preening, self-righteous piece of crap who’s got more tentacles in the Democrat Party and so does his wife than anyone you can imagine. This is a guy who announced there would be no discuss about any challenges to climate change. We’re not going to have any climate deniers. He’s got an IQ about -14. Some people can pull it off. He can’t. As I’ve said before, he’s part of the new school journalists, which means no journalism. So she’s under attack. This means anybody. Other than an anti Trumper, a Never Trumper, a Romney type, a Murkowski type, a Collins type, but never a mike Lee type or a Ted Cruz type of that if that philosophical perspective will ever be allowed on. Can you tell me the name of a known. Respected scholarly conservative poets on any of these networks anymore. I can’t think of one Mr. Producing, can you? I can’t think of any. Now, if there is one, it’s out there somewhere. Go ahead. See when the RNC was paying for. So she has she has credibility issues that she still has to deal with. And so do you, pal. What about Jen Psaki? I’m serious. She’s on their network. She’s on their network. She has no credibility problem. I guarantee you she still talks to Biden and the staff over there. So what is the credibility issue? You don’t understand anything. A lot of POC, the media have no credibility and jerks like you led the way. None whatsoever. Period. But you see. McDaniel I’m not even defending. I’m making a point. I feel bad that she’s being trashed like this, but you have to be expected. Chuck Todd would never come on my program, would he, Mr. Bridges? They never invited me on their programs to talk about my books. We’ve tried to get Todd on here. I offered Meet the Press, Face the Nation. Good Morning America. Oliver. And by the way, I don’t need them, but I wanted to get into a debate. I wanted to engage. They want nothing to do with it. We can’t even get them on this program. I can’t get them on my FOX program. I’m open to debate. They’re not. They’re propagandists. That’s all they are. Chuck Todd, you are a sleazeball extraordinaire. When you look up in the dictionary sleazeball, there’s Chuck with his haircut. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Donna Brazile used to head the DNC. She’s on ABC. I mean, the list is actually endless journalists. But it’s good, actually, when the media demonstrate that they’re exactly what I’ve been saying and you’ve been saying now for years and years and years. It’s exactly the point. They don’t care about other opinions. And if you read on Freedom of the Press, I explain the whole philosophical point of view. It really is ideological from the beginning. And freedom of the press is about how those entrusted with news reporting the modern media are destroying freedom of the press from within. That government oppression and suppression. Indeed, social activism, progressive groupthink, Democrat Party partisanship, opinion and propaganda passed off as news. The staging of pseudo events, self-censorship, bias by omission, and outright falsehoods are too often substituted for old fashioned objective fact gathering. A news report. That’s just the first paragraph. Man, I just got started. We’ll be right back.