March 22nd, 2024

March 22nd, 2024

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Republicans will only have a one-vote majority in the House of Representatives now that Rep Mike Gallagher is stepping down. This is happening at a time when Republicans already do not have the votes to do anything because a third of Republicans are unreliable, not because of who is Speaker of the House. Also, 40 people were killed and over 100 were injured in an attack at a concert hall by ISIS in Moscow, Russia. Our borders are wide open to this horrific type of attack, which is funded by President Biden sending billions to Iran. We are facing a second Muslim crusade around the world and Democrats like Biden, Blinken, Schumer, Sanders, and Tlaib are cheering it on. Later, Mark speaks with Fox News contributor Mark Penn about Chuck Schumer’s anti-Netanyahu speech on the Senate floor and the anti-Israel policies of the Biden Administration and the Democrat party. Finally, Mark is joined by Fox News host and author Jesse Watters to discuss his new book Get It Together: Troubling Tales from the Liberal Fringe and his firsthand experience with radical liberal Democrats.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 87738138118773813811. Do you realize, folks, that this guy, Mike Gallagher, is going to retire early in Wisconsin? Just like this real head case. Buck out of Colorado has stepped down and really, thank God he has. But anyway. You understand that the Republicans have a one vote majority in the House now. They expelled this guy Santos, who was a reprobate. But why would you expel him when in the Democrat side, Menendez is hanging on by his fingernails? It’s been charged with all kinds of of crimes. I mean, real crimes. You know, it’s not like the Trump stuff where they’re looking for crimes. I mean, real stuff. Gold bars in his jacket, you know, uh, wiretaps, I guess, for the Egyptian government, that sort of stuff. So there’s no hue and cry in the Senate among the Democrats to get rid of Menendez. No hue and cry among the Democrat Party propagandists and Hamas wing of the media. Nothing. Nothing. So the Republicans boot this guy Santos. Then Buck steps down. Now, Gallagher stepping down. One other guy stepped down. Now they got a one vote majority. One. I. I don’t even know what to say anymore. And with a one vote majority. GREENE. What is your name? Marjorie. Marjorie Taylor GREENE. Nice person. I’ve met her. She’s been on the show with her, but she decides to take a step to remove the speaker of the House. I am no fan of this deal that’s been negotiated, period. If I were voting, I’d vote against it. I do everything I could to kill it. But ladies and gentlemen, the problem isn’t a speaker. The problem is they don’t have the votes. I don’t know, at Marjorie Taylor GREENE or the others are doing to raise funds to elect more conservatives, whether in primaries or generally probably little to nothing. You have a one vote majority. That’s it. I’d say at least 30% of the Republicans in the House. Our so-called centrists are center right. They’re not us. And so it boggles my mind. What what is this? What are they doing? You can remove the speaker and replace the speaker. With whom? What are you going to replace the speaker with? Who? Who is it exactly? You’re not going to get who you want, whomever that is. Even the. The director, the chairman, the Freedom Caucus said, What the hell is this? We reject this budget, too. It’s a horrible budget, but we’re going to just keep doing the off of their heads thing. I mean, how long is this going to go on for? I don’t know if I recall. I was the one. Who stood among the radio pygmies. The midgets, The dwarfs. And said, Why are we removing Kevin McCarthy? To propose the most conservative border plan, the most conservative budget plan in modern legislative history. Why are we removing that guy? And so here we are. And so people may feel it’s really good. It’s just, you know, we’re going to do this, we’re going to do that. I’m going to file this. I’m going to file. You’re not doing crap. If somebody came out today and not one of them did, and said, you know what, I’m going to spend my time not just on my re-election, but making sure that conservatives are elected in these states and so forth. So we have a buffer. We have a bigger majority. We can stop it. Now, one of them said that. Now one of the so-called conservatives. They beat their chests. They pat themselves on the back. They say the country’s going to hell. We know all this. We know all this. You’re a congressman. Your congressman. Now if you can’t literally do anything about it right now. And here’s the deal. They’re in a position where they really can’t. They have a one vote majority in the House and about a third of the Republicans in the House are wimps. What are you going to do? Turn to the Democrats. Then they should get the hell out of Washington and help elect conservatives. That’s what they should do. Instead of running on TV and radio and beating their chest. How many more speakers you’re going to go through. How many? So coming out on this show, the radio groups out there, groupies, factions, I think it’s a great idea because they think that’s what you want to hear. I tell you what I know. I don’t know what you want to hear or you don’t want to hear. I always assume you want to hear the truth, or at least my view of what’s going on. My view of what’s going on is I don’t know what these guys are doing. They make you think that by taking out the speaker that they’re actually doing something? Well, did they do something last time? No. So what are they doing now? Nothing. It’s drama time again. We’re losing our country. Well, there’s not enough being done with the border. So in patches, Ash, the guy in the White House, that’s what you do. Well, we might lose that. So what? At least. Yo, yo, focus the nation on an issue that the Democrats don’t even want it to talk about. They’re running from it. It’s the second most important issue to the voters right behind I mean, right behind the economy in numbers we’ve never seen before. He should be at page four every. Actions taken in violation of law and the Constitution. I don’t care what Jamie Raskin says. He’s a head case. I don’t care what Joe Scarborough says. He’s an anchor. RAMOS Who cares? So rather than focusing all their might on Biden, they’re going to take out their speaker and achieve what exactly? What I want to know. I want to know. Where do you go from there? Nowhere. Nowhere. Now you have these Lilliputians, these guys that have they’re they’re sitting right there. They’re, you know, computer. Oh, who Let me write this column. Let me look good here. I can I get this place over here? Here’s my. And who cares? These people aren’t the purists. They’re not the constitutional conservatives. In many ways. They’re self-promoters. You have to have a strategy. What are you going to do? You’re going to have votes on the speaker. He’s not going to be removed. He got a one vote majority. You actually risk Hakeem Jeffries becoming speaker. All you need is one of these, not Nick, said the one third to say, You know what? I’ve had enough of these. You know, these Marjorie Taylor GREENE types. I’m with the Democrats and maybe it’s their swan song, and then I’m going to retire. I call these people boneheads. Because they never have a strategy. And they make the entire House Republicans look stupid. It’s like funding Israel. We’ve got guys on this Rules Committee. Guys on this rules Committee who won’t do anything except what they demand in order to allow a vote to come out of the Rules Committee. Very earnest. Very earnest. We don’t secure the border. We don’t start slashing the budget. We’re not bringing it out. We want to bring it out. We told the speaker, there’s a way we can do this, but. But they can’t do it. They don’t do it. They tell me this all the time. I’ve told the speaker, this is what we really need to do. But you don’t have the votes. You’re not supported. You’re not supposed you don’t have the votes. And so we actually have a condition today, just as one little example where Joe Biden is slow walking munitions to Israel. Which is really quite sickening, immoral, unconscionable. He’s an anti-Semite and so is his party. And I’m not going to back off from that. You have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see it and hear it and all the rest of it. And then we have a couple of guys in the Rules Committee. We want to find Israel. But we have to do it the right way. So you literally have now. A couple of guys in the House Rules Committee and Joe Biden preventing the funding of Israel that is preventing the building of weapons that we then provide Israel to defend itself. Now, this is really fascinating to me. Stick with me. So what’s the consequence of that? The consequences? This Joe Biden is funneling hundreds of billions of dollars into Iran by taking our foot off their throat, lifting the sanctions, allowing them to sell oil. To whom? The communist Chinese who need their oil. He’s paid $20 billion in the last six months. To the Iranians. By allowing the Iraqis to sell electricity to the Iranians. He paid $6 billion. And ransom for hostages. To the Iranians, that’s $26 billion, not even including the oil money. And Israel sitting there begging for $14 billion. But don’t worry, say the purists. They’re not pure. They’re stupid. You’re in a box. And they said, we’re not we’re not going to help. And so Iran’s getting money. Hamas is getting money. Hezbollah is getting money. The hotels are getting money. And Israel. Tiny little Israel. As to stand up for the entire West, all of Western civilization and the United States. And Biden’s slow walking them ammunition. And I’ll tell you why in a minute. And I’ve told you, I went over. And a couple of boneheads want to lead proper vote. On the money for Israel and now the Democrats have turned on Israel. These so-called conservatives say they love Israel, but we are process and administrative issues completely missing the big picture. And here we are. Iran is swimming in money. The terrorists are swimming in money. Israel’s. Desperate for weapons. The Republicans have no strategy, particularly the self-appointed purists who are not constitutional conservatives. Some are. Most aren’t. And the Democrat Party is. Full open. Out of the closet. pro-Hamas pro Iran, anti Israel anti Israel’s government. And anti-Israel, destroying Hamas. And now we’re going to remove the speaker. And then what? Nothing. He won’t be removed. The American people are going to lash out against the Republicans if this keeps up. They’re going to lash out against the Republicans. They’re going to lash out against their inability to actually get some things done. And they’re going to lash out at this shenanigans as this bizarre head banging when it comes to their speaker’s. I would fight the spending bill. I would vote against the spending bill. I would make it clear to some of the Republicans who voted for it that you will campaign against them in a primary. Although many of these conservatives didn’t take the opportunity to actually campaign against the rhinos in the primaries. So they’re all they’re all talk there, no action. They got the Roberts rules of procedures down. They can block anything they want, pretty much. But they can’t do anything. They can’t do anything. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
But a little bit of good news. I did it again, Mr. Producer. Sorry. From our friends at Breitbart. According to CNN’s survey today, former President Donald Trump is leading Biden by eight points in the key swing state of Michigan with 50% support to Biden’s 42%. And with third party candidates included, Trump still maintains a lead, garnering 40% to Biden’s 34%, a difference of six percentage points. Another 18% chose independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. So, of course, you know what Biden and the Democrat Party are trying to do right now? Destroy him, want and give him Secret Service protection. I’ve talked about this before. They’re doing everything they can to keep him off the ballot. But they’re for democracy, for crying out loud. Yeah. They want to overthrow the elected government in Israel. They wanted to prevent Trump from being on the ballot. So they’re still pursuing getting him in prison and bankrupting. And Robert Kennedy? Well, no Secret Service protection. Gee, even though his dad was assassinated, by the way. Mr. Bruce, you know who assassinated Robert Kennedy? Sirhan Sirhan. You know why he assassinated him? Palestinian. You know why? Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian, assassinated Robert Kennedy. Among other reasons, he supported the state of Israel. Isn’t that interesting that that doesn’t come up anymore? I wonder why that is. The survey found that Biden’s lead among minority voters is narrower, and he trails Trump by significant margins among independents and young voters or young voters. Gee, I thought I bought them off. I even defied the Supreme Court. I’m handing them half a trillion dollars. What the hell are these young whistle blowing whippersnappers even want? All right, I got more. We’ll be right back.

Segment 3
You folks know Mark Penn. He’s been around a long time, about as long as I have. And he’s on FOX, he’s elsewhere. But he’s a straight shooter. He’s been on my show in the past. Mark Penn, how are you, sir? Well, thank you for having me. My pleasure. You wrote a piece in the Hill, which I agree with 100%. Andrew Stein, the former president Democrat of the New York City Council, wrote a piece in the New York Post. Basically condemning his party. You have others who have condemned that Schumer speech that is giving aid and comfort to the terrorists, Hamas, who are trying to buy time and undermining the government of Israel. And I want to know, number one, so the American people know, what is your take on this? And number two, are you getting any pushback? Well, just correct it. It was on And, you know, look, I’ve known Senator Schumer for a long time. I actually have a lot of respect for him generally. And I was and he’s been a long time supporter of Israel. And I was really stunned by it, by his speech. And I think that that somehow here in this election year, the administration’s position, which was rock solid for Israel, has deteriorated ever since a hundred thousand voters voted uncommitted in Michigan. The timing correspondence here couldn’t be clearer. And and I think that it is frankly, I think it’s the politics of this is wrong in the first place because Americans really do support Israel. Do you support the funding for it? And the swing voters are real supporters of Israel. And second, the values here of not supporting appropriately a democratic ally. Is this just, you know, something I cannot personally stand? Let me change a little bit. Actually, Biden started turning on Israel before that Michigan vote. And I would also argue that some of those hundred thousands that didn’t vote for him were actually blue collar automobile workers who are unhappy with this whole thing. But all that said, you also said a couple other things. For instance, why this obsessive focus on Israel? Look at Haiti. You now have 11 million people on the run starving to death. And we hear almost nothing about it. In fact, what we hear from the State Department is we’re really not going to put anything in place to even get Americans out. You made that contrast. I hadn’t thought about that. You made that contrast. Why? But what is your point? Well, that’s the point was so much focus on Israel and Gaza involving 2 million people in which most people see Israel as trying to avoid any civilian casualties. And here, right within our own hemisphere is 11 million people who suddenly are living under the rules. Right now, this is going to create a massive problem with immigration if nothing is done. And in the past, with our American leadership, we would have put together a group of countries and we say, look, we can’t allow 11 million people in our hemisphere to have a gang rule, complete deterioration and anarchy. And there’s no concern whatsoever for those those people. So there’s something out of sorts here with with what’s going on. And in terms of in terms of why are we only focused over there and can we just pay no attention to what happens to 11 million people. As you said, I don’t think anybody else really made that connection. No, nobody did. It’s a very important point. And why do you think and and one other point. You raised this, this whole moral equivalency issue. They’re using Hamas statistics. We now know that their complete lies were is had a hunch. But now a top statistician in America and Wharton School and University of Pennsylvania wrote a piece. And my word, he said, this is crap. And I’ll give you a five reasons right off the top why it’s crap. And he lays and they still use the numbers. They act like he never wrote the piece and never analyze that information. What’s that about? No. And I did a poll and they have convinced the majority of people that those are accurate numbers. Why would we ever believe in in in mass generated numbers when we’ve seen the instances of either a terrorist group, be they diverted to, I think, as much as $25 billion of aid into building a war machine. And their only goal is to is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Right. And so I wanted to tell you one one thing. If I just have 30 seconds. Yeah, of course. I went back to, you know, another thing in the in the piece I point out is Pearl Harbor killed 68 U.S. civilians were killed about 2 to 3000 military. But is it not for 68 civilians? But even 2 to 3000. Then this is on the same scale. What happened on October 7th is on a bigger scale. 1200 people are 9 million, all civilians. What did FDR say? FDR said no matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory. I believe that I interpret the will of the Congress and the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the utmost, but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again and dangerous. Why should Israel take any other position than FDR did after Pearl Harbor? And why would we not completely support that position? It is shocking to me. In fact, it is infuriating to me. And FDR didn’t actually fund the Japanese teddy. No. So why is so why is Joe Biden funding Iran? Q Again, American policy here in the region to me has gotten way off track. That’s not even good politics. It doesn’t make any sense what happened. You know, I tend to think, Mark, honestly, just men and me, I tend to think he’s surrounded with these ideologues, guys like Blinken. And he had this guy Malley before they came out of the Obama administration. They also come out of the Ivy League schools. They’ve talked about how they believe they need to rejigger the Middle East, create a balance of power between Iran and Israel. They’ve talked about it. It’s been written about. And so they’re not doing anything, anything to stop Iran from getting an atomic bomb. And they’re putting their foot on Israel’s throat even if it wants to destroy Hamas. This is driven by politics, maybe with Biden, but a lot of people around him, it’s driven by ideology. Now, this is a problem when you have politics. They go down to the sewer level, when you have ideologues who believe these things and when you have a growing part in the Democrat Party who literally represents Hamas, whether it’s Talib or AOC or these, oh, it’s only a minority. The party shouldn’t be any of the party. Are you concerned about what’s happening to the Democrat Party? I am. I am incredibly concerned. Look, I have analyzed this and, you know, it’s mostly really by generation and age. And it happens in old men who are 81 years old. Schumer, 75 years old. Anyway, go ahead. But if you look at America, if you look at America on this poll, I have a simple question. And my polls are you are you more supportive of Israel or Hamas now? I know it runs about 80 to 18, something like that. But it least as we’re getting close to 5050 with people 18 to 24. Right. And so we have a generational problem in this country where we’re the generation coming up, didn’t experience 911, didn’t experience so many of the events that occurred. I mean, look at what’s happening in Moscow today. Hmm. It’s incredible. And they don’t know what happened. The danger to the world. Yes, everybody knows. Over 40 were murdered. Over 100 were wounded. A terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall in Moscow. Do they know who did it, Mark? Islamic State has taken part. I see. And Mr. Putin has done his best to embrace Hamas and Hezbollah and Iran has any. In Paris. Uh huh. While he slaughtered the Chechnyans, by the way, just like she was slaughtering the Uighurs, he’s put two and a half million of them in concentration camps. And then he’s he entertains Hamas and so forth and so on. She it’s my view that the Marxists and the fascists and the Islamists have a lot in common. What do you think? It looks there’s this whole theory of intersectionality. I have no idea why the American left has gotten in bed with people who are antithetical to anything that they believe anyway. It makes no sense, and it has left a lot of people confused. How accurate, after you know, how this occurred and what it means. You do a great job and I’ll tell you why. You worked for Clinton. You’re a Democrat. But when you analyze things and you do your polls, you shoot straight down the middle. That is your professional. And honestly, that’s the way it used to be. That’s the way it used to be with journalists, most of whom were Democrats. But they try to conceal it by being professionals. That’s completely out of the door. Out of the window right now. See, you’re a very rare gem, and I should know I’m a gem collector, so I want to congratulate you. And that piece that you wrote was fantastic. I read it on the air. And. And God bless you, my friend. Thank you very much. And I try to ask all the questions. Democrats feel like some of them Republicans will like some of them. But you can really see opinion to look at Look at the Harvard Harris read our polls. They’re available to the public. I post everything. Oh, I meant to ask you one other thing. Which party is more supportive of Israel? Interestingly, it is now more Republicans are more supportive of Israel than Democrats, which is fascinating because when I grew up, it was the opposite. Mm hmm. Well, it’s changing right under our feet. All right. My friend Mark Penn, God bless you. And thank you, sir. Thank you. All right. Well, it’s a very good man. Very kind man, too, by the way. We’ll be right back.

Segment 4
On that story, the attack that Mark Penn mentioned. ABC News At least 40 people were killed and over 100 others were injured in a shooting. An explosion in Moscow’s Caracas City Hall, one of the biggest shopping and entertainment complexes in Russia this evening, according to the Russian Foreign Security Service. Russia’s foreign ministry called the shooting an explosion, a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, it’s backing Hamas and Iran against Israel. More than 70 ambulance teams were sent to the site of the attack, according to Moscow region Governor, two firefighting and so forth. Most of the buildings are the building engulfed in fire. I mean, they really blew this place to shreds. The roof partially collapsed. Several gunmen burst into the concert hall, opened fire with automatic weapons attackers and threw a grenade or incendiary bombs starting a fire in the hall. In police near Moscow. Public events were cancelled due to the incident at the Crocus City Hall, the head of the district said. The mayor of Moscow also cancelled all events. The Kremlin said Putin was informed of the attack when the shooting started and has been receiving constant updates. An adviser to Ukraine, President Zelensky, denied any Ukrainian involvement in the attack. The White House is aware of the incident. The images are just horrible, said Kirby. Just hard to watch. And our thoughts obviously are going to be with the victims of this terrible, terrible shooting. And I’m sure they’re going to do that for about a week. And I fully expect our White House to say whoever did this, however, should not be utterly destroyed. We need some moral equivalency here. The US Embassy in Moscow has issued a warning. I did on March 7th advising U.S. citizens to avoid large gatherings for 48 hours, saying extremists have imminent plans to target large scale gatherings in Moscow. But you see, what happened is you saw what just happened in Moscow. We just explained it. Now our borders wide open. So what are we doing about this? Nothing. So we give our. We’re sorry this happened. The images are horrible. You’re going to secure our border now. Now we’re not going to secure the border. We’re not going to secure the border. We need to do a little digging. Mr. Producer, on the air here. You heard what Mark Penn said. It was an Islamist group. Let’s dig into that and see to the extent that we can find out exactly who it was and I’ll do it during the break as well. You know, I don’t know what it’s going to take. I really don’t. We have surveys done by Arab organizations that are pro Hamas, pro-Palestinian. We’re Palestinian organization. They did a survey. That’s pro-Palestinian. You’ve got extraordinary numbers, 87%. Of Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, as well as. In the Palestinian territory as well as in Gaza, support Hamas. And what Hamas did on October seven that we keep talking about, the peaceful Palestinians. Maybe there are peaceful Palestinians, but they’re outnumbered 10 to 1. There are no peaceful Palestinian leaders. None. None in the Middle East. Zero. There’s nobody to talk to. You want to know why? Because they’ll be killed in 2 seconds. There’s a whole culture of hate towards the United States, towards Israel, and especially towards Jews. And then Netanyahu’s under pressure by the Democrat Party in this country, by their media, in this country, by hateful sobs like Joe Scarborough. They, Jake TAPPER and the rest of the crowd trashing Netanyahu, who really is the only world leader standing between the terrorists and us. Putin’s playing footsie with a terrorist. Now they got hit. Biden’s playing footsie with the terrorists. We’re going to get hit. The only country taking this seriously. The only world leader taking this serious is Raila Netanyahu. They’re fighting them. They’re fighting them. And we’re funding them. We are literally funding them. And this piece of crap. Schumer goes to the Senate floor, starts attacking their electoral process in Israel. He’s giving aid and comfort. Ten terrorists. Biden. Snow walking ammunition. So the Israeli people have difficulty defending themselves. While he sends $100 billion to Iran. I am sick of these liberals, these frauds, these marches in our country, sitting on panels and TV, sitting on panels, telling us about Netanyahu, telling us about the Israelis, telling us, oh, look at all the citizens they’ve killed using Hamas numbers, using the Nazis numbers. That’s why these bastards need to be thrown out of office. They’re going to get everybody killed. Everybody. They are insane. They’re sabotaging our own country. Do I owe you anything, Mr. Producer? Ladies and gentlemen, the foot’s on the pedal. Hey, this is Friday. A lot of people saw their foot on the desk. Not me. Let’s go. We’ll be right back.