March 21st, 2024

March 21st, 2024

On Thursday Mark Levin Show, AG Letitia James violated ethics rules by campaigning on how she would target and prosecute Donald Trump, but the entire system is corrupt in New York because it is controlled by the Democrat party. Now Trump is being forced to consider selling his properties in order to give $464 million to New York over some phony statute pushed by a radical prosecutor. If Trump is forced to close his business and sell his properties, it will destroy New York City and the state of New York. Also, the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA could regulate carbon emissions, and since then EPA has used that power as a weapon for degrowth Marxists under the climate change label. There are no limits to the power of the EPA regulation, which now extends into your own home and controls what appliances you can own and vehicles you drive. We will destroy our own electrical grid without any help from Communist China if we continue to add more electric vehicles. Later, President Biden refused to condemn anti-Semitism in his State of the Union speech, which is the perfect example of the state of the Democrat party that tolerates pro-Hamas protesters. The media have been largely purified to only promote the Democrat propaganda, which is why they also ignore the anti-Semitism in our streets and universities. Chuck Schumer is giving aid and comfort to Iran and Hamas and is a puppet of the Biden Administration. Finally, Mark is joined by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to discuss the arrogance of Chuck Schumer to treat Israel like a banana republic in the middle of a war and the anti-Semitic anti-Israel movement in the mainstream Democrat party.

Epoch Times
Attorney General Asks Court Not to Consider ‘Impossibility’ of $464 Million Trump Bond

Daily Mail
Biden administration announces climate rules to phase out gas cars and make sure majority of vehicles sold by 2032 are electric or hybrid

Wall St Journal
Schumer Says He Criticized Netanyahu to Save Israel

Fox News
Schumer taught Democrats and Biden a powerful lesson

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. You know, I’ve been behind this microphone. It’ll soon be 22 years. Right, Mr. Brewster? With the same company, although it keeps changing. It went from ABC Radio networks to Citadel to Cumulus, and then Cumulus was bought out. And so it’s Cumulus, Westwood One. I haven’t changed. They keep changing. And you’ve stood by me thick and thin. Some of you now go to the podcast, some you now go to satellite, some of you now go to live streaming with the apps. And we have multiple platforms and of course, our great affiliates. So I learned today it’s conveyed to me. That there’s a complaint, Mr. Producer. You know what the complaint is? That I turned down erectile dysfunction commercials. Westwood One is upset with yours truly. Because I say no commercials on my radio show, whether voiced or recorded. It’s always been my position. Because salespeople will do anything for a buck except the right thing. And I explain to them my audience doesn’t want to hear about erectile dysfunction. You could have young people listening. They don’t want to hear about erectile dysfunction. I don’t want to hear about erectile dysfunction. In. Sometimes. Sometimes. Salespeople and companies. He to do what’s right. And so I just point this out. There are people who would pressure me. To put all kinds of slop. On this broadcast. I refuse to do it to you. It ain’t going to happen. I try to prevent it on TV. When I’m there, I tell them, No, don’t run those things. We certainly don’t do it on Blade. And so I will continue. To reject. Anything that has to do with that kind of stuff or. Other bodily functions. And you know these companies. That push this stuff and this, you know, hemorrhoid stuff and all that, they’ll spend a fortune because they’re looking for platforms that are stupid enough to take the money. Stupid enough to take the money. So you see, I’m just too. Clancy. Mr. Producer, I think that was the word. That I just won’t lower myself to do these things. Other hosts do it. You know who they are. You listen to it. The money comes flowing in. Other hosts do it. But I’m not. Or anything like it. Rush Limbaugh told me something a long time ago, and there’s not a salesperson. A corporate executive. Anything. That will change it or change me. That you have to have integrity. That you have to respect your audience. Even though you’re going to be pressured not to. I would do it anyway. That is, have integrity and respect my audience without Rush ever telling me that. But that’s why you and I are different. You, my audience and I, how I view you were different. You’ll have hosts that’ll sell anything. So that it’ll go through the sales department or come to me and I’m the final check off. Right, Mr. Bruce? And I’ve had to stop a number of things. That I cannot get behind, I cannot trust. It might be a sponsor I can’t trust. It might be a service or product I can’t trust. There might be something that’s just grotesque. Like pushing electrical dysfunction creams or something like that. That’s not going to happen here. Ever. You know, in the media, they call this horning yourself. And you’ve heard hosts who heard them, sir. And by the way, and all forms of media, including all the leftists at CNN and MSNBC, and you look at the pages of The New York Times, they have all kinds of sick crap advertising going on. But not here. Not as long as I’m here. That’s not going to happen. You know what else it says? When you see advertisements like that or hear them when you see them in The New York Times or hear them on cable TV or even on radio, that tells you that whoever is doing sales for The New York Times or CNN or MSNBC or any radio network, they’re not up to the job. They’re not up to the job. You should not be suggesting to hosts TV, radio, podcast, whatever they are. To push sleaze. Period. By the way, I’m not just talking about. Swirling around me. I’m talking about swirling around everybody. You’ve got to have enough integrity, you’ve got to have enough ethics. You got to have enough morality to say as the final stop. No. No. So you won’t hear that stuff coming out of my mouth. You’ll hear it coming out other people’s mouths. You will. Even friends. But not mine. But not mine. I have a family. I have children and grandchildren. I don’t talk to them this way, but I talk to all of you, the whole nation. Why would I talk to the whole nation this way? Period. It’s not worth it. We have fun here. We joke around here. We’re very serious here. We get into substance like nowhere else. We talk about history and economics. I play music like most host on because I like to. This is what I do. I created names for individuals used to share some with Rush and so forth. That’s what I do. With a fantastic substantive programme, a fantastic audience and fantastic affiliates. Fantastic. And it’s going to stay that way. Nancy Grace Mr. Producer, Mr. Bruce has been with me for the whole time right from the get go. Right from the get go. And the funny thing is, companies come and go for the most part, especially in radio, say, sedum. I haven’t moved, say, microphone. ABC Radio networks Citadel. Cumulus. Cumulus. Westwood One. The executives keep changing, managers keep changing the sales force. And probably with my seventh sales executive, they keep changing. But. You’ve got to have some. Core. Some conscious. And conservative talk radio has to be the defense. For these things because there won’t be any others. There won’t be any others. So I just pass that along to you. So we have this attorney general in that state of New York. Her name is Letitia James. She should have been disbarred from day one. There are rules, the professional ethics in every single state. There are people running for positions. Prosecutorial positions, DA’s attorneys general and so forth. They have to run their campaigns in a certain way that don’t violate the rules of professional ethics for lawyers. She violated the rules. You’re not supposed to campaign about how you’re going to target somebody. And so she should be punished because the theory is you’re doing damage to the legal profession. In addition to the justice system and to the person you’re targeting. But in New York, the whole damn thing is corrupt. Why? Because it’s controlled by the Democrats up and down the chain. It’s a totalitarian party. And they like Leticia James. And so what Letitia James did is she found a statute that’s never been used as you know, it’s never been used in this way where a person is not guilty of fraud, where a person has paid off other debt even early. Were you even have banks? Who’ve testified on behalf of the person. There’s no complainant. None. And yet there’s that statute which has nothing to do with real estate development. She does set off. She brings it in front of a radical left wing bazaar. Freakish. Elected state judge. That’s as low as it gets. These elected trial judges. I didn’t say they’re all low. I said that’s as low as it gets. On the judicial chain. He’s running for office and one of the most left wing Democrat areas in the country. And he made a spectacle of his courtroom. Trump didn’t. He did. He finds Trump guilty on the papers before Trump ever steps into the courtroom. And now what Letitia James is trying to do. Like Hugo Chavez. In Venezuela, when I remember that black and white photo of him walking down the street with reporters pointing to buildings at left and right office buildings. Companies estates. And he said in Spanish, See that? That now belongs to us. See that? That now belongs just walking down the street, nationalizing properties on behalf of the government. Destroyed Venezuela. And Donald Trump is being told that you have to put up half a billion dollars, which is the amount of money that they charge determined. He has to pay the state. You have to put up the entire amount in order to even file an appeal. So they boxed him in. They box Trump in. If he does an appeal, he loses half a billion dollars if he does appeal. He has to give up half a billion dollars. And what’s happening is apparently I’ve read his approach like 30. Potential massive lenders and none of them want anything to do with it. You want to know why? Because they’re scared. They don’t want to get dragged into this. They see the power of one party rule, the power of government. They don’t want to be destroyed. With these phony statutes. And these phony judges and these phony prosecutors. Now. Leticia. James. While she’s putting out the information that she wants to take away his. Golf club. In New Jersey, which is where Donald Trump has his home on the East Coast, by the way. And Trump Tower. And sell them as fast as possible. For the half a billion dollars even before an appellate court has ruled. This buffoonish clown in a black robe. Judge Today he ordered. The prosecutor who he knew, who he appointed to oversee. Trump’s properties to be prepared to sell them. Right from out. Right out from under him. Before he even has his due process. It is a right to appeal. I said the other day, the Republican billionaires need to get together. And lend him the money so he can file his appeal. Obviously, they’d get paid back because he’s got all that real estate. And that’s good collateral. Of course, the left thought that was kind of funny. Now on The View. Will you have at least two anti-Semites? All grifters, especially Griffin, the grifter. They think it’s funny. Sunny Hostin. Who claims to be a lawyer. So she can’t wait until they put the chain locks on Trump Tower. She’d like to be there to see it. These are totalitarians. Who do not believe in liberty, who do not believe in civil liberties, and do not believe in your rights. They would just assume a mass murder. A mass murder have unfettered access to appeal after appeal after appeal. Then Donald Trump. Now, this is going to affect the city of New York. It’s going to further destroy the state of New York, which is what they want. But I want to tell you some other thing. One other thing quickly before the break. When the government get used to stealing things and taking things, you’re in their crosshairs, too. And it’s already happened. How does it happen? It’s already happened. It’s already happened to you. And I’m going to explain it when we return. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
The Democrat state Democrat Party, that’s for sure. This totalitarian party, first, it had a pure fire, its own ranks. It had to get rid of every. Moderate. Democrat politician in any significant position they possibly could, and they pretty much achieve that. Maybe have a match in here, so forth. But when you look at the ranks of the Democrat Party in the House, they’re all hard core radicals. Hard core. Same with the Senate. Schumer’s moved over like Biden. Schumer hard core. Bernie Sanders calls the shots. So the Democrat Party, first of all, like a Communist Party, has to purify its ranks. And it’s done that. Through the primary process and other threats and so forth. That’s how AOC got in there. That’s how all of these people get in there. So you got to purify your ranks. I’m going to continue after the break. So that’s been accomplished. Now, what’s next? Stick with me. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
The Environmental Protection Agency was created about 1970 by Richard Nixon. That’s a little over half a century ago, its mission. His obviously to take steps was to clean up the Love Canal or the pollution and toxic sites and so forth. Its mission was never to determine. What kind of possessions you could have or what choices you could make about various possessions. And so what happened in a case called Massachusetts versus EPA, this case was brought to the Supreme Court in Massachusetts said. The carbon dioxide is a pollutant or pollutant like a leaky. And since the EPA won’t regulate it, it means that we folks in Massachusetts. We have to live with the carbon dioxide that is spewed in other states like New York as it moves its way up north, the East Coast and so forth. It was a preposterous case, quite frankly, utterly preposterous. And yet the court took it up. And it was an effort by Massachusetts and the radicals there to through the back door, get the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide. It was so important to regulate carbon dioxide, then you could regulate the entire. You know, the entire economy. And so. The court ruled 5 to 4. That the EPA had the power to regulate carbon dioxide, even though the court said carbon dioxide is not a big chemical pollutant, it can be viewed as a pollutant like it is a pollutant per se. Since that time, they’ve been pushing this climate change agenda. First, it was obviously global cooling, then global warming, then climate change. So don’t have to be precise, whether it’s cooling or warming, it just is what it is. And it was. An ideology that was concocted in Europe in the 1970s. By groups of Marxists who called themselves De-growth. There’s. Who wanted to destroy the capitalist industrial heartland, particularly of the West in our country. That’s what happened. So. What happened next, of course, was that. You get the Supreme Court ruling. Now we have climate change. So what are the limits on the EPA? If they wrap their agenda in clean air and clean water, what are the limits? There are no limits, apparently. Now you know why? They use this court decision. To basically regulate everything in your home. To basically regulate everything in your home. And yesterday they issued a regulation. In eight years time, it will be virtually impossible to purchase. An automobile. Or truck. That uses the combustion engine. The overwhelming majority of you listening to this program and others who aren’t on a vehicle that requires you to pull up to a gas station and fill up the car. There are plenty gas stations wherever you go, a lot of the country. But Joe Biden, John Kerry, Al Gore and their ilk and the rest. They’ve decided. That. You will not be using your vehicles anymore. And that two thirds of the vehicle fleet and small trucks clearly on our streets must be. Electric vehicles. Whether you like it or not. They are regulating and of existence, the kind of vehicle, the kind of small truck that the overwhelming majority of you use and drive and want. They’re going to force small businesses, car dealers to put them in their windows and in their showrooms, whether they like it or not. They’re going to force. Our automobile manufacturers. In all the men and women on the assembly lines to manufacture these vehicles, whether they like it or not, whether you like it or not, whether anybody likes it or not. The problems are going to become immense. The electrical grid will collapse. It cannot handle this. There’s nothing been done to expand it or to protect it. It’s already at its breaking point. The people in California. Yes. Two people in Texas who suffered as two people in New York. And all they do is blame climate change. If something goes wrong, climate change. So they have their bogeyman. It’s not climate change. It’s them. These electric charge stations. We spent ourself in a near bankruptcy with the so-called phony Inflation Reduction Act. They didn’t build a single electric charge station, even though they were supposed to build hundreds of thousands of them. And let’s say they do. What are they going to hook up to? The electrical grid? It’s barely sustainable as it is. And as I’ve said over and over again, particularly for the more dense parts of our country, populated areas in our cities, how is this going to work? We have apartment complexes just drive through New York. And hope you’re not carjacked, But just drive through in New York, drive through Chicago, drive through any major city in America. You’ve got skyscrapers and scrapers, apartments, condominiums. What are you going to do? Where are these charging stations going to be? How many are you going to have on the streets? And to really get a good charge can take up to 3540 minutes. What are you going to do? These questions I ask, nobody else asked. So we’re just going to automatically move. And here’s what they’re doing. They’re trying to force an industrial policy top down by the government, like fascistic and Marxist and autocratic regimes all over the world. On to the people, whether they like it or not, whether it’s affordable or not. And that’s how you create poverty. That’s how you create economic dislocation. And that is what they are doing. They’re stealing your right to make decisions about your private property. They’re stealing your right to make decisions about how you will live your life. They’re stealing your right to make decisions about how you will spend your money they’re doing to you in a much smaller way what they’re doing to Donald Trump. They’re seizing your liberty, their seizing your property, and they’re doing it through the back door. They’re corrupt. They’re corrupt. And they don’t believe in democracy. They’re doing this. To the Environmental Protection Agency. Now what happens? When you literally have millions of vehicles in small trucks. Plugging in at the same time. What happens? Well, the grid would collapse. So what will the government do, Mr. Producer? It will regulate. Who can use the charging stations. How long they can use them. What time of the day or which day you can use them. If you have more than one vehicle, whether you can charge more than one vehicle. And all through it, we’ll be funding hundreds of billions, some point trillions of dollars to the Communist Chinese. Because without the Communist Chinese and their control of lithium cobalt. Little African kids in the Congo and elsewhere are dying from toxic pollution working day and night digging out the cobalt mines for the communist Chinese. What then? Our supply chain reaches directly to Beijing, China. And what about all the other utilities, all the other purposes of electricity? Well, we need electricity for our buildings, don’t we? Our homes. We need electricity for basics like hospitals. Police stations. Fire stations. We need electricity for lights. We need electricity to cook. Electricity is ubiquitous in our lives and in our society. We can thank Tesla. I. Edison too, but mostly Tesla for electricity. I want you to think about it. The government will reach into your home and not just decide what kind of toaster you can have or a light bulb or ceiling fan. That seems kind of Mickey Mouse, right? It’s going to have to monitor who uses what when to see if you break the regulations, if you go over the limit. You see. All of this will have an enormous economic impact on you, on your jobs, on your lifestyle. On your prosperity, but most of all, your liberty. Because in the government creates pandemics when the government creates shortages. The government never stepped back. The government doesn’t say, okay, upon circumspection here we did the wrong thing. Let’s reverse course. No, no, no. They’re going to take aim at you. You’re using too much energy. Your home is too big. Too many cars are driving too far. You’re washing too many clothes. We told you not to wash clothes at night. And we do dishes every fourth day. In other words, the government then is in charge of what? Controlling the redistribution of electricity because electricity will be scarcer and scarcer. We need electricity for everything. That’s why our dear buddy passed away. Peter Pryor used to say, You wake up, wipe out the electrical grid. Most people won’t be able to survive more than a week or two or three tops. Because everything goes. Refrigeration. Everything. And so what’s happening here? Listen to me carefully. Don’t worry about what the naysayers and the leftists and other phony say about what I say. You can hear what I said. We will destroy our electrical grid without the help of the Communist Chinese or the Russians or the North Koreans or the Iranians. We will destroy it ourselves. There won’t be enough electricity. These cars are not perfected. They could be extremely dangerous, particularly in accidents. We know this from our experience. And when there are accidents and when there are fires, of which there are more typically than there are wood combustion engine vehicles. They spew toxic. Toxic pollution into the air. Toxic chemicals. Ask any firefighter what’s more dangerous, a combustion engine vehicle or electric vehicle? They’ll tell you. It’s also much more difficult to get a person. Who’s stuck in their vehicle if their cars totaled or something like, to get them out of the vehicle. The jaws of life. It’s not so simple because the electrical lines and all the rest that are built into the structure of the vehicle. What are we going to do with all these batteries? Millions and millions and millions of toxic battery, big batteries, Big. That have a life of about ten years tops, If you’re lucky, we’re we’re going to put those. Electric vehicles don’t protect the environment. When you think electricity comes from electricity, it doesn’t come from electricity. And try as we might. Electricity doesn’t come from windmills. Electricity doesn’t come from solar panels. Unless you’re about 12 people living in the woods, then you can live that way. But we’re not. We’re an industrial society, so they’re destroying our capitalist system. There is destroying our industrial system. They’re destroying our freedom, our property rights. With one little regulation coming out of the EPA in Washington, D.C., that you have absolutely no say in none whatsoever. Does that sound like a constitutional republic to you? And the reason Biden is doing it and he’s doing it and the reason is people are doing it this way because they know you would never vote for this. You would never support it. So they’re doing it. I just spent ten or 15 minutes, maybe a little longer, explaining this entire subject to you. Tell me. Has this ever been explained to you on television, on any platform? No, it hasn’t. And they’re not going to. They’re just going to tell you this is very, very important for clean air and clean water and climate change will kill us if we don’t do this. No, the Democrats, their agenda, that’s what’s going to kill us. Be right back.

Segment 4
The Federal Housing Administration has instituted a national zoning policy we’ve talked about here over the years. They will destroy the American suburbs and experts preventing the building of single family homes. Have you noticed and I’ve noticed in Loudoun County, Virginia, that they’re building endlessly apartment buildings and townhouses and apartment condos, very little single family homes. Have you noticed in most of your communities, particularly in the suburbs, that’s being compelled by Washington, DC in the Biden administration? They want to eliminate your ability to have your own vehicles. They want to build these public transportation centers. They want to determine where your schools are going to be, where your parks are going to be. This is all coming out of the ARRA, HUD. Don’t think this is just Donald Trump. And so this is you. This is you. They’re on the move and they’re trying to exploit it and they are exploiting it. And they’re about more than that. It’s about controlling you. You can’t control the kind of home you have, the kind of neighborhood you live in, what kind of vehicle you can drive, what kind of appliances you can have in your own home. And they’re going to get to a point where you’re going to want to monitor all of it. They want to regulate all of it. They want to see how you’re living your life. And in order to save the planet, you have to change the way you live. Folks, this is what’s going on. It’s going on right now, this minute. See, we got through that entire hour without talking about E.D. erection dysfunction. I just tell the sales force at Westwood One. See how easy that was. I’ll be right back.