March 20th, 2024

March 20th, 2024

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democrat party has never embraced the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution and has rejected American values and morals. Believing in the Declaration of Independence and that inalienable rights come from God and not Government runs counter to the American Marxist ideology that has existed in the Democrat party for over 100 years. President Biden projects his own immorality, racism, and anti-Semitism onto Donald Trump because Biden turns people against each other while pretending to do the opposite. The Democrat party has always used stereotypes and racism to divide Americans while pretending to be uniting the country and saving Democracy. Later, Mark is joined by Senator Katie Britt (R-AL) to talk about her support of the Laken Riley Act, which would allow ICE to detain and deport illegal immigrants who are arrested by police, and her support for Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. When you look at American history, clearly we’re not a perfect people. I would argue we have the most perfect system that mankind has ever established. But the key to having a more perfect system is not only a more perfect system, but it’s people with virtue. The virtue. People who embrace the idea of Americanism, people who embrace the declaration in the Constitution, people who are proud of our history, history that allows for. Progress maturation. Course correction. Many societies, in fact, the vast majority throughout mankind. Governments are societies are created. And they never move off the dime. Because they don’t have a constitution like we have. Well, they don’t have principles like we have. And sometimes in our country it’s left to the subsequent generation. To address things that the prior generation was unable to do for a variety of reasons. But there’s one political party. In the free world. That has never changed. Not since it was established. And that’s the American Democrat Party. The Democrat Party has never embraced Americanism. The Democrat Party has never embraced the principles of the Declaration. The Democrat Party has never embraced the limits the Constitution places on power and the powerful. All the way back to Woodrow Wilson, one of the leading so-called progressives. In other words, American Marxists. In well before he became president or even thought about it. He wrote extensively about the Declaration of Independence. And dismissed it. Trashed it. They did the same with the Constitution. Because if you believe in the Declaration of Independence. Natural. All natural rights coming from God. It runs counter to the American Marxist ideology. It’s been with us really for 110 years. Actually, I would argue 130 years late, 1800s. All progressivism is, is the bastardization of Marxism with its customization and tailoring to the American system. But you cannot advance the cause of American Marxism, a.k.a. progressivism, without slowly but surely destroying the limits that are placed on government. Without slowly but surely destroying. The declaration’s embrace of individualism and God given unalienable rights. You have to substitute all that. With man. That man makes the decisions. And of course, in every instance where that’s the case you have. Poverty. Injustice. Slavery. And genocide. Because liberty without virtue is exploited by evil people and evil ideologies. Who seek not justice, not equality. Not peace and harmony, but control. This is the definition of the modern day and. Past Democrat Party. The Democrat Party was the party of slavery, lynching and the Klan and segregation. The Republican Party was founded in the 1850s to stop slavery. That’s the only reason the Republican Party was founded. It was created from nothing. Was the abolitionist party. After the Civil War was over. The vast majority of the freed slaves. Registered as Republicans. They voted as Republicans and they voted for Republicans. And many of them after the presidency of Ulysses as Grant. Many of them after the presidency of Ulysses S Grant, who sent the army into the South to try and destroy the Klan. Then the Democrats took the House and cut off his funding, and the Klan grew, became an appendage of the Democrat Party and vice versa. They still wouldn’t accept the results of the Civil War. They move to an entirely different tactic segregation. That is. There is not to be any societal. Interconnection. Between the races. That the newly freed blacks under Lincoln. Under Grant. The Republicans. Or to remain as chattel. We’re not to have access. To equal protection and due process as compiled by the 14th Amendment. It was adopted in 1868. The Democrats resisted. Our founding principles. Even after the Civil War, when a correction was made to how they were applied. A civil war against the Democrat Party. That’s what it was. And so we’re up until 1858 Brown versus Board of Education. From the late 1800s right up to 1858. Another eight years. The Democrat Party. Imposed its will on black people. That’s correct. Wouldn’t allow them to vote. We don’t allow them to drink from the same water fountains when allow them to use the same restrooms. When a lot of them drink from the same fountains. Sit in the same restaurants. Wouldn’t allow anyone. That’s the history. Not of the Republican Party. Quite the contrary. It’s the history of the Democrat Party. It would eventually change. Even though Woodrow Wilson was a racist and a segregationist who resegregated the bureaucracy and the military. After Theodore Roosevelt and Howard Taft had desegregated them. Woodrow Wilson required is a new form of federal application for jobs that photos accompany the applications. So blacks were in hired. When he was president of Princeton University. Woodrow Wilson used to brag that not a single black person was accepted as a student at Princeton. And he embraced the whole eugenics movement, as did the entire Democrat Party. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Books are written about it. 60,000 people. We’re sterilized against their will, what they called idiots, imbeciles and colored people. You won’t find any prominent Republican that supported that. In fact, they like to talk about Hitler over there. MSNBC, Joe Scarborough in particular. One of the leading Democrat lawyers wrote an entire book on the virtues of eugenics. You see, here’s the problem. You can’t create, a man can’t create. A more perfect government. Forget about God. Remember what I said? They don’t believe that. The progressives, a.k.a. the American Marxist, don’t believe in any of that unalienable rights. The Declaration Member Obama used to trash the Declaration Skip the God part. I’m explaining this to you. So one of their prominent lawyers wrote an entire book on eugenics. Margaret Sanger supported eugenics, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and she was a favorite among the Klan in the South, where she was known to give speeches. Woodrow Wilson. Margaret Sanger. The Democrat Party. Supported eugenics. That book I’m talking about became a favorite. A man who was sent to prison by the name of Adolf Hitler. That book by that Democrat lawyer was the first book Adolf Hitler had interpreted into German. And Adolf Hitler. Well, he used to acknowledge that that book. From America. Gave him the ideas. But exterminating races. To create a more perfect Aryan race. Just as the early American Marxist sought to create a more perfect population. To accommodate their more perfect ideology. Of course, without. The moral guidance for the Constitution. In the Declaration of Independence. The Democrat Party is doing this for a reason. And I can’t spend the entire time explaining it all to my book, but I want to explain it just in my own words here. The Democrat Party. In the 1930s and forties. We’re still. A virulently racist and segregationist party. The Federal Housing Act would become. One of the great accomplishments of the early New Deal era. Was the first major piece of New Deal legislation. I heard a liberal even on my favorite cable network a few months ago. Point to one of the great accomplishments of the Democrats, the FHA. What she didn’t mention. Was that under under Roosevelt and in the New Deal, the FHA created the whole notion of red lines that I discussed the other day. Specifically black communities. Or intermixed communities with blacks. We’re excluded. From the subsidies to build lower income housing to subsidized mortgages so poor people could afford housing. Now, what the federal bureaucrats used to do is take these red markers and draw circles around these black communities. And provide those to contractors. Lenders. Developers. And anything within those red circles were excluded from funding. At three get red line from. Comes out of the Democrat Party. Franklin Roosevelt. Received a bipartisan bill, some Democrats or Republicans. From Congress that hit his desk. To finally outlaw the lynching of black people. A federal. Statute. If he had signed it. He refused to sign it in 1940. FDR would not sign the anti lynching act that was sent to him by Congress. Because he feared it would cost him votes in the South. Just as Joe Biden fears the river to the sea crowd and refuses to speak out. Strongly, powerfully against anti-Semitism. I will explain why I’m getting to all this in a moment. The civil rights movement. Civil rights movement wasn’t a Democrat Party movement. It was a movement. In the black Southern churches. That’s where it started. Martin Luther King and many other preachers. That’s where it started. The federal government had its own racist and segregationist policies. That it was very slow to change. Talk about the 64 and 65 civil rights acts and Lyndon Johnson’s giving credit for them. 1957, Dwight Eisenhower. His administration authored a civil rights Act that would have done primarily what the 64 Civil Rights Act did. But he was approached by a Democrat senator by the name of Lyndon Johnson, who was the majority leader of the Democrats in the Senate. And he told Eisenhower, if you don’t take the teeth out of this bill. The enforcement mechanism, I’m going to kill it. Now stick with me. We’re stopping at 57, but I’m moving forward to today. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Have a minute this segment, but I want to carry it over after the bottom of the hour. I hope you’ll stick with us. Very, very important because I’m getting a modern day point. So I left you. It was 1957. Lyndon Johnson, who has never voted for a Civil Rights Act in his entire Senate career, was the Senate majority leader, was a through and through racist, was fond of using the N-word and used it all the time. But he wanted to run for president in 1960. Eisenhower’s pushing this civil rights bill with teeth, the predecessor to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Lyndon Johnson, goes into his office and tells them, I will kill this bill with a filibuster if you don’t take the teeth out. Months later, Eisenhower is forced to go along. Johnson tells his Southern segregationists to vote for it. He votes for it. We’ll be right back.

Segment 3
So in 1957, Lyndon Johnson wanted to go on to bigger things. So being president, he realized he had a very racist segregationist record. In fact, second to none. So he manipulates. The political process. As the Senate majority leader and head of the Democrats, Eisenhower was forced to send this bill. Harry, He gets nothing. In 1957 Civil Rights bill. And in the Senate, he tells his racist buddies to vote for it. Many do. Some don’t. Because he said it’s it’s pointless. I went over to the White House and I basically killed the essentials. Now, a long story short. Obviously, he wasn’t the presidential nominee in 60. Kennedy was. And after Kennedy’s assassination, Johnson was sworn in as president. But Johnson wanted a legacy, and even more than that, he wanted permanent power for his party. And he kind of dusts off at what Eisenhower put together and what Everett Dirksen, the Republican leader in the Senate, had been working on. And. Promotes it for himself. The 1964 Civil Rights Act. His biographers point out biographies. They didn’t really believe in it. They didn’t really like it. He didn’t really support it. Very sick. The FBI on Martin Luther King. And other civil rights leaders tapped into their phones. But he supported it because he wanted to win election on his own. In 1964 when he needed the black vote. Sound familiar? Their media. The American media, like the American media today, although the American media today is obviously much more Marxist ideologically. But they were still in the tank for the Democrats. So they painted Johnson as this great white savior. Because they wanted him to be Barry Goldwater. Who that back then they called Hitler. He was the Hitler of his day. Barry Goldwater actually had a record. As a businessman. As a city councilman in Phoenix, as the basically the head of the Air Guard, which he created in what was the territory. Arizona integrated the Guard, integrated his businesses. He was a member of the NAACP. He helped found the Urban League in Arizona. And look how they treat him like he’s Hitler. He made a mistake, in my view, voting against the 1964 civil rights. But it had absolutely nothing to do with race. He believed it would destroy the relationship between the states and the federal government. But his whole his heart and his soul were clean. They were clear. They were pure. Not so with Lyndon Johnson. So guess who gets up to filibuster it? Robert Byrd, who would become the Democrat leader in the Senate. You know, they say he changed late in life, but it wasn’t late in life when he became the Democrat leader in the Senate. The seven or eight years later. Then we have the 1965 Civil Rights Act, which we popularly called the Voting Rights Act, which also the Democrats sought to filibuster. To modern day 1972. A young guy by the name of Joe Biden wins the Senate seat against a very old Republican in Delaware by five, less than five by 2500 votes. Thanks to the unions. And thanks to the black population. And how does he reward the latter? Immediately upon coming into the United States Senate, he befriends. The men who filibustered the 64 and 65 acts. Who had never voted for a single civil rights piece of legislation in their long Senate career. As he goes to the two Mississippi governors, Senators Eastland and Stennis. He goes to a senior Georgia senator by the name of Herman Talmadge. He goes to the man who led the filibuster in 64, who finished it by filibustering for 14 and a half hours. Robert Byrd, he goes to all four of them and more. Why? He wants to stop integration through busing. In Delaware. Because even though he relied heavily on the black vote in Delaware, the large majority of the population was white and they wanted nothing to do. In Delaware with integration of public schools. And that’s where Joe Biden came down. As NBC News reporter once reported several years ago, Biden was not merely an observer encouraging. The Southern racists. To push legislation to end this integration. He was one of the authors of the legislation. And there are letters between Biden. In Iceland. Biden and Stennis. An attack on Biden decided to run for president in 1988. In 1987, as he was campaigning in the South. He would make reference to an award he received. From George Wallace. George Wallace, like Biden and Biden. Like George Wallace. You see, Biden is a loathsome chameleon of a politician. He’s doing to the Jews today. What he did to the blacks yesterday, he’s doing to the Asian community today what he did to the blacks of yesterday. He’s doing to the Latino communities on our border with illegal immigration, and not just from Central and South America, from communist China, Syria, Iran, you name it. What he did to the blacks of yesterday, you know what he’s doing for the blacks of today? Absolutely nothing worse than nothing. He’s now the George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse doors, preventing little black kids from going to schools outside of their communities or outside of their zip codes to other schools that are safer. And more academic where students come out more accomplished. Biden is standing in the schoolhouse door. Biden is an old Democrat. Democrat of the 1800s. Race, ethnicity, religion are very, very important. Not because he believes in them. Because he uses them. Because he turns people against each other while pretending to do the opposite. Like Lyndon Johnson. And Biden seeks to project his own history. His own immorality. His own racism. His own anti-Semitism. On top of Donald Trump. And you can look at Donald Trump’s entire life. Long before he was president. He desegregated Mar a Lago. He desegregated a workforce that he inherited. He embraced all races and faiths. His daughter married a Jew, an Orthodox Jew. She converted. He didn’t object. He embraced it. As he does his Jewish children. Unlike Biden, who wouldn’t embrace his granddaughter until there was pressure. His granddaughter. Cited in part by Hunter Biden. I’m trying to explain what we’re dealing with here. Biden went to Arizona. Nevada. For the purpose of race baiting. For the purpose of trying to convince. Hispanic voters. That he’s their savior once again. And that another opponent this time. Not Robert Bork. Not Clarence Thomas. Not George H.W. Bush. Now, this time Donald Trump, you see, is Hitler. This time Donald Trump is the racist and the segregationist and the anti-Semite. Biden and his party are raising hundreds of millions of dollars. Record sums of money. To try and overwhelm people with a lie because they know what every fascistic, Marxist, autocratic regime in the world is now. The lie becomes. A perceived truth if he repeated enough. And you just keep pushing it, pushing it, pushing it into the people’s. Public perceptions and into their own minds. We call it propaganda. And that’s on top of the billions and billions of dollars of free of free support he gets from the corporate media. That also support Biden. And also were responsible for racism, segregation and anti-Semitism for decades and decades and decades. It’s in this context that I want you to understand why Biden now embraces the river to the sea crowd. The Islamists talk about the obliteration of the Jews. Why? Because he’s made a calculation like FDR did when he wouldn’t sign the anti-lynching legislation. That he has more to lose. If he cannot bring. The Islamists back into the Democrat Party base and get their vote. Then the Jews that simple were bad. That’s how he sees things. He figures 60 70% of the Jews will vote for him no matter what he does. But the Islamists know. You’re either all in with a river to the sea crowd. But they’ve been told by Hamas, as memory tells us, their website, they’ve been told by care. They’ve been told by the Islamist activists in our country and overseas, you keep pressuring Biden because he only cares about one thing. Votes and power. That’s all he cares about. So I want you to listen to this, because every now and then Joe shows a little bit more angle. This is what Joe said last week in a radio interview. That the presenters at The View never picked up. Jake TAPPER never mentioned. Rachel MADDOW never mentioned none of them. None of them. And I want to give a hat tip to red states. So take a listen to this. Go to local. You know how many black communities are in a situation where they come from a circumstance where they’re very typical and typical, where families are in real trouble, where you have people, you know, how many even even those families that are really poor don’t have any books in the house. The kids don’t hear a whole lot of conversation. So. Poor black families. They don’t have books in the house and they don’t have a whole lot of conversations. There are books in the house. They write a lot of conversations. Because the poor black families. What does that mean? You know, ladies and gentlemen. When you look at slavery. And you look at those slave families who are so close. He was so lucky, so loving of each of their family members. With the fathers in the mothers put their lives on the line to protect their children with a father’s. Will be brutalized, even murdered by their wives for being molested. Where they were hanged on the big oak tree outside. On the plantation. There’s story after story after story. And there is Joe Biden. Who opposed. The integration of the public schools with three one with the racists. Showing a little bit more angle about his racism, his bigotry, his real mindset. The older he gets doesn’t get smarter, he gets dumber. And he started out at a very low threshold. Where the families are in real trouble, where you have people who even those families that are really poor, don’t have any books in the house and kids don’t hear a lot of conversation. It’s a lot of conversation. A lot of conversation, even during slavery, especially in black families. Poor people have conversations. Poor people. Look at books. Poor people read books, Joe. This is his attitude Seattle who to the attitude of the Democrat Party bigwigs in Washington. Who run the party. This is their view of black communities. They’re to be managed. They’re to be corralled. They’re to be fearful. Scared to death of any Republican who runs for president. Same with the Jewish community. Four out of last five Republican candidates running for president as their party nominee were called Hitler by the Democrat Party. Hitler. That party will do anything for power. I’m not done. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
I asked black folks listening to this program, what does Joe Biden think happens in your home? You know, many books, you know, going to discussions. What are you doing in your home staring at the ceiling in all these years in Washington, D.C.? I don’t know that the man’s ever actually visited a black home and a black family. I don’t know. We heard from him how poor kids were just as bright and talented as white kids. Remember that one, Mr. BLITZER? Poor kids. First of all. There are poor white kids, too, but it is a blatantly racist statement. This is what he thinks. This is what he believes. And so he goes into these churches and he goes into other places and he just starts screaming like George Wallace. Like the racist segregationists with the old South at the top of their lungs. But he wants you to believe that he’s the white savior when in fact, he’s the white bigot. More next hour. I’ll be right back.