February 28th, 2024

February 28th, 2024

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Supreme Court set an April date to hear arguments on whether Donald Trump has immunity for official acts after he left office.  The media sets it up differently – “Supreme Court sets April arguments over whether Trump can be prosecuted for election interference.” The AP headline already convicts Trump, they decided he’s guilty of election interference. Also, the so-called “uncommitted” Democrats are largely Arab-Muslim Democrats who are demanding that the Biden regime not only abandon Israel, but turn on Israel, which is exactly what Biden is doing in hopes of not losing battleground states like Michigan.  This is a pressure campaign that is working, but for these so-called “uncommitted” Democrats, they will never be satisfied.  The fact is that they and their pressure campaign are not receiving the kind of media focus and exposure that they deserve.  It is part of the effort in our colleges and universities, and the street “protests,” that are filled with Jewish hatred and antisemitism.  And that’s what this “uncommitted” vote is all about. Later, Sen Mitch McConnell is stepping down from Senate Republican leader and it’s long overdue.  It’s funny watching the Democrat media mourn over McConnell. The say he’s the greatest leaders of all time. That’s a lie; he ran the Senate like a political mobster. Afterward, will America be fooled by this dangerous man in the Oval Office? The Democrat party is not your typical party – it needs to be viewed through the lens of an autocratic party. Free speech is shrinking while the police state grows. A government that has power to tell you what light blue you can use is a government that has unlimited power. The Democrat Party is the home of the American Marxist movement.  Finally, Dave McCormick calls in to discuss his crucial Senate run against Sen Bob Casey, who’s voted with Biden 98% of the time.  

Supreme Court sets April arguments over whether Trump can be prosecuted for election interference

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Here we go America. So, the Supreme Court just announced it has set appeal arguments over whether President Trump. Has immunity for official acts after he left office. Of course, the media, with their propaganda, set it up differently. Now. I’ve been the one voice, I think. Who has said that his argument is both rational and necessary. In if I’m wrong. And he’s wrong. That means that Joe Biden can and should be prosecuted for his violations of the Espionage Act when he was senator, vice president and in the private sector. Depending on the statute of limitations. Because a Republican administration should President Trump win would have the power then. To say. We appreciate your report, Special counsel Herr, but we don’t agree. And since we have. A slam dunk case on scores of felonies committed by Joe Biden when he was not president of the United States. So there are no declassification issues of any kind. We will now indict you. Now, of course, the same can be on the civil side. But the court wanted to take up the issue of the criminal side. And on the civil side, the same circuit has ruled that, yes, police officers can sue Donald Trump claiming that. He somehow is the. Basis for any injuries they reserved, even though he’s not been charged with any violence, insurrection or sedition. The court didn’t care. So what does that mean? That means that. The families of people who’ve been murdered. As in Georgia and elsewhere. Raped. Lost their property or otherwise personal or physical beings have been affected. Will be free to sue Joe Biden personally. Personally. Here’s how the Associated Press wrote it. Supreme Court said several arguments over whether Trump could be prosecuted for election interference. See that phrase? Election interference? Election interference. They’ve already decided he’s guilty of election interference, not challenging an election. Not fighting. An election. Election interference. So in their headline, they’ve already convicted him of a felony. But that’s the Associated Press that accompanied Hamas in the slaughter of October 7th. The justices order maintains a hold on preparations for a trial focused on Trump’s effort to overturn his election loss. There they go again. The court will hear arguments in late April with a decision likely no later than the end of June. All this propaganda by the press, by the phony former federal prosecutors, by the phony law professors and all the rest are intended to put enormous pressure on Supreme Court justices. That’s the goal now. But even with a timetable that is much faster than usual, the court action calls into question whether a trial for Trump. Assuming the justice denies immunity, could be scheduling concluded prior to the November election. This isn’t about justice. It’s never been about justice. Even the way the media write about it, It’s Come on, can we get this done before the election? For God’s sakes, stop with the Constitution. Stop due process. We’ve already decided he’s guilty. We’ll go through the motions. But like, get let’s get this phony, fake, fraudulent process underway. Trump’s lawyers have sought to put off a trial till after the voting. Well, of course they have. By taking up a legally untested question now. And the only reason they they say legally untested question is because Jack Smith and the Department of Justice at the direction of Joe Biden are taking legally. Preposterous positions pushing us into these constitutional areas where we’ve never been before. At sea. The court said in an unsigned statement, it will consider, quote, Here’s the issue whether and if so, to what extent does a former president enjoy presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office? I would urge the Supreme Court justices to look at the charges against this president. Related a January six. Look at the charges. Look at the stretch, the Klan Act. The Enron Act, which now the court has also taken up to look at, and a federal contractor act, essentially. Those are the three laws. And so we should now turn the constitution inside out to allow the Biden regime. And a rogue prosecutor who former Attorney General Meese has said has been appointed in violation of the appointments clause of the Constitution. So they can succeed at what they’re doing. This would open a door. Their future prosecutions. One can only imagine. Oh, I’ll get the Mitch McConnell, don’t worry. Supreme Court has previously. How the presidents are immune from civil liability for official acts. And Trump’s lawyers have for months argued that protection should be extended to criminal prosecution as well. Okay. First of all, for over half a century, it’s been the position of the Department of Justice under both parties, all attorneys general. All of them. That she cannot prosecute a sitting president. But after he’s president, can you prosecute him for the official acts he’s taken? If there’s an allegation made against him of criminality, that’s the issue. And what will that do to an immunity? When a president is president. Of course, they’ll undercut it horrendously. And it will affect the way that a president operates and for some judge or justice to say, well, then follow the law, follow the law, or that’s not the issue. The issue is retribution. The issue is. What’s happening today, the effort to take Donald Trump. Off the campaign trail to interfere with the election, to interfere with the Republican primary selection process, to interfere with the general election at the behest of the party opposite and the candidate he’s running against. We don’t need. You know. Hypotheticals. We’ve got reality. It’s right in front of us. Lower courts have so far rejected. Trump’s novel claim is a novel claim. It’s a novel prosecution, and the lower courts are all filled with Democrats. This is the Associated Press. The Hamas supporting participants on October seven, Associated Depressed. A panel of appellate judges in Washington ruled earlier February that U.S. District Court Tanya Duncan. She’s appointed by Obama to out of the three judges on the panel were appointed by Biden. Who have presided over the election interference trial was right to say that the case could proceed and that Trump can be prosecuted for actions undertaken while on the White House. The issue reached the High Court because the appeals court refused to grant a delay that Trump has sought. The issue reached the High Court because the panel refused to allow. Typical due processes to proceed. Where a claimant can appeal and seek the full court, not just three judges on a panel of the court to hear the case, he was denied that. The case is separate from the high court’s consideration of Trump’s appeal to remain on the presidential ballot. Just look at what’s going on, the effort to take him off the ballot. Now the court heard that the effort to prosecute him for X, not sedition. Not insurrection, not violence, but the Klan Act, among others. The Enron Act, which has no place in this whatsoever, and a federal contractor act. Basically, that’s why that law was passed. He’s not even charged. I would argue a serious, substantive. Related. Criminal offenses. They keep talking here about this interference with the election interference and insurrection, sedition. He’s not charged with insurrection and sedition. The High Court will also hear an appeal in April from one of the more than 1200 people charged in a Capitol riot. The case could up any charge. Prosecutors are brought against more than 300 people, including Trump. When I watch that, what’s that? It’s the same district, D.C. Court. Was one of the same judges appointed by Biden. Who took the Enron Act. Aimed at corporate destruction of documents. Corporate. I applied it to January 6th. As the only handle they could they can concoct to charge these people with obstruction. So again, rewriting. The Enron Act. And that is one of the two charges excuse me, two of the four charges against Donald Trump on January six, the Klan Act, this so-called obstruction issue and other. So we should turn the Constitution inside out. To accommodate a rogue prosecutor in all these Obama Biden judges. Of course, the Associated Press would never print it the way I explain it, but the way I explain it is accurate. We’ve got a lot to cover this evening in a way that only I can cover in. I want to talk to you in a moment about this idea of the so-called uncommitted Democrat vote. And how the media are literally covering up. The Islamists influence. In Arab and Muslim communities across this country, especially Michigan. By talking passively about what’s taking place. The uncommitted vote was led by Rashida Talib. I posted on this this morning. Rashida Talib is a Jew hating. Terrorist supporting. Member of Congress. The Palestinian heritage. Her parents came here. From. The Palestinian territory. She has voted against condemning Hamas. She has voted present when it came to the rape. And the brutality. And the sadistic conduct. Of the terrorists. She wrote a present. She’s leading this effort. When you listen to what imams are saying in Dearborn, Michigan, and other parts of our country, all throughout California, and you have to actually go to places like Memory morgue and others to get the information. You will not find it on CNN. You will not find it on MSNBC. In fact, you won’t find it anywhere but here. If I raise it. There’s uncommitted. They keep saying, wow, that’s a lot of uncommitted. Why are there a lot of uncommitted votes? Well, obviously, it’s not all Islamists. It’s also some people. Young people in colleges and universities. But this is the drive. The Rashida Talib Hamas wing of the Democrat Party. They’re not demanding a cease fire for a cease fire. They are demanding. The complete abandonment of the state of Israel. They are demanding the obliteration of the state of Israel. That is what they are demanding. And they are now here in force in large numbers. In different states with an enormous amount of backing from countries like Qatar. From organizations like Hamas. They’re here. They’re in our face, They’re influencing our elections. And right now they are blackmailing the Democrats and Biden. You either support our position. Our anti-Semitic radical. Jew hating, Israel hating position. Oh, we are going to defeat you because now we are in the base of the Democrat Party. That’s the truth. Those are the facts. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
I promise you I will get them a camel. But it is hilarious watching the Democrat Party media and the Republican rhino establishment mourn that he’ll be stepping aside come November. Long overdue, praising him with the Supreme Court. But for him, we wouldn’t have these members of the Supreme as such a lie. One of the greatest leaders of all time. Another lie borders open a spend a holic. Never Reagan. I always a Ford Bush guy. So let’s stop playing games. Rewriting his history. The reason the Democrat Party media and the Republican RINO establishment media love the guy is the reason we don’t. In many ways he ran the. Senate and the Republican side like a mobster, like a political mobster. And those days are over and that smoke filled room. I don’t know if there’s smoking cigars, cigarettes or marijuana. That smoke filled room produced very little. The reason we have the Supreme Court we have today is actually thanks to Harry Reid, a disgusting. Character, let me put it that way. Who caused a reaction because of all his filibustering activities? I hate to say what McConnell did is the same thing that Trent Lott would have done, that Bob Dole would have done, that, Everett Dirksen would have done that. Hugh Scott would have done.

Segment 3
You know, for some people, it’s difficult in this business to discuss an issue that may not be really hot right now, but is very, very important for the future. Or do I play with the hot button issues to drive up my ratings? I don’t see this as a choice. You treat your audience with respect. You don’t play your audience. You don’t play games. If a blessing, a privilege, but he behind a microphone or in front of a TV camera, you don’t need a conga line of guests. If your superficial or surface level and you’re just too weak to carry the show, you don’t need to play games. Just talk to your fellow Americans. Red blooded Americans will want to know what the hell is going on. And that’s how I treat you. Like friends, like smart people. Like patriots. And so you keep seeing the media reporting about this uncommitted Democrat vote that they’re worried about in Michigan, uncommitted. And they go on and on and they tell you this is the Arab American vote and they go on with people like James Carville, who honestly, I thought he was dead, but apparently still alive. No sense. And he’s out there. And he’s telling Biden, you’ve got to abandon Netanyahu. You can’t let him lose the election for it because we’ve got to embrace these people. What people? Through all of what’s taken place since October 7th. All of the attacks on our own country. All the attacks on Israel, all the anti-Semitism, river to the sea, the professors, the administrators, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, The Washington Post. All of it. All the hate. This is why they will not tell you what they mean. By people who live in Dearborn, Michigan, and other parts of Michigan, other parts of the country. Who are supporting this uncommitted movement within the Democrat Party. Uncommitted. And it’s led by, among others, Rashida Talib. It was a well-known, unequivocal, out of the closet, Jew hating terrorist supporting monster. So as I posted this morning. The so-called uncommitted Democrats are largely Arab Muslim Democrats. That’s what the media tell us. We’re demanding that the Biden regime not only abandon Israel, but turn on Israel, which is exactly what Biden is doing in hopes of not losing battleground states like Michigan. You know, what he did yesterday came out this morning. They’re now investigating. The Israeli company. That makes parts for the Iron Dome. Which is Israel’s main system for knocking out Hamas Hezbollah missiles, Houthi missiles. Built and paid for by Iran and the United States through Biden. Because they’re building these parts, apparently. In areas and on lands that the United States has decided. Is illegal. Got that, Mr. Peterson. They’re literally trying to sabotage and destroy. Israel’s ability now to defend itself from missiles fired from throughout the Middle East by terrorist states and terrorist operations and organizations. And they’re bending to pressure by this blackmail effort. By the Islamists in this country. Which is a growing population in this country, not just in our colleges and universities, but and in our communities. And there’s no assimilation into the American culture. When you go to the memory board, listen to what many of these imams are saying. Listen to what the mayor of Dearborn is saying. Listen to what Talib is saying and Omar is saying. This is a pressure campaign I wrote that is working. But for these so-called uncommitted Democrats, they’ll never be satisfied. The fact is that they and their pressure campaign are not receiving the kind of media focus and exposure that they deserve. That is. Who are these people? Where are they from? What do they want? Oh, a cease fire. Now, that’s not what they want. It is part of an effort in our colleges and universities and the so-called street protests that are filled with Jew hatred and anti-Semitism and, by the way, anti Christianity. I’m going to talk about that on my Fox show Saturday. Christian nationalism. Now they have a new phrase. But that’s what this uncommitted vote is all about. But even our friends in the media, they don’t explain it. They’re just it’s a very surface ratio because they don’t want to explain. There’s a great piece out there. Um How Arab Regimes Are infiltrating the West by Joshua Hoffman. And Mr. Producer, can you please? Because in my printing it and lost it, can you please give me the citation for this so I can give it to the American people if they want to check it out? And they talk about Qatar. And how Qatar is behind much of what’s going on in the United States with the Islamists, how Qatar has funded and supported terrorists overseas. And if I give you a list of the people, Democrats and Republicans, who’ve received money directly and indirectly from Qatar. Your jaw would hit the floor. Future of Jewish school. The United States is the most powerful country in the world, while Qatar is a tiny Middle Eastern desert state with less than half a million citizens. Why, then, have Americans been unable to successfully convince Qatar to sway Hamas to release the remaining hundred 30 hostages, six of whom are actually American citizens? Despite the Qataris billing themselves as the Middle East’s honest broker, we do not need to spend too much time demonstrating that Qatar is a suspect country which bribed its way to hosting the 2022 FIFA FIFA World Cup and has been accused of practicing modern day slavery. Money is money. And if the Qataris can pay off FIFA and pay off their officials to bring the world’s biggest sporting event to their quasi country. Who else might they be able to financially influence? First, let’s take a look at a few facts. Qatar is the top foreign donor to American universities, quote unquote, gifting nearly $4 billion since 2001. Much of which was illegally undisclosed. In addition to writing checks to top U.S. high schools, lobbying groups, politicians, journalists, businesses, public relations firms, and Washington, DC’s most influential think tanks, which produce policy papers, hosted forums and organized private briefings for U.S. senior government officials. They’re typically aligned with the donors agendas. That is how ensconced and ubiquitous. The category Terrorist Dirty money is in America. Peter Schweitzer wrote this fantastic book about communist China, communist China and Qatar, number one. And number two, and by the way, any host and radio and TV that doesn’t bring Peter Schweitzer on to discuss this book is a disgrace. Because the American people need to hear. Meet the Press. Where are you? Face the Nation. Where are you? Where are these people? For example, in 2013, Qatar agreed to make a $14.8 million four year donation to the Brookings Institution, which has helped fund a Brookings affiliate in Qatar and a project on the United States relations with the Islamic world. If a member of Congress is using the Brookings reports, they should be aware they’re not getting the full story. They may not be getting a false story, but they’re not getting the full story, said Saleem Ali, who served as a visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center in Qatar and who said he’d been told during his job interview that he could not take because. Mission critical of the Qatari government in papers. Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, UAE. Have been especially aggressive in their giving the think tanks with Qatar arguing that Muslim Brotherhood style political Islam is the Arab world’s best hope for democracy. Yet Hamas terrorists are merely freedom fighters. Please tell us more. Qatar also hosts the largest American military base in the Middle East, in large part because the Qatari agreed to invest $1 billion to help America build it in 1996. A deal linked by then US President Bill Clinton. The Saudis and Emiratis have since offered to move the American military base to their countries. But two years ago, Joe Biden mysteriously announced that Qatar would be designated, quote, a major non-NATO ally, a classification shared by us and shared by a select few countries, including Israel. And he signed a ten year extension. This is Blinken. This is Mali. These are the South haters. These are the Marxists. This is the historically anti-American. An anti-Semitic State Department. And it was Barack Obama’s U.S. presidency that facilitated Qatar’s rise to prominence. Surprise, surprise. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton as secretary of state shifted the priorities in America’s Middle East policy, disassociating themselves from their traditional ally in Saudi Arabia for a new anchor in this region. They stayed their choice on Qatar. Why? Well, foreign actors have given millions of dollars to US presidents. But disclosure of these contributions, some of which were made while the presidents were still in office, only came after the fact. For example, the William J. Clinton Library and Massage parlors recall it provided a list of its top 150 donors to congressional investigators during the Rich scandal in early 2001. The identities of other donors, including the governments of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar, emerged in media reports only after the Clintons left the White House. The Clinton Foundation accepted a $1 million gift from Qatar while Hillary Clinton was serving as U.S. secretary of state without informing the State Department to whether Qatar was funding a specific program at the foundation, a foundation spokesman said the country supported the organization’s, quote, overall humanitarian work. Even though the Qataris are one of the worst violators of human rights, one of the worst. During Obama’s presidency, he coddled and courted Qatar, the thunder of ISIS and Hamas. Modern, nihilistic death cult dedicated to the killing of Christians, gays and Jews. Starting circa 2013, Obama and his second secretary of state, John Kerry, spent 18 months pushing relentlessly for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. See? Same damn thing. They came up empty handed, empty handed, and claimed that there was no trust. Despite Obama being presented with a golden opportunity. For the first time, the Israel Egypt Saudi Palestinian Authority nexus emerged in a joint call to eradicate the terror group. We had a meeting of interests that should have opened a window of opportunity to push Obama’s peace plan forward and confirm his Nobel Prize. They said, Well, come on. Michael Eisenberg. But Obama did not push that and instead got behind Hamas right to exist, Hamas’s right to exist and to keep its arsenal intact. More curiously, he sent Kerry off to cavort with the Qatari and Turkish foreign ministers in Paris. This befuddled many incensed all Israeli ministers and so forth. After all, Obama was a very young second term president. He was not wealthy and he needed a job for the next 30, 40 years following his presidential tenure, similar to former US President Jimmy Carter. Although he denies its scope and bias. Carter has been significantly funded by Arab countries. You will also recall that Carter was the one who pushed for Hamas’s inclusion in the Gaza elections. What it shocked you to find out that the funders of Obama’s presidential library, his early consulting customers and the funders for his institute were the wealthy oil rich Qataris. They could also give him a media platform called Al Jazeera to continue pontificating from teleprompters. The Qataris have endless money, not to mention global aspirations. Sounds like a conspiracy. Well, here’s The Washington Post in 2015. Qatar’s real estate investment arm decided in 2010 to pump 650 million into Center City, becoming the main owner of the $1 billion project on the site of the district’s old convention center in northwest Washington, D.C.. Qatar had never invested in DC real estate before, and its spending spree didn’t stop there. That Qatar has also invested in Chicago, where they al-Faisal group last year bought the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel. This year that is 2015. Qatar bought Current TV for a half a billion dollars, hired 800 journalists, launched Al Jazeera in America, vastly expanding the TV news operations presence in the United States. Remember this with Al Gore. Now, the two areas Qatar investor DC and Chicago, Obama’s facto hometown where he was a senator and Current TV was owned by Al Gore, who served as Biden, Clinton’s vice president. So while Hillary Clinton did not challenge Obama on the ISIS and Hamas fundings. Their source in Qatar because they were getting money in their library. This goes on and on and on. If you read this article, which we will post. If you read Peter Schweitzer’s book about communist China, you will understand what the hell is going on in this country. The uncommitted vote. This is a category Iranian. Hamas related. Or supporting a sympathetic group of now American citizens. And their numbers are growing. And they have power within the Democrat Party and they are now throwing down and telling Biden, you either abandon Israel or you either support us. River to the sea. Ah, we will vote uncommitted. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
We were asleep at the wheel. People came into the country. They poured into the culture. They were an impact on everything from the media to Hollywood. Of course, in the Democrat Party, this is their home. This president of the US Palestinian Council, Professor John the beat to beat in this group memory again, anymore ignored. Forget about the rest of the media when it comes to this. February 24th, a few days ago, an interview with the Palestinian a TV that the Palestinian Arab communities in the US have decided not to vote for Biden in the coming election. He said that these groups will focus on helping candidates in the Democratic Party who are fighting this administration. He is professor in the business department. He’s the business department chair and distinguished fellow of economics and statistics in Muscatine Community College in Muscatine, Iowa. He said, We want there to be a massive turnout in the elections by our people. Who talks like this? An Arab community. Do I ever say there needs to be a massive turnout by Jews, Mr. Producer? In order to get our friends who support us and to Congress and the Democratic Party. These are the people who are fighting this administration, which is biased towards the Zionist entity. You want him to say Israel. We need to support them in order to keep them in Congress. And we should also support the new candidates running in the elections in order to get them in. So we will have more supporters in Congress. As for the presidential elections, it’s a done deal. We, the Palestinian and Arab communities have decided not to vote for President Biden in a November elections. And, of course, the Democrats are scared to death. They created this as part of their base through their immigration system, through their student visa system. Through their oppressed oppressor, racist ideology. And that way people in the country in growing numbers were trying to influence our foreign policy in a way that undermines the United States.