February 26th, 2024

February 26th, 2024

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Democrat media outlets like NBC News continue to lie about CPAC, equating it to a Nazi gathering or a white supremacy rally despite CPAC being a safe place for Jews. Also, if Donald Trump loses the 2024 election, it won’t be because the Republican Party is divided, but because the leftist media and Democrat party joined with the Wall Street Journal and others in sabotaging his campaign. Nikki Haley has 3 delegates and has outspent Trump in every state so far, so how is it possible for Haley to be the only candidate who can win if she cannot even get through the Republican Party? Haley would have not been a U.N. ambassador if not for Trump, and she has lobbied for the corporatist and the worst of the worst in the Republican Party. Later, there are no more excuses for President Biden or the Democrat party and their open border, who have blood on their hands by allowing crime to pour into our country and human slavery on our southern border. Biden’s incompetence and stupidity have led to the disasters in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Israel, and are killing Americans too with a wide-open border.

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Interesting that President Biden has chosen Brownsville/Rio Grande Valley sector for his visit.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811.  Last Friday, I made a decision to go to CPAC. To see what was going on there and participate in presentation in was actually very important. And there’s a lot to get to today. But I want to tell you, as I was there. There are so many fantastic, patriotic Americans from all over the country. Who paid for their flights for their trips. To come to Maryland right outside of Washington, D.C., to listen to various speakers, to participate in various seminars, activists, all ages, all colors, all faiths. And yet the media kept trying to portray this as some kind of a Nazi meeting. In Nazi event. The board at CPAC actually voted on a resolution in support of Israel and Israel’s right to finish its war with Hamas. There are numerous prominent Jews in and out of the media who attended. And spoke. And we’re on panels. No river to the sea stuff. No anti-Semite stuff. There were people who got into the hotel. It’s a massive hotel. One was rang a clan. Shirt or uniform and was arrested. Was handcuffed and removed. There were Nick Fuentes people. They look like little teenagers. They come in and it’s hard to catch them. One of them confronted me again, and I’ll tell you about that later if I get around to it. But there was no formalized effort, systemic effort. Of any kind. Quite the opposite. I was there with my wife, Julie. We were there with a gentleman whose son remains a hostage. He doesn’t know if his son is alive or dead. He was kidnapped. By the Hamas Nazis. Trying to defend his kibbutz, which was one mile from the border with Gaza. And he was able to speak. We asked him questions. It was heartbreaking. There were thousands of people in the audience. Not an empty chair. Now, one. And as he spoke, you could hear a pin drop. And as he was explaining what had taken place, where was his son? Many people were literally in tears, including me and including my wife. When he left, I made an explicit statement about who we are at CPAC, who we are as conservatives, where we believe in. There are people that say stupid things. They’re stupid people. But that wasn’t in any way. What took place at CPAC. I know I was there. There’s also something that takes place now when our Gentile friends do understand, called a Shabbat dinner right across the street at the residence in. The place was packed. Packed mostly with Orthodox Jews. Who’d come to CPAC. And this event gets bigger and bigger and bigger every year. And it is supported strongly by C PAC. And then. You read this NBC News piece. That was put out. By some punk whose name was left off. This of Wingo. Ben Gogan. National Harbor, Maryland, Nazis appeared to find a friendly reception at the Conservative Political Action Conference this year. Throughout the conference, racists, extremists, some of whom had secured official CPAC badges, openly mingled with conference attendees and espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. The presence of these individuals has been a persistent issue at CPAC. Previous year’s conference organizers have ejected, while neo-Nazis and white supremacists such as Nick Fotis, the guy just contradicted himself. But this year, racist conspiracy theories didn’t meet any perceptible resistance. At the conference where Donald Trump has been the keynote speakers in 2017, this man is a flat out liar. A liar. At the young Republican mixer Friday evening. A group of Nazis who openly identified as National Socialists mingled with mainstream conservative personalities, including some from Turning Point USA and discuss race, science and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. I have no idea who he’s talking about or what he’s talking about. Is it possible that one or two of these sickos got in? You better believe it is. You better believe it is. You can stop them from coming into official events to some extent. But you can’t stop them from mingling, going into parties. Social events and so forth whether or not. Requiring badges. One member of the group, Greg Conti, who attended the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, said that his group showed up to talk to the media. He said that the group was prepared to be ejected if CPAC organizers were tipped off, but that never happened. What never happened. They weren’t tipped off. That’s what never happened. Another. Ryan Sanchez, who was previously part of the Nazi Rise above movement, took photos and videos from some of the conference with an official badge and touted his associations with footnotes. And it goes on. There’s not a word in here. Nothing. Nothing. About how the organization was pro-Israel, how the organization. Folks, we were there with members of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. We were there with the ambassador from Hungary, who was fantastic, the things he said. The only country in Europe to oppose the cease fire supporting Netanyahu in Israel, they vetoed. Of the 27 EU countries, they were the only one little Hungary to veto a resolution. They require unanimity. Demanding that Israel enter into a long term cease fire. They said no. And Hungary has a great relationship with Israel. None of this was mentioned. The ambassador wasn’t mentioned. The members of the Knesset weren’t mentioned. The father of a hostage wasn’t mentioned. The resolution voted on by the board in support of Israel, wasn’t mentioned that across the street where hundreds of Orthodox Jews celebrating Shabbat wearing. See pack. Tags. None of that is in this article. He focuses on two or three people. One moron who got up and spoke. There were scores, probably over 100 people spoke and panels and so forth. Now one supporting Hamas. Now one Islamist. Not one Palestinian terrorist. Not one river to the sea crowd. Not one anti-Semitic professor. Not one anti-Semitic administrator. Bernie Sanders wasn’t invited. Talib wasn’t invited. Any other Antisemites Blinken, Biden and their surrogates. FRIEDMAN They weren’t there. So how can they say it was an anti event? Certainly wasn’t. But you can only catch so many and do so much when you have literally thousands and thousands of people in attending. So this is NBC News. Which spews Hamas propaganda relentlessly. The reporters are scribes for the most anti-Semitic administration in American history, worse than FDR. Where’s the Nobama? So they’re trying to destroy CPS. They’re trying to keep people away. I don’t want to be painted with that brush. They want to attack the conservative movement the way they want to attack the National Rifle Association, the way they want to attack the Federalist Society, the way they want to attack Donald Trump and his supporters. That’s what it’s about. That’s what it’s about. There are no Hitler salutes. During any of the events, any of the fall events. There were no signs supporting Hamas. You would have thought this was. Dearborn, Michigan. But it wasn’t. I walked around freely. As did everybody. Jew and Gentile and. Atheist and whatever. It was a fantastic gathering. The people were happy. They were all ages very young to very old. A man there who was over 100, I believe. And NBC News dares to write this. Ben Gogan you disgusting. Propagandists. That’s what you are. You’re disgusting. Jared Taylor, he said, was very proud of the American Renaissance, an organization that has published racist pro eugenics writings. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Taylor as crudely white supremacy. You know what? It’s very interesting. I have a whole chapter on the Democrat Party and eugenics. Woodrow Wilson. The founder of Planned Parenthood. The Democrat Party was the party of eugenics. I don’t know this guy, Taylor. I don’t know a thing about him. Nobody does. In another video, Sanchez can be seen in the lobby of the conference. It’s the lobby of the hotel. It’s not the lobby of the conference giving a Nazi salute. This is the same. It’s interesting. There is Secretary Blinken embracing the president of Brazil, who yet again has accused Netanyahu of being Hitler, the Jews of being the Third Reich. And committing Holocaust. Against the gods. It’s all over the media. The things that are said about Jews. Regurgitated by the media, regurgitated by the Democrat Party every day, day in and day out. But they find this guy, Sanchez, who’s in the lobby. Because this is a war on conservatism. They want you to think Donald Trump is Hitler. This is the propaganda. This is the project. Now, remember, those of you are smart enough to acquire the Democrat Party Hates America. Reread Chapter four. Those of you who were smart enough to buy on freedom of the press. We read about pseudo events. These are lies. These are fictions intended to smear entire organizations. Thousands and thousands of people. Who came there supporting their country and supporting the state of Israel. Foreign dignitaries from Israel, from Israel supporting Hungary. They were there. Not one mention of them. Not one mention in this NBC News piece. Not one mention. As the father of the hostage. Who spoke. To a massive auditorium with thousands of people. Not a mention, not one not one mention of the resolution by CPAC. Nothing. Not one mention of the hundreds of Orthodox Jews across the street celebrating Shabbat dinner. Supported by C PAC. Instead you get this crap. You get this crap from NBC News. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Welcome back. Nikki Haley. Let’s at least accept the fact that The Wall Street Journal editorial page in the National Review, their friend Jim Garrity, writing in The Washington Post there are no fans of Trump in interview have been. Period. And so I think it’s pretty remarkable, actually unremarkable that on the Opinion page of The Wall Street Journal and on the Opinion page of The Washington Post, we have the corporate editorial board led by paul GIGOT, a g go, Mark. Yeah, well, when he stops calling me someone, I’ll stop calling him G. Good. I’ve known the man for 40 years. And Jim Geraghty, National Review. And they end their pieces almost exactly the same way. And this set the talking point that they’re pushing out the establishment Republicans, the anti-Trump publications and the Democrats. And I have 40 seconds here, but I want to read you the last paragraph of both of their pieces, and then I want to tell you the truth. And let me lead with that right now as we go to the break. If Donald Trump loses the election, it won’t be because the Republican Party is divided. It’ll be because the radical left media, the Democrat Party joined, joined by The Wall Street Journal and National Review and their ilk have succeeded in sabotaging him and his campaign. More when I return.

Segment 3
You see, ladies and gentlemen, it’s not called the Main Street Journal. It’s called The Wall Street Journal. For a reason. I just want to make a point. Nikki Haley has three delegates. She’s outspent Donald Trump in every one of these states. These states have been built for somebody like Nikki Haley. They allow Democrats to vote in Republican primaries as well as independents. She’s had enormous free media, even from certain conservative media platforms. We’re told Trump can’t win, but she can. But she can’t even get through the conservative base. Republicans are voting overwhelmingly against her. And if these were Republican only primaries, she’d be getting slaughtered or even worse. We have the Wall Street Journal editorial that says Donald Trump’s divided GOP. It’s always a divided GOP during a primary system where you don’t have an incumbent president. I mean, for God’s sakes, both times Ronald Reagan ran in 76 and 80 was a divided GOP. We heard from the John Andersons, who is who Nikki Haley sounds like to me. We heard from the Bushes. Reagan can’t win. I heard it in my own state of Pennsylvania from Republican activists there. Can’t pull the party together, as scary as this is that. And yet the party came together. The difference this time is when you have a Wall Street Journal editorial page that is committed to sabotaging Trump. With their friend Paul Ryan and their friend Peggy Noonan and their other friends. We have a national review that just won’t give it up. From its essays when Trump was running to today, with certain exceptions, don’t get me wrong. They’re trying to sabotage Trump. And that’s what Nikki Haley is trying to do. That’s why her entire campaign now has moved from. I like Donald Trump and I wouldn’t run against of his Ryan while I’m running against him, but I’m not going to say anything negative about him to full on personal, vicious attacks. She’s now Chris Christie. Shows you that she’s unprincipled, she’s unmoored, and she’s attacking. At the end of their editorial here, Donald Trump’s Divided GOP. They write, Miss Haley is telling voters she can be the alternative as a uniter that millions of them seem to want. She’s not going to be a uniter because the base doesn’t want her. It’s a message we’re staying in the race for. See? They wanted to stay in the race, as is the case for not abandoning Ukraine, Israel or Taiwan. Excuse me. What are you talking about? Israel. You know, But for Donald Trump, Nikki Haley would not have been at the United Nations. And she’s demonstrated. No. No substantive actions on behalf of Israel. Those were all Donald Trump. Trump did all that. Taiwan who says trumps abandoning Taiwan and even in comes to Ukraine. It’s an old issue of abandoning Ukraine. He wants to put pressure on Russia, but however it is, whatever it is. They go on. She’s also staking out a claim to be the candidate in 2028 who could say ready? She warned Republicans if Mr. Trump loses this year, if Mr. Trump can’t win over more of her voters. He could make Ms.. Haley a prophet. So they’re sabotaging Trump with her. She’s the latest horse they’re riding. They talked up bigly about Chris Christie. They did. Which is ridiculous. But they’re Never Trumpers. So rather than saying it’s time to unite around Trump, they’re saying, you stay in. And if Trump can’t get your voters, even though we keep trashing Trump, even though we keep discouraging them from supporting Trump. Even though we write editorial after editorial smearing the guy. If Trump loses, well, then Haley’s a prophet. Then we have Jim Garrity National Review, writing in the Washington Post. I didn’t know he had a gig at The Washington Post, although there you go. His final paragraph in the general election, one of two things will happen. Either Trump will win 270 electoral votes or he will fall short for a second time to Biden. Well, that seems to be obvious. He’s either going to win or lose at a time when even most Democrats see the incumbent as too old to run again. If Biden manages to prevail next fall, Haley and her fans will be able to say to Trump and his MAGA crowd, See, we warned you. There’s no downside for Heli to keep sounding that alarm in the coming weeks. The exact same positions with a few words changed. That’s the mentality. That’s now the narrative. That’s what they’re pushing to stay in there. Hailey. Keep savaging Trump. Keep pulling a certain percentage of the Republicans away from Trump. Because we’re planning for 2028 now, because we think Trump’s going to lose. We want him to lose. We want you to keep our. Because he needs Haley’s voters. This is in the Wall Street Journal editorial page and now The Washington Post editorial page. This is coming straight from Nikki Haley’s mouth. She said it on Fox today. People are saying it on her behalf. That echo chamber Rush used to speak of. There it is. Who do you think Rush would support, Nikki Haley or Donald Trump? He loved Donald Trump. Loved him. Wall Street Journal is the same page I used to trash Ted Cruz. And I want to say something to The Wall Street Journal editorial page and the people who write their. You have blood on your hands to. For three decades. You’ve pushed for open borders. For three decades. You’ve pushed for Wall Street. And open borders. The five word amendment that you proposed in your editorial page to the Constitution. Thou shalt have open borders. This is why you really hate Trump. Because the corporate is hate Trump. You guys have blood on your hands, too, because your wish has come true. Thou shall have open borders. They’re open. When are you going to have a an editorial that says, we apologize? For our propaganda over decades demanding open borders. When will that editorial come? Take responsibility for any of it. You have blood on your hands, too, because you got what you wished for and you got it in Biden. It’s probably another reason to try to cripple Trump. You know, you got to get over it. Early on, I was a Cruz supporter. Ted Cruz is fantastic and I worry that he might lose that race in Texas. But he lost. Fair and square. Fair and square. He lost. I become one of the biggest advocates of Donald Trump because of his policies. 90% of his policies. Which is more than most. And you know why else? Because he does listen. He does seek input. He does seek opinions. If you’re not trying to cut his throat cause he won’t listen to you. I get nothing from Donald Trump. I give my opinions. My stepson worked in the DeSantis campaign. That’s public, who I also think is a great man, and I hope he is the president, Tate, or somebody like him. Certainly not. Nikki Haley has demonstrated what she really believes. I’ve seen in Virginia as an example, for the most part, all the usual Republicans who are losers, the developers. The corporatist, the lobbyists, like our friend Barbara Comstock, others. They’re all rallying around Nikki Haley. In other words, the worst of the worst. In the Republican Party that doesn’t understand the grave threat that we face. Nikki Haley will not win the South. She needed to win her own state. And it’s funny how Garrity and The Wall Street Journal don’t write. How would Nikki Haley? Convinced conservatives to vote for her. Where’s that editorial? What must she do? What must she say? Apparently that’s not her problem. That’s not her problem. So we have this element within the media. Forget about the Democrat Party media, which is hard, but elements like the Wall Street Journal editorial page, National Review, other places to. They keep telling Haley to stay in. She’s the protest candidate. She’s got a certain percentage of Republicans supporting her. And Donald Trump has to figure out. How to get them. But if he loses. Haley 2028. Haley the prophet. Got it. So they’re urging her to stay in to do as much damage to Trump as possible. And if Trump does lose, I hold, among others, the Wall Street Journal editorial page to account. The National Review to account, with some exceptions. And others of their ilk who just can’t seem to get over Trump. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Now while they’re trying to create the media a lie about C PAC and the thousands of thousands of American loving Israel loving, red blooded Americans who came from all corners of the country. It’s funny that the governor of New York doesn’t get that kind of treatment. It’s funny how SUNY State University in New York doesn’t get that kind of treatment. The New York Post is the only one that exposes them. Took You Too Long is the headline Dori Lee Whack a row group called SUNY BDS used the state university’s name to spew anti-Israel propaganda nearly a month ago, and officials are only now censoring it after a New York Post inquiry. Wow. Were they doing Hitler salutes to. Carrying around swastikas. We’ve seen this all over the place from the river to the sea crowd, haven’t we? There’s Self-build community organization that claims to represent all 64 State University of New York branches was slapped with a cease and desist letter by SUNY lawyers late Friday, only after the New York Post questioned why the unauthorized group was left unchecked to spew its hatred for weeks. This is how hate is propagated across 64 universities. At the same time, this is how hate starts. She is a critic of Governor Hochul, whose administration failed to denounce the nearly month old group until pressed by the New York Post. What do you think about that? NBC News. BDS has become a highly controversial term that stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and targets Israel by falsely accusing the Jewish state of occupying and colonizing land. Hoke kept her mouth shut for weeks and weeks until the New York Post made this an issue. SUNY. Another. Another college, another university, except in this case, several of them through their network. That’s where you find the Nazis. That’s where you find the Islamists. That’s where you’ll find the Marxists. That’s where you find the American haters, the Jew haters, the Israel haters. That’s where you find them. Not at CPAC. When a few of these bastards may sneak in. This isn’t sneaking in. This is what these people stand for at these universities. And how close sits there, as all the Democrats do. The governor of Michigan, a reprobate. Biden has now taken the side of the Islamists. They sit there and they count votes. That’s their base. Wall Street Journal. That’s their base. National Review. How about helping us out to defeat these people? And we’ll have more than Biden and more of all the rest of this hate, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and chaos. I’ll be right back.