February 22nd, 2024

February 22nd, 2024

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden and his regime have said to Congress and the American public through the Democrat media that the border has been secure for over 3 years. Then they say without a bipartisan border bill they wouldn’t be unable to secure the border. Now, the Biden administartion is looking to executive orders to secure the border. We cannot tolerate our government continuously lying to us about things like immigration or the economy, especially while our borders are wide open and inflation is out of control. Also, David Weiss is doing the bidding of Biden to protect him from impeachment as a result of his involvement with Hunter Biden’s business dealings, especially with Burisma. The Biden DOJ and Weiss are in sync with the other stooges in the Democrat party to destroy the impeachment inquiry. Finally, Mark is joined by Congressman Andy Ogles (R-TN) to discuss the danger of Hamas sympathizers in America and the need to wipe out the terrorist group in the Middle East.

Fox News
Biden admin weighs executive action on border crisis, drawing fire from left and right

Right Scoop
Virginia Dems pushing through soft-on-crime bill to provide leniency to hundreds of first degree murderers and rapists

The Blaze
CBS News allegedly seized Catherine Herridge’s files, records after suddenly terminating her employment: Report

Wall St Journal
It’s Been 30 Years Since Food Ate Up This Much of Your Income

Right Scoop
Oversight committee SHREDS Democrat talking points over Smirnov and “Russia disinformation”

Fox News
GOP rep doubles down on message to Hamas: ‘Kill them all’

NY Post
Arizona prosecutor’s feud with Alvin Bragg gets fiery as she implies the DA could let NYC hotel murder suspect walk

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America.  Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Food prices, something we will talk about. Energy prices. You’re well aware of what’s taking place there. But I want to discuss a bigger issue. Joe Biden has said now for almost three years that the border is secure. So have a sink, a fence. They’ve said it to Congress on God knows how many times they’ve said it to the public through the media. They’ve said it from the White House. And we have it all. They’ve said this for years. Then they say. We had a bipartisan bill. And we needed that bill to secure the border. And to make it more secure than ever before. Without that bill, Biden cannot, on his own, secure the border. Now, this was a complete screw up by Mitch McConnell, who gave the Democrats an out and this guy, Lankford and all the other reprobates in the Senate. That is the Republican rhinos. They gave them a talking point to run on. The genius McConnell. But that’s not my point. My point is they said this was the end on the be all this this new bill. Would actually secure the border. After telling us for years the border was secure. Despite us knowing it wasn’t. Now they’re trying a third thing. They’ve said, look, I can’t. Says Biden on my own, Secure the border. I need the legislation. So we’ve gone from the border secure. I need the legislation to secure the border because I can’t act on my own. And now, today. Word is the White House is planning several unilateral measures to at least give the appearance of trying to secure the border. Is this what you want from your government? This is okay. The endless lying. And let me tell you, Senator, the reason Biden will take a trip to meet billionaires in California is because he knows that if he can raise hundreds and hundreds, maybe even $1,000,000,000 and it’s possible to run for president, he will overwhelm a Trump, he will overwhelm talk radio, he will overwhelm Fox. He will overwhelm the few independent. Conservative platforms that are out there. And they know. They know from the 1930s and they know from totalitarianism of all kinds in the past and even today that the big lie repeated often enough becomes, in effect, the truth. Not in reality, in effect. And so that’s what he’s planning to do, is planning to run for office from the basement. I suspect he won’t want to entertain a single debate. They’ll say, well, Trump didn’t debate in the primaries. What does want to do the other? You’re running for president now. Not to be the nominee for president. Nothing. But it won’t matter. That’s what they’ll do. And then they’ll have these ads speak for Biden, as well as his surrogates, and they’ll just keep lying. That Joe Biden, despite the fact that the Republicans wouldn’t go along, despite the fact that we had the best border bill ever. They wouldn’t vote on. They wouldn’t vote on. So I Joe Biden historically. I’m a historic figure. I had to. I’d act on my own. And that’s what I did. And I have his mouthpieces in the media. Me LSD, the Communist News Network, and all the rest. I have them. They give him cover The Praetorian Guard. Just like they announced that inflation is over. The Inflation Reduction Act wasn’t even about inflation is about climate change and economic socialism. Massive redistribution of wealth, massive government takeover of the private sector, massive, you know, societal engineering. Said to be. You know, a climate inflation controlling. Then we get one report on inflation flat, and then we get another one. Now it’s back. It’s not away. Hasn’t gone. The little burps here and there, but it hasn’t gone. It’s going to get worse because all that money floating around looking for a place to land and there’s nowhere for it to land. So this whole thing about the Praetorian Guard. The free media. You’ll have the free media plus $100 billion worth of paid media. You know, my wife and I, Julie, were talking the other night, and this is very, very important. I don’t care what the polls say. I don’t care. And then we get people relying on the polls. Look at the polls are great, folks. I’m worried. The RNC is bankrupt. It’s been run into the ground, too. I did not support. The re-election of the RNC chair. But she was re-elected, unfortunately. They have no money. Trump’s money is being drained as a result of this litigation. That’s all intentional. You’ve got Democrat billionaires with these massive political action committees. You have Republican billionaires are sitting on the sidelines for the most part. Picking their noses, listening to Paul Ryan. It has become an absolute embarrassment. So they’re beating us on money and not even close. Not even close. They have 99.9% of the free media. Their groups are well-organized. The Democrat secretaries of state, Democrat controlled legislatures, Democrat controlled governors. They’re going all over their election laws, seeing what they can tweak or what they can change. In the best effort they can make to ensure that Joe Biden wins. You’ve got state supreme courts that are controlled by Democrats that are going to change the. The congressional seats and the legislative seat. You don’t have Republicans Supreme Courts doing this. You won’t hear of any. So the Democrats are still playing with brass knuckles, as they did in 2016, as they did in 2020, as they did in 2022. And they’re doing it now. And we have an inept Republican leader in the Senate. The guy is a complete disaster. A complete disaster and he won’t step down. In the House where the action is. We’ve got so many agendas flying in so many different directions. It’s difficult to know what the hell they’re going to achieve. The courts. What we Republicans in the courts, they don’t do what Democrats do in the courts. They wouldn’t even take up two major constitutional election cases out of Pennsylvania. The Supreme Court last time around that needed to be addressed. I’m not trying to throw a wet blanket out there. I am banging the pots and pans. This is a call. Pay attention. Because this is alarming to me that people are now one thing and hoping. Look at the polls now. Don’t look at the polls. The polls don’t reflect what’s going to go on on the ground. There was a seed in New York that we lost the Santos seat. And just to show you how imbecilic the Republicans are. They expel this guy. And the so-called Republican moderates are behind it. This guy, Lawler and others. We can’t have that where Republicans. Meanwhile in the Senate Menendez is their they can’t get rid of Menendez. It’s 5149. That means anybody gets sick on the Democrat side, they don’t control the majority. So Menendez sits there while he’s actually indicted on God knows how many charges. Again. And there’s no pressure. Schumer is under no pressure to remove him or to expel him. But the Republicans expel senators. I have no. A special brief for this guy is Sanders. He’s a reprobate. That’s not my point. They play hardball politics. We don’t play hardball politics. We never have. It is grotesque. One side does. The other side does not. Joe Biden is the leading president of all time on censorship. He’s the leading president all time on violating immigration laws and having an open border. He’s the leading president of all time sabotaging our own energy independence internally. Domestically, which means empowering Russia, empowering Iran, and empowering the other third World reprobates. He’s the leading president in American history. They actually support terrorist organizations with funding in Iran. Hamas. The Houthis, Hezbollah, in effect. That’s what he’s done. That’s what he’s doing. Now, here’s the problem. Don’t you think, Mr. Producer, we should be leading the sky by 10%. These national polls. And I know national polls are different. You know, we have elections by states and in states, not national polls. And the polls, as I said, should mostly be ignored. And this is why 1%, 2% difference. There’s no. Nothing built in there for Democrat Party fraud. That’s what they do all the time. Fraud. Cook County, Texas. Other places are notorious for voter fraud. I know voter fraud. Here we had the cleanest election in world history in 2020. At the lesson of these idiots. What I’m saying is now is not the time to sit on our laurels. If you were going to become involved, get involved. Don’t rely on other people. Oh, we’re going to lose. You should have your own plan, whether it’s to talk to ten or 20 people, you know. Whether if you’re able, obviously, to make a contribution of some sort. There’s a thousand different things you can do. The question is whether anybody’s doing any of them. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
What is it about Democrats and crime? What is it about Democrats and terrorism? Why do they always seem to side with the criminals and the terrorists in the end, don’t they? Over at right scoop. Our friend Brian Virginia Democrats are pushing through a soft on. The crime bill that would provide leniency to hundreds of first degree murders and rapists, among others. The bill has already passed the state Senate by two vote margin. See, they control the Senate and the state House is weighing it now. Democrats control both houses. Virginia Democrats are pushing through this soft on crime that would provide leniency to 701. First degree murders. You know, one of the. Let me tell you a story real quickly. When I first moved or was moving up here in the Reagan administration. I did decide where am I going to live? I wrote off Maryland immediately. I said, first of all, they don’t have a death penalty. Secondly, they’re soft on crime. Third, taxes are through the roof. Fourth. To me, Dan, liberals say pick Virginia. Virginia was a bright, bright red state. And just like. Georgia. California was a red state. Nevada. All these red states and ensure that the presidency would be won by a Republican as far as the eye could see. That’s what people used to say are now blue. Blue. Well, they’re purple, Mark, while they’re moving blue. Virginia Democrats are trying to push through this soft on crime bill that would provide leniency to 701. First degree murders. 77 second degree murder. It’s 556 abductors, 325 rapists and 762 robberies. Here’s his summary of the bill itself. Petition for modification of a sentence Eligibility procedures provides procedures for individuals serving a sentence for certain felony convictions or a combination of such convictions who remain incarcerated in a state or local correctional facility or secure facility. Meet certain criteria to petition the circuit court. These are the lowest level elected judges in Virginia that entered the original judgment are ordered to once suspend the unserved portion of such sentence or run the unserved portion of such change concurrently with another sentence. So they’re empowering these liberal judges to do just this. To place such person on probation for such time as the Court shall seem or shall determine you here there must be two or three. Otherwise modify the sentence imposed. And the bill allows the court to grant a hearing on a petition after an individual has served at least 25 years for certain offenses. 20 years for certain other offenses. 15 year. Ladies and gentlemen. Of all the things to do, your legislature. You’re looking for ways. To make life easier for first and second degree murderers and rapists. Is that a priority in any state? Is that a priority now in the Commonwealth of Virginia? I thought other things they should be focused on. Now young and old. Sign it. And as Wright Scoop points out, it’s probably dead considering the slim Democrat majority in the houses. But it does indicate, especially in election year, just how far Democrats will go to get votes. Now, what does he mean by that? They want the felon vote. Isn’t it amazing? They want the following vote. They want the Islamist vote. They want the Marxist vote. That’s their base. That’s the base. The felon vote, the Marxist vote, the Islamist vote. And they’re working hard to make sure they can turn it out. In addition to Joe Biden violating proudly a Supreme Court ruling that says he doesn’t have the power to forgive student loans. And there he is, defying them happily and he wants everybody to know it. More when I return.

Segment 3
There’s another scandal out there, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s at CBS News. Let’s see how many so-called journalists out there come to the defense of Catherine Herridge. Let me tell you what’s going on, because most of you work all day and you’re not aware of it. By Chris Enlow over at Blaze Media. CBS is facing accusations that it seized computers, files and records. Including information on privileged sources that belonged to reporter Catherine Herridge. You know, she’s the national security reporter was there, and they terminated her. And terminated her along with others. Last week, CBS News terminated Heritage employment as part of a layoff impacting fewer than two dozen employees at CBS News. So that’s a subterfuge. Her surprise termination sent shockwaves through Washington because Herrig is a respected award winning journalist with a storied career. She’s seen as a bastion of old school journalism, covering major topics the legacy media often ignores. So how could she up on the chopping block? But the story doesn’t end there. According to law professor Jonathan Turley, who spoke with sources at CBS News, executives did something unusual after handing Herridge her pink slip. She writes. Charlie, CBS officials took the unusual step of seizing her files, computers and records, including information on privileged sources. The network grabbed his notes and files and informed her that it would decide what, if anything, would be returned over to her, he explained. The files likely contained confidential material from both her stints at Fox and CBS. Those records, it suggests, are presumptively the property of CBS News. If true, it’s a strange departure from routine practices for laid off employees are nothing short of shocking, says Turley. Journalists are generally allowed to leave with their files under the standard contract, including the ones at CBS, and he knows he’s represented reporters and so forth. Journalists agree that they will make files available to the network if needed in the future and future litigation explained that presupposes they will retain control of their files. Such files are crucial for reporters who use past contacts and work in pursuing news stories with other outlets who cap their careers with personal memoirs. Not only do Herridge files contain information she accumulated while working at CBS News, but they also contain records from her 23 year tenure at Fox News. The problem at the center of the allegation is obvious Journalists abide by a strict ethical obligation to maintain confidentiality with their sources, and these agreements are made between a reporter and their source, not a reporter, their source, and the reporter’s employer. Confidentiality. Ethics are important to Herridge, and she even appears willing to go to jail to protect her sources. Turley even spoke with Heritage’s union representative, who confirmed the union has approached CBS officials over this very unusual situation. We are considering all of our options, a spokesperson from SAG-AFTRA told them in the end. The alleged decision to seize her records has sent a chilling signal through the NEWSROOM. A former CBS News journalist familiar with the situation told Turley. Please. Media reached out to CBS News for comment, but a representative for the network did not respond. Herridge, on the other hand, declined to speak about the allegations. He has also not spoken publicly about her termination, other than to clarify that she has not, in fact, released a statement. Hmm. That’s interesting, isn’t it? So CBS, which is owned by a multi international corporation, now has carrots and herrings, files. Now, I wonder if they’re going to object to this over at CNN and MSNBC. I wonder if the networks themselves, including anchors and so-called journalists at CBS, will object to this kind of treatment? I’ve never heard of anything like this before. Well, no, I know, but I’ve never heard of it. Have you? And they lay off about a dozen people and she’s among them. So it’s obvious what’s going on there, in my view. But this is a controversy. And you know how the media like to circle the wagons. Let’s see it. They circle them here. I don’t think they will. Because she had some association with Fox and, you know, that’s the kiss of death. But goes around comes around these these these precedents that are set become seriously. Problematic for reporters. And this has been set by so-called News Corp.. CBS. We’re talking earlier about the lies I opened the show with. You really should ignore the polls. Because. Too many people look at them. They figure Trump’s ahead by enough, even a little. And so I don’t really need to do anything. That’s not true. And that’s why I pointed out, and I won’t do it again tonight. All the problems that the Republicans are facing. And I do fear, Mr. Producer, and I’ve talked about this, that we’re going to lose the house regardless because the house hasn’t produced yet people patting themselves on the head, beating their chests. And they appear to be more focused on press releases and positioning themselves than getting something done. If you object to funding Israel, then tell us how you would. Well, here’s how I would I would have offsets and so forth. Now, tell us how you would get it passed. They can’t. It’s not going to happen. But they keep banging on their heads against the wall. And why is that? And I’ll understand. I mean, I agree. But the budget’s out of control. I agree that the board is out of control. I agree with all those things. But nothing’s getting done. I don’t mean get things done to get things done. I look at the Republicans in the Senate other than a small handful of them. They keep putting McConnell in there and McConnell keeps working with Schumer and Biden. So who are the Republicans doing this? If they’re up for election and they’re up for the Senate. Defeat them. I don’t care what the numbers are. They don’t care about you. Look, everything’s on the table right now. Everything. Everything. It’s no good if we wind up with a rhino controlled Senate, a Democrat, radical controlled House, and whomever the president is, we’re not going to get anything done that way either. Anyway, I was talking about the lying that goes on, and that’s what Biden counts on lying and screaming about as lies. And you’ve been hearing even from conservatives on our favorite cable channel and their sister. That the economy is really good. They’ve been in a run on the economy, these Republicans. My jaw hits the floor. The economy is not good if you haven’t been to a diner or a grocery store. You don’t talk to people. Then that’s not the case. Here we have a Wall Street Journal piece. It’s been 30 years since food aid up this much of your income. 30 years. There’s not a single news organization other than The Wall Street Journal, apparently, that’s leading with this story. Ongoing high costs, leading food manufacturers and restaurant to keep prices elevated. They’re not keeping prices elevated. They’re trying to survive. Most restaurants and grocery stores. Do you know what their profit margin is, Mr. Producer? 2 to 3%. They just went through a COVID. These businesses were very much exposed to all the mandates and all the problems. They come out of it. Those that survive. And then they hit with this inflation, which apparently doesn’t exist. The last time Americans spent this much of their money on food, George H.W. Bush was in office. Terminator two Judgment Day was in theaters, and C and C music factory was rocking the Billboard charts. Very clever. Let me see. Let me see. Let me see if I can relate to what they’re thinking. Eating continues to cost more, even as overall inflation has eased from the blistering pace consumers in. Through much of 2022 and 2023. So let’s stop right there. Inflation has eased. For what? And based on what? When you look at a three year history, inflation hasn’t eased. It’s over 20%. It’s not going away. Beating continues to cost more. Prices at restaurants and other eateries were up 5.1% last month, compared with January 2023, while grocery costs increased 1.2% during the same period. Let’s see. Could it be taxes? Could it be thievery? Could it be massive increases mandated by states for the minimum wage? Could it be health care costs when you run a restaurant? I want you to think about this. You have employees. Some of them stay. Some of them are quick to leave. You have to keep track of it all. You have to report it to local, state and federal tax authorities. Of course, you have to deal with the zoning issues. You have to deal with health issues you have to deal with. Where are you going to get the food? Can you get the food? At what price can you get the food? Whether you have to update menus or not. Update menus. You’re affected if you own a restaurant. You’re affected like almost nobody else. Because what you do is you kind of have your toe in all aspects of the economy. Agriculture, labor, utility bills. And all the rest of it. Relief isn’t likely to arrive soon. Restaurant and food Company Exact said they’re still grappling with rising labor costs and some ingredients, such as cocoa, that are going more that are getting more expensive. Consumers, they said, will find ways to cope. If you look historically after periods of inflation, there’s really no period you can point to where food prices go back down. That’s the problem, America. And so in that quote, the story kind of belies itself. Inflation is down for all but food, but inflation is built in. So unless you have deflation, which is extraordinarily dangerous, that increase from three years ago, two years ago, it’s all built in. 1991, US consumers spent 11.4% of their disposable personal income on food. In 2022, consumers spent 11.3% of their disposable income on food. Many diners have said they’re going out less frequently or skipping appetizers and so forth and so on. So you look at this report, which is very interesting, then you consider that we have the highest level of credit card debt in American history. American history. Then when you consider that rent is very high, homeownership now is very low because it’s becoming unaffordable. When you talk to real people, regular people like you, you realize that people are having trouble paying their utility bills that are very high. So Washington spits out their numbers. That’s fine for Washington. It’s nine four. It’s not fine for Mr. and Mrs. America who actually have to live through this economy. It struggled through. But they’ll continue to tell me. Biden Nomics works. The border is secure, except when the Republicans don’t secure it. And now we’ll secure it. Joe Biden. Joe Biden comes to the rescue. I told you before, he’s an arsonist. He burns things down. Then he comes back and he says, I can fix that. But the Republicans won’t let me. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
By the way, I want to thank all my friends in this business radio host podcast. Some do both, but it is simply impossible to do all these requests, these podcasts and radio requests and lunch requests and dinner requests. When I go to CPAC. It’s just I can’t do it and it’s nothing personal. I’m greatly honored. Greatly honored. It’s just not possible. So I just wanted to say that generally in the Democrat Party, somebody wrote a book that the Democrat Party Hates America. Well, if they love America, they sure as hell of a funny way of showing it. They’re driving up our costs. Our borders are wide open. They don’t care about the the horrors, the results, the slavery, the Fed and all the rest of it, you know. And they lie to us all the time about prices. They hide behind bureaucratic numbers that actually have nothing to do with your purse or your wallet. Nothing. In fact, some of the numbers specifically exclude food. Well, gee, that could be tough, right? Everything is going swell except for food, housing and energy. Okay, We need all those to survive. We need all those to survive. They’re hurting the labor market, although some labor unions don’t quite get it. Some do. The Teamsters might. You know, the Teamsters endorsed Reagan when he ran. They really ought to endorse Trump because Biden’s no friend of theirs. He’s the friend of the radical environmentalists, and they’re no friends of the Teamsters. So he’s hurting the workers of the country. Hurting wages. Biden. Inflation keeps going up. They’re doing everything in the wrong direction and they’re bringing this country to its knees, whether it’s the military, law enforcement, crime in the streets. I posted a very good piece by my buddy Sebastian Gorka. Because Sebastian and I have very similar views about. The the KGB genocidal maniac who runs Russia. And a very different view of the history of Russia in the Soviet Union. Then some others do in our party and in our movement, who are much more passive, if not isolationist, if not, in fact celebratory. Abune. And I will continue to oppose it. All of it. In this war with Ukraine, Russia has lost hundreds of thousands of young men. Most of whom didn’t want to go to war. This is where Russia does. Ukraine has lost, I don’t know, 150. 200,000. I don’t know what we expect Ukraine to do. Is it supposed to surrender again, a fetal position and say, here, have our women, have our children have at us? Of course not. We wouldn’t do that. But Mark, I’m sick of forever wars. I think this war has been going on, what, two years? But it’s not our forever war. We don’t have troops there. We don’t have our Air Force there. We don’t have a Navy there. We’re supplying them with arms. Can it be handled better? You better believe it can. But it is Biden, after all. And we should oversee it much more carefully. But that doesn’t mean we hand parts of Western Europe over to Russia.