February 7th, 2024

February 7th, 2024

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks during a press conference in Tel Aviv, on February 7, 2024, during a Middle East tour, his fifth urgent trip to the region since the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza erupted in October last year. (Photo by Mark Schiefelbein / POOL / AFP) (Photo by MARK SCHIEFELBEIN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is not just a Marxist Obama ideologue, but is a traitor to the United States and may be the Alger Hiss of the modern era. Blinken is a special pleader for terrorists in the Middle East and the Islamonazi regime in Iran, who are on the precipice of having nuclear weapons and are putting Americans at risk. He is effectively arming up our enemies with tens of billions of dollars while working with surrounding Arab nations to destroy Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu is a modern-day Winston Churchill standing up to Hamas and terror groups funded by Iran, and unfortunately also having to stand up to President Biden and Blinken, who are trying to sabotage Israel and prevent them from total victory. The American media is so corrupt that if they were around in WWII we would have lost to Germany and the Axis powers. Also, a high-level Iranian spy ring was busted in Washington D.C., which ran through the offices of Robert Malley – a boyhood friend of Antony Blinken. Iranian spies were able to infiltrate the Biden State Department under Antony Blinken and shape U.S. policy to favor Iran. This would explain why we haven’t properly retaliated to Iran killing American soldiers and why we are giving Iran billions of dollars. Finally, Mark speaks with Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) about the 2024 election and the disastrous border bill being pushed through Congress that would enshrine Marxist Democrat open-border policies.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Well, America, we need to get right to it. And this is the benefit. Of talk radio and the long form format. We’re going to do something a little different this evening. I always do, but this is especially so. The question I am posing to you, the American people. Is whether the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is a traitor to the United States. Not just a misguided ideologue, not just an Obama slug. But look all over the world. Look at Afghanistan. Look at Russia and Ukraine. Look at China poised to attack Taiwan. He’s a special pleader for terrorists in the Middle East, the Islamo Nazi regime in Tehran. The Islamo Nazi regime in Gaza, the Islamo Nazi regime in the Palestinian territories. He’s in the Middle East right now, spending all of his effort character assassinating the government of Israel. And today, he said something that is even beyond the pale. That the Jews were dehumanized on October seven. And they shouldn’t dehumanize the Palestinians. Anthony Blinken has thwarted a deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel, a peace deal. That would have occurred within a month of Donald Trump’s re-election. And now Saudi Arabia is saying no peace unless there’s a two state solution. The Israeli people don’t want a two state solution because they know it’s their final solution. And it’s remarkable, given the fact that Anthony Blinken is responsible for the hiring of an Iranian spy ring in the United States, led by one of his childhood friends, Robert Malley, who’s had his classification pulled and the administration refuses, refuses to tell Congress exactly what happened now in the Senate. Of course, the Democrats don’t care. They’re the Praetorian Guard for traitors, for spies, for illegal immigrants and everything else. The Republicans in the House are having a hell of a time getting any information. And Iran is on the precipice of a nuclear weapon. And I will get to that because a well respected organization has just announced. And put out a report. That Iran’s potential. Achievement, finally of a nuclear weapon. Is that the quote unquote, extreme danger phase? And Blinken is in the Middle East attacking the only country, the only one that has stood up to Iran and tried to stop them. Certainly Biden has not. So the question on the table that I want you to think about is Anthony Blinken a traitor? Is that the new Alger Hiss? Is that’s what’s going on in our country? In my view, it sure as hell seems so. So we’re going to take this step by step, America, because this involves our security. This involves our allies. This involves the lives of Americans and potentially American soldiers, three of whom have already died. Now. We’re going to start tonight. Well, the speech that John McCain gave on the floor of the Senate. When Blinken was nominated for deputy secretary of state in the Obama administration. We’ve broken it into three parts. We’ll do the best we can to keep it flowing. Got one go. And president, I rise to discuss my opposition to the pending vote concerning Mr. Anthony Tony Blinken, who is not only unqualified but in fact, in my view, one of the worst selections that of a very bad lot that this president has chosen. I hope that many of my colleagues will understand that not often do I come to the floor to oppose a nomination of the President United States, because I believe that elections have consequences. In this case, this individual has actually been dangerous to America and to the young men and women who are fighting and serving in the. Mr. Blinken has been a foreign policy adviser to Vice President Biden since his days in the Senate. But as Robert Gates has noted, Mr. Biden has been called wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. At the Special Operations Fund annual meeting on May six, 2013, Mr. Blinken discussed a number of the administration’s achievements achievements including one ending the war in Iraq responsibly to setting a clear strategy and date for the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Three Decimating Al Qaida’s senior leadership and for repairing our alliances and restoring America’s standing in the world. That is, I said, Orwellian, as any statement I have ever heard, each and every issue. The conditions are a far cry from the so-called achievements that Mr. Blinken describes in his capacity as an assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser. Mr. Blinken has been a functionary and an agent of a U.S. foreign policy that has made the world much less safe today. Let’s just review a couple of some of the elements in particular and Mr. Blinken’s role in conceptualizing and furthering it. U.S. foreign policy is in a shambles. It’s at best a strategic and at worst, anti strategic. It lacks any concept of how to obtain our foreign policy goals. This has led to countless foreign policy failures, including the continued slaughter of the Syrian people by President Bashar al Assad, the Russian reset that culminated in President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the betrayal of our key allies, especially in Central Europe, not to mention Israel failing to achieve a Status of Forces agreement that would help to maintain Iraq’s security and stability following similarly unwise, unwise strategies in Afghanistan. We will see the same move in Afghanistan that we saw in Iraq. If we have a date driven withdrawal rather than a status stripping, conditions driven situation and our feckless position in negotiations with Iran on nuclear weapons that has failed to produce any progress towards an agreement, I could go into many other failures, such as the vaunted Geneva Convention of 40 nations that were supposed to help. They arrange for the transition from power from Bashar Assad. The failure, abject failure of the Israel Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and what will be either an imminent failure of Iranian nuclear weapons agreement or an agreement that will be disastrous in the long run. There are two common sayings by the administration officials, not me, that have defined the president’s approach to foreign policy leading from behind and don’t do stupid stuff. These approaches have resulted in a failed foreign policy that has made America and Americans less safe. Even President Obama’s most strident supporters have begun to question the president’s foreign policy decisions. In an article titled Damage to Obama’s Foreign Policy has been largely self-inflicted. The Washington Post David Ignatius, a key supporter of the administration’s foreign policy goals, wrote that, quote, At key turning points in Egypt and Libya during the Arab Spring, in Syria, in Ukraine, and yes, in Benghazi. The administration was driven by messaging priorities rather than sound interest rates based policy. So what is what does Mr. Blinken had to say about all of these issues, my friends? Let me give you a few. On Iraq at the Center for American Progress on March 16th, 2012. Now, I’m not making this one up. Mr. Blinken said, quote, What’s beyond debate is that Iraq today is less violent, more democratic and more prosperous, and the United States more deeply engaged there that than at any time in recent history less violent, more democratic, and more prosperous. At a White House briefing on March 16, 2012, Mr. Blinken said, and I’m all these are quotes President Obama and Vice President Biden come to office with this commitment to end the war Iraq war, responsibly. Both parts of that sentence are critical in the war and the war responsibly. Under the leadership of President Obama and Vice President Biden, who the president asked to oversee our Iraq policy, made eight trips to Iraq since being elected. We follow that path to the letter, and he went on to say, quote, At every step along the way, many predicted that the violence would return and Iraq would slide backward toward sectarian war. Get this, he said those projections proved wrong. Over the past three years, violence. He went on to say, Over the past three years, violence has declined and remains at historic lows even after we completed the drawdown of U.S. forces late last year. Remember, he said this in 2012, weekly security incidents fell from an average of 1600 in 2007, 28 to fewer than 100 today. Then he went on to say, And in December, after more than eight wrenching years, President Obama kept his promise to end the war responsibly. And while Iran and Iraq will inevitably be more entwined than we and many of its neighbors would like, he went on to say. One thing we learned over more than eight years in Iraq was that the vast majority of its leaders, including the prime minister, who at that time was Prime Minister Maliki, are first and foremost Iraqi nationalists and resistance to outside influence from anywhere, starting with Iran. Everybody knows the Iranians are probably the most influential nation in Iraq, certainly under Maliki. And foreign policy. On December 27, 2013, he said, If we still had troops in Iraq today, the numbers would have been very small. They would not have been engaged in combat. That would not have been their mission. So the idea that they could or would have done something about the violence that’s going on now in Iraq seems to me detached from the reality of what the mission would have been had they stayed in any small number. This is very, very important to follow this. How much time do I have left in this segment, Mr. Bridges? So we’re going to take a break now and we’ll try and pick up after. It’ll be a little bit staccato just because of the nature of the commercial breaks. But I need you to listen to the whole thing. Because I’m telling you a story about a man who I consider a traitor. An incompetent ideologue that is dragging our country into war and destroying our allies, that is arming up our enemies, effectively arming up our enemies with tens of billions of dollars and doing absolutely nothing to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, which they will have the only country that has done anything to try and prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon in the last three years as Israel. And he’s trying to destroy Israel. He’s character assassinating Israel. When he goes to the Middle East, he’s trying to get these so-called moderate Arab states. To break their alliances with Israel, to make demands of Israel. He’s met with Abbas, who’s a Holocaust denying terrorist, telling Abbas that he wants to turn over 30% of Israel to him. This is a disaster. He’s not only a traitor. I suggest that he might even be the Alger Hiss of modern era. We really don’t know because the Senate. On holding the hearings. The House has held very few hearings on this man. And the Democrats are defending him in the media. Defending The Washington Post has a special pleader for him. Thomas Friedman. But I don’t care. We’ll be right back.

Segment 2
In the last few days, Anthony Blinken had gone to the Middle East. He’s met with the inbred who runs Qatar, who is protecting right now three multibillionaire Hamas leaders. Qatar, which was one of the great funders of Hamas and terrorism. To put pressure on Israel. Not to put pressure on Iran. Not to build a coalition against a nuclearized Iran. Against Israel. He met with Abbas for the second or third time, who is a terrorist who funded the terrorist attack against the Israeli Olympians in 1972, denies the existence of the Holocaust and announced 48 hours ago. That any government that he would oversee would include Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and other, quote unquote, resisters. Anthony Blinken met with him today. Anthony Blinken while in an Arab country announced that. While the Jews were dehumanized on October 7th. The Jews need to be careful not to dehumanize the Palestinians. That is pretty sick. In fact, that is contemptible. And he’s done more and he has said more. This man is a traitor. He’s led the effort to fund Iran. He has made excuses for Iran. He’s a special pleader for Iran. He hired a man, Robert Malley, who is in so many ways like his father, an Iranian regime mouthpiece, who in turn hired three people. At least three people, one of whom was having regular backdoor communications with the regime in Iran. Malik himself was quickly removed. His classification was removed. It’s a big secret. We don’t know about it because in my view, there was some kind of spy ring taking place here. So he’s not only a traitor. This is analogous to Alger Hiss. And he doesn’t even speak up about Iran and the nuclear weapon. You’re going to wake up one day and they’re going to say, okay, we got our nuke. More when I return.

Segment 3
All right. Let’s pick up where we left off with McCain on the floor of the Senate, exposing the traitor, in my view, the modern day Alger Hiss. Anthony Blinken, go. Now, you don’t have to take my word for it. Take the word of Secretary Gates, Secretary Panetta, Ambassador Crocker, and any knowledgeable person about Iraq. And I will insert their coach for the record, including Ambassador Crocker, who said, of course, we could have left a residual force behind. Both Panetta and Gates both said the same thing. And at no time was there a public statement by the president, United States or Mr. Blinken that they wanted to very seriously. In fact, they trumpeted the fact when the last American troop at that time now we have many bad back. But when they left bragging about what a great day that it was on Fox News with Chris Wallace, September 28, 2014. WALLACE Finally, President Obama spoke to the U.N. this week, but I want to ask you about his speech to the U.N. saying General Assembly last year in which he said we were ending a decade of war. How could the president have been so wrong? BLINKEN The president was exactly right. The president was exactly right. What we’re doing is totally different than the last decade. We’re not sending hundreds of thousands of American troops back to Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else. We’re not going to be spending trillions of American dollars. WALLACE Mr. Blinken, he said all our troops have left Iraq. In fact, he has just sent at least 1600 troops back into Iraq. He said we’ve dismantled the core of Al Qaida. And yet the Khorasan group, which you struck in the first day, is an offshoot of the core of al Qaeda and in fact, follows the direct orders of the leader of Al Qaida, Ayman al-Zawahiri. BLINKEN Chris, they fled because we were so successful. Keep planning. But you see, ladies and gentlemen, what McCain is pointing out of these are pathological liars who are lying about what’s taking place and lying about what they’ve done. At the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on October 30th, 2014, the White House sought to leave a limited residual force in Iraq, but the Iraqi government simply refused to agree to legal protections for such troops, said then Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken, who argued the final decision to withdraw all U.S. troops was not the result of a failure to negotiate. Quote, It’s something we work very hard, he said. But after a ten year occupation occupation, the Iraqi body politic did not want us to stay in Iraq. That’s what happened. We were focused and acting on isolate and the threat that it posed more than a year before the fall of Mosul. But the problem began to outrun the solution. Outrun the solution fueled by the conflict in Syria. Iraqi result, Iraqi reluctance and renewed sectarianism in it in Iraq in advance of elections with politicians on all sides playing to their bases. You know, I mean this this. Statements like these. I mean, they’re so divorced from reality. One can they’re such frigging liars about everything, whether it is the border, whether it is Trump, whether it is the economy. And he’s pointing out, look what they’re lying about in the Middle East. Go ahead. And by the way, here’s what Ryan Crocker said on Iraq. We got one. As a quote, as a former ambassador to Iraq, 2007 2009. Do you think it was a mistake not to push hard for the status of forces agreement with Iraq before the U.S. pullout? I would remind my colleagues, Ryan Crocker, probably the most respected member of our diplomatic corps in America, alive today. He said, I do. We could have gotten that agreement if we’d have been a little more persistent, flexible and creative. But what really cost us was the political withdrawal. We cut off high level political, political, withdraw everything about by now. Foreign policy is about politics. It’s about Dearborn, Michigan. That’s what it’s about. Dearborn, Michigan, visit. Go ahead. To this current crisis, mainly to lecture the Iraqis on how bad their were were being for facilitating Iranian weapons systems to Syrian President Bashar Assad. And we left them to their own devices knowing that left to their own devices, it would not work out well. So you have Mr. Blinken’s comments and juxtapose them with those of Ambassador Crocker. Here’s what Leon Panetta, Democrat, said. All right. Let’s let’s let’s phase this out. The poor guy’s trying to make the case against bullying and he makes an overwhelming case against Blinken that he’s a liar, a fraud, a fool, that he’s dangerous to America, he’s dangerous to our troops, he’s dangerous to our allies. Even points out Israel, points out Ukraine and say what you will about John McCain. And that speech was absolutely 100% pression. Pressure. Now I want you to hear the prime minister of Israel. Believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen, he’s the elected chief executive and commander in chief of a country called Israel. Blinken wasn’t elected. Biden wasn’t elected. Thomas Friedman wasn’t elected. Joe Scarborough wasn’t elected. Netanyahu was. Which is why they trash him. Try to destroy him. Try to imprison him, lie about him, libel him. Because what they’re really doing while they’re focused on him, they’re really focused on the Jews in Israel. This is the way they hide their anti-Semitism. This is the way Sanders and Talib and self-hating Jews like Friedman hide their anti-Semitism. There are hate for the state of Israel. Now, I want you to listen to Netanyahu today. Via a translator. Go ahead, Mr. Bennett. Now, for the day after, I would like to clarify that the day after is the day after. Hamas, not parts of the Hamas, not top Hamas, but the entire Hamas shall. And I said to the secretary of State, Blinken, that after we eliminate them, we will ensure that the Gaza Strip will be demilitarized forever. There is only one strength and power that can ensure that demilitarization it is only the state of Israel and the IDF. They will act wherever and at any time that is necessary so that the terror will not be visible. Once again, this is Churchill. This is Churchill. Modern day Churchill. Who’s standing up. To Iran. To the terrorists, the Islamists. And unfortunately, the United States president, Secretary of State, and the United States Department of State. He’s the only one. Go ahead. One will be able to continue financing terror and teaching their children such hatred. Yes, we will have to exchange UNWRA and bring other people in their place. And I spoke to the secretary of state about that. We are standing at a historic turning point. Either we could go towards light or toward the full speech or not, which. Well, go to the full speech. Let’s do it. Tonight, I want to speak to you about total victory. Our security and the prospects of peace in the Middle East depend on one thing. Total victory over Hamas is the start of the war. I outlined three goals. Destroy Hamas, free the hostages, and ensure that Gaza doesn’t pose a threat to Israel any time in the future. Achieving these goals will ensure Israel’s security and pave the way for additional historic peace agreements with our Arab neighbors. But peace and security required total victory over Hamas. We cannot accept anything else. Can you imagine what will happen if we don’t have total victory? Hamas leaders have already pledged they’ll repeat the October 7th massacre over and over and over again. No nation can accept that. We certainly won’t without total victory. Iran and its terror proxies Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and others will be emboldened to subvert moderate states in the Middle East that threaten the entire free world. Only total victory will prevent that, and total victory is within our reach. Israel’s military achievements are truly unprecedented. As John Spencer, head of urban warfare at West Point, noted, it took the United States and its allies nine months to defeat ISIS in Mosul. Mosul is a single city smaller than Gaza, doesn’t have any terror tunnels, and it had only 5000 terrorists. Yet in four months, the IDF has killed, wounded or captured over 20,000 terrorists, more than half of Hamas’s fighting force. We’ve shattered 18 out of 24 Hamas battalions and we’re mopping up the remaining toes with ongoing raids. Our soldiers are systematically destroying the massive underground terror tunnels. Hamas believed this was an impregnable network. Yet our brave soldiers are now physically inside these tunnels. They’re demolishing rocket factories, weapons stockpiles, command and control centers. And what Hamas thought were reachable safe houses. Now, I have to tell you, we were repeatedly told by many in the international community that all this simply couldn’t be done. They said that a ground offensive would not be effective. That we couldn’t into Gaza City because it would be an abominable death trap, that we couldn’t go into the hospitals that served as Hamas headquarters without inflicting massive civilian casualties, and that we couldn’t enter the underground terror tunnels because nobody could. Yet our brave soldiers proved them all wrong on all counts. Many also argued that Israel’s military campaign would scuttle our ability to release the hostages. Well, they were wrong on this one, too. Military pressure led to the release of 110 hostages, and only continued military pressure will bring home the remaining hostages. Our soldiers are now in Khan Younis, Hamas’s main stronghold. They’ll soon going to offer Hamas’s last bastion. They will do so as they’ve done up to now by providing the civilian population safe passage to safe zones. And they’ll do so in spite of Hamas’s evil attempts to stop the civilians from leaving at gunpoint. Total victory of Hamas will not take years. It will take months. Victory is within reach. And when people talk about the day after, let’s be clear about one thing. It’s the day after all of Hamas is destroyed. Not ever. Hamas. Not three quarters of Hamas. All of Hamas. And once Hamas is destroyed, we need to verify that Gaza is demilitarized, that we stamp out any attempt at the resurgence of terror. And history has shown that only Israel can do this by having overriding security control over Gaza. What does that mean? It means that Israel will be in Gaza or act in Gaza at any place, at any time that is necessary to ensure that terrorism doesn’t rear its ugly head again. Gaza must have a civilian administration staff with those who do not support terrorism, fund terrorism, or indoctrinate their children with terrorism with the goal of destroying Israel. In fact, we should seek the very opposite that schoolchildren in Gaza will be educated towards peace, that they’ll be educated towards coexistence. Now, Grant, you this will take time, but we’ve seen it happen in other parts of the world and in the Gulf states themselves. We would welcome the participation of moderate Arab states in creating a different and better future for Gaza. This would also require that UNWRA, which perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem, who schools indoctrinated Palestinian children would genocide and terror, and from its ranks sprang a dozen terrorist murderers who participated in the October 7th massacre. This owner must be replaced by responsible aid agencies. We’re at a pivot of history where the region can go either in the direction of light or in the direction of darkness. We won’t allow Iran’s forces of darkness to win our security, and the future of the Middle East required total victory. Total victory over Hamas can bring us additional gifts of peace. Our doctrine of peace through strength has already brought us the Abraham Accords. Total victory will help us bring more historical peace agreements. Hamas is the obstacle blocking a better and more peaceful Middle East, and it’s threatening Israel’s security. The pressure of the world should be on destroying Hamas as quickly as possible and not in preventing Israel from doing so. All those who yearn for peace should support our quest for total victory. Total victory for our security. Total victory for peace in the region. Total victory to secure our common future. Don’t you wish we had a president like this? This is why Biden hates Netanyahu. This is why the enemies within our own country, the Hamas wing of the Democrat Party, Talib Sanders, Omar, these lowlifes, these anti-Semites, these Marxist anti-Americans. This is why the pages of The New York Times, which has blood on its hands, covering up the Holocaust, doing so on behalf of Franklin Roosevelt. This is why they trashed Netanyahu left and right. Joe Biden. Joe Scarborough, the Biden whisperer. Day in and day out trashes Bibi Netanyahu because he’s strong, is no weak. He won’t capitulate. He stands up. And this is why I am furious. But those Republicans. Who voted the other day yesterday to deny this commander in chief the Churchill of our time. The ability. To acquire munitions manufactured by Americans, by American companies in the United States so that they can defend themselves and continue to do the heavy lifting with their flesh and blood. Because God knows Biden is funding the Iranians. He is worse than appeasing the Iranians. He’s rearmed them. They’re now attacking our troops. And I’m going to give you more on Blinken. The Alger Hiss part of Blinken when we come back. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
I think the American media is so corrupt. But if this particular media were around during World War Two, I believe we would have lost to the Third Reich and the axis of evil. If Joe Biden were president then. I believe he would have sued for peace. With the Third Reich. But the peril Japan in fascist Italy. Oh, I do. This crowd is worse. Worse. The Neville Chamberlain. They’re actually arming the enemy. They’re funding the enemy while trying to starve our ally. With the help of certain boneheads in Congress. I want to talk to you when we come back. As tablet, writes Lee Smith, a great reporter. High level Iranian spy ring busted in Washington. What is that? What is that? Under our Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. Was he not aware of this? Was he not aware? That they were backdooring us on nuclear discussions. Well, he was well aware. You need to know about what’s going on in your country, folks. Now, we already talked about impeachment, and we’re not done with that. We’ve already talked about these issues with this outrageous rogue Biden court you’ve talked about. And we will again. But right now, I want to tell you what’s going on in the belly of the beast and how it can destroy us and our allies.