February 6th, 2024

February 6th, 2024

US President Joe Biden (L), sits with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at the start of the Israeli war cabinet meeting, in Tel Aviv on October 18, 2023, amid the ongoing battles between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. US President Joe Biden landed in Tel Aviv on October 18, 2023 as Middle East anger flared after hundreds were killed when a rocket struck a hospital in war-torn Gaza, with Israel and the Palestinians quick to trade blame. (Photo by Miriam Alster / POOL / AFP) (Photo by MIRIAM ALSTER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, America is $300 trillion in debt, and providing $14 billion for munitions for Israel changes none of that. Terrorists and terrorist nations that surround Israel are executing a new crusade, and they seek to wipe out Judaism, Christianity, Muslims with whom they disagree, the West, and anyone or anything that stands in their way. Israel is on the frontlines of this war, shedding blood to protect our faiths and history, while the Biden regime is providing tens of billions to Iran and virtually every terrorist group surrounding Israel. Also, Alejandro Mayorkas lied to Congress over and over about the security of our border and has violated his oath to uphold the Constitution just like President Biden, and both deserve to be impeached. Biden has the power today to secure the border, and it is power that has been used by presidents of both parties for decades. Later, The D.C. Circuit Court is now the most recklessly leftwing in the nation, which was the intention of Obama and Harry Reid when they expanded it and then populated it with Democrat Party operatives. The Biden regime and his hand-picked special counsel have charged Donald Trump with 4 phony crimes, but they have a radical judge, jury, and prosecutor itching to get at it. They have combed the criminal code looking for bogus statutes, especially while Trump is running for the presidency, and all intentional to sabotage his re-election. Finally, Mark is joined by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to talk about Joe Biden’s destruction of the southern border while blaming Donald Trump for the crisis that was created by the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress.

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Photo by Miriam Alster/POOL/AFP

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Segment 1
I will bet Joe Biden right now, right now, right here in front of millions of listeners, $1 million. That he has the power today, right this minute to secure the border. To take steps to secure the border. He doesn’t need this legislation. Here’s a power that has been used under different authorities for more than half a century by presidents of both parties. $1 million. Right now. I’m not finished. Conga Line A ruling class. Liars and propagandists, Democrats, media, special interests telling us they need some more legislation. I can get on the phone with Biden right now. Probably need an interpreter because I don’t speak gibberish and that’s his language and tell it exactly how to do it. $1 million. He can use his communist Chinese money. I’ll use real American money. That he can secure the border. Starting tonight. Now, there’s a lot going on on the floor of the House. So I want to speak to what’s being voted on and what’s being discussed. First to my friends in the Freedom Caucus. You’re going to have a bill come to the floor. Whether you’re going to support munitions for Israel. Never again means never again. Not never again with IRS offsets. We’re over $300 trillion in debt. Ammunitions for Israel changes. None of it. The debt is largely hugely on autopilot, with most of it resulting from so-called entitlements. Most of these Republicans and others don’t have the guts to tackle that period. If they do, where’s the proposal? From the Freedom Caucus or anybody else. As for discretionary spending, we need members of Congress. Who will use their heads. Prioritize $1 from the other. You don’t slash defense spending as an example to fund EVs and every other left wing project to offset. As I said earlier on radio the other day, the Democrats won’t be in the minority forever and they won’t blow through any debt limit, as they always do, since one Congress cannot force another Congress to adhere to its decisions. That said, I’m for shutting down the government if that’s what it takes this budget cycle to deal with what’s in front of us right now. Profligate spending and borrowing. But these so-called spending budget hawks have done absolutely nothing to promote permanent changes, which can only be achieved through Article five convention of states. There is no other way. Some of them give it lip service, but rarely and barely others even oppose it. None of them have lifted a finger to actively and relentlessly supported in the States. Not one of them. I’ve looked and I’ve checked. They haven’t even formed an organized effort, a serious effort to support it. Instead, they beat their chests. They bang their heads against the wall and accomplish little in fact accomplish nothing. So, Mark, why is Israel different, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked. Among many other things that I’ve discussed them over the weeks. Our history, our ancient histories, Jews, Christians and Muslims began there in the state of Israel and are gravely threatened there. They are gravely threatened. And the terrorists and terrorist nations that surround Israel, Israel are surrounded. They seek to wipe out the Jews, destroy all vestiges of Judaism and Christianity, all the holy places mentioned in the Bible, all linked stories, ancient faiths. Just like the Taliban in Afghanistan, which has destroyed thousands year old Buddhist and other holy sites and monuments to wipe out any other faith. And in the Middle East, it’s Judaism and Christianity that they seek to wipe out. These Islamists. The terrorists are executing a new crusade. It’s an Islamist crusade. And you know what? They’ll tell you as much. Calling the Internet. Read Hamas’s mission statement. Read it all. They don’t hide it. They seek to wipe out Jews and Judaism. They seek to wipe out Christians in Christianity. They seek to wipe out Muslims who disagree with them. They seek to wipe out the West and anyone or anything that stands in their way. That’s what Israel’s fighting. We’re not fighting it. Biden’s put our troops in harm’s way. He’s getting them killed. They’re not fighting anything. They’re just sitting there. Like clay pigeons to be shot at his targets. And Iran is within weeks. I just read this report today. It’s available for you. It’s on the Internet. Within weeks, one account is one week. I’ve actually having the nuclear weapon they have publicly and desperately sought for 20 years. Then what? Then what? What’s one nuclear strike that can destroy thousands of years of civilization? They can destroy an American city. They can destroy whatever they target. What then? We’re talking about $14 billion. The one country that’s on the front line, it’s the tiniest country, 7 million people trying to defend the West, trying to defend Judaism and Christianity. And. Yes. Peaceful Muslims. One country. And they need more munitions. They’re not big enough. They have a military industrial industry. They’re not big enough. They don’t have enough resources. Their citizens come out of the bakery shops, they come out of the electrician union, they come out of their taxes, They come out. They put on the uniform. Every family is affected fighting this crusade. Every damn one of them. Defending Jerusalem. Defending Bethlehem. Defending Hebron. Defending the birthplace. Of Jesus Christ defending. The patriarchs and most of the matriarchs. Defending our churches and our synagogues. They’re the only ones. Nobody else. Nobody. Open your Bible. Look at the holy sites. That’s where they are. $14 billion and I get to sit here and talk about offsetting 14 billion to 300 friggin trillion dollars. Israelis are shedding blood to protect our fates in our history. They are the only ones on the front line of this war. They are the only ones fighting against this crusade. The Biden regime is providing tens of billions of dollars to the Islamist Nazi crusaders, the regime in Iran, virtually every terrorist group surrounding the state of Israel, while demanding that Israel surrender its country to the very genocidal maniacs who are trying to wipe them out. And Biden doesn’t give a damn about offsets. Neither will any Democrat president, a Congress that follows. It’s a matter of prioritization when and where you throw down the gauntlet. When and where you throw down the gauntlet. It is time that conservatives, above all others, use their heads. Get smart, have serious strategies to actually achieve desperately needed results, and breathe life back into our Republican Constitution. Without surrendering civilization. To these barbaric crusaders. Who seek to destroy our histories, our faith. And our Bible. That’s what the vote is about. That’s why the speaker of the House, a religious man, has stripped out this. As a stand alone bill because Schumer is self-hating, because Hakeem Jeffries, who comes from a family of anti-Semites, because Joe Biden, who is a backstabbing lowlife. They insist that only. Only. Well, Israel get munitions only. Will Israel survive? Only will our holy sites, Judaism, Christianity and yes, Islam survive. If they vote for more aid for other countries. If they vote to keep our border open. Now, we don’t want them to vote for that. So what’s the alternative? The Speaker of the House has provided an alternative. Anybody from the Freedom Caucus, the conservative movement who makes these claims. A vote against defending Western civilization, against these Islamist crusaders I can never support. This isn’t some usual bill. This is life and death. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
It now appears that Hamas has murdered 25% of the hostages. And Anthony Blinken is in the Middle East pushing for a ceasefire. And we’re living in an insane ville here. I don’t even understand this, but more on that later. Impeachment. There’s a vote taking place in five or 10 minutes on the floor of the House. Ken Buck, who’s a complete head case, is irrelevant. But there’s one of two others say this creates a bad precedent. Let me educate these buffoons. There are people dying in our country. There’s slavery taking place on the border. Tens of billions of dollars are flowing into drug cartels pockets. Venezuela gangs are here. El Salvadoran gangs are here. Ms. 13. Our nation is flooded because Mr. Mallorca’s up to three weeks ago said the border is secure. He testified under oath before the House and the Senate. He said it over and over again. Should Biden be impeached? Of course he should. But one does not exclude the other. Mayorkas is also a constitutional officer nominated by president, confirmed by the Senate. The impeachment clause applies to him, too. And my God, if we’re not going to impeach this guy based on what he has done to this country, his defiance of the Constitution, his defiance of his oath to uphold the Constitution, lying before Congress over and over again. But we’re going to send Ben in the jail. Hey, we’re going to senator for that jail. Everyone in the Senate stone to jail. And we’re going to send God knows. Pager. And have Republicans look at this damn thing and say, What’s the impeachable offense? Do they not have I cuz they register. The impeachable offense is they violated their oath, they violated the Constitution, and they violated myriad immigration laws, and they lied to Congress and the American people. This is exactly why the impeachment clause is in the Constitution. These are called high crimes by high crimes. Crimes. They don’t mean mass murder. They don’t mean bank embezzlement. When you go back and look at the history, the impeachment clause, highly debated, discussed and finally agreed to clause. They look back at English common law. They look back at the British parliament vis a vis the king. That’s where they came up with the phrase high crimes. High crimes means offenses against your society. It means taking actions here in the not in the best interests or in the worst interest of your country. And since you can’t be indicted for these things, you must be addressed in our case constitutionally. So to have these friends who claimed Iraq themselves in the Constitution, we’re opening a door here. And what are you talking about? The door was open when Trump was impeached twice for nothing. Absolutely nothing. Here. Here. Right now. Look around America. Look around at the deaths and the mayhem. For not enforcing federal law, you have an obligation to enforce federal law. If you disagree with it, you take it to the courts and you debate it and you get a decision. Biden did that twice. He lost. Then he stood the fight. Judicial decisions. We’re going to watch this one closely. There’s a lot going on tonight during the course of this program. Really outrageous. The Wall Street Journal editorial page while making a throw up all over your floor. These open border buffoons. These nerds in high rises. Put on leave on the border. What? I have to deal with What’s going on? Whose jobs are unaffected. Whose lives are unaffected. They pretend there’s a policy just when it’s going to backfire on the Republicans. Well, if the Republicans are incapable of defending themselves and defending the American people, it may well. But what does that have to do? With upholding the Constitution and the rule of law. What does that have to do? What putting an end to at least trying to slavery on our southern border. What does that have to do with preventing gangs, murderous gangs coming into this country from the Third World? What does that have to do to protect our children from Fentanyl? That’s the consequences of violating the Constitution and immigration laws. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Now, I want to address this issue, this decision with this three judge panel that the media keep calling the D.C. Circuit. It’s not the full number of judges on the D.C. Circuit. It’s a three judge panel, one Obama appointee, one Biden appointee. She’s an absolute radical pound who I’ve told you about, Pan and an older lady who was appointed by Bush, of course. Try title this. The D.C. Circuit panel delivers for the Democrat Party with support from the ruling class Chorus Line. The ruling class Chorus line in and out of the media can always be depended on to wrap themselves in self-serving and self-righteous proclamations about how they stand for the Constitution, the rule of law, justice, equality, no equity and all the rest of it, when in fact they are destroying it at every turn in order to empower themselves. They don’t much like limited government separation of powers, judicial restraint or originalism. Fact when they’re not invoking the Constitution in alleged support of their schemes in Ames, they’re openly attacking it. And those who drafted, adopted and ratified it. The D.C. Circuit Court is now the most recklessly left wing court in the nation. That was the intention of Obama and Reid when they expanded it and then populated it with Democrat Party operatives. Pinch, you get a three judge panel, including this Obama and Biden appointee in an aging Bush judge who lecture us that a president in this case, former president, is not above the law, and therefore he was never intended to carry presidential immunity into the private sector, even for actually took as president and which carried immunity at the time when he was president. Since this is a case of first impression. The panel literally had no constitutional basis for its decision. None. The issue is whether our republic can function or even survive. The panel has the final word. Now. What do I mean? If this stands, it will forever alter the nature and power of the office of the presidency. A president will now have to wonder what a future administration of the opposite party which controls the levers of the Department of Justice in U.S. Attorney’s offices and the appointment of special counsel. Might do if he makes a decision they assert is criminal in nature. You can now imagine how efforts will be made to review with tedious detail the actions of the former president in search of prosecutorial opportunities. And the only reason we’re in this place now, even having to discuss this is because that is exactly what the Biden regime has already done. And that’s what it wants to be enshrined and that’s what it wants the courts. To support. The Biden regime and its hand-picked special counsel. Have charged President Trump of four phony crimes, one charge under the Klan Act, two charges under the Enron obstruction law, one charge under federal contract law. They look they look they looked and they found these these ridiculous laws. But they have a judge and they don’t have a jury and they have a prosecutor. Their Potemkin courtroom in Washington, D.C., just itching to get at it. Four phony charges, which actually prove my point that a subsequent administration of the opposite party can criminalize prior events. And it’s gone back now when it has said to a district court, now a circuit court panel, and it’s going to say to the Supreme Court, now, give your rubber stamp to this. And they pick the most outrageous statutes to do it. So the Biden administration did exactly what I’m warning of. Combing the criminal code looking for statutes. Especially here with Trump as a former president running against the current president for the presidency. Biden supporters even openly say that this may be the only way to stop the former president from becoming the next president. It’s all intended. To prevent, quote unquote, Hitler from becoming president again. Now. But the ruling class can’t. And why are they the ruling class? Chorus Line barks that Trump is overreaching. It is they who are overreaching. To say a former president, now a private citizen, has no immunity. Protection that flows from his decision making as president is to throw the door wide open to the worst kind of abuses of power by subsequent administration. And to say that that won’t be weighing on a president while he’s making perhaps the most difficult kinds of decisions. There’s a lie. You may have to consult with a criminal defense lawyer before he makes a decision. The Democrats, their judges and their media are counting on the fecklessness of future Republican administrations to refuse to use this newly created enormous power against a former Democrat president. And they might be right. They might be right. You have three Republicans right now voting against impeaching Mayorkas. It’s a tie vote, 215 to 215. These people are imbeciles. Even more reason to oppose what could be a one sided Democrat Party tool created by Democratic courts to use against former Republican presidents. I can see it now. They want to use it against Reagan in Iran-Contra. They certainly would have used it against Nixon. They’re using it against Trump. They would use it against George W Bush, even though his surrogate morons don’t understand it over Iraq. That’s the grave threat. And it is a threat that will hang over Republican presidents forever more. There’s simply no limit to what can be done if this decision stands. Indeed, it is already being done to the current president. They just want it to be institutionalized. They want the imprimatur of the court in there in exactly the right jurisdiction to get, in fact, so outrageous as this panel so radical. That they did something extraordinarily outrageous. Clearly political. They told Donald Trump that he has until February 12th to appeal to the Supreme Court in a separate order. Did you know this, Mr. Peterson? And if he does not, then they directed the district court in a chunk to proceed with the trial. Did you know that, Mr. Peterson? So this court not only takes issue of first impression and turns it on its head. Rewrites the Constitution, rewrites the power of the presidency. That’s what it’s done. Three damn judges. But it now gives Trump six days. To appeal to the Supreme Court. Or they direct the trial court to get started. Why? Why? Every step they take tells you why they want him convicted before the election. This isn’t a judiciary. In Washington, D.C. It’s a pull up euro. There’s simply no question about it. Another disgraceful to say, but the chorus line of the ruling class in Washington, D.C., almost to a man and a woman. Almost to a transition her. They think it’s important. It’s the rule of law, don’t you, now? They always dress up tyranny as the rule of law. Totalitarians have been doing that from the beginning of time. This is what the law tells us to do. That’s what the Constitution to. The Constitution didn’t say a damn thing. Not a damn thing. So what you’re left with is trying to figure out how to preserve the republic and to preserve. Our constitutional system. This is a major attack. Major attack on the power of the presidency. You understand judicial review is not in the Constitution. It’s an implied power. You understand the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is not in the Constitution. It was created by a Judiciary Act. Congress. And you look at. The power wields. It’s all one way in Washington, D.C. That’s exactly why under this phony immigration bill, A.K.A. open border invasion bill. In the language in that bill. It requires all immigration issues, not just immigration cases, all issues to be decided. In the DC jurisdiction in a DC court. Now, why would they do that? Because the DC Court of Appeals is the new Ninth Circuit. That’s why Obama made it that way, and Biden is reinforced. So judges in Texas, judges in Arizona, New Mexico, judges in California, judges all over the country have no say. All the jurisdiction flows into these leftists who populate the district and circuit courts in Washington, D.C.. That’s how it works. As I sit here in America, many of you and your vehicles, cars and trucks, many of you at the dinner table. Many of you actually at a sporting event, maybe one of your kids events listening. They may be one of those bugs in your ears. We know that. You should know that in the House of Representatives as I speak, the vote is 215, the 215. On whether to impeach Mayorkas. A tie is a loss. A tie is a loss. Well. Now it appears to 14 to to 14, Mr. Producer. I guess two of them had heart attacks or took. Well, they’re so scared that they. They wet themselves. They’re now four Republicans who have voted no. Four. I want you to keep that in mind. I want you to keep that in mind. At the drop of a hat, the Democrats will impeach a Republican. But when you literally have a constitutional officer in charge of immigration who reports directly to the president. Who defies his Constitution, defies the oath and defies the rule of law. And he gets away with it. He will just be what, Mr. Producer? More motivated than ever to keep it up. And for those who argue, you should have gone after Biden. Kind of argument is that. Of course that’s true. That doesn’t negate the responsibilities of other constitutional officers, and it never has. So it’s a tie vote. So I don’t think this gets to the floor as an impeachment vote. I’ll let you know after the break. We’ll be right back.

Segment 4
All right. Let me tell you. I don’t know where they’re going to go with this impeachment. It was tied to some kind of process vote. We’ll keep an eye on this. They’re voting on Israel now. Apparently, they need two thirds or even three fourths of the vote to get this to the floor. And so far, only 13 Republicans have voted no and only 35 Democrats have voted yes. The Freedom Caucus is made up of some 5055 members. I hope we had some effect there. Because this is not just a spending bill. This is not just a one issue. On electrical vehicles or that sort of crap. This is do and die. For those of us who are people of faith. And when our fates protected. Because make no mistake about it, I’m the only one on the air explaining that that’s what’s under attack. This is an Islamist crusade that’s taking place. In the Middle East. But the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, the PLO. What the hell? Al says it. From the river to the sea means wipe out everything in between means wipe out the Bible, wipe out our face, wipe out any people who stand in the way. And the only people standing in the way right now are the Israelis. They’re the ones fighting Hezbollah. They’re the ones fighting Hamas. They’re the ones fighting in Judea and Samaria. But they call the West Bank. And they’re losing a lot of people now. 25% of the hostages have been murdered. 32 of them. And Blinken’s over there seeking a cease fire. Boy when history is written. When history is written. Who stood with whom. When did they stand? With whom? How did they stand with whom? What did they do? What a mess. And there they are, the mouthpieces for the Democrats all over the media. They have a tremendous advantage over us. Hundreds of billions of dollars in free media from these fraud phonies and fools. Now. I just. Challenged Joe Biden. In front of millions of you. Millions. Tibet $1 million and even said he can use some of his communist Chinese money. That he has the authority right now. To begin to secure the border immediately. Is Joe Biden a taker? I’ll go further. I’ll challenge, the vice president mumbles. How about it, Mumbles? I will challenge the legal analysts on CNN and make the. Million dollars. Because he does. And so he goes out campaigning, dentures falling from his mouth. His depends are wet. His meds are not kicking in. The fact is, when he starts screaming. About MAGA and Trump. This is visceral. When you’re in the fifth stage of seven stages of dementia. Look it up. It’s in my book. The Democrat Party Hates America is in the fifth stage of seven stages. It’s it’s clear as day everybody. But Jill, I guess, why do we accept this ruse? Why do we accept the media narrative, the Democrat Party narrative, all the fools and the frauds, their narrative that Joe is in charge? Joe’s intelligent, Joseph Joe, you know, should be in a padded room. Be right back.