January 29th, 2024

January 29th, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 22: U.S. President Joe Biden attends a meeting of the Reproductive Health Task Force at the White House on January 22, 2024 in Washington, DC. Biden met with the task force to discuss reproductive health and to mark the 51st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, WW3 is upon us – with China and Iran. The Biden administration’s appeasement policies have only encouraged attacks by the Iranian regime – most recently the young servicemen and women killed in an attack – all funded by the Biden administration. You don’t give your enemy money, you cut off money. The enemy has to fear America – you don’t keep telling them what a coward you are.  Some Republicans say you have to declare war in every instance, that’s insane and will get a lot of people killed. A President can’t declare war to Congress every time a terrorist state through its surrogates attacks us – or else Congress will be all tied up. Meanwhile, Democrats have ruined once great, beautiful cities. Gone are the days of San Francisco being safe and breathtaking. California, the most beautiful state in the country – a bastion of liberalism is ruined!  Gov Gavin Newsom is trying to convience you that Biden is the greatest President. What he’s really doing ios alerting Democrats that if Biden drops out of the race, he’s ready. Newsom is what’s wrong with America.  Also, the Democrats position for the last 3 years under Biden has been that the border is secure. What changed? Why does Biden need new powers for the border? Biden’s staff could write one executive order to reverse Trump’s executive orders at the border and solve the problem. Later, Matt Taibbi calls in to discuss the Democrat electoral fix. “The 2024 presidential race increasingly looks like it will be decided by lawyers, not voters, as Democrats unveil plans for America’s first lawfare election.”  Finally, Mark is joined by Peter Navarro to talk about the jail time he faces – four months in prison – for committing the crime of being a patriot.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. You know, I get very, very tired. America, welcome people who claim to be constitutionalists who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. They go to the Constitution and they say. You need a declaration of war for virtually every military action you take. Really that wasn’t James Madison’s view. And yet we have a commander in chief. A commander in chief doesn’t serve at the behest of Congress. So there’s some ambiguity. Well, there is absolutely no ambiguity. If Congress really wants. To prevent a commander in chief. From taking military action. They have the power of the purse In this, there is no dispute. So Congress has the power to cut off funding. Now, Congress eventually did that in the Vietnam War, which is how the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong won. Over Gerald Ford’s veto. They prevented any more funds to be used. Prosecuting the Vietnam War. So Congress has that power without dispute. The problem is for many of these phony constitutionalists, they don’t have the votes to do that. They don’t have the votes. Presidents have declared going to Congress and have declared war and presidents have not. Now, in many ways, it’s like what Justice Potter Stewart said about pornography. I know it when I see it. That is, if you’re going to have an all out war, you need to declare a war. And one of the main reasons you need to do that is to get the body politic behind you and get the American people behind you. Get American industry, the economy. The media behind the war effort. But you can’t declare war every time terrorists attack the United States, every time a terrorist state through its surrogates or Congress will be passing nothing but declarations of war. The economy will be focused on war. And that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. So how do we know? Well, Congress has addressed it really since our beginning. They’ve passed many laws to try and decide and interpret with presidential signatures what it means and under what circumstances. Then under what circumstances? Now, it seem to me, America, when the Islamo Nazi regime in Tehran hits us for the 166th damn time. That Joe Biden’s appeasement has provoked war. Against us. By the Iranian regime. Which was written by Biden. Which was funded by Biden with the flow of oil coming back. Just as Hamas and UNWRA. Was funded by Biden even after Trump cut it off, just like the plan was funded by Biden event after Trump cut it off. They keep talking about, we don’t want war with Iran. Their response to Iran killing three of our soldiers and injuring over 40. It was only a matter of time. Is we don’t want war and we don’t want to expand what’s going on in the Middle East. But they have expanded what’s going on in the Middle East. And Iran wants war and Iran wants nukes. And so what they’ve seen under Biden for almost three years straight now. It’s not just appeasement, but absolute selling out. You don’t give your enemy money, You cut off money directly or indirectly. And you certainly keep saying we don’t want war. We don’t want to expand the conflict. If you don’t want war and you don’t want to expand a conflict, the enemy has to guess. The enemy has to fear. The enemy has to respect you. You don’t keep telling them what a coward you are. You have to make them guess and wonder. But even better, you punch a bully in the nose. Now, maybe some of these so-called constitutionalists have never been in a fight. And I’m not even talking about a military fight, but a real fight. What we have here. Are the hounds of libertarian isolationists and left wing anti-Americans. When three Americans are killed by the enemy. Over 40 are injured. We have an obligation to defend our troops. Not to debate it to defend them. What’s going on here now with Biden is outrageous. There should have been an immediate response in anticipation of something like this. Why? Because everybody, including me behind this microphone and in front of the fox camera, in front of the place, came in, has said, our troops, somebody is going to get killed. And they’re not even ready for it. And so now we debate for two or three days. Well, I don’t want to provoke. We’re not going to war. I mean, the declaration of war does. It’s no wonder young people don’t want to sign up to join the United States military with the holes on Capitol Hill between a libertarian isolationist and a left wing anti-Americans. Where attacked. Our people are killed and we have to think about it. No, I have a better idea. We have to pretend the Constitution requires that we have a declaration of war to defend in real time our men and women who’ve been killed. Three people were killed, by the way, all African-Americans. From Georgia. One was 46, one was 24, one was 23. Patriots. Patriot. Was Ronald Reagan. Purposely defying the Constitution. When in 19, I think it was 87, destroyed half the Iranian navy. He didn’t go to Congress and say, I need a declaration of war. He said, You set mines in one of our freighters and now I’m going to punish your ass. And that’s what he did. Now there’s the War Powers Act. You can notify Congress and it has all kind of triggers in it. Make sure Congress has information. Supreme Court has upheld it. So this has been somewhat of a struggle. Even from the founding time to today, exactly when do you have to do it? So people throw down the gauntlet, take back our body mass in our body? LEE Oh, no, no. You got to declare war in every instance. That’s insane. It’s inaccurate, and it’s going to get a lot of people killed. That’s not what the Constitution compels. Review guys have a problem with us defending ourselves. You say the president has to seek a declaration of war. You have the power to go to the floor of the Senate. You have the power to go to the floor of the House and say we need a vote. And whether they’re fondness or not and see if they have the votes. But you don’t. You don’t because you don’t. Let’s stop playing games. This is part of the problem. Every now and then we get people. Why does he talk so much about the Middle East and Israel? Because World War Three. Is upon us. It’s upon us for Communist China. It’s upon us with Iran. That’s why. Because we just lost soldiers. That’s why. And we are not prepared for what’s coming. Especially with this Nimrod, this bonehead in the Oval Office who does exactly the wrong thing every single time. And I’ve had it with this guy, Kirby. Kirby. What a propagandist buffoon that guy is. We have this group on the. This group was set up under the U.N. for the specific purpose. Have happened to educate, feed and clothe and house the Palestinian refugees in Gaza. Now, why are there Palestinian refugees in Gaza? Did somebody stop the Palestinians in Gaza from creating a vibrant society? Yes. Hamas. Islamic Jihad? No, no, it’s the Jews. Stop them. Don’t you know? They’re so bad. The United Nation. Remember all these cases, the blue hats in Africa, They were raping the girls. The blue hats. The U.N. is poised to help. Next, the bar scene at Star Wars look really, you know, highbrow. And the Israelis have warned 1300. Of the people who work for UNWRA. Are sympathetic or actively supporting Hamas in one way or another. Kirby goes to the microphone, he says, you know, there’s like 10,000 people there with UNWRA and you only have 13. You only have 13. And I thought to myself, you know what? If I had been a reporter there and I would have said to Kirby, really only 13 who participated in October 7th. Well, be glad it wasn’t your wife. Or your daughter swimming about her daughter because then. Then I think we get your attention. I despise people like this. He does speak out of both sides of their mouth and then out of their ass. I despise it. I despise the idiot. The regular spokesperson. You get no information from these people. And it’s constantly election time propaganda. I mean, the biggest story of last week, shockingly, was at Axios, which I can’t stand, but there it was. Barack remain. To senior American officials on a phone call between Biden and Netanyahu for 40 minutes. Biden said, You got in this. Because there’s elections coming up. How come that transcript isn’t released? How come my transcript isn’t leaked? Wouldn’t you like to read that? So for Joe Biden, the life and death of the state of Israel and the Jewish people is about his election. Look what’s going on now with our people in the Middle East. I told you before, they’re sitting ducks. He’s not defending them. You can’t hit pinprick. The Houthis. And Iran is going to sit there and say, okay, you keep shooting. As Michael Waltz said on Fox today, you keep shooting $2 million missiles to shoot down $40,000 drunk. You can’t keep that up for too long. And that’s what’s going on. But you can do the research I’ve done over the decades when the Declaration of war part of the Constitution. You can do it yourself. The declare war clause. We don’t have a lot of judicial decisions. We have a few. We have one. In 1863, the prize cases upheld Abraham Lincoln blockading the southern states. Without a doubt, without further authorization from Congress. You can look at the 800 case space versus changing. Talks about Congress has broad powers, but it doesn’t give any guidance to a president, nor should it. The courts really shouldn’t be deciding these matters. But to throw down a gauntlet. So the president has no power to do this or that. Our problem with this president is he won’t use his power properly. Whether securing the border or defeating our enemies. Our military is deteriorating to a point. Of absolute weakness. Our board has deteriorated to a point of not being a border. Our men and women in uniform know the commander in chief doesn’t have their back, whether it’s Afghanistan or now in the Middle East. Wokeism P.E.I.. That’s the coin of the realm. And I’m not going to sit here and listen to. People who are my friends, Marcy and Lee go on about how. The Constitution prevents response to this without a declaration of war bullcrap. Guys even know what the hell you’re talking about. What if we hit Iran? Hit Iran? You don’t have to hit them all over the place. Hit them hard enough that presidents have done it, including Reagan. Mr.. Constitution. And it worked. Oh, we’re going to keep losing soldiers. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
We’re going to be covering a lot today, so I’m going to move on. Bottom of the hour. Matt Taibbi has written a fantastic piece. About how plotting and scheming is already taking place in the Democrat ranks among their lawyers and professors and all the rest of them. Should Trump actually win the election if they can’t stop him? Then they plan to undermine his administration as far and as hard and as fast as they possibly can. So this is this is where we are. You can’t win an election and actually have four years running an administration. They did this to Trump before with the impeachments, with the criminal investigations. And look, now, 91 charges the civil cases on and on and on. So Matt Taibbi will be coming on. I’m going to circle back to this issue. I’d be happy to debate anybody in Congress who wants to debate me right here on this air. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Matt Taibbi. A number of you first learned of him or knew about him, but learned a lot about him through the Twitter episode where members of Congress, Democrats were trying to shut him up, made accusations about him and his profession, and the next thing he knows, the IRS is knocking on his door. I bet that didn’t feel very good, did it, Mr. Taibbi? A little surprising. You know, not that doesn’t happen very often to a reporter. So, yeah, that was that was weird. I want to thank you for everything you’re doing, because it does take guts these days because. A guy like you, you know, you’re viewed as he was on this side and he’s on that side is a traitor. My view of you is that you’re trying to bring information to the public and you’re getting very nervous about this growing police state and these tactics and all the rest of it. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But that’s how I’m reading what you’re doing. And I see this peace and racket news and I spread it all over the world. After my wife gave it to me, I said, What the hell? We’re going to go through this damn thing again. You want to tell everybody what you’ve revealed and what you have found here, please? Well, about in 2020, in the summer of 2020, there was a big media blitz about a thing called the Transition Integrity Project. It had roughly 100 people involved with some pretty well-known people like John Podesta, Donna Brazile, the current energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm. And they contested the sort of war gamed contested election scenarios. And due to a fluke, they were forced to leak their final report where it came out that they were the the Democratic side was planning scenarios where they might want to ignore a legal Trump win. And that same group appears to be getting together again. There was a story in NBC a couple of weeks ago. It’s the same umbrella organization. It’s slightly different personnel, but it looks like the same general exercise is reconstituting itself. So what are they doing? First of all, I understand from people I talked to that this guy and you have men here, this guy out there back into the states trying to alter campaign laws, trying to do so under the radar to affect, they hope, a better outcome for the Democrat Party. Is that part of it? Yeah. And this is part of the whole transformation of kind of the left liberal advocacy space, as you mentioned. You know, I kind of came up in that world. You know, I was a lot of my sources were at groups like Public Citizen and Crew Once upon a time, but that was back in the early 2000s when these groups were not so heavily politicized in the Trump era. All of these groups have become essentially what you call lawfare organizations that are dedicated to filing litigation, mainly things like FEC complaints, doing whatever they can to try to prevent other people from getting on the ballot, not just Donald Trump, but people in the third party No Labels group, Robert F Kennedy Jr. Other Democratic Party candidates. So there is a huge infrastructure of these groups that’s out there now, and they’re led by people, as you mentioned, like Marc Elias was Hillary Clinton’s lead lawyer in 2016. And there was this letter that went out that you quote here. That’s pretty damn bad. I mean, anybody who talks about this letter. You mean the No Labels one? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Right. So basically, there was a Zoom meeting involving a series of these pro-Democratic NGOs, basically, and they were issuing a general warning to anybody who might want to think about running on a sort of party label against Joe Biden. They’re saying if you have even a fingernail of a skeleton in your closet, we’re going to find it. If you think you’ve been vetted for a run for governor, that you’re insane. That’s nothing compared to what’s going to happen to you this time around. We made that mistake before with people, you know, like Gary Johnson. We’re not going to make that mistake again. So they’re very, very intent on making sure that nobody has a chance to compete against Joe Biden next year. Now, obviously, there are seats against Donald Trump, but they’ve they’ve never gone to this extent to make sure that third party candidates and intramural challengers can’t challenge to this extent before. You know, Matt Taibbi write this piece. It’s incredibly thorough. You list names, you list organizations, you list sources, and on and on and on. And, you know, it’s amazing. Maybe I’m missing something so nobody picks it up. Yeah, It’s like, what the hell is this? You’ve just laid out a massive and a conspiracy or it’s just a sleaze ball operation and it’s going to have an effect on this election. It’s going to have an effect. If Donald Trump wins this election, we’re going to again be a pistol aimed at each other. And they don’t say a damn thing about it. What do you make of that? Well, this has been going on, you know, in the last year or so since the Twitter files. You know, when when we saw on the Twitter files that there was this elaborate system where where the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the office of the director of National Intelligence, where they were liaising with all these generative platforms in universities like Stanford to engage in some very sophisticated, you know, very organized content moderation, political content, censorship. I thought that was a huge story. I thought there would everybody would have to pick that up because no one, no matter what they thought politically and there was nothing. It was like you could hear a pin drop after we put that story out. And that’s just the world we live in now. You know, I mean, I grew up in an era where reporters were not supposed to care how the information broke and who was hurt by it and who was helped by it. But that’s not where we are in the media now. Things are different and it just we just have to get used to that. If not, this whole umbrella group, certainly elements of it, as you point out in your article, have been involved in this ballot issue, the 14th Amendment, Section three. This was considered I’m a constitutional that was considered like an idea of the lunatics and it’s mainstreamed and then crude takes it up. These other groups take it up, they start litigating it. That’s like the centerpiece. I mean, even even some lawyers who are not Trump supporters know that this ain’t cabinet. And yet they really do move the narrative, don’t they? Yes. And not only are they interested in that particular section of the 14th Amendment, they’re also very, very interested in using the Klan Act as a tool of social change. The lead counsel for this group, Protect Democracy, which is profiled by NBC. They put out an editorial in The New York Times earlier in September of last year talking about how we have to start using the Klan act more as to effect social change, not just for civil rights cases and in big cities and police abuse cases. And they when I looked, they had started to do it. You know, going back to 2017, you’ll find all of these Kleenex suits that were filed for things as ridiculous as Russiagate. And these are highly as you know, I mean, as an attorney, these are highly punitive, you know, sort of types of litigations. And they’re just throwing them out willy nilly in all directions. You know, people who haven’t been convicted yet for January six offenses, they were suing them. This is a thing that’s now become part of this lawfare landscape, is that they’re just using whatever tools they have and the legal kit to go after people on the other side but doesn’t. That suggests we have an institutional problem here. Number one, when federal prosecutors pick up this sort of, you know, this sort of club. And number two and judges. Not only entertain it, seem to embrace it. I mean, isn’t that isn’t that who should be hitting the the the brake on this stuff? Yes. And in some cases they did. You know, I did find some judges who looked at some of those clarinet cases. One of them was really funny in summing up the case, saying that the plaintiff’s complaint was far from the model of clarity. I mean, you don’t often see judges actually picking on the the lawyers and in their decisions. But there is a section of the judiciary now that is embracing these kinds of tactics. And, you know, we’re in a new world where everything is politicized and they’re filing them in such quantities that if they lose even 30 or 40% of them, it doesn’t matter. Some of them are going to. True. And that’s kind of the strategy with these 14th Amendment cases. They didn’t win every one of them, but they they won enough to make the headlines. They go to the Supreme Court and they’re going to keep at it. And they’re going to they’re going to apply pressure to every part of the electoral process, including, you know, mail in voting requirements, proof of citizenship for for foreign voting. I mean, everything they’re going to do and they have the money to do it. That’s the difference. Mark, I don’t know if you know, I mean, going back to the early Bush years, the left was always broke. They’re not anymore. Now the Republicans are broke. Exactly. Exactly. There’s a lot of money in this world and it’s all going to lawyers. And they’re not the old school ponytail wearing former public defenders anymore. These are all people who used to work for the Justice Department, the CIA, National Security Council. They are purpose driven attorneys who are making real salaries to file political suits. And that’s what they do. You know, when you look at this and you delve into this and you live this. It’s depressing, isn’t it? Very depressed. I don’t know how we pull back from this, do you? I don’t you know, I think this is this is a very difficult time because, you know, the world is so polarized and everybody has their own individualized way of receiving media. So I often talk to people who are former friends of mine or colleagues, and I’ll try to bring up some of the stuff and they will have never heard of it because you will not be reading about any of these things if you read The New York Times or MSNBC. So, you know, on that side of the aisle, you’re just not going to get this information. And I worry about that, which is that both segments of America and media bubbles and we’re not we’re not getting the facts out to the public, which is unfortunate. My problem with all of this is they keep talking about democracy and they use the least democratic approach to trying to influence elections, change the outcomes of elections, to torment and threaten. And this letter’s tormenting and threatening people who dare to think about third party. But you win an election and you never win an election. It never ends. Right. Right. It’s just now how do we destroy the guy now? How do we get a case going against the guy now to impeach the guy? Now, how do we go after his staff? Now, how do we do this? How do we break them financially? You’ve got people sitting around destroying. Any kind of comedy to comedy or traditions. I mean, you look, we’ve had big battles in this country. I’ve been part of them. But you go back to the Civil War and this is different. This is like an attack on the voting system. On on on the institutions of of of democracy. I mean, this is this is for keeps, I think. Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right. I when we started to see I think this in Congress and you know the towards the late 2000 early 20 tens you know there used to be some collegiality between the two sides. Matter what they said about each other during the week, they would get together at barbecues over the weekend and that’s how they would hash out legislation. They would important decisions would get made. Now, you know, there’s this politics of personal destruction that is everywhere. And there is no subterranean communication whatsoever between either of the sides and these new organizations that are being built. They’re not they’re not being built to to make change for everybody. You know, like these old groups, like the ACLU or the League of Women Voters, they used to do things like try to integrate the workplace or and housing discrimination, and that would be positive for everybody. That’s not what these groups are doing now. They’re they’re doing things like trying to file FEC complaints or bar complaints against workers who represented Trump. This it’s war. You know that. That’s what it is. It’s not it’s not a liberalizing institution. And I think it can’t lead to anywhere good this kind of behavior. You know, you know, if you have a law degree and you want to make trouble, you can do it very easily. Uh huh. Yeah. The laws we’ve heard about what some what some fascist, some Marxists have said what they would do as soon as they take over the laws. I want to thank you for everything you’re doing. Really? You’re a straight shooter. That’s what you’re doing. And I’m going to keep promoting it to my little audience as much as we possibly can. So I appreciate it. Appreciate what you’re doing. Thanks so much, Mark. I really appreciate you having me on. God bless. Take care that, guys. He sees what’s going on and he’s and he’s worried. God knows we’re worried. I just wish more people on the other side would speak out in a way. They don’t seem to be all that worried. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
3 minutes. Let me do something nobody else can do. Now, not that, Mr. British. Let’s say the president gets word that Russia is about to fire a nuclear missile at us. Do we have to go to Congress, get a declaration of war to respond? Of course not, Mark. Okay. Let’s say he gets word. That Russia’s planning to do it in 12 hours. Does he have to go to Congress? No. Let’s say they plan to do it in 36 hours or 48 hours in a hurry, comes back and they’re they’re getting all ready. They’re firing up the engines, but they’re holding back. Does he have to go to Congress? But if he goes to Congress, he might have learned to alert the enemy that we know about it. Rather than hit that spot to prevent it. Does you have to go to Congress? He’s the commander in chief. And what the libertarian isolationists and the hate America crowd don’t understand is that this is a little bit more complicated than they think, even. Interpreting the Constitution doesn’t give them exactly what they want. And then they start with the barbs. You’re for war. For war? Why the hell would I be for war? I’ve got kids and grandkids. Why would I be for war? Meanwhile, three people who did volunteer to serve. Her dad. And the Libertarian isolationists and the hate America crowd. Are debating whether we should do anything or get a declaration of war. That’s insane. And that will result in a whole lot more dead troops. This is a terrorist. Country. It’s a country that’s been spreading terror. That has slaughtered Jews, slaughtered Americans, you see. Tunnel, tunnel, tower, tunnel to towers and all these other groups, not just Afghanistan. Iran is responsible for a lot of that. Folks. Meaning if we don’t build up our military and change the psychosis at the Defense Department and stop listening to the libertarian isolationists and the hate America crowd, we’re going to be in a war and we’re going to lose.