December 1st, 2023

December 1st, 2023

TOPSHOT - Israel's ex-premier and leader of the Likud party Benjamin Netanyahu addresses supporters at campaign headquarters in Jerusalem early on November 2, 2022, after the end of voting for national elections. - Netanyahu inched towards reclaiming power after projected election results showed a majority government was within reach for the veteran right-winger, but the outlook could shift as ballots are counted. (Photo by Menahem KAHANA / AFP) (Photo by MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP via Getty Images)

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democrat media will go to any length to smear Benjamin Netanyahu and act as mouthpieces for Hamas, like the New York Post and Joe Scarborough attacking him for things that happened when Netanyahu was not even Prime Minister. Like Donald Trump, they want to put Netanyahu put in prison because they never wanted him elected or to put together a coalition government in Israel. The Democrat party and their media surrogates are sabotaging Netanyahu-led Israel while cheering for Hamas and protesting for Hamas in our streets. Our government under President Biden and Antony Blinken has blown up the Middle East while re-arming Iran and its surrogate terrorist organizations with our tax dollars. Also, Liz Cheney is saying that a re-election of Donald Trump would put our democracy in danger, but she did not talk about the Biden administration this way while they were going after parents at school board meetings or using swat teams to attack pro-life protesters.

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An unexpected rift that has been brought out by the Israel-Gaza crisis is the passive aggression between Joe Biden and Barack Obama.


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(Photo by MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP via Getty Images)

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here, our number 87738138118773813811. Man, we have a ton to do here. No time for screwing around. I watched that debate last night on Fox. HANNITY was fantastic, and so was DeSantis, the crushed Newsom. Wasn’t even a close call. And you know why? Because the scientists came prepared to scientists was like machine gun. KELLY just one fact after another after another. And you can see from time to time, Newsome’s phony smile turned into a frown. And he would panic with the name calling. And he would lie repeatedly. I mean, I was online. I was checking book banning. 1405 Buckhannon. I look now slightly over 300. And they listed the books and the books for crap. Vast majority of them were pornographic. So first of all, the number is even irrelevant if it’s 10 million books because they’re all penthouse type books for little kids, they ought to be banned when it comes to abortion. DeSantis locked in Newsom for all time. Newsom supports abortion right up to birth. The American people do not support that. Newsom does not support parental notification. How do we know that? Because, he said. Nothing when he was directly asked three times by HANNITY. And then he talks about, you know, our taxes. Yeah, it’s a high rate, but for the wealthy and so forth that it’s not the wealthy alone who are escaping California. It’s hardworking Americans, it’s pensioners, it’s people who are third, fourth, fifth generation to get the hell out of their. It’s a 0% income tax across the board in Florida. 0%. But when it comes to the kitchen table, issues food. When it comes to issues like energy, the cost of gasoline, you’re getting killed in California. It’s the highest in the country. Why does he take credit for it? Why isn’t he proud of it? But in any event, I’m not going to redo the debate. I think disinterested himself a lot of good, particularly vis a vis Nikki Haley. Nikki Haley is out there at the billionaire trough, slopping it up as fast as she can. Getting backed by liberals. Getting backed by Democrats. Getting backed by open border types. By radical columnists. By Bush’s. What’s that all about? And I want to apologize. I was wrong. Nikki Haley is not George W Bush an address. She’s a complete and utter chameleon on every major issue, whether it’s China, whether it’s the border, whether it’s Disney. Whether it’s drilling, whatever it is. She’s had five positions on the same issue. And when you catch her on it, her debate style is to interrupt. To deny and to attack, interrupt, deny an attack. And that’s why last night’s debate was so good. You could have some of that. But one on one, you really do expose yourself. As Newsom did. So I think DeSantis really hurt Newsom. I really do. And I also think. That HANNITY was fantastic. That’s the kind of debate you want, right? So we’ll watch the next debate. Who keeps interrupting? You’re going to find out who keeps interrupting. It’s going to be Nikki Haley. Tacking Ramaswamy. She’s spending millions and millions of dollars not attacking Trump, but attacking. DeSantis. Then you got the the Hindenburg on the stage there filled with gas. The gasbag, Chris Christie, who is sort of the Liz Cheney of the bunch. By the way, she has a book coming out. You watch every single major network will be promoting it. Why? Because she’s a poison pill for the Republicans. That’s fine. I want to read you something. This is very, very important. Not just the substance, but something I’m going to point out, first of all. See if you can catch it. You’re really smart out there. Really, really are the smartest audience of all audiences. And I mean that when I say that or you wouldn’t be here, why waste your time? But I want you to listen to this is a New York Times article. They came out last evening. When I was on air. So I didn’t see and didn’t have time to read it. 7:16 p.m. Eastern. By Ronen Bergman and Adam Goldman. Ready for this. Israeli officials obtained Hamas’s battle plan for the October seven terrorist attack more than a year before it happened. Documents, emails and interviews show. But Israeli military and intelligence officials dismissed the plan as aspirational, considering it too difficult for Hamas to carry out. Now, let me tell you what The New York Times did. The Jerusalem Post has written two stories on this. So The New York Times decides to leapfrog. The Jerusalem Post, gives them no credit whatsoever and goes and does a bunch of interviews on their own. Fine. But I just want you to understand how this has worked. They say the approximately 40 page document which the Israeli authorities codenamed Jericho War outline point by point exactly the kind of devastating invasion invasion that led to the deaths of about 1200 people, writes the Slimes. Stick with me. The translated document, which was reviewed by The New York Times, did not set a date for the attack, but described a methodical assault designed to overwhelm the fortifications around the Gaza Strip, take over Israeli cities and storm key military bases, including a division headquarters. Hamas follow the blue blueprint with shocking precision. The document called for barrage of rockets at the outset of the attack drones to knock out the security cameras and automated machine guns along the border and gunmen to push and is run mass in paragliders, on motorcycles and on foot, all of which happened on October seven. The plan also included details about the location and size of Israeli military forces, communication hubs and other sensitive information, raising questions about how Hamas gathered its intelligence and whether there were leaks inside the Israeli security establishment. Stay with me. I’m almost there. The article goes on, but I just want to stop it at the point that to me I need to emphasize because nobody else will ready the document. The documents circulated widely among Israeli military and intelligence leaders, but experts determined that an attack of that scale and ambition was beyond Hamas’s capabilities. According to documents and officials, it is unclear whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or other top political leaders saw the document as well. What’s wrong with this article? What’s wrong with this article? They say. The front end of this. That the battle plan for October seven terrorist attack was more than a year in the making before it happened. So that precedes October seven. 2022. That process precedes October seven, 2022, a year before the attack on October seven, 2023. They also say that the. The document in the intelligence was known more than a year before the attack. So again. It precedes October seven. 2022. And then five or six paragraphs down as I read to you, they were they it’s unclear whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or other top political leaders saw the document as well, according, by the way, to the Jerusalem Post stories. It’s very unlikely. That top government official saw it because at the relatively senior intelligence level, they they dismissed much of it and they didn’t have enough exactitude with respect to the date. But putting that aside just for the moment, that’s not the point of this article. Benjamin Netanyahu. Was not the Prime Minister. When this document came out. He was not the prime Minister. Quote more than a year before it happened. That is the attack on October 7th, 2023. In fact, he wasn’t able to organize a government. Until December 29th, 2022. December 29th, 2022. Nowhere in this article, certainly not at the front end, do they say, well. We don’t know whether the acting the prime minister at the time Bennett and the coalition government with Lapid and Gantz, that is Bennett Lapid and Gantz, what did they know? Since they ran the government and Bennett was the prime Minister. A year, well before the October seven attacks. In other words, what did the left wing government in Israel know when this information was supposedly being pulled together? The document was created. You have to assume these senior intel and IDF appointees, Mossad appointees, were the appointees either made by the left wing Israeli government. Or. Left there by the left wing Israeli government. There’s not a word about them. Not a word about them. Why? Ladies and gentlemen, because The New York Times and the rest of the media in America and much of the media in Israel. Want to put Netanyahu in prison. Like Trump. Never wanted him elected. Never wanted him to pull together. The coalition government they attacked the other parties, has radical right wing religious types. Netanyahu and his coalition is constantly. Unceasingly obsessively attacked by The New York Times and Thomas Friedman. By the Biden regime before that the. Obama regime because Netanyahu. Represents his people. And Ehud Barak. A disgraced former disastrous prime minister of the hard left. Who’s been campaigning in America. Even now, as I speak, during the war. It was involved in raising dark money and organizing a coup against Netanyahu. In the prior Netanyahu government for two years. He’s all over TV. He’s all over the newspapers here and in Europe. Gonzales gets a complete pass, even though he was part of that government. Now he’s part of the the war government. Lapid is a leftist, a former TV announcer. A leftist. Who’s was not part of the war cabinet because he can’t be trusted. He’s been in the United States trying to undermine their commander in chief, Netanyahu as well. We have liberal Democrats on cable, even some as guests or hosts on MSNBC, CNN and FOX. When this October 7th was brought up, they immediately started attacking Netanyahu. Why? Because I have another piece I want to read to you very shortly. It was in the Financial Times. And here again, the NBC News took the story this gentleman wrote. And used it as the basis of gathering other information. All these people in the media are just slime balls. They’re sleazy. It’s what they are going to do their own work. Completely sleazy. They don’t give credit to anybody. So what they were taught. It is unclear whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or other top political leaders saw the document. Why don’t they ask him? But why don’t they ask Bennett and Lapid? And guns. Why don’t they ask all of them? Even heard somebody you have enormous respect for on cable TV. He said Netanyahu’s future is over. Well, he’s said like 17 or 20% or 30% or something like that. Because about every two or three days there’s an article blaming him. Now, I’m not blaming anyone and I’m not not blaming anyone. You’re in the middle of a war. When the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor, there was a discussion about what did FDR know and when did he know it? Media certainly wasn’t thinking that way. 911 What the George W Bush know and when did he know? That’s not the way you do things. But I’m not done with this. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Joe Scarborough. Target for the other article, which kind of exposes what’s going on here. I’ve told you before, he is a disgusting, low IQ demagogue. Always has been, always will be. Which is exactly why he’s over at MSNBC, which is filled with people like this. Filled with them. MSNBC is the little sister of NBC and they’re both owned by Comcast. Many of you are paying over, paying an enormous amount of money for Comcast, which is a Philadelphia based corporation run by Woke Corporatists. And of course, nobody will ever do a story on them. And that’s why a lot of these woke corporatists by these media outlets to protect themselves. That’s why Bezos bought The Washington Post. You never see stories about Amazon, do you, in The Washington Post. But I want you to listen to what Scarborough says based on this article, which he doesn’t read carefully, and how close to the line of a full fledged bigot, an anti-Semite he becomes.

Segment 3
On MSNBC, they have a significant number of anti-Semites who pretend not to be anti-Semites, but they are. Just as Obama is and was an anti-Semite. No question about it. And I’ll demonstrate it again, as I have over the many, many years I’ve been behind this microphone. Professor Khalidi, Columbia. The video that’s never been shown that the L.A. Times continues to conceal. There’s so much. And I want to focus on American media. American media, MSNBC’s Turn and Joe Scarborough. Joe Scarborough gets a lot of hits because he’s on early in the morning. He says craziest things. He’s a Trump hater. And so all the Democrat Party websites and others pick up. Mika Brzezinski. Father Zbigniew Brzezinski was another Israel hater. As he advised Jimmy Carter from the National Security Council, just another contemptible thug. But I want you to listen to Scarborough now. You have some facts, but I want to give you more information once I’m done with him. About the article itself. The article itself dates this information and the document months before Netanyahu and his government. We’ve been elected, let alone organized. And the Jerusalem Post articles, both of them that I read in the course of the last 72 hours, which were really the first to break this information. Make it abundantly clear. That the information per say. Got caught up in the bureaucracy, got caught up in debates. Challenges from experts within. The Israeli military. The initial information was collected by a woman who wasn’t even really a full time intel person from a san. And so they started to dismiss her as she pulls the information together. She doesn’t have a date. The information is taken. It’s analyzed. The head of Intel, for example, has already said he is going to resign or has resigned. And there’s no information whatsoever that this information got to the heads of either the government. Either Bennett, Lapid and Gantz or Netanyahu and his coalition. But for some reason, Bennett, Lapid and Gantz escape all scrutiny, even though the information was bubbling around. During their government. A year before October seven. Netanyahu wasn’t even an announced candidate yet. Now listen to this ignoramus and this tirade. About the West Bank. They use the term West Bank because the more Orthodox Jews, not all, tend to live in Judea and Samaria, the indigenous homeland of Judaism. They want to take Judea and Samaria. They always have on the left, the Democrat Party, and give it to the Palestinians to take pressure off Jordan. Pressure off of Egypt. With the claim that this would be a two state solution and the radical left in Israel agrees with them. Just as we have our radical left, they do, too. That’s led by Ehud Barak and the left wing parties in Israel. So Menachem Begin wanted nothing to do with that. So they would attack him. And now, of course, it’s Netanyahu. So listen to this tirade. Cut to go. And let me add that you look at the chaos in the West Bank, that I lay all at the feet of Benjamin Netanyahu and his policies over the past ten years. You see, ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Carter was big new Brzezinski. Her daddy. Kept insisting that, quote unquote, the West Bank be delivered to the Palestinians. They have their eyes on the West Bank. God to give them the West Bank. Which of course, when you use that phraseology, it shows, number one, complete ignorance. And number two. That you obviously hate the state of Israel because there is no West Bank of Jordan anymore. They controlled it for 19 years. That’s it. When they took it during the 1948 War for Independence. Go ahead. I didn’t blame his policies for the attack in Gaza, but the chaos in the West Bank that threatens any peace process moving forward and also threatens another a second front in this war, possibly a third front in this war. What is he talking about? Not any time during this diatribe you notice. Does he blame the Palestinian terrorists? The Iranian terrorists, the Hezbollah terrorists. The PLO. Arafat. Creation. Arafat, baby. Abbas, who’s a terrorist. Joe Scarborough is going full. Thomas Friedman in full. Barack Obama. And he’s an ignoramus. Complete moron. But it doesn’t matter. He talks about Netanyahu the way he talks about Trump. This guy has a serious mental problem. He really does. Go ahead. The United States has the right to say if we’re going to continue propping up your government, if you don’t have faith. And that right there, snap right there. The United States is propping up the Israeli government. How is the United States propping up the Israeli government? Joe Scarborough wouldn’t talk this way. About a genocidal maniac. In any part of the world, you would you’re propping up the Israeli government. Let me tell this dumb bastard a little secret. In the war for independence. The Israelis didn’t get any help from the United States. None. Other than citizens when they could illegally sending weapons Jews in the United States. But it was illegal in the United States. They didn’t get support from anybody. Nobody. The British were their enemy. Nobody. Talks about propping up these people have been fighting and fighting and fighting for their right to survive and their right to have their own government. The writers who live in their indigenous homeland. That goes back 4000 damn years. And this son of a bitch goes on about how our government is propping up their government. What a disgrace. Their allies. They’re providing support to Israel. And they should. Because our government under Joe Biden prior to that, under Barack Obama, under Blinken, and both presidencies. Has blown up the Middle East. They funded. Iran. They rearmed Iran to the tune of $100 billion. They paid Iran for our hostages. Hundreds of millions of dollars of your tax dollars funneled through the U.N. can go to Hamas. Hundreds of millions of your tax got paid, go to the PLO, another terrorist organization, and this son of a bitch goes on about we’re propping up the government in Israel. He would never talk that way about another country, ever. Ever. He’s playing to the anti-Semites at his network. He’s playing to the anti-Semites who watch their program to get ratings. That’s what he’s doing. He’s a disgusting disgrace. The West Bank. Our government. Is now building a database. Of Jews in the West Bank. That they say are violent when they’re defending themselves against Hamas, which is secreted itself now into Judea and Samaria. I told you about this tiny little town named Shiloh. Joe Scarborough has no knowledge about it. Maybe he’ll Google it now. He knows nothing about the history of this region. Zero. It’s in Judea and Samaria. Maybe you’ve heard of Samuel. Samuel. One of the most important figures in Junior. If you ever do go to his. Well, you should check out this tiny little place. Shiloh, spelled like Shiloh. In the history there. Now the various Jewish tribes came together. The separate tribes came together right there. It predates the City of David, which predates the city of Jerusalem. Under the Obama plan, under the Ehud Barak plan. Under the Biden plan, the Blinken plan, the Joe Scarborough plan that will be handed over to the Palestinians. Why? Because Netanyahu says no. Because Netanyahu says this isn’t a land situation. This is an Islamist ideology, the problem ideology. They want a caliphate. And it’s not just Israel. They fight each other. They kill each other. We had a test run. We gave him Gaza. Gaza never belonged. To the Israelis or to the Palestinians. It was Egyptian. They said, okay, here, take this. And what did they do? They turned it into a terror center. And so Joe Scarborough goes on a rant. He’s a nigger, Ramesh. He goes on Iran. He doesn’t even understand what the hell is going on, but he understands what people want to hear on the radical, hard, anti-Semitic left. And so he feeds it to them. Go ahead, Mr. Producer. Who knew this was coming a year away? We need a better partner. Benjamin Netanyahu is not that partner. When you listen to this. Listen to this. More than a year away. Benjamin Netanyahu was not the prime minister. This guy is so unhinged, so illiterate, so stupid. That he doesn’t even carefully read the article. The New York Times is feeding lies, pushing out propaganda. We don’t know what Netanyahu. Well, who knew what? More than a year ago in the government that preceded the Netanyahu government? What did Bennett know? What did not Pete know what it gods know? He doesn’t care. He doesn’t know. We got to get rid of Netanyahu because he’s defending. The homeland of the Jewish people. We got to get rid of him. Right, Mika? Yes. Yes, that’s right. Lincoln says so, Yes, he’s great. BIDEN Oh, yes. He’s a moderate. I’m not done. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
I’m not done with this. I can have enough time to sum it all up in the next segment, carried over to the next hour. But there’s a number of things I want to get to, including as all these issues are swirling around life and death issues, issues that are crucial. The constant effort by the Democrats dressed up as judges to take out Donald Trump is not ending. It’s never ending. They are destroying separation of powers. They destroying the presidency. They’re destroying the Constitution in due process. And in the United States Senate, the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Dick Durbin, who is a contemptible little bum. Fred Thompson. Thompson told me about this guy. He’s dishonorable. He’s destroying the independence of the Supreme Court. He’s destroyed the United States Senate and the subpoena process and the judiciary. He is shut down Republican objections. He’s cut off Republican speech. He’s destroyed the procedures in the United States Senate Judiciary Committee. And these people don’t give a damn while they’re talking about democracy and following the rules. And Trump is Hitler and everybody else is a dictator and they want to defend democracy. These Lilliputians are destroying our country in every respect. They are a cancer that is metastasizing every second of every day. Stick with me, folks. I’ll be right back.