November 20th, 2023

November 20th, 2023

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (R) looks on as US President Joe Biden looks over notes during a bilateral meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, not pictured, on the last day of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Week in San Francisco, California, on November 17, 2023. (Photo by Brendan SMIALOWSKI / AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we live in a world where the Democrat Marxists control the media and the culture, and like every Marxist regime before there is only one religion that they will tolerate and that is the religion of government. You cannot be pro-Israel if you are a Marxist because most Marxists are also anti-Semites and self-hating Jews like Bernie Sanders or Antony Blinken. When this kind of Marxism is taught in colleges and universities, we get the kind of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism that we see today in our streets and our government. We cannot allow people like Blinken and the Biden administration to slice up Israel and give parts to Hamas as part of a fantasy two-state solution, because they will not be satisfied until Israel is eradicated. Hamas was voted into power in Palestine and the majority of Palestinians support the surprise attacks on Israel. The Palestinians do not want peace, not just Hamas or the PLO, and the reality is they support what is being done to Israel. Later, Elon Musk and X are suing George Soros front group Media Matters after losing multiple investors because of posts appearing next to neo-Nazi and pro-Hamas advertisements. CNN and other Democrat media outlets use sites like Media Matters and Mediaite as a source to spread their lies and have destroyed reputable journalism.  Also, the Republican establishment in Washington D.C., RINO governors, and uniparty billionaires are all now getting behind the idea of supporting Nikki Haley as the Republican nominee in 2024. Nikki Haley does not run on her record because she has a very bland record as governor of South Carolina and does not stand with the little guy. Now Haley is eyeball deep with the GOP establishment and media organizations are giving her a lot more exposure to prop her up as a candidate. Finally, Mark speaks with 2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy about the Washington D.C uniparty and companies like Blackrock with liberal environmental and social agendas that are now supporting Nikki Haley.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. You can hear. I’ve got something I’ve had it for, like since Friday night. Not the flu or a cold winter. God knows what. But here we are. I want to talk to you about something that if even mentioned, it becomes controversial. But I can’t help that we now live in a world where, quite frankly, the Marxist left and the Democrat Party control the media, they control the culture, they control the rhetoric. And I won’t. Laid out for this. I won’t even lie down for this. Because the truth is the truth. Now, what am I mean by the. Get me started this way. If you’re a marxist, you cannot be a practicing Jew or practicing Christian or practicing anything. Because Marxist. We’ll work on it because Marxism, by definition. Rejects. Faith rejects. God rejects. Different points of view. Every Marxist regime. Whether it’s North Korea. Cuba. The old Soviet Union. The only so-called religious institutions they tolerate are those that they control and that support them. Other than that, no. And that is why many of these Marxist leaders want their photos placed in these churches and so forth. I just saw report where Bernie Sanders is demanding that any aid to Israel be conditioned on basically destroying Israel. And in that report they said Bernie Sanders, who’s Jewish. Jamie Raskin is quoted all over the place and Jamie Raskin, as well as another cabal of Marxists in the House who are Jewish, are demanding that Israel unilaterally cease firing. Yeah, I’ve been on Noam Chomsky. In my view, as a marxist. He helped form one of these Jewish groups that you see. The capital a month or so ago and so forth. And they’re Jewish by birth, but they’re not Jewish in any other way. If a guy called Thomas Friedman at The New York Times. I’m going to talk a little bit more about him a little later. Who writes these unhinged columns. And when he writes them about Israel, they all have the same thread. It’s repetitive, it’s almost illiterate. Yet he gets the Pulitzer Prize. But the state of Israel shouldn’t exist as it exists now. That, if you like to anybody but radicals, to that government and the government is illegitimate and should be overthrown. And on and on and on. The same Thomas Friedman, who was praising communist China not too long ago. If you’re a marxist. But if you embrace Marxism in one form or another. You cannot be pro-Israel. And Marx writes about violent revolutions. Final revolutions. Overthrowing the status quo. Most Marxists are also anti-Semites. He might say, but some of them are Jews. I mean, Mark, you just talked about Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is one of the leading Israel haters in our country. Noam Chomsky. Insists on the destruction of Israel. Jamie Raskin’s father. Marcus Raskin. Was very close to the old Soviet Union. And I would argue he was a communist. And Mr. Raskin has been invited on here multiple times and he’s free to debate it. But this father was hard, hard left. So in your world view, is not based on your faith. You’re born a Jew. You know, we control over being born a Jew or whatever you’re born. When your worldview is based on a. Tyrannical ideology. Everything else is secondary. In fact, nothing else matters. This is what I mean when I call some of these people self-hating Jews. Is Judaism an ethnicity? Is it a faith? What is it? In my view, it’s both. And so if you’re a marxist. You’re Jewish by ethnicity, by birth. But you’re not Jewish by belief system. There aren’t a whole lot of Orthodox Jews are Marxists. Just art. And you can look at your own face if you’re not sure, she can see the same thing. Most truly faithful Catholics. Could ever be Marxists. Most Marxists can never be truly faithful Catholics and vice versa. And down the list. And so when I talk about self-hating Jews, I come under horrendous attack. Here I am. A person who loves his faith. Who loves America. Two or three weeks ago, there was an effort. By Media matters, which is now being criminally sued. I want to get into that later. Followed up by CNN. Mediate, which is also founded by a Jewish gentleman. And others. That I was an anti-Semite. This is how it works. You need to understand this is what Marxists do. By Marxists. I don’t mean necessarily of the Karl Marx. When I wrote an entire book about what I meant, quote, American Marxism. And these people, these self-hating Jews, fed very neatly into American Marxism. The New York Times. It’s been one of the most. Outspoken. Outspoken media outlets. Media corporations. Trashing Jews and Judaism for over 100 years. And today is one of the leading media outlets undermining Israel’s war against the Hamas Nazis. So when you teach this Marxism in colleges and universities. You’re teaching anti-Americanism and your teaching anti-Semitism. And when you combine that with the Islamist ideology, which really grew into about 40 or 50 years ago, also on our college campuses, in our universities, and also on places like MSNBC. There’s an overlap. There’s an overlap. Now. There’s something quite nefarious going on. I look at this guy, Blinken, we’re told over and over and over again, he’s Jewish. Okay, great. Who cares? We’re told over and over and over again that Thomas Friedman’s Jewish. Bernie Sanders today is Jewish. Jamie Raskin is Jewish. And none of them. Are strong supporters. None of them. Israel. Oh, they’ll say they are, but they’re not. If only Israel will give up Judea and Samaria. If only Israel would allow a two state solution. If only Israel will get rid of their right wing government. And Netanyahu. If only Israel would be involved in a cease fire right now. Provide fuel. Take gas and provide food and medicine. If only Israel would do these things. If Israel did what they wanted, there’d be no Israeli. Which brings me to my second point. When you think about what place on October 7th and what’s taking place today. You can see. Weather future’s dark. Very dark. One of the Israeli spokesman said, hey, look, in response to that affordability question about civilians in Gaza. They voted for a homeowner, so they have to suffer the consequences. Is their right. So what happened with Nazi Germany? I mean, isn’t that true? They installed Hamas. And there’s a survey out here now. And I’ve posted it. That the vast majority of Palestinians support what took place on October 7th. So we’re told there’s this big gap between Hamas and Palestinians. But there’s not. There’s not this big gap. I didn’t do the survey. So what are we supposed to do? Pretend that that’s not true. And slice and dice up Israel. Based on a fiction. Who is this great Palestinian peace leader? Who is he? Who is there? Martin Luther King. They don’t have one. Be killed in 2 seconds. So they talk about the moderate Palestinian Liberation Organization led by Abbas, who’s a terrorist. Moderate. And they’ll repeat that over and over and over again. They’re moderate. They’re moderate. They’re moderate. They’re moderate. They’re killers. They’re terrorists. It was created by Arafat in the early 1960s. A killer, a terrorist who killed Americans, many Americans. So why is it our cause? America’s cause? After all these years of mass murder, including of American. To create a brand new special country for the Palestinians. Based on what? The Israelis are fighting and they’re dying. There are IDF soldiers dying. And one soldier who dies over there is like 10,000. Here it is. Big deal. You don’t hear any concern about their soldiers. Most of them, as I’ve told you before. Our citizen soldiers. Nobody. Nobody cries over their death. Never. The Israelis asked whether to fight the war this way. Aren’t you going to lose more people? Nobody asked that question. Everybody knows what Hamas is doing in the Gaza Strip. Everybody knows that they want as many casualties as possible. They want video and they’re getting it and they’re giving it to the American media and the world media. The American media and the world media are doing exactly what Hamas wants them to do. So more babies are dying and more people are killed as a result of it. And of course, they don’t take any responsibility for anything. Nothing. You don’t give the enemy fuel and food and medical care. To many Israeli leaders who have been disagree with me. The fastest way to get this over with is to get it over with. The fastest way to save as many people as you can is to get it over with. You cannot allow people like Blinken. Another self-hating Jew who appoints a boyhood friend. As the envoy to Iran. And that boy had a friend brings in spies. That boy, good friend, is selling out America to Iran. That boy, her friend, just lost his classified clearance and nobody knows why. Blinken is the Biden whisperer whispering in his ear. He’s the one responsible for rearming Iran, which means rearming Hamas and Hezbollah and the rest of the Iraq terrorists. Blinken. Who’s following Thomas Friedman’s columns. Nothing I’m saying to you is untrue. Nothing I’m saying to you is actually controversial. But they don’t want to debate. They don’t want to engage. And they don’t want to discuss. They want to destroy. Well, I’m going to tell you what I believe, and that’s the way it goes. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Everybody in the media knows what I’m going to say about this in The Jerusalem Post. A total of 75% of respondents agreed with the October seven attack. This is Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. They agreed that they support a single Palestinian state, quote, from the river to the sea. So but they agree on is the extermination of Israel and the Jews. Now, why isn’t our policy based on acknowledging reality? If that’s the case, there could never be, quote unquote, a two state solution. Moreover, Hamas isn’t about a state, it’s about a caliphate, as I keep explaining. As is Hezbollah. As is Iran. They’re not satisfied with controlling Persia. They’re not satisfied with controlling Lebanon. And they’re not satisfied with controlling the Gaza Strip. If you take 2 seconds to look at their ideology and it’s not just Jews, it’s Christians, it’s Hindus, it’s Buddhists, it’s whatever it is they intend to do to the world population what they did to those people on October 7th. So 75% of the Palestinians agree with October seven.

Segment 3
Here it is. After Hamas’s devastating October seven massacre. What did this poll find which was done by the Arab world for research and development? Palestinian society, their rights seems much less divided on the issue compared to the rest of the world, according to a November 14 poll by the Arab World for Research and Development. When asked the leading question How much do you support the military operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance led by Hamas on October seven? See how the Arabs Palestinian resistance. Palestinians living in the West Bank overwhelmingly answered that they supported the attack to either an extreme or somewhat extent 83.1%. Only 6.9% answered that they were extremely or somewhat against the attack. 8.4% expressed they didn’t really know what’s going on. Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip show a little less consensus, but the overall majority supported the attack. A massive 63.6% said they supported the extremely or to somewhat extent. 14.4% answered that they didn’t oppose or support the attack. Anything of that. Very few differences were found in the beliefs between Palestinian women and Palestinian men when it came to supporting the October seven attack. And it goes on. And the take away from this is and the reason you’re not seeing it in most of the media, the reason you didn’t hear it on the Sunday shows, the reason they don’t discuss it on CNN and MSNBC and the other platforms is because it. It proves the lie. Yet. There’s a huge difference. Between Hamas and the Palestinians. Hamas is Palestinian. And as horrendous as all this is. Not the majority. The vast, overwhelming majority of Palestinians support it. This will never be discussed on these other networks in any significant way. It’s not something Blinken or Sullivan. Certainly Biden will talk about. Is there already trying to split up the state of Israel. There is a built in anti-Semitism in our government, in the Department of State, that goes back to World War Two. And it’s there today and it’s led by Blinken. And it has a voice by Thomas Friedman. And as I keep saying, when you look at World War Two and the Holocaust. You had self-hating Jews who covered it up. Or more FDR Democrat than they were religious. I’ve studied this. Others have written about it. I’ve written about it. I’m not going to pretend it’s not happening. It is happening right now. It’s happening right now. I posted something over the weekend that got a lot of attention. I want to thank those who went with it because I think it’s important. And I’m trying to pull it up as I speak here. But of course, it will come up. There it is. I want to read this to you. It is crystal clear now that Blinken is exploiting the war against Israel. To destroy the existing state of Israel by using pressure, threats, blackmail leaks, the media, diplomatic backstabbing, the Arab states, the EU and the UN read a blanket memo I have included in this post, and I touch the entire memo that came out, oh, about 7 to 10 days ago. I don’t believe it was intended to go public. But here’s the pull quote from the memo. Quote, As I said, in private and in public, this was blank in writing to the entire State Department. We believe Palestinian people’s voices and aspirations must be at the center of post-crisis governance in Gaza. Well, it is. They support Hamas. I don’t understand this. They’re telling us they support Hamas. They voted for Hamas. We believe in Palestinian led governance of Gaza, with Gaza unified with the West Bank. Okay. Gaza unified with the West Bank. So now you’re going to take all of Judea and Samaria. Israel’s ancestral land, the Jewish people’s ancestral land, and handed to the Palestinians. Now, keep in mind, if Blinken has his way, they’ll be handing this to the very people who tried to slaughter the Jews just six weeks ago. So in other words, their terrorism will be rewarded. Gaza’s reconstruction must be supported with a sustained mechanism. We also underscored America’s firm opposition to actions that would undermine efforts to build lasting peace and security. No forcible displacement of Palestinian civilians from Gaza. Not now. Not after the fighting stops. Let’s stop there. That was Egypt’s land, that Palestinian land. So just following this now, the Palestinians have a forever right to it. Because it was given to them in 2005 by the Israelis. So now it’s theirs, Israel. Nothing is permanent. And I want to remind you, after World War Two. There was a neat de-Nazification of Germany. There was a an effort to change the cultural belief system in Japan and other places, too. You don’t just win wars and then give the land to the loser. And then hope they’ll do better things. You’ve got an entire culture going from one. The Palestinians. Are babies all the way to whatever age they are. Brainwashing them. And what Blinken’s saying is we’re not going to address that. Well, then that’s disaster. He goes, no reoccupation of Gaza after the conflict. I got to thinking, somebody like this guy. He’s a long time bureaucrat. He worked for Joe Biden when Biden was a senator, he was the Senate staffer. He’s been to poison Ivy League, you know, courses and so forth. And now he’s here and he’s telling the whole world what’s going to happen. Nobody’s elected him. He says no reoccupation of Gaza after the conflict, no attempt to blockade or besiege Gaza. No reduction in that territory of Gaza. No use of Gaza as a platform for terrorism or other violent acts. And no tolerating the use of the West Bank to carry out such attacks. What does this even mean? No more. Listen to this. Violence from extremists, settlers in the West Bank. The only time he uses extremists is when he’s talking about the Jews in the West Bank. And I will repeat this any Native American who lives on their ancestral lands is not a settler. And neither are the Jews. Here’s what I wrote. Having posted that part of his memo and the entire memo is available. This explains the current pressure campaign by leftists in Israel to try and topple the Netanyahu led conservative government to replace it with radical left wing parties that will deliver Israel to the effective control. The United States State Department, where Blinken, a mere appointed US Cabinet secretary, and our government, will determine Israel’s fate. And with the Blinken plan, Israel will not survive, certainly not for long. This has been the plan since Obama was president. This is a plan that’s been pushed by the New York Times and Thomas Friedman. The plan pushed when Blinken was deputy secretary of state to Obama. And you should have heard how John McCain on the floor of the Senate eviscerated this guy, Blinken, when he was up for deputy secretary of state and said absolutely not. And I’ve linked to that as well, and you really ought to check it out. It really is compelling. And he predicts what Lincoln is and what Lincoln will be. And it’s true. Two pressured Blinken. The Biden whisperer is behind pouring $100 billion into the rearming of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Saudis. Blinken said. The Middle East on fire immediately upon taking office at the State Department nearly three years ago, lifting and refusing to enforce virtually every sanctions on Iran. Blinken destroyed the popular uprising in Iran, where the Iranians sought to remove their murderous regime by backing the Iranian regime with its oil rich people. Duncan chose Robert Malley, a marxist supporter of Iran, as the U.S. envoy to Iran to negotiate another nuclear deal. Malley installed a high level Iranian spy ring in Washington and undermined our nation in Israel every turn. The Obama, Biden Blinken so-called realignment is now underway. And the consequences are dire and grave for Israel and the United States, indeed for the entire Middle East in the world. It is a hideous and diabolical plan being instituted right now without any transparency, involvement of Congress or the American people. It is the brainchild of a small cabal of rogue, radical left wing foreign policy arsonists. Who could easily trigger World War Three. Mark, what does any of this have to do with us? It could easily trigger World War Three. The question is, how long will this go on before Blinken is stopped? Where are the House Republican Committee chairman? What are the Senate Republicans? We’re a conservative think tanks. Where are the conservative media? I understand that the Democrat Party meeting the Democrat Party are worse than useless, in fact. Their collude is in propagandist. For this from Thomas Friedman at the New York Times to Jamie Raskin in the House. But if there is not an organized pushback immediately, a relentless and public demand for accountability and transparency and the targeting of Blinken for impeachment, successful or not, evil will prevail. Never forget all the disasters the Biden whisperer has unleashed and his mere three years running American foreign policy. And the death, inhumanity and impoverishment he has imposed on one region and society after another. Hearing about the hostages in Gaza, which is horrendous. We don’t hear a single syllable about the American citizens. In Afghanistan. What’s the progress of that negotiation? There are no negotiations. It’s like it never happened. But the families of the people left in Afghanistan are American citizens. They don’t even know how many. But it’s Israel’s obligation to undo what Hamas did. It’s Israel’s obligation to get the hostages out, not the rest of the world, not the United States, not Britain. Now, Israel’s obligation to defeat an enemy whose people celebrate October 7th as they celebrate at 911, let us not forget. It’s Israel’s responsibility to feed and medicate. The people in Gaza while trying to defeat Hamas. And I saw more pictures today of babies. They’re being moved to be taken care of in other parts. Not just Gaza but into Egypt. And the Israelis are trying to take care of them. I didn’t see anything about Hamas taking care of anybody. So, look, without getting into every individual fact, into the weeds here, here’s the bottom of mine. The Palestinians do not want peace. Period. Not just Hamas. Not just the PLO. The Palestinian people celebrate October 7th. They celebrate 911. They elected Hamas. They elected Abbas. And they support what’s taken place. That is reality. But the people want to hear it or not. The agenda being pushed by the media, the Democrat Party, the State Department and the Oval Office is an agenda built on a lie, on a fiction. Even some of the Israeli government, even some outside the Israeli government in Israel. They embrace this fiction. They want to believe. Well, they can believe it if they want, but it’s not true. It’s not true. And this poll that was done by an Arab group from the river to the sea, the vast majority of Palestinians agree with that. That’s why all this talk. So what’s going on here? I’ll tell you what’s going on here. And you righteous Gentiles out there. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You don’t have to be Jewish to know this, but. You just have to be a righteous human being. Who knows good from bad. What’s going on here is there’s not another country on the face of the earth that would be treated like this by the United States. By The New York Times. By CNN and MSNBC. Not another country on the face of the earth, where a tiny minority of people are fighting for their survival. They live on their ancestral lands. These people were slaughtered like they were six weeks ago. There’s not another country on the face of the earth that would have to continually have a PR war to defend itself and be told to tie its arms behind its back when it fights. The reason is it’s Kurds. It’s a Jewish state. This wouldn’t happen to the British, wouldn’t happen to the French, wouldn’t happen to anybody else. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
There’s a piece written at one of my favorite sites, Town Hall by good man, Matt Vesper. He says when Israel began conducting airstrikes in Gaza, everyone knew there was going to be displacement. The military operation comes after Hamas invaded Israel on October seven and October 28. The ground invasion began, leading to scores of Palestinians attempting to make their way south to safety. Hamas shot some who tried to flee. As the left rages against Israel, hurling anti-Semitic slurs and chanting for more Jews to die. Some might wonder to consider why the civilians have nowhere to go. Goes beyond geography, the Palestinians bring trouble and have a long, sordid history of fomenting mayhem and terrorism in other Arab nations. Egypt is the logical destination for Palestinians, but Cairo doesn’t want them, and for good reason. Terrorism. The border crossing at Rafah remains closed, with tanks now deployed to ensure their border is secure. Egypt’s prime minister even said his country is willing to sacrifice millions to ensure no Palestinians ever enter Egypt. And of course, Jordan has a reason to oppose them. 1970s, the late King Hussein declared war on them, drove them out of his country, declared they were trying to overthrow him. That’s just two examples. I’m out of time. I’ll be right back.