November 14th, 2023

November 14th, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 14: Thousands of people attend the March for Israel on the National Mall on November 14, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, over 290,000 people were at the National Mall in Washington D.C. today to protest against anti-Semitism, support Israel, and raise support for hostages taken by Hamas, and it was 100% peaceful. Mark speaks with a victim of Hamas, Yarden, who has multiple family members being held hostage and has also had family killed by Hamas.  Also, the media in America is destructive, inhumane, utterly immoral, and has no conscience as a group whatsoever, and they are tearing this country apart through their lies and projection. Donald Trump has been the greatest friend Israel and the Jewish people have ever had in the Oval Office, and the only president to have a Jewish family, but to people who don’t like him, he is Hitler. Democrat media outlets like Media Matters and people like Joe Scarborough make a mockery of the Holocaust by calling their political opponents Hitler as they do to Donald Trump, while they repeat Hamas propaganda to attack Israel. This is what the media from totalitarian regimes do; they turn people like Trump into the devil so that no matter what they do or say, we are supposed to believe they are the enemy. Meanwhile, 32 Americans have been killed by Iran and the Biden State Department is acting like it never happened. Instead, Biden and Antony Blinken have waived sanctions on Iran again and are giving them more money to re-arm themselves and its surrogate terrorists, while at the same time telling Israel to slow down their attack on Hamas. The Democrat party today is the Democrat party of FDR, who turned a blind eye to the Holocaust, although at least FDR didn’t directly fund Germany while they attacked Europe like how Biden is funding Iran while they attack Israel and American troops.  Later, Mark is joined by Fox News host and author Gregg Jarrett to discuss his new book, The Constitution of the United States and Other Patriotic Documents.

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Photo by Noam Galai

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin. Here are our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. About quarter of a million people just shy of that estimates. We’re at the National Mall today. Now one incidence of violence. Not one incidence of hate. Carrying the flags of the United States, the flag of Israel. Posters with hostages. Signs in support of Israel and the United States. 100% peaceful. And they heard from a variety of people. Republican and Democrat. Politician and non-politician. And families of hostages taken on October 7th. One family. Two little girls in this family, one aged two and one aged four, was taken. They were taken hostage. Their mother was taken hostage, although it’s not clear if they’re in the same location. The father was taken hostage. Nobody’s heard from him. The grandmother was taken hostage and later found dead on the side of the road. The grandfather was taken hostage and they don’t know where he is. And not sure whether he’s dead or alive. That’s just one family. I haven’t seen that story in the press. I haven’t seen that story in the press. And then today, the Israelis are doing everything humanly possible. To get life support machines for the babies in a hospital. That Hamas has built a massive headquarters under. With all kinds of booby traps. Israel was trying to get fuel into the hospital. But was blocked by Hamas. And this has now been reported by U.S. intelligence. As well, and others have actually seen it. And. It’s Israel trying to save Palestinians and it’s Hamas who are trying to kill them. Unbelievable. At the same time. The media in this country. Is destructive. There’s inhumane. Utterly immoral. And has no conscience as a group whatsoever. None. For the last 48 hours, you’ve been hearing from the media that Donald Trump is for Hitler. Because he used the word vermin. He’s for Hitler. Now they’ve called him Hitler before and I’ve. Demonstrated that. And on freedom of the press, particularly Joe Scarborough, he’s hot on calling him Hitler. And so what Joe Scarborough and the others are doing is rather than calling people who are Hitlerian truly Hitler, they’re using the word to attack their political opponents. Or individuals they don’t like. And in doing so. In doing so, they make a mockery of the Holocaust. Nobody truly believes Donald Trump is Hitler. One of the great pastors in America. One of the great evangelicals in America is a friend of ours. Pastor John Hagee. He started an IRA. He started an organization several decades ago. Q5 Christians United for Israel. Millions of members, upwards of 10 million members. One of the greatest. pro-Israel, pro-freedom organizations in America, which means on the face of the earth. And today a website called Media Site. Smears. And degrades him, an organization that was founded by Dan Abrams. Implying that he praised Hitler. Can you imagine? So Trump is for Hitler. Peggy praised Hitler. And then, of course, yours truly is an anti-Semite. According to Media Matters, which was founded. By a self-hating Jew and anti-Semite. George Soros. And is promoted by racists, bigots and anti-Semites. They think current president of Media Matters. And the organization mediate constantly playing politics. With the life and death of a people. And an Asian. Another platform of poison. It’s incredible. And given the history of the press when it comes to anti-Semitism and Jew hatred. Given the history, the press when it comes to covering up the Holocaust. And given the current. Press in this country. Which applies moral equivalency to terrorists. And Jews in Israel. You’d think they know better, but they don’t. This is a real loathsome. Scummy operation of press outlets with loathsome some scummy individuals working for them. They have Islamists working for them. They have Islamists photographers working for them who celebrate Hitler. They’ve individuals who use Hamas statistics on a regular basis. To try and demean and smear the state of Israel and the IDF. They’re in full attack mode against the Fox News Channel. Because the Fox News Channel has more hosts, more journalists, more guests. Who support Israel and oppose Iran, who support Israel and oppose Hamas. Who support Israel and oppose Hezbollah. Than any network in existence. And it’s not even a close call. So they turn their guns on FOX. Go check out Media Matters website. How they try and destroy the reputation of Jesse Ward. And Laura Ingram. That guy. They just tried to destroy the reputation of Charlie Kirk. And many, many more. When in fact, it’s the media. That promotes the means. The blood libels. Of the 1930s. A Trump used the word vermin. Trump is without dispute. The greatest friend in the Oval Office that Israel has ever had. Bar? None. Bar none. In fact, he’s the greatest friend the Jewish people have had in the Oval Office. Bar? None. He’s the only president to have. A Jewish family. But he’s Hitler. You see. He’s the only president to have signed an executive order attacking anti-Semitism on our college campuses. And you see, it’s rampant. To take serious steps to try and address it. And there’s a lot more. When the loathsome Joe Scarborough, even as a congressman, never lifted a finger to help anybody. And yet they spew their hate because these corporatists are all and it’s no problem by then. It’s fine to them. Rabbi Dov Fisher, the writing in The American Spectator. Not too long ago. And Rabbi Fisher is an Orthodox Jew. And he writes here. I don’t know why Donald Trump loves Jews. Maybe because more than 90% of Orthodox Jews voted for him against Hillary and Joe Biden. Maybe because his daughter is an Orthodox Jew. Maybe because Jared Kushner’s son in law, whom he loves and trusts, is an Orthodox Jew. Maybe because Trump’s grandchildren are Orthodox Jews observe the Shabbat. According to its laws, it’s strictly kosher and attend Yeshiva Jewish parochial school, where my personal theory, the rabbi writes, may be because his father, Fred, was one of the great fellow Semites. Filo. Sami. What’s a fellow? Sami? It’s the opposite of an anti-Semite. It’s somebody who loves the Jewish people. Maybe because his father, Fred, was one of the great fellas, Semite. So the prior generation who even donated property to a Jewish congregation for them to have a synagogue taught young Donald that part of the Trump family legacy is to love Jews. Apparently the. Scarborough family didn’t teach Joe that. Apparently the family’s immediate. They didn’t teach their children that. Media matters didn’t teach their children that and all the rest of them. Certainly Biden. Not. When others refused to hire Jews, Trump did. Number one, he opened the restricted Mar-A-Lago private club to blacks and Jews when he bought it. Number two, he surrounded himself with honorable Jewish legal scholars and attorneys like David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, and even a bum named Michael Cohen, whose kids bar mitzvah he attended in Israel. Trump would be elected prime minister by a landslide after nearly half a century of broken promises by other American presidents. Number three, Trump formally declared the America recognized united Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Number four, he moved America’s Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Number five. He recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Number six, he recognized the permanent legality of all Jewish communities and cities ridiculously called settlements in Judea and Samaria, which is falsely called the West Bank, as legal in all situations that Israel’s own courts regard them as legal. Number seven, he cut off hundreds of millions of dollars funding for Abu Mazen. That is Mahmoud Abbas, his illegal government in the Palestinian Authority, on the grounds that they pay monthly stipend, pay to slay the families of Arab terrorists who murder Jews and otherwise perpetuate acts of terror. Number eight, he closed down the PLO office in Washington, D.C.. Nine, he closed down America’s longstanding so-called Palestine Consulate in Jerusalem. Ten He pulled the United States out of the anti-Semitic U.N. Human Rights Council. Number 11, he cut off 300 million in funding that America had been sending to the Jew hating Andrea U.N., a Jew hating U.N. agency that runs schools in places like Gaza, where Arab Muslim children are taught to hate Jews. They hate Jews. And to murder charges. Now we’re 12 appointed a U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley, who warned anti-Israel countries that were taking down names. Number 13 commuted the anti-Semitic Iowa prison sentence of Shalom Rubashkin. Number 14 almost unilaterally brought about the Abraham Accords that included several leading Arab Muslim countries for the first time to enter into true peace agreements with Israel. Without Israel. You see here, uh. Ceding an inch of Jewish territory in Judea and Samaria. A number of 15 is. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos endorsed yeshiva education during visits to two yeshivas in New York City trip while skipping visiting the city’s public schools. 16. Trump issued an executive order on combating antisemitism to enhance enforcement of Title six of the Civil Rights Act, that is, to protect Jewish college students from over at Jew hatred now rampant on so many American campuses. And 17, he named Kenneth Marcus, who I had on my show last week as Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights to investigate antisemitic episodes at campuses like Rutgers and New Jersey. Trump, number 18 deported the last Nazi war criminal known to be hiding in America. 19 signed into law a bill making it easier for Holocaust victims to reclaim stolen property. 20 ended the disastrous Iran deal and implemented crushing sanctions against Iran. 21 Sign The Taylor Force Act knocked off Kazumi Soleimani, robbed at Abu Bakar Baghdadi. Shattered State Department policy by authorizing Americans born in Jerusalem to list Israel as their American path. The list goes on and on. And Joe Scarborough, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post. The whole package of scum. Say that Trump has gone for Hitler. I guess the mirror is not big enough for all the media to look in, is it? I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
You know, and and freedom of the press. Page 72. I have example after example after example of the media and especially Scarborough referring to Donald Trump. As much ZELENY as Stalin. As Hitler. As Putin. Think about this. And he’s not alone. It’s all over CNN, MSNBC. It’s all over The New York Times and The Washington Post. You know what Hitler did? Stalin killed 30 to 40 million people. You know what Mussolini did? And they keep talking about Donald Trump like this. He used the word vermin. Really? Is that worse than rearming the Iranians?

Segment 3
Over 30 years past year, John Hagee began an organization called Christians United for Israel. And media just called this man effectively as praising Hitler for the creation of Israel. They don’t even know who this man is. The punk who wrote the story. They could have done a little bit of research there at all their online. I know Pastor Hagee. He loves the state of Israel. He loves the United States. So now they try to tie him to Hitler. See American media. You have these Hamas Nazis. You have these terrorists. You have their funding sources and their links in our own country. You have them undermining Israel at the time of war. And this is what they do. This is why you hate them. And you should hate them. What is school fire Christians United for Israel. Here’s their mission statement. As the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States with over 10 million members. Christians United for Israel is the foremost Christian organization educating and empowering millions of Americans to speak and act with one voice in defense of Israel. And the Jewish people codifies diversity across political, ethnic, generational and denominational lines. Maximizers are impacting communities and the media on campus and in our nation’s capital. Koofi is committed to confronting a difference and combating antisemitism in all its forms when wherever it may be found. That’s very different than Hamas’s mission statement, which I don’t believe has been read by any. News operation from beginning to end. Number one, it’s quite long. But number two, it is self damning. And here this group founded by Dan Abrams. It’s trashing one of the foremost leaders. In the Christian world. Defending the state of Israel. Trying to tie him to Hitler. This is really shocking. But I guess it’s really not. Benjamin Netanyahu himself. Has been said to be Hitlerian, the Jewish leader of the Jewish state. By the radical left in his country and our country. Q3 was created in February 26 as a grassroots movement designed to unify Christians across all denominations and cultural boundaries in support of Israel. Why was media founded? God knows why. Began with 400 pastors and ministry leaders says our size, effectiveness and diversity across generational, racial, cultural and denominational lines have positioned us as the leading voice for pro-Israel Christians. And he goes on. You can read it yourself. Many of you are members. I tell you these things not only because. Of how disgustingly outrageous media mediate in the rest of the media are suggesting that Donald Trump has gone for Hitler. And I noticed that Wolf BLITZER promoted this to. He should know better. And as CNN and MSNBC and all of them are promoting this. Liz Cheney. Of course, Liz Cheney has psychological issues. Any Republican who supports Trump after use the word vermin, whether it’s the RNC chairwoman or anybody else, should be disqualified or is supporting Hitler talk. Isn’t it shocking? Obama never received this kind of pushback. Obama was an anti-Semite. Still is, in my view, was even before he became a politician with his buddy, the Hamas connected Khalidi. That’s true. And in fact, apparently so. Damning is an audio that was taken at a meeting. Of a handful of people with Obama and Khalidi that the L.A. Times has and the L.A. Times wouldn’t release during the course of the campaign, still won’t release. Yet Obama’s statement that he put out. We’re so awful. That Alan Dershowitz had to condemn it as the piece of trash that it was. And then directs, says UN Ambassador and the UN to vote present when one of the worst U.N. resolutions has been proposed by the worst anti-Semites and it passes. And we can go on and on. They don’t call Obama Hitler. Hitler like Mussolini. Stalin. They don’t call Biden Hitler. For what’s going on on the southern border. They don’t call Franklin Roosevelt Hitler for what his State Department did to the Jewish people and his rounding up. Japanese American citizens for no damn reason. They don’t call Woodrow Wilson Hitler and his promotion of eugenics, including against black people. They don’t call Joseph Kennedy senior Hitler, when he was sending messages through the back door as ambassador to Britain, to Hitler’s lieutenants. They don’t call Margaret Sanger Hitler. Even though she pushed eugenics was supported by the Klan. They don’t call me Hitler. They don’t call the leader of Hamas Hitler. They don’t call boss Hitler. They don’t call anyone in Iran. Hitler. But Trump has gone for Hitler, don’t you know? They don’t call out The New York Times for protecting Hitler. They don’t call out The Washington Post for its silence in the face of Hitler. They don’t call out a single squad member as going for Hitler. But Donald Trump used the word vermin. So according to Joe Scarborough, he’s gone for Hitler, according to Jon Meacham. A crazed, low IQ phony historian. Trump’s gone Hitler. According to every racist big an anti-Semite on MSNBC. And there are many. Trump’s like Hitler, like style, like Mussolini. Same with CNN. Wow. Amazing, isn’t it? Now there’s Biden. Meaning what? There’s a Hitler. Two and a half million weavers. Is you going to raise it as a concern? If he does, he’ll do it in one of his incompetent. Whispers. Do the American media call? Gee, Hitler. Who slaughtering Muslims? No, the American media call Putin Hitler. Who is slaughtering Ukrainians? No. Do the American people call on the inbred who runs North Korea? Hitler. Who slaughters and rapes and tortures relentlessly? No. And they record the Castro brothers. Hitler? No. How about that Maduro thug in Venezuela? Is he Hitler? No. Now just Donald Trump. Just Donald Trump. Anybody in his circle. Extremist radical MAGA. Tens of millions of honorable, law abiding, taxpaying American citizens. Radical MAGA. Extremist MAGA. Led by Hitler. Which means Magnus Nazi, too. You get it? Your code words. Hillary Clinton. Trump is Hitler. Where is Trump? Hitler? When was Trump peddling? What it Trump do. There was anything like Hitler. The American media. Is the media of the 19. Thirties and forties in this regard. It has no morality. It has no governor. It has no soul. It has no guideposts. It is a free for all. They don’t only say these things. They say it with arrogance. Self-righteousness. More than anything else. More than anyone else. The American media are tearing this country apart. Through their allies, through their narratives, through their projections. And these would be the same people who report on these prosecutions against Trump. On our politics, on our elections. These people are detestable. There are many, many scholars who. Who survived. Stalin. Now. Hitler. And they’ve written. Crucially important books. Which I tried to point out to you in chapter four of the Democrat Party Hates America. And I went through what were, to me, some of the most prominent scholars and survivors of these totalitarian regimes and what they said about language. And values and beliefs. And how totalitarian regimes destroy them. They create their own vocabulary, they create their own usage of approved words effectively. And I also wrote, as you know, and I’m freedom of the press about pseudo events. Events that the press create. In order to push a narrative that’s all in play when they write about a Donald Trump. His use of the word vermin is a pseudo event. It’s a non-event that’s turned into news. And the use of it in the application of Donald Trump of all people. In present day to try and turn him into Hitler. Is what the media for totalitarian regimes do. They need to turn people into something they are not. They turn them into the devil. So no matter what they say about anything. In your mind, there’s a click that goes off. Trump is Hitler. And that’s how totalitarian regimes function with a state run media that is in America, a media that supports one party. That is Marxist mostly in its ideology. That is anti-Israel and sympathetic to Islamist ism. And this is how they roll. So they’ll hate Trump. They’ll hate Hagee, though. Hate me. They’ll hate the state of Israel. They’ll hate Netanyahu like nothing else. And they will accuse Israel of Hitlerian war crimes. And that’s where we are today. With CNN, MSNBC Media Matters. Media eight, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and all the rest. Why do you think they try to destroy Fox News? Because Fox News doesn’t go along. What do you think? They tried to destroy Newsmax because Newsmax doesn’t go along. Why do you think they try to destroy O&M? Because O&M doesn’t go along relatively handful of broadcast television platforms. Why do you think they’ve spent decades trying to destroy talk radio and the leading talk show hosts? By twisting their words and they create an echo chamber. Media Matters. Media. Huffington Post, Daily Beast, CNN, MSNBC. And that’s the way mobster media function. With a totalitarian mindset. And you’re not only witnessing it, you’re the victims of it. I have a lot more. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Well, folks. I talked about this the other day, and here we are. The final tally now is 290,000 who were at the National Mall today, 290,000. It’s the largest such such gathering in on record. When it comes the issue of Israel and Jews in America. And on this very day when Joe Biden decided not even to stop for 5 minutes to speak or to be seen. But was it a climate change summit and then ran off to meet his Buttigieg? The communist Chinese who’ve. Who’ve turned the family into multimillionaires. He took a pass, you see. Because you couldn’t trash the American people. If there was any way to bring up Jim Crow of the past. That event he would have attended. AP US extends Sanctions waiver allowing Iraq to buy electricity from Iran. And the deal, roughly $10 billion in Iraqi payments for Iranian electricity currently being held in escrow. They’ll get the $10 billion plus future billions of dollars. And Biden and his secretary stay do it on the very day the 290,000 people. Read them all in support of Israel and against anti-Semitism. And the Islamo Nazi regime in Tehran will take that money and use it to kill more Israelis, more Americans. And the idea that now we have an administration like this and a president like this is so contemptible and unconscionable. Never before in American history.