November 9th, 2023

November 9th, 2023

Former Governor of South Carolina and United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley speaks during the third Republican presidential primary debate at the Knight Concert Hall at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida, on November 8, 2023. (Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, America is dying and cannot afford to have another Bush, Christie, Sununu, or McConnell Republican in the White House because they will not be able to reverse the damage done by the Obama and Biden administrations. Nikki Haley has been lying about Ron DeSantis’ decision on energy and lies about her own position with Communist China and doing virtually anything to have China invest in South Carolina. Haley has never been a big pro-life governor or support and is lying about her position on abortion too. The reason Donald Trump was so popular was because he was a Washington outsider and didn’t govern like the establishment candidates and fought the liberal culture wars and the woke agenda. Also, we have pathetic buffoonish men in the Oval Office, the Secretary of State, and the National Security Advisor, which is why Iran has no reason to stop attacking Israel and is not afraid of the Biden Administration. Jews are being attacked and killed in the United States in the wake of the October 7 terror attacks in Israel, and Democrats are looking the other way while repeating the Hamas lines to the media. The DOJ and FBI were on high alert for parents at schoolboard meetings or pro-life protesters, but they are paying no attention to the anti-Semitism taking over our cities and universities leading to more and more hate crimes against Jews. The Democrat party is all in through their silence and inaction, as well as through the mouthpieces of their media and hate groups and actions they’ve taken against Jews. Later, Mark talks with Senator Katie Britt (R-AL) about the anti-Israel hatred and evil spreading in the Middle East and in our own country, and about her new book, God Calls Us to Do Hard Things: Lessons from the Alabama Wiregrass.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Well, when the program was over last night, I did watch what remained of the debate. And I have some observations that might be a little different than most people. Nikki Haley is a liar. She’s been lying about Ronda Santos’s position. On energy. She’s been told she’s lying and she keeps lying. She lies about her own positions when it comes to communist China. She was celebrating the Communist Party officials for years and years as governor. She would do virtually anything to have their investment in the state of South Carolina. Her responses again to attack DeSantis is doing the same, which is a lie. Everybody in Florida knows. She says she’s pro-life. She was never a big pro-life governor or pro-life supporter. So she’s lying about that, too. And I can go down the list. That’s why The Wall Street Journal is slobbering all over her today. Because The Wall Street Journal is not a conservative editorial page. It’s not leftist. But it promotes Peggy Noonan and her ilk. It used to trash the Tea Party. In 2010. He used to promote an amendment to the Constitution. Thou shall have. Thou shalt have open borders. Of course it. It doesn’t. Apologize for their position in the past. It’s called The Wall Street Journal, not the Main Street Journal. And she’s been promoted by essentially three groups. The Republican establishment. Bush individuals as well as Democrats in the media. And billionaire Republican donors who hate Donald Trump. When people talk about Nikki Haley, they talk about the superficial, how she responded to ramaswamy. What she said about Trump, what she said this what she said that you notice she never runs on a record. She runs from her record. She didn’t answer the questions about her close economic ties with communist China. She went on the attack. I’ve been calling her George Bush in a dress, I guess ramaswamy people have heard me about. Cheney with high heels. But that’s not it. It’s George Bush and address. She’s an establishment moderate Republican. Now, some people might be looking for that. And this is what I wanted to say about that. The country is dying. We’re in the ICU. We can’t afford to have a bush. Christie, Sununu, McConnell, Republican in the White House. We will not. Turn this country around. We’ll have a respite from the radical left, but we wanna make progress. Not one inch of progress. In pushing our agendas. That is a problem. And so the reason people like Donald Trump. Is it because they’re stupid? Is it because they’re hypnotized? Is it because they’re MAGA, Radical MAGA. It’s because they saw how he governed for four years. And his substance was outstanding. Peace in the Middle East, a border that was more secure than any time since Dwight Eisenhower. An economy that was. Growing and expanding and creating wealth and opportunity for Americans. Normalcy. When it came to. Issues like. Transgenderism and critical race theory. The same media. That is pushing a moral equivalency between the Hamas terrorists. And the democracy in Israel is the same media. They did. Has and continues to try and destroy Trump. The reason why many of us like DeSantis. As a governor. Is because he can run on his record. People moved to Florida in droves. They still are. People speak with their feet. Nikki Haley speaks with her mouth. That’s fine. But people weren’t rushing into South Carolina because she was governor. South Carolina wasn’t even thought about when people were thinking about Where shall I move? Because. Nikki Haley. Was one of a mass of Republican governors. Who basically manage as best they can the state. But they don’t make any forward movement. They don’t make any progress. South Carolina is a largely Republican state. She even had it easy. But she accomplished almost nothing. Ron DeSantis. Wins by the skin of his teeth. And he doesn’t play rhino. He doesn’t play it safe. He governs the state as a constitutional conservative. And so is attacked by the Wall Street Journal. Why? Because the Tea Party movement. The Reagan revolution. The Trump revolution, none of these things would have happened. If the Republican establishment had its way. The DeSantis victory in Florida, none of these things would have happened. He had to win a primary. Against a rhino. And yet when conservatives finally win. You’re extraordinarily popular. The problem conservatives have, whether it’s Barry Goldwater. A Ronald Reagan three attempts to get the nomination of the Republican Party. Or Donald Trump is a conservative by common sense, not by philosophy. A Ron DeSantis in Florida. The problem they all have. Is the Republican establishment, the Republican billionaires. Who stopped them? Who tried to stop them? Who fight them? Once they muscle through, they do. Okay. Even now, we have Karl Rove out there saying, if it’s Biden Trump, it’ll be the most disastrous election in American history. A RINO establishment. Chris Christie spends all his time appearing in front of Republicans trashing Trump. What is the point of that? Nikki Haley was a Trump appointee. She was not on the national scene, but for Trump. And she said she wouldn’t run against him if he decides to run. But there she is running against him even though he decided to run. So what? Right. And I’m no Ramaswamy fan in the least. I know a charlatan when I see one that said. When he pointed out on Tik-tok. Nikki Haley going on about all the things she’s going to do about tick tock. And to protect all the children from tick tock. It was absolutely legitimate for him to mention, and he didn’t do it in a disrespectful way and he didn’t attack her and he didn’t attack her daughter. To say, you haven’t even dealt with that in your own family. Your daughter is on Tik tok. And she calls him a scum. Really? If we want to win the next election. And we must. We have to ignore these commentators. We have to know these operatives. Who are on cable and elsewhere who spent their entire lives. Feeding from the. The ruling class and the establishment. We have to reject these people. Gerald Ford lost against Jimmy Carter, for crying out loud. But my concern is we can fight the Democrats and the Marxists and the Islamists. But how do we deal with the Fifth Column in the Republican Party? That seeks to purify the party. Whether they’re in the minority or not, they don’t much care. So that they can continue. Click on the media, then continue to make money, hold office, be called honorable. That’s been the problem for Republicans. Conservatives. We have a Republican Party that hates its conservative base. That hates its conservative base. I see these Bush guys always throwing Reagan’s name around. Rove does it. Rove was never a Reagan guy. Christie does it. Christie was never a Reagan guy. Sununu does it, salute his family. They were never Reaganites. What did they talk about? George H.W. Bush. What did they talk about? George W Bush. I have nothing against those men personally. Past and present. Nothing. But they didn’t do anything. Certainly not anything that mattered. The great change among presidents, the greatest Republican presidents. We’re men who were leaders. Leaders. Abraham Lincoln didn’t try and figure out 15 different ways. On slavery. That would avoid an all out war. Calvin Coolidge didn’t try and figure out 50 different ways. To expand the economy. Ronald Reagan didn’t try and free up 50 different ways to defeat the Soviet Union, so forth. Some things you do because they’re right. The Republican media, Republicans in the media notice I didn’t say conservatives want us to change our views on abortion. We’re getting our asses kicked on abortion, they tell us. Well, we are. For two reasons. Number one, when it comes to that issue, Republicans. Become illiterate, incapable of speaking and explaining. Number two, the Democrat Party billionaires are all in on abortion, on demand, right to the end. Hakeem Jeffries just said no restrictions whatsoever on abortion. Republican billionaires, many of them agree with that. I can’t tell you how many times. I’ve had some of them and other wealthy Republicans come up to me and say, Can’t we just drop the social issues? In other words, the cultural issues. I’ve never used that phrase social issues. I’ve always called them cultural issues. Nikki Haley says, drop it. And it’s not just with abortion. It’s with Disney. It’s what the classrooms. The Peggy Noonan. Same thing. Peggy Noonan was never involved in Reagan’s primary campaign. She came on later after he got elected. She worked for Dan Rather. She hates Netanyahu. She hates dissenters. Of course, she promoted Chris Christie. But nobody wants Chris Christie’s up there because the Democrats keep sending him small donations. Small donations. Nikki Haley said something. I think it was in response to either Tim Scott. Orion de Santa. She said, We can’t build our navy. We don’t know how many ships we need because of our massive debt. Does that sound like a leader to you? That’s not what Reagan said. You have to reprioritize, prioritize the spending in the federal government. That’s hard to do. So more goes to defense and left to client unless the climate change. Because we have to do both if we’re going to survive now. We have to do both if we’re going to survive. Ramaswamy is. A foreign policy illiterate. It’s not about neocons. It’s not about that stuff. He’s a foreign policy illiterate. He does his best. Imitation. George McGovern. More when I return. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
You know, there’s a there is a article in National Review about the death, the murder of Paul Kessler. Do the rest of the media remember who Paul Kessler is? Should there be riots in the streets? I mean, if Paul Kessler was of a different minority group or a different faith, wouldn’t there be? I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
31 Americans were murdered on October 7th. 25 American soldiers have suffered traumatic brain injuries. By Iranian terrorist militia groups firing their missiles. And so far, the best the Biden regime can do is to blow up a couple of warehouses. They did it again yesterday. And 31 of our people are dead. 25 of our people over there have traumatic brain injury. So of course, Iran’s going to keep it up. Because we have a sickening, pathetic. Buffoonish man in the Oval Office, in the office of the Secretary of State. In the Office of the National Security Adviser. A very dangerous clown show. Paul Kessler was a 69 year old man. He and another gentleman organized this pro-Israel rally. They didn’t bust into a pro-Palestinian rally. They organized their own rally. He and Jonathan as wax. Two older gentleman. The second one they organized. And of course, people get into their faces. I keep hearing about free speech, apparently, like on our colleges and universities, it only goes one way. Schaeffer isn’t sure who did what. I am. The elderly Jewish man is dead. Somebody assaulted him. I don’t care what they were arguing. Does it matter? Apparently was punched and hit over the head. And he hit the ground in a loud thump. And his head cracked open. Blood. A big puddle of blood. And, of course, internal bleeding. And they took him to the hospital and he died. How many Jews have died in the United States since October 7th? You know, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, all the rest of you lousy, disgusting propaganda operations. How many Jews have been killed in the United States since October 7th? There’s one. But there’s been more than one. You have to fabricate, manufacture deaths and the Capitol building on January six. Here we have real deaths occurring, violence, people being brutalized. And murdered. And you just move on. Just mouth the Hamas line. You just mouth the Biden administration line. That’s all you do. Because you’re disgusting. Because you’re Democrats. And I want America to know it’s the conservatives. It’s conservative media. It’s conservative talk radio, It’s Fox. It’s Newsmax. It’s Oann. It’s Breitbart. It’s The Blaze is The Daily Wire. It’s right, Scoop. So. The Daily CALLER. And those entities like them. We are the ones. We are the ones defending civilization. Blaze has not hired any anti-Semites, any pro-Hamas. Mouthpieces. Daily Wire has it right. Scoop hasn’t. Fox News hasn’t. CNN has. MSNBC has. NBC has. ABC, CBS, New York Times. They have a conga line. One. 190 or so Democrats voted against censuring Talib. Who called for the extermination of the Jews in Israel. 22 voted with the Republicans. Around 190 voted with Talib. Over at Breitbart. John Nolte. He notes Hate crimes against Jews in Democrat run New York City surged to 114% last month. According to the far left New York Daily News. Most of the gun violence. Violent crime. Pollution. Sexism. Racism. Hate crimes occur where Democrats are in charge, he points out. Of course he’s right. New York City, of course, is one of the most left wing cities in the country. And yet hate is still on the march. Actually, hate against Jews is on a rampage last month in New York, Overall hate crimes increased by 124% when compared to October of 2022. But hate crime reports against Jews skyrocketed by an astonishing 214%. We’re feeling it 100%, says Bob Moskowitz, the executive coordinator, Brooklyn’s Flatbush Shomron Safety Patrol. He told the Daily News Our hotline with the community utilizes to report any incident has probably increased in the last month and a half. By 300%, the phone is simply non stop. This is happening in every major city in America. You remember when it was all hands on deck, when parents were protesting at the Loudoun County School board and they had harmed a hair on anybody’s head? Remember how quickly the Biden administration, the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, how quickly they jumped into action. They put out a memo. Oh, yes. All hands on deck. The FBI, the U.S. attorney’s office, the national security unit. The Civil Rights Division, the Criminal Division, every division, every unit, every office on high alert. Her parents had school board meetings. That’s not happening now. Is it? No. We haven’t heard from Merrick Garland in weeks. When it comes to appointing people to investigate Trump. There he is. When it comes to attacking the Georgia Republican legislature. There he is when it comes to attacking the. Governor of Texas who’s trying to secure the border. There he is. When it comes to trans rights, quote unquote. There is Galan. But what about now? Silence. Why is the attorney general holding a news conference with the deputy, the associate attorney general’s? But the head of the criminal division, the head of the Civil Rights Division, laying out an entire program of what they’re doing. Why are they doing that? Why don’t we get a coherent announcement? From one of the two or three spokes idiots for the idiot in the White House explaining in detail what the federal government is going to do about the violations of the Civil Rights Act. Where’s that? We get this. Proclamation and Islamophobia. Where is it? Where are the Democrats on Capitol Hill? Schumer. Hakeem Jeffries. Insisting at the top of their lungs. Now both parties in both chambers. Get to the bottom of this address and confront it, figure out what we need to do to stop it. Where are they? Where’s the DNC letter? Condemning the colleges and universities. Where is it? The Democrat Party is all in. By silence. My lack of action and. By loud voices and action. There’s split. They’re not split ideologically. They’re split on. Political tactics? Oh, yes. There’s some members of that House, most of whom are Jewish, who are appalled by what’s taking place. Well, they should reconsider what party they belong to. They’re safer in the Republican caucus than the Democrat Party caucus, and they damn well know it. Mark, how can you. Attack Merrick Garland. You understand? He’s Jewish. I don’t care what it. This is the game they play. Don’t you dare attack X, Y, Z because he’s Jewish. I’ll attack whomever I want and attack them for the right reasons. It’s very, very important that we not allow the media, the Democrat Party and all the rest of them to silence us, to intimidate us. They make a run at it with me now and then. They all repeat themselves the same damn media. That stands with Hamas statistics and Hamas propaganda. The same damn media. But not today, not yesterday and not tomorrow. We’ll report on all the civilians being murdered in Iran. In Yemen. They don’t even talk about the slaughters going on in Syria anymore. The people being slaughtered daily by the Palestinian Authority, you know, the moderates. How many of the people who’ve died in Gaza have been killed by the terrorists, either directly or as a military tactic? Why don’t they divide up their little statistics, such as they are? There’s a video out now. I haven’t watched it yet. I don’t know if I had the stomach to watch it yet. To be perfectly honest with you. There’s a video out now. With some of the graphic details of what happened on October 7th. It’s so horrendous. It’s so horrendous that people who have watched it. It’s changed their lives. It’s changed their lives. And after they watch the video, they break down many, many people. One of the eyewitnesses at the kibbutz there was attacked. Said that the Hamas Palestinians. Were brutally and massively raping the women and the girls. Passing one to the other. And shooting them in the head. Before they even pulled up their pants. So if you’re an Israeli Jew and you keep hearing about a humanitarian pause. What do you mean? Humanitarian pause. What are you talking about? And the burned bodies. People burned alive. If you’ve ever seen a body of a human being burned alive. It’s. Unimaginable and what they went through. And within days we have care. The Hamas network. Students for Justice in Palestine. We have Marxist professors, Marxist students. We are Palestinians, not members of Hamas, Palestinians who are sympathetic to Hamas. Pouring into the streets by the tens of thousands. As if October 7th never happened. And we have a media playing this game of moral equivalency. And I should shut up about it. Over my dead body. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
We hear this line. Well, not all Palestinians support terrorism. That’s obviously true. Let me repeat it for the hard of hearing leftists. That’s obviously true, but it obviously doesn’t matter. The fact is when we were hit on 911. The plot, the attack. Involve less than 24 Muslims. And I’m not the first to say this. Other people have made the point to. Where majority of Germans. In favor of the extermination of the Jews. Doesn’t matter. A large enough percentage were 10% 15, 20, 50. Wherever you find terrorism, tyranny, totalitarianism. The vast majority of the time, the majority doesn’t support it. But that’s why they’re not democracies. They don’t give a damn about the vote. So when people say, hey, look, you know, it’s not most palace. Why does that matter? It’s the individuals who are the terrorists who have control over the resources, who have control over a territory or a society or so forth. They’re the problem. And because of them. An enormous amount of harm is done, including death. So it’s not like that’s an answer to anything. And that evil has to be wiped out. Whether it was Hitler, whether it was Stalin, whatever it is. They have to be wiped out. And there’s really no easy way to do it but to do it. And of course, civilians are harmed by that. I can’t think of a single war or a major conflict in which that hasn’t been the case. Now you tell me one case. Just one. In where? Victims turn around, go after their enemy, and then have humanitarian pause as quote unquote. Well, Mark, Netanyahu just agreed three or 4 hours a day. Here’s the truth. They’ve been doing that anyway. Biden jumps out because he’s trying to take credit, because that’s all Biden knows. That’s all he does. He hasn’t done a damn thing about Iran. Nothing. Who’s killed American citizens again in who has severely harmed American soldiers? Again. Again. I’ll be right back.