November 2nd, 2023

November 2nd, 2023

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democrat media in America lies about Israel and are quick to embrace the talking points of Hamas, whether it is about casualties or an attack on a hospital or anything else. CNN is the worst offender, using Media Matters as a source for news, which is a group funded by George Soros – a notorious hater of Israel. The Biden administration does not want Israel to win because they are still funding Iran, Hamas, and other terrorists groups in the Middle East. Biden is lying to Israel by telling them one thing and saying another publicly, and all of our enemies in Iran and Russia and China are watching to see if Biden will buckle. The longer it takes for Israel to defeat Hamas, the more Russia and China will get involved and expand their influence in the Middle East, and the moderate Muslim regimes in the region will lose trust in America because we are a declining power. None of this would be happening without Iran and but for the fact that the Biden regime re-armed Iran.  Also, Mark speaks with Senator Tim Scott to discuss the pressure Joe Biden is putting on Israel not to defend themselves against terror attacks by Hamas and Biden’s calls for a ceasefire in the middle of a war. Israel is facing a threat that targets civilians and will go to any lengths to eliminate Jews, and the most humane thing to do would be to allow Israel to achieve their goal of removing Hamas as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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Israel has no right to defend itself, says Russia at UN

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I spent a lot of time. Exposing and explaining how the media. The 1930s and forties covered up the Holocaust. Three scholars, one of whom works for Joe Biden these days. Wrote extensive books. Specifically about how The New York Times portrayed the Jews. It’s the title of one of them. Took a long time. But in 2001, Max Frankel, the retired I believe, managing editor of The New York Times, wrote a piece. Apologize for their grave error. And during my 21 years on radio, I pointed out time and time and time again. How the media in America. Reports lies about the state of Israel. And you can see today how they’re quick to embrace Hamas talking points. Whether it’s the hospital. Whether it’s casualties, whatever it is. One of the worst violators. Of the truth. One of the worst propagandist operations in America is CNN. And shame on the media that uses media matters. As a source. Produce. Media matters that has been supported by George Soros, who’s a notorious. Opponent of the state of Israel. Notorious. Whose non-profit organizations have links. Different groups that have links to terrorist organizations. There was a piece, I believe, in the New York Post about there recently. But don’t you dare mention that. Because George Soros. Was in the Holocaust. And don’t you dare mention anything about George Soros. But we just witnessed and are witnessing the worst atrocity since the Holocaust against Jews in Israel. It’s not my fault that he’s funding these front groups. But CNN is one of the worst. Wolf BLITZER is one of the worst. Jake TAPPER is one of the worst, but they’re not alone. There’s a whole conga line. Same with MSNBC, which is the worst of the worst. Now, I want you to listen to this. All 3 minutes of it because I have to waste my time on this. Because I will not allow me or anybody that supports the state of Israel and the survival of the Jewish people to be intimidated. Intimidated by a corrupt, poisonous propaganda operation like CNN. This is from yesterday, I believe. Go. I want you to listen to Wolf BLITZER. To Hakeem Jeffries on CNN yesterday. Wolf BLITZER, as I understand it. His parents weren’t victims in one way or another of the Holocaust, but certainly his family comes out of that background. But you wouldn’t know it. Because the ideology of the left is very attractive. It’s very compelling. Particularly if you’re in media. Wolf BLITZER cut two with Hakeem Jeffries. Go. A senior Hamas official that it claims was the leader in the October 7th terrorist attack. Senior Hamas official that it claims, meaning Israel claims, was a leader in October seven attack. You’ve seen his picture. You know his background. You know his connections. What do you mean? That is. Or it claims. You mean it claims. Was Himmler part of the senior level Nazis, or is that just a claim? But here we go. Go ahead, Drill. We don’t yet know how many civilians were killed in today’s strike on that refugee camp. But is taking out was it a strike on a refugee camp? If they wanted to strike the refugee camp, you’d see more than one. Location where the missile hit. It wasn’t a strike on refugees. One of the top commanders of what happened on October 7th. One of the leading subhuman Nazis was there in the refugee camp. So you can’t beg him to leave. Please leave so we can kill you. You got to go get him. And Israel has explained again and again and again and again that even an old man like Wolf BLITZER, who has a hearing problem and an IQ problem, should be able to comprehend this, that there are underground tunnels. Wow. There are. Yes, there are like spaghetti. Under Gaza. And so when you drop a bomb or shoot a missile and hit a location. Often they cave in. Not always, but they came in. Why? Because the infrastructure doesn’t exist any longer. That is the ground. Their tunnels. Tunnels mean there’s space. There’s space underground. So if something dramatic happens at the surface, it can blow through the service surface into the ground. And Wolf Blitzer’s been on TV a long time, and he knows that. But he doesn’t care. All right. That was about 3 minutes. There was about through all the context. And you would think Wolf BLITZER. What have more compassion about this. The greatest atrocities committed against the Jews since the Holocaust and the Jews fighting back. Trying to take out one of the commanders, one of the top Hamas Nazis. And even Hakeem Jeffries didn’t bait the hook. They have a right to defend them. So he didn’t even bite the hook. BLITZER In his question, is soliciting condemnation of Israel and Israeli forces? That’s what he was doing. I’m defending Israel. The Jewish state. I’m defending Israel. One of the senior commanders responsible for the atrocities that took place, babies put in ovens. Baby’s decapitated. Women rape. You don’t need to hear it all. You know it all. You’ve seen it all. And so they have a commander in their sights. They weren’t attacking a refugee camp. They didn’t say, Oh, there’s a refugee camp, let’s attack it. But you listening to this, you wouldn’t know it. I want you to listen to this part again, because what happens is media matters. Is recording this program. Hanging on every syllable. And what they do is they’ll take a word, a sentence. They’ll turn it into a pretzel. Because they will try and create a narrative. And their fellow. Slime balls will pick up on it. Like mediate, like The Daily Beast. These are all reprobates, These are all nonentities, but they’re desperately trying to get their pretzel, their twist, their spin into the mainstream media. Let me explain what I mean, Mr. Producer. Stop at the top and stop when I tell you to stop. Go. I want you to listen to Wolf BLITZER, to Hakeem Jeffries on CNN yesterday. Wolf BLITZER, as I understand it. His parents weren’t. Victims in one way or another, the Holocaust. But certainly as family comes out of that background stop. Media Matters says. The Daily Beast and media regurgitate. That that comment. Suggests anti-Semitism. Start at the top again, Mr. Producer. Go. I want you to listen to Wolf BLITZER. To Hakeem Jeffries on CNN yesterday. Wolf BLITZER, as I understand it. His parents weren’t. Victims in one way or another, the Holocaust. But certainly his family comes out of that background. But you wouldn’t know it. So what does that mean? Let’s start at the beginning. His parents, they say, weren’t victims in one way or another. Let’s stop for a second. When I take a breath, when I’m saying something and I’m passionate. I take a breath. Now you can hear that they say worth it if you’re really listening and you want it to say where it is so that you can hear it to say weren’t. I barely even remember saying it. So we’ve played it. We’ve got the audio you can twist it to say weren’t. But obviously, why would I say his parents weren’t weren’t in one way or another. Victims in the Holocaust. How can that even be logical? Why would I say somebody’s parents were or were not victims of the Holocaust? If they weren’t victims of the Holocaust, why would they say his parents weren’t victims of the Holocaust? Or why would I intentionally say that I didn’t? I didn’t. In the second sentence, but certainly as family comes out of that background. Clarifies exactly what I’m talking about. So they take that and they say Levin denies. They’re Wolf Blitzer’s parents. We’re in the Holocaust, which I’ve since looked up, and they were at Auschwitz, and it’s the grandparents were killed there. Which is a horrible, horrible thing. In fact, some of the people who’ve been taken back into Gaza. We’re Holocaust survivors in Israel. Some of the people murdered were Holocaust survivors. And of course, my point is you have a background like that. And you might and you ask Hakeem question. Hakeem Jeffries a question like this. It’s shocking to me, especially as a Jew. It is shocking to me. And so that now, ladies and gentlemen, causes CNN, which was contacted by, I think, The Daily Beast, another leftist Marxist operation. And here’s what CNN said. Quote. And by the way, it’s anonymous. We don’t even know who at CNN said it. Mark Levin’s comments about Wolf BLITZER and Jake TAPPER. Wildly uninformed, inappropriate and shameful, the spokesperson told The Daily Beast. Wolf is the child of Holocaust survivors, and all four of his grandparents were murdered during the Holocaust, a fact that Wolf has personally reported on through a special documentary Trips to Auschwitz, written reflections and decades of public speaking on the Holocaust, education and awareness. Levin’s anti-Semitic rhetoric is dangerous, offensive, and should be universally denounced by anti-Semitic rhetoric. This is why I despise these people. And you should. They think they’re going to intimidate. Me. They think they’re going to silence me. In that entire clip, Mr. Producer, who’s defending Israel. Me and that I tire clip who’s defending the IDF taking out the Islamo Nazi commander is a Wolf BLITZER. No, he’s questioning it. It’s me. I am. Even Hakeem Jeffries wasn’t buying it. And that’s the point. And there are self-hating Jews as there are self-hating Catholics and Protestants and Americans and so forth. Books have been written about the Sulzberger family in the New York Times. They embarrassed by their faith? Embarrassed. And one of the arguments is that’s why they covered up the Holocaust. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here. Wolf BLITZER, Jake TAPPER, Ernie Grabowski, I don’t care. While the state of Israel is fighting for its survival. And you get a dumb ass question like this, which is intended to provoke criticism. Criticism? Fine. But for taking out a commander of Hamas? No way. The anti-Semites are at Media matters. They’re connected to Soros. The anti-Semites are at CNN, one of the most pro-Hamas media outlets in the country, and the anti-Semites are at Mediate that spends more time attacking Trump than it does Hamas. That’s it. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
So the media in the 1930s and forties, The New York Times and they were all but all of it covers up the Holocaust that until 1944, the American people are aware of what’s actually taking place. The extermination of the European Jews. 6 million of them. Against the death. Pushing it out and mass graves. Slave labor camps. On and on and on. I didn’t cover it up. I didn’t excuse it. They did. The media did the American anti-Semitic, America hating media covered it up, and they’re doing their damnedest today. Other than Fox and a few conservative outlets to expose exactly what’s taking place with these atrocities today.

Segment 3
By the way, as a side note, I will be monitoring CNN and these other reprobates in these outlets like never before. And it was the president of Israel, Herzog. Very moderate politically who condemn CNN’s coverage of the war. And condemned other media coverage of the war. He didn’t condemn me. Because the media coverage is par for the course. Horrendous. Absolutely disgusting. Including the individuals that I have named. And there’s many more. But now I want to bring you a good man. Tim Scott. Senator Tim Scott is running for president. I watched his speech at the Republic, speech at the Republican Jewish Conference. And by the way, I didn’t see Jake TAPPER or Wolf BLITZER at that conference. I didn’t see anyone for media matters or meteorite at that conference. It’s the biggest conference of Jewish Republicans. Annually. Every year. And full throated support, full throated support for the state of Israel. And one of the great speeches was given by Senator Tim Scott. How are you, my friend? Mark, it’s always good to be on the air with you. And let me just thank you and your listeners for helping me qualify for the debate stage. You said go to vote Tim Scott dot com they went to vote Tim Scott dot com and as a result of going to vote Tim Scott dot com. We are on the stage because of people like you. Thank you and your supporters for helping me keep the loudest mouth on the stage in support of Israel, in support of the Jewish community and frankly in support of common sense and humanity. Yeah. Let me ask you a question, Senator, and you earned it because you need to be on that stage. You’re a very important voice. And let me ask you this. There’s a lot of information that Biden and Blinken and that administration is putting enormous pressure. Almost to the point of threats on Netanyahu and his government. To have what they call a humanitarian, what are they called, a humanitarian cease or whatever. Pause. Humanitarian pause. And they’re insisting in specific. That they allow fuel to go into Gaza which the. Hamas terrorists always steal from the people and used to shoot rockets. What do you make of this kind of pressure from Biden? It is unbelievable. But it’s consistent with what I said at the RJC that President Biden speaks with a forked tongue. In the daytime, he’s all about supporting Israel. And in the evening time, when the night starts and you can’t see what he’s doing. He supports a cease fire. Let me just define a cease fire for all of us to get on the same page. A cease fire, Mark, is nothing more than an opportunity for Hamas to reload. If they were concerned about the Palestinians living in Hamas, they would tell them to leave. Do they say that more? Of course not. Why? Because they want human shields. As a matter of fact, they said in their own way that they are a nation of martyrs. Martyrs are willing to die for the cause. What is their cause? Genocide. Would you kill a group of people willing to die for the cause of Jewish genocide? Time to reload. I never heard of anything like this. It’s really amazing. We not any single one of our wars. Have we ever done that? You fight a war to win and you try and get it over with as fast as you can. Unfortunately, there are civilian casualties. I don’t know of a single war where there weren’t, in fact, some wars civilians were focused on. They were the target, including World War Two. So I’m not exactly sure what it is that they expect the the the Israelis to do here. But I’m concerned, Senator, that the pressure is so strong. It’s all over the radical left media. It’s all over the Middle East. They’re going public with it. Blinken’s going back that I am concerned that they are threatening to slow walk or reduce support for Israel, whether in weapons or in funds to purchase weapons if Israel doesn’t comply. Well, I got to tell you, Mark, this is a terrible tragedy for peace. It’s a terrible tragedy for Israel. And let’s not go back to World War Two. Let’s go to October the seventh. The target in Israel was a target of civilians. They didn’t target bases. They targeted civilians. On October the seventh, it was the beginning of Jewish genocide led by Hamas. That has to be called evil. And you have to wipe him off the map. In order to achieve that goal. We have to do what Prime Minister Netanyahu said earlier. He has to have free rein to go in and finish this war. It is the most humane thing to do is allow Israel to achieve their objective as quickly as possible, as effectively as possible. And by doing so, you’ll save as many lives as possible. Any delay only create more human suffering on both sides of the border. But most importantly, the only responsible response to an attempt at Jewish genocide. The only responsible response to terrorism is to wipe the evil off the map. And if you listen to the words of Hamas themselves, they say they will report, repeat October the seventh, over and over and over and over, until they keep the objective of the elimination of the Jewish state. And then they must turn their sights to America because there are 6 million Jews here. So let us not forget that their objective isn’t simply the elimination of Israel, it’s the elimination of Jews. That means they must come to America. And if we don’t stand with Israel now, who will stand with us later? Senator, what do you make of a reporter, a reporters who Israel takes out, one of the commanders of the atrocities that took place, the worst atrocity since the Holocaust were babies were put in ovens where people were decapitated and on and on and on to these horrors. Reporter Reporters or a network. A so-called news network. They raise questions about Israel taking out one of the commanders of this atrocity and say, well, was it worth it, given the number of civilians who died? And we don’t even know, he says, how many civilians died. But was it worth it? What kind of a question is that, Senator? Yes, one that we should not even try to answer. Here’s what we know immediately after the hospital situation. I’m only calling the bombing because they hit a parking lot, not even the hospital. That’s right. National media, they were so upset that they could not blame Israel for that attack. But what do they do? They literally refuse to walk back Their comments wanted to leave do she kept the Palestinian flag flying and she kept the tweet up. There is a really important war. That is the Miss Information War Mart that it can be more deadly than the October the seventh attack. If we watch this cancer in the media spread. We could see more human carnage, more death, more suffering as a result of the misinformation campaign. And I’m going to tell you this. I’m hoping that it’s a misinformation war because not on purpose, because it seems to me that there are forces that are extensions of the Hamas propaganda machine in our country. And I will tell you, that is disgusting. Mm hmm. There are there are in our colleges and universities. They’re in our media now. But, I mean, the Democrat Party, just three obvious examples. AOC, Taliban, Omar. It’s amazing. And it’s amazing, Senator, that the media forever has promoted all three of these people, All three of them. They have helped make the squad one of the most one of the better known forces on the radical left. They were crafted and created in the image of national media. Me ask you another question about this debate coming up and so forth. I was listening to all the speeches, the Republican Jewish Conference, but one of them was different than the rest in this sense. Ramaswamy. He talks about an iron dome of diplomacy. When he called me a couple of months ago because I thought his comments about Israel were outrageous, he said that he wants the cultures in the Middle East to assimilate one among many, and we should get out of there and that should be the goal. Is this guy drinking something? What the hell is he talking about? I have now no longer understand the definition of assimilation. It is devastating to hear the Iron Dome of democracy, the man of diplomacy, of diplomacy. Here’s the thing that we must under. Then there are 400 million people surrounding the nation of Israel. Somewhere between eight and 11% of those folks would like to see as a minimum see Israel eliminated. When you when you see the latest poll I saw this recently, there’s a poll from Lebanese from Lebanon, where it was published recently. 80% of the Lebanese respondents supported Hamas’s October 7th attack. Mm hmm. How do you you know, how do you acclimate? How do you not insulate and defend yourself with the most advanced technologies available on the planet to protect your citizens, to protect your wives, your mothers, even your mother in law? You’ve got to protect them all. That is unconscionable for us to find ourselves in a situation where we’re telling 9 million people. To assimilate to the will and the whims of 400 million of them, etc.. Let me ask you one more question, because I know you got to go and it’s this. The House Republicans have proposed a straight up bill. You know, like bills used to be without all the Christmas ornaments on the tree there. And they said, all right, let’s get whatever. It’s 14.3, $14.5 billion to the state of Israel as quickly, as quickly as we can. Let’s take it out of this preposterous effort by the Democrats and the Biden administration and unfortunately, some Senate Republicans to fund 87,000 new IRS agents. We’re in the middle of a war. They’re in the middle of a war. We have our own issues that we have to deal with here. Nobody wants more IRS agents. That’s not top of the line except the Democrats and Biden and the media and Biden. Biden says he’s going to veto it. The media degrees from that 100%. And then they use the Biden spin, which is the Republicans are playing games. Who’s playing games around here, Senator? Well, Mark, you know, you hit the nail on the head. Bottom line is the very simple bottom line, it is the media and the Biden administration that wants to backpedal away from 100% clear support of Israel. Here’s the fastest path to standing shoulder to shoulder with no daylight with Israel. Pass a stand alone bill supporting Israel. Nothing else. No distractions. And why not pay for it? With the resources from an agency that every American that I know does not like the i. R. S 87,000 enforcement agents, costing the taxpayers $42 billion to pay for people to spy on their account. How? Where does that make sense? It must be an alternate universe where Mark Levin and Tim Scott simply don’t exist because we can’t imagine a better plan than to support Israel and to support American small businesses with fewer investigations. And don’t think that because you’re an American taxpayer, you’re a tax cheat. That’s exactly what the far left wants us to believe about small business. But this is not about small business. This is simply about can we not support Israel with a stand alone package where there is overwhelming support on the left? Overwhelming support on the right? Overwhelming support in the House. Overwhelming support in the Senate. The president of the United States is afraid of his radical left. He’s afraid of the anti Semites in his own party. Mm hmm. That’s my opinion. I think you’re right, Senator. You’re right. You know, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve come to really like Tim Scott. I’ve gotten to know him. He is, as he sounds a straight up guy, solid conservative man of faith. And if people want to help you, Senator, where do they go? They can chip in vote. Tim Scott dot com vote Tim Scott dot com. Mark thank you for standing for truth. Thank you for calling out the radical media. I grew up in a day where the mortal events of this world were the men who carried common sense in their heads and compassion in their hearts. But they had a fierceness about standing for. Right. They had a fierceness about standing for justice. I want to be that kind of American. Every American should be celebrating not just your story, but our story. The story of America is standing up against hate and not supporting it like we’re seeing on the radical left. Thank you. God bless you, too. You be safe. You be safe out there. And we look forward to hearing more from you. Take care of yourself, Tim. God bless you, too. Good man, by the way. Anybody out there, if you have any recording of CNN ever calling Talib an anti-Semite, can you send it to us? If you have a recording of CNN ever calling Omar an anti-Semite, would you send that to us? If you have a recording of CNN calling AOC an anti-Semite, would you send that to us? We’d love to have it. Oh, man. They picked at the scab and they picked the wrong scab. America. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
CNN. Hello. Oh, my goodness. Media matters. Soros Republicans need to investigate that entire operation. And mediate other than me mentioning you, nobody even knows who you are. So there we are. You know, right when October 7th happened, a few days later. CNN had a reporter at a press conference with the president of Israel, Herzog. And she basically accused Israel of committing war crimes. Because CNN is filled with Hamas supporting fronts, some of them doing wittingly, some of it unwittingly. MSNBC. Most of them wittingly. And so they’re filled with anti-Semites, they’re filled with mouthpieces for Hamas. They use Hamas’s statistics. They get caught, especially by somebody like me, and they don’t like it. But I’m going to wrap it up, baby. And everybody that works for me is going to do exactly the same thing. I’ll be right back.