September 21st, 2023

September 21st, 2023

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, our southern border is wide open under the Biden administration, and now they are demanding that illegal aliens get photo I.D. cards once they enter America. President Biden wants to have federally issued I.D.s from the Department of Homeland Security given out, which will no doubt be used to allow noncitizens to able to vote. Our elected representatives are supposed to represent the citizenry, not anyone who can cross a porous southern border. This is the biggest impeachable offense there is, the purposeful destruction of our country and the disenfranchisement of American citizens. This is a high crime against the civil society, intentionally done by a rogue President and a rogue regime.  Also, Biden has no interest in being transparent about what he is doing diplomatically, especially with Iran after giving them $6 billion, which is leaving all of us in the dark about what is going on. It seems like the Biden Administration is working with the Israeli government and the Saudi Arabian prince to have a normalization deal, in which the Saudis would recognize Israel diplomatically. Had there been a second Trump administration, this would have already happened under the Abraham Accords. Saudi Arabia has said that if Iran develops nuclear weapons, they will have no choice but to develop nuclear weapons too. Biden has done the exact opposite of what he should be doing every single time and is never held to account by the Democrat media. Later, Mark speaks with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about criticism from his political opponents in the 2024 Presidential primary race, fighting the woke Disney agenda, and his energy plan for America.

Report: Joe Biden’s DHS Plans Photo ID Cards for Illegal Aliens Freed into U.S.

Biden Grants Quasi-Amnesty to 470,000 More Venezuelan Migrants


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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Well, there’s lots to jump into this evening, of course, but I want to jump into something that nobody else is likely to jump into because it involves me. And I don’t like to do this show about me, but sometimes I just have to. I don’t know who Olly Alexander is. I never heard of him. Apparently, he’s an organizer or the top guy over at something called Stop the Steal. Maybe I’m naive. I didn’t know what stop the steal was. Well, whatever it is, it is. But I want to play something for you that Mr. Producer found and showed me and played for me. And I thought I’d play it for you. Olly Alexander cut 17. Go. So anyway, I say all that to say that that Merrick Garland is, is, is, is. I like. I like who. Who said this. Oh, Mark Levin said this. Mark Levin is at the top of his game. Mark Levin has never been better than he is now. So hats off to him. But I would never buy his book. I wanted to. I thought about it yesterday, but then I was like, This guy is going to piss me off there half the book. Because. Because Mark Levin is inherently a foreigner, You know, he’s Jewish. He’s a foreigner in in in kind of an ether. So the way he talks about the Democrat Party is a different way than I, a son of the South, a son of Texas, a son of of American slavery, a child of American slavery. I would talk about the Democrat Party in a better contextual American way than a foreign person, like someone who’s Turkish or Jewish or. Any of the issues or the rights, you know, they test. You know, it’s like when people, like, try to blame slavery on the Democrat Party, it’s like that’s actually that’s not just an un-American argument. It’s an inhumane argument. Slavery existed everywhere. Yes, slavery existed everywhere. But one party embraced it and one party didn’t. But that’s not my point. I’m not interested in engaging this guy. He’s a moron. But I just play this for you folks. Just so you know. This never goes away. This never goes away. Yes, I’m Jewish. My grandfather who fought in World War Two, and he would go in Guam. He was Jewish. My great uncle who fought in Guadalcanal. He was Jewish. I can go through all this. I don’t have to prove my family’s patriotism and love for this country, which has boundless, boundless. I don’t know who this guy is. I don’t care that he doesn’t buy my book. Who cares? But I’m Jewish. Some inherently a foreigner. And that’s the argument. And I just wanted to point that out to you. Again. I don’t know what. Stop. The steal is a stop The steal organizer. A guy that runs stopped the steel. I do know what he’s saying. I’m not a fool. I know what he’s saying. He wants to defend the Democrat Party of slavery. Slavery was everywhere. Well, you can explain the context for slavery in the United States. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it should be done. I believe it should be done. There’s no defending it. But it’s not as if the United States there it is the one country that was practicing slavery. They still practice slavery in the Middle East. They still practice slavery in Africa. Great. But what’s the point? That I’m Jewish, so I don’t know what’s going on or how to define these things. Now most of you in the audience are not. And I understand that. Still love each other. We still respect each other. But I just want people to understand, and I think most of you do. There’s no escaping this for me. There’s just not. I hear it on the left. And I don’t know what this guy is. What political persuasion he claims or he clings to. I’m sure the media will dig it up and say that a Trump guy, Donald Trump and I get along magnificently. And he is Jewish. Daughter. Your son in law, Jewish grandkid. Can’t say the same thing for Biden, by the way. Or Obama. But again, the point is. It doesn’t matter what I say, doesn’t matter what I write, doesn’t matter who I am. When people do something like this, they attempt to dehumanize you. Oh, he’s a foreigner. He’s Jewish. I’m not a foreigner. I’m an American. And I’ll always be an American. Now all of us, our ancestors, come from somewhere. 500 years ago, America wasn’t filled with people who have ancestry from Europe. 600 years ago. In fact, many of the people who claim to be indigenous in this country and I would argue are even their ancestors. Many of them weren’t here. John Locke wrote about America. Over 500 years ago. About his philosophy, which served as the basis for the Declaration of Independence and our Revolutionary War. And some of his detractors in Europe said This place that you talk about, these theories that you talk about in this, remember, was the philosopher had the most influence over our Revolutionary War and whose arguments were borrowed by many when they wrote their various with the National Declaration of Independence, the various state declarations of Independence. It was like they focused on and they said, Where is this place? Were your ideas even exist? Said America. Why America? America is a clean slate. Europe is not. Asia is not. The Middle East is not. But America. Yes. The civil society. The social contract that you wrote about. It’s America. This fledgling little place in North America. There were no colonies back then. Certainly no states. The what we call the United States today was barely populated. So this guy appears to me to be an African-American, Mr. Producer, does he not to you in the audio. So he says, The way I talk about the Democrat Party is a different way than I, a son of the South. Son of the South. Was the South Spring apart from the rest of the continent. And when did that start? A son of Texas. A son of American slavery. A child of American slavery. I would talk about the Democrat Party in a better contextual American way than a foreign person. Someone who’s Turkish or Jewish. Sky’s a pig. Sebastian. Nothing. I say nothing I care to say. Is intended to persuade him of anything. The idea that I’m not going to read the book because he’s Jewish, because he doesn’t really understand the Democrat Party. Oh, I understand it better than most, trust me. And those 65 pages of notes and then notes and the people who are cited, the philosophers, the historians. The people who experienced. But the Democrat Party did to them. Things that they wrote, things that things that they said. Were they all Jewish to. No. The vast majority of people who are cited in the notes were not Jewish. I thought I’d just point that out to you. Ali Alexander. You never heard of him before? I hadn’t either. Now, hopefully millions and millions of people know who Ali Alexander is. Just another Jew hater. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Joe Biden thinks the border is doing great. Hakeem Jeffries thinks the border is great. The Democrats are kind of split on this, but the national Democrats are praising the staking place in the border. Now, the Democrats who run cities that are really affected by this are very unhappy. But the national Democrats don’t give a damn about that. They’re the ones selling border policy. It’s just like Biden and his mouthpieces in Washington, D.C., telling you that the economy is doing great by nomics. It’s working. When most Americans are struggling with basics. With basics. Americans aren’t supposed to be struggling with basics. That’s not due to capitalism. That’s not due to entrepreneurship. That’s due to the Democrat Party and their policies. And you ain’t seen nothing yet. As they nationalize more and more areas, millions of acres off limits to. Productivity and development that is drilling. Drilling as they continue to bring these Democrat Party sanctioned and funded lawsuits against oil developing companies. Try and put him out of business. And replace them. With what? You look at this border. So what are they going to do with the border? Tighten it up. Not a chance. Breitbart report. Joe Biden’s DHS plans Photo ID cards for illegal aliens freed into the United States. Photo ID cards. Leaked images of the photo ID cards for illegal aliens were first published by Adam Shaw at Fox News, showing space for the Carries photo, a QR code and information about the carrier, including name and age similar to a driver’s license or a state issued ID on a lot of states. That’s all you need is an ID so you can have a federal government issued I.D. from the Department of Homeland Security with the QR codes, with a photo and all the rest. And these people are going to vote. They’re going to vote. All we need is an ID, some places utility bills, some Social Security, whatever. Look at this. I’m an official federal government. DHS. DHS issued card. And you’re not allowed to question whether I’m a citizen or not. That’s discrimination in many states, as is the case. And you better believe that the Civil Rights Division under meritless Garland, the mob lawyer, attorney general and the Civil Rights Division headed by a racist. You better damn well believe. That they’re going to defend that. As I’ve said many times before, it’s not an issue of more people voting. It’s an issue of more people voting who have the right to vote. I.D. cards issued by the Department of Homeland Security. They could be used by the TSA at airports or to access public benefits. So citizenship is being destroyed. Absolutely being destroyed. You know, our representatives are supposed to represent the citizenry. People don’t get to come to the country and on their own accord, become citizens or quasi citizens, if you will. Because they happen to make it across a border that’s so porous at the behest of the administration. This is why I keep trying to explain to Republicans on Capitol Hill via this platform, into the TV platform, this is the biggest impeachable offense there is. The purposeful destruction of our country. Citizenship, law and order. Sentinel another. Mass killing drugs. The inhumanity that’s going on on both sides of the border. This is intentional. This is Democrat Party. Joe Biden regime made. This is an impeachable offense. This is exactly what the framers of the Constitution intended by an impeachable offense. This is a high crime. It’s a high crime against the civil society, intentionally so by a rogue president and a rogue regime. I’ll be back.

Segment 3
Governor Ron DeSantis how are you, sir? I’m doing wonderful. How are you? I’m doing wonderful, too, sir. And when I ask a question, by the way, I watch this on some of my favorite shows and some of shows that are hosted by Reprobates. And I’ve noticed that a part of the media. Keeps rooting for evac Ramaswamy or Nikki Haley to overtake you in the polls. Isn’t that weird? And why are they rooting against you, do you think? Well, they’ve been rooting against me for a long time. I mean, as a governor, I’ve been the number one target of any governor in the country, particularly starting with COVID, when I was bucking and bucking the trend. And then once we won the reelection by such a big margin, they really, really had a target on my back. I think it’s because, one, they know that I beat Joe Biden. But I think much more importantly, they’ve seen me actually execute on this agenda. We’re so used to people running for office, making big promises and then not following through on what they said they would do with me. Everything I said I would do as governor, I have delivered. And these are big wins on illegal immigration, on education, on economy, on reducing our debt, on and on down the line, things that really, really matter to Floridians and to conservatives nationally because we’ve led the way. So they look at me as somebody who in a two term presidency, you know, I have the strategic judgment, I have the discipline to be able to bring all this stuff in for a landing. If they do not want to see that, you know, they are invested in continuing in the status quo. They don’t want somebody that’s going to come in and actually get the job done. So they’ve been really targeting me for many, many years. But certainly in this last year, that’s been their consistent thing. But at the end of the day, our folks know what the media does. They know that this is this is kind of how they how they play their games. And anybody that they’re targeting, I think our voters look at that and say, well, gee, that guy must be doing something right. If the media is after him, he must be getting the job done. I notice you run on your record. You don’t run from it. You’re very proud of it. You’ve accomplished a great deal in six years as governor. And I’m not trying to create a controversy of any kind. But I also notice that Nikki Haley, who was a governor for eight years, does not run on her record. Am I missing something? No, I mean, I don’t know really necessarily what the record would be. I think clearly with what we’ve done in Florida, we came in, had a big agenda, executed it. I mean, illegal immigration, we did ban sanctuary cities. We did E-Verify. We sent people to the border to help Texas. We’ve cracked down on on sex trafficking, human smuggling. I have boats in off our coast interdicting boats coming in from Haiti with illegal aliens. We transported 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. So we’ve been leaning in on that issue, which is one of the most important issues facing our country with all the nonsense that’s going on down there now. And so that’ll be a day. One issue for me as president, you look at education, we got the indoctrination out of the schools. No gender ideology, no critical race theory. We have universal school choice. These are things that are really, really significant and that have led the nation. And so we were we’ve not been a caretaker governor. We’ve actually leaned in on some of these issues. And, you know, all these Republicans, I think every single Republican who’s running has criticized me for taking the fight to Disney regarding the gender ideology in the elementary schools. I mean, we had a situation in Florida where we said, and I’m a father of a six, five and three year old, so this is something that’s sensitive to me and my wife. And we have a lot of sympathy for other parents out there who are raising kids in an environment where the left wants to shove their agenda down their kids throats. And we think that that’s wrong. So we said in Florida, no, anything about the sex or gender ideology in schools, particularly for these younger grades. You know, Disney fired us. We we got it enacted. But then they came and tried to get the bill repealed. They were threatening to sue over it. And so we fought back against them. I mean, we got to draw the line in the sand with respect to these kids and make sure that parents know we’re going to be there. And I know Nikki Haley has taken the side of Disney. I know Donald Trump took the side of Disney, Mike Pence, All these candidates have taken the side of Disney. That’s corporatism. Market economics is not just bowing down to woke corporations when they’re trying to change our society or change our laws, particularly with relating to children. Not only do we have a right to fight back, we have a duty to fight back. And so I think that how I handled that is different than how some of those other people would have handled it and what it Bob Iger is, say, today or yesterday at one of these corporate events that they hold. He said, we’re going to tamp down on the culture wars. Did you know that, Governor? So basically you had. Yeah, look, I think it’s just they have a fiduciary obligation to their shareholders to try to maximize the company’s value. And they had a brand that had been very positive for many decades. And it was really a family friendly brand. And I think them getting into this issue not just what they did in Florida, but also what they’ve injected into some of their programming, some of the things that we see that has hurt the company. There’s just no question about it. So so I think what we did ultimately was provide probably a positive corrective for them. Hopefully they can get back on a better path and not go down this road. It’s also ironic, Mark, of any elected official in the country. You know, I’ve probably helped them make more money than anyone because they were open in Florida during COVID. You know, the California had them closed. I think they were closed for like a year, year and a half out in California, In Florida. We encouraged them to be open and they took their time. They could have done it even earlier. We wanted them to do it early, but they made a lot of money in Florida because we have a good environment to be able to do business. CNBC, which is not a fan of mine, they just rated Florida the number one economy of all 50 states. And of course, we’ve led the nation in net in-migration. We’ve led the nation in economic growth amongst large states, and our unemployment rate is incredibly low. So we are doing it right. And I think, you know, in their heart of hearts, they know Florida is a good state to do business in. They are they may not have their special privileges anymore, but it’s still a doggone place, a good place to do business. No income tax in Florida. It’s a prospering state. Tell us about school choice in Florida, because I notice that these candidates on the stage like to talk about it, but most of them haven’t done a damn thing about it. No, exactly. And so we have universal school choice now. So parents, it’s not just so our school choice understandably started out targeting low income families, a lot of single moms. And that’s great. But our view is, is that the dollar should follow the student and it should be about funding the students rather than funding the system. So we now have it expanded. And that’s important because, Mark, I mean, you know, you you’ve got a foothold in South Florida. You have families that are working hard. They have two or three kids. You could be making 100 grand a year. And in South Florida and then like you’re high on the hog there and I’m like, you have just unlimited money to be to be affording tuition. So to be able to have the money for your student where you can direct that to a private school, you could go to a charter school. You know, a lot of times your school choice within school districts to you could do that. That’s a huge, huge boon for parents. It’s also a big boon for parents that want religious education. You know, we’ve got a lot of parochial schools, a lot of Catholic schools. We have Jewish day schools. We’ve got, you know, Protestant Christian schools. And a lot of parents really want that component. And we want to be able to help deliver all the options to them. So people say, oh, well, if you do that, it’s going to be bad for the traditional school systems. I can tell you in Florida is we’ve never scored better on these tests than we’re doing now as a full blown school choice state. In the most recent Nations report card, we were third and fourth, respectively in fourth grade reading in fourth grade math nationwide. That was not the case when I was growing up in Florida. And so what it does is it empowers the parents. It’s good for the students, but it also causes the other schools to up their game because they got to compete for students instead of just having a monopoly over students. Let’s talk about energy if we can. Governor Joe Biden and his administration are destroying the energy sector. They’re backing these radical left wing groups that are bringing lawsuits against energy producing companies to try and steal their resources, their capital, the R&D money, use it like they did with the cigarette companies, although I don’t know what happened to that money, but it will be gobbled up and devoured by the government, redistributed to some left wing cause. There are so nationalizing millions of acres of land and then claiming that they are not to be developed, that is, you can’t drill on them and so forth. We’re going to reach a point, a choke point, where we’re not able to produce what’s needed in this country to run our industrial heartland for people to warm their homes or cool their homes, to run our automobiles and so forth. And so this is the plan. This is what they’re doing, trying to push people into EVs. This is a disaster for this country, these ideological nincompoops. Do you have a plan? To counter this. Oh, just. I’m so glad you asked. So we were in Midland, Texas, out in West Texas yesterday. We unveiled our plan for American energy dominance. Yes. We don’t want to be relying on foreign countries and so independent from that. But even beyond that, we want to be the dominant energy producer in the in the entire world. That’s important. One, to get prices down at the pump for Americans to. It helps the economy overall because energy costs impact all prices. So it’s relief from inflation help small businesses. It helps our industrial base. But maybe most important of all, it helps our national security. Biden’s anti energy agenda benefits Russia, Iran, Venezuela and China. I mean, just think about his push to force people to do electric vehicles. Where does the the minerals and the things that they mine, where does that come from to go into the batteries and whatnot? Most of it comes from China. And so it makes America more reliant on China. It will totally decimate our automobile industry here at home. We have these minerals, we have reserves, and Biden takes that out of circulation. So you can’t actually mine in the United States. And so he’s making our country way, way more vulnerable as a result of this. And here’s the thing, it will not work if you want to reduce carbon emissions, which he claims is the most important thing, you should be embracing things like natural gas. I mean, that’s the reason why U.S. emissions have gone down, because more power plants use natural gas instead of coal. Natural gas is a lot cheaper. You have the developing world that is very energy poor. What Biden is saying is somehow they’re not going to be able to advance their societies because if you have abundant energy in some of those countries, it will lift a billion people out of poverty over the next generation. And so I think we should be exporting our natural gas to all these places, give it to Europe so that they don’t have to worry about any hostile countries. We’ve got to choose Midland over Moscow when it comes to energy. We’ve got to choose the Marcellus over the mullahs, and we’ve got to choose Baku and over Beijing. If we do all of that, the average American is going to do much better in their pocketbook. But our country is going to be way more secure as a result. Governor, the GAO, the OMB, the CBO, they put out a joint report in May. They said federal spending is in a use of their word, unsustainable. That’s the federal numbers pushes each branch of the government except to the judiciary, of course. But they said it’s unsustainable. And that was about last year when they said the debt excuse me, the deficit was the greatest in American history in 2022. Well, it’s doubled now in 2023. And Schumer is blowing off the caps that they negotiated in May. The Senate Republicans, most of them are going along with Schumer. You know, House Republicans are trying to fight this, trying to come up with some ideas, including an 8% cut in domestic spending. Start securing the border and so forth. And I hear, you know, general statements from some of the candidates saying we can’t do this anymore. We can’t do this anymore. They never tell us what it is that they’re going to do. What do you think? Well, look, if you look at the problem we’ve had with the explosion of debt. It’s rooted back into the COVID response, where they did trillions and trillions of dollars. And both parties supported this over the last three, four years. And then that’s bad. And that shouldn’t have happened. And I think the whole response, looking back, we would should have never done that. I think most people acknowledge that at this point. Clearly in Florida, we fought back against that very early on. But the problem is, is they’ve locked in those levels of spending effectively that were justified because of the of the COVID emergency. You got to go all the way back, set all those spending levels back to what it was prior to that 20, 2017, 18, 19 levels. And then you got to hold the line there. If you did that, you would save a lot of money over over a ten year period. That should be the bare minimum to be able to do. Mark In Florida, we have our cost per capita for our state workers is the lowest in America. The number of state workers we have per capita is the lowest in America. And yet when people move from New York or New Jersey or Illinois, they say Florida’s got great services. They’re able to get their driver’s license or be able to do this. They’d be able to do that. They’ve got no problem with the services. They’re there. They’re grateful for the services and the infrastructure. So this. Government is so much bigger than anything that could be justified, then I think that they should think big and I think that they should do that. What Schumer and these guys, they have no no regard for the next generation. A lot of Republicans, the old Guard Republicans, have joined with the Democrats. And so this is a bipartisan problem. Ultimately, I do think we need structural reform, things like a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, because, Mark, you and I could come we could get the budget in great shape. We could change the trajectory and maybe have an agreement, let’s say. But then there’ll be another election two or four years later. And guess what? The new Congress people come in and they undo it. And that’s been the problem with all these budget deals that have happened really since the eighties. You put these caps in, you turn around and then they and they violate it, you know, the next year. Governor, if people want to learn more about your campaign or get involved, where do they go? Our website is WW dot Ron DeSantis dot com Ron DeSantis dot com. You can also text the word freedom to 512345. Freedom to 512345. We appreciate everybody’s support. We will turn this country around and we will not let you down. All right, Governor, my best to you and your bride and the family there. God bless you, sir. All right. See you later. Bye bye. We’ll be right back.

Segment 4
And by the way, it turns out there’s Holly Alexander for all this talk about his roots in the South in the United States. Coronado. Our research was born in the United Arab Emirates. That would explain the anti-Semitism wouldn’t. So he’s born in the UAE. Ali Alexander, as best as we can determine. And Ali Alexander’s not his real name. What is his real name? Rally, Abdul Rashid Abdo. Ackbar. Was it a cartoon? Ali Abdul. What? Ali Abdul Razak Abar, who changed his name, I guess, to Ali Alexander. Claims all these ties to the South and the Democrat Party and slavery in the South. And he he was born in the United Arab Emirates. There you go. And yet he’s given all this attention. It’s amazing What a punk. All right here. By the way, I thought that was a great interview with Ron DeSantis. Really did. I thought he laid out his agenda quite clearly on energy, on spending. And he talks about his eight years or six years as governor. And this is what I mean. We have governors. The best that Chris Christie can do is say, I beat a Democrat, a Democrat who was having severe ethics issues and moral issues. That I think even even as a. HUTCHISON Could it be that Democrat? And then we have people keep talking about what they’re going to do. Well, that’s all well and good. But first of all, I want to know what they have done. You were governor for eight years in South Carolina. This isn’t personal with me. Can’t you at least give us 10 minutes? Five great things that you did. I’ll be right back.