September 18th, 2023

September 18th, 2023

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we currently have a president and an attorney general who are clearly going after their political opponents, whether it is pro-life protesters or parents at school board hearings, and we have had the greatest widespread institution of censorship under the Biden Administration. Despite this, the Democrat media continues to attack Donald Trump over January 6th and assume he will appoint an attorney general to attack political opponents, which is exactly what Joe Biden has already done. Also, United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain is leading one of the greatest shakedowns in American history, pushing for a 4-day work week on top of a 40% pay increase, and is using Marxist tactics and language to do it. None of this will benefit the workers or more importantly Americans, but only benefit the union. Next, what’s going on in our cities are not natural disasters, but instead Democrat party manmade disasters. Two teenagers in Las Vegas stole a car and deliberately killed a retired California police chief riding a bicycle. We can thank the radical prosecutors who do not prosecute and judges who coddle criminals for this. Later, Mark speaks with Congressman Byron Donalds about the budget battle in Congress and challenges from both Democrats and fellow Republicans.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America, Mark Levin here our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-381. Man oh Man o Shavitz. There is a ton going on today. I won’t possibly get to all of it. We were gassed in the second hour. Our friend Byron Donalds from Florida helped walk us through what’s going on on the budget, among other things. And there’s a lot I do want to get to. But before I get to all of it, I want you to listen to this interview by Martha RADDATZ of ABC’s This Week this Week with General Mark Milley. I want you to listen carefully. I’m not going to comment before except to say. On full display. Is the Democrat Party, the state party media. Just listen to this. Cut five. Go. Were you concerned at any time that you might receive an illegal order? No. Let me let me just say this. About January 6th in the election. Sorry. Let’s start over. Go ahead. Were you concerned at any time that you might receive an illegal order after Election Day? I never did receive an illegal order. Was there concern? No. You know, I argued the case at various times, too, for alternative courses of action. Never received illegal. You were in this building on January 6th when you saw what happened on January six. Are you nervous about that happening again? Can you honestly say you’re not nervous about that happening? I’m not nervous about it. No, I think that first of all, if you worry about it, you will be long gone from the Pentagon. And I don’t I don’t worry about a lot of things, Martha. I don’t get nervous about a lot of things. I’ve seen a lot of combat. So I’m beyond that, actually. So. But I would tell you that the United States, the institutions of the United States are very strong, obviously. And I talked to them. I just want I want to clear this up. Okay. Whatever words you use, worry, concern. But are you confident that that won’t happen again? I am confident that the United States and the democracy and of this country will prevail and the rule of law will prevail. I am absolutely confident of that. And these institutions are built to be strong, resilient, and to adapt to the times. And I’m 100% confident we’ll be fine. Isn’t this amazing? I know you now know, but it’s it’s even more than that. She wouldn’t let him finish his thoughts. She was pressing him hard to give the answers that she insisted on. Because I hate to say this in so many ways, but the man deserves credit. He was not going to accept her narrative. And he was in the Oval Office where Donald Trump offered 10,000 National Guardsmen. To the speaker of the House and to the mayor of Washington, D.C.. And they said no. He was in there, the acting sector state was in there. The chief of staff to the acting secretary of state was in there. I think Mark Meadows was in there. All witnesses. The inspector general of the Defense Department afterwards looked at it and wrote it up and said, yes, that’s what he did. He offered them. And this is what gives the lie to so much of this. This is what gives the lie to so much of it. Now, I want to go back to Meet the Press. Donald Trump decided to go on Meet the Press or Meet the Press, as I call it, and the new moderators name. Kristen Welker, you saw in one of the debates in 2020 as a moderator for NBC. So listen to this. Cut one, go. I want to know what’s in your head when you go to bed at night. Do you worry about going to jail? No, I don’t really. I don’t even think about it. I’m built a little differently, I guess, because I have had people come up to me and say, How do you do it, sir? How do you do it? I don’t even think about it. These are corrupt people that I’m dealing with. They’re destroying our country. I don’t even think about it. All I think about is making the country great, making America great. Look, these are political. These are banana republic and open seas, a third world and diamonds. The president of the United States sees how we’re doing. We have a movement the likes of which has never happened in this country before. And you see it with the polls. I mean, I’m up on these people by 60 points and 59 points. And I don’t mean I’m at 59. I’m leading them by 59. You almost say like, why are they campaigning? Asa Hutchinson is a zero. Christie’s are two other ones are at one. Just sanctimonious. Is it nine? He hates he hates DeSantis. I happen to like DeSantis a tremendous amount, but he hates him because this is number two and he keeps trying to pound them down. And number three, But that’s beside the point. Go ahead. I’m leading him by 60 points. Mr. Brennan, you say why are they doing that? But here’s what they did. They saw this happening and he went to the attorney general of the United States and he told them, indict Trump. There’s just no evidence of. Mr.. Let’s lets you draw the line. He’s called the president. There’s never, ever any evidence. There’s no evidence to have an impeachment inquiry because there’s no evidence that Joe Biden did anything wrong. There are. Mountains. The pieces of evidence that Joe Biden should be impeached, even if I take all the financial violations off the table. Mountains. Starting with the border. Presidents have been impeached for far less, including Trump. Far less. Got to go. When you talk about retribution, are you talking about directing your attorney general to try to go after your political ends? You know what amazes me here? He’s not president right now. We have a president of the United States and an attorney general who is clearly going after their political opponents. I’m not even talking about politicians, their political opponents. Parents who’ve had enough of these teacher unions, pro-lifers, Catholics, you know the list going after their political opponents. So, Kristen Welker. Doesn’t even lay the foundation for a question like, are you concerned about this administration going after their opponents? We’ve had the greatest. Widespread institutional censorship, if not in American history, certainly since the Civil War and certainly since Woodrow Wilson’s reign. Go ahead. I’m talking about fairness. We have to treat people fairly. These people, on January six, they went some of them never even went into the building. And they’re being given sentences of many years. Are you going to pardon those people who’ve been convicted, Mr. President? And I certainly might, if I think it’s appropriate. No, it’s a very, very sad thing. And it’s they’re dividing the country so badly and it’s very dangerous. Well, Mr. President, we’re going to delve into that a little bit later on. But I want to stay on this idea of what you mean by retribution. Are you looking to appoint an attorney general who will prosecute the people you tell them to prosecute? I’m looking to appoint an attorney general who’s going to be tough on crime and fair. Very simple. Mm hmm. One more. Cut. Three, go. I want to know who you are, by the way, on that day, Nancy Pelosi. I don’t know if I. Why would I tell you that? Listen, Nancy Pelosi was in charge of security. She turned down 10,000 soldiers. If she didn’t turn down the soldiers, you wouldn’t have had January, say, for military or law enforcement. What did you call military or law enforcement at the moment? The cap was on anything. I. Let me put it this way. I behaved so well. I did such a good job. Nancy Pelosi turned down 10,000 soldiers. If she didn’t do that and now she doesn’t have you understand that you are this defender and chief, listen to me, Crystal, and listen to me for a second. You see? You see, I played Molly first for a reason. Because they’re pushing propaganda. I’m playing this now for a reason. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the power to call out the military. Remember when he was thinking about calling out the military, when our streets were burning and people were being murdered and maimed? Remember what the media said then. Remember what the general said then. The insurrection will be Trump’s. Remember all that? When the White House was under attack. Because the generals weren’t in any mood. And the secretary of defense had no intention of calling out the National Guard to stop any of this. Period. Now she wants to know why he didn’t call out the National Guard or federal law enforcement on that day. She does not want to discuss the Nancy Pelosi turned down 10,000 troops, armed troops, who would have stopped everything. She doesn’t have the power to call in, she says the military. But the mayor of D.C. certainly had the power to call in more police. The FBI director doesn’t need a director from the president of the United States to send in more FBI. Go ahead. The stand at the police testified against her that she’s very strongly against the Capitol Police and great people. They testified against her and they burned all the evidence. They burned all the evidence. She destroyed all the evidence about Nancy interrupting him. They destroyed 60 to 70% of the information they had gathered. The January six committee. One insider says they didn’t investigate the lack of security. At all. Another says that, of course, they never talk to Nancy Pelosi at all, who should have been a witness. Why is that not relevant? Go ahead. They two people who wonder why you you as commander in chief, you have authority that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have as much authority or why didn’t you send help in that moment, though, frankly, Just imagine. Hold on. Can you imagine if he sent at his direction the military or the FBI at two the Capitol when they have accused him, Mr. Producer, of sending them in there to help the insurrection? Is there any doubt in anybody’s mind? Go ahead. I assumed that she took care of it. She turned down when you realized that the National Guard wasn’t coming. Well, you didn’t realize anything until quite a while. National Guard not coming? Yes. I asked to be there three days in advance and she turned it down. She says that that request was never officially made. Oh, hey, stop. She’s a liar. Milley says. Kash Patel says the Acting Secretary Defence says the inspector general of Defense says 100% that was offered to. She is a bald faced liar. That’s why they did not want her to testify on January six. She’s a fool. She let down the people in their. She was concerned about optics. Can you imagine all the testimony about what she said, all the text messages that she issued, all the e-mails she sent and that she received? Can you imagine what that would have done to the Democrat Party and the speaker of the House? Destroy them. Go ahead, ask you. The president, the mayor of D.C. gave us a letter saying that she turns it down. Okay, we have it. Nancy Pelosi also was asked and she turned it down. The police commissioner talking about the police. Wait a minute. The Capitol Police said that he wanted it and Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t accept it. Let me ask you something, WALKER So why didn’t Pelosi pick up the phone and call the president and then say, please send in the National Guard? Why didn’t she do that? Trump is supposed to be sitting all the way down the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue watching this on TV and order the military to go to the Capitol building. Nancy Pelosi may. It calls that day when that was taking place. She just didn’t call the commander in chief. So why didn’t she, on that day call the commander in chief and ask for the military? Well, never enough. Now here’s Nancy Pelosi on with Jonathan Capehart, who is a radical kook leftist, who gets no ratings whatsoever on the weekends. Had to Breitbart cut Forego. He is blaming you for the attack on the Capitol that he instigated your response. Oh, what a cool question. So Trump instigated the attack on the Capitol. He’s never been charged with that. Capehart, If that is your name. So what did she say? There’s a sickness there. Not just sickness. As her face melts from the heat of the lights or the camera. You know, I’ve said in the past years that she’s fascistic, the way she ran the house, the way she ran impeachments. She is fascistic. She’s also a nutjob. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
It’s really a tight 3 hours this evening. So I’m going to move quickly. All these issues, I believe, are very, very important and only have about 50 seconds in this segment. But I want to address. But apparently a lot of conservatives are afraid to address. Because, well, they’re more populist like Bernie Sanders than they are conservative like Ronald Reagan. And that’s this strike, this UAW strike with this president Sean Faine has said and is saying, and the fact that there were very few Americans who are going to support or have any sympathy for this strike union and non-union because the UAW are among the best paid union members in the country, particularly when you consider benefits. I don’t begrudge them in the least, but I’ll tell you who is going to begrudge it. When they learn of what these UAW members and their president are demanding, America’s waitresses and janitors and plumbers and electricians are farmers and ranchers. They’re going to have a tough time with this. I’ll explain in a moment.

Segment 3
By the way, I agree with Ron DeSantis and the Republican legislature’s decision on abortion for six weeks, month and a half. And by the way, this is what federalism is all about. If you want to go to a state where it’s abortion on demand right up to the last minute, we have states like that to. But the truth is, a president has no say in any of it anymore. The Supreme Court gave that power to the states. To the States. And a lot of Republicans just don’t know how to deal with this. What shocks me? It’s one of the easiest issues to debate. The Democrats aren’t reasonable on abortion. Nikki Haley’s all over the map on abortion. You know, they believe in killing babies right to the end. That’s a bottom line. No matter how much Jen Psaki lies on D or all the other Democrats lie. I’ve demonstrated that before. Sean Fain is the president of the UAW. And what he’s going to do, ladies and gentlemen, is drive up the cost of automobiles so you can’t afford them even if they’re combustion engine driven. He’s going to drive up the cost of parts. So it’ll be almost impossible to fix your cars unless you have some kind of warranty. And of course, throughout he’s going to hurt the supply chain because so much is related. Automobiles. You folks in the steel industry. Aluminum industry. Plastics industry. Rubber industry. You’re all going to take it in the neck. The UAE. And you know what bothers me about these so-called conservatives from the Wall Street Journal page, the phony populist conservatives. They blame this on electric vehicles. Now, that has a part to do with that. There’s simply no question about it. And we’re going to be blaming things on climate change for the rest of our lives. But that still does not excuse Mr. Sean Faine, nor does it support the idea that UAW members should receive a 40% salary increase over a four day workweek. 32 hours. So they’re not going to cut anything. They’re going to get paid as if they’re working a 40 hour week, but a 32 hour week with a 40% increase plus better benefits. Now, maybe some of these so-called populists and conservatives don’t get out very much. But I get out a lot. And when I talk to people who are breaking their asses in their jobs, waiting on tables. Landscapers. So many other people getting dirt under their fingernails. They’re the ones who are going to be hurt the most. Why? Why? They get nothing like the UAW members get while they should join a union. No, that’s not how it works. So 94% of the private sector should join a union. This union, the UAW. I don’t think there’s a cop, a firefighter. Any man who’s part of these public sector unions think that these kind of increases. And then this is used as a baseline for other unions. Well, they’re getting that over there. So in the end, like in all other things, the American consumer. The American taxpayer. Is ripped off. Is punished. This used to be understood among conservatives. I understand President Trump’s considering going to one of these these places where they’re striking. They would be very, very poor advice. Very, very poor advice. Multi-millions of Americans are going to be harmed by this. And they’re going to hold politicians accountable. There is simply no justification for these kind of demands. This kind of a shakedown? None. I want you to listen to the Marxist language that this guy, Sean Faine use it. It’s like Missy said, and I have it in the book. We’re all Marxists now. We all talk like Marxists. We all think like Marxists. Well, tell me about this one. Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation. Cut 14. Go! You’re asking for a 36% pay raises our reporter just laid out there. Stellantis said they’ve offered 21%. What are you expecting out of tomorrow’s negotiation with them? That seems forward movement. We’ve we’ve asked for 40% pay increases. And the reason we asked for 40% pay increases is because in the last four years alone, the CEO pay went up 40%. They’re already millionaires. You know, is that persuasive to anybody? Now, why is this not persuasive? Why is this Marxist class warfare stuff not persuasive? These companies have shareholders. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing stopping shareholders from organizing. And having a CEO who they think is overpaid, fired. It’s happened before. The shareholders have basically no say over the negotiations that take place and the contract that is signed. Should there be a 40% increase for a 32 hour week? That’s number one. Number two by this kind of logic. By this kind of logic, everybody at Microsoft should be given $100 billion, Mr. Producer. I mean, after all. Bill Gates is worth $100 billion used to own the place. Everybody at Tesla, he gave, what, $120 billion? Every employee at any company or business should earn or get an increase that is consistent with whatever management’s getting. Now, if you want to get a management scanning, they get off the assembly line. And do what it takes to become a manager. An executive. Do something else. So the Marxist claptrap, that doesn’t fly either. It’s pure Bernie Sanders, as you’re about to hear. Hey, she got a 40% increase, so we get a 40 president now. Now, that’s not how it works. It’s not how it works. Professors get tenure, many of them after one or two years on the job. Same with schoolteachers. I don’t have any tenure. Do you have tenure, Mr. Minister? Don’t you want ten year? I want you to. A lot of these UAW workers have defined pension programs. I don’t have one. Do you have one, Mr. Producer? No. A lot of them have medical coverage that I don’t have. Most of you don’t have. Shouldn’t we all have the same thing, America? Shall we? All of the same thing. So this is the justification. A marxist argument is the justification. And we’re going to have Republicans. Including my dear friend, the former president. Join with these guys now. No, no, no, no. Bernie Sanders was already down there. But I’m not done. We already finish his cut, Mr. Williamson. Go ahead. But, you know, one of the one of the leaders of the court, one of the corporations sitting in his second home in Acapulco while we’re bargaining. See what I mean? So now he’s in a second home in Acapulco while he’s bargaining. Now these people aren’t earning 12, 15, $20,000 a year. You put in some time, you’re doing very well. So now this is the test. Guys. Got a second home and Acapulco. He’s sitting there while we’re bargaining. It’s my understanding, sir, that you weren’t bargaining. That the CEOs of these companies, all the big three, they kept begging you to come back to the bargaining table and you refused. Go ahead, make table. And so, you know, our demands are just we’re asking for our fair share in this economy and the fruits of our labor. You’re asking for your fair share. How about the fruits of the labor of people who are trying to buy an automobile? They’re the here’s the problem. Companies don’t exist to pay union members. They don’t even exist to pay management. Companies cease to exist, if that’s the mindset. Companies exist to serve you, Mr. Mister America. You. You’re not at the bargaining table. So when demands are made. And if they’re met in any substantial way, prices skyrocket. And so. When a consumer, you, the American people, are treated this way. You know what’s going to happen. People are going to buy more foreign cars. That’s what they’re going to do. Because they’re striking the big three. People are going to say, you know what, We went through the seventies with the automobile industry. We helped build it back by purchasing their products as good Americans. They had to improve their products, you know, to compete with the Japanese and German card. Remember all this? And now, you know, people are going to say, I don’t give a damn where this is made. If the UAW doesn’t give a crap about me. And I don’t give a crap about them. And so people are going to buy cars. They’re made by foreign companies. Why shouldn’t they act in their best interests? When you hear this guy popping off and saying, Hey, our CEO makes this its fair share, we do. Your response to them is, okay, fine, fair share. Fair share. Whatever that means. Go ahead. 21% is a no go for you. It’s definitely a no go. And we’ve made that very clear to the companies. Look at the arrogance. Yeah. 21%. That’s just too much. We want our 32 hour workweek, but we want to be paid for 40 hours and a 21% increases in a go. How many of you were getting a 21% increase out there? This is one of the greatest shakedowns in modern history. Bernie Sanders is. I’ll end. Doesn’t that tell you something? Here he is on with Jake TAPPER. Cut 16, go. This push from the UAW for a four day workweek. Is that a negotiating tactic or do you see that as the future of labor in the U.S.? A four day workweek? Well, I’ll tell you what I think. And thanks for raising that question, Jake. We are looking at an explosion in this country of artificial intelligence and robotics, and that means that the average worker is going to be much more productive. Now, there’s a man who’s never worked a private job in his entire life. You know, Bernie Sanders, the average man, as you call them. Also has to purchase a vehicle. Also is to pay for maintenance of a vehicle. The average man in this country. There are many more average men in this country than average men who work as UAW workers. They have to live with this result to. And we have millions of millions of people who do not earn. What UAW workers earn. Now, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I understand. But if Bernie Sanders is going to make the argument that says it’s all well and good and this is for the work, I know it’s not for the workers, for the UAW. There’s a lot of but a lot a lot of workers out there who are union members, too, who are not members of the UAW. Go ahead. Think to increase significantly the question as a nation that we have got to ask ourselves is who is going to benefit from that increased productivity? I’m so sick and tired of this Marxist bullcrap, you have no idea. I am so sick of it. If Bernie Sanders is right, we would have had a communist revolution. From the bottom up in the middle, out a long time ago. Not a communist revolution from the top down that we’re dealing with today. But from the bottom up, the proletariat. Would have overthrown the bourgeoisie, as Marx had predicted. But even Lenin and Gramsci and Alinsky knew they wouldn’t happen in the United States. But Bernie Sanders is an old red. He’s a marxist through and through. And so we want you to believe that we’re going to have all this new wealth as a result of artificial intelligence, and it’s only going to go to the rich. The rich. The fact is, the overwhelming amount of money that is possessed in this country is possessed by the broadest number of people in any country on the face of the earth. When you go in a grocery store, you’re shopping with billionaires. And you purchase a car you’re buying with billionaires. We have more prosperity in the country because we do not follow. Are you not used to, anyway, Bernie Sanders ideology? But the UAW is demanding here it’s going to hurt a lot of a lot. The working poor and middle class Americans in a thousand different ways and people who throw in with them on this, a 40% increase with a four day week, in other words, being paid for the five day week. On top of that significant new benefits. These people don’t care about you. They’re all about politics and they’re on the wrong side. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
The bottom line is ladies and gentlemen, when the Democrat Party hates America goes live. Really Tomorrow it’s really midnight. And you can order it online Tomorrow. You can shop at your retail bookstores. If you happen to be at one or you want to go to one, you’ll be able to get your copies. It’ll be at Costco, supposed to be Walmart, BJ’s, Sam’s, Books-a-million, Barnes and Noble. Target. It’ll be really in every retail book outlet store in America. Unless, of course, they’re hiding it. But they’ve ordered a lot. So presumably the clerks know better than to hide it. Sometimes the management doesn’t know what the clerks are doing. So I told my publisher. I want to make exactly the same amount of money. As Harry Potter books may. Okay, so what are you talking about? I said it’s only fair. I mean, I’m an author. The author made. Hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars. Why shouldn’t I get that? I work just as hard, right? Most of it is. Because it’s stupid, that’s why. Because that’s not the way the world works or should work. In the real world. You put a product out there, whatever it is, and people either buy it or they don’t. I’m not. Oh, look at that guy over there. I should be getting what that guy gets. I don’t even know what the CEO of Simon and Schuster makes. I don’t even care. But I don’t say, you know, what I share in at least as much as the CEO of Simon Schuster makes because I probably bring in more money. First of all, I doubt that’s true, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. You can’t live in a free entrepreneurial society that way. And so I speak to you directly. Honest to God, if you want to help save this country, then you have to train your focus and your attention on the Democrat Party That’s destroying it each and every day. You see it on TV. You hear it on radio. And this is the party that has to become persona non grata. We don’t have a lot of time left. We have to use the facts, the information. Spread the word. That’s how we got our free country in the first place. And we got to use that our noggins, our ability to speak information to try and claw our way back. That’s the whole purpose of The Democrat Party hates America.