September 14th, 2023

September 14th, 2023

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Hunter Biden has been indicted by a Grand Jury in Delaware on three Federal gun-related charges. Joe Biden can pardon Hunter if he wants to and it wouldn’t affect his re-election chances if he is the Democrat nominee because he can wait until after the election. Strangely, some Republicans do not want Joe Biden to be the Democrat nominee for president in 2024 because he has a disastrous record and can barely speak coherently. Also, Nancy Pelosi in 2019 singlehandedly brought impeachment charges against President Trump without holding a vote, setting the precedent for Kevin McCarthy to do the same to Joe Biden. Now Pelosi is calling it hogwash because hard-left Democrats lie on all things small or big since it doesn’t matter to them. RINOs and Never Trumpers like Adam Kinzinger don’t just criticize Conservatives but go so far as to praise Democrats and Joe Biden for destroying our country. The Republican establishment has never supported Conservatives, from Reagan to Goldwater to Trump, so to hear people like Chris Christie and John Sununu talk about how great Reagan was while trashing Trump is absurd.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-311.  877-381-3811. I also want to. Thank all of the legal analysts who obviously listen to this program and can’t get enough of it. Mediocre, right, Maria does It matters. All the other reprobates out there. What if Hunter Biden is indicted, which he has been all the talk today? It’s good you’re here, folks. Hear from the constitutionalist mouth. You don’t need to hear it from all the has beens and wannabes. Seriously. One of Hunter Biden, he’s been indicted now. If he’s convicted, what, his father pardoned him. Wouldn’t that destroy him politically? Okay. I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But I do want to address this because, of course, as usual, the chorus line misses the point. First. Eight evenings ago, I was on HANNITY. What happened that day is this very same David Weiss, the so-called prosecutor. Announced under the Speedy Trial Act, the judge, that they were likely to bring charges likely related to the gun violations by Hunter Biden. Now you’re hearing all day long. From the legal analysts. Oh, look at this. This guy writes all the time in national radio. That’s my driver. And what are they saying? What is trade and commerce thing? What do they all say? They’re saying what I told you eight nights ago. Here it is, September six. HANNITY Show cut one, go. First of all, Sean, on this indictment, the ruse is obvious. I think it close to it, which is indict him on the gun charge. He may actually get off with this diversion, but get off or not. It’s the one charge they can bring it if they have a trial. They won’t bring in Papa bear. If he’s indicted on a tax issue, if he’s indicted on on Fara, he could bring Biden in as a co-conspirator. You can bring him in in other ways. You can open up an entire line of questioning involving Joe Biden on the gun matter. It’s very narrow. It’s very compartmentalized. So it does not affect Joe Biden directly. So that’s the ruse that’s taking place here. Wow. Holy mackerel. You know, other than 14 and a half million of you folks through the course of a week. Other than you. You know, I’ve said this. If you listen to radio all day and watch TV all day, you wouldn’t have known I said this. It’s a wow. Really? So all day long, this is what I’m watching and hearing. I’m laughing. I’m literally laughing. They happen to be right there. Only eight days late. That’s okay. That’s okay. Now we get the latest from the experts, the legal analysts. Can Joe Biden pardon his son? Of course, Joe Biden can pass. But if he pardons his son, it will destroy his electoral chances. Do you hear this one all day, Mr. Bruce? It’ll destroy his electoral chances. No. Well, why? Because you wait till after the election to pardon his son. Why? Because his son’s lawyers happens to be one of the best defense lawyers. Abbe Lowell and Abbe Lowell has already said the diversion agreement is a deal that sticks. That’s number one ground for appeal. Number two, Grant, he’s raised a number of constitutional issues, frivolous or not. They have to be heard. Who are they heard by? They’ll be heard by the appellate court. That takes a little bit of time. And how much you want to bet, even if Hunter’s convicted. Well. They’re going to stay in his sentencing until he gets his appeal heard and adjudicated. Sean Banning. There won’t be any need for a pardon if Joe Biden is the nominee and is running for president as a Democrat. Such a stupid question with stupid answers. Just as when I was asked about whether what the prosecutors are like, you know, Hunter Biden, they’re really they’re really honing in now. I’m really going to get it. They’re going to get judge it. No, they’re not. Not on this. They might they’re not on this because this has nothing to do with Joe. Eight days later. Ad nauseum you hear over and over. It’s like, okay, I’ve heard enough. I’ve heard this already. That’s enough already. Here’s another point I wanted to raise with you. I’ll think about this. Don’t the Republicans want to run against Joe Biden? Isn’t he the easiest candidate to defeat? Look at him. He’s a mess. Can’t debate. He can’t talk. Shuffles around, he bounces into the walls. But even more than that, look at his record. It truly stinks. It’s a disaster. Biden nomics does not work. Under these circumstances. I say Joe Biden won’t get re-elected. So why are some of the commentators. Conservatives, Republicans are it? Why are they so excited that, well, maybe Joe won’t he won’t run because David Ignatius. Who? David Ignatius. Who? David Ignatius at The Washington Post, for God’s sakes, he says. We got to push Joe out. Joe, look in the mirror, he says. I want to thank you for the grave damage you’ve done to the nation. From sea to shining sea and beyond. I want to thank you for that, writes Ignatius, whose name should really be obnoxious. But that’s okay. But, Joe, you got to step aside because you’re not going to win. And by the way, take your sidekick with you. Oh, is David Ignatius a racist? Misogynist. Well, regardless. David Ignatius says. So it must be true. And so they regurgitate this all day yesterday. They regurgitate that. My attitude is so different from the rest of these people. Go forward with the impeachment inquiry. Expanded to include true high crimes and misdemeanors beyond the enormous evidence of financial abuse. Beyond it. We talked about this yesterday. We talked about what high crimes and misdemeanors meant to the framers of the Constitution, what it meant to various delegates who went to the Constitutional Convention and what they said during their various state conventions of ratification conventions. It doesn’t mean, hey, can you show that Joe Biden got one nickel? Just one damn penny. You don’t have to. You don’t have to. As we discussed at length yesterday, an open southern border where people pour, cross and commit crimes. Reflecting on other deadly drugs come across the border and murder kill our people. And on and on and on. Those are the intentional acts. That is the open border, the consequences of which is mass destruction war on the American citizenry. That’s an impeachable offense. Joe Biden defying, circumventing Supreme Court decisions. That’s an impeachable offense. And so forth. So you expand. Your investigation to include what the framers intended as well by high crimes and misdemeanors. You’re going to hear all these low IQ frauds on the Constipated News Network and over at Marcello Steger. There’s no evidence, not one Santo, that you took a penny. Well, maybe there’s a lot of evidence. There’s a massive cover up going on. But it doesn’t matter. Just like these handgun charges, they don’t matter in terms of our governance. Do they? And so you had your impeachment inquiry. Well, Mark, he’ll never be convicted in the Senate. So what? As I explained before, and another backbencher picked up on this. It’s okay. Look, I’m here to educate. We’ve had three presidential, three presidents impeached, one twice and once. Was there a financial matter? Not once. Doesn’t mean there can’t be, But impeachment doesn’t follow the Criminal Code. I mean, there could be a crime committed that is impeachable. No question about that. But that’s not the bounds of the impeachment clause. Matter of fact, it’s more grievous if you do exactly what Joe Biden’s been doing. Destroying separation of powers, destroying the independence of the Supreme Court. Destroying our immigration laws. Causing widespread crime within the country. Widespread deaths within the country with fentanyl and other drugs. The direct consequences of his decisions. And these aren’t just mere policy differences. The man is part of a revolution, right? And then, of course, when they look into this, they need to look into what the Justice Department’s been doing, what the FBI’s been doing and the whole smorgasbord of. Impeachable offenses. I won’t bother telling you. You heard it here first and so forth. It doesn’t matter. I’ve just decided, you know, Rush used to tell me how frustrating it was that people would steal his stuff. And so he started, you’ll notice, putting sort of a background marker, particular kind of noise on things he would say. And he did it not because he knew it would work. He did it to try and tell people, you know. Scratch your own ideas. Use your own thoughts. Use your own head. I am similarly frustrated. But you know what? I shouldn’t be. It’s been going on a long, long time. Long, long time. Now. Nancy Pelosi, October 15, 2019. You know, they’re making a lot. Even saw one of the legal analysts up there saying, you know, it’s interesting, You know, the position of the United States Department of Justice under Trump was unless the full House votes on on the impeachment inquiry, it’s not constitutional, legitimate. Okay, fine. The Department of Justice doesn’t get to decide for who the House of Representatives, what’s constitutionally legitimate. They have their own power under the Constitution. I’m just saying. Nice try, but that’s not true. Nancy Pelosi broke that precedent. She broke that tradition. It’s not constitutionally compelled, but she broke it because she was in a hurry to to hang Trump from a telephone pole. Now, we know, for a matter of fact, that that’s what she did. And later on she would go ahead and take the vote. But so what? In order to open an impeachment inquiry. She basically issued a Fiat and Kevin McCarthy on this program pointed out yesterday she set the precedent. And he’s right. You have to fight fire with fire. You’re going to get burned otherwise. The Republicans play by the rules. They’re not even the rules by phony rules. And the Democrats are they’re throwing political Molotov cocktails. I’m sick and tired of it. So good for McCarthy. But here’s Nancy Pelosi lying through her dentures. Country go. And the distinguished chairman said there’s no requirement that we have a vote. And so as the distinguished chairman. That’s Slob. What’s his name? Adam Schiff. He’s distinguished. Say reprobate. Start from the top, please. Go ahead. The distinguished chairman said there’s no requirement that we have a vote. And so at this time, we will not be having a vote. And I’m very pleased with the thoughtfulness of our caucus in terms of being supportive of the path that we are on. In terms of fairness. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. By the way, if you notice, Mr. be her face is dripping. Her face is dripping. Too many facelifts. And they tie that skin behind their head. You know, it’s coming loose. Somebody needs to tighten it up. Like a Boy Scout. They know how to do those knots. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
By the way, before I forget, tomorrow evening begins the Rosh Hashanah New Year for Jewish people like me. And so I want to wish my fellow Jews. And Jewish people everywhere. Happy New Year starting tomorrow. And by the way, everybody can celebrate, you know. Now. Just to repeat. Nancy Pelosi, October 15, 2019. Cut three Go. As the distinguished chairman said, there’s no requirement that we have a vote. And so at this time we will not be having a vote. And I’m very pleased with the thoughtfulness of our caucus in terms of being supportive of the path that we are on in terms of mumbling buffoon hee hee. Oh, and they praised her memory when she was speaker. Oh, my God, We’ve never seen anything like her. She’s just unbelievable. Unbelievable. Yes. The dragon lady with the iron fist. Fascistic in so many ways was unbelievable. Okay, that’s the marker. October 15, 2019. She says she was told by the distinguished reprobate Adam Smith. There’s no requirement that we have a vote. And so at this time, we will not be having a vote. Now, what did she say today on the morning show? Show? Well, I’ll let you know in a minute. We’ll be right back.

Segment 3
There’s no requirement that we have a vote. And so at this time, we will not be having a vote. That would be on impeachment. That would be Broom. Hilda Chisholm. Nancy Pelosi, October 15, 2019. Now here she is on the morning show show, knowing full well that she will not be pressed. No. She’s asked by Willie Geist. Willie Geist is better than Scarborough. Scarborough has to be one of the dumbest people, not just on TV, period. Mr. Deliverance, the banjo playing little kid on the bridge. And I think that’s why Colby Hall, over a mediocre ride, is so attracted to the morning Schmo and Mrs. Schmo so obsessed with them. I get. People keep sending me stuff on this guy, Colby Hall, who the senior editor, the editor in chief, the managing editor and all around schmo over there might. Proud of it, too. He says, Mr. Producer, according to what was sent to me, unless somebody made it up that I am edging to be on mediate more often. Is that what it is, Colby? You realize what a nut you are? Colby. Colby. Mama is Collin Colby nonetheless. Here it goes. Cut, forego. Speaker McCarthy made the argument the other day that, well, Nancy Pelosi set this precedent. She waited a long time to have a vote on the first impeachment of Donald Trump. You did hold a vote, we should add. But he said you made the rules and he’s just following the analogy. Why don’t you add that initially she did not hold off on. She did hold a vote, we shall add. Oh, thank you. You know, you have the stiff in front of you and the stiff Nancy Pelosi. You know, you gotta you got to give her the talking points, too, so she. She doesn’t screw up. Go ahead. Holding this initial vote for an impeachment inquiry. What do you say to that? I say that that’s hogwash. I mean, it’s ridiculous. And I don’t know why the press keeps repeating it. I don’t know why the press keeps repeating this. I have them in my back pocket. Should know. I don’t know why they keep repeating this. The truth. The press. We own the press. You know this very guy is the very geist. Of the famous violinist. High wire act, nonetheless. That’s hogwash, he says. America. Now, why would she say that? I’ll tell you why. Because the hard left Democrats lie and lie and lie on small things and big and it doesn’t matter to them. It doesn’t matter to them. That’s why. And so this this argument’s taken up by some legal analysts say, you know, the Department of Justice said, you know, unless the House votes and you know. But Nancy. Broke the glass ceiling on that one, too. She breaks glass all the time. She changed the rules on the fly. I mean, she actually led an impeachment against Donald Trump, not an impeachment inquiry. An impeachment without an inquiry, without a hearing. Without evidence. And they voted that he’s to be impeached for leading an insurrection and sedition on January 6th. Wow. That’s that’s pretty tough. Of course, she had her January six commission set up like an old Soviet style, you know, joke of a court. Who they’re bidding for, by the way. Does anybody know where Adam Kinzinger is? Anybody know what insane asylum that guy’s in? Well, here he is on CNN yesterday with Anderson Cooper. And, you know, you can see where all the malcontents go. They go to CNN and MSNBC, one of the Sunday shows on the network, and that’s where they wind up. Twitter, welcome. This is where Chris Christie goes. Chris Christie is more comfortable. More comfortable being on CNN and MSNBC than. Coming on this program where I can take them on. Mr. Tough Guy. Mr. Tough Guy. Cat 13. Go. I’m sorry, Kinzinger. I referred to David Ignatius as Washington Post. David Ignatius, his Washington Post piece, this guy, David Ignatius in Washington, D.C., he must be so thrilled with himself and all he does is regurgitate crap that’s handed down. So he does. He’s not a serious person that’s only here. David, can you regurgitate this? Yes, of course. David, You, Of course. Of course, Hillary. And, of course, me. Of course. Obama. Of course. Biden. Ominous Gates. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. So there’s Anderson Cooper, whose greatest accomplishment was to interview Stormy Daniels. How was this? And I kept watching the guys eyes. You know where they went? This guy, Anderson Cooper. Unbelievable. All right. Go ahead. Speaker Pelosi Ignatius arguing that President Biden should not run again. He said, I think Biden risks undoing his greatest achievement, which was stopping Trump. Their greatest achievement was stopping Trump and destroying the rest of the country. But, hey, it’s time for him to go. He’s too old. And then there’s Scarborough yesterday saying, Everybody I talked to sounds like a real goober. Everybody I talked to tonight, 99.9%, 100%. And talking about Goobers, this guy, James Carville. They can drag this guy out from under a rock all the time. Are the raging Cajun. Now the low IQ buffoon is what he is. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead. Trump again? Yeah, he can. I mean, it is a risk and it’s a risk that a decision that my Democratic friends have to make. Because if you have a don’t mean the Spaniard, I believe it kind of a McConnell moment where he freezes or seems to be saying, I don’t mean it pejoratively. No, no. I made it in all earnestness. If you have a McConnell moment, you know, you’re staring at the sky for 35 seconds. But I don’t look, I don’t mean it as a shot. No, it’s not an attack. It’s just it’s just is what it is, you know? He doesn’t say a Fetterman moment. He doesn’t say a Biden moment. He doesn’t say a Feinstein moment to McConnell moment for him. Because he knows he’s on CNN. Get in line. Go ahead. That is going to be the number one issue Republicans run on. I mean, you’re already here. You know, some presidential candidates saying it’s really a run against Kamala Harris. And so I do think it’s a risk Democrats take. But I don’t want to take away from the fact that, look, I may disagree with Joe Biden on a lot of issues, but he has been quite effective. I mean, here you go, America. There you go. King is your job. Biden’s been quite effective. No, he’s been destructive, you moron. Not effective unless you mean effective in his destruction. But you don’t mean that. What I’ve noticed is these aren’t Trumpers, Never Trumpers, these RINOs, Republican establishment types, non conservatives. They don’t just criticize. US. They praise the other side. They praise them in our jobs really being quite effective At what? Well, training the strategic reserve. What else? Destroying the border. Well, there’s anarchy. Very, very, very constructive. Massive deficit spending leading to massive inflation. Massive interest rates. Oh, he’s been very effective, America. Oh, yes. Passing the CHIPS Act. He says I was the only Republican to vote for this. Well, then, my God, that’s forget about all that. He passed the CHIPS Act. Wow. The CHIPS Act. What will we do with our kings here? I was the only Republican. I mean, we’re probably going to vote for that, you know? Go ahead. What do you think about passing the CHIPS Act, which I think I was the only Republican to actually vote for his infrastructure bill. I didn’t vote for and didn’t agree with the Inflation Reduction Act, but that was still a big accomplishment on his accomplishment. It’s a big accomplishment to pass a bill that was fraudulently named. There was a massive redistribution of wealth to the climate change. But it’s not really an industry. They climate change ideologues destroying our energy independence and everything related to it. Hey, you know, all that great accomplishment right there. I tell you what, I didn’t agree with it because that’s great accomplishment. Go ahead. The bipartisan achievements. He has a lot to brag about. The problem, bipartisan achievements, the one bipartisan treatment he has all to brag about, brag all over the place was when Mitch McConnell and 16 or 17 other rhinos voted with him. For a $1 trillion infrastructure bill to precede the other multitrillion dollar so-called infrastructure bill. You remember that, Mr. Producer? Among others. Lindsey Lenz was one of them. But he wasn’t alone. All the usual rhinos voted for it. That’s their bipartisanship. Go ahead. Your son, if I was a Democratic strategist, is saying we have to get that message out. Listen, we have to get the message out. The fantastic accomplishments of the. This is Kingsgate. You see, Kingslayer first ran for the Republican primary in a little district outside of Chicago’s suburban district bedroom community. As a Tea Party candidate. Like this clown. Walsh This A-hole, Walsh is all over the place. Grifting, left and right. Walsh was thrown out because the Tea Party couldn’t stand him. Kinzinger. Was challenged. And the Tea Party turned on him because he turned out to be a boner rhino. They couldn’t get him out. The district was changed by the legislature. He’s always owed the Democrats and the legislature. And now you see another former so-called Tea Party type, and they’re out there talking about integrity and character and the rest of it, you know, and how great Biden really? I guess he didn’t read the piece by David Ignatius parties. David Ignatius. David Ignatius, did David Ignatius chisel his column and. Granite tablets. I mean, we have all kinds of holidays coming up. Shouldn’t we be reading from the pulpit, from the works of David Ignatius? Hill David Ignatius who? David Ignatius. How do you spell that, David? No, the last. I have no idea. But he spoke. And we will repeat it over and over and over again. Ted. Unbelievable. David Ignatius. And he says Biden’s too old. You should step aside and let somebody else run. Now, ladies, in truth, everybody’s been saying that except me. I went by Naron. He’s not too old. He’s senile. Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re senile. He’s old and senile. Old, senile and corrupt. Old, senile, corrupt. And a manchurian president. Now. That’s a lot. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Did I read somewhere, Mr. Producer, that Marco Rubio was opposed to an impeachment inquiry? Can you check that out for me? I don’t want to besmirch. I want to know if that’s accurate. We haven’t heard about Primark on a long time when he has a book. Usually we would bring him on the programme at his request. Otherwise we don’t hear much from him. I don’t know why you folks in the Tea Party are responsible for him being in the United States Senate, quite frankly. I’ve always gotten along with him. I like Marco. I do. I really do. What’s not to like? But this would be very interesting, wouldn’t it? I don’t know. I can’t. And his last book was great talking about Marxism. Something I’ve been talking about a lot and hear in the middle of a revolution that is sort of Marxism lite, this this revolution of American Marxism. And the man who’s led it has done great, great violence to our society and to our culture seems to fit to me squarely within the terms of high crimes and misdemeanors. And I can explain it to the slower listeners who are legal analysts, self-described, if they like, but that would surprise me. So what did he say? Impeachment can’t be routine. Did somebody say they should be? Impeachments can’t be routine. Got that. While he in or out on this this impeachment inquiry. He doesn’t say, okay. Well, there’s a lot of solid while not a lot of solid Republican senators, as very few of them, but the solid Republican senators have been saying, yes, of course, like our buddy Ted Cruz, among others, the fact that Hunter Biden is indicted on gun charges is really not relevant to too much. And so be very careful out there when you hear people chasing their tails or watch them chasing their tails or chasing cars. The issues. Joe Biden. Hunter Biden’s a front guy. And as we’ve discussed here a thousand times, not only is this indictment a ruse. Now he is a special counsel, a fraud, and a phony. Like the Department of Justice. Who tells them what to do? But as we also discussed months and months ago, the statute of limitations has run on a number of these charges. Intentionally so. Intentionally so. So this is thorough and complete corruption. What you’re watching in this Hunter Biden case now is a fan dance. A fan dance and they will not put Joe Biden in the position of having to pardon anybody, certainly not his son, for the reasons I said. If he’s convicted, there’ll be an appeal. There’ll be a stay of any sentence, and that will take it past the election now. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to take out Biden. At this point, they may well want to take out Biden, but I don’t know what Republicans are cheering about. He’d be the best candidate for us to run again.