September 13th, 2023

September 13th, 2023

US President Joe Biden delivers remarks to service members, first responders, and their families on the 22nd anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska, on September 11, 2023. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show,  the left-wing media, Democrats, along with some Republicans, keep saying there’s no evidence to conduct a Joe Biden impeachment inquiry. Three presidents have been impeached. None were convicted by the Senate. And none were impeached for “evidence” of receiving money. President Biden has committed numerous High Crimes and Misdemeanors as understood by the framers.  Joe helped Hunter Biden, unwittingly or willingly, to take money from foreign governments that benefited the Biden family and that may have influenced Biden administration policy. If you’re a Democrat or Republican and you say the impeachment inquiry is a distraction, then you’re part of the problem. An impeachment inquiry should not only address financial dealings but much more, including violating immigration law.  Tens of thousands of Americans are dying from fentanyl, schools are overrun, law enforcement is being overrun and it’s being done intentionally – that’s an impeachable offense. Later, Rep. Chip Roy calls in to discuss using the power of the purse to force change in the Biden administration. The founders gave it to the House of Representatives to be able to check the executive branch.  Finally, Dan Bongino calls in to discuss his new book, The Gift of Failure. Bongino identifies failures in his life and how those failures led to bigger and better things.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I imagine that you’re really frustrated now. You’re sitting there and you’re listening. And the speaker of the House says he wants an impeachment inquiry. This is something you and I have been calling for now for several months, actually. And we’ve said, when will the House Republicans do something, do something about this corrupt president? So you’re hearing from the left wing media that there’s no evidence that Joe Biden took any money regurgitating what the Democrat Party says. And I’ve written about the state run party, the Democrat Party, and the state run media. And I want to thank some of my friends in this business and on TV for regurgitating it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to put a footnote and tell tell anybody where you read it from. It’s okay. I got it from Raymond Iran. A brilliant philosopher and journalist from France, was cited in at least three of my books. You can find that in my own notes. I don’t expect the same from people who don’t do their homework. But that’s a separate issue. So when you hear people like Matt Gaetz, I’m putting the budget aside, we’re going to have Chris Roy on here. We’re going to have a good talk about the budget. Chip Roy But when you hear Matt Gaetz going on about that, this is a diversion by the speaker. I’ve had about enough of that. I’m so pissed off. You have no idea that these Republicans, even so-called conservatives, can’t coalesce around an impeachment inquiry. That is overdue. Are you kidding me? I don’t know what their agenda is. It’s not a conservative agenda. That’s number one. Number two, I am sick and tired of hearing people like Ken Buck and others say there’s no evidence of an impeachable offense. There’s no evidence that Joe Biden took any money. The Democrat Party saying this, the media saying this. That’s not the test for impeachment. And I would encourage James Comer. I want to encourage. My dear friend Jim Jordan. I want to encourage what the other guy’s name? Smith. House Ways and Means Committee. You need to broaden. What you’re looking into here. Yes. Continue to look into what you are financial crimes, profiteering and so forth. But impeachment is broader than that, America. And here’s where I want to provide you with information. Here’s where I want to educate these members of Congress. The media are liars and they know it, but we’ll educate them along the way, too. And Mr. Buck. Mr. Buck. There have been great books written about impeachment. First one would be the Federalist Papers. Madison’s notes. That’s pretty good. But impeachment goes back. Impeachment goes back to the to the British. It goes back to the parliament versus the king. It goes back to. A significant period of time. And this was argued it was debated at the Constitutional Convention. Now, they never came up with a specific definition of high crimes and misdemeanors. But they certainly didn’t mean solely and only crimes committed. Under the Criminal code. There was no criminal code. They just form the government. And so we’re having an entire national debate on idiocy. And it’s intentional. The state run party, the Democrat Party, with the state run media. Pushing a narrative with the help of quislings in the Republican Party. First, some current history. American history. Donald Trump was wrongly impeached. He was impeached twice, one on Ukraine, one on January six. Nobody has said, where’s the evidence? The evidence of what? But there certainly wasn’t any money involved. There certainly wasn’t there certainly wasn’t any violation of the Criminal code. They specifically impeached him on insurrection and sedition. One cow that was it, rammed it through, rammed it through the Senate, couldn’t muster the votes to convict him. So he was adjudicated innocent. But they still accuse him of. But nonetheless, not my point. Bill Clinton. He was impeached and the impeachment surrounded the issues of lying under oath and obstruction of justice. Andrew Johnson was impeached. Virtually every one of those 11 articles was based on the Tenure of Office Act. I don’t even have time to night to get into this because that was an unconstitutional law. But that’s beside the point. So you actually have Andrew Johnson impeached on trumped up charges. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath and obstructing justice. Donald Trump is impeached twice on trumped up charges. So where’s the evidence? They say where is the evidence that Joe Biden got one penny? I even heard this on Fox and Friends today. Where’s the evidence that he got one penny? Penny? There doesn’t have to be any evidence that he got one penny. If he opened the door to his son having access to foreign governments, to foreign corporations, from which his son and son alone. May 20, 30, $40 million. That is an impeachable offense. If he assisted in sun it making those connections and his son did not register under Fara. Then actually, he’s a co-conspirator in that. Well, how did he know? It doesn’t matter. That is an impeachable offense. When he violates our immigration laws. When he just wiped clean 700,000 cases for adjudication. When he keeps the border open. So fentanyl was coming into the country. So that murder that they just caught in Pennsylvania comes into the country so God knows who’s coming into the country, creating mayhem and anarchy. In our cities and in our states and certainly on the border, that is an impeachable offense. We’re not talking about mere policy disputes. We’re talking about a real impact on the nation, on the people of this country. Now, how do I know this? Because unlike everybody else who’s commented on this on TV and radio, I’ve studied it. Here. I’ll give you a I’ll give you a short lesson on this from the Congressional Research Service. Can’t read it all. The debates at the Constitutional Convention over what behavior should be subject to impeachment, focused mainly on the president and discussing whether the president should be removable by impeachment. Governor Morris argued that the president should be removable through the impeachment process, noting concern that the president might, quote, be bribed by a greater interest to betray his trust and pointed to the example of Charles, the second receiving a bribe from Lewis the 14. The adoption of High Crimes and Misdemeanors standard during the Constitutional Convention reveals that the framers did not envision impeachment as a proper remedy for simple policy disagreements with the president. During the debate, the framers rejected a proposal to include, in addition to treason and bribery, maladministration as an impeachable offense, which would have presumably incorporated a broad range of common law offenses. Although maladministration was a ground for impeachment in many state constitutions at the time of the Constitution’s drafting, the framers instead adopted the term high crimes and misdemeanors from English practice. James Madison objected to including maladministration as grounds for impeachment because such a vague standard would be, quote, equivalent to a tenure during the pleasure of the Senate, unquote. I agree with that, but that’s not what we’re talking about. The convention voted to include high crimes and misdemeanors instead. Arguably, the framers rejection of such a broad term supports the view that congressional disagreement with a president’s policy goals is not sufficient grounds for impeachment. Fair enough. A particular importance to the understanding of high crimes and misdemeanors to the framers was a roughly contemporaneous British impeachment proceeding of Warren Hastings. I’m not going to get into that in great detail. While evidence of precisely what conduct the framers and ratification of the Constitution considered to constitute high crimes and misdemeanors is relatively sparse. The evidence available indicates that they considered impeachment to be an essential tool to hold government officers accountable for political crimes or offences against the state. James Madison considered it indispensable, calling him indispensable that some provision be made for defending the community against incapacity, negligence or perfidy of the chief executive. Boy, that sure fits as the president might, quote, pervert his administration into a scheme of speculation or oppression or betray his trust to foreign powers. Betray his trust to foreign powers. Alexander Hamilton. In explaining the Constitution’s impeachment provisions described impeachable offenses as arising from, quote, the misconduct of public man, or, in other words, a system from the abuse or violation of some public trust. Such offences were political, he said, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself. Where is the evidence that Biden took money? Who cares? That’s not the test. These political offenses could take innumerable forms and simply could not be neatly delineated at the time. At the North Carolina ratifying convention. James Arundell, later to serve as associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, noted the difficulty in defining what constitutes an impeachable offense. Beyond causing injury to the government. For him, impeachment was, quote, calculated to bring offenders to punishment for a crime, which is not easy to describe, but which everyone must be convinced is a high crime and misdemeanor against the government. The occasion for its exercise will arise from acts of great injury to the community. But the president would be impeachable when receiving a bribe, of course, or a quote, acting from some corrupt motive or other, but merely for want of judgment. For some corrupt motive. Similarly, Samuel Johnson, then the governor of North Carolina and later the state’s first senator, thought impeachment reserved for great misdemeanors against the public. These are offenses against the public that they were concerned about. At the Virginia ratifying convention, a number of individuals claimed that impeachable offenses were not limited to indictable crimes. For example, James Madison himself argued that where the president to assemble a minority of states in order to ratify a treaty at the expense of the other states, this would constitute an impeachable misdemeanor. Hey, Joe Biden is essentially entering into a treaty with Iran. He’s not even trying to organize a minority of states. He’s doing it on his own in violation of the treaty clause of the Constitution. Mark, come on. And Virginia Governor Edmund Randolph will become the nation’s first attorney general. No doubt then impeachment was appropriate for a, quote, willful mistake of the heart, but not for incorrect opinions. In other words, if you’re intentionally letting fentanyl enter this country. You don’t have to actually sign off on people bringing it into the country. But if you’re aware that your policies are resulting in 100,000 Americans dying every year, that not coming into the country, that’s an impeachable offense. James Wilson, delegate to the constitutional contempt prevention from Pennsylvania, by the way. And later, a Supreme Court justice delivered talks at the College of Philadelphia, an impeachment following the adoption of the federal Constitution. He claimed that impeachment was reserved to political crimes and misdemeanors and to political punishment. He argued that in the eyes of the framers, impeachments did not come within the sphere of ordinary jurisprudence, in other words, ordinary criminal law. They are founded on different principles, are governed by different maxims, and are directed to different objects. Thus, for Wilson, the impeachment and removal individual did not preclude a later trial and punishment for a crime. The Great Associate Judge. This Joseph story who’s lost too often because he’s written so brilliantly about the Constitution. His writings on the Constitution echo the understanding that impeachment applied to political offenses. He noted that impeachment applied to those offences committed by men, public men, in violation of their public trust and duties, duties that are often political. And like Hamilton’s story, consider the range of impeachable offenses quite so various in their character, so indefinable in their actual involution, that it is almost impossible to provide systematically for them by positive law. Now, that’s what High Crimes and Misdemeanors is all about. There is ambiguity, but not so much ambiguity that it is unclear that Joe Biden. In his violation of Supreme Court orders. In his violation of immigration practices resulting in the death of Americans. And I could go on and on. Should have been impeached a long time ago. So they hear this guy Gates and the. Oh, that’s such a distraction. This is a distraction. Break it down, Constitution. Mr. Conservative. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
I mean, these Republicans. Everywhere you look, they’re stupid. On the Senate side, they’re about to sell out the country on spending. And some anonymous senator. Brave senator, brave establishment Republican McConnell lite Senator says to the Hill newspaper to another radical left wing piece of trash says to them, Well, you know, we don’t like this. I mean, this just distracts us. And, you know, we could lose seats. And if you don’t like what? Didn’t you put your damn hand on the Bible and take an oath, a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution, You fool. When you have a president in the United States who’s violating it left and right, whose actions clearly can win the four corners of the phrase high crimes and misdemeanors. And you guys are worried about your asses and the next election, but we’ll kick him out. Then what are you going to do then? What the hell are you going to do, you morons? I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
When you read my book, The Democrat Party Hates America, the launch will be Friday. It comes on, you know, upon most stores on Tuesday. You’ll you’ll see my writings about the state run party and their state run media. And by that Raymond Aron meant and I mean basically there is no distinction between the Democrat Party and the government. Which is why they want more and more government, more and more centralized government, which is why they go through the motions of wanting free and fair elections. But they try and destroy their electoral process in order to empower themselves and either destroy the GOP or make the GOP a party into Mitch McConnell or Mitt Romney’s party. In other words, a bunch of quislings. And we have so many of them in the Republican Party. See, it’s not the goal of the Republican Party to transform America fundamentally and turn it into a marxist American form of paradise. That doesn’t mean that party is without fault. It’s a quisling party. To party with fools as leaders look at the Senate. Tell us the Senate done, one of the Republicans done. But not just leaders. Rank and file. You know, these these concerns. I’m the conservative. I’ll put my credentials up against any damn one of these guys. When you’re out there parading around in front of the cameras talking about how an impeachment inquiry is a distraction. You’re part of the problem. When you’re a Ken Buck and you’re out there saying, I don’t see any evidence, then you’re blind as a bat. Why the how do you think this guy who was a backbencher who nobody gave a damn about is now all over TV like Chris Christie? Mr. Big. 2%. Because they’re useful idiots. That’s why it’s a distraction. Oh, okay. Well, then we’ll give all the power to the Democrats and they’ll fix the economy. The same economy they destroyed. This is a great one. You’re the Democrats. Come on. We need to focus on table the issues. Bread and butter issues. You already did. And he destroyed all of it. So apparently the Constitution is nowhere in line when it comes to Senate Republicans. And apparently some House Republicans. As a backbencher. Miss you, don’t you know? They all sound like Marxists anymore to me. So they sound like to me. I want you to listen to a montage from Trumpet. Dowling had tipped to them Democrats in the media. There is no evidence. There is no evidence. Evidence of what? There’s unbelievable amount of evidence to Joe Biden. Has committed political acts. In violation of his public trust. Benefiting his family. He doesn’t have to pay. What? Damn shekel. Not a nickel. And this is why the. The Republican braintrust needs to broaden their discussion about impeachment here. In addition to what they have found or what they’re going to find. They need to do investigations on what happened on the. You know, on the border. That’s got to be part of it. The effects of Biden’s intentional violations. Of immigration laws and the impact on the people. That is an impeachable offense. He’s continuing it purposely. In other words, ready? Ready, America. Take on this Marxist revolution that is destroying our culture and destroying our lifestyles and destroying our communities. Take them on. I don’t know. My talking to that fear is that the in the Capitol building. Maybe I am. Got to go. The president has been in politics for a long time. And I think as he would say, he’s seen a lot of malarkey along the way. But this might take the cake. This is all smoke and no fire. What a waste of time and money. I don’t see any probable cause here. There’s just no evidence. I have never seen anybody goes to John Dean for an opinion, don’t they? Wasn’t he disbarred? I think he was. Didn’t do time because of water. I think he did, but it doesn’t matter. MINOR We got him on. We got all the great ones coming up here. Go ahead. Any crime at all? No evidence so far that ties Joe Biden to any of this. At least nothing that they have brought forward and that we have seen. Have you seen said evidence? No. Not a scintilla of evidence. I have seen said evidence. Stop going to the Helen Keller’s. Go to some serious people. I’ve seen said evidence. Of high crimes and misdemeanors. All over the damn place. It’s the families that are suffering from all the deaths and mayhem as a result of the open border and violation immigration law. How about violating Supreme Court decisions through the back door like the so-called student loan forgiveness activity? What about that? Does that bother them now? No, No one heard about them at all. The court is, in their view, it’s a right wing enterprise. Go ahead. Shred of evidence that President Joe Biden, who was in Jeffrey’s. Wow. Let’s go to Hakeem Jeffries to get his opinion on that. Oh, yeah, I’m sure that’ll be smart. Go ahead. Is in wrongdoing. No business dealings of Hunter Biden’s or any ones was discussed in these conversations. I think they’re making making it up. There is not a shred of evidence that President Joe Biden has committed an impeachable offense. A substantial majority of Americans believe something which is not true. There is not a shred of evidence that President Joe Biden has committed a crime. You got to see what I mean. This guy’s an idiot. They’re all idiots. President doesn’t have to rob a bank. To have committed a high crime and misdemeanor. That’s not what they meant. How hard? I just quoted from you rather than some of the scholarly books on this subject that I have right behind me. I just quoted from you. So be really easy for members of Congress to read from the Congressional Research Service. That’s their research. When a high crime, a misdemeanor. Does anybody remember us going through all this with the two Trump phony impeachments, defining words? No evidence. What did they mean by that? No, they just said, Do it, baby. Do it. Get it over with. Rogue. Rogue impeachments. No hearing. Blow them out. First. Impeachment. Secret transcripts. Secret testimony in the basement. Go blow it out. Go get them. Get them. Get up. Get them. Now it’s about right here. There’s no evidence to show me where he took one penny. We even have commentators saying this stuff because they’re idiots. They don’t even understand what an impeachment is. Go ahead. Like you got to have some accusation you can make and they don’t really have anything right now. I think I made. Who’s added it? I don’t know. I’ve made many accusations. But they’re not accusations. They’re facts. They’re. I want to ask. Are you listening out there? As Joe Biden set in motion. The ability of terrorists. Criminals. Rapists, murderers. Drug kingpins. Has he created the situation where they can all come across the border? Has he created the situation where people are being raped and tortured? As he is, he created a situation where drugs can come across the border like fentanyl. Does he know these things are happening? Yes. Is it intentional that that borders open? Yes. That he’s destroyed parole, that he’s destroyed the whole notion of refugee status, that he’s destroyed the administrative court system with respect to this because they’re overwhelmed. They can’t they can’t really hold enough hearings to deal with people coming across. Has he done these things yet? Has he done that purposely? Yes. There you go. Open and shut case. Mike, you can’t tie tie him. It’s his policies. Now policy differences alone, that’s not an impeachable offense. But when hundreds of thousands of Americans are dying, when Americans are being brutalized, when schools are overrun, when our law enforcement’s overrun, and this is done intentionally as a matter of an agenda, that is an impeachable offense. Oh. It’s not a mere policy disagreement. There are consequences. Let me work on this one. The fact that Joe Biden opened doors to his son, whether on Air Force Two, whether taking calls on the speakerphone, whether having dinner with his business partners and all the rest of it. And, of course, we do have witnesses. I guess people forgot about Kevin Hart. I guess they forgot about Bobulinski. I guess they forgot all about the laptop. You don’t even need all that. The fact is that Joe Biden helped his son, wittingly or unwittingly. To take tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments that benefited the Biden family that may influence Biden administration policy. That’s enough. You know, do you know of another president in American history has done anything like this course that. And one of the great delegates to the Constitutional Convention was specifically concerned about foreign influence. If this isn’t foreign influence, then what the hell is? And Joe didn’t have to take a single penny. Not one penny. People are lying to you. These phony media types, they just regurgitate stuff. It’s the state run media backing the state run party. And Shane. On people who who throw in with this crowd. Shame on you. Senate Republicans. So-called, say, House conservatives. Well, that’s a distraction. Distraction? What? You boys can’t walk and chew gum at the same damn time. Really not. Then get the hell out of the way. And while, like people who can. Yeah, I’m angry. I am disgusted. Absolutely disgusted by the lies. In the media by the lies by these political parties. The Democrat Party doesn’t even like the Constitution if you’re going to fundamentally transform America. You can’t support the Constitution. One of their presidents, one after another, after another, rejects the Declaration of Independence. They keep talking about fundamental transformation. Biden does. They shout that Barack does. Bernie Sanders is a marxist. He does. And now suddenly. They say there’s no crime here under the Constitution. We are facing a revolution. These falls on Capitol Hill. Either don’t get it or they don’t prioritize it. We’re going to lose in a purple district. Biden. Get off your ass. Explain to the American people what’s going on and help save the damn country. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Next hour we’ll have our friend Chip Roy on the program. Chip is a long time friend. He’s a good man. I don’t pretend to understand all the ins and outs of this budget process. I’m just a regular guy who believes you shouldn’t be spending massively and pushing the nation into a death spiral. But I want to know exactly what’s going on up there on Capitol Hill, because I’m hearing different voices say different things. Even from among conservatives, what they want and they don’t want. And then there is one of the few people I really admire at the Wall Street Journal, Kimberley STRASSEL, who wrote last week an even bigger political price would be paid by Republicans for jamming a speaker with such a slim majority. She writes, not me. The GOP kamikazes won’t be bullied into submission, and they might use the Senate pressure as an excuse to dig in against work on regular appropriations, provoking a government shutdown. In that case, the Republicans will take total blame under the debt ceiling. Rules of Congress fails to enact all 12 regular appropriations bills by the end of the year. Discretionary accounts, including the military, are subject to a 1% cut, she writes. How does that help Mr. McConnell’s Ukraine priority? Conversely, suppose to pressure grows so great on McCarthy that he’s forced to pass a supplemental appropriation with Democratic votes. The next call may be a motion to vacate the chair, leaving the House Speaker. The House speaker lists again and that’s something that again that. Gates is pushing. So I want to know where Chip stands on this. And and I want to understand this better. Because if they really need to pass these 12 regular appropriations bills, shouldn’t that be the focus? I don’t know. We’ll get information from him. As I say, he’s on top of this stuff and I’m not a legislator. Thank God. I know. And I am out here. We’re kind of the intellectual rabble rousers. When you say Mr. Producer. We’re going to have Thomas Soul on my new Saturday show again, 8 p.m. Eastern, same format, but always a new show and Sunday will be 8 p.m. Eastern as well. Same format, new guests and so forth. And he wrote me a beautiful, beautiful inscription in his new book. And I’m telling you. He is an icon to me. And he reached out and he asked. If I would talk to him, I would interview him, and that he had really no intention of drawing out any other programs he wanted to come on our program. And I said, Absolutely. And I’m sure it’ll be covered very carefully by Colby. What is the idiot’s name? Hall over their media. This guy’s in a hall. This guy, the pinnacle of his career, is collecting clips from other people over media. Basically, they’re in knockoff of Media Matters of Arab Media Matters. I’d be very upset. That there’s another sleazy operation in town trying to fill their lane. And this crowd is they’re in love with Scarborough. But why wouldn’t they be? Collectively, they have an IQ of -17. But nobody knows who Kobe Hall is. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to reach down and slap the crap out of the guy. He’s got a pathetic life. Can you imagine? This is what you do every day. What he does. And it’s just another Democrat conga line of low IQ, prepubescent morons. He’s a comic book character. That’s all he is. Colby Hall. I’ve made his name no more than anybody else. Certainly more than him. Does anybody know who he is? Anybody know if he’s ever said something intelligent? The answer is no and no. More on Colby in the future. I’m sure I’ll be right back.