September 11th, 2023

September 11th, 2023

New York City skyline with Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground and the twin towers of the World Trade Center in the background. 11/06/1998. Centre skylines. (Photo by Jeff Overs/BBC News & Current Affairs via Getty Images)

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we honor those who died on September 11, 2001 – the greatest attack on American soil. Where was President Biden today? Alaska. His polit bureau put him in there because he humiliates this country every time he opens his mouth. What else does the Biden administration do on this solemn day? They worked out a deal with Iran for the release of five Iranian citizens, plus the release of 6 Billion dollars in exchange for 5 Americans detained in Iran. This Biden administration also applauded a Saudi Arabia deal on global infrastructure deal on the anniversary of 9/11. Later, a Governor like Michelle Lujan Grisham doesn’t have the power to suspend any part of the Constitution. She can’t suspend open and concealed carry across Albuquerque under an emergency health order. She does have the power to put criminals behind bars but she won’t do that. Also, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm decided to drive across states in an electric vehicle. Her staff parked a gas-powered car in a charging spot and because EV charging spots are limited a family called the cops. There’s nowhere for people to charge their cars yet the Biden administration wants these cars to be the standard. Finally, Judge Tanya Chutkan should be nowhere near a courthouse, much less a Donald Trump case. Today, Trump’s lawyers called for Chutkan to recuse herself in this case.

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What Seditious Conspiracy?

Photo by Jeff Overs/BBC News & Current Affairs

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Welcome back, America. I better not introduce what you heard. Speaks for itself. 22 years later, the greatest attack on American soil by any enemy country. The first greatest attack was the Confederacy, the Democrat Party. But putting that aside for now. And where was Joe Biden? He was in Alaska. Was he in Alaska because he’s rude now? No, he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what day it is, honestly. His politburo that’s controlling this country behind the scenes. They put him in Alaska on 9/11. Because he humiliates this country every time he opens his big mouth. Then you would have humiliated this country. On a sacred anniversary. 22 years after the attack on the United States by the Islamo Nazis. And I want to talk more about this when we return, because they’ve done something else today. Two other things, obviously an honor to the men and women who have perished on 9/11 and thereafter, including those who have fought wars to get these bastards. I’ll be right back.

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I’ll tell you something what Biden really his Sanders Obama politburo has done today on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11. When the Islamo Nazis attack the United States of America killed 3000 of our people. For which we went to war. And lost even more of our men and women. This is the Associated Press from about an hour ago. The Biden administration has cleared the way. For the release of five American citizens detained in Iran. Ready? By issuing a blanket waiver for international banks to transfer $6 billion. In frozen Iranian money. From South Korea to Qatar without fear of U.S. sanctions in addition. As part of the deal, the administration has agreed to release five Iranian citizens held in the United States. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. He’s actually not. Yeah, well, signed off on these sanctions waivers late last week, a month after U.S. and Iranian officials said an agreement in principle was in place. Congress was not informed of the waiver decision. Until Monday, according to the notification which was obtained by the Associated Press. The outlines of the deal had been previously announced and the waiver was expected, but the notification marked the first time the administration said it was releasing five Iranian prisoners as part of the deal. The prisoners have not been named. Why not? Because you don’t live in a free country anymore. That’s why. Congress has cut out of the deal. The American people are kind of out of the deal. The Politburo is ruling. The Sanders Obama Politburo is in charge. Operating behind the scenes and in the shadows. I don’t even think Joe Biden can sign his name anymore. What a. What a pathetic regime we have here. What a pathetic people we’ve become. Thanks to half the nitwits in this country that vote for this crap. The waiver is likely to draw criticism of Joe Biden from Republicans and others. Notice Republicans and others. Let’s stop right there, because that’s the most accurate things the AP says here. Have you heard from Chuck Schumer about this New York? No. Gillibrand No. Papp is the mayor of New York. No. How about the governor in New York now? Not exclusively, but where the most damage was done on 9/11. They governor, the mayor, the two senators say nothing, zero $6 billion in the hands of the Iranians. They’re selling crude oil. Like popcorn in a movie theater. Tens of billions of dollars into their coffers. And I want to make this clear 100% abundantly clear. There will be a war with Iran. Because of what this administration is doing. Because of what this administration is doing. Not because of Israel, not because of the Gulf Arab states? No, because of Joe Biden and the Islamo Nazi regime in Tehran. Just like there’s going to be a war over Taiwan or a 100% capitulation by the United States, it will result in a war one day, even a bigger war somewhere else. You don’t nip this stuff in the bud. Why are we giving $6 billion to the Iranians and all those Trump haters out there? All you moronic Trump haters out there. He had his foot on the throat of that Islamo Nazi regime in Tehran. Their economy was collapsing. The people of Iran are rising up. And now. Look at this. He didn’t like his tweets. Now the Democrat Party wants to bury him alive. Sick. Sick. But that’s not all. 9/11. 9/11 were these terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. Most of them. Most of them. Bin Laden’s daddy got very, very rich in Saudi Arabia. So what happened today? In a tweet today, National Security Council spokesman Idiot Adrian Watson. Who the hell’s Adrian Watson? Ready. Applauded Saudi Arabia. After it committed tens of billions of dollars towards the Partnership for Global Infrastructure. What about our infrastructure? Saudis haven’t paid us for that. Look how sick this is, this White House. 9/11 means nothing to them. The Islamo Nazi regime. Building nuclear weapons. Spreading terrorism means nothing to them. Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11 means nothing to them. Absolutely nothing. So the White House today comes out and officially thanks the Saudi Arabian government for committing $20 billion to support Reddy President Joe Biden’s signature initiative, the Partnership for Global Infrastructure. He really means climate change, you know. The initiative, spearheaded by Biden, seeks to spur economic growth in low and middle income countries with investments in infrastructure and a lot of work. They’re going to build highways in the desert where people can’t eat, where people can’t drink. The way you build prosperity is through what we call capitalism. Completely out of touch. These bastard. And they post this 20 minutes after the first tower fell. 20 minutes after the first tower fell. So Biden from Alaska today in his name, his Politburo sent $6 billion to the Islamo Nazi regime in Tehran. And. And thanks to the Saudi Arabian inbred government for $20 billion for his big, big program. Infrastructure in a third world. It’s so. The word amazing, doesn’t even. It doesn’t even work anymore. And you will have people defend this to the end. You’ll have fools defend this to the end. Some of them had these some of them are lawyers. Some of them are doctors. Almost all of them are Democrats. The Democrats know that their man. Is about three steps away from being a vegetable. They know this. But they don’t care. Because they hate us and they hate the country. They want that fundamental transformation at any cost, you know, especially yours. So what? Iran gets $6 billion. Okay. What do we care? You know, so what? And so he he tips his had it’s Saudi Arabia. Big deal. So it’s not an either. So what? Mr. British. So let’s go ahead with that statement from the White House about Pearl Harbor. They came up with an excuse. Go ahead. Our focus the last couple of days has been on President Biden here in South Asia. And when I asked the White House official why it is that President Biden was here and missing the 9/11 commemorations at the attack sites, the analogy that I was given is that 22 years after Pearl Harbor, U.S. presidents were not still going to visit Hawaii. That said, the whole point of this trip appeared to be countering China. Everything that we were told ahead of it, they were going to come here to try to counter Chinese influence in the region. But when we finally heard from President Biden, he told us the exact opposite this trip was about. Less about containing China. I don’t want to contain China. We’re not looking to hurt China sincerely. We’re all better off if China does well. I want to see try to succeed economically, for the world to succeed by the rules. And the Democrats are thrilled with this man. Their propaganda machine. Their demagogues are out there in full force clicking their heels as they march along the tremendous accomplishes with this man. Oh, yes. He’s unbelievable. There’s no match in history. And they start attacking Trump. That’s their answer. He doesn’t want to contain the communist Chinese, so he don’t even believe in containment. And I have a question. As somebody who supports Ukraine, then why are we in Ukraine? We’re trying to contain Russia, but not China. You see, my prime minister producing this guy is a mental. All of Apple’s iOS 20 years. I don’t watch myself. It’s just unbelievable. And. So he wants he wants Communist China’s succeed. They’re still in us blind. Every piece of technology they have was built on what they stole from us. He’s a complete manchurian president. He’s been bought and paid for. Only a manchurian president who’s received his Peter Schweitzer says over $30 million that families receive. Mr. Cohen was a little short with his 20 million over $30 million from the Communist Chinese. The Biden Crime family. That’s why he says what he says. We don’t want to contain them. We wish them all the best. And it’s great to hear from the great Republican leader in the Senate. Who every day sounds like Joe Biden in. John Fetterman and Dianne Feinstein. The Republicans in the Senate are useless, buffoonish. Stupid even. They see what’s going on in this country. They can’t unite around a damn thing. They can’t even unite around an ice cream cone. They won’t do it. And you get like these four or five in the leadership, you know, it’s there. There’s McConnell out there, the microphone, and then it looks like they’re bringing the pallbearers out, you know, Oh, there’s Thune, there’s Barrasso, there’s Cornyn. There’s sleepy, there’s Dopey. There they are. Where are they today? Nowhere. Biden should be condemned his administration for thinking that they just handed our enemies $6 billion, for God’s sakes. They keep threatening to attack us when we get $6 billion. Let me tell you something, genius, about Pearl Harbor. Even Franklin Roosevelt, as bad as he was and he was lousy. He didn’t give the equivalent of $6 billion to the Empire, Japan and Tojo prior to us being attacked. You idiot. Good God. Where are the Democrats? Where’s Hakeem Jeffries? Hakeem? Hakeem, where are you? If visiting with your uncle. What’s his uncle’s name again? I forget. Doesn’t matter. It’s all in the book. Hakim Uncle Jefferies I guess I don’t know. But there is with his uncle, I’m sure, celebrating his uncle, the Jew hating, America hating. Uncle Jeffrey’s. Who? Hakeem Jeffries, when he was really smart, was in college, defended to the hilt. Where is Hakeem today? Nobody knows. Is he condemning any of this? Course not. He’s from New York. Well, where is he? No, Where are the Democrats in Congress from New York City today? Where are they? Where’s that fat slob, Jerome? What is his name? Jerry Nadler. You know, he even got that belt. To reduce his weight. Well, that work, didn’t it? No, it didn’t. Just like Christie. Holy mackerel. Where are they? Where’s AOC? Where’s Bowman? They’re nowhere. I have a problem. They hate America. He attack America. And remember our friend. Omar. Remember her, Mr. Producer? You know, they did that thing on 9/11 when she. The one who said that. Some people did something on 9/11. That’s right. You a whole. They certainly did. And she’s a member of Congress. You be respectful to members of Congress? I’ll be right back.

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The president stopped going, you know, to Pearl Harbor after 22 years. That’s his excuse. Actually, that’s the Politburo. His excuse. They made it up. Has he been to Palestine or how, you know, is he really been to the border, you know? Better help rob us Beach half his presidency. Wilmington the other half. We’re dealing with a psycho. And the people around him are operatives, their handlers. They’re running the country. This guy is running nothing but his mouth and maybe below his waist. But that’s about it. Chris MATTHEWS to have a tingle going up his leg. Remember that, Mr. Producer? Biden has a tingle going down his leg. And in truth, it’s no joke. It’s no joke. That’s why the Department of Justice is protecting Biden, too. They’ll never appoint a special counsel because it will expose him as the John Gotti of presidents. And by the way, that’s besmirching John Gotti. It’s frightening. You know, we talk about nukes out there and who has nukes? Well, we have nukes and we have this idiot who’s who’s next to the button. You know what else? America, as I sit here and think about 22 years ago. America’s mayor. There’s never been a mayor like Rudy Giuliani. Cleaned up. Filthy city. Two criminals of all types arrested them and put them away. You could walk almost anywhere in New York and proudly so. Now the Democrat Party Biden regime wants to put him in prison for the rest of his life. They want to put him in prison for the rest of his life. I’ll be right back.