September 5th, 2023

September 5th, 2023

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the spending, borrowing, and taxing from Democrats is so overwhelming to our national debt that we may never climb out of it. During a government shutdown, the Federal government never shuts down despite the Democrat propaganda, and the parts that do shut down impose the most panic, fear, and pressure on the American people so that Washington D.C. bureaucrats can get all the money they want. Democrats did not mind destroying small businesses and the private sector when everything was shut down for months due to COVID. The deficit is growing so fast that it will double by next year, risking a federal debt crisis thanks to inflation and other Democrat Marxist programs like Bidenomics and the Inflation Reduction Act. The D.C. media wants massive spending because the ruling class in Washington wants more and more, massively increasing the size and power of the wealthy elite while regular Americans get poorer and poorer. That is textbook Marxism, redistribution of wealth, and class warfare which is only getting worse until Conservatives put their foot down. Later, the Democrat Party’s fetish for the 14th Amendment is a vile attack on our elections directed at one man: Donald Trump. If the Democrat Party, their media, and their academicians cannot rewrite the Constitution by interpretation, then they argue for abolishing it altogether and replacing it with a document that ensures their monopoly power and destroys our founding principles. The same kind of fraudulent approach is now before us with respect to Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which Democrats are desperately and cravenly insisting prevents former President Donald Trump from effectively running for a second presidential term. This is the party and these are the people who are organizing around a twisted fiction for banning Trump from the ballot and disenfranchising his would-be voters in advance of an election.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I want to thank my friend W Janos the best Mr. Mud. I want to thank you very much. He’s a good buddy I was thinking of for this Sunday’s life, liberty and live in having it for guests. Mr. Producer. And I think would be the highest rated program in the history of cable TV. Joe Biden. Mitch McConnell. John Fetterman and Dianne Feinstein. Oh, for them. How do you think that would go? Maybe I’d have to say that for late night, don’t you think? As funny as that sounds. Isn’t it pathetic? Anyway, I hope you had a good weekend. My wife and I went to the Jersey Shore. Atlantic City. Ventnor. Margate. I’ve been there in years and years and years. We had a wonderful time and we left on a Friday and we came back on Sunday because I don’t like all these backups and. Really kind of recharges your your batteries, you know, two weeks left till the release of the Democrat Party hates America. So pre-season for the book is coming to an end. Very excited about it. We’ll talk a little bit more about it. But we’ve had about a two month preseason, a little touch here and a little touch there. But now we’re going to get down to the nitty gritty. America, the spending, borrowing, taxing, yearly deficit, overall debt is so out of control. I don’t know that we can have a cloud of this. Now, we have a lot of stuff going on in this country. But this is one of the areas that most of the media find boring or incomprehensible. So they just kind of play inside baseball. Is it going to be a government shutdown as they’re not going to be a government shutdown. The Senate Republicans, they want to do a short term spending bill that the House Republicans are okay. Let’s start with their propaganda and try and address it. A government shutdown. The government never shuts down. I wish it would. The government. Hello. The government never shuts down. Parts of it might. Most of it does not. And the parts that do shut down are intended to impose the greatest amount of panic. Fear. Pressure. On the American people. So the Washington get all the money at once. So the bureaucratic bureaucrats get all the money they want. And we go on to the next and the next and the next. Now they they didn’t mind, as I’ve told you before. When they shut down the private sector, they didn’t mind when they shut down schools, including elementary schools. They didn’t mind sending back the nation’s youngest generation back 18 months in terms of quality and. Of education and competency in reading, writing and arithmetic. They didn’t mind that. They didn’t mind shutting down places of worship. They didn’t mind destroying small businesses, particularly restaurants and. Hotels and so forth. They didn’t mind all the damage they did to the private sector. American. And they shut it down for months. Months. Oh, the government shutdown. Here’s a deal. All the bureaucrats know this. All the politicians know that you may not. If there’s an actual shutdown in the sense that 83% of the federal government continues. Ladies and gentlemen, 17% does not. I got that from Paul Ryan, the former head of the. Now former speaker, but also former head of the Ways and Means Committee. On this program years ago, he said, you know, over 80% of the government goes on, the entitlements go on. That is Social Security. Medicare, Medicaid, other spending, VA benefits go on. Paul that continues. The military goes on. The essential personnel stay. And for the federal government, you know, that’s 83% of the. But the federal government won’t go bankrupt. All it has to do is cut its spending. And we’ll get into this again because it kind of happened again. But first, let’s begin with the shutdown shutdowns. In 1976, the federal government was shutdown under the presidency of Gerald Ford. For ten days. We’re still here, America. Oh, look at that. We’re still here. In 1977, under Jimmy Carter, the federal government shut down for 12 days. 1977. Shortly after that shut down it shut down for another eight days. So in September that year, it shut down 12 days. In October that year it shut down eight days. And guess what? Under Carter, in December of that year, it shut down another eight days. Then the following year, under Carter, 1978, in October, it shut down for 18 days. Oh, my gracious goodness. 1979 under Carter, shut down another 11 days. What was going on here? Carter went after these. These feather batting projects. The government you know you ran on a. On a budget plan that would start from zero zero based budgeting he called. He had problems from Democrats and Republicans. He shut down the government a lot. Total of 60 days. At a four years. Then the great Ronald Reagan comes in. Congress wants to spend money on everything but defense. 1981 he shuts down the government for two days. In November 1982, he shuts down the government for one day, September through October two. Again, 1982, December. He shut it down. Three more days. 1983. Shut it down. Three days. 1984. Shut it down. Two days. 1984 Again. Later. Shut it down. One day. 1986. He shut it down one day. 1987. He said it down one day. Here we are, America. Federal government’s been shut down about 80 days until that point. Can you imagine? President George H.W. Bush shut it down for three days in 1990. Bill Clinton shut it down for five days in 1995, 95, 96, Clinton facing off with Newt Gingrich. They shut it down for three weeks. 21 days. George H.W. Bush, advised by Karl Rove and. The other lightweights. Never vetoed a spending bill. Never shut down the government and spending went through the roof. McConnell says the government will never be shut down while he’s shuffling along. And the pallbearers behind him and called them pallbearers before Mitch McConnell was staring into the space. They have said the same thing. And, of course, Chris Sununu. Who’s now the philosopher king for a rhino’s on my favorite network and all other networks, for that matter, because he’s a putz. He says it would be better to shut down the government. Bad idea to postpone. Can’t we just all get along? So Barack Obama shut down the government, excuse me, for 16 days. She getting? That’s actually Ted Cruz. Who does that, Mr. Producer? Brave, brilliant and right. Because Cruz was trying to repeal Obamacare, he was attacked by the Wall Street Journal editorial page. Why? More patches. He was attacked. By the ruling class, by the RINOs, by the corporatists. They all pretend they don’t want big government, but they love it. They lavish in it. They swim in it like pigs in mud. 2018. Donald Trump. One day the government was shutdown 2018 again, three days the government was shut down. Trump again. December 22 to January 25, 34 days, the government was shut down. So, ladies and gentlemen, this comes from the Congressional Research Service. They’re never wrong. What are we going to do if they shut it down again? Oh, my God. What will happen? Nothing. It’ll be another weekend. We just had a three day weekend, do we not, America? It’s called Labor Day, which means you don’t work on Labor Day at Taksim. Ironic, but I understand Labor Day where we’re nobody’s going to Labor Day. But anyway. Three days. Where the government was shut down. Did any of you try and make a call to the EPA? No answer. Department of Agriculture. No answer. Social Security Administration? No, they were closed. Your local Medicare up. Not close. Medicare not close. Anybody try to make a call to the White House? I close the White House clock. How about Capitol Hill? Not now. They’re out closed. Wow. How about DHS and all the illegal Nat not answering? Closed for three days. And here we are. We call it a holiday. Shouldn’t we call a government shutdown a holiday? It’s like at least the IRS will stay up my ass. She left. At least the FBI won’t knock down my door. At least some liberal and some federal court won’t throw me in jail. I’ll Camry. I might shut down. Good. When Congress is in meeting, that means we have more of our liberty. But notice in all seriousness, how they treat private sector shutdowns and government shutdowns. I’ve made this point repeatedly. The private sector shutdowns for two years were called righteous. Anybody who posed them was called selfish. Suffered. And in fact, the more you shut down, the more you forced people out of work, the more you sheltered businesses, the more money you got from the government. Which we’re paying for today. Many ways. Now, why would it be righteous to do exactly the opposite and shut the government down? Because you’ll deny resources to the politicians and the bureaucrats. Who are destroying our economy. We’re destroying your pension plans. So destroying your paychecks. They’re driving up the cost of food and fuel and utilities basics. Because they won’t stop spending. And borrowing. And there’s not enough tax money on planet Earth. To pay for what they’re doing. Not enough. When we come back, I want to tell you just how bad it is. We’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Daily Caller.  The federal government’s deficit for fiscal year 2023 that would be this year is set to double thanks largely to large amounts of government spending greenlit by the Biden administration, according to budget experts surveyed by the Washington Post. The deficit will most likely reach $2 trillion, doubling from last year’s $1 trillion deficit because of Joe Biden’s increased government spending on the so called Inflation Reduction Act, which, by the way, he praises as well as higher Social Security payments due to elevated inflation, according to the Post. This deficit jump is one of the largest in a time outside of major crises such as wars and recessions. And signals a further increase in interest rates, more economic difficulties in the near future. A debt growing much faster than the economy will drive up interest rates, reduce economic investment and over time make interest payments the largest federal expenditure. Risking a federal debt crisis. Brian Reidel, an economist for the Manhattan Institute, said to The Washington Post. The recent deficit jump could potentially impact Biden’s hope for real. Now they get right into the politics. But so does Biden. Biden in the White House and his administration have already begun a full scale propaganda campaign that if the government is shut down, you’re going to lose your pension so that the government is going to shut down. This is going to happen. That’s going to happen. Well, don’t you remember what happened? The. Almost 80, 90 times before when the government shut down. That’s the number of days, 21 occasions when the government shutdown under Republicans and Democrats. Nothing. Zero. There’s nothing to remember. This is Washington DC the Washington DC media, the Democrat Party monopoly with the Rhino, Never Trumpers all together in chorus demanding that we spend and spend and spend and tell the whole truth flows off the place.

Segment 3
Listen to this, folks. These numbers are unimaginable. We’ve never seen anything like this in American history, ever. The government, meaning the Biden regime has spent $1.61 trillion more than it brought in since October 2020 to. Marking a 122% deficit increase, according to the Department of Treasury. Here’s an economic adviser to former President Obama. He says to see this in an economy with low unemployment is truly stunning. There’s never been anything like it, says Jason Furman. A good and strong economy with no new emergency spending and yet a deficit like this. The fact that it is so big in one year makes you think it must be some weird, freakish thing going up. Now it’s called Marxism, you idiot. It’s called modern monetary policy, which is really another word for Marxism, economic socialism. So there’s going to be enormous pressure on the Republicans in the House, particularly the conservatives, to buckle. And I’m going to stand with them. 100%. But the conservatives in the House. This cannot go on because the nation will not go on. If you’re against massive inflation, if you’re against destroying people’s pensions. Social Security recipients and so forth. If you’re against the massive increase in food prices. And utilities and gasoline and products across the board. Then you have to support a government shutdown because that’s where McConnell is taking us. Which Schumer. Because remember, McConnell is a creature of special interests and big spenders in Washington, DC. That’s it. That’s all he represents. And of course, Schumer’s a marxist. And Biden is leading the charge. He and his politburo of Obama and Sanders types. So the only people who are going to hold the line. Are the conservatives in the House of Representatives. Now, let’s see. The men from the boys and the women from the girls. Let’s see who’s who now. In the Republican House of Representatives. I haven’t talked to Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy, and I don’t talk very much. I’m a big fan of his. But here, the rubber hits the road. The rubber hits the road and he will be under enormous pressure. It’s just time to do the right thing and to explain it to the American people. I do understand that the American media, which is based in Washington, DC, has its cheerleaders in New York and L.A.. It’s media colleagues, but I do understand the Washington DC media. Want. Massive spending. You need to understand, folks, that the the ruling class in Washington, and that includes more than the bureaucrats and federal contractors, that even includes more than the politicians and includes their staff and includes. The Washington Post. The media outlets. And includes a massive bureaucratic industry that’s been built around this government. I understand that they want more and more and more and to have less and less and less. I got it. But I don’t accept it. Now, what the Democrats are going to do is they’re going to go to an old playback book. It’s time the Republicans figure it out. They’re going to go to an old playbook and blame the Republicans for all the problems. So what the Republicans need to do is prepare and prepare now. To explain that the Democrats are massively increasing the size, the wealth, the power of Washington, D.C. against every other city. Against all the states, against the middle class, working people, union, nonunion, blue collar, white collar. Doesn’t matter. Washington, D.C., has brought us this horrendous economy. Biden nomics. By dynamics. No matter how many times Joe Biden. Mumbles about the great effects of biodynamics. Everybody knows better. Because they’re living by nannies. They’re living. Nobody gives a damn what the Wall Street Journal editorial page has to say about government shutdowns. They’ve been wrong, wrong and wrong again. Besides, it’s called The Wall Street Journal, not the Main Street Journal. Nobody cares what these. These long in the tooth editorial writers, columnists, news writers have to say they continue to support the destruction of our economic system. And your way of life. This truly is what goes on in Washington. The wealthy elite. Versus everybody else. And I don’t say that as class warfare. I say that as a practical reality. People become wealthy, multimillionaires. Billionaires, Corporatists. Because your money is washed through, it’s laundered through Washington and pushed out to somebody else. That’s Marxism. That’s redistribution of wealth. That’s class warfare. I support capitalism, the market system. This destroys the market system. This creates economic dislocation. This strangles the golden goose. The more money Washington takes out of the private sector. And the more money Washington borrows. The value of the currency goes down. That is, whatever you have in the bank, whatever you have in your pension, you’ve already seen it. People don’t know what to do. Well, it’s only going to get worse. This. Somebody puts their foot down. If it’s not the Republican establishment which has participated in this for decades, it’s going to be the conservatives. With my full 100% support. I’m not saying they’ll get everything they want, but it’s a period of education for the American people. It’s a period of persuasion. And if the government shuts down five days, ten days, 15 days, it’s been as high as 36 days. Okay. You folks in the private sector. Many of you lost your jobs. Many of you lost your businesses. Nobody gave a damn. Yes. Keep wearing that mass, baby. Nobody gave a damn. All these people in the federal Leviathan. You’re going to see the interviews. They’re going to. They’re going to show you the crocodile tears. How am I going to make ends meet? How am I going to do this? How am I going to do that? They’re all going to be. Recompensed, that is. They’re all going to get their money back at some point. They always do. How many of you live like that in the private so you get your money back? You get your money back. You get money back. Joe Biden’s handing out hundreds of billions of dollars. On. Student loans. I like the way they call it relief. They’re stealing your money to help somebody else pay off their loan. And that somebody else probably earns more money than you do. Where’s that money coming from? Nowhere. He was even told by the Supreme Court to cut it out. But he doesn’t cut it at. And so I’m sure we’re going to have to return to this. And those of you who do acquire the copy of the Democrat Party hates America. But I’ll tell you what. I couldn’t have written this book any better. You got to page 301. Two, page 308 And there is a concise. Yeah. Deep discussion about this whole issue. And I want to remind you, reading from page 301. The debt. Federal debt may seem like an obscure and boring topic, but it determines whether Americans will continue to enjoy economic prosperity, especially for our children and grandchildren and generations yet born. Indeed, in May 2023, that’s how updated this book is. The Government Accountability Office. GEO released a report titled The Nation’s Fiscal Health. Which received virtually no media attention even today. They don’t point in the news. The news grips it’s all about politics for them. It’s not about substance. The report is a stark warning that the federal government is fiscally out of control. It begins with this statement, and that’s before the numbers were coming in for this year. Says the Federal Government faces an unsustainable long term fiscal future. At the end of fiscal 2022, debt held by the public was about 97% of gross domestic product. That is a very service product created in America. Projections from the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of the Treasury, the Congressional Budget Office and GAO, all of them all show that current fiscal policy is, quote, unsustainable over the long term, unquote. Goes on. Debt held by the public is projected to grow at a faster pace than the size of the economy. Debt held by the public is projected to reach its historical high of 106% of GDP within ten years and continue to grow to an increasing pace. You know what we know now? It’s growing even faster. $2 trillion this fiscal year. Jail projects that this ratio could reach more than twice the size of the economy. Twice the size of the economy. In 28 years. Absent any changes in revenue and spending policies, well, they’re wrong. It’s going to happen sooner. And you know what that means. You’re going to be bartering. You’re going to be searching your cupboards for. Maybe gold. Sell some silver. When you consider this in the war on energy independence. The war on capitalism. The powers that the federal government has seized in the last two and a half years to regulate everything in your home and around your home and your home. That they already did a dry run in 2020, particularly in blue states, but not exclusively. And how far they can take their powers. It’s frightening. In other words, if reckless and unconscionable federal spending and borrowing are not curbed and reversed, the federal government will drag the entire country into an economic and national security disaster. The go does not mince words here, which is rare for a federal agency. It further warns if there’s not a significant and immediate course change, the well-being of civil society will be at stake. The report finds that, quote, The fiscal year 2020 federal deficit was among the highest in American history, $1 trillion in 2022. This year, it’s $2 trillion. This occurred, even though revenue growth has been strong and federal COVID 19 relief spending has declined. $2 trillion debt, even though the federal COVID 19 spending this year’s over. Over. So they’ve instituted this program. And they now have to pay for them. And so they’re going to want to raise the debt ceiling. They will not cut the programs. And then they will tell you that the full faith and credit of the United States is on the line. If we don’t raise the debt ceiling to pay for every damn thing the Democrats have supported. And McConnell and his rhinos. Rather than cut spending and cut programs. They won’t do it. You know why they won’t do it, America? Because the bureaucracy, the programs, the money. All belongs to the Democrat Party. It is the state party. It is the monopoly party. It owns every damn corner of the government except a little piece in the House of Representatives. I’ve got a lot written about this. And the Democrat Party hates America if you really want to be informed about it. So we’re there at Amazon and I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
If we had a functioning Congress, John Fetterman would be expelled for humanitarian reasons. Mitch McConnell would be removed as a leader of the Republican Party by the majority of the Republican caucus. But most of them are frauds. Dianne Feinstein is clearly on the other side of the mountain. She should be expelled for humanitarian reasons. And of course, the 25th Amendment was actually drafted, adopted and ratified in order to deal with Joe Biden. A health issue. A mental issue. See, even a few decades ago, with enough responsible politicians who said we cannot have a president of the United States who’s an imbecile. Or is physically incapable of doing the job. But we don’t have those kinds of politicians today. Instead, we have a ruling class that’s all about the ruling class. I’ll be right back.