May 24th, 2023

May 24th, 2023

TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES - 2023/05/01: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calls on a member of the media at a press conference at the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum in Titusville. DeSantis used the event to sign bills into law that increase penalties for offenses involving sexual battery on children and drug trafficking targeting children, and a third bill involving pretrial release and detention. (Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Governor Ron DeSantis has officially announced his candidacy for president and joins Mark to speak about his campaign and the state of the country under President Biden. DeSantis’ task at hand is to return the government to the people. 2024 is a generational opportunity to solidify and expand a constitutionalist direction in our judiciary.  Also, Democrats are using propagandists in the media to keep lying about the Constitution giving the power to destroy the economy, and at the same time blaming Republicans for a default on our debt. The 14th Amendment is a post-civil War amendment for Confederate soldiers, not to grant the president the power of the purse and allow him to propose and pass a budget and raise debt like Biden wants. Rep Jamie Raskin and the other Democrat Marxists are given a platform by the leftist media to lie about the Constitution; they will turn the Constitution into a pretzel to advance their radical ideology. Later, Mark speaks with Rep Byron Donalds about the national debt, debt ceiling, and Democrat pushback on proposed budget cuts. Finally, legendary singer Tina Turner passed away at age 83 after a long illness and kidney disease.

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Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 87738138118773813811. As you know, during the course of this half hour hour, Ron DeSantis will be announcing for president of the United States, much anticipated, frankly, and he will be on this program at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time in our third hour. He will be doing his announcement on Twitter with Elon Musk. He will be on Fox at 8 p.m. Eastern and then he will be on this program at 8:30 p.m. Eastern. And that’s it for the day. So we will be the first and the exclusive radio show on which he appears, and I hope you’ll join us in the last hour. We have another guest in the second hour. Uh, well, I want to talk to about this debt ceiling stuff. And that is Byron Donalds, who is our old friend, and he will be here at 720 scheduled anyway PM in our two. So we look forward that out as well. And meanwhile, I have a lot to do here. I am sick and I am tired. Of the Democrats and the media and these fraudulent phony academicians telling us that the Constitution allows the Democrats to destroy our economy when it gives them no such. Right. Now, I will ask you, because you’ve been listening to this program, many of you, for years, some of you for months, but most of you for years. Do you think the framers of the Constitution even more? Do you think those who adopted the 14th Amendment? Both supermajorities of the House in the Senate and the state legislatures. Would have agreed to give a president the power to not only submit a budget, but to fund the budget if Congress didn’t get along and didn’t go along with them. Now, is that not asinine? That’s never been done in American history. They can’t find a single syllable that was uttered at the time either in Congress. Certainly not by the authors of the 14th Amendment or the state ratification conventions. Not one person, not one sentence. Nothing that supports their claim. They take completely out of context half of a sentence. The 14th Amendment. In Section four that has absolutely nothing to do with today’s budget, with today’s debt, with today’s spending. But the Democrats do not want to negotiate a reduction in spending. This is how presidents in the past have avoided this situation. But the Democrats today are more Marxist, more radical than ever before in our history. And they’re saying you do it our way or attacking the economy. Now, they have their propagandists out there in the media. They have the likes of Hakeem Jeffries, who is a who is a known liar and lied about his own past in supporting his uncle. And his uncle’s anti-Semitic and anti-American statements. But more on that another day as we’ve discussed it at length before. And now they’re saying the Republicans are the ones who want to default on the economy. First of all, there’ll be no default unless unless the secretary of the Treasury at the direction of the president insists on it. There’s not only a number of measures to take, money keeps flowing into the federal treasury. The next big amount of money flows in on June 15th. Now, the Treasury secretary knows this. She’s sitting in the building where they watch this. And that will be about 350 to $400 billion. Just as it did this month and the month before and the month before that and every other month. The Democrats spent too much. The Republicans under McConnell voted to spend too much. The Democrats handed this to the Republicans before they were even sworn in as the majority. If the Democrats wanted to raise the debt ceiling, as McCarthy has said, why didn’t they do it? Wouldn’t they control both houses of Congress? They could have rammed it through. But they did. So the idea that somehow the 14th Amendment. A post-Civil War amendment. Clause for talking about, Yes, the debt that the United States owes to those who supported the union. No. The debt to those who supported the Confederacy will not be paid. That’s somehow that applies to today, which of course it does it. Is a lie. They’re trying to rewrite the Constitution on the fly to do something that has never been even done before, not by any president since the end of the Civil War. No president has asserted, as Joe Biden has, that he is the power of the purse. Betty has the power to propose a budget and fund the budget. And raise the debt. Well, then your House of Representatives might as well shut down. Their members might as well leave town because that’s their fundamental responsibility. They have others. But that’s their fundamental responsibility. How many times have you heard the house is in charge of taxes? That’s where the taxes, tax cuts or raise has come from or the spending cuts are raise has come from. And that’s why it’s the House. Does it say the presidency? Now I want to show you what kind of a communist Jamie Raskin is. He was bred from a communist father. He was involved intimately in trying to remove Donald Trump first, trying to prevent him from being sworn in as one of a handful of objectors on the floor of the House. Then he worked both impeachment trials. Both. Jamie Raskin, who’s who’s a red. And he’s a liar. And he’s on the morning show show today. And Joe Scarborough. Gives him a platform to lie. And Joe Scarborough, therefore, is lying with him. He knows damn well the 14th Amendment is not an option. Let’s start. Cut seven. Go! Well, nobody seems to know but the positive develop in my mind. Development in my mind is that on the Democratic side, people understand that the 14th Amendment is not an option. As people have been saying, the 14th Amendment is an imperative. The 14th Amendment is not an option. It’s an imperative, says Jamie Raskin. This clown was teaching constitutional law at one point, which means he was teaching lies. And there’s nobody there to challenge him. The 14th Amendment provides no cover any more than the 13th or the 15th or any other amendment to the Constitution. The Constitution was not amended to eviscerate the House of Representatives. It’s not an imperative to fantasy, but the Marxist don’t care. I’ve told you this a thousand times. They will turn the Constitution into a meaningless pretzel. That’s what they’ll do. They hate it from top to bottom because you cannot be a so-called progressive a.k.a Marxist. And support the American system. You cannot. Because the Constitution stands in your way. That’s why they hate the First Amendment. Why they hate the Second Amendment. There’s Biden talking about the the the anniversary, such as it is of the Everly Massacre getting right back into the gun issue. Strengthen the schools. Ladies and gentlemen, strengthening the way the White House has strengthened, the way Capitol Hill has strengthened the way every federal building is strengthened. You care about the children the way I do, the way you do. Then demonstrating. Tell me, how do we protect the White House? Do we disarm all the people who protect it? Is that what we do now? How do we protect the Capitol building? Do we tell the Capitol Police and so forth to go away and put up a sign that says a gun free zone? No, of course not. Well, that’s Biden today. Sick. Go ahead. Framework for analyzing the problem in Section four says that the validity of the public debt shall not be questioned. No, it doesn’t. Talks about the validity of the public debt and then it talks about what is the public debt. Well, first of all, nobody’s questioning the validity of the public debt. So he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. The city. The public debt is valid, unfortunately, and it’s massive. So nobody’s talking about that. But it doesn’t say in there anywhere in plain English or even broken English anywhere. That if Congress doesn’t agree to raise a debt limit, the president has the unilateral power to issue loan instruments like bonds and so forth. It doesn’t even say it doesn’t even come close to it doesn’t even make sense. Go ahead. For. In the final analysis, the president must continue to pay the Social Security and Medicare risks, explain Social Security and Medicare to explain it on my FOX show. I explained it on live TV. I’ve explained it behind this microphone over and over, but put a sharp edge on it this week. Last week. Social Security is a carve out. Why, at least theoretically, it has its own trust fund, its funding completely differently. Medicare has its own trust fund. Now, what Jamie Raskin is saying is, no, they don’t. We destroyed those trust funds. So Jamie Raskin is trying it. God, I wish this guy would debate me. I would do anything. Could you invite him for the fourth time, Mr. Producer? Tell him I want to debate the 14th Amendment straight up. Good Lord. Cadet go. But I don’t think there will be legal challenges by the administration because the president doesn’t have to challenge anybody. He just has to meet the full faith and credit of the United States. All right, Eddie, it’s your mumbling around. The president would be defendant. He wouldn’t bring a case. Is that what you were asked by the morning Schmo or schmo? I was filling in for him. It’s the president who would be sued. And let me tell you something, this would be horrendous. And then you’d have what was the woman’s name from Seattle, the Congresswoman Palin be or whatever your name is. Jayapal of the family, Jayapal, Jayapal, Jayapal and Goldstein law firm. Anyway. Piatt. Jayapal. She talks about the streets. We’re going to take to the streets. Oh, yeah. We’re going to queue this up for the Supreme Court and keep it a damn. Well, do what we want. But he even says something stupider. Go ahead. Our creditors now have Marjorie Taylor GREENE or someone else wants to sue. They would have to prove that they have standing, which means they’re injured by other people getting paid the money that the United States of America owes. And it sound like a really big idiot. And I’m embarrassed to say they used to teach constitutional law. The House of Representatives would have standing. Because it has a cause of action. And what is the cause of action, ladies and gentlemen? A separation of powers that President of the United States does not have the authority to do with the House of Representatives and frankly, the broader Congress specifically authorized to do so. Of course, there would be standing. But the guy sounds like a complete Marxist slash fascist. Not only can Biden do this, but nobody can challenge him. Oh, so Biden can do this. He can rip the shreds the 14th Amendment and Article one and nobody can stop him. Really? Now, let’s think about this. Biden gets his way, according to Jamie Raskin. What happens next year? Budget time, Mr. Producer? Why does he even have to propose a budget to Congress? If he can fund it himself. Isn’t it? Right. Rich. Why propose anything? Just say here’s my budget and I’ll be using the 14th Amendment to fund it. Okay, Next issue. That’s all he would have to do. Now, ladies and gentlemen, do you have to be a moronic, vile, poisonous, cancerous, radical Marxist not to understand this? This is how dangerous these people are. And then they blame the Republicans who are asking for just a little reduction, just a little reduction in spending. And it’s they who are going to destroy everything. It’s the Republicans. Don’t give us what we want. We’re going to use the 14th. It’s not an option. It’s an imperative. As Jamie Raskin. And Biden said the other day from Japan, he has the power. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2

And. I want to be very, very, very clear about something. So even the moronic prepubescent that media matters and mediocre, I can understand what I’m saying. I have not asked to be tried out at 8 p.m. on Fox. I have no ability to do a permit Fox because I do radio. And I haven’t asked to do anything at Fox even though they want to talk to me. That said. Can you imagine me just saying one night, One night only, not five nights a week Not to try out nothing. One hour. That’s it. Me and Jamie Raskin. Me and Chris Christie and maybe one or two others. That’s it. I’m sure they wouldn’t put me on after that anyway. But that said, a throwdown. Wouldn’t that be unbelievable? Just a throwdown. One night. Just one night. They won’t. Come on. We’ve tried them this show Sunday. I can’t get them. But maybe then they’d come on. You never know. You never know. I can dream, can I? I’ll be right back.

Segment 3

So now, having self-identified, although unwittingly, perhaps as a marxist ideologue and with fascistic tendencies, Jamie Raskin then goes on to call Donald Trump essentially a fascist. And this is the nature of the beast, ladies and gentlemen. This is how it works. The Democrats. Positioning to sink the economy if they don’t get what they want. But it’s the fault of the Republicans for not approving what the Democrats want to do. Get the point. Take book banning. My book can’t be found in a high school in America. None of them. That’s book banning. However, when you want to take our pornographic books out of elementary schools, according to Joe Biden and his ilk and the other perverts, that’s book banning. Get the drift. So here’s Raskin you still in the morning schmo show they they give a platform for mental midgets and other types of very ill people. Considering the hosts you see cut nine going. Yeah I think that the chairman gave the game away. Chairman Comber he’s talking about the Chairman gave the game away. Go ahead, Jamie. Go ahead. Yeah, I think that the chairman gave the game away. It was can came out before yesterday or the day before when he talked about how he felt that his investigation was improving. Donald Trump’s poll numbers for the 2024. Now, let’s stop for a second. Is that not why the Democrats went after Donald Trump? Top to bottom, left to right. Is it? The is not giving any game away, you moron. You should be interested. Certainly the press should, regardless of view of the information that they have uncovered, the press should be embarrassed. But it hasn’t uncovered it. And so rather than have any interest, for instance, he wasn’t in. What about the 20 shell companies there, Mr. Raskin? What about the money that went through those shell companies laundered? We used to call it to nine family members, probably three unknowing grandchildren. And of course, the other grandchild out in Arkansas was to be ignored completely. But that’s okay with Raskin and the other reprobates. Anyway, go ahead. Thinking about the great former chairs of our committee, people like Henry Waxman and Elijah Cummings and Carolyn Maloney. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Henry Waxman and the others. Henry Waxman was a hit man. Guy was about three feet 12, three feet 11. And he took it out on any conservative Republican administration. Henry Waxman. Elijah Cummings. Carolyn Maloney. Oh, there’s another one. They weren’t great leaders. But anyway, go ahead. None of them ever would have talked about measuring the success of our in fact, you, Jack, you Schmo. None of them ever would have. What am I set over and over again for the Democrat Party? Its party before our country? You won’t find that in the Republican Party. You just won’t. But for the Democrat Party, you will because they figured it out just like good communists. The party loyalty party first. And anything that gets in the way must be destroyed. It must be crushed. Whether it’s on Twitter. Or anywhere else. It’s got to be crushed. And so Donald Trump gets the Donald Trump treatment. Ron DeSantis is going to get the Donald Trump treatment. This is a war. And they’re at war with the Republican Party. They’re at war with the American people. They are at war with the American system as this guy rambles on and on. No wonder he’s such a bastard coward who won’t come on this program. No wonder. He doesn’t want to be confronted and exposed. From what he is. I’ve got some questions, Raskin. But you’re a coward. You’re only go on that show all the cowards. That’s where they go. On the morning show what their viewers. It’s a blame a mr. Producer. Can you. If you were me, would you come on my show? BLM paid. Well before we get to BLM. Let’s go to IRS. We’ve got a whole alphabet soup of tyrants and grifters. Well, it’s gotten worse. The IRS actually opened a tax investigation of Matt Taibbi. Now, Matt Taibbi is an independent journalist used to write for Rolling Stone. He’s no friend of mine. I’m no friend of his. But nonetheless, principle is principle. Principal is principal. And so they open a probe on him Christmas Eve following the Twitter files document. Here’s Stephen Nelson of the New York Post. The Irish Open examination of journalist Matt Taibbi 2018 tax return on Christmas Eve of last year, three weeks after he exposed sensitive documents about censorship at Twitter. Coincidence, ladies and gentlemen. Of course not. Are you kidding me? Those of you who have it go back to and freedom of the press and open the section there of presidential abuses of power. And you will see how the IRS was used by FDR. How the IRS was used by John Kennedy and Ben Bradlee, by the way, how the IRS was used by Lyndon Johnson. And then Nixon gives it a try. Oh, look at this. We’ve never seen anything like this. Nixon Oh, my God. There’s a tape sustained in the Oval Office. Nixon Put a tape, brings it. No, we didn’t. He didn’t put that in there. FDR put that in there. John Kennedy updated it and then Lyndon Johnson updated it further. It was already in their. Senate defensive Nixon. This is an explanation of the Democrats. House Judiciary Committee released a letter today that sought more information from the government following revelations that an IRS agent was sent to Toby’s home on March nine, 2022, the same day he testified to Congress about the Twitter files. But it’s more. Now we know. That they unleashed an investigation against a man. Jordan demanded even more records. But the case his critics claim the government was trying to intimidate. The IRS is the committee that sent a letter to Mr. Taibbi on October 24, 2019, nine days after he filed his 2018 tax return, asking him to verify his return because it met identity theft criteria and could not be processed until he confirmed. The IRS alleged that it sent a second letter to Taibbi on March 23, 2020. But according to Mr. Taibbi, neither he nor his account received any of these letters or any other notification that there was an issue with his 2018 tax return. That is, until the IRS conducted a field visit at Mr. Tibbs home three years later. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the same Internal Revenue Service. Doesn’t that sound very Stalinist? The same Internal Revenue Service. That just yanked. An entire unit that was investigating Hunter Biden. Because they complained of the politicisation of the process by political hacks at the IRS and the DOJ. And here’s Jamie Raskin. So it’s not just Trump, ladies and gentlemen. It’s anybody that steps out. You’d march in line. Got to wear your black boots, your brown shirts, and you got to click those heels. Maybe you have to march in line. That’s what they insist on. No, it’s true. And they can discredit or try to trump and his family and his businesses. They can use it for political fodder. But don’t you dare ask for a real investigation of the corruption of the Biden crime family both in and out of government. No. That’s political, you see. Now, as I was saying. The Democrat Party identifies like the Communist Party of most regimes that are Communist as being the pinnacle of power, not the government, the party, because the party controls the government, not the other way around. That’s why all these genocidal dictators, whether they be Marxists or fascists or something else, they’re all chairman or secretary general or whatever of the Communist Party. Joe Biden is the leader of the Democrat Party. Maybe we need to start calling him the secretary general of the Democrat Party. This is why the Democrat Party wants to put the Republican Party out of business. This is why lame brains like Mitch McConnell haven’t really figured out what’s taking place. A little slow on the uptake. But that’s exactly what’s going on. And they’re now interfering in their fourth election in a row. And now the the local Democrats have gotten the hang of it. You have a hack Democrat judge in Manhattan in a phony case brought by multi-millionaire Alvin Bragg. And oh, we’re going to we’re going to start a trial in March, right in the middle of the primary season, interfering with a federal presidential election. It used to be that there was enough comedy, comedy enough comedy in existence that even the worst of the worst phony rogue judges, prosecutors knew better than to do that, because they would be they would be roundly criticized and condemned, including by the radical kook media. But no, not anymore, because they’re playing for keeps. And we’re playing. And we’re playing poker. They’re playing for keeps. And we’re playing checkers. And so you have the D.A. in Atlanta who’s interfering with the election. You have the D.A. in Manhattan who’s interfering with the election. You have a judge in Manhattan who’s interfering with the election. You have a rogue federal prosecutor who is doing to Donald Trump that what has never been done to a former president. And the documents matter. Never. Interfering with the election. And that’s what taking place. Now. You have the these sort of hangers on, the sort of leeches. Like the Chris Sununu’s from New Hampshire, who’s well-known for being a Sununu and nothing else, who looks like he’s constantly on a sugar high or some high. Just very painful to watch or listen to. And he’s got one of those parts, you know, that start at the top of the right ear. And what’s what’s that all about? Nonetheless. And then you have Chris Christie who can barely sit in his chair. He’s so excited. And of course, Weightwatchers didn’t didn’t actually succeed with the gentleman. And I say that as a man who understands that being the chairman of F-you Fat is a good idea. Nonetheless. He’s ready to jump in with the big Chris Christie juggernaut. He just wants to get to the first debate so he can sign a bigger contract with ABC. With what’s his heir? STEPHANOPOULOS That’s all. That’s all. But the Democrat Party wants all power coming through it. And the only way you can do that is through the centralization of government. This is a very diverse country, geographically, economically, ethnically religious, very diverse country with thousands of townships and villages, counties. And they seek to impose on top of the whole body politic, the entire nation. Their ideology, and they can only do that by centralizing power. So they’re not just Marxists, they’re Marxist-Leninist, because Lenin, among many, many other things, he wrote and argued that this has to be a top down revolution, that these poor people, these dumb bastards out there excuse my French, they just don’t get it. There’s no people’s revolution. There is a communist revolution and there’s the difference between a communist revolution and a people’s revolution. And he knew it. Since only about 30% of the people backed the Russian Revolution, most of the people were non participants. And I’m sure afterwards they wish they were participants against the Communists. Even the czar was better than the communists. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4

People have to learn to push back and they have to learn how to push back. Can’t be all columns and writings back and forth. Sometimes you just need to take these people on directly and look at their backgrounds. Like Jamie Raskin’s gotten away with it for a long time. There’s some kind of scholar. He’s not a scholar. He’s a hack. Comes from a family of Marxist hacks. Marxist hacks. What he is. And you look at the leader of the the Democrats in the House. His uncle was such a horrendous racist. In our Taste summit, they had a removal. And Hakeem came to the defense of his uncle when he was. He was post pubescent. In other words, he wasn’t some teenager. It was the head of one of the black organizations at an Ivy League college. And he invited his uncle to speak. He defended his uncle. He defended Farrakhan. It’s something he’s tried to cover up for decades. Now he’s the leader of the Democrats. I can assure you that if Kevin McCarthy had had some role. With the Klan or the neo Nazis or David Duke or what have you. And at some point it preys them. When he was in college. You know. You know, that wouldn’t be swept under the rug. That wouldn’t be brought. You know that. I know that. And yet it is it’s brewed when it comes from the. The Marxist left when it comes from the rations of the world, when it comes to the Jeffries of the world. It’s just a. It is. It’s disgusting. There’s no point in whining about it, but we have to push back. Oh, I got to go now. We’ll go now. We got a lot going on. We have our buddy Byron Donalds coming up next hour. Plus, I’ve got a lot more. And of course, Governor DeSantis will be on here in our three 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time. I’ll be right back.