May 18th, 2023

May 18th, 2023

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Democrats are trying to intimidate rank-and-file FBI agents to not come forward about corruption within the agency, and they are going after any whistleblower that comes out against the Biden administration. The iron fist of the Democrat party to silence whistleblowers while the media sit by silently and watch is a sign of the unraveling of our republic. Three FBI agents testified to Congress about what they have seen and are being attacked and silenced by Democrats. Next, Democrats have turned to corporations to push their woke agenda on gender, ESG, and Marxism, and Disney is a prime example. Disney under CEO Bob Iger is turning the company into a woke disaster, getting involved in the classroom, and fighting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for putting a stop to it. We cannot allow these corporatists to run our country, who are woke political hacks using money from companies they didn’t build. Later, the Biden administration is blaming the pandemic, inflation, and El Nino for affecting the maintenance of our infrastructure and power grid. They systematically go through our energy system and destroy it, and then act surprised when our electrical grid cannot handle the overload. We had diverse sources of energy under President Trump, but President Biden has done everything to kill gas and coal among others. Meanwhile, we have people like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg going on about Transportation and Environmental equity, which is just cover for Democrats to take power.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811, 877-381-3811. I got to tell you, folks. I spent part of the day watching this hearing. In the Jim Jordan Committee. And these whistleblowers, these FBI whistleblowers come forward and testify and they put their necks on the line. They put their careers on the line. Two of them are combat veterans. One of them is an African-American. But for the Democrats, it doesn’t matter. There wasn’t a single question asked by a Democrat. Not a single question asked by a Democrat. That sort in any way. To get to the bottom of what any of these whistleblowers had to say. Every I mean, this operation over at the FBI is brutal. It’s vicious. In fact. Every one of these whistle blowers as a result of blowing the whistle were retaliated against, some of them in horrendous ways. Really quite, quite appalling. And this isn’t the first time you’ve seen the same committee with the Democrats trashed the independent journalists like Taibbi. And Schellenberg. They are covering up for the FBI. They’re covering up. For the Stasi like activities of the FBI. And why is that? That’s because the FBI has become. An appendage to the Democrat Party. The FBI is interfering now in its fourth election. Its fourth election. 2016. Daum did a better job than I could. 2020. 2022. And now this one. With the investigations of Trump. And what the Democrats are trying to do is they’re trying to tell rank and file FBI agents and other personnel, don’t you dare come forward. Don’t you dare come forward because we’re going to brutalize you. We’re going to brutalize. You know, the left used to hate the FBI. The latter used to condemn the FBI. Now. They love it. Because the FBI, for intents and purposes, is now controlled by the left. I never thought I’d say it, but it’s true. I never thought I’d live to see the day. But I see it, don’t you? And they didn’t want to hear a thing. From these these agents. And Wasserman’s Schulz, she’s in there trashing one of them for writing a book, which of course, Democrats and their whistleblowers never do. Listen to what the man has to say rather than character assassinating him. And I also noticed a lot of these questions that these Democrats were asking to sounded like they were fed to them. By the FBI. By the FBI. It’s important that she hear some of this. Because we’re really. We’re beyond looking into the abyss. We are in the abyss. We’re trying to claw our way out now and we’re not going to be able to claw our way out until everybody, or at least most of us, understand what we’re confronting here. The Democrat Party. As the party of totalitarianism. There’s simply no question about it in every respect. In every respect. Marcus Allen. Is an FBI whistleblower. In part. Here’s what he said. Got one go. Despite my history of unblemished service to the United States, the FBI suspended my security clearance, accusing me of actually being disloyal to my country. This outrageous and insulting accusation is based on unsubstantiated accusations that I hold conspiratorial views regarding the events of January six, 2021, and that I allegedly sympathize with criminal conduct. I do not. I was not in Washington, D.C. on January 6th. Played no part in the events of January 6th, and I condemn all criminal activity that occurred. Instead, it appears that I was retaliated against because I forwarded information to my superiors and others that question the official narrative of the events of January six. As a result, I was accused of promoting conspiratorial views and unreliable information because I did this. The FBI questioned my allegiance to the United States since I was suspended. There’s been a dearth of communication from the FBI with interactions seemingly only being forced by actions from my counsel or members of Congress. Uh huh. This gentleman is African-American. Not that that matters, but it matters to the Democrats. But it didn’t matter in the sense that he didn’t come to his defense. They trashed him. You hear what kind of a quality person this is? And of course, he’s questioned by the Democrats. He’s attacked by the Democrats on the committee. I’m looking, Mr. Producer, for the cut, where they confuse who he is. Let’s see here. Let’s go to cut nine. So what happens here, folks? Is that the idiot Democrat? Linda Sanchez, California. She had a idiot sister who was once a congressman to. She and her probably her staff, they look at Twitter and they see somebody named Marcus Allen Marcus, a 970, who has posted things on Twitter. And she assumes it’s this Marcus Allen. The combat veteran, the FBI agent. And listen to this. Just listen to this. Cut now and go. Thank you. Mr. Allen. Have you ever used Twitter? Yes or no? I have utilized Twitter, yes. Okay. And is your account at Marcus? 897050645. That is absolutely not my account. Okay. That’s not your account. Well, on December 5th, 2022, an account under the name Marcus Allen retweeted a tweet that said, It is not my account, ma’am. You haven’t. Let me finish the question, sir. Football player. You haven’t. Let me finish the question on this. And the time is mine. On December 5th, 2020, to an account under the name of Marcus Allen retweeted a tweet that said, quote, Nancy Pelosi staged January 6th, retweet, if you agree and quote, Do you agree with that statement? Yes or no? That that is? I don’t know, ma’am. That’s not my account at all. I have. I’m asking whether you agree with that statement, yes or no? Can you please rephrase this, then? Do you think the gentle lady has inspired staged? January 6th. I just want him to answer. Answer? No. Answer. Yeah. Answer. I was telling you. Your time’s up. Do you believe that, Nancy? Do you agree with the statement that this person tweeted that Nancy Pelosi staged January 6th? I said, No, no. Well. Well, they. And you know what? She’s not even embarrassed. She’s not even humiliated. It’s not it’s not shocking to you. Of course it is. These are the dimwits. She wasn’t there to glean any information. She was on the attack and she had bad information and she stayed on the attack that Chavez. From California. I’m sure they’re very proud of their Congress idiot Linda Chavez. Now, Tristan Leavitt. He’s with a group of Empower Oversight, whistleblowers and research. He’s the president of. And listen to this cut to go in light of all these obstacles for FBI whistleblowers. You would think Congress would do everything that it could to welcome their disclosures here. But FBI employees coming to Congress have unfortunately been shamefully treated by Democrats on this committee. It’s one thing to hear allegations and find them unpersuasive or even distasteful. None of us can even ignore those allegations. If they choose, that’s their prerogative. But to go out and actively smear the individuals making disclosures is far worse. That’s what the Democrats on this committee did when they released a March 2nd report entitled GOP Witnesses What Their Disclosures Indicate about the State of the Republican Investigations. That report was inaccurate, both on the law and on the facts. The law doesn’t define the term whistle blower. Instead, it protects from retaliation individuals who engage in protected activity. You hear that? So the Democrats. They put out a report. Attacking the whistleblower. In March. Now, how did they get their information? Who did they work with? Who did they collude with? Well, you know who they did. Steve Friend was another FBI whistleblower who testified today. Cut three. Go. I pray that all members consider the information I and my fellow whistleblowers present. You may think I’m a political partisan. You may think I am a grifter. You may think I’m a conspiracy theorist. It does not matter. Simply put, this committee should avoid the temptation to impugn the character and the motivations of the messengers seated before you. I sacrificed my dream job to share this information with the American people. I humbly ask all the members to do your jobs and consider the merit of what I have presented. So they went right after him. Wasserman Schultz. And he has a book coming out. So therefore, he must be a fraud. How many people are hacking. Trump had books coming out. Now to the FBI. They got cushy jobs in the media. One more before the break. Garrett O’Boyle, another FBI whistleblower. These are courageous people who come forward. Who speak, who are willing to be questioned, to engage in debate, not back bencher, back stabbing sobs. I have to deal with that myself. Cut for I go. I’ve been smeared as a malcontent and a subpar FBI employee. This smear stands in stark contrast to my life in public service. This smear campaign, disgusting as it is, is unsurprising, despite our oath to uphold the Constitution. Too many in the FBI aren’t willing to sacrifice for the hard right over the easy wrong. They see what becomes of whistleblowers, how the FBI destroys their careers, suspends them under false pretenses. They takes their security clearances and pay with no true options for real recourse or remedy. This is by design. It creates an Orwellian atmosphere that silences opposition and discussion. We know what is right to do that. We too often refuse to do what is right because the difficulty and suffering it incurs. I couldn’t knowingly continue on this path silently without speaking out against the weaponization I witnessed, even if it meant losing my job, my career, my livelihood, my family’s home, and now my anonymity. It’s up to members of this committee, current and former FBI employees and indeed all Americans, to ensure that the weaponization of our own government against the people comes to an end, no matter the personal cost. And their personal costs have been extreme. Many of them put on leave without pay. One gentleman explained that they lost their house and they were homeless for a week. I mean, it goes on and on and on. But there’s a lot more. And I want you to hear it. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2

It’s really incredible. The Iron Fist, the Democrat Party and the FBI are using here and the media sit there and cheer it all on its. It’s the unraveling of a republic. Cigarette? O’Boyle, One of the FBI whistleblowers. He’s asked a question by Representative Kelly Armstrong. Cut five. Go. If one of your really good friends, your former colleagues, came to you and said, I have this thing that is being covered up and I think the American people know of no need to know about it. What advice would you give them? I would tell them first to pray about it long and hard, and I would tell them I could take it to Congress for them or I could put them in touch with Congress, but I would advise them not to do it. So you would legitimately try to protect one of your colleagues from doing what you have done? Absolutely. And how do you think that solves being able to shine light on corruption, weaponization, any kind of mass misconduct that exists with the American people? It doesn’t solve it. But the FBI will crush you. This government will crush you and your family if you try to expose the truth about things that they are doing that are wrong. And we are all examples of that. Now, think about what he just said. And that did move a single Democrat on this committee to ask a serious substantive question. There they were with the character assassination. And I got to believe from what I was listening to. That they got some of the talking points from the FBI. Now listen to this. Stacey Plaskett, again, a delegate from the Virgin Islands, cut sex, go. Less than two months ago, former President Trump facing mounting investigations. So let’s stop right here. What in the hell does Donald Trump have to do with this? Absolutely nothing. What does local law enforcement. And the accusations of systemically racist have to do with this? Absolutely nothing. What does the defund police movement have to do with this? Absolutely nothing as criminals have been unleashed on the citizenry of the cities. Those of us who are calling for slashing the FBI their budget. Slashing their personnel. We’re doing so because the FBI is taking a position within our government that doesn’t exist in the Constitution. That is way, way, way too powerful. For a federal government. We’re not talking about 13 or 14,000 police departments. We’re talking about a federal agencies that that that’s tentacles keep reaching out and out and out. And as a history of politicization, I’ll be right back.

Segment 3

There are very few formats in which this can be done. That’s why it’s important to do it over 3 hours. We take our time. Many of you are in your cars driving home or in your trucks, and you need to know what’s going on under the dome in Capitol Hill and who’s doing what. And the Democrats are running cover for the FBI and the FBI is running cover for the Democrats. And the FBI is poised to interfere again in the presidential election. And the FBI is trying to get all its ducks in a row by silencing FBI whistleblowers who are not bending to their demands. And so while these three agents. Are being destroyed and have been destroyed. There is McCabe, who wrote a book, who’s on CNN, who’s getting paid by CNN, and there’s Kony, who’s bounced around on TV, who was an adjunct or temporary professor at the University of Virginia. He wrote a book and we can go on and on about people who lied before Congress under oath. Whether it’s Brennan. Or others. And they’ve done extraordinarily well. They land on their feet because they’re on Team Obama or Team Clinton or Team Biden. But essentially, team Democrat. Incredible. So here is this, Representative Stacey Plaskett. From the Virgin Islands. She’s the ranking Democrat on the committee. And she’s been trashing away and she’s obviously trying to work her way up. The Democrat Party leadership chain, Cat six go. Less than two months ago, former President Trump, facing mounting investigations into his many alleged crimes, declared that, quote, Republicans in Congress should defund the DOJ and the FBI until they can come to their senses. Now, let me say this. We didn’t need Donald Trump to tell us that. We don’t need anybody to tell us that. But is it not curious to you that the Democrats are not even curious about what’s taking place at the department? Department of Justice when they went after parents. When they were trying to put informants in the Catholic Church. Nothing. Yeah. Or when they go after pro-lifers, but don’t go after those trying to intimidate Supreme Court justices in violation of federal law. I mean, I don’t need to go through all this with you. You already know. Go ahead. We all know that when Trump says jump, the Republicans in the House say, no, that explains it. So Trump says, jump in, everybody jumping. Is that why these three whistleblowers came forward and there’s more than three? Is that why whistleblowers have come forward from the IRS? Isn’t it amazing now how many whistleblowers are coming forward? Remember, there were there were a dearth of whistleblowers coming forward now. Now they can’t stop the flow of whistleblowers. Isn’t it amazing that over at the Internal Revenue Service, having gone after the Tea Party in 2010? That they literally pulled the criminal investigative unit that was looking into Hunter Biden off the job because the senior supervisor became a whistleblower. Given the obstruction of the Biden administration. And there’s some reports saying that that was dictated by the Department of Justice. And we’re not fools here. We see what’s going on. Tonight which Trump. And now. And now it’s akin to defunding police forces. No, it’s not. Has nothing to do with it. This FBI. Which was really created by Theodore Roosevelt. It’s completely out of control. When J. Edgar Hoover ran it, the Democrats thought it was out of control after. If the Democrat presidents were done using J. Edgar Hoover to go after Martin Luther King and to go after other people they disagreed with. We’re talking about an out of control federal agency. I mean, an armed federal agency, Sylvia Garcia. She’s another Democrat. Democrat. Cut seven. Go! This hearing is an insult to the brave whistleblowers out there who do risk their careers for the good of their country. Now, imagine sitting there having your lives ruined and your careers ruined. And she calls you an insult. What the hell is this woman ever done for her country? Nothing. Nothing. Go ahead of unvetted secret accusations puts at risk the critical role whistleblowers play in holding the power powerful accountable. Most whistle blowers aren’t interested in being political pawns in congressional Republicans games. Playing politics is holding up the scheme as whistleblowers will make other public servants. Why is is said to be Republicans games. What’s the game exactly? What are the Republicans trying to do exactly? If the FBI is doing the dirty work of the Democrat Party. If the FBI, like McCabe, whose wife ran for state Senate in Virginia as a Democrat and he didn’t recuse himself, they told me I didn’t have to. Our economy, we now know from the dorm report, has his DNA and fingerprints all over the efforts to take down Trump. These things are called out as. Is that not supposed to happen? One of these gentlemen today testified that. He wasn’t in favor of what happened on January six, the violence and so forth. But there were things that were taking place. That the FBI was ordering that weren’t appropriate. They were cutting corners and so forth. You’re not supposed to mention that. Just go along. Go ahead. Well, if coming forward out of fear that it’ll just be used. Mm hmm. There you go. So each one of them. Was handed talking points to use in a coordinated assault against these three whistleblowers. And here’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She’s a complete sleazeball. Cut 11. Go. So, I mean, I’m not I’m not aware that you’re able to withhold information from me or your voice. Gotten lower. Mr. Producer. Let’s start over. Go ahead. So, I mean, I’m not I’m not aware that you’re able to withhold information from the minority that we would need to use to prepare for when it comes to whistleblowers or not. And I would just I would just remind the remind everyone, look at when it comes to whistleblowers who are not that’s not right. It’s shocking that they’re just not right. It’s shocking that the gentleman so much about the whistleblower names and it’s shocking that the gentleman in New York, the interview that we had, you see the Democrats that stop. They just want to have a throw down. They don’t really want to. In any way glean information. But they’re not giving the information to the minority. We know why they’re not. Does anybody know why raise your hand? Steve, There’s dumb Steve in the back there, but Steve, Steve might be able to answer it anyway. Yes, Steve. No, Steve can. Let’s go to Sally. How about Sally Kohn? She answered. I think Sally can. The answer is the Democrats will leak it and then they will use it to attack the whistleblowers because they’re not interested in determining what’s taking place. Or what has taken place. But let’s step back as a citizenry. We, the people, let’s step back and let’s look what’s been taking place here. If it were any other country. And they had something called the FBI. And they were shaken down. Parents at school board meetings monitoring them. And they were trying to play informants in the Catholic Church. One of the major churches in the country. And they were arresting and prosecuting individuals who were peacefully protesting at abortion clinics and sending SWAT teams to their homes in front of their children. To arrest individuals whose lawyers had already said they’d happily bring them in peacefully. But they wanted to show. If these other countries had an FBI that was working with social media platforms to monitor. To censor. To identify. Individuals who are threat. Because they open their mouths. And they challenged. The medical and scientific fascists in Washington where they challenged. The phony climate change fascists if they. Anything. If they had an FBI. That’s been enormous resources, trying to gather individuals who were not violent. And did not enter the Capitol building on January six. But round them up. And send SWAT teams to get them all over the country. If they had an FBI that was going after a former president from the opposition party who now seeks to be a future president from the opposition party. What would we call that? What will we call that? And if we had individuals from. That FBI who wanted to come forward and tell the world what was taking place. And they were trashed. Personally character assassinated with information provided to the Democrats by the FBI. What would we call that? We would call that totalitarianism. And what will we call a media that just sits there? And either celebrates it. Or pretend it’s not happening. We would call it a corrupt Pravda like state run media. When we step back and look at this. Without interpretation, without static, and just look at it. Is that not what we see? I’ll be right back.

Segment 4

I don’t know what it is with the computers in Florida, at least where I am going to give this one more try and then I’m going to throw it in the Atlantic Ocean. But don’t worry, Environmental said I’ll go retrieve it. Not. But I tell you, the salt will get to it real fast. It’ll die a slow death, won’t it, Mr. Peterson? All right. I’ve covered this sufficiently. I think. So you’re going to have a good feel. Those of you who were unable to watch of what was taking place. But there’s one other aspect I want to hit on this. Epic Times, which is a great site. They say there’s House Judiciary on May 18 unveiled a whistleblower report showing serious abuse and misallocation of resources of the FBI. One whistleblower told them that as Republican investigators, the FBI had become cancerous and has let itself become enveloped in this politicization and weaponization. Echoing earlier whistleblower testimony that the FBI had become, quote, rotted at its core, rotten at its core, even though it says rotten at its core. It is clear from these disclosures, and especially in the wake of Special Counsel Doremus report, the FBI has become politically weaponized, the report said. Now, the Democrats issued a report like this under Donald Trump. They want to bring in Trump. The sky would be falling. All hell would be breaking loose. So we get crickets. Crickets. Among other findings, the report reveals the ways the FBI sought to inflate domestic terrorism figures. This is important, and that’s why I’m reading it, particularly in regards to January six cases. According to the report, the FBI field office UFO pressured its Boston office to investigate 140 individuals in connection with January six. However, only two of the 140 people so much as entered the Capitol. Now, this fits with past allegations claiming the FBI has sought to inflate the number of domestic violence extremism incidents. Biden and Democrats have long claimed that homegrown terrorism is the greatest threat to American national security. And Republicans claim that the inflation of these numbers is to serve this narrative. In the report they wrote, FBI leadership pressured agents to reclassify cases as domestic violence incidents and even manufactured cases where they may not otherwise have existed. This may have been a reference to the FBI’s alleged role in the 2021 plot. In some respects not existed to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. At least 12 FBI agents are accused of having participated in planned and encouraged the plot. The goal of these efforts, the report said, is to, quote, create the perception that domestic violence is organized as is organically rising around the country. And other finding in the report revealed Bank of America had provided the FBI with confidential information about its customers bank transactions in Washington on January six. Those known to have purchased a firearm through their Bank of America account were bumped to the top of this disclosure. Customers were not informed of this transfer of data. If you have an account in Bank of America, get the hell out of there. And I have a feeling that’s how this January six committee got my 13 emails. I don’t know this to be the case, but AOL or somebody gave them to them. The whistleblower allegations claim the FBI created a threat tag a threat tag to target pro-life individuals and organizations in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Stobbs decision. Now we know about Matthew Houck. We helped break that story right here with one of the religious publications. I think it was Christian life. So other whistleblowers claim, backed by leaked documents reveal the FBI also targeted so-called radical traditionalist Catholics dumping them. They even gave them a name Nazis. Now, that leaked document accused traditional Latin mass Catholic parishioners. Of being of harboring white supremacism, quote unquote. And indicated the FBI intended to place informants in these churches. And the Democrats are playing cover up. I’ll be right back.