May 16th, 2023

May 16th, 2023

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, President Donald Trump calls is to address the findings of the Durham Report. The press is using the first amendment to advance a radical left agenda through only one party, and has become a propaganda operation for Democrats. The media have taken the final step and become activists for the ideologues in the Democrat party, which is why they blew off the Durham Report almost entirely. If we do not have a truly free press it is difficult for political opposition to survive. The Democrat party created the vast centralized bureaucracy we have now, which now has an FBI that has become corrupted and an arm of the Democrat party and the Department of Justice.  Also, President Biden vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have repealed an executive order allowing China to bypass tariffs and sell solar panels, allowing communist China to undercut American workers. This is even more evidence of Biden’s connection to China, vetoing a bill that would have required the Chinese to dump less of their product into the U.S. and enable American companies to develop solar panels. Later, Mark speaks with Senator Josh Hawley about his new book, Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. President Trump is asked to come on the program at 830 tonight Eastern Time to address the Durham report and to discuss some of its contents that will take place. And at 720 this evening Eastern time, we all have Senator Josh Hawley who says, look, manhood is under attack. So, too, great guests on a show that doesn’t have a ton of guests. And I think that will be very interesting. Certainly for me, it’ll be very interesting. What do we do in a country when we do not have a free press? And by that I mean not the government shutting down the press. But we literally have a press that has determined that it’s going to use the First Amendment to advance a radical left agenda, and in doing so, has decided that that agenda can only be established. Through one party, the Democrat Party. And then we have these massive media corporations. Like The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS, NBC and the rest that only hire. Radical activists. Well, that’s not 100% true. But the Republicans they hire basically in are covering, you know, obituaries or they’re outnumbered in a significant way. This is what they’re being taught in journalism school. And of course, when you see Democrats secrete themselves within the media, like Psaki now over at MSNBC and you go down the list. It’s not a free press. And it’s not a free press by their conduct of the press. The press becomes a propaganda operation for the Democrats. And you know this. You see it every day. You see it in the disparate treatment of Trump and Hillary Clinton and Trump and Joe Biden and the Trump kids and Hunter Biden. You see it in the disparate treatment on how they report on Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill. And even more, the media have taken the final step. The media are activists on behalf of the dialogues and the Democrat Party, which is why most of the media, the vast majority of the media blew off the Daum report. And they used the same tactics. Oh, it’s not a big deal. Nothing new here. Well, he charged three people. Only one pled to an offense and two got off and so forth. And then they bring the perpetrators on like this guy McCabe, a long time Democrat. His wife ran for state Senate in Virginia as a Democrat. McCabe, who’s mentioned almost 60 times in the report, they bring him on. To explain what really happened. Then you have individuals like Joe Scarborough. Who who used their platform. To attack the former president because they used to slobber all over the former president. Now they don’t like him. They bring this Slob WEISBERGER on. I played his audio. Yesterday was a hit man for the Democrat Party and a hit man for the left. They bring on his niece, Trump’s niece, who has some issues. In other words, they bring on all the reprobates malcontents and miscreants. To explain the report. And always federal prosecutors, former federal prosecutors who are Democrats and who supported Biden. So if we don’t have a truly free press, it’s difficult to see how we survive. Because we don’t have a truly free press agenda. The threat isn’t MAGA. The threat isn’t Republicans. The threat isn’t conservative. The threat is the people who pose as journalists today. Now on freedom of the press, I explain the various cycles the press have gone through in our country, the early Patriot press, which was a fantastic press. Constantly under threat by the British, constantly under threat by those colonists who are sympathetic to the British. Yet these men were brave as hell. It was very expensive to print a newspaper. It was very grueling, the typesetting and so forth. And it was even more difficult to get these these printed papers out to the colonists. Very difficult, but they managed to do it. The print press and the pamphleteers were absolutely crucial. They were patriots. They’re patriots for the revolution. They were patriots for liberty. They were patriots. Today. The media are not patriot. They’ve thrown him with a party that hates America. That’s what they’ve done and they’ve did it last night. I watched a clip of this. Rachel MADDOW, aka Mad Cow. She was sarcastic and snarky. No big deal. Here we have a Federal Bureau of Investigation. Which conducted itself. Even worse than J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. This was even worse, to quote the Democrats than Whitewater excuse me, than Watergate ever was. You had a concerted effort by the FBI and the Department of Justice, but especially the FBI. You had a concerted effort. To defeat the Republican candidate. And once he got elected to overthrow the Republican Kennedy, We talk about insurrection. And Obama knew it all. And Biden knew it all. They were briefed on it. In January before they left office. The acting attorney general knew about it. Comey, the FBI director, let it was involved in. McCabe the deputy. Was a Svengali in the operation. Hillary Clinton funded it. She was behind it. The DNC was supportive of it. Democrat operatives and lawyers all over Washington, DC knew all about it. We’re promoting it. Don’t tell me Obama didn’t know. Amazing. Obama didn’t know what his IRS was doing to the Tea Party and so forth. He knew everything. You know how I know he knew everything? America. Because it was in the newspapers. Right, Mr. Producer? That’s how I figured it out. He got briefed on the newspapers at least twice a day, like every president does. Twice a day, in my opinion. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2

The press. The press did extraordinarily well during the lies of Russia collusion while they were working with the FBI and working with the Department of Justice. It’s not really hard to be a reporter in America. It’s hard to be a reporter. And these other countries. It’s not hard to be report in America, you sit on your ass, you gather information from the state and you regurgitate. Now stamps of The New York Times and The Washington Post. That won the Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for quote, deeply is the Pulitzer page deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage of the public interest that dramatically furthered the nation’s understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, of which there was none, by the way, and its connections to the Trump campaign, the president elect’s transition team and his eventual administration. You believe this? Now. Who won? Maggie Haberman. Joe Becker. Matt APUZZO. Rosalind Heldman. Tom Hamburger. Ellen Nakashima. Adam Entous. Greg Miller. Mark Mazzetti. They accept that the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for National reporting from Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, who himself, I believe, was a Democrat. And what were the stories? The winning work. February nine, 2017. Officials say Flynn discussed sanctions with the Russians. Washington Post February 14, 2017 White House Received Warning about Flynn. There was an innocent Man. March one, 2017. FBI Was to Pay. Author of Trump Dossier. March 2nd, 2017, Sessions spoke twice to Russian envoy. Washington Post. Wow. Pulitzer for that one. May 16, 2017. Trump Reveals Secret Intel to Russians. May 23, 2017. President asked intelligence chiefs to deny collusion or there was no collusion. June 15, 2017. Trump’s Actions Now a Focus of Mueller Inquiry. Washington Post. They got a leak. Wow. June 23, 2017. Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election is not very effective. August one, 2017. These are Pulitzers handed out. Trump crafted Sans Statement on Russian Contact. Washington Post. December 14, 2017. Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian and a Russian threat unchecked. Washington Post. Look at all the the mirages created by the media. May 17, 2017, Trump appealed to Comey to hold inquiry into aid. By the way, I’ve got a. At least as long as my arm and unfreedom are. The press where? FDR. Wilson before him. Kennedy. And Johnson all interfered in investigations, but nobody cared. July 11, 2017. Trump’s Son Heard of Link to Moscow Before Meeting New York Times. July 12, 2017. Emails disclosed Trump’s Son’s Glee at Russian offer New York Times. Look at this. This crap. December 31, 2017. Unlikely Source Propelled Russian Meddling Inquiry. May 20, 2017, Trump Admitted Dismissal of FBI Eased Pressure. May 12, 2017. President Schiff’s rationale for firing FBI Director, calling him a showboat. Why should a New York Times. These are the stories that got awarded. April seven, 2017. Undisclosed on forums. Kushner met two Russians. Wait a minute. Kushner met the Russians. I met two Russians today, too, Mr. Producer. Can I get myself a Pulitzer? April 23, 2017. In trying to avoid politics, Comey shaped an Election. May 18, 2017. See, they’re mostly angry that Comey. Dissed on Hillary, although he protected Hillary. You can see how he went after the FISA warrant with Carter Page. If you read the report. May 18, 2017. Trump Transition said to Know of Flynn Inquiry before hiring. Oh my God. New York Times. At September eight, 2017, to sway vote. Russia Used army of fake Americans. New York Times. So none of that was substantive. None of it was relevant. It was all B.S. It didn’t matter to anything because it was all. Part of a wheel spokes of which. Came from Russia. Collusion that never existed. The CIA had no evidence it ever existed. The FBI had no evidence had ever existed. Congress had no evidence, which is why they moved to Ukraine. It never existed. It was the dirtiest of dirty tricks launched by Hillary Clinton. And it isn’t it interesting that nobody is confronting Hillary today, whereas Hillary today. Teaching at Columbia. Tommy was teaching at the University of Virginia. McCabe lands a big media gig, and you go down the list how they’re all rewarded. By academia, by big media, by corporatists. They’re all awarded for their dirty work. And yet here we are, people who received the Pulitzer Prize. The jury is a senior reporter for ProPublica. Ken Armstrong, associate editor and nonfiction book critic at The Washington Post. Carlos Lozada, editor and vice President, News, The Indianapolis Star. Jeff Taylor, editor in Chief. National Geographic. Susan Goldberg. And Kristine Roberts, executive editor, Classy, Washington. So as you can see, the Pulitzer Prize is handed out by by phonies to phonies. So the question of Maggie Haberman, are you going to return your Pulitzer? Yes or no?

Segment 3

But let us be clear, America, neither the Democrat Party nor the media are troubled by what the FBI’s been doing. Mr. Producer said to me, He’s right. If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, the media would be lined up at her door right now. But if. If. Right. But there’s no question what’s going on in this country, and it’s frustrating as hell, is it not? And the episode only gotten worse. It’s only gotten worse since 2016. It’s interfering in this presidential election in a huge way. There’s no special council on Biden. And you’ll want to, certainly. Deserved. They have no problem with the TV show Operation Shell Corporation. No big deal. The millions and millions flowing into the the Biden’s coffers wash through these shell corporations distributed to nine members of the family. Why? Because they’re from most of it. The communist Chinese government. Now, that should be the end of it right there. Right. That should ruin somebody’s political career. But not today. Well, the state run media, not today with Pravda and not today with the corrupt Democrat Party powers. Everything, baby. Powers, everything. That’s all that matters. And there are many similarities between the Democrat Party and the Communist parties around the world. There really are. And you can see it. Party first. The people suffer. They suffer. Blame somebody else. Blame the capitalists and blame the rich. Democrat Party does the same thing. And for the Democrat Party more and more blame the Jews. As Talib. And Omar and AOC and the other anti-Semite reprobates. Now, Andrew McCabe was all over CNN, which pays him trying to counter the report. I choose not to give him voice because nobody’s listening to CNN or MSNBC. Nobody. Now. Veronica Escobar. I don’t believe she’s of the Escobar drug family south of the border. I don’t believe she is. Veronica Escobar, nonetheless, is a Democrat from Texas, and she was on CNN. Cut five. Go. I have not yet read the Durham report, but I have definitely had an opportunity to look through some of it. I’ve heard reports about it. We’ve spent an awful lot of money as an American government on a roadway. You know it in spent $6 million. I think I heard the Mueller spent like $35 million. But isn’t it funny, the overspending debt pushing leftist Democrats are concerned about $6 billion. $6 million is that he made a rounding error for these people. They’re very worried about it. 6 million. Yeah. Yeah. We get to the point where what did it get us? It exposed the entire FBI you for. As the dangerous institution that it is. Go ahead. Essentially proves no wrongdoing. But the fact that that. Chairman Short. What. These are the Democrats. I’m telling you, this is where they they come down. They come down on tyranny. They come down on empowerment. That is empowering themselves. This is where they stand for. And they are not going to do anything, anything to the FBI except applauding and give it cover. And the FBI knows it. Christopher Wray knows it. When I said on HANNITY last night holds true today. It’s always held true. The Democrat Party created for the most part. For the most part, the vast bureaucracy we have. It’s pushed by the early progressives who were the earliest of the communists. They believed that experts and the scientific application of knowledge that is political science would improve our society. This is why the early Democrats and progressives favored eugenics. And a more perfect people. You had people like John Dewey early on was very sympathetic to Stalin. You had The Washington Post that was not only sympathetic to Stalin, but was a propagandist operation for Stalin. I mean, they thought this was very cool until it wasn’t. It was very cool until it wasn’t. And so now they pretend. What did you call me? You called me a marxist. You call me a comedy. You are. You better put up your dukes there, fella. Can you prove that? I don’t have to prove it. You say it every day. You are it. That’s what I say to them. But listen to her. She’s got her talking points. She’s spewing them. She doesn’t care at all about civil liberties. She doesn’t care at all that the FBI has gone after the Catholic Church. She doesn’t care that the FBI has gone after pro-lifers. She doesn’t care that the FBI is targeting parents. Not at all. She doesn’t care that the FBI worked with the earlier Twitter and other social platforms. To monitor Americans. To censor Americans in violation of the First Amendment at the behest of the Biden administration. She doesn’t care that the FBI has interfered with at least 1 to 3 elections and now a fourth. Now it’s all good because the FBI is a rogue operation that works effectively, in essence, for the Democrat Party, as does the Department of Justice. They’re not going to turn on it. There was no oversight, serious oversight done at the FBI when the Democrats were in charge. There were plenty happy with what’s taking place, and they’re plenty happy today with what’s taking place, which is why the Republicans have to get smart. They got to remove the Mitch McConnell types, they got to get smart, and they have to understand the times we live in and what has to be done. The FBI’s budget needs to be slashed. Its personnel numbers need to be slashed. It’s authorities need to be reined in. It needs to be broken into various pieces so you can’t have such power under one roof. And I can hear it now, the media in the left saying. And yet when it comes to. And, you know, when it comes to, you know, local police defund the police, your post. And of course I am. Because the local police are about crime fighting. Too much of the FBI is not. At the direction of a corrupt leadership. And it’s only gotten worse. Which is why they’re trying to destroy Trump before the election. I’m just being honest. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4

All right, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve turned my project in. On Saturday, I turned to my one year project in on Saturday to the publisher. And so they’re beginning the process of reading it. And the reaction of my editor was. Holy. You come right out of the gate swinging. This is. Different than any of your other projects. I said, Yes, it is because the time is different. I can’t go beyond that. I’m not allowed to contractually. And I’m sure they’re thrilled I even said that. This is a no holds barred project. Brass knuckles are on. Names are named, histories laid out bare because it’s now or never. And we have to pick sides between those who love the country and those who think don’t. So this will undoubtedly be considered a provocative book, but it’s not intended to be. It’s intended to lay out everything, lay it out bare. Even the title. Which in due course, which I hope is soon, I’ll be able to tell you. But there’s no reason to at this point, because there’s no way to even preorder. But. I just feel that we’re dealing with entities that want to destroy our families, destroy our way of life, destroy our country. And this needs to be addressed extremely bluntly. And calling out names. Calling out what’s being done. Calling out what it is. So we will all have to wait. But, you know, when you do a project like this and you turn it in, you can never be sure what the reaction is going to be. You know, I know what my reaction is, how I don’t do anything, how fast. I don’t leave it to other people to do my research. I never will. Never have. I will write my own words. I will draw my own conclusions. Get my own opinions. And I will do what I need to do to try and get the point across. And so, yes, to quote my editor, was fantastic. I come out swinging and she also added, this is incredibly exciting, which I’ve never heard her say before, because, I mean, it’s a non-fiction book. It’s not a novel, but I know what she means. It’s exciting. In a way that really wrestles the enemy to the ground. Really wrestles the enemy to the ground. So. Mr. Producer, you do know that title, correct? Yeah. So I think I think it’s an important title, the title to the book. You’re looking at the title on my books. They’re very important titles, Liberty and Tyranny, Liberty, Amendments, Merit, Topia and Freedom of the Press, Men in Black, of course, American Marxism and so forth. I shall return.