May 12th, 2023

May 12th, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, we have another instance of using phony science to push an agenda and drag down the country. Climate change is the biggest rouse America has ever confronted. It gives the Federal government the authority to do virtually whatever it wants. They are regulating basic appliances in your home. At some point, they will limit the number of vehicles you can have. This is the only generation in the U.S. that is seeking ways to abandon progress, economically and technologically. If you vote Democrat, this is what you’re voting for! I don’t think this nation can survive 4 more years of Biden and the Democrats. There is no specific statute authority for any of this. The left has seized on antiquated laws from the 1970s to destroy our country and empower themselves. It’s all about control. Meanwhile, the border is a mess with the conclusion of Title 42, and the White House and the Biden administration is spinning and lying about how they’re handling things, wanting to let all the immigrants flood through our southern border without court dates – but a federal judge said no, and now the Biden administration is saying that the Department of Justice is going to fight this ruling. Secretary Mayorkas should be arrested for violating laws or at least be impeached! Finally, the FBI, DOJ, and the New York Times is in full cover-up mode for the Biden crime family. Shouldn’t the NY Times ask why the Biden’s had so many shell companies?  Later, the border is wide open and millions of illegal immigrants are coming in and it’s Republican’s fault? 

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin. Here are our number 87738138118773813811. Does anybody know where Joe Biden is today? This guy takes three day weekends every week. It’s unbelievable. When he works. If he works, it’s four days a week. He was supposed to have a meeting today. Was Speaker McCarthy. To discuss the debt ceiling and the budget. And he just blows it off. He and his people run around telling you the sky is falling. Their hair’s on fire, such as it is. And then he blows off another meaning. I mean, we have a man in the Oval Office. May I say, man, maybe I shouldn’t. Who is driving this country into the dirt. Everything he does and everything he touches. Now, there’s a lot going on in this country today. But I want to underscore something to you. That probably no other host would begin with. Because this is going to affect you in ways you can’t even imagine yet. We talked about preliminary preliminary regulations that the. EPA was putting out. When it comes to literally energy production. Well, they did it. Epic times. After weeks of build up, the EPA unveiled its strictest ever rules for power produced using natural gas. Remember when that was a good thing? Because natural gas is clean? Remember all that? Coal and oil that could spur the use of carbon capture technologies. Okay. Carbon capture technologies don’t work. And they cost an incredible amount of money. In fact, you even have some left wing left wing groups who’ve said these carbon capture methods actually create more carbon than they then they eliminate. So here’s another instance of using phony science. To push your agenda. And to drag down our country. The standards released yesterday would affect new and old power infrastructure, new and old, including new natural gas turbines. So you’re a company and you just created these new natural gas turbines, right? Following the brand new EPA regulations. And then in comes Biden. And they said, Oh, we have even more regulations. So what you did doesn’t matter. You just can’t keep. Putting capital. Into this kind of project, energy production. When you’re pushed and pulled by regulators in Washington, DC, who don’t have the foggiest idea what the hell they’re doing. Now the United States stores hundreds of coal plants. The number of such installations has fallen sharply during the past decade. Well, we’ll see some coal retirements, EPA Administrator Michael Regan told reporters. He added that individual states and companies would have significant discretion in terms of implementation. This is nationalization through the back door. You own an energy company. You don’t have the freedom to do what you want. You have to get permission from bureaucrats, the EPA bureaucrats, the Energy Department, and under this administration, you’re not going to get it. So, in effect, your company’s been nationalized. You could be the CEO, chairman of the board, President, all three positions. But in the end, you’re not in charge. He added that individual states and companies would have significant discretion. Well, of course, that’s ridiculous. U.S. envoy John Kerry in 2021 said the U.S. simply won’t have coal on its grid by 2030. Well, if we don’t, many of you are going to freeze. I can tell you that. BP’s proposal also intended to induce US power plants to boost their use of certain technologies, including the coal firing of fossil fuels, with what it calls low greenhouse gas, hydrogen, and in particular the capture, sequestration and storage of carbon. Now, think about that. How ridiculous that is. And carbon isn’t even carbon isn’t even a. A pollutant. It’s never been a pollutant. Regan told reporters that the standards are about clean air to breathe. Now, whether or not. No, there are not. In fact, here’s the deal about climate change, which is the nomenclature they finally settled on. Here’s the deal. This is the biggest ruse. America has ever confronted. Through the idea of carbon excuse me, climate change and the control of carbon, which is an even a pollutant which plants need to produce oxygen. It’s called osmosis. Look it up. It gives the federal government authority to do virtually anything it wants to do. Virtually anything it wants to do. In terms of taxation, in terms of regulation. Look what they’re already doing. They’re reaching into your home and they’re regulating basic appliances. Driving up the costs. To the point where many of you won’t be able to even afford them when your current appliances break down. What else are they doing there? They’re banning your automobile, your vehicle. Most of us don’t want electric vehicles. We know this because even though there are subsidies out there, we’re subsidizing ourselves, you know? We’re not buying them. So what are they doing? They’re going to regulate tailpipe emissions to the point where you can’t have fossil fuels in an automobile. In other words, outlaw the combustion engine. This is the only generation in world history, certainly in the United States. That is seeking ways. To abandon progress. Economic progress, technological progress. This generation, the only one ever. Ever. It’s really quite amazing. It’s because we’re dealing with these Marxists. So they’re attacking. The production of energy. Natural gas, coal and oil. You need all of those to produce electricity. They’re attacking the electrical grid. Remember I told you about that the other week. So now they’re attacking the sources of energy. You’re going to plug in your car and there’s going to be nothing there. You’re going to plug in your car only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And let me tell you what they’re doing. They’re stampeding, we the people, away from fossil fuels. Two electricity. And then they’re going to stampede us towards public transportation. Cause there won’t be enough electricity. At the same time as I’m speaking to you now, they’re attacking single family homes. With housing and urban development and zoning requirements at the federal level never happened before. To eliminate single family homes. So they want to stampede us into. More and more densely populated areas. So they want to stampede us into apartment complexes and public transportation. That’s where this is headed. That’s exactly where this is going. In the name of climate change. Know your mobility will be extremely limited. You will be monitored. You will be tracked. And they will have control over your lifestyle. And the Degrowth movement, the Marxist degrowth movement. Well succeed. What you see happening today is not the end of their game plan. It never is. They’re never going to stop harassing us, interfering in our lives, tormenting us, stealing our property and stealing our money. They’re never going to stop. Ever. And so what’s happening today is a step toward the next day and a step toward the day after that and a step toward the next year and the year after that. I am telling you what they’re going to do. At some point. They’re going to limit the amount of vehicles that a household could have depending on what you do and how many people are in your household. At some point they’re going to eliminate vehicles altogether. You’re going to have to use public transportation at some point. The idea of a home with a white picket fence is going to be eliminated. They’ve already begun that process. At some point you’re going to be corralled. Corralled into public housing of one sort or another. Your lifestyles are going to change forever. Maybe it’ll be 20 years, 40 years, or 100 years from now. But it’s coming. That’s why I led off with this story. This cannot be ignored. And if you vote Democrat, this is what you’re voting for because the Democrat Party is all in. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2

You need to understand what’s taking place here in America. There is no specific statutory authority for any of this. These laws that were passed were passed in the 1970s. The Supreme Court ruled less than 20 years ago. And Massachusetts, the EPA by 5 to 4 in an outrageous ruling by the activist judges, the activist justices. Which allowed the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide even though it was not and is not a pollutant. That opened the door to everything. To all of it. So none of this is legitimate from a legal or constitutional basis? None of it. But the left. But essentially, and importantly, the Democrat Party has seized on it. To destroy our country. They’ve seized on it to empower themselves. They’ve seized on it to reach into your homes. Which I thought were private. To determine what kind of appliances you’re going to have. And a government, they can reach into your home and determine what kind of stove you’re. Going to have? What kind of washing machine? What kind of window? Air conditioning unit or fax system? That can reach into your garage and determine. The make of your automobile. From Washington, D.C.. Faceless, nameless bureaucrats who’ve never gotten any dirt under their fingernails. Who don’t know anything. About what they’re regulating. It’s driven by ideology, empowering control. Then you lose your country. What are the limits to the climate change agenda? Ask yourself. What are the limits? If they can affect toasters and ovens and stoves and dishwashers and the combustion engine and the materials in your home and all the rest of it, what are the limits? What are the limits? If they can attack the electrical grid while pretending to prop it up and they can attack power plants. Which are going to result in brownouts and blackouts. Folks have been talking about this for years. It’s happening right now. There are no limits. They got a taste of power and tyranny and totalitarianism during the pandemic. The bureaucrats sat back and they watched. They watched as these blue state governors. Use the virus. To control you. To control your movement. To control your businesses. To control your employment. To control your clothing. What you put on your face. To control your children. The lack of education for your children. We saw how politicized it was. How science had become a lie. They saw the power that they have. And so climate change is, in effect, the COVID 19 virus. This guy, Michael Regan, steps up. You didn’t elect this guy. Telling you what he’s going to do, how it’s going to clean the air and all the rest of it. It’s not going to clean the air travel, electric vehicles. We’ve talked about that. The amount of mining and activity that goes into getting cobalt and these other rare earth minerals. And they’re not even us in Africa and Afghanistan and China and Ukraine. They don’t even exist here for the most part. We want from energy independence, something we have strived for for half a century. Thanks to fracking and natural gas, thanks to clean coal. Playing by the rules and they blow it up. They come in and they blow it up. It’s just a matter of time and not a lot of time. So the consequences of this. Are going to be devastating to our economy, to our society, to law and order. When you have economic dislocation and our enemies are going to move on us. Because they’re not committing suicide. We are saying with immigration and the open border. Same with inflation and the dollar. The Democrat Party is destroying America. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3

These things happen for a reason. These are manmade problems that we’re confronting right now. Inflation. We talked about that even before it began, that what the Democrats were doing would cause massive inflation. And our Joe Biden is doing. He’s not even showing up for work. Claiming the Republicans want to shut down the the economy really is so sickening. But the board is wide open and millions and millions and millions of people are coming here illegally. Because of Donald Trump and the Republicans. How sick is that? How sick is that? He’s triggered the whole thing. Or that. When we have brownouts and blackouts or energy shortages and that sort of thing, it’s Putin’s fault. When he is literally, literally cutting off our own supplies. If you’re an enemy of America. Like the communist Chinese. You’re thinking to yourself. This is fantastic. This stand for? Look what he’s doing to his own country. And it only cost us about 10 to $30 million to buy him off. He and his family. To show you how disgusting the media are. The New York Times essentially says today that the information coming out on the Biden crime family proves that Joe. Didn’t do anything. So they’re in full cover up mode. Full cover up mode. Quite remarkable. You think it proves that Biden’s okay? 20 shell companies, five banks. God knows how many while they said 179 suspicious wire transfers. Tell me, how many suspicious wire transfers do you or your family members have? Hmm. We’ve got whistleblowers now galore are coming out of the woodwork from the FBI and the IRS. Going through the process, trying to be heard in the way of complete cover up, an obstruction mode from the FBI, Department of Justice and the IRS and the State Department. Now, they won’t release information related to our spectacular withdrawal from Afghanistan. Remember, it was a complete success. And then when you raise question, Oh, that’s Trump’s fault. Now, wait a minute. Was it a success or Trump’s fault? Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. Alejandro in the Arcus. Here, guys, on the Morning Joe today. Morning Joe has no viewers. He’s got a complete and utter disaster that he’s created on the southern border. And he has time to go on the Morning Joe show, Mr. Producer. It’s time to go on TV. And in going on TV, he goes on one of the lowest rated shows in America. What is that? He’s asked questions by Jonathan Laramie. I don’t even know who that is. What is. Scarborough on vacation now two maybes were Joe good, buddy? Joe. Cut one go. Florida judge blocked emergency program parole with conditions which would have allowed some migrants arriving on U.S. southern border to enter the country for a limited amount of time while they await processing. Can you tell us what sort of impact will that decision have? So first of all, first of all, this federal judge said in Florida to Mayorkas, who was going to release immigrants before they got court dates. So they didn’t have a court date. Administrative judges. They had to come back to get court dates. So in other words, they be free and far flung throughout the United States, and that would be the end of that. So the judge said, no, you’re going to follow the parole process. So now the judge is the enemy. Jonathan Larimer sounds like another. In other parts. Go ahead. The administration be appealing, very harmful ruling, attacking a a practice that prior administrations have used. It’s it’s not new. But let me share with you what happens. First of all, the majority of individuals will be removed when a border Patrol facility. Well. By whom? They’ll be removed. By whom? And how. Guy gets in there, he lives like a rug. This guy. Now I’m waiting for the impeachment proceedings. We’re going to impeach any of these people. Now, it’s a waste of time, right? Right, right. The same bastards I kept going after Trump. Investigations are always a waste of time. Impeachment is always a waste of time. Except when they’re doing it. Now they have the benefit of a corrupt Democrat Party media cheering them on, don’t get me wrong. And they have benefit of former phony fraud prosecutors who get on there and tell you what a slam dunk case they have. But still, you got to do what’s right. Go ahead. Proudly, we screen and vet the individuals in our custody. You are a liar. We have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in this country. Illegal immigrants. They call them gateways. We’re not vetting or screening them. That’s number one. Number two, vetting and screening. So somebody comes into this country from, let’s say, Africa or Southeast Asia or Central or South America or wherever they come from. We asked them their name. They don’t have any papers. How are we vetting and screening them? We giving him a whole host of medical and lab tests where they had to wait in place until we get the results? What does that mean? Your vetting is screening them. See this A-hole for MSNBC? He’s just patience there, pitching softballs down the middle of the plate. Go ahead. We released them. For them to go. You idiot. Then we have. Karine Jean-Pierre. She’s getting more obnoxious by the second. The less she knows, the more obnoxious she becomes. Cut to go on the ruling in Florida last night against. These releases and the final administration statement that legal filing that 45,000 individuals are going to be in custody by the end of this month trying to go forward with this process of releases. What’s the backup plan now? So let me just say on the ruling that you just you just laid out to me. So, look, the way we see that it’s sabotage. It’s pure and simple. That’s How about wah wah wah wah, wah, wah, wah. Sabotage by a federal judge. It’s sabotage. You know, I remember the good old days when the media would get very upset. When politicians talk about judges this way, it’s sabotage. Because a judge ruled on the law and rule in a way that this. This cabal of left wing hacks. Doesn’t like. So the judge. It’s involved in sabotage, you see. He must be conspiring with the Republicans. Who will not secure the border. See, the Republicans won’t secure the border. Let me tell you a little secret. Every Republican battu last night voted to secure the border again. Every Democrat voted against it. Every Democrat voted against it. So you people who have been voting for a moderate Democrat or a Democrat who says we’re with a bipartisan, they’re all phonies and frauds, Don’t you understand? So not a single House Democrat voted to secure the border last night. Every Republican but two. Voted to secure it. And I don’t know what Mitch McConnell is doing there in the Senate. Sitting on his flabby ass in their. Well, I’m sorry about Donald Trump. Let me tell you about Tucker Carlson. Shut up, you idiot. You don’t need to tell us anything. Go ahead. Reads to us the claims that CBP, CBP is allowing or encouraging mass release of migrants, and it is just categorically false. That is not just false, ladies and gentlemen. All of those people coming across the border illegally. The union that represents the Border Patrol, the union that represents ICE, the men and women in law enforcement on the border, they’re all just seeing things. They don’t know what the hell’s going on. Biden knows. And Karine Jean-Pierre, She knows. It’s going swimmingly. They’re securing the border. They have a process. They’re vetting people. And now a federal judge has sabotaged them. Can the Republicans put this administration in this? Position. You believe this? It’s one thing to do this. It’s another thing to lie about it and blame other people. This is how they get away with it. Rush used to call them low information voters. You got people out there who are Democrat die hards. They read The New York Times and The Washington Post. They watched the Constipated News Network and the MSM lost and they. Wow, Wow. You got all that make sense to me. Go ahead. That is not what’s happening. And it is a it is a harmful ruling. And the Department of Justice is going to fight it. That’s what we’re going to see. And we’re going, oh, wow, The Department of Justice, what a funny name for that place. They’re going to fight it. They don’t hold their own administration responsible for failing to follow our immigration laws. Now they’re going to fight this judge who sabotaged the administration. Yeah, right. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4

You have to be as big of an idiot as Joe Biden to believe that the Republicans and a judge are responsible for what’s going on at the border. Says all intended. Joe Biden immediately came into office and he and his fellow communists. That’s right. Reversed course on every one of Donald Trump’s measures to secure the border. And this is part of this whole American Marxist mindset that is supported by The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others, and certainly is now the heart and soul of the Democrat Party. Oh, yes, yes. The administration’s very, very busy lighting matches everywhere. It is an administration full of arsonists. Now you can tell they hate the country, right? You can tell they they hate progress. You can tell they hate the American citizenry in the middle class. You can see it all around you. It’s no joke. Here we go. Can linger in the air at the White House press briefing today. Cut three. Go. Can you tell us how many migrant children are presently in U.S. custody? I would refer you to the HHS. I do not have don’t have those numbers in front of me from say has not reported any data on this since January. And they’re typically reported once a month. So in light especially of this migrant death of a child a couple of days ago, just want to know why that data is not there and if it’s being kept somewhere else, if it’ll be released to us. Well, first, as I will reiterate, as I mentioned to Zeke, who asked this question, our hearts go out to the family members. They don’t know. They don’t know. They don’t you know, hearts don’t go anywhere. You all have ice water in your veins. Your hearts went out, you’d stop what’s going on on the border. So don’t hand us that crap. Go ahead. US news and incredibly saddened. Saddened to hear that news. There’s a medical investigation that started on May 10th that’s going to. You didn’t ask your word about that. How many? Numbers of children. Are presently in U.S. custody. It used to be on your website. You stopped putting on there since January. What’s the number? Go ahead. That process to continue as far as the data, that is something that comes from HHS. So I would have to refer you to them. So you should walk all the way to HHS or pick up the phone and call HHS. Go ahead. We’re going to track that down because especially after The New York Times report that HHS lost contact with 85,000 children over the course of the last two years and lost immediate contact with a third migrant children that are not being there is alarming. I expect the HHS to provide that data. That is something that they would have for you to share with you. I just. But you don’t. It’s not a priority. Well, let me ask you another question. How many children are in cages today? Do we have that data? You were throwing those stones at the Trump administration. Just curious. 85,000 people. The administration has lost contact with I mean, children. 85,000 children. It’s in The New York Times. Of course, The New York Slimes is their real Bible. They don’t believe in the other one. So they look at the slimes and the slime tells them it’s 85,000. So she didn’t even remember that because she’s dense. I would suggest you go to HHS. Why? What are they going to tell me? Parks, I’m telling you now. I don’t think the nation can survive four more years of this. It’ll be hard to survive two more years of this if we do. They have their foot on the gas pedal. They are moving in every direction as fast as they can. Every wrecking ball that they can get they’re using against our country. And here’s the thing. It’s easier to destroy things than to build things. Putin knows it in Russia as he’s trying to blow apart Ukraine and every city they have. Terrorists know it. Socialists know it. And Marxists in Venezuela and Cuba and other places know it. It’s easier to destroy things than they build things and, you know, else knows it. The Democrat Party is they destroy one institution after another, one tradition after another. I’ll be right back.