March 17th, 2023

March 17th, 2023

DAVENPORT, IOWA - MARCH 13: Former President Donald Trump speaks to guests gathered for an event at the Adler Theatre on March 13, 2023 in Davenport, Iowa. Trump's visit follows those by potential challengers for the GOP presidential nomination, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who hosted events in the state last week. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Special Counsel Jack Smith is using intimidation tactics, casting an extremely wide net on anyone who may have seen or heard anything at Mar-A-Lago regarding Donald Trump’s presidential documents, all because Smith wants to get Trump in any way he can. At the same time, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is looking for a novel legal argument against Trump so they can indict him. If Trump is indicted, it will be a disaster for this country for decades to come.  Meanwhile, Hunter Biden is suing the Delaware computer repairman who turned over Hunter Biden’s files to the FBI, claiming that he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. Even though Hunter forfeited his laptop by not returning to pick it up, Delaware courts and juries are liberal enough to give him a chance.  The difference in the treatment of Donald Trump compared to the Biden Crime Family is sickening.  Also, the war crimes being committed by Russia and Vladimir Putin are as bad as the holocaust in World War 2 and genocide in Rwanda. Putin is a war criminal, and what he is doing to the people of Ukraine is being vastly ignored by the media. It’s one thing to have the ICC, a special court setup for things like the Nuremburg trials, but to have a permanent court outside of our jurisdiction that can take up cases means they could drag American presidents or soldiers in front of that court too.  Later, Mark speaks with Steve Miller of Real Clear Investigations about leftist groups spending over a billion dollars to control public elections.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

A couple of things I want to mention. Governor Ron DeSantis is a friend of mine. He will always be a friend of mine. He is a great governor. He is America’s governor. He would be a great president, in my view. Yes, I disagree with him on the Ukraine massacre. But as I said, he had had a mature thinking process and understand that these occasions will occur among friends and family and even candidates. So I want to make that abundantly clear. Donald Trump. It’s a friend of mine and we don’t always agree. For instance, and this isn’t for The New York Times or mediocre, right? Or the rest. This is for you. I still dig these personal attacks. I understand this is what he does. He tries to drag the person down. He was trying to send signals not to get into the race. I don’t like it. I didn’t like it when he did it to Ted Cruz either, and he knows that. But I’m not in charge. And one man will want opinion. But he was a fantastic president and he’d be a fantastic president again. So I just want to make that as clear as I can. I will continue to be independent. I will continue to follow my constitutional conservatism where it takes me. I will continue to take my foreign policy beliefs where they take me. I’m not marching in lockstep behind anybody, and I don’t expect anybody to do that with me. But I wanted to be abundantly clear about this. Now, both of those men would be fantastic presidents. And God knows we need them. Now, a lot has happened today and we’ll get into that. But about an hour ago, a ruling came down from this judge, District Judge Beryl Howell, who was appointed by Obama, who has ruled against President Trump and his attorneys on every single motion that’s been filed in her court. Relating to very important issues. Presidential powers, grand juries and so forth. And she did it again an hour ago. And she’s being replaced by another individual who is equally as ideologically political and also appointed by Obama. Now, when you look at what’s happening to President Trump, whether it’s in Manhattan or Atlanta or Washington, D.C., President Trump. Is an individual who is being chased down by the Democrat Party. That’s what’s happening. Even CNN says in a monumental ruling Friday, an hour ago. A federal judge ordered Donald Trump attorney Evan Caulk When we talked about this to provide additional testimony as part of an investigation into the former president’s handling of classified documents. A source familiar with the matter told CNN Cochran has the potential to become one of the most crucial witnesses in special counsel Jack Smith’s criminal investigation into possible mishandling of classified records after the Trump presidency and obstruction of justice. Now, of course, he’s a former president and the only criminal conspiracy they could be talking about is obstruction. Nothing else has. Is on the table. Nothing should be on the table in the first place. And this is a grave violation of due process and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by this judge. Is there such a thing as a crime fraud exception? Yes, there is. But it’s supposed to be used very, very sparingly and only in the worst circumstances. Not like this. District Judge Beryl Howe said in an order under seal that Justice Department prosecutors have met the threshold for the crime fraud exception for Cochran. The source said. So now the U.S. attorneys, people working under special counsel Jack the Ripper Smith, are leaking. They’re leaking. I mean, they leaked within minutes. The scope of what DOJ will be allowed to ask, however, was not immediately clear. Trump’s team is expected to appeal and ask for the judge’s order to be stayed while legal proceedings play out. Absolutely. 100% it should be. Now, this is the way CNN writes. That’s why I’m reading this. The development is particularly notable because of accusations prosecutors have made about Trump as they argue the judge to the judge for the grand jury testimony. This hands Trump yet another loss under seal in court. And of course, they don’t mention who the judges are, keeps handing them a loss. And who appointed her? Corcoran, now an attorney turned witness, had previously testified to the grand jury but declined to answer some questions, citing attorney client privilege. This is a violation of six E of the federal Criminal Code that somebody is leaking again of the federal grand jury. And I can assure you the Department of Justice will not investigate it. The department argued to the judge he should not be able to avoid answering because his discussions with a former president may have been part of an attempt to plan a crime. How’s ruling as one of the last on a sealed grand jury dispute as chief judge the Obama point. There you go. Has repeatedly green lit Justice Department requests to pursue information about Trump’s actions during your tenure as chief of the D.C. District Court. But she rotates out of the role today. She got her her last kick in not routinely, every single damn time. How do you lose every single damn time in front of a federal judge? Every single damn time. When Corcoran first testified to the grand jury in January. This is more leaking coming from the grand jury room of the prosecutors. He was asked what happened in the lead up to the August search at Trump’s Mar a Lago residence. Corcoran, who drafted a statement in June that attested Trump’s team had done a diligent search and there were no more classified documents at Trump’s Florida residence. Let’s say there were. They did a diligent search and they found something. You ever do that when you’re preparing your taxes or of course, Biden does it all the time. Oh, they’re in the garage. You know, that sort of thing. After that, the FBI searched Mar a Lago and found hundreds of government records, including classified material, raising questions about the lawyer’s attestation. But it’s actually even worse than this now. CNN exclusive. This is all being leaked to CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Dozens of Mar a Lago staff from servers to aides are subpoenaed by Jack the Ripper Smith. In classified documents. Probe. At least two dozen people from Mar a Lago resort staff to members of Donald Trump’s inner circle at the Florida State have been subpoenaed to testify to a federal grand jury that’s investigating the former president’s handling of classified documents. Multiple sources familiar with the investigation told CNN, although multiple sources familiar with the investigation. I would. Jack the Ripper. Smith’s staff. On Thursday, Trump’s communication aide, Margot Martin, who worked in the White House and then moved with Trump to Florida, appeared before the grand jury in Washington. One of special counsel, Jack Smith, senior most prosecutors, was involved in the interview. Martin, who is among a small group of former White House advisers who remained employed by Trump after he left office, declined to answer any questions when approached by a CNN reporter. Well, of course she did, you idiot. Now, Smith has sought testimony from a range of people close to Trump, from his own attorneys who represent him in the matter, to staffers who work on the grounds of Mar a Lago, including a housekeeper and restaurant servers. Including a house. What is this? The crime of the century? They’re investigating. This jackass was pulled from the head to do this. The staffers are of interest to investigators because of what they may have seen or heard on their daily duties around the estate, including whether they saw boxes or documents in Trump’s office suite or elsewhere. This is not amazing. This is his home. Biden does not face any of this. They’re casting an extremely wide net. Anyone and everyone who might have seen something, said one source familiar with the Justice Department’s efforts. For instance, federal investigators have talked to a Mar a Lago staff member seen on security camera footage moving boxes from a storage room where Trump aide walked out to who has already spoken with investigators. Many of the Mar a Lago staffers are being represented by counsel paid for by Trump entities. According to sources in federal election records, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Justice Department has been investigating potential mishandling of national security records and it goes on. Is this not nauseating, Mr. Producer? It’s nauseating. It’s disgusting. What’s going on here? Sickening. And then you have this guy in Manhattan coming up with a novel legal theory to go after Trump. He’s had Stormy Daniels in front of the grand jury. I think yesterday, Michael Cohen, a convicted felon, a confessed criminal, certainly at the time. In front of the grand jury for a novel. Legal argument. And he’s hoping what? He’s hoping a judge doesn’t throw it out. And if he can get it to a Democrat jury, does anybody think Donald Trump is likely to get a fair trial in Manhattan? Mr. Producer, you know, New York, is that even possible? Of course not. How many of you think Donald Trump can get a a fair trial? In Washington, D.C.. Or Atlanta. But Emirates percentage is 100% correct about Ukraine. Okay. Thank you. I’ve changed my mind. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Meanwhile, we talk about intimidation tactics. Talk about somebody who should be under the gun. And this thing just keeps drag and dragging and dragging on as Hunter Biden. Our bluff at National Review. Hunter Biden Sues Delaware, A laptop repairman over leaked Files Hunter Biden fired. Biden filed a lawsuit today against the computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac, who turned over files on a laptop Hunter left at his shop to the New York Post ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Hunter Biden had more than a reasonable expectation of privacy that any data that he created or maintained, unquote, reads. A lawsuit filed with a Delaware federal court Friday morning. Two things. He had no expectation when he left it there and didn’t pick it up in a reasonable period of time. That’s number one. Number two, they bring these suits in Delaware because these judges are almost all Democrats. And they hate Trump. And that’s why they bring these suits in Delaware. It’s home court where the Bidens control. I’m just pointing it out. President’s son was under the impression it would not be access copy disseminated. Her post turned on the internet for others to use against him or his family or for the public to view. Really? Then why did he pick it up? There is certainly an implication that he surrendered in. But this man now has to pay a fortune to defend himself. I hope he’ll go online and raise funds, and we will certainly give out the information so he can get a decent lawyer. Mr. Produce, lawyers representing Hunter Biden have challenged Mack Isaac’s assertion that his story to retrieve the laptop after 90 days granted the Delaware repairman its ownership. Oh, so he leaves it there for three months, and the guy’s supposed to, I guess, put it in his safe. Really? It says here, contrary to Mac A6 repair authorization form Delaware law provides that tangible personal property is deemed abandoned. Legal team insisted Hunter Biden had rightful ownership to assert or declare property rights to the property for a period of one year. So now this gentleman is being threatened and they’re trying to intimidate him. But that’s okay. It’s the Biden way. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Well, truth is and conservative media that’s become a misnomer many respects. There are conservative hosts and there are populist nationalist hosts. So they ought to change their names, I think. Now you. I see Senator Hawley out there going on and on about We need a powerful populist nationalist party and I got it to be one of these guys. I mean, the ones that actually know something are intelligent and I want to defend the Declaration in the Constitution. I don’t know how you can be a populist and support the Declaration. And I want to have that debate. How about There you go. I’ve talked about here. Vladimir Putin Whatever you think about what’s going on over there. This man is a monster. And what they’re doing to the Ukrainian people is horrendous. And there is video of this. There’s pictures of this they can’t shown on TV. It’s so horrific or they won’t. The Russian soldiers are decapitating people. I’m talking about citizens. They are gang raping the women. No leaving the condoms right next to them. Then they murdered them. They are enslaving the children, which I’ve talked to you about before, and they’re shipping them to re-education or, if you will, concentration camps in Russia and giving them to families. And even though this analogy is made too often, that’s Nazi ism. That’s exactly what that is. That’s exactly what that is. People are having their faces smashed in with. Sledgehammers. Hands are tied behind their backs. They’re held down. People are being burned alive and their corpses are found on the side of the street. They’re finding mass graves from these little towns that they conquer. And then when they’re pushed out, they slaughter the people there. That’s what they’re doing. And that’s not being told to you by the Putin joints or whatever they call themselves. Why can’t they make their argument for neutrality? Can’t they make their argument about spending any money? Can’t they make their argument about not sending any weaponry to Ukraine and still condemn with specifics and details what we know about Putin and Russia? Why won’t they? Why won’t they say despite all this, it’s really none of our business. It’s not in our national security interest. They could try and make that case, but why won’t they? I heard somebody say, and I don’t even remember who it is. I heard somebody say that Zielinski Shutting down Russian Orthodox churches are, I think the words phrase was Orthodox churches in and Ukraine because he’s a bad guy. Now, think for yourselves. Why would he do that? He is. Why would he do it? Here’s Time magazine, although it’s not a magazine anymore. Vladimir Putin Orthodox Christianity is a tool for asserting Moscow’s rights over a sovereign Ukraine. This February televised address announcing the recent invasion of Ukraine. He argued the inhabitants of that ancient Russian land were orthodox from the time immemorial, now face persecution from an illegitimate regime in Kiev led by Patriarch Kirill. The Russian Orthodox Church is one of the most tangible cultural bonds between Russia and Ukraine. The gilded domes of Kiev’s monastery of the Caves and Saint Sophia Cathedral have beckoned pilgrims from across both lands for nigh on a thousand years. Putin has tapped into this long tradition. Imagines a greater Russia extending across present day Ukraine and Belarus. And it goes on. So why shut these churches? Unfortunately, the head of the church and Putin are working together. And these churches are becoming military assets. In what way, Mark? You can go on the Internet and read all this stuff, too. And that’s not from kooks. It’s from real. Intelligence officials and experts. It’s reality. They’re using them in many cases as spy nests. And to also implant spies and search spies. Every Putin’s an old KGB guy in these churches. And so Zelinski has shut down a number of them and I think he sees anti the Orthodox Church. And I thought to myself. The fact that people would bring this up and not tell the full story and circumstances. So why Zelensky’s doing this? Is contemptible. Don’t you think, Mr. Meadows? They just say that he’s shutting down the churches and, oh, what a swine. But that’s not what he’s doing. Or they say he’s. Is giving aid and comfort or cover to this group. That was a pro-Nazi group. This group of misfits. Is fighting the Russians. He’s not giving cover to them. He’s not part of them. He’s Jewish. And family was lost in the Holocaust. How absurd is this? But, Mark, you know, it’s. It has nothing to do with us. It’s territorial, you know, It’s a lot of money. It. So I dug some more. Why is Poland so hell bent on helping Ukraine? Why is Romania so hell bent? Why is Slovakia so hell bent? Moldova. The Balkan states. Why are they throwing what little military they have in terms of weaponry and so forth for jets from Poland? And so why are they throwing it into the into the battle? Because they’re on Ukraine’s border. And unlike some of the commentators in this country, they’re actually listening to what Putin and his people are saying about Poland and Romania and Moldova. When a document is intercepted and he’s talking about overthrowing a little Moldova, the way he overthrew party Georgia in Crimea. And the Moldova government says it’s actually taking place right now. We’re supposed to ignore illness. And so the battle in Ukraine is a battle against World War three. Because there’s tripwires. He made a demand. Yeah, when I heard this either. This is why I’m different. I study this stuff. I go back and I look at what’s going on here, not what did so-and-so saying? Let me regurgitate it. No, no, no, no. I’m a populist nationalist. Oh, okay. Great for you. I’m sick of these endless wars. Well, so am I. But what’s happening here? Here? When Putin was negotiating, before he sent his tanks and his troops and his air force into Ukraine, he demanded that Romania. The removed from Nadar. They were moved from Nina. As a condition. And of course, everybody said no. We’re not going to do that. Imagine the consequences of that. He gets to decide what our allies and what we do when it comes to defense. How weird. And he demanded another country. I can remember I’ve clapped my head that he’d be removed from Naito too. So it wasn’t a fact that Ukraine wanted to come into NAITO, which I’m sure it did. And they all want to now because they’re scared to death. Now, he was demanding the countries leave Naito. And then we get these kernels and others come out. Well, if you were Russia, wouldn’t you? We’re not Russia. We’re not Russia. We don’t have a president for 25 years. And all the rest that goes with the with the corrupt regime there where America. Where American. Then I hear about our defense contractors, how they’re profiteers, Really? They want war, so they make money. What am I listening to? Communist, Chinese and Russian propaganda that is coming from our populist nationalists. So the hundreds of thousands of people that work for these companies that develop cutting edge technology, whether it’s computers or satellites or advanced GPS systems and radar systems that build our nuclear subs that are developing our jets, our stealth, all the rest of it. They’re in it for the money. What? What are you talking about? They have contracts. They’re fulfilling their contracts. They’re not in charge. What we’re doing. And so we hear this and then we hear other arguments. We have our own border to care about. Yes, we do. A 100%. But this clown in the Oval Office isn’t going to do it. And the clown, Mitch McConnell, didn’t hold his feet to the fire. So if we withdraw support for Ukraine tomorrow, are we going to secure the southern border and now the northern border? Now. What is one of the do the other. Nothing. The one area that I think is a fair point is the amount of money we’re spending. It’s one thing to give an ally weapons to defend themselves. I don’t have a good handle on this money. Nobody does except those who are doling it out. And they’ve appointed now a special inspector general. And that special inspector general should be issuing reports to the public on a regular basis. So we know. So if there’s no problem to quell the objections and if there is a problem, fix the damn thing. But that’s not really what they’re concerned about. You know, that’s how they keep moving the ball, because most of the people I’m not talking about you folks are talking about in Washington, in radio and TV. Experts, quote unquote. Most of the people. Poor saying these things. Attack Donald Trump. In 2020 when he took out Soleimani, the head of the Kurds force in Iran, that slaughtered. And so horrifically harmed so many of our troops. He was targeting them purposely. That’s what his goal was. Is that our fault, too? We shouldn’t have been there, I guess. But he can be wherever he wants. And so Trump had enough. He takes the guy out. And the pacifist populist Putin wing of the Republican Party. Whatever they are, they are. Rand Paul and others said this was provocative, that it could cause a war with Iran, which could lead to World War three, of course. We’re not even allowed to defend ourselves. And our troops. And we attack the great industries that produce the great armaments that our troops are volunteer in military uses. Now. Defending what we’re doing as a principal in Ukraine is not defending Biden. Biden’s a disaster. He could have headed this thing off and he didn’t. He surrendered in Afghanistan, which in many respects I think provoked this. But imagine what happens if we pull out of Ukraine now. Not only the incredible human slaughter, but Putin is going to have every reason to roll into other countries. And of course, China will and Iran will. You’ll be lighting dynamite all over the place. And that’s what the Putin the writes. I don’t really want to talk about or if they had to, they say, no, I don’t think that will happen. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

I don’t have time to keep responding, but I want to I want to respond to some of these things. Somebody writes me, Imagine the Warsaw Pact adding Mexico. Is there still a Warsaw Pact? Must reduce. What happened to the Warsaw Pact? Does anybody know? It isn’t exactly the sharpest question. That’s us pushing naito to Russia border. I didn’t even say Ukraine should be brought into Nader, so I don’t even know what this is responding to. There is no Warsaw Pact, certainly not effectively anymore, because the countries that were in there revolted as a result of Reagan’s activities and Thatcher and Helmut Kohl and Brian Mulrooney and John Paul the second. Where’s the Warsaw Pact? Where does each Germany? Where’s Czechoslovakia? It’s two countries now. Where is. Where’s Poland? Poland’s fighting against Russia. So I imagine it because that’s all I can do. As far as Mexico goes, my ancestors didn’t fight in Mexico. God knows tens of thousands of Americans lost their lives fighting in Europe. Our blood is there. Not in Mexico. What was the other question here? If I even have time to to get to it, I’ve got to get to something else. So Lenski nationalizes TV news and restricts opposition parties. Perhaps my friend is not aware of what happened in the Civil War when 200 newspapers were shut down by Abraham Lincoln and one congressman was put in prison and habeas corpus was suspended. I’m not in favor of that. But when a country is facing life and death and let’s compare that to Russia, how many reporters have been murdered in Russia? A zillion of them. So these arguments are bogus. I’ll be right back.